Herd Mentality


Investment Advisory Services offered to in a Walkman had been in black that's a management LLC appropriate services LLC not in Philly Solutions Orphanage guys LLC. You're listening to the financial guys or twenty three trillion dollars in debt. Honey we don't have an extra surplus of money. Newsflash guys stop attacking businesses because when all the bits are on. Nobody's GonNa pay your salary anymore. You get that. Fifth goal is to create a loser mentality when you're winning. I'm going to build up a big beautiful wall with a big beautiful door. We'll guess what we have a big beautiful door all right. Here's Glenn wiggling Mike Lomas Right. Welcome back mccombs gun. Legal financial guys podcast in witty weekly now so Place where money's politics a lot like our format with the radio show have a ton of fun with this and like us on Youtube right at the the expression dealer to in the stock. Market's been doing pretty well but there certainly has been two parallel universes. You see the style Margaret doing well and you sent me an article earlier this morning about ten numbers that show the. Us has fallen fallen into a horrifying economic depression which it will by. The numbers were absolutely in a depression. I guess the key is this thing Will it turn into a full blown depression or will we actually go back to some kind of a normal at some point? I get a little nervous because every single day I continue to see nobody with a set of stones and what I mean that is at. What point does somebody say okay? We are going to have football and it's okay for people. Go come back into the stadium in August. I'm so sick and tired canceling stuff. Three months out. We know the numbers are going in the right direction. We know by the way that opening up things is actually having a positive. Net effect not a negative effect. I don't understand why nobody if I if I if I was in control the NFL. Right now I would say that we will absolutely be there. Unday one will absolutely fans in the stands. If you feel at that point your immune system is compromised. Please don't come enjoy it from home but if you don't we'd welcome you to be there we're starting for for those folks that say you know you guys value money over life as all these universities now are realizing that. Oh kids are not re enrolling. They're all announcing now that they're gonNA open it a fall. Why because money's important I mean I hate to say it but economics and money is important right. We talked about last week to UN based on a contraction after expecting is literally forecasting tens of millions of deaths. Now I think he'll be far off for hopefully but let's say we have one tenth of what they expect. Five million deaths right due to starvation or people being pushed into poverty. There's you can't just simply look at Cova in a vacuum or a box of you've been saying there's other impacts that you have to factor in that. Nobody seems to factor in. We have caused ourselves a great depression again. Now we'll probably come out of this a lot quicker because hopefully will have the right politicians in place. That won't prolong it. The Great Depression was prolonged. Very simply. Because we pass something called the smoot Hawley tariffs the smoot-hawley tariffs was a protectionist. Move to basically put crushing tariffs on any import it through the rest of the world into a depression and because of the really what? They're what the little to try and do now piling on of massive social programs to change their image of America Social Security Medicare all these different safety net programs that were put in place should trillion dollar Wishlist of social programs. Well they're not going bankrupt right him. All these programs are going bankrupt now is not. You can't say well social security. What is success right? Guess what a success out of money in eight ten years. That's a great success right. The thing that frustrates me like is that like I pulled up our twitter feed this morning just to click on the know. What was kind of trending? Here's the first thing that comes up. Okay Cove nineteen medical experts. Warn the virus may be a constant threat for some time. Guess were these medical experts. Were from Mike. What the World Health Organization right to Central Health Organization by the way that trump basically wrote a letter to yesterday saying And the bye-bye we're done. Yeah which is why. Why are we even considering that? Don't give them another penny. We know they're useless now. They're Bill Gates. Could Fund wants. Yeah there's not a lot of the United States tax should not be giving them one penny not one not it look like there is corrupt as a top of the FBI. These guys don't have any idea what's going on right to Dr David Nabarro Coups Special Envoy warned that Cova nineteen maybe a constant threat as research into a potential vaccine continues. I'm sure it will be a constant threat but so is the flu right. Exactly right did a lot of things you know. These folks had no idea. Yeah Smoking's a constant threat right. We lose six hundred thousand cancers the constant threat right. There's all kinds of factors that come at us. Yeah no idea. They're talking about the fall to your point. Mike it's months away. Let's go back a couple of months just for a second here and listened to the our own expert in this country as to what he was saying about the the virus of fired weeks ago by the way months ago he should have been fighting first of all. I should never be there to begin to anybody who has been in government now or served for five. Administrations is a deep state long-term entrenched bureaucrats. That's got all kinds of conflicts of interests would have come from frontline from front line. Doctors not academic on the frontline single day. I was talking to nurses yesterday and they said Mike Look. It was a bad virus but they said to me one of the things I don't understand. Is that people are worried about their children. I said exactly. That's what I can't figure out. She said you know Happened to be the wife and husband both of them nurses and she said I just can't figure out there's there's we don't have any destiny county of children dying and you know for these parents to be worried about their children. I said well. That's the mainstream media right. That's the fear the constant. You BETTER BE WORRIED. You better be worried and of course parents. Being good parents are scared of their children. They're scared for children right. They want to protect their children. That's what we do but talk about a bunch of crap when it comes to the media not really giving the message out there that hey look it you know. This is a tough virus. You know if you've got Compromised immune system. You GotTa be careful what your children are going to be okay. They didn't say it was like no it was there was run and grab your children. You Bury yourself in your house because this is common after. Yup I think those telling the truth that there's zero percent chance at your children's going to die from this what the differences might get. I one Florida Florida never closed. Any of the daycares never right. They've been opened this entire time right. You haven't heard about school should have been opened. The school should have been open to you. Haven't heard about massive you know. A. Kids getting sick. In fact you haven't heard about tons of kids getting or anybody getting sick and as huge upticks Georgia South Carolina Florida Florida's moving out of phase to phase one successful phase to start at Georgia faced to starting most the country face. Us absolute lies plus well. The media hates see. Oh my God look at what Florida's doing. Oh Oh oh looks like now. They're wrong again. The thing is our content consistently wrong. They pair at the same narrative over and over and over again and again. You Look at New York and I'll play some clips him if we can today Looking at COAMO. Oh you know who? Who's I think it was? Brian Kilmeade this week. Or maybe it was Ben Shapiro. Listen TO PODCASTS. Or radio shows on on. Wfan Florida station. And I think I think it was. Brian Kilmeade I think he he was. He was talking about airline pilots nailed. It goes listen to Dr a Captain Sully Sullivan Right. He gets now. He's about to land the plane on the Hudson. Pilots are cooler than cool right and they still. You know you go through turbulence you but we all been on. Planes rights turnaround should always people nervous. The pilot comes on and says we'RE GONNA BE OKAY folks. We'RE GONNA go down a little bit smoother era here. We're going to find the Hudson. No worries no brace for impact. He says right brakes members for back with like. It's no big deal right. But he's it's confidence now. Imagine if it came as an. We're GONNA the Hudson people be jumping out the windows. That's basically what Kobo did in New York. We don't have enough ventilators this like we're all GonNa die. Basically what Komo did and what? A lot of liberal leaders did. They instilled not confidence but fear. Komo's out there spreading fear going. It's not the time to be fearful. He's he honest to God. He's trying to break a record or a Middle East amount of words per minute. We're not going to open your for months. So be prepared to play this clip to some of the expert Just a couple months ago to hear what he was saying about this This fire is not a lot of things have changed right but I just want to illustrate the point that Dr Fouled she Dr Burks Dr Seuss. They all know about the same about this virus. Which ZIPPO ZIPPO right? They're learning but I don't fault them for making mistakes but all of a sudden masks. Don't matter but now masks everybody has to wear with the thing I do fault for not changing with it and not sending more of a positive message that here's the real story by the way right. Yeah that story has gone from. Here's the real story to you know to. You should be scared to death and put a mask on. We're months ago. You shouldn't have. And now we know the numbers are actually way better than they told us should be the opposite Pennsylvania. This morning actually announced that they believe that at least one county has way over inflated to the tune of potentially eighty percent of the amount of Cova cases simply for federal funds. And so now you're starting to bust all this fraud. Trust me we will see. Mark this podcast. We will see forty to fifty if not further that the entire country is at least forty to fifty percent inflating their numbers and what it doesn't mean people didn't have called that but they didn't die of call. They had ten things wrong with them. Dying of lung cancer and they marked Colon right. My guess is the real desa probably really truly from Cova. It's a very small percentage of the overall does well. I talked to somebody. Actually that I bumped into him at Actually my hairdresser and and they were just talking about there from New York City and they said you know I. I'd I know somebody who died. I said Oh my God what happened with the old. Nali were thirty eight years old. So well how what happened. They had a heart attack. I said okay. What did they have a heart attack? But they also had covert or the covert caused a heart attack. Cold would caused a heart attack. I'm thinking to myself. How do they know that because the reality of it is you know people have heart attack all the time I went to high school with somebody very sadly who I want to say ten years ago? So yeah about the same. As thirty six. He had a heart attack and he dropped dead and at home. You know. He's a sad tragic but it happens stress stress right sometimes. It's just a defect in your whatever but anyway let me play this clip. Because this is this is Dr Foul. She back in early March talking about if I can actually my phone open talking about The wearing a mask because I think this is important for people to hear because of course I had the I could not find this anywhere on Youtube by the way because they took it off so I had to go to Lilly. Who's the left-wing Scared Agenda Lilly founded on a blog that was linked from a liberal page? And that was because of course they didn't remove that yet so that you missed that piece but here it is right now in the United States should not be walking around. We all ask your sure of it because people are listening really closely to this right now. People should not be walk. There's no reason to be walking around with when you're in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is an often. There are unintended consequences. People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face and can you get some smuts sort of staying inside there of course but when you think masks you should think of healthcare providers needing them and people who are. Ill exactly what happened? That story. What happened on story gone away now. Everybody has to wear match fit the mainstream left-wing media of pushing this thing into everybody's GonNa die. It's in everybody's GonNa die. You better mask yourself would joke at the end of this broadcast. If you're listening on a podcast you're laying on your tunes or spotify whatever Wolf. I'll play the clip just to give you an idea of the power propaganda and just the amazing part of the mind. This is an old. Tv show that prudential turned into a commercial. And it's called the herd mentality right. I'm not talking herd immunity on talking to herd mentality. If everybody said we need to jump off a cliff right now that will save us from from from this virus people be lining up at the cliff's edge. They really would. It's it's you can tell you now we're everybody. We need to wear foil hats because tin foil seems to repel the virus. You'd see everybody out there. Eighty percent of America has what happened to the critical thinking aspects especially in medicine by the way as soon as I heard that they're downplaying certain. Vote you know or downplaying hydrochloric win or whatever. It's called a hydroxy. Clint whatever it is you know. They're downplaying certain things. I've never heard that a medicine before. Listen was always It was more. It's an art it really. There's different treatments and doctors collaborate and compare studies for me right. Yeah that's the case. With lots of different things right again that heart attacks in miraculously they saved them and somebody else has heart attack and they can't you know it's just the way it Rolls Yup. It's it's a science it really is. Let me play This clip is priceless. I Dunno if you want to do a little combo but absolutely this is again. If you're listening probably in New York but for those of you In other states like Florida. You don't see get to see this type of ridiculousness but this is the type of leadership that they say Lawrence seventy five percent approval rating. Right now so. This is absolutely hysterical. You get better approval ratings if you have more sick people and you send sick. People who you know have Cova nineteen from hospitals to nurses the entire nursing home in fact that killing literally thousands of people. Apparently that deserves a plus. I don't know yeah well again. The power of the propaganda right. We talked about this last week. The power of the media. I mean he first of all anybody with with the brain in her head realizes that Coamo has really really messed us up. Big Time Right. Lots of mistakes reporting by the way the New York Post. That's that's about it and Dave McKinley. That's about McKinley. Says he's the only reporter Western that actually reports news actually goes out and asks questions like hey did you think about this. What about the Nursing Homes Governor Coma? What about the site and finally clean the subway just two weeks ago because I would have thought that would have been the first thing you've done right It's just amazing. So you you look at the states in this country. That didn't open didn't close at all. We had about nine states. I believe that never even closed anything and everybody in the on the left was like Oh God it's possible it's going to cause everyone else. There's not really been any measurable impact. The difference right. You said that by the way yes that would happen called that what happened called no different so we destroyed our economy. There's a pretty clear path that winning and getting people out is way way way better for your health. They're locking yourself in. How do we know the states that did that ended up with worse? Numbers Cuomo himself said. I'm surprised that people coming in sixty seventy percent of the people coming hospital. Listen to me in locked down in their house less than two percent Going into the hospital didn't listen to me. They went out and had fun and did what they did wrote render. How could this be okay? Well my eight year old could figure out all right. I guess getting out moving around getting your immune system rolling and getting outside is actually healthier for you than locking yourself into a house. I don't know you have all these eight year old. Could figure that out. Oh yeah the way locking the gyms down and there was some New Jersey police officers by the way. I don't know if saw it went into a gym and said hey you know just you know you're in violation of whatever but have a great day good for you good for you. That's the right way officer. Should be absolutely God. Bless you folks that I'm hearing other stories. Police officers you know arresting soccer moms for trying to open up salons or ripping people off beaches by the hair. That's not your job up for. Did you hear Blasios? You're supposed to be doing? Did you see the BLASIOS conference yesterday? No because we're open up the Beach Memorial Day but if you go in the water if you even think about stepping in the water will get a drag you out and put you at what for how fascinated that well first of all the New York City like fifty five degrees at this point. It's MIT lament in the water. Well wouldn't you want people? I don't know man I think. What does that do well? I think he was the he was saying. There's no there's no lifeguards there to protect you. If you go in the water you should never go into water without lifeguards. Ever ever ever to have somebody. Who is Lord Office? I I make a point to always try to swim in the ocean. What's seriously never once. Have I seen a lifeguard on our beach? What's the temperature? Though of the of the waters off in New York City is in all seriousness. Can't be right fifty sixty. Who's going in the water in New York City in the middleman? It's sixty degrees outside. Are you crazy going in the water? Water what suit and influence on a fifty four degrees. Screw you mean if I wanna floating swimming and fifty degree water. I I'm GONNA screw you. That's my that's my option. Right yes absolutely nuts. Yes my legs. Freeze cares his. Tell me what while. But that's liberals the Blasio wants to tell you everything right again by the way if you haven't figured this out yet oh my state is so screwed and there are so many awesome people out there that continue to fight and fight and fight. I'm not sure I'm GONNA say this. We've been doing this for twenty years and we've been part of that fight twenty something years yeah. I. It's over the flights over. I mean he has tweet. Lost to`real Andrew Cuomo. He's going to do whatever the hell he wants to do. He put almost three hundred new laws into effect on the list. Let me tell you folks. It is all ver- over unless there's a complete bankruptcy and the federal government can come in and say you know what the only way we're going to let you and help you is if there's a hard solid control board and we're GONNA start cutting all kinds of stuff. I just don't see how the state survive in especially areas like western New York and by the way there will be still be Paul. You know little plots of success. That's what happens with social the gap between the rich and the poor in New York. State will get bigger. They'll will be more people who are more successful. If you have three pizzerias and one of moved down to south Florida they're still to nip and one of those are going to dominate. So there's going to be still be opportunities to make money however the bigger group the bigger pitchers going to get uglier and uglier and uglier get ready for the San Francisco. People trapping in the streets. Shortly exactly what we say. You're going to have our homes and you'll have fifty thousand dollar homes. We said that to you. Well we've been saying it for probably like three to four years now least at New York state is on its way to looking like California. It's accelerating now accelerate the response right at the response. Ben Look we need to if Andrew was out talking about getting businesses. Open a pro growth strategy. It's time to cut the size of government. You know let's we. This may be an opportunity to right size government. You'd have way more confidence in and more people sticking around. Never seen so many folks we manage money for thousands of people never seen so many people say I'm leaving. I'm going to Tennessee. I'm going to Texas and I'm going to Florida. Well let's just put this into perspective for people we probably have about three to four thousand households that we work with right. I have met with about fifty to sixty clients in the last two to three weeks and I would say that probably about a quarter to a third of them are seriously looking. They're not even just considering now. They've actually hired real estate agents there. They're making travel plans as soon as they can travel and they're planning on going to. Tennessee and looking around at different places now is to put those numbers together for twenty percent just twenty percent of three thousand six hundred families leaving the area. That's just us. That's our little sampling. Right you talk about million people in western New York right now. Here's the thing out of those million people. Sadly a good chunk of them are under the poverty line in the city of Buffalo. Roughly thirty percent of the city of Buffalo is below the poverty. Line do you think they can very easily just pull up? Stakes moved to Tennessee. They're not leave their stock other now. They're stuck they're stuck with the crappy schools. You're stuck with the you can't go outside. They're stuck with the the thing that really makes me the phones frustrated. Mike is that you've got covers like the Santa's you've got governors like Abbott People. That actually understand the business owners and their needs. You know you've got the president. Obviously who is a business owner understand business owners? They're all advocating saying. Look you know. Obviously we gotta do the best. We can to stay safe. We don't WANNA put anybody at risk but at the same time we also understand that these are people's lives work. They have to get back to work. They have to pay their bills. People rely upon those small business owners for their jobs as well. We can't pay for this is in the overdose those as well but the report with the Democrat leaders are like if you open. They're threatening people right. I'm going to take away your occupancy permit you're never gonNa work again my God. We had a veteran on the Saturday. Right this past Saturday. We had Ronnie from A. I can't think of the name of the subject unleash unleash from unleash right. So opens his business yesterday immediately. Harassed by this to towns. Back to the police officer. We're GONNA pull your permit threatening right officer just about this. We see people in your Jim. We're GONNA come in and rescue. Shame team on you. Fourteen year veteran and Mel tour's in Afghanistan and Iraq. And this is how. We're going to treat a veteran but even with despite the veteran he's a business owner he's employing people right. We're employing people dozens of people of we. Those of you say by the way I love these liberals like huge it s. We get liberal. Love note folks. So they're just wonderful. Righty just pick up and go somewhere else. Okay we'll tell that to our employees that rely upon us to pay their mortgage two years worth of heart and soul. We've put into our business release. You realize that for those folks. Roya to somebody who said This is ridiculous. All these people bitching about their businesses and stuff. Yes sit around and have a beer and wait until it's over right. Yeah clearly no no brain. His hat as to what actually goes into building a business how to maintain a business yeah. It'd be nice to sit on the couch and grab a beer. The mortgage is due happy. Jack that the axes are right. That was probably from the fun loving twenty four year old who loves youtube and playing video games and hang out all day with net flicks. I mean seriously coming or is coming from the person who works for the town works for the state still still getting a paycheck. Haven't skipped a beat. So yeah would it be wonderful if we could all. Just sit home and receive a paycheck. Everyone Nancy Pelosi said I. Wouldn't it be great? They health insurance to artists could just paint then. And Not really be worried about those pesky things like jobs right. It'd be wonderful if we could all just sit at home and pay our bills right. I mean that would be a wonderful fantasy. Land that does not actually initial firm. Just run itself. Yeah just grey. All of our employees could stay home. But Yeah we could still pay them and yeah that'd be great right it'd be a wonderful wonderful Utopia. Yeah Wonderful Utopia. This is This press conference with though Komo's talking about. He finally put a dashboard up. So what's happened to western New York for those of you? That from western New York is not only are they playing games with the numbers now. They're just hiding the numbers right. So what we find out this week that you know. They stopped reporting the numbers too because people were putting them up online. And Oh they're being taken out of context. How do you take number of hospital? Beds occupancy out of context right. That's like saying we'll tell you how you make it worse than it really is by hiding the numbers who's taking it out of conflict. Yeah left wing exactly all these elected officials right. I gotTA stop calling him leaders because it's hard to take fish. It's hard to take raw data though context this raw data right raw. Data is raw. Data is what they want. Is THEY WANT TO BE? We told you're supposed to look at the science science to your point Mike. They want to manipulate the data before we see the data so governor call with this week announces that. We're GONNA put a dashboard together. Everybody in the first thing you should do in the morning is look at the dashboard but listen to his disappointment. This is the most hilarious clip. This I I watched this as somebody in the office. The Florida office sought and he said is this real. Was that an essay on Saturday night. Live like no. That's an actual real press conference. That's the real governor unbelievable. They play a little clip. Because this is unbelievable really is you can track that data and know exactly where you are. It's like taking your blood pressure every getting your cholesterol count every morning. You can know exactly where you are every morning and not just for the elected officials. Not just for government. This is all about what people do. This is about what citizens do and what the elected officials are trying to do. What I'm trying to do is to inform the citizens so they can better protect themselves. Yes transparency as they should right. I thought we weren't allowed to make cumulus parents way and hold for one. Second Decision Andrew. I want to make my own decision and informed one. I want to open up my business again. I'm not that he's got to be very decision right can I? Can I think for myself I? I'd like to open my own business and and by the way and you've pointed this out. Multiple Times on businesses will think through this right so look at on the business and I understand that people want to social distance. I will do that you know you don't need. We don't want our office. People Getting Sega Cram into my and my business. Nobody's nobody shows I'm GONNA I'M GONNA change my plan real fast right. I'm going to say look at. This is not working. People feel uncomfortable. I need to sell stuff. We'll put the little tape on the line. We'll get everybody six feet apart right. They'll figure it out our employees just like our clients are like our family right to do everything we can to keep our family safe right whether I want to keep my kids safe. I'M GONNA keep my spouse safe. I WANNA keep my parents safe right. We WANNA keep everybody safe right but it's about doing things responsibly and realizing again that unfortunately if we could all in our basement forever. That would be great. But we can't just not economic reality. I hate to say it. But the government can't just print money forever and ever and ever and ever ever with no consequences. It runs out at some point. They can just turn it into firewood like they did in Germany exactly well. That's exactly what happens to thing. That's a positive only plays his club and let me talk about some of the positive because the demand is still there. I think a lot easier to rekindle supply than it is to rekindle demand. We'll talk about that in a second. Don't only forget that only play. The rest of this clip may have their cup of coffee and they go online to find out where they're county is would they do calibrate their behavior that way. Kella status developed a very elaborate dashboard of relevant local information. They told me they were designing a dashboard. I got very excited about it I sent them a picture of what I think is one of the really connick Dash Board. You should be watching this if you're listening to this go to Youtube and watch financial bear sport. I said they should consider that design and they were doing a state dashboard. They came back with this design in New York State Dashboard. How it in any way mirrors dashboard from nineteen sixty seven. Corvette I have no idea but How can government be expected to have the same artistic design had fifty years ago? So here's the state board consign and curves and art. That was used in it. But it has all the information you artistic. It's not artistic. Has All the information for all the region statewide so every region can compare themselves where other regions in this state right now by the criteria that we have just hilarious. You could see. It's got curves warning if I'm a I'm supposed to go up in the morning. Look at this dashboard. And if there's five more cases in my region last night what do I do like I take a different way to work? I guess that's right. Show the thing is. He's so disappointed. The poor marketing person that put the dashboard together. Slide show is probably like I did my best government. They're not not really artistic. You know. We can't expect the artistic nice lines and curves it's all square and like symmetrical but it's actually looks like a functional more of if. I was designing a dashboard for people to get information be honestly I would have designed it like the person designed it not like the dashboard. At Sixty seventy seven corvette. The disappointment in his voice not was I was hoping for A. I'm just told this point. There's a spike in numbers which I never got hoping for is the they were all planning for this big devastating. We've heard governor to this Nelson. I was told they need four hundred. Sixty five thousand beds. We use two thousand. It's time to open up hospital capacity ten percent right that that didn't come in the way we thought. I think we can all agree. Democrats and Republicans. We didn't know where the data was going to go. We know where the data is now. It's time to open up the football games. It's time to go back to baseball games. And if you feel in any way shape or form your immune system is compromised. You should stay at home. And I heard this guy seventy four year old New Yorker and there was some. Apparently some restaurants just opened in some younger folks. Were hanging out having drinks in New York City and the seventy four year old said. They're GONNA kill us. Well why how right how they break into your going down there to drink with them right are you. Because my understanding is Mr Seventy four year old. You are planning on staying in your house right and and so if you're GonNa stay in your house and that is effective right. That's what you're telling us that everybody should stay in her house because that is a solution although the numbers don't support that then you should stay in your house for the next few weeks but those young people who feel like their immune system is not compromised should get out there and should get going and get economic activity rolling again exactly. We don't have millions of suicides. Millions of people globally starving. Did you hear this week? yesterday's press conference where President trump just just makes the media exploded. He goes. Yeah I'm taking hydrochloric right now. What did you hear that or not? Did you guys The is priceless. It's so good. He just like they just. They stopped like what are you serious like it was finally they can find. There might have to take me a minute but I love it because he just drives him insane. We're and I find that Clark does that. Maybe we can play another clip cuomo before we had out here it's I gotta find it now. Central California talented. You bring that declares itself Sanctuary City for business logo. That's good though. That's what you need. Well now some of these governors are basically going after the mayors and Accounting Common County. Oh the the town supervisor saying you know if you open against our we're GONNA cut off your your aid. I think president trump will be the same thing. We're GONNA cut off your eight. I mean I think he should just basically cut office on point right. I mean just crazy that clip ahead of trump pulled up here and everything unfortunately in the state of New York people are the mainstream media and the governor. Has Everybody's so scared that these business owners are are put in such a hard place right? I mean you know. People are literally threatening. Lives if you open your business Because they're so scared right so there's torn right. Oh my God I'm GonNa lose my business. I need to open this up but I don't want people smashing my windows in because I did it right. Well it's a crazy thing is it's like you know. How dare you open Your Business? You should rotten hell gonNA come you know get getting your face and you know we throw a brick through your window or whatever I mean really is crazy. What some of these folks are your opening up your bicycle store windows but on the way I'm GonNa stop at Walmart I and grab some There was a video of this woman and I'm sure we're going to see these repeated all over the country right the busy bodies right all the busy bodies out there that are look at this look at their altogether look. They're not social distance. You know their video camera. Turning people in those folks are all liberals every single one no doubt about every single one of them because they're all most of the mindset of liberal general. Is You do what I tell you to do what? I'm going to do something different. I used the example of somebody I know who you know is is following everything wearing masks and everything else bought you know. Their kids are still going into lessons. He's still getting his haircut right because well nobody else is getting a haircut so I might as well get my haircut. I see so it's okay for you. Are you special? Are you better than me seriously? I'm asking that question of liberals is it. Somehow you're better than everybody else because we're supposed to follow the rules. But it's just it's so aggravating to be honest with you when I was somebody who She was very very gotta wear masks. Shame on you. If you're not right said your hair looks great. I getting hair done. Well I have somebody come over and do it. Oh Oh well. How did that work so apparently if you go to greatclips you might get Cova but if somebody from a store like that comes over and cut your hair your house? You won't get it. Oh and it's okay for them do it but not for me. I I I get. So that's like the blasio going to the park and going for a walk but we can the going to the Ymca for a two hour work by the way. Don't we all I mean as the mayor you know just like all business owners I mean? Don't you all go to the gym at eight thirty? Spend about two hours there. Take a shower that eventually role in the wrong ten thirty eleven bill does Bill de Blasio does. That's basically his schedule folks. He works about ten to maybe four ish right. Meanwhile he's paying his wife He. We've transferred we as taxpayers have allowed. Bill de Blasio the transfer to his wife a billion with a B. dollars. It's insanely disgusting. And when they talk about a New York well we. Can't we gotTA have? We're going to be cutting we said last week. They're going to be cutting firefighters police officers and teachers. Those are the first things ago the next thing I absolutely absolutely we'll be number surely knows first of all the Blasios Cuomo. They all know that you you guys and girls have not supported them the way. Yeah absolutely will be the first. That's why been here police officers in New Jersey. Welcome Jim and say well. I'm just letting you know you're violating some kind of clause here but have a great day. We'll see later exactly what you should be doing. What's going on in New York City? Mike because the New York City Police Department hates bill de Blasio right to hey. They're listening to him. Why are you listening to this guy? I mean it's unbelievable to me right. I mean it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. But I'm telling you. The the local media in New York City has brainwashed. Everybody everybody it is spilled off look at the rest of the country. Sorta watch CUOMO. Everybody in New York State is watching Cuomo. He has done nothing but fallas from a leadership as scare people scare people. Scare people stocking ventilators sending people back that are sick in the nursing homes. He's done nothing but fell us but he's done one thing really well and that scare the living daylights out of everybody. Right to your point on the police unions right they. Police unions are the COBOL and the BLASIOS has W- they've lost the support of the plea right but they still got the Teacher's Union in the tank right no matter what so who. I got some great friends that are teachers. Many of you are. Independent thinkers some of the leadership and those teachers unions. Now they're now they're pissed off because they wanna go to virtual schools. Yeah but they'll still this in. They were pissed off about common core. Still Slow at Man and he knows it right so he knows it so he's going to reward teachers with keeping their jobs matter. What police officers though your first the next thing you know this is like a hostage situation. So there's on Saturday and we're we're tied up in the base right now. The next thing is Komo's stars lopping off the proverbial fingers and toes right and that is oh. I can't afford open the parks. Oh I'm sorry campgrounds. No things like I'll give an example In New York I used to hunt a lot too old of trudge the swamp anymore but Tonto swamp for example. It's a state refuge. A state refuge. Nobody is there okay. It's there's no kiosk there's no pulling there's parking lots of course it's maintained right but it's maintained typically by fish and Wildlife Service and things like that things are not going to cut but you watch. They'll start talking about well just Ridge Park. Can't open that even though the Highway Department Mos- laudner. I'm not exactly sure if they have their own grounds crew for. I don't think they do. I think Carl count which is beyond accessible. They won't more than Texas. California combined won't be touched the welfare and the free handouts won't be tucked the Free College for Illegal Immigrants. WoN'T BE TOUCHED. The the free stimulus for an and welfare for the Legal Immigrants. Won't be touched. Don't worry about that that'll be just fine exactly Two more things. You only play this clip from trump. Because the the the media you can just hear like. Oh what did he just say? Really? He's crazy. He's taking what great a lot of good things have. Come out about the hydroxy. A lot of good things have come out and you'd be surprised. At how many people are taking it especially the frontline workers before you catch it. The frontline workers many many are taken. It I happen to be taken it I happened to be taking it Jenkins and hydroxy when right now a couple of weeks ago started taking because I heard a lot of good stories and if it's not good I'll tell you right Ducati to get hurt by it. It's been around for forty years from the lion for Lupus for other things I'd take it. Frontline workers take it a lot of doctors take. Excuse me a lot of doctors take it. I take it extremely small and actually getting the covert virus while the interesting thing is in the way less than the people that have self quarantine themselves. Oh no question. It's amazing. What the of interesting and France they were they were putting Nicotine Patches on because apparently nicotine and smokers did the nicotine for some reason helps to fight the virus off the thing. Is You know. I think it was Fox. News and shame on Fox. What the Hell is the matter with you? People over Fox News seriously. Some some of the was the guy was like. Don't take this will kill you. This will kill you. Listen the president trump. What are you talking about like? It's funny because my k. Flicks mom has been on it forever and he was like. I didn't realize it will kill you if you drink fishbowl cleaner. Yes if you're stupid enough to drink fish bowl cleaner. I'm sorry I call that Natural Selection. I don't mean to be mean I don't mean to be mean but those you know it just look I mean it just is what it is right. We've used this drug for forty years for malaria. I was reading on twitter. The twitter spheres of amazing. It really is it's unfiltered stupidity is what it is. It's people hide behind the Kibo. My God people can type stuff up. That is stupid stuff. Somebody wrote this morning. I read her last night. I had the comment on it. They said well. You know trump irresponsible. He's on a doctor he should. Maybe we're not using hydrochloric would because we're saving it for the real use on the malaria outbreak anytime. Now in our country sticking sticking with the ventilators in New York City and someone taught me about the look. There's pushing is easy to make. And they're plentiful supplies around the globe. Right secondarily we are at zero risk of a malaria outbreak in this country zero. And if we had it we would have no problem obtaining enough chloroquine when this so stupid. They're just I well again. It's absolute stupidity. It really is. You know the another another Another tweet I read. Was You know all these business owners are crying because it's now we're on Latte in? They're crying about anti for not being out there protesting fascism. It's not fashionable. You can still go to the grocery store and this net. It is fascism. However if it's your business that they forced to close. Do you not understand that these same people hated Walmart they. Hey don't big box stores now. They're shutting down Joe's bike store. They're shutting down the MOM and pop stores that they did whatever they could to try to say we need to save these folks. Walmart's going GonNa put them out now. They're crushing absolutely crushing them. Most of the other day a third of a moment of this at least real yeah. It's crazy it's crazy to let the economic landscape folks and I'm going to say this now we've been saying this for decades. You have no idea what's coming and again we'll talk. We've talked about the difference between the stock market and the economy. I can't stress that enough. Oh yeah the stock market and the economy are two different things. Okay there's going to be losers in the stock market. No question that there's going to be a lot more. Losers in the economy of this is going to push months the gap the gal the rich and the poor will get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. The top folks will make it out of this bigger. Find those mom and pop stores that go away. You know. There'll be a few folks out there that scoop them up and really make some cash Outta this. Unfortunately the gaps going to get wider. It's GONNA millions leader. It's GONNA be harder. It's way harder we're GONNA push We're GONNA PUSH MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Mike into the into the poverty level. That's what we're doing we. There are so many millions of more. You're to push millions more the other way and there will be huge success stories out of this right. Yep there will be huge success stories out of this and it'll be the few though failures. Let me let me ask you this. And this is the the other day and this is for our listeners. Out there remember back in the seventies those of you that are old enough to remember back in the seventies there was all kinds of commercials of starving kids around the world right and UNICEF and other charitable organizations the Catholic charities and others were doing the best. They can to do a constant appeal to raise money. You can adopt a child you. You'd pay money every month to help to feed an impoverished child around the world. You don't see many of those commercials anymore. And the reason for that is not because we've radic aided poverty around the world or starvation but we have taken a huge dent out of it absolutely unemployment rates going down to three and four percent here. I'm just talking aloud nations. I've talk in the last forty years though I've talked about fifty years going down economic prosperity. Yes leading throughout the hugeness. That's going to start now. Start contract itself so the UN was talking about just a five percent contraction leading between five to fifty million people in the starvation fifty million. That's probably a close number. I would say five to ten million. We'll probably starve to death. Based on this correction just does this contract recognize and those are Oh. That's not true. Look million storrow crazy and slew million. Starvation pushed in this country. There was so many people that had just gotten themselves into the middle class right. They had done well. Because as you said Mike the Economy was down to three something percent of unemployment. People taking uber jobs think about the opportunities that people had. I watched a great interview this week on. Nbc from one of the Angel Investors. You know people are not being forced to take these jobs. He people act like Oh. These uber drivers are being so people want these jobs. They want to work flexibility. They want to turn it on. Turn it off. They want if you want you become an employee. Be careful what you wish for because now suddenly you have to work their hours. Agai- said listen to people would rather work uber. As opposed to serving somebody Allante at starbucks for eight bucks an hour. That's their choice right. The flexibility more money right. Nobody's forcing them into that. It's just a position to be able to learn some cash but for a lot of go getters. Lots of jobs like that out. There Uber. Lift a GRUB Hav you know all kinds of private companies private even publicly these private companies that are employing people by the hundreds by the thousands right great opportunities. It's allowed a lot of people in this country millions of people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps in and grab their piece of the middle class. Some of those folks are getting into the upper middle class and even in the upper class right Hossam ability that we're working hard. We're pushing the American dream work. Absolutely we're pushing all the exactly. We're pushing all these people now back down under the poverty line right and we're doing it on purpose. That's what kills me about. This whole thing is like well. It's not our fault. We had a virus. It is our fault. It is our fault because we it's it's our fault because we made these decisions to lock things down and I said this last week. I was cool with the first two weeks back in March. We don't know what's going on. Okay fine shut down for two weeks. See what happens then. The extended it to Eastern. I said alright. Easter's probably okay. We can all recover from Easter. It's not as a two three week. Maybe four week. It's not to you know. Most businesses can sustain that right. We talked about restaurants having anywhere between fourteen. Twenty eight days in cash. Okay fine then. They came out with stimulus. Okay that helps out to LAKE THAT AMOUNT OF TIME. Were two and a half to three months at now folks certain places like Massachusetts. They're all down as I was raised. I said from day one. You never shut it. I was not complete. This is the flu absolutely not. I mean I said from Day One. I'm like did these people are acting like there's HIV in the air. It hasn't sure it hasn't had any time sympathetic to it right like there's people that go all you know you're just like you didn't get it. I understand it's tough runs. That have gotten it. Tough but the cure cannot be worse than the than the well. It is the solution yeah. The solution was worse than the virus. No question about it. We are going to be worse than the fluid and we are making it so much worse so so so much worse mark my words we will lose we will lose millions of people millions of because of the reaction we took to this virus. And there's no denying you look at places like Sweden when you look at places like South Dakota when you look at the states nine states or sold in this country. That did nothing. As far as lockdown goes Florida didn't never shut down daycares. You did not see a huge difference. There's no fat Tommy that Oh New York got these people. They were if if the virus was as explosive as they told us than keeping kids in daycare. On this have you would have exploded in the state of Florida would have looked so much worse. These states that kept open would've looked so much worse. So why did New York hit harder? New York got hit harder for a lottery. Number one population density is part of it. Not all of it because you can make the same case of L. A. Bad decisions were a big part of it right. You know. Nursing homes being forced to take ovid positive patients. That's a bad decision. Finally getting around including the subways just a week or two ago. Bad Decision Dash Done Louis. Young people was a bad decision. Clearly honest with you. I'm clearly heaping. People in their house looks like it was a bad decision when Andrew Cuomo says yes I am shocked that seventy percent of the people that are coming in culver positive. Now that need our help. We're the ones that listen to us. It looks like locking. People in their house was actually the worst decision right. Yep when when his numbers say hey look only two percent of the folks coming in hospital or People? That didn't listen to me. They went out and just live their lives and did what they had to do right. That's a bad mistake now. To your point is we didn't know that before. Okay so change it to be honest with us and say look at. That's not working. Open the damn economy. Let people go back to work exactly. I mean now. Look at the data. Make a new decision right and goings interaction. I we see that the other day is absolutely no way recount. He's opening up all the sudden the lawsuits committing overnight. Actually go from seventeen hundred. It looks like we've met the criteria well low behold. Wow Change Literally. No the kids. She didn't change. They did while we have not had the exactly. Sousa lawsuits filed. Here's the thing they know they're gonNA lose the lawsuit right so we don't want to be forced to eat crow and say well we're forced to reopen what they want to be able to say we were right? We did it one two three. There's lawsuits coming in from all over the State. Watch it go one two three four back in because he knows that you're absolutely right humour. Thank you clip. I'm GONNA play this clip but before I do let me just talk about demand versus supply for a second okay. This is really important economic standpoint. You know the good news is that I'm down in Florida. I went out to a restaurant. Sunday night packed which is good packed. Okay Pat twenty-five capacity pack. So don't don't go. We'll restaurant we gotta talk. No no they were following the rules. Doing the right thing to hack. Meaning that there was a pack. There was thirty to forty five minute. Wait so we waited about thirty minutes. And then they were only serving twenty-five percent capacity so normally on a Sunday there wouldn't be a weight but the demand is still there. That's good news. You know I got my haircut everybody. She was packed right. She was busier and busy all day long. She was running fifteen minutes right. So what that tells me is that demand is still there when demand crumbles then. We have a huge problem and may at some point if people don't go back to work right if we if we have bad policy decisions like extending unemployment until twenty twenty four right which is what the Democrats Really WanNa do. Those bad policy decisions ultimately hurt demand in the long term because they make people dependent on the government and the government just gives them enough to get by not enough to actually thrive money running out of other people's money but there's only so long you can extend unemployment exactly twenty five twenty six trillion dollars in debt now but it's easy to reopen supply. All we have to do is turn back on the economy right. The reality of it is this may actually costume inflation here because you still have a lot of demand for goods and services. You're going to have if we stay much longer much closed much longer. We're GONNA have a lot of companies that you point out earlier not going to come back right so you're still going to have demand but you may have applied. I grew up with crazy staple town and it just closed. I'm like Oh my God I so sad i. I don't think has lasted through everything. You know real estate commercial real estate collapses banking collapse. Nineteen eighty recession tack. Rack made it through the financial great depression or great recession. Couldn't withstand the flu but of course we were told well. Shutdown wouldn't withstand couldn't withstand government bureaucracy and and and and and really tyranny is what it is right. I mean I feel bad for that business owner in Michigan. He was literally in tears. Seventy some years old. He's owns a music store he's like. I just can't go on yet watching the Walmart literally across the street from my business de hacked pack. How disheartening that right. You can go into Walmart. But you can't get your haircut do Asinine. It's ridiculous asinine. Is that just so dumb? I don't care Republican Democrat but I'll say Democrats because you're really the man lines that are shutting this thing down right now. Yep Shame on you shame on you. Those job losses are on you those depressions and those are on. You WanNA point it to all these business owners that WANNA open up in you want to say those. Cova deaths are anew okay. The suicides are on you the depression anxiety. That's on you. This seventy four year old man. Who's GonNa lose everything he's worked for? That's on you. Sadly even the Democrats owned businesses to right. I mean this is affecting Democrats to I know a couple at least I mean. I know the photography place on Main Street. Not Far more office right. She's an absolute liberal. She ran for Congress as a Democrat. Right fact. She's taking our photos overtime. I've had some of our business photo. She took us right. She's a liberal right. Her closed just like ours. Now that's a great point and there's going to be a bunch of Democrats that you're GonNa to me. I think maybe the dismantling of the Democrat Party there could be some positives that come out of this one of them is actually do right size. The size of government in certain places. Either that or they're going to win. We're GONNA have socialism. Yeah but I'll tell you this like you know the states like Florida and taxes are winning right. You're going to see more and more people leaving for that freedom and you know the governor to Santa's doing a great job balancing the budget Those states are going to come out of this like buying low in the stock market right. Yep they're gonNA come out of this bigger and better. They're going to have more people going down by the way they're gonNa have the right people going down. Those are business owners and people that have worked hard their whole lives just sick and tired of near state. Those are the people moving down to Florida. It's not the welfare recipient. That's going to be stuck here as you pointed out. I don't have the resources to move second of all if they're riding the welfare gravy train and there's no better place out of the thousand bucks a month in Florida. They're not going. Yeah no better place so the but the idea that demand is still there. I think is a huge positive so take away from. This is that so far. Demand is intact right as long as demand is intact supply is going to be okay supply we can. We can easily agenda supply by you know. I've things like tax cuts and things like that. Supply side economics works despite all the people that heresy it works worked for thirty forty years. It's works right. So what demand is hard to rekindle so once we lose demand. That's a lot harder to get people to open up. People get nervous and fearful. They stop spending money and that that does. That's a bigger turnaround leading economic indicator. Right because it says I'm spending money today because I believe in my future right. I'm going out to dinner positive. I'm going to have a paycheck in the future when you don't get that demand that's when you get the negative. Future Outlook is bleak right. I can't go out to dinner today. I'm not going to do this today because I'm not getting a paycheck in the future to your point about deflation right so the the you know. We hear it a lot of the economist. Off-the-wall we were worried about a deflationary environment. I don't think that's going to happen. I think you're going to have more inflation. It's it because again you're going to have good services like those pizzerias. Some of those are GonNa go away right so the ones that are left are going to be able to either. You know. Serve more pieces and they're probably GONNA raise their prices to right So anyway I one last day. Now I'm GONNA play this clip here if This is really a video clip. I it's really if you're listening to this podcast it's not gonNA mean much to you but It is funnier than funny. It's about a two minute clip. Was the elevator with a mask when please our youtube channel financial gotTa Watch Channel? Even if you don't watch as you've already listened to it what's the end of this the herd mentality because if you replace the elevator with mask you'll understand what's going on to their? I'll put it in our twitter feed to so if you want to follow us on twitter. Facebook instagram places. Our website financial guys dot com. And you can find out all information on what we do. If you are watching the podcast on Youtube thank you hit that little icon below. And that way you'll get alerted to win the new podcast. Come out. Tuesday night is when we released the Audio version on itunes and spotify in those places Wednesday afternoon the Wednesday evening is when we released video version of this. So if you're listening to this on your drive home tonight a Tuesday night Thank you again for listening But if you get a chance go watch the YouTube video because this clip. I mean just really shows you the power propaganda. The power of the mind. This was done back in the nineteen forties and fifties. It was like a funny a comedy show and Prudential used it for one of their commercials and it really is just brilliant and it shows you the power of suggestion and not to follow the herd mentality is what the whole point of the of the pre-commercial as well. Let me play this because it really is just priceless. It's hilarious so anyway for those of you that that want more information on what we do. Good our website financial guys dot com financial guys dot com like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. If you want to view this. It's everybody's doing it. It's only this one's only got eight hundred three views. It's been around for a while so I'm glad people keep putting it out there. We'LL RIP it. Make sure we have a but it's about a two minute clip. Absolutely hilarious called before Youtube. It'll be gone. Yeah exactly so this. Is The power suggestion here? Everyone's doing it gentlemen. And the elevator now is a candidates. Daw these folks who are entering a man with a white candid camera and subsequently one other member of our staff will face the rear and you'll see how this man in the trench as to maintain his individuality little by little looks his wise but he's really making an excuse turning just a little bit more. Try It once again. Here's the candidate. Subject here comes the candid camera staff. Three of them at least and This man has partly been so they all get in the elevator off face in the bathroom elevator. And this guy's faced fry finally turns around and do everything that everybody else does not allow his fellow with his hat arm in the element. I he makes a full turn to the rear and Charlie closes the door moment. Later we opened a chains positions eight. Everybody started moving. That's great chain. What's the elevator with mass boats? That's what's happened we can use. We can use group pressure for some good now. In a moment on Charlie Siegel everybody turns notice. They take who thinks office we can reverse the procedure watch. What's the elevator with masks and switch amazing actors with the mainstream media? It's human nature to follow others but when it comes to investing what's right for everyone is not necessarily right for you. So that's that's great in the market and don't forget the rebalanced portfolios doesn't mean this is over folks. There is a ton of economic damage. And you better get ready for volatility for months to come. The opening in this economy is going to be key. I'll tell you this. The opening of New York and California are going to be essential as liberal as they are nuts as they are. They're huge parts of the economic. A system here in this country and globally and it needs to be open and so the opening of those two places can really damage the rest of this country. You know leaders. Of course you know Florida taxes and then I get one out of every three jobs in this country created at a Texas huge right. They're getting it. They're on their way. And that's why the stock market is pricing in Singlet rest of the countries opening at some point. People will just all leave New York or they're going to have to right right. That's market is pricing and also pricing in huge amounts of economic stimulus. That have just been thrown at this economy. And if you've been saying the demand you're talking about people that were collecting two hundred bucks a week. Now are collecting eight hundred bucks a week for a few weeks. They're going to spend it trust in the economy and the markets pricing some of that stuff in so see. It doesn't mean you just sit back and do nothing as this. Hopefully you rebounds your portfolio Dow Twenty Nine thousand at Dow nineteen thousand. And you're doing it again. At Twenty five and twenty six twenty seven as the market comes back embraced technology little subtle changes along. The way will make you a successful investor by the way you can go to our website for any information e financial guys dot com upcoming workshops. You didn't estate planning workshop last week. Virtual online workshop thirty-three people signed up. That was really cool. We had our social security workshop the week before totally sold out so go to our training at our website and like us on facebook. Follow us on twitter. Anything you WANNA add Glenn. But that's an offer now. Another great podcasts. Mike show all right. Sounds good on the Radio stations financial guys Radio Broadcasting Uses as a resource folks. If you need our help. Everything is on our website. The financial guys dot com.

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