07-31-19 NASCAR America Motormouths


Hey guess what it's starting for motormouth with this guy about petty Ricky Stenhouse. I'm not going to be here. Marti's taking over. I'm I'M GONNA. Stay right here. In this car for the next couple of weeks still just chill <music>. You know the sad part about that is probably true because rutledge has back problems. I think he might actually we still be in that car. There may be some truth to that statement. Actually I just texted him. He's still in the car and the car is still on the exact outside the first time we've opened the show from a dirt track welcome in Nascar American motormouth everyone Marty Schneider Kyle Petty and yes the pride of Mississippi Ricky stenhouse junior joining us on the show so tell us where you were when you when you shot that that was my home track that I grew up racing at that. My Dad grew up racing at Riverside International speedway right across the Mississippi River in Arkansas so I got to take Rut for Rod. I went I with him because he was complaining about us back I did not I didn't want him to like watch. Colin I go out and then him like backout so <hes> we took him first but it was a lot of fun yesterday that's True Hashtag track my roots okay and this is what I told ricky before we start ricky the first guy that I have ridden with since I rode with my dad when I was eighteen years old at Daytona. Okay requested. Pani said some now's with you man that is pretty big shooting racing roots. That'll be coming up later this year. We're excited to see that how will they as passengers injures Tanya Kyle. That's because what they said was that Rutledge Elaine in and he said you realized once again. You're going to finish second and I said you realize for me. That's one of my best finish the second so yeah. I'm good with that last. Look at this look ricky taken around. That's crazy. Is it weird. I never knew there. Were Two seaters sprint cars like that uh-huh yeah no we <hes> we have a few we did have a flat screwdriver. I got tired of it was coach. Now is really fun and you know obviously it's been a while since I've been able to make laps around Riverside speedway and <hes> you know every time people talk about riverside they think about out in California road racing and yeah at least around this area but you know it's a dirt track that I grew up at I.. I'll I'll say this it was it looks when you watch it. It looks like he just pitches in the corner just stabs and steers and when you're in it it's like smoothie silk it drops down man he gets on the gas he feathers it up off and it is it is amazing how smooth and I said that as soon as I got out. I said it amaze me. Watching looks one one way. Riding is totally different. He's smooth silken that thing then we'll talk riverside coming up in a little bit and the grassroots have our ricky got started. Let's Talk Twenty nineteen in your season to this point in the Cup sereno eighty. Eight points is not where you WANNA be outside. The playoffs not really exactly where you want to be but that was the number I've seen I've seen clashes have speed from rouse fenway this year a little a bit more. Maybe than I saw last year. Would you agree with that. No doubt we've we've seen the front you know more than we have in the past few years especially on the mile and a half race tracks acts and I think that's why I feel like our seasons been a little bit better. We've had more speed. We've qualified better gotten more stage points running up front leading laps and you know we we are the end result on the seventeen team hasn't been as good as what we want it to be but when you look at at Ryan's finishes his his finishes or or better and and we if we could marry two seasons together our stage points on the seventeen team and then his finishes we would both be looking really good so so we just gotTa get a little bit more consistent. We've had a few tire issues over here on our on our car. That has cost us a little bit but you know all and on. I'm excited with what we've I've been able to do. This year versus where we were last year. How hard is it to make gains in the season and that that that's the question. Everybody's always working working working working. But how hard is it to make a gain on one of the teams that you're you're chasing here. Are the top teams wedge huge. I mean obviously the I would say the top teams you know they're capable of winning races every week and they've got. You're not talking about this yesterday. They've all got four cars and so you're trying to beat that that level of competition and you know so for us we started the year out of Atlanta with good speed went to vegas and finish six stage points on both stages in. I was like Dang. We've got to keep getting better. We go to Kentucky and we you know have that speed still but I look at all the things that we have done our race cars over for this whole season to make them faster but we're still running. The same because everybody else is doing the same thing everybody is gaining every week and it's hard to make that exponential game and we know how big teams out there exit. I learned it from eight. Ryan so let's get to our starting grid today and they mentioned to spend the last two days together hanging out talking grassroots racing so we'll join the conversation with them and talk about how ricky got started in all of this ricky fair to say. You're on this aggressive driver right. Oh Yeah so we'll talk talk about how much aggressive racing is in place these days and how much has changed over the last few years and diddy him one after the race it is eleven team is one of the top three teams in the Cup series. Do you agree and who's in your top three. We'll talk about all that coming up here on motormouth sedan of course we're going to hear from you guys tweet us. I hat with the HASHTAG. Let me say this and call US eight four four NASCAR N._B._C.. Let's get to the phone calls right now Carl keeping a stream this. He's the first guy everybody every show our first call newman fan too huge. He May with him Carl how you doing today hey how ya doing what's going on. No no not ricky. My question is exactly that and the all season while y'all saw the addition of Newman. How is that been beneficial for the girls of our fenway racing and you as a daughter. Where has he been in good hoping you guys yeah rods been great to have as a teammate you know. I've known Ryan outside of the car and we've watched dirt races together and hung out so we had that relationship outside of the race the race teams and then now to have him in <hes> and you know you always hear him talking and drivers meetings and things like that has a lot of big words that he uses an explains things and and really thinks through them and I think that's helped us at rush fenway in a race car driver. I didn't get an engineering degree or go to school for anything such as the hatch and you know so to be able to talk you too. Ryan about what I feel like a car is doing and then you know we both sit there and try and figure out what we need it to be better and I feel like he's able to relay that message to the team. Maybe a little bit better than I am as far as our organization of you know hey let's let's make work on this to get our cars faster and then you you know some things we disagree on versus driving styles and what we're looking for in a race car but all in all he's been a huge help to <hes> to me and and then also just looking at how consistent he is you know it's you see that at other other teams but now that he's in our organization at Roush Fenway tight no matter how bad the day he still gets a good finish out of and that's something that I feel like us on the seventeen team. You know need to make sure that we start doing. They've had some amazing finishes lately. I WanNa New Hampshire where they had the coil wires. Go fast. It went down to seven cylinders and came back to eight. You just don't have that happen and you know like I said I mean things worked out right him and I talked about. He's like man. We got cautions at the right time. Everything just worked out perfect <hes> but their car was fast and they were able to run the bottom of the race track when nobody else and like he had clean air the whole time because everybody was running the third lane right and so that was that was cool to see see and we don't go there twice now but going back next year idea with a to look at that and hopefully make are better to our guy. Our Guy Marvin is next in the Queue Marvin what's going on you. Would you tell them what you're selling as well doing Marty doing K P and how you doing slick ricky. How you hear ear from Marvin what's going on. What's on your mind. Hey Ricky. I got a question for you buddy. <hes> you know. I love you in Ryan Newman his teammates but I got got a question for you. What is it like working with. Great Great Hall of Famer in the Cat in the Hat Jack Rouse Jack Is Jack is the only only one that I have worked <unk> only owner. I've worked with the sport and that's right. Yeah I signed Jack. All the way at the end of two thousand seven seven and started racing Arca cars for Jack and have continued to grow a toll call a lot of stories yesterday about our battles ah throughout our career and it's made our relationship so good. I almost feel like it's family. Kinda like the he. It's mad when I'd tell him he's like my my grandpa and then you have my dad and him yeah talk as well but just to be able to raise for somebody that has accomplished so much not only a nascar but in all motorsports across the board what he's been able to do with his relationship to Ford Motor Company in net brandon in the racing Zata things. It's a it's been a it's been honored to drive for him but also you know he's still involved. He's in every single meeting that we go to. He still gives his his opinion. He's always told me hey after he gives me advice or right before. If you're done listening to me just let me quit giving Ah Jack Long Driving Alison I like I like the conversations that we had been talking yesterday again and we'll say that a million times during the show talking yes but the relationship between your dad and have the respect from your dad is an engine builder building the business that he had an olive branch in Jack Jack as an engine builder and a Guy Hands on type guy that relationship and how sometimes when Jack needs to get a message he he says I always when I need to give message my dad. I just told my mom and she got so that way yeah so you know dad and Jack talked quite frequently and like I said if if I'm getting frustrated on the radio or Jack wants me to do something a little bit different. You know come to the shop more do A._B._C.. It doesn't matter <hes> him and data tag team team up on me. They'll have conversations and anytime I see when dad could does come to the track and they're leaned up on the Senate always. Always wearing black I know one race you looking forward to Bristol and Alex from Connecticut once asked about Bristol coming up and that's the racetrack where Ricky's done. I'm very well Alex. What's on your mind? Hey how's it going ripping big fan. <hes> I just WanNa know crystal obviously ricky from really really role there and <hes> twenty favorite tracks <hes>. How do you like your chances? You know don't win. It's most win situation. Maybe catching it up you and baby punching your tickets to the playoffs yeah. That's that's our plan. That's but it's been our plan every time you know we've finished second there. Quite a few times is and we've seen like we always battled back from something at Bristol case for everybody. We've you know you see some damage there. I think thank you got stacked up on the back straightaway this race in Colorado battling out there happy birthday to cal by the way but you know Bristol is one of those racetracks it. I really just kind of fell in love. The first time I ever made laps and making laps around there your first time you lose your breath well going went into this Bristol is like you said a must-win situation and we feel really good about our car was really fast and practice in the spring. I felt like it was one of the best best race cars that I've had at Bristol we got that wreck on lap one or two <hes> with the eighteen and then just rode around the rest of the race so <hes> was bombed that we didn't get to really go showcase case the speed that we had but felt like if we take that back we <hes> we should have shot at winning of all the places to fall in love with Bristol. I mean I wouldn't imagine as a young rookie you would fall in love with Bristol of all places. I don't know it just takes me back to in cal- got to run this was going to say like a sprint car when you go into the corners at Bristol in your car sits down into the banking racetrack especially when you run the bottom it kind of feels like this <hes> Sprint car and the the way you can maneuver your car around specially now that we get to run the top of the race track you can run in on the top you in turn down and you know cal felt the car roll and yesterday yesterday the way you get in the corner and it just really kind of fills home to do. I Larsen so good. They're exactly you can see you can see the similarities after riding in a car with him yesterday. Este look I'm behind him so you feel the back of the car a lot more but it feels that Web this reminds me of what our remembered bristol feeling like when the car would set and you'd have to accelerate up and you couldn't get a couple of times yesterday he's like this and you can hear him feather and just easing into it because yeah tires you're spending. It's the same way Bristol we'll come back. We'll talk about who we think. The top three teams in Nascar are and we want to hear from you as well at eight four four Nascar N._B._C.. Who are the top three in the Cup series right now it certainly we are contenders most weeks I mean there's not a week shows up? I don't think we can win. I don't know how many teams really can say that five or six. Maybe <hes> but certainly I think that <hes> we versed in in the sense of we can win anywhere. I think our speed is showed showed it ahead on post race Sunday after the big win at Pocono and in a subsequent interview he said we're a top three team so we wanna know your guys thoughts on. Is e eleven top three team. Who are your top three teams and so you're going to a few of these motormouth this year so we're GonNa make you put on the analysts that okay? WE'RE GONNA make B._B._N.. Analysts so if you had to be analyst who would you put as your top three teams right now. If I look at you know obviously a analysts slash lashed driving right. I got about Ville like eighteen nineteen or in my top three day I would put the twenty two in mytalk three because I look at the way that you know win can win races. The way he runs up through the film is impressive and I think not. There's not many cars that it can do that can do that yeah. The eleven is on the verge of being able to do that. <hes> these last two weekends. I think his attracts that he was really good Atas well. They're definitely they're definitely hit their stride all right so for my picks I'm GonNa go with the eighteen is the number one I would say. The eleven is probably too if the eleven can clean up races. They've got SP- they have speed every week. They can't have queen races any the limit all the problems on pit road and then they'll be good and I think also Kevin Harvick having his team is obviously showing speed here in the second half of the season so I'm GonNa go with Kevin Harvick Kyle your floor. If and buts were candy yeah I Gotcha got you on that okay. Here's a guy eighteen eighteen and eighteen three AKABUSI three cow bushes. That's eighteen and this is why we talked about this yesterday restaurant week ricky constantly every week. He has a look and win. He gets to see the win every week whether he takes takes it or not. That's a different story but he gets to see it everywhere. There's been weeks when Dany didn't get to see it. Kevin didn't get to see it to x has been off. This is a team weekend and week out finds their way back to the front finds their way and has a shot. Whether it's the first segment second segment at the end of the race whatever every track every track no matter where we go they are winners and they have the opportunity then he can say we could win anywhere and he's right. They could win anywhere the differences Ah Kau Bush we'll win everywhere. You don't mean and I just feel that way about that team. I don't think there is two or three right now. We talked about the big three last year and I don't. I'm not going off wins. I'm not going. I'm just going about what goes on at the racetrack. We used to do this race right and you probably did this thing we had. The handheld. Stop Watches in home. I don't wait a minute but you only talk a couple of guys. You know everybody point just a couple of guys cow Bush. Is that guy that every week if you had a handheld stop watch. He's the guy you would get i. He's the guy that you go to first to say. What's the laptop? What do I need to I need to be and so he's cowboys? Cowboys cowboys so for what that's worth talking Adam Stephen Sunday morning. He told me what they want to clean up before the playoffs is more consistent speed he feels like I don't know that I'm gonNA unload every week and be the fastest car. I would like to have more than speed now. I agree with you but they they're the guy to beat every weekend. I mean when needed there. They do get there by the end of the day but you know I I agree with you. He's he's you gotta be. I think we all had a number one by the way so for whatever that one two and three so I wanna hear from you guys for four Nascar N._B._C.. Maybe top three Kyle Busch's pushes like Kyle does so <hes>. Let's go to Anthony Anthony. What's going on another one another regular caller who's in your top three right now? In the Cup series well for me me <hes> my top three teams in the Cup series right now well obviously never one for me would be called Bush and never would be more tricks junior and then number three is show Llegado not good tales. That's good San House had the same exact thing yes yeah no problem and I don't think you can argue with any of those his anthony. That's right twenty two. I think the twenty two maybe they got a little more speed through the summer but yeah I mean it's it's a toss. It could be close to the top three. You get yourself up. There were a lot of work to do Cameron in Atlanta Cameron. What's on your mind? WHO's in your top three? Hey guys that's how you're doing. It was about the same as anthony just to flip between joy Lugano being our current champion <hes> at number one <hes> Kyle Busch number two and <hes> Martin tricks junior number three cool very good. I think you also have a row question. What about it is wrong? Yeah we're wrong because everybody's agreeing with okay. Oh you're saying he's all right. He's right in a restaurant way question for you to rick yeah go ahead yeah. Hey Ricky <hes> actually met you at <hes> Martinsville real quick <hes> the night of the snow before the race tonight how arson y'all were standing next to the fence and I met you there but my question for you is <hes> what's a good three to five year plan at Roush fenway racing like where do you see yourself and three to five years as an organization because I know you guys are slowly finding speed. I just WANNA see Tameer standpoint. Where you guys see yourself? The well we right now. I'm there through through two thousand twenty one so we do look at at the future. Obviously we know that we're going to have this rules package. At least next next year could have at the after that or we have a whole new whole new set of issues and things to to look at but I think when we took this step from last season two this season with the with this with this package Arab package I felt like it helped us. Take a step closer closer and it helped all the competition get closer but I think it helped us. You Know Bridge that gap that we've had and so I think we you gotTa keep staying on that path. We we know what we need to be faster and I think that we're continuing to work on that side. I expect towards the end of this year beginning of next year. We'll have more speed than what we what we have than flip-flop that two thousand twenty one when you never know what we're going to be our imperia yeah yeah which I think again I think when something big changes like that that's an organization's opportunity to hit the throttle and point and catch-up grin and try and bridge that gap as quick as possible because when the rules don't change the fastest team still have the upper hand. Let's go right here to North Carolina on and chat with our Oh. I think you have a top three fourths. Yes eighteen twenty two and eleven and don't hang almost I got the eleven in there you go <hes> ricky. Stenhouse reminds you of by the way he might be a little bit of my bad. Wow Wow <music> only compliment a huge compliment man yeah so help us understand thank you for the call help us understand the Isaac. That's huge is it just kind of quiet but just got it down man and was like the guy and I know when when I was growing up and he raced medallion Pearson won a championship and was good Buddies Pearson Pearson. We're kind of like you and Cow Pearson. We're really tight like that but that's a huge compliment man great short track racer yeah. You'll take that right yeah. He's won a lot of races so there you go. Hey coming off our grassroots. Racing tour brings us to a place. That stenhouse knows very well. We'll do some ditch digging. When we come back? You gotTA explain that Mantra Marines aw Riverside speedway in West Memphis Arkansas. My Dad grew up racing there. The track was always real money in tacky and so I- clean his car off every time he came in the pits and get that thing spotless and then he'd go backout now getting dirty again <hes> during intermission they always had foot races that was fun. It's a quarter mile racetrack but you still parked in it was narrow and tight the motto of Racetrack thrills chills and spills in my first race there fifteen years old. I got my first sprint car. Win And my dad I slowed down and he jumped on the NERF bar. Aaron wrote around and held check flag with him so that was cool and Riverside International is our next stop on our grassroots tour located in West Memphis Arkansas. It's called the ditch which ricky has no idea what it's called the ditch. It's been in business since nineteen forty nine and it's a quarter mile dirt track the personal playground at Sprint Car Hall of Famer Clarence Hooker Hood who in nineteen sixty seven one fifty seven sixty the three features and guess who is a huge fan of Riverside Elvis. Yes he had film from Riverside Racists Centigrade so he could watch and this young man ricky stenhouse junior junior grew up their race their display ground as well too bad the key CONC- race king as an elderly man see race that would have been cool man <hes> we bury the headline by the way because you had a mullet at six according to those pictures which I was like who is a mullet at six you who's born with it. My Dad had one. It was like a phase. You're into like the last few years this goes back the mullet but it takes work to now so. I'm almost patient. Yesterday we found that we have is that that's probably earlier than six threes Greensmith holy smokes. That is a beautiful that got you do. I'm I'm I'm kidding is seriously tell us about the racing riverside. It looks like an awesome place to right yeah. It's always been intense and I was trying to tell Kalle yesterday that you know we we used to park in the infield and we have forty foot gooseneck trailer and it had garter had a guardrail on the inside holy smokes and I mean I <unk> set there on the <unk> Holler and just spun circles watching my dad race and ran foot races and stuff and like I said always kept his car clean the mud mud. They're being close to the river. It's so tacky. When it's wet you would pull a tear off on the front straightaway and tariff on the back straightaway but yeah it was it was very narrow and like I said I watch my dad race? Thousands and thousands of laugh parked in the Infield. You're the only one parked in the infield because that's not eh well. You would have a lot of cars in the infield. I'll I'll get you. Some pictures. Say it's garbage wasn't word say right now it. It doesn't make any difference. It'd be like parking a forty foot trailer in this room and telling you it's and it would be narrow. No matter what we've been talking about this my track my roots campaign call <hes>. You got to see it in action. Yesterday I mean so cool to go back to the short tracks like this. It was really cool to go back and and to go through to go to your house and the seat of the photos of let's go to his engine shop and see the photos of of the race winning this is this is. Ricky's bedroom right here and say that's Dale earnhardt senior senior senior wallpaper banner around the top. How I was honored. I was in the room I may I made the room to Bush's Hi John Bush class. That's him and his dad and this just like just like you but it was so cool to go there and see all that a and then see where your dad built those engine one time. His Dad had twenty six cars with their engines in it at the racetrack at the local on everybody my and that's everybody. That's just fascinated me. Dad Dad build some good. I would say so six car yeah. He built all of mine that Iran at his school so it helped me understand the mid south. I've heard Arkansas for Tennessee. I've heard Mississippi mentioned in this all south but I don't it's close everything everything is right there at my dad's shots actually on the other side of the headline in Memphis Tennessee and then <hes> downtown Memphis is there how the Riverside International speedway right there in probably thirty minutes wow so you it's twenty minutes downtown. MEMPHIS yeah twenty five thirty minute okay so when I when the U._S. Riverside only five minutes now down okay. It's just right across right across the river. Everything was that close itself so you so you are are truly <unk>. Speed is from Mississippi but you're the pride of of Mississippi and the entire midsouth they they all pull for you now. It's really cool. It's <hes> you know you have have a lot of people around that area <hes> they are able to go to west Memphis. I mean racing's been huge in that area for a long time time. We had you know Memphis. motorsports park still has stripped asphalt track you race there on Friday nights. They had a dirt track that you raised on Friday nights and then West Memphis on Saturday so local racers will get two nights in just about every weekend. Yes pretty cool. You don't think about tonight's with anything twenty or thirty miles of each really cool so young blood blood is calling us from Missouri but I think he his dad may know. You very well youngblood how you doing what's on your mind today. I'm doing fantastic today gentlemen. How's everybody Eh Wonderful Ricky. I've got a question for you. My Dad was announcer there. I'M MEMPHIS boy. My Dad was in answer it Riverside for about twenty years. You might not remember him but I know your dad would remember him. A couple of motorcycle stunts crashing through firewalls and stuff like that a couple of times anyway. I remember the night you were born right because your weekend I think he won that weekend but my question for you is. I have the old flags all of them. The checkered flags oh I got him roll up the flags enter black and the white is like a Dr Gary. Now I guarantee you dead one under these flags and you might have won your first race which I guarantee you. I would love to give him a trade them with us for an autograph. Wow that sounds great. I tell you what young we'll put you on. Hold or have our guys in Connecticut. Grab your information. We'll get that ricky. We'll see if we can make this hat near while you're sitting there. Reiki season get autographs from. Kinda keeps me one of my. I've never been that just killed. The call man I mean you go way up to the top of the list. Is The coolest call we ever had admin asset that killed a man. Thank you very much broker to deal for you cool about that so the checkered flags there you know that Dr Dark Gumbo Yeah it just it would get everything it would get everything dirty and so the checkered flag it was the white was almost gone. Yeah look more like a black flag because so dark but they were big bags. I always say that. Mud is the dirt like you said it just. It's like Klay. It's like you WanNa make pot out and it really is dusty yesterday but like you said that's the way they like it but you can see when when they pushed him off and stuff it was like it just stuck these shoes and it was crazy. Yes you've been a lot of Saturday. Night's cleaning cars sure you did on that is my my track my roots at its best speaking of that. We had our placard at work last weekend. Monadnock speedway among them and New Hampshire late model sportsman driver Solomon Brow our earned his eighth straight win open the season. That's goodfellas right. That's a new track record. That's a straight eight straight eighth grade. I'll take back right yeah right all right. Jeff Brown County speedway Aberdeen South Dakota Trevor Anderson picked up the win and the modified feature back on July nineteenth and Jenner sound speedway in Pennsylvania Selena got the special delivery. They finally got their flashers on T._v.. They don't get their stuff man. He ran into a kid that we had his picture on the show the day he is so happy his friend yeah yesterday yesterday's Derek Carr he came out and helps run the two seater yeah okay. He was on yesterday one at <hes> Jackson. Motor speedway fired up yeah yet. He owns a shot business. He builds <music>. <hes> the shocks for my word. Google Synergy about Las Vegas is all about I mean because he was excited that they showed his photo on T._v.. And stuff so that's what it's that's what it's all about the kid that won the first show their next time you win. Don't hold the flag under over our placard if he wins the nights demand. Just can't what you could just kill nine. He'll figure it out. You know not in a row. You'll you'll get it down pat. Hey coming up. We'll get back to the phones and also it's Kyle Larson's birthday. This guy's best friend brand. Get Him anything special. We'll find out that we're going to call this race a little differently than we normally do. We're going to call it radio style. The acids will be covered live. Mike Baghdad's jumping up and down yelling screaming losing in their minds here Watkins plan ric hard June. You will have the inner loop and into turn five G.. Rex is definitely putting the pressure off. Jeopardy has turned six and seven turnpike sand. This race comes down to these drivers right. Now ended up the back straight away well. We did it last week at Pocono can't wait for radio style again this weekend at Watkins Glen and it adds so much perspective. I think in talking to Dell Junior Jeff Burton they say they casings things so differently when they're that close to the Racetrack Miss Fun and the perspective. I don't know if Burton sees things are kind of thinks he sees because that one a mess right right but at the same time you it is exciting. Pocono was really exciting. I thought it added to the POKENO broadcast. Obviously I love Watkins Glen when they do it that way. Because it's such a big racetrack and you see the cars coming they talk you through the through the the inner loop back around and send you down the Burton and he talks you as you come that way so it's a little bit different different broadcast last Tim four or five laps or the overtime at at Pocono. My hands were sweating. Oh my God because he just kept throwing it throwing it throwing throwing around the <hes> you mentioned how close to the track they are. Here's here's a video proof Bagley reacting. Oh No oh breezy in the wall yeah that that's awesome. Isn't it look at them on their style does he is what you're saying. He has no idea she silliest wreck right behind him. Yeah no no idea at all. He didn't know that was coming walking win or that close. He's just chilling classic radio. This weekend can't wait for that by the way everybody Kyle. Larson's birthday got him. Something Nice. You guys are like best friends. I told him having birthday. Oh good okay you yeah. That's all we need. You said you'd filled up as both the other day. L. Let me borrow it so I don't know how but he got out. You just told them happy birthday by the way on national television that's good I got twice there you go a couple of phone calls here so <hes> in chat with some folks <hes> actually we're going to go to break. We're GONNA get some phone calls in a minute and we have someone who is your favorite barbecue place at home. You tell me by the way we'll talk about aggressive driving back on Nascar America <music> what changed the rules and when it becomes when every spot becomes becomes that much more difficult to achieve you have to defend the spots that you have because you know that might not get back and you know that you you know the that that you have to blocking part of what we do defending your position as part of what we do is is just an evolution of where the where the rules packages especially on the mile and a half raised where you know if you keep somebody behind him behind you and that comes with side drafting and blocking and all those things that they're directly behind mind you there's no way they'll pass you because of air. That was two weeks ago Kevin Harvick talking about how tough the racing is now aggressive it is I think he went on to say ten years ago ago. If you were to raise his way Kyle you've got a fist in your mouth and what is his take take accurate his take his accurate and and I feel bad for him because he raced began his career with that type of attitude and now it's changed this and this is just a different style racing. It's not it's not wrong. You mean I'm I'm not GONNA criticize. It's not wrong. It's just a totally different style of racing and I think that's what he said. He used to listen mark. Martin is the one that started when he looked in your mirror running down he would just motion for you to go to the inside just pat. He'd give it up because he was confident that he could drive back past you now. We heard Kevin say that you can't give it up because you can't get it back so you don't don't give it up so ricky wires the racing so aggressive because of the just is it simply because of the package or has been developing this way for awhile. I think it's a few things I think it's it's <hes> the package like Kevin talked about as one hundred percent accurate that <hes> you know if you stay in front the closer yard of the Front Barrier Carson Drive <hes> <hes> I think another piece of it is because I think I'd see the aggressiveness in all the way from grassroots race in all way up and and I think it you know when when it gets to the Cup series I was talking about it with a couple of other drivers the other days you know if you're not going one out in getting those positions and keeping those positions right. There's somebody else that has money that will come in and take your spot fairly easy right. You know so great voice so all of us in the back of our minds like you know. I feel like ten years ago. Everybody was had twenty Year Cup career. No matter what it was guaranteed like once you got in Burger. It's not guaranteed anymore. As much as I feel like it was back then so I feel like we're all going Gregor because you feel like you're fighting for your job almost every week really leap a great perspective. I I hadn't thought about like that because it used to be once. You've got their chances. Were you WANNA stay. Stay there. You know what I mean and so you didn't worry about it now. I can see that wow that's a so so let's let's let's call it what it is. You're known as an aggressive the driver. Have you ever felt like boy. I shouldn't be that way or do you feel like it's coming towards you a little bit now. Yes and I think that this package helps fund drive in style because it it kind of feels like I was in a in the xfinity cars Iran those heart cars super super hard and got the most out of it but you know you ruffle feathers when you do that and I try not to you know I feel I had a bad daytona. One year and now people think crash people at every racetrack Goto perspect- does a little bit but you know we we had a bad race. A crash kyle obviously asleep at plate traffic crashes other people too. That's just the product of it and then cow gets out in his mad at me will then you know so all the fans jump on so of course <hes> I feel like you know speedway. Racing is super aggressive now and the people that are the most aggressive stay up front in when when when the race us and so I feel you know that my driving styles fine I would like it to be closer to the front acting. I think if I got closer to the front even be more aggressive you know because I want those chances to win. There's a lot of towns that I if I'm running for twentieth. It's hard to be super aggressive here on restart. You have to be super aggressive. The one rain meet all the way out of the each team in turn. Was this week yeah so then I just and I felt bad the only reason I felt bad because of the thirty four there so I talked McDowell right after the race in sight look I apologize he was he was okay with but that was really the one thing I felt that a couple of phone calls on this. Let's go to Roberto in Virginia Roberto how you doing today. I'm doing pretty good a and thank you for having me great. Show yeah thank you. What's on your mind yeah? I just wanted to say <hes> Reiki. You're not my favorite driver but I love the way you raise your. You're right there and every raise. I and I love your driving style. You're pretty awesome and I hope you win a championship sin. Okay Take Care thank you that that's a guy who appreciates an aggressive driver look and he said championships. I just need to win. That's good but he appreciates going for every lap. That's that's good. Let's go to rob and in Pennsylvania who wants to chat about the Kurt Busch situation much for Ricky. Hey Ricky again racing the I mean I it's awesome you make gracing a lot more entertaining. I assigned Sunday Gerbeau situation. You you get hit that into that situation with Kurt Busch. Are you worried about retribution from them. No I'm not I feel like he's got more loose than I do. So you know really really it's perfect ads yeah no so I'm not worried at all. I sit him a message but haven't heard any five show. I love the tweet I basically put the tweet in text and Senator Yeah Yeah because I mean I don't like doing stuff on social media but when somebody says something else out I like to every now and then at least respond with something so so you texted him. But how do you handle a once you get to the racetrack with him do you do you make an effort to have a chat with them almina clear yeah my did that with Kyle. We saw that among the Daytona I'm on you went to him. You know I I'm really not mad at him anymore. Spun out and I felt I felt a little better about it so your system yeah I'm done. I'm free free. I'm good. Hey guys you said your piece right. Hey we have tons of twitter questions for Ricky Stenhouse Junior Nate Ryan joins us next with let me say this can't wait for that and Ricky people start the segment excited about that too. Maybe say this now. I'm GONNA say this. Let me say this. Let me say this. Let me say this. Let me say that sorry caller. Let me say this. Hey Kyle what somebody else talked for one but I'm telling you something but I'm GonNa tell you and this man you talk a lot. I will say forever <music> out first-hand today. Our three and I really liked call but I wanted to ask him. Some questions wanted to give him a garage though man. I'm GonNa take good so ricky. There's a word. Did you have to say when Nick joins the show really kind of open sesame. Let me say this. What is it greetings show? How should I say this? Andy Young is from in Columbia Mississippi he wants to know what was your first car ricky. And did you ever take a car without permission. That's Columbus Mississippi by the way yeah race there to correction. I had a <hes> without permission. No well. I mean yeah kind of I drove a nineteen ninety four Chevrolet Z seventy one was very first trump. Promise was bad paint was coming off of it but I took my dad had a friend that had a sixty nine mock to mark three Mustang not took it out in your neighborhood yeah. I've nothing happened to happen to the bathroom Yeah Yeah Yeah let me say this. Brennan poco wants to know twenty twenty one schedule Utah Motor Sports Campus <hes> road course near Salt Lake City. We've we've taken some things out there beautiful areas countries. I don't see why not they got plenty Linnea land so you can add anything fans but on that you know that you can add in make it a T._v.. Race only like he's talking in our language Morgan Morgan van Damme wants to know how do you handle the haters and she says P._S.. or he or she says P._S.. Keep up the good racing. Oh thank you <hes> you know it's tough sometimes <hes> sometimes I try not to look at it. Sometimes I really want to reply but then I feel really bad when I do and then like I can't delete it because people Mardi seen it and I'm like <hes> so generally I'll like screen shot it and then send a reply to a friend just so that I feel like you got it out sort of okay. I feel really bad. Why maybe somebody had mine and like you'll never feel bad? uh-huh Okay Jay has a nickname for you. He wants to know what do you think of being called Ricky rampage. He thinks it's cool and you should get everyone to start calling you that rampage and you oughta rookie rampages nickname yup now. I don't know you name but nicknames. James had the same nickname as dill junior hammerhead was really yeah back growing up. That's what everybody called me because I said I was always on the the Hammer Dr style so Amer ahead. That's not a bad one vicky rampage not gonNA junior had it first so it's not like it's you may have actually had added I but he hit it on a t shirt. That's what his dad he sold a t shirt with it on the name. I would say that option company so <hes> all right we're done here head ever to the Youtube Channel. Check us out there for the NASCAR AMERICA DEBRIEF COMING UP ON N._B._C.

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