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Hello Word nerds. Welcome to the dictionary podcast. I was talking to somebody sent me a message on read it and I mentioned this podcast. Because they said something about they liked to put podcasts on while they sleep and I said Oh. Well, my dictionary podcast is probably good for that and then I said, well, maybe I should actually record an episode where I'm actually. Speaking slow and calm and soothing, which would be great for sleeping I'm not GonNa do that in this episode, but maybe a future one I will. We are still in the body words we. The let's see. The last two words are not body related but as I was reading through these the word body looks and sounds weird. Yeah when you see like thirty of them in a row, that's what happens. Right, the first word is body centered two words with hyphen adjective. From Nineteen Twenty one relating to being a crystal space lattice in which each cubic unit cell has an atom at its center and at each vertex compare to the synonym. That's not the synonym. The synonym is face centered. I feel like I need to look more into this because I don't totally understand that I need a visual for it. Next is body check two words Noun from eighteen ninety, two, a blocking of an opposing player with the body as in is hockey or Lacrosse today they have those in eighteen, ninety two. bodycheck is a transitive verb. They must have had something like those in eighteen, ninety two. Next. Is Body Clock Noun from nineteen, sixty eight the internal mechanisms that schedule periodic bodily functions and activities usually not used technically. So more. So not like in a scientific situation they're not gonNA say body clock, but it's more colloquial. Would that be the right word? Next. Is Body corporate two words. Noun. From the Fifteenth Century and we just have the Synonym Corporation. It's interesting that this was coined back way back in the fifteenth century and in you know recent years legally corporations. Are Designated as people, which is interesting. and. So I don't know I just find it. Cool that or not. Cool. But I find it interesting that you know body corporate that's sort of where it comes from. That's a body and a corporation whatever. Moving on to body count two words Noun from nineteen, sixty, five, one account of the bodies of killed enemy soldiers number to the number of persons involved in a particular activity. Next is a body double two words. Noun from Nineteen eighty-one a double who takes the place of an actor especially in scenes calling for nudity Yeah. That's often I mean I guess stunt double would be when they're used in stunts. Love seeing pictures of actors with their either stunt doubles or body doubles or whatever. They're dressed the same. They've got the same hair they're used. They usually look pretty similar. They definitely have the same body size and type It's just always funny to me. Next is body English two words English has a capital E. Noun from nineteen o eight bodily motions made in a usually unconscious effort to influence the progress of a propelled object as a ball. Next is bodyguard. Oh, actually that's about pool billiards I really want to learn how to do that I years ago. I learned how to angle the ball I was always just hitting them straight, but I learned that if you hit it off to the side a little bit, you can make the ball, go a Nangle, and then I always felt that the next step up from that would be you know putting spin on the cue ball, which I think is that's considered English rate by most usually unconscious influence the. But. I could never I can. I can do a little backspin or forward spin but I can't do anything make cue ball curve or whatever. I. Also don't practice. So maybe if I practiced, I could do that but I just think it's amazing. The control that professional billiards players have on on all the balls on the table. It's pretty amazing. Next is bodyguard noun from seventeen o four they usually armed attendant or group of attendance whose duty is to protect a person. Next is body language to words Noun from Nineteen, twenty, six, the gestures, movements, and mannerisms by which a person or animal communicates with others. We do so much unconscious body language that. and. In addition to that, we are unconsciously reacting to other people's body language that we're not even we're not even aware we're doing it. But there's so much that happens when you can actually see somebody especially if you're in the same. Location with them. So it's great these days as I'm recording this, we're all stuck in our homes during this pandemic So it's great that we can have these zoom calls with people where you can get some of that. That body to you know a little degree. But I, I, sometimes do recordings on these other podcasts whatever where it's just audio only. So you don't get that body language it's it's hard to communicate with them without that. So it's it's just really astounding. How much information is actually passed people just with body language. Okay next is body. Louse two words Noun from fifteen, seventy, five, a louse feeding primarily on the body especially A. Laos feeding on the body and living in the clothing of humans called also Oh, this is great called also, Cudi? Coo. T I boy I have distinct memories of being an elementary school with my friends at the lunch table or something. Say. No you got cooties or doing the Cudi shot thing or whatever I wonder. If kids these days still talk about cooties. Boy there. Some cooties around the world right now that we are trying to stay away from. The scientific name for this Sucking Louse is Padilla's Next is body mass index three words. Noun. From nineteen eighty-three, a measure of the body fat. That is the ratio of the weight of the body in kilograms to the square of its height in meters. So this they also call this. BMI. I think that would be. That's the same thing. In general. I think this is fine but my main issue is that. They don't actually measure the body fat. From what I understand, they're actually measuring just the weight of the body compared to the height of the body. And somebody can weigh a lot because they have a lot of muscle. And that's going to skew the body mass index the BMI. While I. think that this is fine. You have to take it with a grain of salt if you were not aware of that. Moving onto body mechanics two words Noun from Circa Nineteen, seventy systematic exercises designed especially to develop coordination, endurance and poise. Next is body piercing to words Noun from one, thousand, nine, hundred and nine, the practice or an instance of adorning the body with jewelry or ornamentation that penetrates the flesh. I'm very tempted to post a picture of some extreme body piercing I will try to avoid the body. Adjustments Augmentation there's a different word that I can't think of right now I'll try and stick just with body piercing. It's really crazy what I I have. No problem with it. I had an earring. Once I actually had to for a while in one ear. One of them got. All Weird. So I took that out and then eventually when I got older I was like, why do I even have this year in this is it was cool at the time when I was younger like eighth grade but it's not it's not for me anymore. So I took it out I think I do still have hold on my ear but I think it's pretty amazing what people do and it's just you know you can have fun with it so. That's body. La Next is body politic two words Noun from the Fifteenth Century one a group of persons politically organized under a single. Governmental. Authority. Number two is archaic. We have the number two definition for the Word Corporation. Three a people considered as a collective unit. Next is body shirt. Two words could probably just call it a shirt right now it is a noun from nineteen sixty, seven, one, a close fitting shirt or blouse number to a woman's close fitting top made with a sewn in or snapped crotch. Okay Yeah I. Guess. That makes it. So it's sort of like a shirt that really covers the body more so. Next Day is body shop two words Noun from nine hundred, fifty, four, a shop where automotive bodies are made or repaired. Next is body snatcher. Two words sounds like the name of a movie noun from eighteen twelve one who steals corpses from graves. Next is body stocking two words noun from nineteen, sixty, five, a usually sheer fitting one piece garment for the torso that often has sleeves and legs. Next is body suit. I have a feeling. This is similar noun from nineteen, sixty, nine a close fitting. Garment for the torso. Next is body surf one word. Of let's see is it a verb? It's an transitive verb from nineteen forty three to ride on a wave without a surfboard by planning on the chest and stomach body surfer is a noun, I've done this a little bit. It's fun. I don't get a lot of opportunities to do that. Next is body wall two words Noun from eighteen sixty to the external surface of the animal body consisting of Ecuador derm and Ms Durham and inclosing enclosing the body cavity. So it's like the skin Kinda. Next is body wash one word Noun from nineteen eighty-eight, a liquid product for cleansing the body. Next to his body work one word Noun from nineteen, Ninety, eight, one, a vehicle body. A vehicle, it's the body of a vehicle number two, the act or process of making or repairing vehicle bodies three therapeutic, touching or manipulation of the body by using specialized techniques. Like massage I have been getting regular massages, which is great I have gone years and years without getting massages, and now I finally am and I think it's helping. Body worker is a noun. They could be working on human bodies or they could be working on automotive bodies. Next is body wrap two words. Rap Is W. R. Eight P. It is a noun from nineteen seventy, four, a body treatment involving the application of usually oils or gels followed by a rapping of the body with a sheet. Sounds interesting. All right. We are done with the body words. The next word is may might or bear might something like that? B. O. E. H. M. I, t. e. it is a noun from Circa Nineteen, twenty, nine, a mineral consisting of an. Ortho. Hamburg, I remember Mark had trouble with that word of an Ortho humby form of luminance oxide and hydroxide. A. L. O. and then in parentheses h found in bauxite. This is German Beaumont from Johann Bom B. O. H. M., and then in parentheses it says B. O. E. H. M. so different spelling who died in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, two was a German chemist. And our last word for this episode is. More or Moor Capital B. O. E. R. IT IS A noun of from eighteen hundred a South African or Dutch or huguenot descent. A. South, African. A South African of Dutch. Descent I don't think I said that correctly. So. This is Dutch. It literally means farmer and there's more at the Word Bore B. O. R.? which is for later. So, we had body centered by check body clock body, Corporate Body Count Body Double Body English Buddy Guard body language body louse body mass index body mechanics, body piercing body politic body shirt, bodyshop body snatcher body-stocking bodysuit served body while body washed body work. See Body sounds weird. Now Body Wrap Mo might and more boor Butler I think I am going to pick body English as the word of the episode because I like Blaine Pool even though I don't get to do it often that is it for this episode. Thank you very much for listening and until next time this is spencer dispensing information goodbye.

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