Acast launches secure paid-for podcasts in almost any app; Pacific Content bought by Rogers


The latest from pod news dot net. Acoss has launched a cast access a product that allows podcast publishers to offer subscription based podcasts behind a publisher's own pay wall, which listeners can then play in the podcasting app of their choice. It's a very different model to luminaries subscription plans for podcasting a cast access apparently allowing premium content to be played in almost any podcast app. The Canadian media, conglomerate Rogers media has acquired Pacific content. Canada's first branded podcast company. The company will join Rogers, but we'll continue to operate as a standalone business, more radio activity correlation has been hired by a are an Australian radio broadcaster has commercial products and audio partnerships director fifteen percent of Australians listened to a podcast in the past week say Edison research and a partial release of their two thousand nineteen infinite dial Australia study, and I was slightly lower than in the US. Where twenty two percent weekly listeners the research is fully compatible bomb. Brennan's audio land conference today also included chance about brand safety and exclusivity with podcast heads from Australia. We linked to those from our show notes and our newsletter today. Also in our newsletter apple have dated documentation and emailed podcasters about their new web player and episode pages. If you've not the Email, we we reproduce it in full patriots have explained their copyright and terms of use which some podcasters have queried. There's nothing unusual in them spotify's testing algorithm driven podcast recommendations alongside their music recommendations as well. The Wall Street Journal and Gimblett daily news podcasts were launched this summer yesterday in an internal E mail that we've seen we discover the two new co hosts Kate line, bow is the Wall Street Journal's deputy US news coverage chief Ryan nuts. And is a former Wall Street Journal tech. Telco reporter also announced Andrew Susman is going to be joining as the executive producer. He joins from the world, which is a co production between the BBC W H in Boston and PRI audio to video social sharing company. Headliner has announced to deal with Entercom. A US radio broadcaster Verizon have announced a set of new podcast from Yahoo. Finance and deal with ads ways to offer programmatic advertising. Audio burst audio search company has announced the launch of a service with flip board, offering clips of broadcast radio and podcasts to flip boards users US research company. Nielsen has written a piece tracking brand awareness in podcast advertising. Indie pod fest. Two thousand nineteen is a festival at Indy podcast makers and fans in Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. They have launched a crowdfunding push. The festival is looking for nineteen thousand five hundred dollars to hold an event. In July and the Cincinnati podcast festival in October. He's putting out a call for entries to podcasters the want to present and perform at this year's festival. Thank you to evergreen podcasts. A welcoming new podcast network designed for the creative class to create listen and inspire and also to headliner tools to promote your podcast on social media with video for both becoming pod news supporters today and funding this ridiculously long episode of pod Hughes today. Thank you to them. We do also mentioned a bunch of new podcasts, including the Chani Kirk show. The Miller report intelligence matters. This is love Latino till Latina and electronic propaganda society in our newsletter today, he'll find that at pod news dot net.

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