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Leaving a Cult with Jamal Bandy


Welcome once who defied Solis podcast. I of your host James Watkins. So we just finished up our tool of series for the month of April ho that she does for NFL by the series of the joined the awesome guests that we had we are going to be doing more monthly series like our chil- series. But the month of may is going to get things back to normal for us. Always still has some awesome. Baynes in the words now tell you about that a little bit later so moving into today, I've made mention several times that I was saved in a very dangerous church. I haven't gone into great detail on it. I will point, but God graciously saving, very Tenneco soul. Charismatic prosperity gospel church. You look one and you find personality personnel at a similar it spirits. Maybe they have come out of colts or false gospel such as Mormonism opus win, a cat all says on whatever it may be. So what I wanted to do was find some of these people. I wanted to bring them on. Unless Hogg about their version there turning from the colts, vaults docile holes. And today, I am other to have women brother in Christ fellow podcasters. Joining me today is Jamal bandy of the prescribed truth podcasts to Joel great to be here. Thank you for having me, so Jamal incited the have you own because I think you are going to have some similarities in our background. But before we go into that tell us a little bit about you. Tell us a little bit about your podcast any other ministry work at anything else that we should all right of once again, thanks for having me on again is honor to be here of like, I said, my name is Jamal bandy of I have a YouTube channel is where my ministry began it you to call prescribe truth from there. I branched into podcasting and podcast called the prescribing truth podcast where I do every every week a married. One wife, my beautiful white gin, and I have two boys of six and nineteen months. And I've been doing prescribed truth about two years now over two years and podcast only about Lil. Yes. Less than a year about ten months. And so does a little bit about mis about myself. I've been Christian since two thousand thirteen and that I've had few charges passes, which I do say, that's why you're here, man. If that is why you are here. So before any episode that I do I do my homework I like to be prepared as possible. So I went to Jamal's website work, prescribing trooper structured dot com, and I was very encouraged by his mission statement, and Jamal hope you don't mind me reading it, though don't says the goal of structure is to assist in clipping. Those who may have all into thoughts doctrine in churches under the banner of Christianity while standing on the bible who refute false ideologies which seeks to bring confusion intellect. Christians also believe in live and within. Mission statement is found the very purpose of this episode. Those who have bought into false not in churches, posing under the banner Christianity. Here's the thing. We as believers love apologetic. We'd love defending the faith against the in the act Nostitz, even the Muslims. But I think a lot of times we sailed to realize Ordonez of apologetic against those who I into false doctrines under the banner Christianity. How many times do we hear something home? Lot of Christians can't even get on the same page as far as what they believe they different believing everything. That's why they're so many different sets into nominations Oko. Well, darn together two thousand years, plus the church history. Finally, got us not really you say there are primary issues. Dini of Christ France at salvation agree soldiers saith on etcetera Nejud, simply cannot be compromised in these essential issues are compromise. That's just false doctrine using the banner of Christianity. Right. So jamal. I wanna open the floor up for you. Tell us. I vote. What is the colts Lesch false gospel that you were under? Okay. So the coat that I was in called it a coat because the the leader of the particular church of he ruled or say rude. I don't mean it that way that he used manipulation over his flood, Dr church consists of a lot of young people. I think at a time. I was just turned twenty and the oldest member other than the pastor was about thirty was twenty twenty eight twenty seven. Wow. And so on other than that, you know himself was thirty three. And so detach was under apostolic Pentecostal ISM. But it was it was different. It was a different branch. You know, he did his own thing. I it was kind of a rogue. If you you'll say, he will he would have people who he would consider to be over him who would hold him accountable. But that was it, you know, when they call coverings, but he was his own his own deal note, we listen to a lot of I don't know of you for me with the late named mother Boyd or by like that. Oh, you know what? I haven't I haven't done too much work on a half heard that name in have listened to a little bit of a little bit of the war. So I have miliary you ought to. I Unio first one that I. About the boy is so is so you get world cover from then she was like the bomb back. Dan is like oh, man. We followed everything she had to say that we miss everything all old video see was just a mother, and so he would follow close to her. But like you say he did his own thing. He used manipulation to kind of to guide his flop. Oh, my so one too much so right there, but that's kind of where we was at. So the Pentecostal apostolic section the charismatic prosperity no bed kind of stuff. But I'm his mostly was warning us to look at him view him as the the go between between us and God, he was that he was a mediator in where I think it became very coltish rights. It sounds a lot like of incredibly cares matter. Ten costal Roman Catholic church since he. How long were you in that particular sudden not that long? Honestly, it was a joined the church two thousand nine in uh think I remember it being around April two thousand nine and he he passed away dot Tober two thousand ten that's church split in. So we have out of almost about a year and some change. But that's about it. Let's two years. Listen to years. Yes. I eventually at some point. I'm going to get a little bit more in depth on the the church. I was in. But we had a very similar background with it. With the church was there was no leadership really in place to hold the pasture. It accountable, you know, that can lead slippery slope as far as funds inaugurum. We I will save for maybe six months, and I started reading the scriptures. I start seeing within the is you're hearing all this prosperity health wealth success with them while you're dreaming desires, but I'm reading the book that seen St. minutes storm. In the not seeing the the cyber the apostles rejoicing because redeem worthy to suffer for the sake of Christ as something as a little all feared. So I completely get the whole with the whole manipulation. Now, how long did it take you to begin to realize that errors in the laws in this? And what led to that? He said the passers death is at whenever. So so pirated of it was say about a couple of weeks prior to starting to notice some things as right of matter of fact, it was funny. I was confronted by the lady I never forget. I was working at office. Max at a time in this lady come to me. And she she's she saw my character. It was like, oh, you you say like, a nice Christian guide, everything and and church go to and I told it in church shoes live. Oh, sorry. And I was like kind of church. We was was that we defended our past like heart like, you know, we we be ready to fight and go to blows. And so for this woman, this eighty I watch mouth woman. I I let me say to her and her mother, and and it was like he just too far gone. The first time I ever that's the first time I was in countered by somebody who told the negative about the church in a pastor when I started to realize myself as was later on. But he Dominica relation was so deep like, I literally believe that he still was a mouthpiece of died. And even though I saw some things weren't right? As far as how things operating and what we were doing. It was like the comb against him will become a God. And so is like I is like I could not leave, and it will be no point and in his passing aways? Actually, we broke the church free. You know, sometimes I like to think that if you would've stayed living. Then we probably would've still been there. A two thousand thirteen was time. I I heard the gospel so into that point. I don't know if I would have been a Hattie live today. Sounds sounds a lot like was used in these heavily Pentecostal charismatic churches touch not gods in Winston. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So we'll laser general we have a kind of foundation in place little bit back story for Jamal. We're going to take a quick break. And we will be right back with you. Hey, come down. I'm here if my wife, Karen. We're the host of the what are we even doing here podcasts? The podcast seeks the answer. The question that we all asked what are even doing here? We cover topics such as marriage family life and living Christian life in this crazy world. We don't have all the answers. But we know where to look subscribe to on itunes and follow us on soundcloud, as we seek the kingdom of God. And find out what we are even doing here. All right, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back through the fossils podcasts. James? Why can still hear what Jamal Banney? We're talking about his background coming out of a Colt and adopted a little bit deeper incidents in Jamala really needs to know another. The pastor passing away was kinda attorney point for the church and even for you. What really led to your is being open to the falsehoods that were within that particular church. Yes. Oh, a few things as during that time prior to his passing of he would he got into alcoholism. He started go back into doing drugs, and we didn't notice church, but we can tell his may rose was different. A we tell something off his attitude towards us of was just real bad. I remember home I live with him for time. I I didn't mention that in that goes into manipulation like I'm sorry kind of going into this a little bit. But I give a back piece here. He taught. Mitch early that we wear young church. I was young people in their four. We had issues with our families as well. Our parents could notice that something was off about this church. But we were so in defensive that, we wouldn't listen came to my own family. I was living my parents at the time, and it he told us he is how he used grippier. He told me well because my parents were against becoming a church there against me coming to die. So you use it here we use scripture reduce where of people Mary and his brother will come to Jesus while he's with his disciples and do say who is mom mother. My brother didn't do the with Lord. And also he will use scripture to us kids as people say kidding me. I was twenty but he used to us who were having puzzled our parents say, well, if your parents are getting this, and who are they? Who are they you know, but them to do with the Lord. And so our no go back home Santa my parents that you know, this this would amend gosh said in o n I leave him. I leave my parents house and live with him for year. So it was fire to me realize there was falsehoods here mitt my eyes being opened was while living with him. I got to see a lot of who he was outside of the church. You know, not saying that everything was bad. But it was it was enough. I got kicked out of his house because I didn't take care of his dog correctly. And that's really what it was. And when I got kicked out of his home. I went try live with another brother who's in church, and he called that brother. It's him not to let me stay because it because he kicked me out. I shouldn't stay with him either. And and him being loyal to the pastor put me out his will. And thankfully, even though me. And my parents was having we were bad blood at the time my dad, he was just I wasn't live with him. No more. So he helped me get my first place. And that's what it's me being disciplined pets at that point me coming from under his roof, actually. Helped me be a lot more distant from him. So when he started getting into the drugs and all those things I wasn't around. And so when he passed I begin to, you know, especially everything started coming out as far as what was going on in charge to be honest scenes and everything else I begin to question. God I felt like this was a church I need to be because prior to I was agnostic. So it was like, you know, what you believe in God in psalm so for but came to my mind was that this bible. No, even though he was reading his by when using scripture to manipulate us. Doesn't mean the bible at self is wrong. Right. I saw as begin to read the scriptures for myself. And I don't think I was saved at some at all. But it'll be readable. But I think I was reading proverbs I'll be going to read in how talks about how we put to put Trump's demand in those days. I started saying how we was trusting man, we out allies, we did idolize him and being to see all the falsehoods there, even when it came to tithing, we will be taught that we will be so curse. If we didn't give a tenth. We didn't give a first fruit offering and all those things, and I remember one time I didn't give tie and it was on purpose. I I'll visiting church and now that he's dead. I I'm not a poverty church. And so I'm not giving any time. And no I didn't give Todd and I was just freewheel giving. And I remember the Lord still sustained us. You know? The state is now realized that that was teaching false that will be cursing. Nothing will go, right. If we didn't time, and I was like, oh, man. So that was the first thing I saw and then are trusting him in his words because we did see her we liberty go to everything you wanna be relationship with someone. He had you had to go to him. And he go to guy on your behalf. You want to make a business decision? You wanted to go to school you want to know where you want to work, you will talk to him, and you so seed, and he will pray in owing comeback team with and tell you what the says the Lord in. And that's and that's how deep was so life without him. I remember the day. He pass he died in the accident. And I remember going up the road when I found out we've traveled rolling one of the brothers. That was in church with me. He was crying. He was like Jamal Louis going to do. What are we going to do? Now, not not he's dead. You know, who's who's gonna go before who's gonna go to God for us and who's going gonna do this like literally? And as he say, and he's things I'm. He kind of everything was a a farce. But his I would say is just guy now he's broken. You know, it was crazy. He little in it. I think what one thing he did tell us. And it's kind of when he died was kind of like the thing that hit everybody because he's always tell us that. No, he won't die. He's like he said he died one point. He's he died at one point guard bottom life as every time he will prophesy he will say if I if I don't do it. I won't preach Nomo in his in his got us know, Abby date, who's my own personnel here. So now, he's dead. Whoa. Okay. Like, he's he's gone. They know in in a tragic way, you know, nonetheless. And it's like, wow, he what's he telling the truth. He must have been lying 'cause now he's dead. And it was it was it was crazy that that the church split. The after affect of the church planning was detrimental. Everybody people. Of course, you know, left. The idea of going to church at all after that, not trusting. Any pastor some which other churches still false charges? He's not as bad as he was a far as me, and I'll just read the word, and then I would eventually find myself once another church of another batch teaching. But, but I think at that point we're gonna grow more in word, and we're we're gonna go into word Morgan to see and the effects of being in a cold lasts a long time. I even I still feel the effects of the teachings from their coat remind myself when relationships how even when it comes to myself like a year of being Turkey. We try to night a guys we out allies that we wanted to be like him wanting to be him. We change the way we dress change the way we walk. How we cared ourselves out. You know, our dignity would made us who we are. And it's been a journey. Pesos piece in that puzzle back together, you know, so. Yeah. I don't think people realize how damaging of this can be on a personal level. Now, we were only in the church that we realize in. We were only in the church for roughly six to eight months in our remember whenever whenever it finally hit me just how wrong it was. Remember just just that anger in the resentment that film me just feeling of have been laid to this entire time in the party got me is they had started telling me, they'd leave that I was being called to to ministry that was being called to pasture it in that they wanted to training in. I remember being so angry because I'm sitting here realizing the falsehoods within that church in Amman, they would have been training knee up in the same falsehoods to deceive other people. Oh, you so praise God that you come out of that. What happened was she allows those falses what did you ever tall? Any of the old members about it calls with unfitted Kalsa it caused a few broken relationships whenever we really come to the truth of the of what the strictures rashly say have a similar experience had mentioned on my on. My channel is will of. So would don't church I got to I got married, and I got a now I'm her now, divorced when I get married if in this whole issue plays appointed to that. And and it goes to me talking to other people too. So I got married so she made her both went to the search together. And we would go to the pastor in XM for guidance and prayer, and so and seed and all that kind of stuff at the past. We were before he passed we were living together. And so, you know, which those kind of believe we weren't looking forward. Not kind of stuff we saying my wife, not at the time. We were boyfriend girlfriend we were living together. And no one ever does. Call us to correction or anything. So, but but that was my rebellion meeting her before he passed was my rebellion and with. I was dealing with any while I was with his charge. You know, because of the put it's like my pushback like I had my own place. But you know, I knew that he would disapprove. And I knew he was doing it was a right. And it's kinda like my pushback when it came to this everything everybody knew it was a loss of drug use. You had the there were some it was sexual immorality all of these going on with the pastor. And it was a circle of people. Not you know, it wasn't everybody in the church is passing. He had his close circle of you had known as my nineteen month old making his presence that is fun. So he he had his cO circle. So people were more the hurt at the past. When everything came out everything he did it was in a dark came to light. And so went when that happened. Most of the other lay members was like why nobody setting things us not why nobody told us. So now for that was now a broken trust between the ex-members when everything when everything split being, quote, unquote elder. On. He would he would want it to start the church continue to church on. But nobody was coming back to that. And he noticed that. So eventually he gave up you know, he himself was caught up. But he, you know, he came out of that beforehand to is just you know, everybody's kind of being awakened wrong. Time seem to be and deter they they they don't trust anybody. There was no trust those who did click up. You know, it didn't last long as begin to grow in the word myself and go to different churches. I will become more distant to other members as you know, it wasn't be because meat is myself. But they will be disliked Ryan, it's all because my next church. I will go to be the brother of the passers charts, and nobody in because how we were told, you know, this idea of family curses, and what do you call generational? Curses and everything else because the pastor at Di was so bad. They felt the brother would be just as bad. So why did you go to the brother Sturge, you know? And so. So I went there to him. So because of that alone people distances for me, you know, my family at the time. But when I say, let's get married because is a new fillet. He no he said this guy. He's like, hey, this guy we're living together. So we need to know. And I was like, well, I don't wanna check and be more remarry ABC. We did. So and so I say how the teaching affect fake doesn't deal of the people as as at Tom's going on and reach out to people people don't wanna they don't wanna talk about the church, you know, they don't wanna deal with even like say, even my last marriage expunge. She didn't want to deal with it a week. We can talk about the pain of it the hurt of it. 'cause and in that man, and it's funny because over time I even realize I went through what we went through his even traumatic will be considered a traumatic experience. You know, we just was in a bad a bad place is amazing how that just lingers on with your overtime, right? And the teaching the teachers at our church, and how it affected even. Marriage. This idea of being birth out the everything that you do with his spirit. You know, a demon. You know, if you if you if there's a lack communication in your marriage is somebody got somebody got a bass spirit might somebody got a demon. You need be cast it out somebody need to remember every Bush, right? You're right. Need to own get the all out, you know, at home. They may everybody from the church kinda split people go further into drugs for Indian IT kinda guess the pain of that was as I began to grow in the word over time. And then people kinda going their own route, the it was convicting or I guess condemning lewisite it they will come around me or try to know keep on the path of say, hey, you know, what I noticed such bad. But just cannot be all it is you know, and. You know? And that's how that's how relationships was now over now current day. I've been still got coastal ships with a couple of people who are in the church with us during that time. Some still is still distant I've actually been trying to reach out to I there's a there's a book I wanna write concerning Mike spurious in cold. But I really wanna reach out to those other brothers and sisters and stuff like that. I tried to over Facebook. And they're okay. With me. They just wanna talk about that. Let's let's not just talk about that. Now what I know this in the church not come out of our teaching a small group whenever the realization story hitting me that that that there are some serious issues. Troublesome lies within the church assorted teaching a small group, and it was amazing. Just how how fast it started to all click with me? And I remember we had a group of around eight to twelve people including myself 'em wife. In our member that in the small group instead of it being more woman lines of one of the pastors teaching it first, and he he got caught a business or something. So he has the group off to mate. And we went from this health welts says zone of your dreams desires to made teaching doctrine in the second that I started teaching anyhow dot from whatsoever. There was Ribelli in L. We'll get back adage now there's there is a little bit of the electrical aspect to salvation spirit nonsense. All true kinda see when I was dealing with. There is is there were just so many false converse to church used to just bask in the amount of baptisms that they have we've had five hundred sixty baptisms in the last two years. So okay. But you have a church of about two hundred and something that people wear all these people going, our they still remaining in the church. What is it? There's an underlying issue here right now how. And you kind of alluded to this in I in our great with you wholeheartedly that this is it's a really traumatic experience. A lot of people were to be church hurt. But it really goes beyond that as it really affects you within your soul, especially as a new believer. And I had people that were helping me along the way I was fortunate in that. But how did your realization of the errors in the laws of you own? That's like Onen emotional up of mentioned, it's a little bit early far as we get get married. A man in in in marriage. I out selling by this now, I'm thankful. I'm I'm now married Mahwah tonight. What I tell you about the not knowing the the gospel. If I didn't out a known that better than it would help me motionlessly definitely emotionally marriage. A you know, the idea especially under the teaching. I was in the own the man, not only we know man, men leader homes ahead of the home. So. For but this was more of a bar Barrick type male like. You know? Alpha, you know, like, you do not do not disobey me. And then you got a wife who was like you're going to be disobeyed. It's like not knowing how to navigate compassion patience of in all those in in any of those areas, and they're not knowing and like I said thinking these things were spirits, not not thinking this is sin even in her. Or in myself, you know, not acknowledging that anything I'm gonna what it may be sinful or just defend them away. Just man spirit is only and so in in that affected me a lot over over. The course of time into the point. I end up leaving I end up leaving. I can understand know what else to do. You know, there's no there's no deliverance ill. There's no no freeing, you know, I'm laying hands. I'm got this all I'm I'm I'm putting all adore posted on the walls. And nothing's changing. You know, even myself, I'm a keep crying out. I keep spitting up and and all this Persia. Yeah. I still deal with anger in. This is unforgivable and his bitterness and won't go away. You know, all these things are happening. And so now, I'm digging. I may like what's going on. I'm doing what I think is right or Novell supposed to do and nothing's working. And I remember brother mind of Barron. He he was reaching out to he's a he's a Christian, brother. He reach out to me. And I'll tell you when I was doing with my marriage and stuff try to encourage me to eight and keep going. I wasn't trying to hear that. He was just like, I didn't know understand what forgiveness was, you know, just just the concept so after the divorce, and when it was finalize that year matter of fact thousand thirteen women to finalize and that same year, I would hear the gospel. But if our Saana and real in realizing now is why she moved pretty fast by the end of that year. She already got remarried. And so but by October October November that year the same. You're basically sitting this gospel was sitting on me, and I come to realization of how messed up inject up. My thinking was and I knew I knew where come from. I realize that man like this was this wasn't a spin. This wasn't a spirit. This was my own selfishness. This was her own selfish is this was this was like this is saying, you know, and now is it can't go back to that. You know, it's too late. And so it's like, I even caught her remember caller up in apologize to a repenting and excellent for to forgive me. And I never thought I'd do that, you know, we're just realizing high mostly torn I was dealing with that, you know, the grieving when he when a pass a die. He didn't. He wasn't just him who pass. So in an accident. I gotta give give this this emotional points to when he passed. It was a church van accident. So it wasn't just him. They were only the church was on the road to Florida for preaching as Manetti had. I had to work that day. It was on a Sunday afternoon. So when a turt- the church van flip tire busted church fan, flew four people died the pass along with three other people. His daughter was one of them included. One of the people who pass away was a close friend of my like, a brother liberal of mine who was wanted people I invited to the church, and it was funny during that time he was actually kinda like in rebellious days like he was trying to charge like that. He wasn't trying to keep the church was doing, and we was getting onto one was man, you need be with the passenger new pastoring. And when we travel he'd be going, you need be you know, what you're doing man. So this was a Sunday. He was actually just trying to do things. Right. He his mind. He was like, okay. You know church. One out of town know, make sure I'm there too. And he's on the pricing. And so he was headed out of town. So for that to happen for to lose him. And I'm sorry. I get most of the that the of it hit hard because right now. Now for these for these years afterwards, I'm also dealing with the fact that I happened to be part of leading someone into bad church. And so therefore the mostly I'm angry hurt feel betrayed deny feel like betrayed someone else. You know in defect a leading him there. And now, my marriage is a shambles divorce single. And I don't know what to do with this hurt. I dunno to do is pain. It won't go away. You know? Now this time it's thirteen been two years or some change just happened. And I'm still grieving as oh eight oh people are still distant. So. Yeah. It definitely took its toll of time. If emotionally. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And his real in the way that it sounds man is us really only one of the things that Christ can heal. So how does the obviously at that point, Tom, very, very traumatic? Now, you have been blessed with that heart of stone being transformed into a heart of flesh new. I see do ears to hear how does it affect you. Now, what was the mindset that you have towards it? Now that you've been that recipient of that grace. Oh, man. Oh, so. Do I do believe I'm I'm reformed, and I'm not saying it's because of you know, I learned doctors grace in the kind of stuff like that prior to and I'm saying that now of I read the word, I remember reading in John six was all of the father gives me we'll come to me, and I'll raise him up the last day. And I remember reading that. And I was reading John chapter ten when Jesus says all that was all my sheep day will come to me, I give them tunnel life. And and I know what you're stash about on my hands on. So for now beginning to think about was like man, like if this is true that means everything that I went through like if I'm truly in Christ at everything that I went through wasn't a mistake. Like, it wasn't mad like like, this was just a wicked thing that God just let this happen. Like like like all this was working worked for my good. And for any other people in their church who would come to know Christ. It worked for our good. Whereas before I had. This is ided church, which I don't know don't wanna talk about. It is shame on. How can I be fooled? Like that. How could I give into some some mess like that? And believe that stuff. I heard was I won't. I like, why would you like how could you? How could you believe that you know, like, I don't know that he's been manipulations is crazy or section and living in a fallen world Mia. Let's is is why would you would your mind will go to win when a stone to his own devices saying all that? And then like now just realizing I don't deserve especially thinking about that day when they went out of town like I could have been there. And I started thinking about man by God's grace. Like, I wasn't on that van, and I could have been there could have been the last day for me, you know. And I was like man is God is gracious. You know, even at even at the going through that the changes in my life took since then with relationships and everything else got missile faithful like me coming here. The gospel message like I would have come to realize my own sin and my own guilt. My own shame. Actually caused me to actually find a place where I should forgive. The pastor is like, you know, whereas if he was still living, I could honestly say I wouldn't be ill towards him, you know, realizing that he's broken center, and he was appropriate center. You know beyond what we understand that. He was a and looking back at his life at the years later IBM to do more just think more about his life who he was. He had issues with this family was kinda went into showing how he would. Concur just have issues with our family. How this gospel this false gospel. He believed in 'cause think the, hey, he can just solve his problems about being birthed out or being on the floor being purged. He he needed a spiritual covering and all of that versus trust in Jesus for not excusing his own sin in the midst of that, you know, but it just shows when it come in his teaching and I'll use a passer is like gave me understanding, and it was through the gospel me on the stand the truth of the gospel. They sold me or help me to have grace or feel forgiveness and compassion towards that pastor as so. Yeah. So. It was amazing, man. I'm always still going away every now, and again, I think about that time of how was then how I was. I remember during that time. I was in church that comes with people how I consider how considered myself shuttering dot with people like the people need to repent, and he donated to come to our church. They'd be you know, be failed. Hold a spirit and so forth, you know, and all those things and think about how air again, I was in, you know, towards people know, maybe just maybe they couldn't be around me. So now when I go it got set a gospel with them. Now, they somebody they still remember the old Jamal when I would come and trying to tell them about God. How not how would they need to do in all kinds of light that like their works can save them? Whereas now to hear the gospel. And it's like, yes, we're still calling people to turn from sin put their trust in Christ. But it's so much more gracious in understanding that it's the Lord who say's, you know, it's it's not it's not enough as in him and only in. So it just changed a lot of my approach in how you things, and you know. One of the one of the hardest realizations for me whenever I come out is that I had no idea what the gospel was when I was in that church. My idea of the gospel was love God love people thought. That's what the gospel was thought that the gospel was simply getting people to come into the church. So they could hear a good message in all all they would accept Christ. And everything would be great. So it really does show. You your ignorance in that minors was just so I was so naive in thinking that that's what the gospel was so legem, we're not gonna take a commercial break. But with the topic that we're on right now as I do want to tell you about a book that she can get that can help you out not denting Colt. Sick and tell you what these people believe it is called. What do they believe it is written by Andrew Rappaport, if it is a phenomenal resource striving for eternity dot org. You can get the book there. He also has another book what? We believe systematic theology of the Christian faith, but what we believe is going to detail. What Mormons believe Joe this witnesses believe about essential doctrines within the Christian faith in also what they believe regarding things such as salvation. So if you are interested in as if you aren't within one of these calls, if you are with 'em Mormonism, do not give you Mormons are some of the most sincere people that I've ever taught with emol life, please please for the sake of your soul. Heed the warnings that you here on this podcast in other areas. Other resources hit the book see John want, the gospel of grace is and you're gonna hear that gospel grace before we saw also that many of this gospel agree, something that the fossils podcast is doing Zion. Sit in tired of the gospel being mortared as I wanted such reformed focused name that whenever people see they know that the gospel is not going to be compromised. We present the Ospel every single week. I don't care if it's Christians listening warns listening. I don't care you're gonna hear the gospel. But what we are doing is. We are making eight reform gospel. We are starting with the fossils gospel. Try wanna I have already released pitchers of these. We are doing a few Monir edits on that. You can see it on the fossils podcast Facebook page. These will be available soon. Most of you know, we are the owners of graceful with the superior was well, we merging at into the fossils podcast. And we will have the five S ministries coming soon. It cited about that. The trans look also hope you guys going check them out. So let's get back into this just a little bit Jamal. What would you say to those who were caught up in similar laws? Our encourage anyone to re descriptors for yourself. Don't trust in what you've been told which you've which you may here on a Sunday sermon. Re descriptors read them. And one thing I was taught before they just like. Java witnesses discouraged private bible studies like this in you know, any time you read about on your own is like you was incapable of understanding on your own. Like, you just gotta have you know, that passer interpret which reading four, you know, re- scriptures for yourself and trust Christ. The worst thing I believe that I was being taught in that whole situation as far as actual teaching outside of the simple nece, but his own teaching was that our salvation was predicated on how good we are. And that we needed needed hands late on us in order to be free of demons. Your sin is because you are deemed possess your sins because your own sinful heart, and you'll heart needs to be changed and that changes supernatural and it only comes from Christ. So turn to him. If you realize that you are dealing with bitterness in unforgiveness, and and you Dila within night, neutral spiritual forfeit knows way what he's like you been a with demons here. Or demonic powers? I'll tell you this price is answer to all of that these answer to all of that. You know, it's funny because in those situations you have to always keep coming back for more. I remember going to church his name lay hands on you and get your shot. They call it a shot, you get this shot and you get field and you had to go back next week to get refilled and get to get refill. And it's like when you're in Christ is only one time when he feels you with his spirit one time one time and knowing so I would encourage them to trust Christ. You know study that word for themselves and it and it's hard because when I was in a situation. I couldn't even recognize it. I was in anything wrong. And I think that's the most scariest thing to me in any one situation. Like that is because when you're in it, you don't like you hear something that you hit. My like me saying these words or somebody you saying those words will what do, you know, you know, like, you could be wrong, you know? So that's the scary thing about me to me when somebody's in a position like that. It's like, I just just plead with them too. Rediscovered for themselves in our prayed at the spirit of the Lord will God them to truth. So I mean, this this really were in a way we are surprised by surprise that people get caught up in these calls in the false gospels. But really, and truly we shouldn't be because it is actually give it to us within scripture in that that we are warned of these assists happening, so national you mean, you can even go to second. Timothy chapter four verse three for this HAMAs coming when people will not endure sound teaching having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions. And that is what we are finding more and more is the gospel in America. He American Drake that is. That's what we're promoting. We're promoting a Bill goods were exporting it to the porous possible countries completely agree with everything Jamal said people if you are with in any of these teachings we've talked about it so many times. That there is a distinct difference between a gospel of grace in a gospel of Greece. Plus in that is what that is how you can tell the difference here grey says there is absolutely nothing that you can do in on yourselves to earn your way to heaven that there is absolutely nothing that you can do that will not be seen as stilted Ryan's before. Holy injust. God other sought a gospel of grace, plus says that there is something in you in yourselves at earned your way to that. That is not how it works you or completely dead in your trust. As an in your sense in apart from God, the Holy Spirit working that miracle with in your heart, transforming your heart from that heart of stone into a heart of flesh. You will not see the kingdom of God in this is what Jesus is referring to John chapter three when he says that she must be born again in. This is something that happens only of the spirit. He blind were you to play your fate alone in Christ. Who suffered into outta point of only cross rose from the dead three days later that there is nothing in and of yourselves that you can do to earn this owl vacation. But a trusting in what he accomplished he accomplished? What you absolutely cannot accomplish pleasure faith, a wound in him, so Jamal ONA give you a the four wartime enjoyed this conversation. I know how I know how emotionally charged it can be, you know, the hurt some shade. With heard of having a dig back down deepen open up some of those fresh wounds. Thank you so much for doing it prayerfully. Of course, the our hope is that we can always help out those who are caught up in this in. That's my wife, and I are in the process of going through false or classes now, and it's a Christian organization, we had the sign a statement of faith on what we believe. So we're signing about that. But the person who was doing class for a pastor. And I've gave a snippet of montage. Testimony passionately depression and suicide it's something that I've struggled with before almost saved still struggle. And he asked me is so GB willing to come into the Spiegelman at the church in. Yes. Absolutely. Is that open to ELS? Like, yes, is is if we have been through something that is so hurtful that it. So damaging in their souls at stake. I think we have a responsibility to to open those wounds up for the sake of others, man. So I won't to give you a little bit more of a platform here. Where can we find your podcast? What is your podcast dealing with? No sound within your mission. Statement your episode on bats his regeneration was phenomenal. I listened to it twice. Really liked it a saying that she had another one. Was speaking homes. Yes. Yes. I need to listen to that one. But tell us a again about your podcast where we can find it. Your website information anything else that we needed to? Okay. Great. Oh, once again, thank you so much allow me to share my heart in this with with the listeners if gall who listening for listening to this of sorry by winning tangents and whatnot of is a lot to try to bring out when you can listen to the podcasts on various podcasts outs where the Android iphone of prescribing truth podcast in the website is prescribed truth dot com. WWW dot prescribe, truth dot com, Email me at prescribed dot truth gmaiLcom of Facebook and it prescribed truth apologetic. And they also found on Instagram Twitter by Twitter handle is a bandy underscore Jamal. Also, be polit- on as prescribed truth. This will. And over the podcast right now, I've been going between dental with social Justice issues and recently got into doing podcasts on vets regeneration and the speaking on the gift of tongues because it was a recent debate. And I got into or discussion to call it on you to with a gentleman who's a one it's been a costal. We had a discussion based off that discussion. I did a podcast on that subject down another responding to comments on that. So that's been diving into lately about just finished his whole series. I did on this whole woke church stuff controversy and all that I did a series on early America was slavery. And we'd know given get shed some light on that. Because that's what I when it come prescribed true. That's what I my slogan. Is we distributed truth that doctor prescribes to the church in the world today? And so whether God is something that's in charge or something is going on in a culture. I wanna be at a deal with this. I'm trying to find avenues where I can't share light into and. Roger stink. I think off a podcast like this one and others come to know who distinct to the truth of guys were in actually addressing things coacher also bringing it's back to the word won't once again. I appreciate you coming on. Appreciate you opening those wounds difficult, you might not even sleep well tonight and saw. Definitely appreciate it lays gentlemen, please still free to visit against drug free turning dot org. For what do they believe breaks down all of the colts? How do you add epochal? That's a big question. Hopefully one day Andrew Rappaport will get on this podcast, Libyan. Stop jump on airplanes, going everywhere. I'm sure that we can get him on sued Jamal. Thank you once again for coming on, ladies and gentlemen, so thankful for the troops at Jamal gave us on him diving into such difficult part. No doubt a difficult part in his past. So they for the love and mercy of God in bringing him out of that in. If you're listening to this podcast in you have been in a coal such as the Mormons, Roman Catholicism. Yes. Roman Catholicism is a Colt Annan exults gospel. Contact me. I would love to have your love to discuss it similar format. I think a lot of people would benefit from it. So ladies gentlemen, this is James Watkins with the foxhole was podcast. We will say you're next on all the Jude begun to the orient. God.

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