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Support for NPR and the following message. Come from Subaru featuring the all new three row ascent with seating for up to eight and a choice of second row. Captain's chairs love is now bigger than ever. Learn more at Subaru dot com. Trombley are WBZ Chicago. This is wait. Wait, don't tell me. The NPR news quiz hating their Georgia. I'll take them by the juicy peach. I'm bill. Host the journey Mercer theater in Savannah, Georgia. Peter. Say. Such a pleasure to be making debut in savannah. Of course, it's a city famous for among other things being the setting of the book and film midnight in the garden of good and evil. Now, this is of course, a public radio crowd. We're not as young as we once were. So for us. It's going to be more like nine PM in the guard who good and evil. The first this last week former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams delivered the democratic response to the state of the union, and it seems it didn't go. Well. And I'm saying this because apparently the only talk show she could get booked on after it was this one. Joining. Job. The I it's your turn. Give us a call them. Play our games. The number is one triple eight, wait. Wait that's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four. Let's welcome. Our first listener contestant. Hi, you're on. Wait. We don't tell them. Good to hear from you. What do you do there in Austin? Company paperwork factory understand. I also play competitive women kickball in summertime, of course, you deal. Everybody in Austin is obligated by city ordinance to have a revered hobby. Well, welcome to the show. Heather let me introduce you to our panel this week, I up it's a writer and performer who you last saw as Mike Pence on the president show. It's Peter gross. Next to feature writer for the style section of the Washington Post. It's Roxanne Roberts. CBS Sunday morning and host of the new podcast mo- bitch. Wary is available wherever you get your podcast. It's. You're gonna play who's Bill this time. Bill Kurtis is going to read you three quotations from the week's news. You know, this your job correctly identified. Explain just two of them. Do that winter price the voice if anyone you might choose from our show on your voicemail ready to play. All right. Your I quote is a bit of poetry. We all heard on Tuesday night is going to be peace and legislation. Cannot be ward and investigations. That was just one of the versus dropped by master MC. Donald trump. During what speech? This week. It seems crazy all that height in the delay in the end. It was so boring and disappointing the state of the union that you have expected Adam LeVine to come out in the middle. That would have been the best. The speech did make history somebody analyzed it and found all the words that had never before been said in a state of the union address on all our history, for example, and this is real bloodthirsty chilling fennel heartache freeloading sadistic venomous and kissing. Weird. He said all those things with President Trump still hasn't said Tiffany, though. She was there. She was there. She was there. She was behind one of the distinguished guests in the box. And I learned it was like, oh, right Fini, which I think is. And for all the challenges, and vitriol, there were some bipartisan moments, for example, many of the Democrats more white and all of the Republicans were white. Did different colored ties. That's. It was a rainbow Caucasians. It was amazing. I was wondering like why is he making this rhyme? This like very Dr Seuss like elementary school crime. And then I thought like, oh, I bet this is how it's visors. Explain things to. And he was like those rhymes. I always give. They make. All right. You're next quote is from a woman named shila sharp. It's on Twitter when we said more black faces in government. We hear the bed more. On the growing scandal. That will apparently end the career of every politician in what state Virginia. Virginia that female members of congress are not the only group of Democrats that dress like. It began with governor. Ralph north of us elected over a guy who is running on an explicitly racist platform, but it turns out before you vote. You gotta check under the hood. So somebody found this photograph from the governor's medical school yearbook in it's a picture of a guy in black face next to a guy in a fit and the governor immediately apologize, even though he said that he did not remember which one was him. Can't remember p must've gotten black-faced drunk? Is there? Jeff foxworthy joker. It's like if you can't remember if you're the guy under the mood of the base. Mike. This is standing for so many reasons first of all I was shocked that middle medical schools had yearbook. Who's got the time, right? And then I also stunned the press conference the disastrous press conference the next day. He said, it's really hard to get shoe polish off your scanner. So the press. He says I was wrong. It wasn't me. In those photos. I was wrong. But he says I did put you polish face to impersonate, Michael Jackson at a dance contest. And somebody says can you still loon walk? And he says I would. But my wife just told me, it's not the right moment. Going. Can I? Must be sighing relief. Democrat who ten governor who would take over doors resides in the middle of the mighty sometimes they're just wanting to know that the sexual assault accusation against me is totally bogus. And everybody's like what sexual? This one everybody talk about it for a week. And then done the attorney general said, yeah, I did black face to in a prominent Republican says I edited a yearbook filled with racist photos. So seriously at this point Virginia is changing its name to east West Virginia. So your last quote is from a critique of a new play that the author hopes to debut in New York City soon, it was long winded in meandering, thankfully, none of it was wrapped. So that was the New Yorker talking about a play that was written just because the play's author hates what so much of. Yes. Hamilton, very good. Humane thought it was actually illegal to dislike him. While you're not right. You should be. Ishmael Reed really hates the musical Hamilton. Because he says that by making Hamilton himself, a cool hip-hop, I dropping immigrant hero. It covers up Hamilton's real life as a slave owner and generally bad guy. So it's real re wrote a play called the haunting of Lin Manuel Miranda in which the author of Hamilton played by an actor the most beloved musical the modern times is he's visited by ghosts of people from history telling him how wrong he ends. That's the play the end. Of course, we guess he'd be visited by a ghost of Lin Manuel future who says don't worry about all this. I am. So rich. Is it being produced hoagies did a reading which the New Yorker ten in there hoping for backing so they can produce this play to appeal to the vast audience and people wonder, hey, as like puppy. I his Maria. Von Trapp is. Great earlier musical seventies. Get down from there fiddler. Heather quiz. First of all. She's a great sport. Then Heather, how did you know that all those answers. We're right. You're. Your. Right now panel it's time for you to answer some questions about this week's news, Peter Delta Airlines is the most recent airline under fire for it's inappropriate actions. This week. They're fighting social media backlash after they passed out. Napkins cocktail napkins on the plane that encourage the passengers to do what where black face, no. Wait. I heard about this. It was like right down year. Yes. Phone number for who you have a crush on the plane. Exactly, right. Right. Your phone number down and give it to Hoti notice. The promotional cocktail napkin said quote, right down your number because you're in a plane full of interesting people, and hey, you never know. You never know who's a serial killer. So wait the flight attendants are basically pimping basic. What do you? What do you say? If you want to pick up somebody you noticed on a plane. I love the way the drool from your mouth while you were sleeping. I noticed that. When you walked out of the bathroom, you told the other passengers not to go in there. People complain that the whole thing was creepy that got weirder. When the flight attendants opened up the bathroom and asked if anyone wanted to spend the flight in the fantasies week. Coming up. Our panelists are looking for clues an unsolved mysteries. Bluff, the listener game. Got one triple eight wait to play. We'll be back in a minute was more. Wait, wait, don't tell me from NPR. This message comes from NPR sponsor Capital One with the new Capital One saver card. You can earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment. That means for percent on checking out that new restaurant. Everybody's talking about. And for percent on watching your team win at home. Now when you go out you cash in you'll also earned two percent cashback at grocery stores and one percent and all other purchases. What's in your wallet? Hi, Wendy, Phil. Why do we feel pretty and who gets to decide what previous will answer? Our listeners questions all about beauty this week on the code. Switch podcast. From NPR and WBZ Chicago. This is wait. Wait, don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis. We are playing this week with Roxanne Roberts, mo- Raka and Peter gross. Then here again is your host at the Johnny Mercer theater in some Vanna, Georgia, Peter. In your own excited because it's time for the wait. Wait, don't tell me bluff listener game. You can call one triple eight wait wait to play our games on the air. Hi, you're on. Wait. Wait, don't tell me. Jonesboro or Jonesboro, Arkansas. Now where is that? Exactly. But in east Arkansas an our store north west of. Well, what do you do that? I am in outside sales. And I am the competition. How can you make a living as a competitive barbecuer? Chris with us. You're gonna play our game if she was trying to tell truth from fiction Bill, what is Chris topic? And then the case way cold there are certain mysteries that may never be solved who killed Jimmy Hoffa. Where's the Malaysian Airlines plane? Why could no one in Virginia think of any other Halloween costume? Our panelists are going to tell you about a current unsolved mystery somewhere in the world picked him on his telling the truth. You win the waiter of your choice on your voicemail. You ready to play? All right. I let's hear from mo- Raka. It wasn't long after Lisa DeRosa of Sydney. Australia reported her missing that it's collar was found outside the nearby Tun-lui daycare center, Dino was like family. She said about her three-year-old pet dingo then just a week later. Danny hartman's dingo went missing the end of its tail was found inside the daycare center as well. The chew toy of yet. Another missing dingo the next day, Sydney. Police inspector Bill Keith convened a press conference and announced what everyone already suspected baby eight these big. But which baby which baby from the daycare center was fearless and hungry enough to overtake and consume at least three thirty five pound Vero canines twenty two babies called in for questioning and to have the contents of their diapers examined. Suspicion eventually fell upon eighteen month old lily, grace, dela Cada. Not surprisingly, her mother olive vehemently denies the charges lily may have a healthy appetite and normally large incisors, and yes, it's true. That while I was nursing her ate a diet, rich and jackal meat. But that doesn't prove anything. The investigation continues. Baby. Go. Or so say, some people in Australia. That's for Morocco. Your next story of someone looking for clues comes from Roxanne Robbins Geneva, Switzerland has an alphabet problem specifically a scrabble problem about three months ago game lovers in the Swiss city found the letter n missing from new game box calls to manufacturer Mattel confirmed that the gangs had been delivered to stores intact. So someone in town was buying the game removing all the tiles of one letter resealing the box in shrink wrap and return to the store shelves reports. The BBC over the next few weeks customers reported the same problem, but with different letters D in December J last month and just this week two boxes head the F tile missing. No security cameras have images of the culprit. But the mystery has captivated game players all over Europe speculation ranges from a. Disgruntled deliveryman or an evil costs word puzzle fanatic to Mattel itself as an insidious way to boost sales. A spokesman for scrabble said to the BBC, quote, this is an unacceptable breach of fair play. And we will pursue this to the letter of the law. Somebody stealing random letters from scrabble sets in Switzerland. Your last day of mystery yet to be solved comes from Peter gross. Canadian police are looking for Mr. sexy, Ontario, Canada might sound like a strange setting for a tale of international mystery replete with stolen property fast cars sex, but that's exactly what happened this week in the city of Mississauga the Mississippi of on -tario what business to MRs police pulled over a speeding vehicle and after a quick check of the registration. They discovered that the vanity license plates on that vehicle had been stolen from another car and placed on that car. So sergeant Kerry Schmidt of the Tero provincial police posted pictures of the plates along with the following message on Twitter are these yours looking for the rightful owner of Mr. sexy license plates. They were other lawfully attacked to a muzzle driven by a seventeen year old driver going one hundred and fifty kilometers an hour. Just for the record. That's about ninety miles an hour about thirty. A years too early for midlife crisis. Officers knew the plates didn't belong to the teenager. When they pulled over and asked him. Are you Mr. sexy replied, please? Mr. sexiest my father, David. It also marks the first recorded incident of someone going on Twitter during work hours posting that they were looking for Mr. sexy and not getting fired. But this is far from the first vanity license plate in Brooklyn to rock. Our neighbors to the north in January Manitoba plates reading eight s m I l eight or assimilate were revoked due to concerns. It was an insult to indigenous people the owner of the plates, Nick Toller explained it was actually a reference to a famous saying by the board an alien species from Star Trek which allowed on -tario police to safely scratch, Mr. Toler off the list of potential, Mr. sexy. All right. There's somebody out there and they're going to get them. But they don't know who it is yet is it for more Raka of baby who might well be eating Ingo 's in Australia from Roxanne lobbyists, the mystery vandal who's removing random letters from scrabble sets in Switzerland or from Peter gross. The search for the Mr. sexy of Ontario, Canada, which of these is the real mystery in the week's news. I'm gonna go with Peter Peter the story of the search for this sexy. Well, we couldn't find this person who's missing, but we could bring you one of the people looking for him. The attack. That was sergeant Kerry Smith of the -tario provincial. Police talking about the search for Mr. sexy, Mr. sexy. If you're listening turn to yourself. Meanwhile, congratulations. Chris you got it. Right. Peter was of course. He's in. Mr. sexy wherever he is also happy. He's sexy. Thank you so much. You're playing Chris. Thank you. Now the game where we ask really important people to waste their time on unimportant things one of those popular democratic candidates of the twenty eighteen election cycle with Stacey Abrams of Georgia. Against Georgia's secretary of state who oversees elections it's a little bit like playing a baseball game against the unpire. She narrowly lost the race for governor. But that has not kept her off the national stage. Most recently giving the democratic response to the state of the union address. And now she's here. Stacey. We didn't know that everybody comes to gets to meet you if I know we should start by saying you presumably been listening from all stage. Do you have a response to the first half of our show? I do requires a teleprompter of fake non green screen and a union. All right. All right. To find out about the process of giving the state of the union response. But first of all, you must know that that is a cursed job. Right. Yeah. Right. So I don't have a job right now. I was free. Anybody mentions response to veto it doesn't matter. What party people say? Oh, yeah. Bobby Jindal looked like a baby and Marco Rubio with water and the democrat with the lips. And so you how did you say how did you plan that you would not end up on that list? I drank a lot of water early. I used a low gloss, but very moisturizing lipstick. And I really. Did you? It's technically called a response. Did you think at all about what you in -ticipant, President Trump might say? So you could respond to it. I would put it this way. I have heard him speak before. Yes. I assumed it would be some combination of demagoguery self aggrandizement two lines about something. Nice that he would three lines later overrule. Did you know that it would rhyme? That I missed and you know, I feel sorry for whoever thought that the right way to go. Another big question for the state of the union response is where you're going to do it. And what the background is people have tried various things you went for a union home. And you say and behind you all these people, but it was also true that unusually they were all blurt out. So you're like smoking speaking to us and their release blurry figures behind you. And I was like oh those ghosts that are haunting. Until she completes for them, the tasks they left on. The ghost of oats uncounted. Question. Have we met before because I went to theater camp with at least three girls named Stacy. It's an tire possible. Everybody knows you for your twenty eighteen gubernatorial campaign here in Georgia. But people may not know is this completely different career writing romance novels. Can you tell us about that? So I had very bad break up with my boyfriend's. He a chemical physicist, he's a wonderful person. And we're friends now I read this dissertation when I was in law school on Mike technology, anyway, nobody for that allow. Really interesting. And so I saw this thing he criti he discovered I was like you could appreciate it in Crete this chemical weapon that could be discovered by this physicist, and I told him about it. And he was like I could never happen. I'm like, this is why we broke up you have no imagination. So in school, I decided to write two things I wrote the very exciting treatise on the operational distance of the related business income tax exemption. And then I wrote rules of engagement, which is the romantic suspense novel. So I technically write romantic suspense. I kill a lot of people. And then those who survived can fall in love. And rules. Engagement in my ex-boyfriend. And the Genesis of the story languishes in prison for the rest of his natural. Visit such a pleasure to talk to you. We have invited you here to play a game. We're calling it's a fine borough beds. So we have established and you are successful writer of romances. But what do, you know about bromance, bro? The love that they're not speak its name. But instead shouts it at frat parties. We're going to ask you three questions about romance get to right? You our price. One of our listeners, the voice of anyone they like giving response on their voice mail. Bill is Stacey Abrams playing for he li- of pooer Georgia. This. Here's your first question is go way back which of these real example of a historical bromance as Saint Augustine used to invite his best pal Libya's to hang out in an actual cave with him in the mountains, which he called our beloved man cave. Be in the early eighteen hundreds composer friends Schubert with such close friends with poet FRANZ von Schober that he referred to themselves together as show, Bert. Or C, although it was edited out of many bibles there's one paragraph in the book of Genesis about Adam and his friend, Jeff. With Saint Augustine. I'm gonna go invented the man cakes. He did so much for the world. Into the audience. People believe the answer is B, and therefore I will throw myself on their mercy and blame them if I lose again. This. What are those famous romances, of course between bird, Ernie sesame? Assamese? We all know about the gay. They're not gay. They don't exist from the waist down. Can still make it work. Rumor that haunted. Burton Ernie for at least a decade. What was it a that? They were a hotdog hamburger brought to life by a wizard. Be that they were intended to be a sly parody when they were invented of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. Or C that Burt was secretly dead. I got dark really did. Feel like being the answer. I'm gonna give you a hand the head is this rumor was most prevalent in the nineties ninety. Say I think it's because we've a really dark in the ninety. It was exactly like Beatles thing. There was a conspiracy theory, you can tell debt because even though he's he's not dead. He was never alive. Last the romance. Between Ernest Hemingway James Joyce started in Paris in the nineteen twenties. Of course, Joyce Hemingway would often go to bars together and their night's usually ended when which of these happened. Joyce would get really drugs start spouting gibberish in hemming away with write it down eventually creating Finnegans wake. Be Joyce would get really drunk pick fights. And then hide behind Hemingway. Screaming Bill was having deal with him. See hemingway. We'd get really drunk and then eventually try to pick up Joyce saying come on. So what if you have a moustache Joyce's a woman's name, right? I think it's the first one I don't think Hemingway shared, so I don't think the last one. So I think by the process of limitation has to be what? What? So Bill how did Stacey Abrams? Do invis- little contest. The office of minority leader more information can be found that fair fight action dot com. Stacey abrams. In just a minute. We all get greasy fingers at our listener Limerick challenge. Caught one triple eight, wait, wait. Join us on the air. We'll be back in a minute was more where we don't tell me from NPR. Support for this podcast. And the following message comes from simply safe home security. Simply safe is complete wireless protection for your home. The system can be self installed in under an hour. And there are no long term contracts and no hidden fees scene at the wire cutter PC MAG all named simply safe their top pick for home security and simply safe protects over two million people every day. Learn more about protecting your home and family with simply safe at SimpliSafe dot com slash weight every day on her way to and from work. Laura Bates like millions of women around the world suffered indignities big and small it just made me sit down and osc myself. Why is this normal? She launched a website called everyday sexism and thousands of women and even some men started to share their stories to ideas around gender and power on the Ted radio hour from NPR. Prevent VR and WBZ Chicago. They say, wait, wait, don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis where playing this week with Roxanne Roberts, moat Raka and pita gray was here. Again, is your house that the Johnny Mercer theater in some Vanna, Georgia. Thank you. Everybody the minute Bill has an affair to rhyme member in our listener Limerick challenge game if you'd like to play give us a call at one triple eight, wait, wait that's one eight nine two four eight nine two four right now panels questions for you from the week's news mo-. There's a new app called recharge and lets you rent your what to people in increments of single minutes cellphone. No, okay. Let's your body. Child. It's called recharge. She's letting charges a little bit of a hit because the idea is that the people who were using who wanna rent this from you for a number of minutes need to recharge your charger. No, it's a car battery. It's it's gonna steal this. It's your house. That's what it is. You just whip out this app. Dial it up use the function, and you can find somewhere near you a stranger who thinks that it's totally cool to let a stranger to them hang out in their apartment for thirty minutes. This should be called like the serial killer. For the travelers. It's a cost effective inconvenient way to pop into clean home destroyed their bathrooms deals on vicodin your day. All right. Driverless cars already on the road in some cities and everybody thinks it'd be great 'cause they're much more efficient. It'll be make everything better. But no, a new study has issued a warning saying that traffic will get much worse with automated vehicles because with their advanced artificial intelligence, they will refuse to do what? Here park. Mo this is your chance to. I know they will actually close humans do this to we've been known to drive around blocks for like twenty minutes direction to have directions. Happened. Two days worth us to look for a parking space. You're right. I'm gonna give it to. So we do. Fair. Civically what they won't do is. They won't pay for parking because they have to you have to park your car because it can't go anywhere would automated cars can just keep drive say why pay thirty five dollars for some downtown parking drops me off. I go into the little house for ten. I come out. Great. You get to do what you need to do. You're making your point bend your ceiling, their vica them, whatever. And the car does what it wants which is kill more pedestrians. And then you also have the idea that like, you go and type would you you deal with the car goes out, and drives it what it does. And I just think like drive this car without a person. It's like. Kidded delist, Mr. sexy. Fill the blank. I it's a game where you have to listen for the rhyme. If you'd like to play on air caller, leave a message at one triple eight, wait, wait that's one eight eight nine two four eight nine two four or you can click the contact us link on our website. Wait, wait, NPR dot org. Where you can find out about attending weekly live shows back at the chase Bank auditorium in Chicago. And if you wanna play along right now, just ask you, Alexa, or Google home to open, the wait wait quiz, and you can play our new interactive game on your smart speaker played again and again to prove to your friends and family. How smart you are? And you might even win a prize high. Your wait don't tell me. Out from Atlanta, Georgia. Which is great. I don't know the answer to this. Is there a rivalry between Atlanta and savannah, the two largest cities of dirt? Everything else in between Alabama. So we have to stick together. Well, yeah. Welcome to the show. Bill Curtis is going to read for you, three news related limericks. But the last word or phrase missing from each if you could fill in that last phrase correctly and just to the limit will be winning rented apply. Let's do it for the pride of Georgia. Here's your first limit. Great state is worse than a crack. So we'll market as simple life, tack just crunch up here chips tips, the bag to your lips. And it's a one handed. That's right. Very good. This is the problem. We've all. The needed to be solved, your fist deep into a bag of Cheetos, and you got a text, and you try to reply the next thing. You know, you're thousand dollar smartphone is so greasy it gets acne. Good news. A snack company in Japan is created a product called one hand chips instead of grabbing a handful of chips as your fingers with one hand chips, you just tip a Cup filled with hundreds of chip bits to your lips. And you kinda drink come down. Best way to make sure you end up with neither any grease spots or human dignity. It's called the fringe Cam. The idea is like they're small enough. So that they can flow gently into your mouth, but presumably large enough. So you're not just eating dust. You have like a bag of soda, Drake. Knicks the chips what soda I was about to say, that's disgusting. But you know, that's going to be on sale next week. Here is your next Limerick with each little step that accrues. I feel I win when I lose my footwear will show when the calories go. I am tracking my weight with my. Yes. Good at this. Is developing a new pair of smart shoes that will tell you. If you need to lose weight taking the place of the technology. We've all been using dumb pants. Smart shoes. They're really judgmental shoes smart ass shoes. And of course, it's worse there two of them. They talk to each other other like your parents trust this. You wait is the least of you. They just like, oh how it's fine. You're not too heavy. Here is your final limit for six months. They'll give you some wonder care, but with washing the soon terrorists Sunder there by hardworking breathes need frequent really. It is time to replace all by. Apparently, this came as shock to me keeping your underwear around to one day naturally biodegrade is not. Sanitary idea. I thought it was ecologically conscious. We should be throwing them out every six months, not six years. Six months, right? When you started getting to know each other. This advice, by the way is from good housekeeping. It's not the underwear Carol. No. But we know that good housekeeping is in the pocket of big brief. Or as big brief likes to be called extra large. Wow. So grief should only be warm briefly. Exactly co exactly I knew this entirely from from the if you got hit by a bus, and they took you out of the classic cry. What you're would you be proud of the underwear you aware that would not be your biggest worry at that moment. You'll never walk again. That's fine. What did you guys tobacco? Bill Danielle do Danielle got him. All right. Congratulations. Thank you so much play. Bye. Bye. Support for NPR in the following. Message comes from the NPR wine club. Discover hands elected wines from award winning vineyards around the world. Learn to the stories behind each one and enjoy unique bottles inspired by your favorite NPR shows all without ever having to leave the house the clubs. Welcome offer includes a bottle of the delightful. Wait, wait, don't tell me merlot. If you're twenty one years or older uncork the fund at NPR wine club dot org. Support for this podcast. And the following message comes from Goldman Sachs, presenting talks at G S. Goldman Sachs interview show that convenes leading thinkers to share insights, and ideas shaping the world. Recent episodes feature Disney's Bob Eiger journalists, Katie Couric and GM's Mary Barra. That's talk suggests available on Hulu Amazon prime. Yahoo. Finance apple podcasts. Spotify and G S dot com. Now onto our final game lightning fill in the blank. Our players have sixty seconds in which to answer as many fill in the blank questions as she can each. Correct answer. Now worth two points. Bill, can you give us the scored all our panelists are tied. What? I'm just going to arbitrarily who goes first, Peter Europe. I the clock will start beginning your first question fill in the blank on Wednesday. The house intelligence committee announced plans to investigate whether blank has any leverage over President Trump any foreign country. Yeah, we'll give it to you. They're looking they were looking at Russia. But they also said other new report released on Tuesday said that ISIS is likely to regain territory following Trump's decision to withdraw troops from blank, Syria. Right. This week the governor of New Mexico withdrew most of her state's national guard troops from the black southern border on Wednesday. The consumer financial protection bureau plans to roll back. Obama era restrictions on the blank industry stupid, payday lending team xactly, right? A man in Florida caught breaking the windshields of multiple cars in a parking lot said he was only doing it because he blank. Because he hated cars almost because he was really angry that he could not remember where he had park. This week. It was revealed that some apps for the Blake maybe recording users screens without their knowledge. Right. This week. It was confirmed that the blanks would go on without a host Oscar right hoping to do barn to manage the grey, squirrel population in the UK a business in London is blanking. They are having their employees kill squirrels at lunchtime. No. They are serving customers gray squirrel was on yet. Gray. Squirrels are considered an invasive species in the UK said help do their part to cull the population a restaurant in London called native came up, a brilliant idea. Great squirrel lasagna or is this more commonly known. No, thanks. I'll just have. Also that now makes me doubtful any lasagna. What that because they're like, oh, what's the perfect food to hide? How did Peter gross pita got six right for twelve more points. He has a total of fifteen and the leaves very strong, Peter. Roxanne here up next fill in the blank on Tuesday. President Trump announced he would hold a second summit with Blake in Vietnam in late February down on right on Thursday. The German government announced plans to limit the data gathering abilities of social media sites. Blank. Right. This week humanitarian aid convoy bound for blank was blocked by the country's military Venezuela right on Thursday. I'll essentially Cossio Cortez unveiled details of the so-called blank. Green new deal right on Wednesday podcast giant giblet media was purchased by blank Spotify just on Spotify. With just sixteen points. Scored Sunday's game between the patriots and Rams was lowest scoring blanket history Super Bowl, right? Valentine's Day approaching potbelly sandwich. Shop announced a new special offering free blacks on February fourteenth. Three heart tests. That would be offering one free cookie for single people. That sad. Anyone who comes into the store and Valentine's Day without a significant other gets a free cookie of their choice. It's great news cookie. Shame cook. It's great news for any single person. Who's looking to lessen the sting Valentine's Day with something? Sweet. It's even better news for couples who can get two free cookies by splitting up and going to. People outside like taking their wedding ring. Bill. How did Ruxandra well came continues. She got six right twelve more points like Peter total of fifteen so their time. Fix. To how many does Mony to work. Well, he can tie that six win it at seven. All right now. This is the game fill in the blank on Monday. Federal prosecutors in New York send subpoenas to President Trump's blank. Subpoenas. Oh, oh my God. I already falling apart. He sits subpoenas to the precedence. It wasn't his personal lawyer getting the inaugural committee. Sunday. The White House announced plans to keep troops in Iraq to monitor activity in blank be monitoring. Series. Keep this role. This week Nancy Pelosi said she would back any deal on blanks. Bipartisan negotiators might reach. Get border security Gratiot, the CEO of Amazon's Jeff Bezos revealed in a post that AM I the publisher blanket attempted to blackmail in national choir. Yes, why are we because audio is internet media? It was discovered that it's exceleron pedal often into got stuck a recall warning was put out for blank for a car. Considerately trading. Power wheels Barbie camp on Wednesday. Nasa announced that twenty eight was the fourth blankets year on record that the Spacey's steer. Was that? But it is the hottest year record crypto currency investors in Canada are unable to withdraw over one hundred and forty million dollars of investments because the investment companies president blanked gets the investment companies lost that he misplaced that. He no he died before he told anyone his password. It's always sad when somebody dies, it's even sadder when you can't send the family flowers because all your money is tied up and bitcoin in somebody didn't take the time to write down their password on a sticky note, like a normal person put it on the monitor. Expected that the man's funeral will be dented by several thousand people all of whom will console grieving mother and ask her what her maiden name. Bill did do well enough to. Three six more total of nine. Our weather's this week. Really sad. So this your Super Bowl halftime show. Was broadly seemed to be a disappointment. So we're going to ask our panelists in just a minute to predict what will be next year's Super Bowl halftime show. Wait, wait, don't tell me production of NPR in WBZ Chicago association with urgent haircut. Productions Doug Berman benevolent. Overlord Philip Goto ca rights are limericks public address. Announcer is Paul Freedman our interns are Alex mccowan and Rachel clever. I web goo is Beth Novi BJ leader composed. Our theme. Our program is produced by Jennifer mills miles during boss bully, and king's private dancer are dancer for money. Peter technical action for more a wider business off managers. Call Miller deferred actually coordinators, Robert Lou house, senior producers e chill out the executive producer of wait. Wait, don't tell me is Mike Danforth now pan would be next year's exciting. Thrilling Super Bowl halftime show, Morocco broad. Quays Patti LuPone because she's great. And I'd love to hear her yell at eighty thousand drunken football fans to put away their selves. In an effort to most ratings. The halftime show will be the bare naked ladies, not the band. Actual fair kicked light. Next year. Halftime show is going to be the most watched ever when Stacey Abrams does a response to the first half. That happens. We'll ask you about on. Wait. Wait, don't tell. Thanks. Thanks for your is that. Thanks for listening. Say about. This is NPR. Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Comcast business having the nation's largest gig speed network was just the start. Now, they're providing gig fueled apps and solutions that exceed expectations and help businesses perform Comcast business beyond fast.

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