The Magic Lake


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Get sleepy to get twenty five dollars off your fast box. That's promo code. Get sleepy all one word for twenty five dollars off your first box at da l. y. hr v. e. s. t. dot com daily harvest dot com Say let's spend some time getting relaxed and comfortable so we can truly enjoy the genu- hat. Close your eyes and imagine a spoonful of threat. It's pure white and as fine as silk. It holds all of the worries and cares that. You have all the distractions of the day with the spoon. Your hands feel how delicate and soft texture is. The thread fills familiar to the touch. You might be tempted to unwind it and examine it further all to roll it up neatly untuckit away for later but instead take one end and start running it through your fingers as it loosely. Comes away from the spill as you want wind the length of fred. Imagine your thoughts and preoccupations loosen in the same way with asked repeats of the threat. Pools away from the spo. Let go of who that you've carried in your mind today. You can feel your kansas. Slipping away as a thread slips through your fingers with each twelve. The spol- your mind unwinds just that bit further and now we're here story about a young girl who made threads of heroin which led her on a magical janney. It begins in a beautiful mountain range filled with an abundance of color and wildlife. Where you're here. Sweet sounds of birdsong and busy insect Beyond valley narrow mountain that was covered in the most gorgeous wildflowers. I a gal named ala. Her mother worked as a seamstress in a nearby village. Creating beautiful clothing by hand allah would stay home make thread from cotton for her mother to us in how she would carefully process it and diet variety of callous from blue to gray to the brightest reds and the sunniest yellows allies specially loved this task and made a game of finding rainbows in the threads. She spun she was a creative child by nature and the villages would flock to her home to buy the delicate threads. She made every day while her mother was at work. In the neighboring village allah would walk to a small field a few miles from home where she would pick the cotton she needed to make a threat she liked to choose the very best clumps has south and could always imagine what each fluffy bull would become this routine suited them both just fine were happy and content and wanted for nothing one such dane allah was returning home from the field carrying little basket of cotton in her hand. One of a sudden horr- ears were filled with the most melodious sound. She'd ever heard it rang. Through the air like a magical chime. She was overcome with joy at the enchanting way it failed us census. She knew she had to find the source. If they strange and beautiful chain paps once she found it she'd sit down and listen for a long long time. Ella turned in the direction of the music. It's looting quality made her think of ripples on the surface of a late she began to walk and i she did. She could sense the melody growing clearer and more beautiful. A picture of a lake filled mind and seemed to cool to her. She must be going the right way. She realized the sun was shining in the blue sky and there was a gentle breeze which made how walk even more satisfying here and there. She saw little rob pence hopping grass butterflies danced between the blooms that dotted the landscape. Even though i was curious about where the music was coming from. She was grateful for such a wonderfully relaxing johnny. The rotor flowers in the many covers gave her ideas for the spurs of thread. She would spin later. She thought it would be nice to make some pink ones like the roses and some yellow by the daisies. She might die some of the cotton as blue as the sky or paypal for the lavender. Scented the breeze aloe walked and walked for a very long time. She climbed steep hills and waded through shallow puddles grasping how little basket of cotton giggling as she went. Meister the time l. was calm and practical. Passan she never did things like this. Perhaps that was why she was drawn to the song. It gave her a sense of freedom to go where it but now. A new sound intermingled within chanting song She could hear the quiet lapping of water in a like. The sound was mesmerizing. Became even more so the closer she got to it. She could feel it into a sense of calm before she even sore it. She knew she would love to count up next to lake in the soft green grass listening to the beautiful chorus of sounds when are reached the edge of the wartime. She realized the lake was much bigger than she'd imagined. And so blue. It dazzling time. The water was crystal clay. It seemed like something out of a picture book. She couldn't stop looking at it. She was so entranced near the staff's she could see little to orange and red fish swimming around some moved more slowly while others darted they sway in that allah wanted to take a closer look. She stepped towards the edge of the lake and then stumbled tipping high bosc. A big round boom cotton flew out underway over the water. She watched it lingering. The air above the lake for a few seconds before falling in coming to the weight of the water and sinking into the depths. Allah was heartbroken. It had taken how what seems like ages to pick it in the field. She needed to make thread for her mother's work and now she lost the perfect bundle trying to follow a song of all things. She shouldn't have been so careless at thought to herself. She now beside the lake to see maybe she could reach it. She couldn't even see it anymore. It had drifted too deep. She looked and looked but soon realised it was hopeless. Single tear wrote down her cheek and fell into the lake with a plop. Ooh the moment tattletale touched a staffs. Something wondrous happened. Magnificent ripples formed in the place hatay had fallen off the water around it. Begun to splash small walpole's swelled and danced nearby. Ooh forgot all about the song that brought to this magical place she to understand what was happening in front of her she what to face and stand as hard as she could into the lake as she watched the water began to glow the faint blue light. Slowly one of the wilpons in the center of the lake grew bigger and deeper and out of it rose. The most beautiful woman had ever seen she closed as the lake dead with a soft blue aura and a hand was golden and floated behind her as if she was suspended him more and not. Her face was serene with a hint of a smile. How rope was white and flu like she had to be. Got s allies. Thought no human or off we creature could possibly look like that. As ala considered weather she was dreaming. The woman beckoned raising on on gracefully towards and smiling wide allahdad not move. She was scared. The woman would disappear then. The woman spoke it sounded like the fabled voices of mermaids the tinkling of wind chimes in a false just louder than a whisper. she sat. Come my child. You need not to be afraid. Great glorious await you under the slake icu as do many off at creech is who would be your friend. Should you so choose. Alesha base was the woman who'd been singing. She knew she had to follow her at the same time and anew she should be on how way home and she told the women's march the woman reassured there was no need to worry. The lake was a while wet. Time stood still. And i could see all. She wanted in the depth without a second passing by on the surface. Allah trusted her. She couldn't understand why cafarelli she dipped one in the late. The water fount comforting and she was compound to tat other foot forward as she did. She felt the glow lake envelope. Mike a fine blue missed filling every poll and rejuvenating. She'd had a tiring day fast in the field and then on how walk here on the missed seemed to refresh in a gentle sort of way like the fast rain after hot summer or a warm comforting bone of half favorites soup. She closed high-rise. Let tara arms hang loosely by her sides relishing in this meditative feeling then like the woman. Allah felt herself rising off the ground before starting had to send into the lake. The water was clear and war on it. She floated to the woman who took alice hand gently foul a sense of calm. Wash aim high instantly up a woman's touch how worries slipped away from her mind. She forgot about losing her crushes. Cotton and the daily journeys she made to get it in the first place. She forgot about everything but the sensation of this moment and she wanted to capture it in her mind forever. She felt relief about where she was and optimism. About what the next minute bring. The woman began to move deeper into the lake taking aloe with her. They didn't even have to swim. Alan noticed in all they still seem to be floating carried a long gentle waves of the comforting warta past multicolored fields caro swaying in the current which reminded of all her colorful threats that everyone loved so much. The coral was everywhere covering all the rocks and ground and forming a little forest of it so playing hide and seek among the most varied fish allah had ever seen big and small and plain some with long flowing fins and office with shocked. Cute ones at home. Mice looked like tiny arms. I was some moved lazily either because of this size or because they just want in a rush to get anywhere. Ella couldn't quite town and they were office but slipped in and out of crevices and grass and seem to have an electric quickness about them. Allah took in the view trying to commit it to memory while still unsure if this was a dream. She wasn't sure where they were going but the woman seem to have a destination in mind after floating for a while longer they reached a structure. Attala could only think of as a palace it seemed to be made of strange yet beautiful rocks and it glued with the same blue collar that the woman and lake had before it was off white with colorful turrets air in there and it seemed to go on and on in various directions. Haphazardly by cool. The different parts had been built as afterthoughts. One large gardens in front of the palatial building. Full of plants ella couldn't identify. But i'm sure i only existed in the depths of this lake. A hat huge flowers and that collins seemed even more vivid because they were surrounded by the crystal clear blue water allah wanted to stop and examine them more closely but the women seemed excited to take her inside and show her something. Cheap beckoned to allah to follow again with renewed energy. Allah was curious as well say she followed a woman through an entryway only to find that the inside of the building was just as beautiful as the outside. It was decorated with stained glass and they were more plants everywhere. Unlike the garden these plants were growing out of the building itself. There were no flowerpots to be. Seen the plants emerged out of little corners and crevices in the woods and swayed softly with the waters. Current tabatha allah and the woman floated to a massive hole in the center of the building. Where less sore a huge thrown at the top of a high stack case upon the throne saito woman justice beautiful as the one who had brought her head. She wore long flowing robes of paople lined with gold the kind fit for royalty which she clearly wants aller imagine she was a queen. The queens have a stark white a neatly piled into a braid. On top of a had harare's while the kindest allah had ever seen surrounding her various creatures cumin like and otherwise some of which allah could not name they will also animals normally found underwater like seahorses and fish. They seem to allah to be a council of sorts and they all chatted to one another about her arrival. The queen welcomed allah to that community and told her that they sought to help everyone by above and below the surface of the lake. Foul tallies tears land in their water and didn't want to be signed any longer the queen. They had some humble offerings to give her. She gestured to the woman who brought out to them to lead her to a treasure room nearby then she told allah to pick as much as she wanted of any one kind of thing from the room. Allah funny the woman into a room full of trashes beyond how wildest dreams from wall to wall it was stocked with the most precious things in all the while. She could barely fathom where to start looking. Touched by the queen's kind of it was so generous she didn't know what to say she felt the woman she didn't need much. She was happy. With what little. She and her mother happened looking around. She saw precious ornate metal pieces artwork artifacts pottery the finest silks and many many other things perhaps she could take a couple of the stones and i felt as a memento this special day. The queen's collection was porn inspiring. Though that were countless tristesse had don't being stocked a neatly organized each in their own special place. One side of the room held chests that seemed to be brimming with precious metals like gold silver and platinum next to that were baskets full of beautiful stones in a staggering variety of collins. Rubies emeralds diamonds sapphires on some allah. Didn't recognize a shine invitingly waiting to tempt anyone who saw them into picking them up and whisking them away from hair in another corner. A rainbow half the finest silks fluttered loosely in the water and yet seemed unharmed by these cooed to allah in particular as in all the what should done making cotton threats. She'd often fantasized about running half fingers over luxurious silk cloths with a tentative hand. She reached out and touched one of them and she thought it was quite possibly the softest thing she had ever felt it. Russell would against a hand in a way she'd aways imagined that silk word it was. Oh my slack touching butter with a beautiful softness that comforted cleansing. Sing around the room. And i saw that one corner was piled high with all sorts of ancient artefacts looked there. They must have great value even to her inexperienced. I upon top of the father shelf something. Small and white caught her attention. She floated closer and realized it was her bone of cotton. The very same one that had started as amazing journey to this magical place allerton to the woman and told her that she'd made her decision and would like to talk to the queen again back in the throne room allah. Thank the queen for the opportunity to choose from how magnificent hall of treasures. She admitted that it was a difficult decision. But allen knew she couldn't possibly take anything but the cotton given that it was how lively she thought it best to take the thing she'd come for ela toda queen that she didn't want to take something she hadn't and eva so the cotton was all that she needed to everyone. Present was surprised from the fish to the sea horses to the queen herself. Surely allah must be joking. Who would go into a room like that and choose a little ball of cotton over the priceless items on display. The queen asked her again if she was absolutely sure and ella said yes oh she told them that the wonderful experience she had with ahead was more precious to her than any of the things that room as she said. This allah felt the war turnaround. Hair begin to swell and vallapan with it's one. She felt the current rocking her gently and lolling hatice sleep. She couldn't resist. It's poll say. She spreads her arms wide and drifted off with it. She couldn't say later that she remembered the janney back home as she was carried by the current allied dreamt of the silks. She had seen. She felt the top of the soft material in her hands. She remembered how the precious stones had glittered and glowed like the warmth of cozy fireplace. She when she reached the comforts of her own blinking. Her eyes she saw not only are familiar surroundings. Dots drapes of the finest fabrics and piles of gems in every corner of how room gifts from the people of the lane and then resting lightly on top of the a little boom of cotton Smiled and snuggled deeper into her back with a happy sigh. She closed her eyes and floated away on blue currents to dreams of a magical palace hidden under the surface of a deep blue

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