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Fires narrow spoke up. It's like the apocalyptic. Oh, apocalyptic morning so much craziness going on in California and the world, really. So. Yep. We're okay. Anyone? I'm wondering about our fires. They're not here, but they are Malveaux. So we're praying for everybody out there. Be safe topics. Crazy fire looks crazy dot is our first morning here. Crazy today. Take a breath. Heidi take red. Okay, great. We had Spencer's mom go to dinner with us earlier today, which was really fun. Oh, we had our Pratt. Doughty party. Tell about the Pratt. Daddy party. I would like you to talk 'cause I feeling in one minute you're going to get up and run. And then it's going to be meet as talking to myself. So I like to hear hear your voice for a minute on this podcast because I'd be like, I'm taking my throat is describing a you running downstairs to gutters. Rescue. No barking in the studio. We had Pratt daddy party, which was really fun at worked did everything Spencer wanted to avenue hotspot in Hollywood, we had all the most amazing influencers. They're beautiful models. Celebrities. I mean, it was all the Hollywood parties dream of everyone more Pratt. Daddy crystals. We decide doing open bar, which was a last minute decision. But then we thought well, you might as well to spend that extra money because we've already put so much into it, and everyone will really enjoy themselves so much more. If there's an open bar. No one's bringing cash. So I was having a majoring Ziobro. You cannot have a private party of an have people pull out cash or credit card for their fricking drinks. We had abbey here at nine thirty to try to do the podcast an hour ago. But then I've had a lot. Of complications. So we're supposed to do this earlier. So I could be more involved. But it is what it is. So the the product party was great. We had money man there. He was great. I had to leave before money man, performed is supposed to go on around eight thirty nine I thought so I'd be able to see him and then at ten o'clock, all right gunner, and I have both been sick. And I need to get home and put under died. So I had to race out the door, and I didn't get to see him. But what I saw on Instagram. It was great everyone was loving their daddy crystals. We have of their the wizard which was so much fun. The hills was filming it. So we had the cast members there which was great because I don't think they would have been there if we weren't filming. So yes, we got more celebrity cameos, we add pres- Hilton there. We have a lot of people there. Michael at senior through it, a senior entertainment hottest entertainment tau group. All the right words, all the right things like a day hashtag machine. Yeah. But the most important thing reason people listen to podcasts as to hear about Heidi sleep turn. What's the update Heidi? Oh, lord. I dunno guttering. I've been so sick. It's been challenging. So I called the sleep consultant because I was thinking that he needs to start learning to sleep on his own because I don't want to breastfeed much longer and spend thirteen months going on fourteen months here. And I haven't wanted to do it past January. So I don't know I need to figure out how to get him to sleep on his own. And I can't sleep with him. In a crib is just I mean without him in a crib. It's impossible and either don't know how much longer I can survive like this. So. Nez gonna get a sleep consultant. And I think I will. But I just I don't know. She's like you have to put him in his crib, and let them kinda cry and self soothe and I was like, oh, yeah. Theoretically that sounds great. And then I don't know if I can do it so trying to figure out another way in my head. So I'm only gonna feed him is my plan in my mind in the mornings and the night, and I'm going to stop feeding him in the day and let him roll himself to sleep. And if he doesn't take a nap he doesn't take an app, and I just need to stop feeding him to sleep per step. So that's my exciting update. Got her decided to start walking sleep day. He litter. He just thought I'm sick of crawling, and he stood up and started walking around. He's been so close walking around with us like holding our hands a lot and taking a few steps here and there, but he is walking for one room to the other. Which is scary. Very exciting and scary. Yeah. It's so fun watching his face. He like so proud and happy red alert of ood Mars Russia the dogs. I did a big shot of Espresso to point my so tired. I don't know because you snort and sub Salat last night or your snoring. Sometimes I have to move you. 'cause you a gutter with your storing. How do you move the kick you? Let's see. I don't get. I push. You push kick kick quiz. We're going to have to go on a trip this week. We'll actually Spencer was going to go alone. So bega Sega's, and we're like, well that wouldn't happen and Spencer wouldn't go without me. And no kids are allowed. So I wasn't allowed to go. And they're like well. Yeah, you guys could just go and stay in separate hotel rooms. I'm like, no that we're married. That's not happening. No, no, also, why would I go somewhere to spurt people that don't support me in don't care about me this as my mom would say cut him off so Vegas is for someone's event. That's allegedly. I don't know what Vegas is for what you know, something. I know why you decide to support people. So why would he wrote a Vegas support people? Whoa. The base economy. I don't know. Like Jack dealers. You don't wanna go. Yeah. So some people on the trip. But no matter what you in go without me. While go to Vegas if it was like Conor McGregor. UFC fight. You know, private jet, and I was flying back right in here flying back. I'm back in the night over sleeping in our bed before curfew, a eleven PM. I surprised you came home so early after the party surprise. Yeah. Delete might text messages. See if I have Heidi's fries. Spencer. I never thought he'd become a clever rat again is so fun for. Oh, I got the check I got the whole chain. Keep in mind, we're not gonna dress how much money Brad Eddie crystals, which is obviously Heidi as well. But I'll read my part in your radio part. So I can tell you want to give back through this is not a normal club night. This was a lot of planning to do our vent. The most money I've ever invested into any business, minus highways amazing music career, which is such a blessing. We'll discuss that coming up also got tags. Text radio text. I'm gonna I'm gonna do. Okay. Heidi says, no, I read I what's my curfew at eleven thirteen pm and keep right before this. He said, hey, I'm heading home. No, you did you did. You're heading home soon. Yeah. You're you're her known that tuck, it wasn't a tax tell you deleted have part of no. No. What's my curve? You thought you were on your way home because that's what you just told me. Oh, you just added. Not not Jane. Okay. But before. Is the. It doesn't not reading the script. Okay. But before the script, I have to tell the inter- you told me you were headed home. I don't recollect that you did. I don't regular like that. Please note that to the court. They get say that you're on your way, home only read the script or are you going on? I'm that's why I'm explaining why it says it harder. What's my curve you on your home? I can be. What do you want to do? It says read the I didn't I was a typo. What do I want and I meant right? What do you want to do? How did you mean? To upper case, the you only know upper. Jacket, and that I mean a few more minutes with LL money man, hanging out with my, oh, we're going to scrape says. Then I sent a selfie of Heidi's gunners. Godmother and Heidi's chief glam officer Stella showing that stella's right at just hanging out with Heidi's crew year, and this is at eleven thirty and I'm in bed exhausted. By the way, it's looks to court. Let's re what are the expunged that? It's eleven sixteen. AM I rarely late ask her to respond to respond to me trying to coordinate for the next day. Whoa. You added another stop it. Whatever you wanna do. What is best for you me leaving? Now, just enjoy doesn't matter. I love you. Let year were you hide a key. I'm sorry. Yeah. Aleve gate open. What time are you? Coming home. You tell me time. What time are you thinking you have to wake up early? Hey, I'm going to bed. Okay. Whatever you want night. Love you. They a in the car. Yeah. But I said you gotta read what I said. I said enjoy multiple be will that and they're all like, oh, you're dead. Now. I said enjoy I sound as I should've stayed you should've stayed. But you probably have more fun coming home. I came home and eight clam chowder. Clam chowder in ice cream salads conversations ahead of time. Like, hey, what time oh, I'm coming back after when the cameras leave. I'm not gonna stay there for not filming. So we already had all these conversations. And then right at eleven thirteen a whole plan changes. Now, Mike sauce talking. I'm like I'm exhausted. I have a lot going on. I'm trying to coordinate tomorrow even early morning, okay. Now. Now, the plans changing whatever you wanna do you're going to do. So just enjoy. Okay. I'll tell you how the plan changed Michael singer who runs Hollywood as we know. I say goodbye singer. And he said what you cannot leave you just through the hottest party of the year. It's the hottest night of the week at avenue, and it's only eleven o'clock you need to make people see that after your party. You're there has all the people that bottle the you know, she will need to see you out and about we're trying to make credit crystals. Relevant Chata have crew. I mean, he had a very I'm not even giving the pitch is good. Yeah. 'cause the party was over there decide you got your money's worth that were invited. All the like real people were coming in the ones that have to like buy tables get in on Tuesday night. Not feeling it. Should've heard that cigarettes pitch. It was very I felt stupid leaving actually after what I thought you were going to stay out. Well, I came home. You did so. Yeah. So there it is as a family man choice right there. Was a. Hope it didn't hurt the business. I highlight out a few people who are drunk getting bottles. Maybe seeing you not even associated depressed. Eddie crystals would change the business. That's like a wing man hype up right there. He does not need to win around. Let's be clear about that. Okay. Okay. I don't I sell online. They keep their friend out to play. He has plenty of friends while I'm very excited. 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That is B R O K L, I N E N dot com ads that pop star and her dam if she's she hasn't. She needs to end use promo code Spidey because they're amazing show. Thank us. All Cal up the for that back DM her right now. Thank you so much. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon price. Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies, TV shows music, free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offer subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members at your customers may notice reduce speeds for some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. The king of celebrity gossip is now on podcast one. Kim kardashian. I think she's nice, but of noxious and annoy check out the Perez Hilton podcast with Chris Booker each week to get your fill on the latest news in show business and beyond in nothing is off the table. I think he should take her last night when they get married these already her ceases to be her officially check out the Perez Hilton podcast every week on podcast one or wherever you listen to podcasts. Alexa, isn't the only one with breaking news. Make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the news minute. Update. These fires are raise the cannot believe I'm not going to the gym show. So did you put it in ways Spencer is supposed to go the gem show today? Let's put it in ways. I'm sure our listeners wanna wait. Why check ways here's a good story yesterday. One of my favorite brands. They have are having a private sale and I- message. The manager knows I yellow can I get a discount on top of the forty percent off and his I know sorry. We can't as this is all set. And this is why always tell people you gotta delete your tax is one of the reasons because you text the wrong person something very easily next to, you know, get photos of this guy because but change your or whatever, and he writes, oh my gosh. I'm so sorry that was for my boyfriend, and I tell him don't worry I'm going to delete and not put on my, geez. I really thinking to myself how much power I'm holding on this text. And then I knew his responsive is going to be I'm going to raise your discount. So thanks out. But shot I got an extra ten percent off. We're getting fifty percent off one of the hottest brands in the world, a Monday, the private show just for one but photo, okay? Yeah. Booty call. God, we're not going to Vegas. That's for sure is a big hurdle and stuff that we were dealing with this week. So we all may have a few more weeks. Well, really two months of filming on and off an Emo, see how much more or less. We have after that. But we are in the thick of it right now. I'm the most excited for Christmas. But I'm really excited for her. We going somewhere for Christmas. We are going to Colorado for Christmas. I just booked our flights five AM flight. I'm like, oh, gosh, we have to wake up at like three and get their four. So that's going to be hectic, but the only other option was a few hours later. But then if there's snow or feel like everything was going to be. So this thing is does this mean spent terrorist wine ago, the gem show why I want to the raw material I like to buy the raw material like to see what we get for the wizard works on it. Oh my gosh. This yawned don't get mad at me hated where idea just me. Getting a newbies. Yes. Fire since we talked last. I have not drank bottles of tequila. Have dialed it down just white wine, which is actually no I jumped in Keila the party, but self control. Yeah, we're not trying to be the drunk person on the cast anymore. I thought that was what everybody loved by. Heidi says I have old or her IRA last week said I've not siesta key kid now. I said, it's not a cute. Oh oprah. You're going for a baby was shot. Sponsor. We need to have a deeper conversation. If that was your ammo. That's how I got Deavere conversation. Let's talk I'm great to be out in the clubs more. You not happy. How? If you turn the music up louder I'll just drink year. You know, I say turn it down the whole thing. Is you want to be offended and re on it's like, well, that's not really who. You are. No. I mean when I'm talking about people like what I say. Obviously, you want people to be the character that he would be mean never leave in the house watching Netflix and feeding hummingbirds not like this drunk guy. Everywhere you go anyways. It's a good volition. I feel like that's good. You already did that. Did it? It's done. It's done. I'm the silver guide. Now, this guy drinks three galas for some people. That's wild. Wild. What else back to training jujitsu that was a long? I want to say almost two months. No martial arts. I feel like it's good to get that energy out. So I have no. Aggressive behavior to do, you know having expectations of somebody is aggressive behavior. Allegedly. That's what I learned. It will therapy to we talk about the wolves already getting. So I need notes. Oh shot out. Jackie shimmer friend over at the bitch bible podcast. I read a tweet today. She said she has no notes. No like ideas what she's going to podcasts. No edits. And I was just like, yes. Jackie that's like us. So she's a professional podcast or so fantastic. Yeah. If we had oh, we talked to Kalem Bristow had some great. You know? It was great. Everything's great. She's gonna be great. And I loved her video. She did punching a punching bag in what affect kissing mix stone. Oh my gosh. Speaking of Heidi's music career, we're going through a emotional roller coaster weather. Not we come out with a new pop single or Heidi wants to do a Christian music, but she's worried that everyone in the Christian community is gonna judge her which is very ironic to me. Yeah. Because I went to like the strip club earlier in the hills. And I always debating going or not. Because I just felt like I wasn't sure that was what I supposed to do anyways. And now I feel like they'd be like, oh, she went to the strip club. I word naked. I I had an appropriate behavior myself spanking St Louis consent, Heidi it was consent. That's not wild. You ask may I spank you. They say, of course. It was fine a little wild fund. So anyways God God is graceful Marquel guy. But I think it'd be fun to do a Christian song because that's really close to my heart. And really all I listen to as worship music anyways. So I found a song that I love and is perfect. I think so I am going to record that kind of just see where it goes. And if you haven't checked out Pratt prayers, check it out Instagram handle Pratt prayers. So that's where I put a lot of my faith based. Content and put up some pretty photos and bible verses and sometimes a little bit of a story in there or things that helped me and then I try to do some prayers on their to throughout the week. So if you like that kind of stuff checkout Pratt prayers, give us an example. Pray for us row cook. Okay. I'll say a quick prayer for everybody the whole just plus us. Okay. Heavenly father. We just thank you for this beautiful day. It pray for everybody listening that you would just annoy them and help them with everything that they're going through this world can be such a hard place. Pray for your deliverance. Your piece in your love that you would just fill us in this moment that you would help us with trials and tribulations and help us not to get caught up in this world, which is so short and temporary. But to live for you, and your attornal life to seek you and not to get caught up in in things alerts, so we just pray for your deliverance. Your grace your piece, you love, your abundance your miracles. Amen. Amen. What is your sister? Doing order. All these crystals without messaging us, we need to hook her up. Oh my gosh. Just reimburse her known cancelled, our Omar, my sister, just ordered a bunch of bracelets. I sister disorder way to money bracelets can be Christmas presence. I'm going to have to leave a few minutes. Do a it's gunners naptime. No. That's why I tried to do this an hour ago. But yet update everyone if you're gonna do a very famous podcast, don't try to update your MAC book pro to the new perking software because let me just tell you that ten point fourteen point one does not take seconds in. Yeah. So sometimes you've had updates take a day. What else ought to talk about? Heidi is sexy. Everybody. Love the duh, duh Hickey speak. It a house sexy. 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For a limited time to get fifty percent off nearly any item. When you do you'll get three free DVD's, plus a free extra gift that we can't even mention on the podcast. Nada ish and free shipping. That's promo code Spidey, Adam and eve dot com. Okay. Got progress people as the first time I put him down for an apple out nursing him. So I just nursed him quickly because I'm going to be done nursing and a day after this week I've decided so I had him in my arms, and I rocked him on and he would cry a little bit in my arms, but this slate trainer said the I'd had to put him in the crib. And then he would just cry in there, and I come in and check on them. So I felt good about this because he did kinda cry himself to sleep and learning to sell suit. But I still could be there for him. And I feel like it steps. I don't wanna go from like him sleeping in the bed and nursing to drastically dropping him off in a crib in like leading that. I think that's too much. So for me and for him. That was a great step first time ever. I'm really excited about that. I feel really good. I just know it takes longer and. N he's learning to put himself to sleep. So that's what the whole thing was about. And I just did it by myself with my own technique, and I felt really positive and good about that. And I could come in and it roll around. So that was really exciting for me so excited to my guys. This is great. So. That's great. Yeah. That was great. So very very happy about that. That is my immunity just, but I love to share with you. So my sister just texted. Hey, what happened to my Pratt? Daddy order. I just got a weird refund. And I said, yeah, we refunded you heard about this family discount. I want to support your business. And I said, nah, she said, thank you so much. So she's really really excited about those. But not as excited as I am I now I feel like I'm on top of the world. And I made my own sleep thing. So that's like when I stopped night waiting. You know, that's really exciting. I felt really good about huge huge. And I did it my own way that I felt was good for us and good progress for us not let anyone else said. So I feel really good about that. And I probably saved at six hundred dollars tax lady cancellor. Yeah. And maybe I can use her at a later date and time when I've already he falls asleep by himself. He's learning as crippled little bit more. So I think she would come in at a later. At a later step. Not right now. I think I'm a little far from where she was that normal to be six hundred dollars to teach people to let your baby cry. I could get into that business. But that's what I'm working on right now. I am the step in between. I'm going to have said a I'm gonna be lovey sleepy. Be mine. Levy a baby to sleep in a that's that's to be my book. I'm coming out with while look at that Malibu fire that is just insane. Well, -at's it. We're having a move to Colorado, the air quality is so horrible. We're gonna have to get outta here. Oh, shucks. So we'll be finished in remainder of the hills in Colorado. If you guys are wondering where we're going to be podcast from that's where we'll be Spencer's, not even listening to me. But. That's people are still crazy hardy now and just watching the news. Okay. We got to put them up if they wake up garner after all the progress. I did I'm giving them away and done with east dogs there. Too much for me too much giving them away anyone want four dogs, but two of them have to come together. Dolly ninja are pair rainbow and castle can be singleton's. I was gonna say I think Abby will take castle. Great and Abby is wearing a beautiful sweater from the girlfriend box. You guys haven't checked out the new girlfriend box. Very cute sexy back. With a little tie. I don't know how to relate a scribe at great color on her Abby is one of the best things that's ever happened. I hope everybody gets an abbey, but there's really only one of hers you've got to pray really hard. I prayed hard Bernabe her parents prayed, really hard so power prayers. You get a little miracle angel Abby by the best thing. That's happened to me. Thank you. God for knowing what I needed before. I even aided it. I'm trying to get Natalie. Not I can't believe big brothers officially over. What we've had some of our best N hardest memories in that house. That was so much fun. Was so great that we gotta go twice. That's how he had got her. The second time I'm trying to get Natalie Nunn to call in but she's not responding. She did really quickly and then she's not anymore. Trying to get her a guest on. So thanksgiving's coming up. We are probably going to be hosting thanksgiving here. I haven't cooked thanksgiving. Oh my gosh. See that smoke smoke some TV Hannity. Wow. Thanksgiving's going to be here. I haven't cooked thanksgiving in like two or three years. I think it'd be fun to have Spencer's parents appear because we won't be here for Christmas. So I wanna make sure we're with them for thanksgiving. I don't know what I'm going to cook. Though. Just probably the Turkey. One. Cooking Turkey favor, the food just pick it up. I'm definitely cooking. A Turkey thing. Do you do that Chris they can get what are you talking about? I looked so many amazing turkeys. So many amazing next giving so many times, what was your favorite thing. I could Spencer. Did you really get macaroni and cheese? I cooked really good agreement. Casserole, I coach really good, mashed potatoes sweet potatoes. I cooked like everything the best food. I've ever had in my life. I just don't want you to be overwhelmed. He outlets is gonna cook. Like one or kids Dame's. Cooking Turkey governor's gonna love the thanksgiving parade. I wish there was one around here. We could go to. A thanksgiving. Well, you loves his car seat. We could drive isn't there one? No, there's no what's a New York. Basi's thanksgiving parade. You obviously didn't grow up watching at like high did mood. You're and this is awesome would have thought I'm so excited. Because this is what happened when I nursed him. It was a hard to three nights. And that was it and we got a formula down. And so once he realizes I'm not nursing him to sleep. He can roll around it can cry a little bit here. And there that's completely fine. If you'll very comfortable with him crying in my arms. So at least he knows I'm there. And then he looks at me sometimes starts cooling bad. And then it goes back down any roles in credit. Anyways, felt really good about that. Well, you know, what I felt really good about Haiti. Like not even thinking about it a lot. Whereas you're all concerned about Gunnar sleep. I'm more concerned about my own. But thankfully, we have a Leyla mattress. And it's the fastest growing online mattress company, and Heidi the reviews are incredible. 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She's had sleep problems for years. She has back problems in this is the perfect mattress for her. So if it's good for my mom, it's also good for anyone because she has the toughest sleep challenge person. So then all. Also, you can take the Layla hundred twenty night challenge. Sleep on it for up to four months, if you don't love it return, the mattress for a full refund. I can't even believe that. Yes. Absolutely. Love it or get one hundred percent of your money back and keep the Layla pillow as a free gift. You've got nothing to lose an amazing new. You is waiting on. A Leyla mattress go to Leyla sleep dot com now and use the promo code wake up and get a hundred and twenty dollars off the Layla mattress end up free Leyla pillow that is ninety nine dollars. Hello. Definitely feeling pressure from all sides. I really wanted the hills to be a huge monster success. So that we could buy your dream home in crested Butte, really quickly and not have to just wait for crystal sales to buy it. And hoping that the hill I still hoping I don't think it's over. But that would be true fricking miracle, which we need is just to be the biggest show on TV again. And then instantly you could buy the house because we know he'd have the money for the mortgage. I wake you despite all cash just boom own it free and clear, and I think your head would explode as somebody handed you a key to your own home dream home in crested Butte. Colorado. I'd scream I can't do that day would just feed it the most glorious day ever will be. So great so pretty much. That's all it's on my mind. An it's outta my hands. I've thrown in the towel of trying to be not ge- on chair producer and on-camera producer. I said I wasn't gonna do this season. But I felt felt my house slipping away felt it felt the take you the keys back. So just, but it is what it is find a house that was less expensive. So that's the only. Yeah. One point seven million totally still out and nine that would pay for the mortgage. We rented out. Oh, pay for the mortgage. And we don't have to rent it out twice or three months out of the year to pay for. Yeah. Hopefully, people wanna rent it or not like that Spidey south or w like I wanna rent it because it spite house and all show up here. Grant, the house, and I'll cook for you. And you can watch governor give you my home turf. You read the house. So yeah, I watched my first movie in going to say, honestly, I want to say year. It wasn't even worth it. Papillon with Charlie Hunnam Jackson sons, and our he does good. Yeah. My airport. Friend is good. I started watching crazy rich Asians within like, I did watch this. This is really funny already. So I turned it needed a little after your mom was that on. Oh, my mom. My mom is. Our hope of a season two if they just green light, let janitor white wine and Chardonnet and she was on her. Her mom had a few things that she was going to get a vape pen sponsorship after the hills. She is going to be like a CD spokesperson. I she was so funny I needed. I was laughing so hard at your mom is actually crying. I was like I just got makeup done. Plays dot MAI MAI like I too much fi had so much fun. And I think sorry, I know you're listening, but I think you have more fun when there's cameras I you you're born to be star mother way said that your mom would have been the biggest Instagram influence or she would have been. I mean, so many talents. Like if you'll lawn does famous I love the Hadid's. But to Hannah pry was way ahead of Yolanda. She was at deer valley skiing fancy outfits, and it is cool. Moms also shout out to my mom who said no to the original hills. When they were trying to pay her over one hundred thousand dollars just to like do a scene and now she does. Predinner 'cause she's just as she likes to energy around this production more than the last one. I think also your mom is so funny. And that's what people will get a C where your humor comes from. And. Yeah, she's really funny thought I was throwing you under the bus the other night. Well, Spencer did say two things that I was like why would you say that I was kind of making a joke. Dispenser. And kind of not Spencer is like they're talking about how they're sarcastic and sensors like Heidi doesn't like sarcasm. I'm like, why would you say that because I don't like it when Spencer be sarcastic with me about certain things. But it's not like, I don't like sarcasm in general for people. Like, I think that's like charging people sense of humor is as you said. I was like that's not now it's coming off Ron, and then he also set me up about the Christmas colored lights because I don't want colored lights here because it looks. So pretty on my ornaments that I have perfectly set up for this color, and I care. Christmas more than anyone in this house. So I feel like it's my right to have anti-declaration the tree and then in his mom has beautiful colored lights like so good on in her house. And so good with her ornaments. And so anyway, it's Spencer said, oh, yeah. We're getting colored lights. We're getting colored life. I'm not hating on them. I just don't like them for our tree. I like somebody DM me and said they have the same disagreement. Not a disagreement different opinion as in their household. So they put the colored lights on first. And then they overlap them with the white light. So we're going to do that. Oh, are we guess because that's a genius listener said, I don't even know where we're going to have a Christmas tree to be honest because this is so small we'd have to get the tiniest Christmas tree in this corner. And I think it's one of the only places we could have it because I don't know where we would eat. Why don't we put it in the bedroom? But the Christmas tree and the veteran, then you nobody sees it. So I see L ING it like peaks down like has a middle top peaks down so anywhere. There's a plug or an outlet. We'd have to have a really short tree. And obviously, I love the biggest trae possible. So I tried to put it kind of in the middle of the room. And now, I don't think I can do that this year with Gunnar crawling over everything some think we'll have to get about colored Christmas tree light Bowie wannabe at recruits miss, but the bellied up, but Janet says our Christmas tree show because we didn't get it from Home Depot. So I think I'm just gonna have her pick up one for us this year. Although that's half the fun. And is picking out the Christmas tree and Cusco has the best crab legs. If anyone is does my mom. My mom will tell you COSCO's the best of everything yet. She hasn't been very concerned about making us members, which I called her out on. Yeah. Well, I think she knows I can't make it. They're just like, oh, I would I make my gosh. Look at that traffic on PCH. Anyone listening to this those in that PCH traffic thoughts and prayers are with you. We have a Omar in house. We have Carlo who's been shooting all the product crystals. Lot of practice movement going on here. Now are trying to figure out. What is the next Pratt? Daddy activation thinking maybe be a house party Abby to a roller skating party last night. I was like, whoa. That's really fun ninety Wego roller skating party and on a different note. God bless all you firefighters and firemen and people who serve this country and making us play such a good place and putting your life. On the line and your family is and it's such a dangerous hard job. So thank you for everything that you do and stay safe out there praying for you is putting angels in protection around you on a different oaken. You put some protection around our wifi. Also. We having wifi problems related not. We just have the worst wifi house. Yeah. We need to move rename to move. Abby texted me the other night from the party. Does gunners. Nursery wifi camera. Normally blink on and off. She thought we were being broken into. And I know we just have horrible wife. I don't worry about it. She's like, oh, okay. Thought like she's even concerned about cameras. I know as like, yeah. Really good testing U, AVI. Yes. I was very impressed with that. And she definitely was using the blink cameras. So that's why we love these blend cameras because even Abby chemic- on it, and I can look on the app and see anywhere that she is. And look on it like, okay, you're secure. I'm looking on it. You're lucky on it. So here's a little something to help hair sleepeasy when she's here to be comfortable and it's called blink. Blink is an affordable wire free home security camera that runs on AA batteries for up to two years. These wireless cameras can be placed anywhere inside or outside your home to keep you safe and secure. So Abby can feel safe with governor here, and we can look on it. We all feel good and safe. And blanket help you if you're trying to keep an eye on the kids like me when I'm gone, you know, so she gets us look on the street to monitor the door, monitor our pets monitor the neighborhood. So to get yours. Go to blink for home dot com slash Spidey. Blink uses a mobile app that lets you view your camera for anywhere in the world. So I can look and see what she's doing. I can look and see gutter. I can see our dogs from anywhere. I am. And I don't have to worry about it. So whether you're traveling or sitting at work, blankets, you peace of mind. So with instant motion alerts to my smartphone to your smartphone. When activists captured you'll know exactly what's going on in your home to get yours. Go to blink for home dot com slash Spidey. That's blink for home dot com slash Spidey. A few days off, which is really rare the longest we've had off since we started filming a hills because we're not going to guess. So this is really nice. I'm overwhelmed with what I'm gonna do this weekend. Besides try to sleep and Spencer are you going to the gym show? Or are you knock waited the jump show? I don't know actually has it's Friday. It's getting late. It's far away. So if you left now, you'd get their one feel like every time you go you never regret it regardless of traffic going to regret seeing crystals. Are you buying crystals? Yes. I am. So then you should go. Because sometimes you purchase things that have up doesn't Kelly's there for me, though. Yeah. But sometimes you negotiate the best right? That is true. That is true. That is true. No. And we also need to prepare for the gem show in Tucson, Arizona. Here isn't there to sonner Zona? We are definitely going to the Tucson chests. Sorry, I'm going back and forth. With a troll in my comment section. Very decidedly people that like comment negative stuff on people's posts. They really should fix their lives honest. And if you're listening, and you're one of those people I'm going to have Heidi pray for you because I'm not even in a place where I can pray for that level of demon cassettes, which you are. It's just toxic. It's toxic world. Where people just think they can write this is about jujitsu, I commented below one of my friends, jujitsu pose and somebody wrote blood, please don't let anyone know you do Jiu jitsu dead. They did it is like why are you just worry about your own life? And how good thought it was about me. Okay. The throws are horrible. Yeah. It's I've never commented it's hard to even comment. Good comments on people stuff because I'm so busy. I can't even comprehend commenting negative stuff. So Lord, I pray for all the trolls. And those demands that are trying to come through Instagram, and we rebuke that in Jesus name and get the Frick outta here. They very much Amen, man. This is called the praying podcast. Pratt. Prayers Pratt prayers are in effect over here. I know it's a hard world while that fire is in the house. It is a hard sad world. I feel like there's just so much chaos. Going on just the sad thing. Is it doesn't seem like it's going to stop. It just seems like it's gonna get crazier or a darker. My are flying to the moon. We are off we're getting off this planet. Negatively. It's the worst. Yeah. No, no more that there's enough in the world people. Listen to this negativity. We need some positivity in this world, so get a product crystal dot com. Go to Pratt daddy dot com. And what about these crystals is whether you believe in them or not is a relevant. They're good reminders to think positive things. Like if you air rose courts, even if you've got you're like, oh, that's pretty well. Guess what that's a positive thought in it creates positive things or it's like a reminder. Oh, love garner is probably starring I might need to run down in a minute. But we're going to go to a movie this weekend with governor. That will be fun. We are. Theaters. Nightmares? Again, opening of the theater. We'll see maybe there a matinee. Okay. We'll see. We'll definitely try. I'm not holding my breath. We'll try can't you reserve tickets ahead of time. What does know movies a gun or would like out always a kid movie? That's not true. Honey. That's not true. Not true decide. Beautiful photo of the snow coming down. We're gonna have the best Christmas ever. Yeah. And they brothers gone. Did you comment on that? It's very depressing. I'm thankful for both of our million dollar checks though praise. God Donald never forget, you celebrity big brother guy bills that was so great and so much going to London we wouldn't have gotten there and thanks to big brothers. Stephanie also has been having this amazing life in London that it's Yod for London. Yup. Things are great with Stephanie to which is awesome. Of learned how to not trigger her by not saying anything. It's very good skill set acquired. It's gonna be at her house for thanksgiving. What a treat what a treat. We were maybe going to London to watch the opening of her brand. But ended up not working out for the show. But you said we can get a jet to London Katie said in December. They're taking the jut to London. So if we can hit you ride. Yeah, December what because we have a lot of stuff in December. But do you. I'm Katie like, yo, hey, yo, we would like a jet to one. Then we also have this interview saying we have to do a photo shoot from twelve to five for the whole cast. I cannot do that. I keep telling them not to mention no, you don't pay as I why would say that much hours of work for some who reads this forgetting whenever and hers magazine. I know it's so crazy twelve five I could maybe do one one to four one two three. It's a guy to come back and put gutter down for up. I can't this this fame schedule with a baby is really challenging. And it's crazy the expectations of how much stuff everyone wants you to do for free. Don't get me started. Well, I'm still tripping about not gonna name names with that person. That was in your comments section kind of throw shade at you that really affected me last night. Heidi weird. There's somebody that we thought was a friend. I guess it acquaintance. It's again, these are not friends these are acquaintances these show this show hopped up deep in Heidi's comments section on her. I g posts she shows up at top because I follow her. I don't know if she knows that. Oh, she just thought she's sneaking in and replied to somebody that was already talking to Heidi and like pretty much validated. What the talker was saying. Have been worth addressing as I wanted to saying Heidi she screen shot that and I'm going to send that to her significant other like what the F then I was like who cares about these people, and I'm trying to not be easily offended, and I'm trying to think also we'll maybe she didn't mean it that way. But she kinda like built herself up a little bit by say that anyways, I've debated like wearing a lot of makeup or not for this. But I figure it's a TV show. And sometimes it's one of my only times to get glam. I've my whole life. I don't get glam. I don't put on makeup, and that's my g keep it very authentic and real on that also, but this is a TV show, and it is a huge opportunity everyone's out and about and when I do go out and about or do photo shoots. I get makeup. But when I'm home, and I'm relaxing. I don't so it's a balance of that. And sometimes people don't like that. So I don't know I've just decided to mostly get it. But if you. The problem with that. I don't care. It's not my problem. Just let me be our I wanna be. But anyways, we are going to get going here. Thank you for listening to another episode of make Spidey famous again, we appreciate you all checkout product, crystals dot com. Lots of new stuff coming up lots of fun events and things going on without spend such a blessing. Thank you to all of our sponsors. Thank you, mostly to all of our listeners. Please give us five star reviews for guys all stay safe. Have a great week. And we love you so much it don't forget just click the fifth star. Don't try to click them. All. Yeah. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon price. Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies, TV shows music, free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines Paul on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offers subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members after customers may reduce speeds versus something mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. Nine deaths and thousands of homes. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute. Fire officials still battling flames in Butte county in northern California say nine victims have been found data after yesterday's devastating wildfire in the town of paradise as for the number of people now homeless. It's current residential structures destroyed our sixty four hundred fifty three six four five three dozens of homes in southern California as well. Have been lost to wildfires. President Trump is blessed and critics who are criticizing his selection of Matthew Whitaker to head. The Justice department since Whitaker spoken out against the Russia investigation. The president and first lady are in France tonight for a commemoration of World War One. Actor Michael Keaton wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap led a prayer vigil in Pittsburgh for the synagogue shooting victims, I'm Jacky Quin.

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