Stock market extends gain by N77bn


You're listening to the news on Africa. Business Radio at this hour stocks on Wednesday sustain this positive outlook as overall performance measures and as E. S. I and market's capitalisation advisor point seven one percent each marketwatch's attributed the development to renew of confidence as bargain-hunters leverage undervalued stocks. Consequently the old shit index gained one hundred and forty eight point zero seven basis points or zero point. Seven percents to close attentive thousand. Seventy three points to six as against twenty thousand nine hundred twenty five point one nine because of the previous day the market capitalization of equities appreciates by seventy seven billion naira. Their point seven one percent to close at ten points nine eighty two trillion naira from ten point nine zero five trillion naira as market sentiment remained in the Green Zone. Meanwhile a turnover of three thousand six hundred forty six point. Four million shares exchanged four thousand. Six hundred and sixty deals recorded in. Today's trading premium. Subsector was the most active with one hundred forty nine point. Three million shares exchanged by investors in two thousand three hundred twenty eight deals and that was the news that his time in Africa Business Radio. You can't continue so listen live online at. Www Dot Africa business. That's come over a mobile APP. Gin Do thank you for listening.

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