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This one well above the NBA. Playoffs. Did Not use a lot of the Kevin O.. Different nicknames that I received, but I will tell you that. Our listeners very good about coming up with Kevin. Regards to argue some of the subjects that may be broached on this very podcast. NBA. Yeah So yesterday we started the NBA playoffs and right out of the box. I must tell you that the jazz and the nuggets, which is the first game of the day. Was I think much much much better than I had anticipated it being I say this because the jazz we're GONNA walk into this thing really short handed. They're already shorthanded with the loss of Bogdanovich and congratulations to Mike Conley on the birth of his son but he had to leave the bubble and so that takes another offensive weapon out of their arsenal and they're playing against a Denver team that is extremely deep and is utilizing that depth. I mean they still. Don't have Gary Harris back still don't have will Barton back these are two thirty plus minute per game guys, and so I thought Utah really up against it, and maybe there would have been really up against it if not for this just insane literally historic performance by Donovan Mitchell yesterday, but it's still not enough and this to mad game of Murray and Yokich. kind of takes over in overtime for the nuggets. I was pleasantly surprised at the competition level of that game And obviously Mitchell that is A. That's an all time for sure. I mean it literally isn't all fifty seven points only the Fourth Guy League history to score over fifty in a playoff game when they're under twenty four years old yet remarkable stuff that we saw from him last night and the fact is is like with Mitchell scoring fifty seven points he doesn't have enough support there he didn't have my conway here for me didn't have blonde Bogdonovich as we've been talking about how that lack of the secondary presence would hurt them in their post-season chances. Would that said Jamal Murray going off at the end of that game scoring thirty six points hitting a continuous run of shots. I was perplexed why Quin Snyder kept? Joe. INGLES on Murray instead of putting. Roy. So. On Murray O.`Neil is a better man to man defender in ingles was trailing him in virtually every single shot that Murray took whether it was a floater near the way or pull up jumper ingles was behind. O'Neill had five fouls at certain points during that stretch. But. So what if he falls out? So what? So what you need to get some stops here in ingles Is Quick footed enough in order to keep up Marina. Quin Snyder is a good coach but I'm really surprised that that he stuck with that when Murray was just going off their stretch of that game. This is Joe ingles that did a Yeoman's work on Paul George a few years ago. You know what I mean like that guy that doesn't exist anymore, and if you're expecting him to be able to man up against the shifty guard like that I agree with you, that's troublesome. You do wonder if. They put up one twenty five in the game that went to overtime but. You know like outside of Jordan Clarkson. You really didn't have another guy that's GonNa you could throw the ball to and he can go get a shot and that's what you need in those moments. So it kind of felt like either Donovan Mitchell is going to go for sixty five points in this game or the jets are GonNa lose because who else is going to score I mean when you're really your second best option to throw the ball like that does not have to have the shot created for him. Is Jordan Clarkson on I'm shocked again I get it the at fifty-seven. So that's why they're in it but I'm shocked that they were. In it like they were inhale they had a good lead going into the fourth quarter. I do think though we busted insider for a minor decision. The Guy is an outstanding coach because the truth is. Yes he got this great performance from one guy but team has no business in my estimation competing with the nuggets right now especially, without Conley that nuggets team is so much better than them. When you see the guys they bring in off their bench. Just, it's night and day from what Utah has to bring in off of their bench you know and I mean goodness sakes look they started at point guard yesterday most people looked him up. There like who is this Guy Jerome? Morgan me he's undrafted out of Indiana. It's like this is what you have to start in a playoff game. This is crazy. They need more from go there. They need more from bear. Bear is one of the best ever to do it. He us and that's protect the Ram. That's be you know an enforcer that's the drop on pick and rolls and and and play the style of defensive. He's best at but there were times watching last night's game where I'm like the drop is ineffective you to come out and show on the pick and roll. You gotta come out in hedge even blitz against some of the two men game that we saw from Yokich in Murray but he didn't do that either that's on him for not making that adjustment on the floor or that's Quin Snyder for not having the trust in him to make that adjustment. And not only that on the offensive before there are certain times, we're go baird caught the ball around the elbow or or near the wing and on threat to shoot, and he's not a threat to pass either he's not a guy who does a lot for you on the offense of except for finish around the Raymond, set some really good screens I'm not taking anything away from him, but go bear you know and on a night where you don't have. Your you're starting Morgan. You're mentioning their lack of creators. That's when you would hope that the guy that is coming up for a supermax extension can show a little bit more for you on the offensive end floor then he usually need. When he's with the other guys and he doesn't have that and him and he didn't have it in that game. Well, he is what? You know and we talked about this what is going to be and I? Know you said, you still think you could be a championship level team with a guy like him and fit is important. But you know when you had brought up Brooklyn as a possible destination that you talk to people around the League of. If. He is not to stay in Utah. We know this he is that mold of the shot and he is a function of the other players on his team expecting him to be individually. Very good. That's just not him. I mean, it reminds me love. It's not he's better. He's better than this but it reminds me of De'andre Jordan when he was on the clippers because, yeah. If Chris Paul is driving and throwing you alleyoop slam, everything's gotTa be created for you I can't throw the ball and expect you to be doing stuff with it and I know when he's up for supermax but that's just not he is. The Rim runner defense. Stalwart but. He's just that supersized like but that's what he is. He is that guy that's GonNa help heal anchor your defense, and then you got create the shots for him because he create in that thing himself. I mean, this is I. Don't WanNa like go into like who the top fifteen players in the NBA. But this is why have a hard time with go bears sometimes? The most valuable players in the League of the guys who can get you a bucket who can create buckets for others, and of course, the guys who can stop buckets from occurring go bare does but it'd be nice if he was able to be a bit better in one of those other categories and when it comes to his defense like I said, the drop style is normally devastating but in that game. They, they would have been better off making an adjustment weather that was putting O'Neill on Mary or whether that was having go bare change his style of pick and roll coverage as the big man defender, one of those two things or both maybe that game ends up. Resulting differently for the Utah Jazz and they end up stealing one against the favored Denver. Nuggets. Despite not having all the guys that we just talked about and calmly and Bogdanovich, well, I do one there to a going forward I I thought doors Berg. Was Great on this game and one of the things that she. She's a she's awesome. Man I mean. We got we got some good announcers withstanding gundy emerging and yet and Doris Burke being you know as good as she is well Doris mentioned and it's something that you and I talk about all the time I talk about the the scar tissue you get from being in big games from being in big spots and especially in the play offs and there was one moment where they looked so. Calm. And cool collected running this two man game with Murray and Yokich down the stretch to end up taking an eight point lead in overtime. You know this is this is the moment where you you need it the most and they knew exactly what they wanted to get to and they executed perfectly and they made the shots and she rightfully said. You've got to remember these are these are two guys that last year they played in two game sevens. So I mean, these are the they've got a lot of now big game experience right and these are the lessons that are learned from being in these kind of spots where you don't panic and you see so many times like last night I'm watching. What game was it? What was the game that would have been right before the the mavs game before the Toronto Oh it was it was the Celtics and the sixers but that game is pretty nip talked the last couple minutes of the game and there's A. There's a possession where the ball gets whipped around. They throw it too tight at the top of the key, and he just lets the three fly and I'm thinking to myself like like this can't like you're GonNa get away with this against the sixers. But when you're down to these possessions, this has to be tatum has to be Jalen. This has to be Kemba I know that Hayward had gone out with a sprained ankle and I know it's an open shot but again. These are the things. Your best guys are the ones that have the ball in their hands, and now it's time to deliver and I think being in that position multiple times already Yokich and Murray you saw that they were. They're totally ready to deliver when the when the moment came and they were always. Kind of funny watching it was just Marine Yokich over and over and over and over and over and over again. Down the stars of that game their best. Players. Not Day more. Morris's small-time. Morris is A. Really really good backup point guard. Yeah. I mean he he has everything you want he tries hard on defense you make smart decisions on offense. He's a really good passer who can hit you know basic simple passes and make some creative passes to he hit spot up threes. What do you want for your backup point guard really stabiliser team I'm Kinda left thinking I never thought this is going to be some kind of quake series but there's so which side should I fall on more the Bro, Dude scored frigging fifty seven and they still couldn't beat that team or the walkout competitive that game was already if they get. Conley back for a majority of the series, this could be a really long competitive series, which do you side more with? I think it's going to be competitive anyway because both sides are are missing respective important role players but I like I said, would the side of Gobert? I. Am curious to see what type of adjustments either side actually makes the sort of change what they can do or change what they are because with Gobert dropping. That's not GonNa Change with Mary taken pull up twos pull up threes change with Yoga catching the ball around the post and maybe being being able to expose some things on the from that side, but also Yokich and Michael. puertas journey got shredded on the other side of the floor by Donald Mitchell by that Utah Jazz, offense. So are there things that might Michael Malone can do on the Denver side that helps enhance their defense because unless though defensive proves they have no chance in the next round then no chance against the clippers assuming the clippers advance which I especially after last night get that win that think they will. So for Denver I mean they need to show as well. They can be better on defense I mean Denver, I'd pick them in this series. But I I guess my thoughts change too much after game one because they came one feels like a a a singular game that may not have so much that we learn from for the rest of the series because are we gonna see fifty seven points again from Mitchell probably not probably you never you never know. But probably not, and so I. Think I WANNA see game to before really like having a foal vibe on the series except for some of the little things that we've talked about like pick and roll defence or Yokich is individual defense and stuff like that. As the season goes on I always talk about guys that you get a different respect for when when you see them. Up Close. When you see them in person and I will tell everybody out there. The idea that Mitchell drops fifty seven, and also if you go back to that dunk contest, he is not he is a small guy. He's not he's is not a big guy by any means. And in fact, I met him last year at all star weekend and was around him. And he's not he's not a big guy at all and to watch him go out there at dropped fifty seven. You know some of these guys like the Janas and the lebrons I mean they're absolut- physical specimens and Freaks, and so like you see it and and even some of the other guys that are extremely tall. He's a little Guy Mitchell is ed. What a player bid seriously that you and I have been on him since Summer League you know a couple of years ago we were. Running this bandwagon but. I don't know if I ever foresee solid circumstance where he's dropping fifty seven in a playoff game I mean. Grace it's like it's like you could be right but also you can be wrong. With Mitchell the draft I remember I wrote some article with the headline of like the you know the the twenty seventeen draft sleeper. A Combo Guard from Louisville or something like that and and it's like, yeah I haven't rank temp in the draft i. feel good about that and I think he's going to be a good guard. Know can run the offense or playoff ball and he's a grinder on defense. And then he's a guy turned scoring fifty seven points in the first round of the playoffs. It just stop something that you expect, and so you can see a player becoming a good role player or a really nice piece on your offense, and maybe something a bit more than that. But you can't foresee things like Kim scoring fifty seven. You can't foresee things like him being the level. Of player that he isn't still only twenty three years old still somebody who should conceivably get only better and better, and better as the years go by look with Mitchell, he does so improve as offensive efficiency his jumper off the dribble still get even better around the rim both at finishing Anna, drawing fouls to further elevate his play and his consistency you can still get better as a passer. And yet he's already doing this already capable of this even at least under a single light, it's he's a special player man and we need to flip to the other side because you wonder exists the Murray. Is, the Murray playoffs this the ascension where he moves into a different category because he's you know he's already got huge contract but this is much like a mccollum type guy is one of the great players in the League that has not made an all star team yet a guy that we look at it and think Jeez man he has. He's Kinda. got a chance at that fifty, forty, nine, hundred thing I believe is what doors mentioned yesterday and I agree with that outstanding player but this could really be especially. If you know, goes off this series and. The clippers will be an ultimate test for him, but you do wonder there's always some guys that take the big step up in terms of public perception and at least for the first game. There's a lot of people that watch them. All Murray and thought my God. I mean this guy looks like a star. Maurice, a killer but I, I did a story on the nuggets a couple of years ago I talked to their general manager Tim Conley and and Tim told me how like him and drum all get together they live near each other all the time and one of the things that he always try to emphasize with Murray, and this is again two years ago he's like we need more consistency from you. You can't go one night scoring thirty five points and Then have a fourteen point game. We want to have twenty, six, twenty, seven every night consistency with your results consistency with your points per game consistency with everything. That's what we need from you for you to take the leap and with Jamal Murray. We did see a bit more consistency this year, but he's still only shot thirty five percent from three. That's not at the level you want for him to be that fifty forty, nine guy you're talking about like, Mari? is a really, really good player who's really really young still. But I do want to see in this postseason for him to take that leap. You're talking about you gotta get some more consistency in that way whether it's consistency from him shooting threes off the dribble which has improved or whether that's consistency with him like just raining threes off screens handoffs. You see him have another thirty point night and then twenty five point scoring night not A. Not a fourteen point night next time around yet and with mark with Murray. That's what commonly his emphasized to him, and that's what he mentioned to me a couple years back and I think we're still sort of waiting on that and maybe this is the series for that to actually happen because things can click. He's still so young. So as we are making our minds up on. Series after game one, we move onto the next one and no offense to wrap. There's fans no offense to Brooklyn fans but in terms of my notes that I wrote down from this I, I? I have nothing to analyze the oh I swear to God the only thing I wrote down. To analyze is. Wilfred vanfleet get the Max from somebody. Like because. Okay. Let him go. He was absolutely unbelievable and as I'm watching that game I'm like you know I went through the the free agents yesterday just to scan through and his name POPs off the page because he's got championship level chops. Now with the rain, he has I chronicled the record they have with him in the lineup somebody absolutely would make them. Their lead guard. And they would be right to do so. But. He's there in Toronto for now and as you say they, they need to bring him back He had thirty in the first game guy hardly missed a damn shot. Toronto could win this series in their sleep. Brooklyn, didn't I mean look they left six guys at home. So this is a poor remers Asian the they could win the series without Fred. Vanfleet. I I'm not kidding it would be a hell of a series. If they said, you know what? We're resting our starters till the next. It really would. I'm not so sure could the raptors bench? Win this series. If, I took out Gonzala Baca Vanfleet. Yakking. Bench. Technically. Okay. So we're counting him as a guy okay and I mean. Nor. Pro. It'll be. It'll be really close series. Let's not let's not disrespect the current net starters though with Robert, Jared Allen and COO roots and Joe Harris Choirs Garrett Temple your guy. So I mean then you're talking about like these backups, you know that aren't getting any minute certain bring two guys. But be competitive but but the fact is, is that like that's not going to happen. So Fred Vanfleet is a guy who, yeah, I mean we'll have more time in the future to talk about what Arnold does and what he might do but for him to blossom into the players just remarkable you know see him go off and final game of the NBA finals last year against Golden State, what he didn't game one against Brooklyn. He's he's become a reliable point guard who can get buckets for you and a hard nosed reliable defender a it's a guy who brings it every single night a guy that their coach can lean on to get buckets, ORLEAN ANA get stops in those types of guys are insanely valuable and for Toronto they can't lose somebody like him but they also need the because they need somebody like him to be that shock reader. It's not gonNA be lowery every. Night, it's not going to be Siaka, every night and as the opponents get tougher moving forward, van bleed is just a critical piece to what they are on both ends of the floor because of his ability to get stops and because ability to create opportunities for routine weather that's for himself as a score or is or others as a passer I. Mean What? What? A player man? Oh, and he's right there in that conversation of the greatest undrafted ever. Then what Ben Wallace name always comes up because of his you know he won one title is the defensive anchor was several defensive player of the year awards but vaguely he certainly in that conversation of the greatest players in the crazy thing is he played in Monster Games in. That is just it's an unbelievable mess because he played for a great team in Monster Games he's playing like the Kentucky team when it comes to the TWA tournament he there are other guys they've got Ronnie Baker got. You know drastically Anthony early got drafted I. Mean there were there were guys from the Wichita system that that got there. And even. After he was gone but he's like the one wichita guy that everybody passed on Chertoff he ends up being the best one and clearly one of the great undrafted players I missed so hard on him I mean everybody went undrafted but like I look back at that and I'm like, what was, what was I thinking? What was everybody thinking, what what are we looking at to think this guy a guy who's knocking at least be like an average role player I mean with all the stuff that he did it, which saw state I mentioned like the defense I. Mentioned the shot making those are all true things for him at Wichita State. I think. backdraft guys guttering report and Twenty Sixteen before I got hired at the ringer and I look back at that and I look at the negatives I said, lack of foot speed limits ability to create an isolation struggle scoring at the rim due to lack of explosiveness. No floated a makeup for Adam struggles subpar lateral quickness gets blown by against corker ball handlers off. Ball defense is solid but doesn't do a great job of fighting through screens and like all the positives of the stuff we've already mentioned the you know all the shot making the high basketball IQ that the trying hard on defense the making winning plays. That's all there. But I feel like with him I just leaned too much on he's six foot one he's tiny he. Hasn't finished around the rim well, which is true as a guy who played four years in college. He still wasn't finishing well around the rim, but I feel I. I. looked at those too much and I and I I'm guessing this is true for most people in the NBA considering one undrafted and I and I emphasize the negatives too much instead of looking at. The WHO the guy was for four years as a winning player at Wichita State and our guy who works hard off the court and a somebody that you would probably bet on to maximize whatever he would be. So I feel like guys like that I'm trying to retrain my brain and be like these are the guys I want to bet on late first early second. I made rather than the guys who you have questions about their work at but they're great athletes or questions about you know if they can do a jump shot. With him is just happened with so many now, we're not getting to see Jalen Brunson right now because of injury but Brunson obviously Malcolm Brogden. he's made a fortune already in the League Monte Morris. We mentioned a little bit earlier a guy that was you know really overlooked I. There was one dude you know I I remember I watched his youtube video or whatever, and I mentioned him and it felt Fred Van Vliet to me this year I think it was a god I haven't thought about it so long kept. so forgive me I think the kid plays at Charleston who is the guard that's at Charleston right now and I remember looking him up and I'm like man this guy kind of looks like grant roller. Talking about. Yeah. He's got a rattle Bam. Yeah, granted killers is. I mean you can check out by the way we're going to finally be updating the ringers twenty twenty NBA draft guide this week ahead of the lottery. So sold, they'll be new updated rankings and a new mock draft and Miller. I have ranked thirty seventh on my board and the others Vanfleet esque qualities to him. I mean I. I do think he's a worst defender then van Vliet wasn't college but like there's no denying his shot creation ability and yeah, there's those qualities and I do think he'll get drafted but just a matter where we'll be late first round pick will rise up well yet will there be workouts provide him an opportunity. But. Yeah, he's a he's a really really intriguing player for a lot of the same reasons you just mentioned good call there. All right. So the next series. Which is Boston Philadelphia and we wondered how competitive this has got to be able to be. We wondered if Joel Embiid was going to be the dominant force that he can be, which could clearly give Boston a problem given their. Lack of guide to really match up with him well, and make his life difficult Is. What I jotted down ause watching the game because clear I I'm kind of keeping up with social media's. It's all going on tatum continued to be awesome Brown continued to be awesome. They lost hayward two sprained ankle, which was tough but. And I know you're doing a video but the sixers, it's GonNa come out this week I just felt like as I'm watching that game and it's like the third quarter fourth quarter and you go to the time line and it's just this. Steady stream of people crapping on Brett Brown. And I don't know if it's just the popular thing to do I. Don't know if it's just the ongoing joke but I'm watching the game and I'm sitting there going. Okay. It's a four point gain right now, this is a four point gain like they're not. They're not favored today. They're not favored to win this series, and frankly they're being a lot more competitive than I expected them to be in this thing right now and I get it. The guy's got his fault but it just feels like he's book come to me. He's become the standard whipping boy guy and as I'm watching a game, that's a four point game and they're really in, they have a chance to win this game. I'm thinking I really like the coach is a huge problem here today like that's what's going on. It's not that. Shake. Milton's first playoff game like look at what and Josh Richardson's. Banging down shot after shot and it's I. Don't I, I get. Up and whatever but I just I'm like. I. Really like the. Guy On the other side line damn genius he's up five four. Sixers fans are understandably frustrated and with breath around it is a continuation of the same type of problems they've had for years and you mentioned the end of that game they're in it. Yes. There are in it, but they also have continuous possessions where Joel doesn't touch the ball they have possessions were other guys are taking just dumb shots is that partially on Brown? Yes it is. Because of the facts is inability to adjust run any nice crisp offense. Is also partially on Elton Brand for putting some of these pieces together, and it's partially on some of the players for failing to either develop or or actually just deliver the ball to Joel embiid in certain situations like this it's not just brown, but he is a component of it. No I'm just saying this hold on over second it named coach whoever you think the greatest coaches a lot of people think the guy on the other side lines greatest coach. Chuck. Whoever's in the NBA? Great poverty are. Have whoever you? Might be okay. Britt Brown's actually positive. It's got sets interesting if Gregg Popovich on the sideline for the sixers do you think they win that game? Do you think they win the series I I have no idea. Why I all. This is just plopping him on the team today. I have no idea. I will say this I'm glad you brought up because last night, and this is one of the key parts and maybe that will be out tomorrow is I ask Brett Brown yesterday after the game. I said, there are certain situations. Withdraw is on the post or he's setting a pick and roll enrolling and you guys have another player on the low block and the dunker spot. And is that something that you guys would consider changing because just to give one example, there is a situation last night we're Joel caught the ball on the right block and Tobias Harris was in the corner three and he shifted down to the dunker spot on the opposite side of the paint. And I've mentioned that the Brown and he said, no, there is no thought to changing that and going to four outspacing offense. We're just embiid Guy Rolling in into the lane. And it's all shooters all around the floor or it's just embiid posting up and shooters around the corner and he said because what we did with the Spurs he said it doesn't make me right but in our years with the spurs playing with Tim Duncan, that's what we did and he went on explain it can make things harder on the defense because it gives an outlet you know that's closer to the rim more offensive rebounding opportunities. You know this is. That this and that and explain himself but he did say straight up no, there are no plans to change from a three out offense to a four out offense and I was honestly shocked by that because I. Feel like when I think about Gregg Popovich when I think about Bill Belichick when I think about nick nurse whether the greatest coaches of all time like pop bella check or whether it's the greatest coaches today like nurse I think the the most important. Quality they have is adaptability. They don't they don't. They don't try to squeeze players into a system may fit the system to the players, and if I'm Brown, I'm looking at this roster and I'm thinking to myself like maybe it's not the best. They have Tobias Harris a forty percent catch and shoot shooter from three on the low block instead of behind the arc maybe better spacing would help be even more efficient on the post maybe having better spacing would. Make that pick and roll attack actually be potent because there are certain situations where they do have that spacing, and then there are certain ones where they don't in and I I feel like there's a sixers fans on twitter last night did respond to that when I think it was Kyle Neubeck did a story responding to those comments by Brown and they're like you kidding me this is part of the problem in and it is part of the show. Is Lack of ability to adapt as one of the reasons why he's on the hot seat I get it don't. Don't don't don't get this twisted where I am telling you that Brett Brown some great shore or. I'll him it's not all on him. You're saying you're saying. Him on the sideline and you're and you're not gonNA. Get a wildly different outcome to being down four with three minutes to go I'm sorry I don't give a shit who you put out there. You're they're not better than the Celtics. They're not. They're not better than them. It was proven all year long and the Celtics. Lost More Games like they are. They are better than what their record indicates because when they have been healthy and they've had their group together their point differential is fantastic and their point differential ended up being good for the season right? It is not. They have lost games. They have more losses than a team typically with their differential would have and I also think, yes, the sixers underachieved, but in the absence of Ben Simmons. I think that everybody should have thought going into this that. I. Thought like I don't know how competitive this thing is going to be unless embiid is a superstar Brett Brown deserves all the criticism and the world for not treating embiid is like his shack. Now he's gotTa just do it. Be Taking fifteen field goals. Four of them being threes is that's abhorrent. It's. It's it's outrageous. I mean a third of that. He takes fifteen shots and a third of them are threes like this is fucking stupid by I'm glad. So he deserves. Eat Dessert in some sense he deserves real. I agree he does deserve criticism I also think that Brett Brown is not the reason. The sixers are going to end up losing to the Celtics and I don't think necessarily because some of the stuff he does may have worked better than people want to give it credit for maybe they're not within four. If he does what everybody wants them to do I just think the guy maybe deserves a little bit more credit. It's not just some bumbling boob and at least when you ask them the questions, it's a well thought out. We might be. But it's not like he hasn't put thought into it and he doesn't know more basketball than the people that are killing him. Absolutely I mean really it was a question of respect trying to understand the mindset has so many teams around the league now they have. A bunch of shooters around the floor and it seems to be highly effective whether that's with big guys likening bead. Small guys like James hearted. The spacing aspect helps you get to the Rim and create easier spot up opportunities and I mean fundamentally I disagree with him with what he does but I can understand the mindset there when you have a guy like Joel embiid somebody who has previously compared to shack to Tim Duncan when embiid was a young player, he saw the talent in embiid. He saw what? He's become today, which is one of the League's most dominant post scores of the last ten fifteen years. He's awesome down there and it's not like he he's not producing in this offense he is and the sixers what the seven last year against the team of what did the championship it's all they haven't failed hair with Brown head coach I. Just do wonder if there's little things that they can. Do to give themselves are more of an edge, and by the way I'm glad you mentioned though because again sometimes there's only so much a coach or anybody can do to change a player sometimes it's on the player to taint change themselves I would love to see Joel embiid set a screen and roll hard to the rim. So often he sets a screen and he just kind of like. You know dilly dallies around in like slowly rolls or he sets a screen, and then he like halfheartedly pops and then he catches the ball and he does the pump fake that everybody knows his coming that nobody falls for because they're not afraid of him shooting at from thirty percent of three, and then he drives into four defenders in the paint and I, and I'm like embiid sometimes fields predictable. I need to see some evolution from him. In those two categories. We've seen a lot and other areas of his game to become the guy he is. He's like I said, incredible on the posts go around to take over the game. He's got. He's. Got My touch, the ball you're dead. Bully Ball and you I mean, you see Cri Stewart Loy. Even when you don't touch the ball though all hard to the rim, make the defense, rotate the help, defend her over and have an then how give the ball handler. Opportunity Make Decision I. Kick out for three to go to the dunker spot for layup or a law to embiid. You never see that from him in the picking on it's really really frustrating how many times good. He got an offensive rebounds too I. Mean He's bigger than everybody on that. Call me he he got some nice offensive boards. He. Got Some Nice ones. He had a really good one swim move around tatum and then just bumps Robert Williams out of the way with his booty. What I'm saying is he can absolutely dominate that game hit the numbers ended up being good. This guy could have thirty, five, twenty I'm serious like Shag off. Against that team, that team is little when they when they played their best players I wonder I again. I I wonder this has been a theme for him for the years. This conditioning he seemed tired at the end of the game he it's sort of like a in the NFL sometimes when a defense comes out just firing their defensive line is getting to the quarterback and you're like Oh my God this is going to be a long day but then the second half, they can't even move the offensive line and in some ways, it felt like that watching be worth the end of the game he's huffing and puffing he's tired. He's not moving as much on offense. He's not even involved the me- offense and I do wonder how much of that is Is he can't handle the load play nearly forty minutes protecting the rim, all the responsibility that he has on defense and you know be somebody who's carrying that offense. I WanNa see that from beat the series because he's got a show that for the sixers to even get back into this, they gotta get that from a bead for them to win the series and beans gotta average thirty five points, fifteen rebounds five assists because that means he is just kicking ass on offense it means he's rebounding at the level he needs to and it means he's getting enough opportunities to pass the ball and his teammates are actually hitting shots and twenty six points sixteen rebounds. He's got to do more than have the one assist to the five turnovers. He's got be better. Not. Is Not nearly as agreed just as what we saw late last night but the flagrant foul they called on Horford was just stupid Jalen Brown just flop around everywhere held this face afterwards I was like come on this canopy and the reason I'm saying the reason I'm mentioning that is because I don't want this to become a trend where these guys it. Were just every little thing is getting tax and flagrant and whatever else you're and clearly we saw it ruin a game late last night. One more thing on the Celtics have we do we by the time we're as we're recording this right now. Is there any update on the hayward thing and I'm interested in what you think about his possible absence because that is It's clearly you know a big deal if hayward's out because he's a big minute player them. He left the game on crutches yesterday according to reports. They said it's an ankle sprain I. we'll see what it actually today. Maybe by the time you hear this podcast will find out i. know the Celtics have their media availability at two PM Eastern and I was going to try to get in on that task Stevens. A question of baby has some update at two eastern but with hayward absence I mean he was GonNa Leave Orlando at some point anyway to be there for the birth of his child in sometime in September I do wonder if he ends up just leaving earlier. To go back to Boston and Rehab to be with family during his wife's pregnancy. We'll see about that. With, Boston his his secondary playmaking presence is really important his secondary shot. Chretien. Person Sexto tatum and Brown and. Part of what makes them so hard to defend when they can use lineups and have so many different Combinations that they use. To attack you and without Haywar. That's one less guy which means there's more responsibility on their stars but they can survive without hayward. They can beat the sixers without hayward. But going forward can they be Toronto without hayward can be Milwaukee without hayward you need you need every piece of help that you can get, and that's a big question for me moving forward. Hey Chris before we move on, let's hear from today's sponsor. Today's episode of the mismatch is brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. Playoff basketball is finally here catch all the postseason action with Buffalo Wild. 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Now, back to the mismatch, all right Chris, where were we and then we moved to the last series that we have seen a game from and that was last night It was one of those games that started out I. I like in it to win when I was a little kid and I had a Sega Genesis that I would start the game and the computer would run back the opening kickoff and I would run straight to the Sega Genesis and I would press the reset button and I go back. All right. We're not doing that it felt like Oh God the mavs needed run up and hit that reset button because they're down like Fifteen eighteen to at the beginning of the game and I'm like. Is this really and and Luca's got five turnovers and I'm like is this what this is going to be like because this is not this is not cool and then they caught absolute hellfire from three and are making they like seven or eight of Ted the rest of the quarter they flipped being down sixteen to being up by the end of the first quarter and I thought jeeze mad if if if the clippers are going to you know, let this happen and I'm not saying them shoot this number from three but they're gonNa let him fly up and down the court and this is going to be one of these. Games in the one thirties one forties. You don't WanNa play this game with the mavs 'cause they will chuck now and if you just add to the extreme randomness of the possible outcome. They also took beverly out for a long time and man Luca. Got Crack and once he got once he got go in and got that confidence going those last ten minutes after he turned it over four or five times he's got like fifteen point six rebounds four assists in like ten minutes I mean he really got going and it was a long. Time till doc brought beverly back into that game, which was extremely puzzling to me because he allowed this guy, get going and get that Mojo going and getting a lane and throw it back out to Trey Burke or hardaway or Porzingas, or whoever is not gonNA. Shots Seth Curry in the corner and next thing you know you gotta game on your hands. Great Game. then. They throw up porzingus and I texted you I was so mad. Just. Not that I have some grand rooting interest in this but this is this has got a chance to be a great basketball game and I felt like we're robbed up I didn't watch the game live as you know because you're recording the video during the start of that game but re watching it this morning it's it's amazing like you they go down eighteen to to to start, and then they have a forty eight to fourteen ron to take the lead and suddenly you're feeling like okay, Dallas can actually make this competitive series. They could steal some winds here and and who knows maybe getting upset with the way they're playing. And then that the KP stuff Athens and and now you get a win four of the next six games. I I don't think it's possible and and I it just really I mean like I said I didn't see this live but so I wasn't able to partake in the reaction with you and with everybody on twitter and all that. But. This is really deflating. Watch Loukas has a I understand the rules or the the fist pump on the first one, but I also understand that the refs just royally screwed up porzingas his blocked that Paul George Attempt Potemkin was rightfully pissed off that he got called for a foul and then on the second one would markeith Morris it's. I mean what? What are you? Okay. Here's the thing. Okay. Let me just too. There's your number one regarding what you were saying about the. Marcus Morris Not Marquee for. Them. It has it has it is a different situation, but it does have a little bit of the feeling of. The JR Smith. Not Knowing. You know what the situation was clockwise in that and I only saying this because that was a game one. You got this crazy effort out of Lebron who knows if they make the if they win the game but It it that to me I'll always believe that if they would have gotten that game that's a totally different series than what it ended up being. Because that's a huge game one win on the road. There's so much momentum there. You just I just believe it plays out differently if they were able to win that game and I thought it was that crucial and. Will never know we'll do the great. What if but I I? I do sense. Last night I. Feel that way about what took place last night. And let me just say this on the PORZINGAS deal number one. You're right. She did block that shot and I don't know what he said to the ref maybe if I knew what he said the ref it would be an absolute. No brainer but it was the fist in the air. That often gets called technical when. It's a natural reaction. That's right. But when you get to the playoffs, if you an official, you gotta be able to take more, I'm sorry the pressure is so way of up all these guys are feeling it. The intensity is so way up I I'm sorry but this can't be a no tolerance deal right? Like guys are going to get mad if they think they were that the call was wrong. Okay. So that's number one. So this is an accumulation ejection because the second one he got is for defending Luca in a situation where there's a little bit of a melee. The idea behind this is that you don't want to discourage guys going into a huddle and Steve. Javadi, who they went to in the in the booth to try to explain this of course, he always takes the rest side propaganda. So he goes in and at like like not to break it up but rather to defend his team and so the idea is unless you're trying to break it up or something and he's not trying to break it up. Then that's why. Our number. One. He didn't do shit number two like nothing happened nothing happened number two. These guys are sitting in like a frigging. Feeder Room on their benches situated. But what what are you worried about? They're gonNA JUMP OVER CHAIRS FOR The whole idea behind this is to not create a situation where you have a bench clearing brawl, right? You Ain't even a bench clearing brawl in frigging Orlando these guys are six rows deep. They're six feet away from each other like. Like. You've got to think about this in terms of this isn't a normal situation and when you've got this heightened intensity and nothing even happens there ain't even a push. There's not a slap, there's nothing and you do know. That if this guy gets a tech, he's getting thrown out of the game for you to take all that into consideration relates they'll throw him out of the game. That's that's horrible and and people were saying last night. They're dead ass right. Okay the dream of the world this happened okay I, get it right or somebody that's got a rap or you think could be up to something affairs. But if you think Lebron if you think that your honest if you think that harden or these are getting thrown out for this. You're crazy. There's no way they throw those guys out of a game and I get it. Porzingis doesn't have the swag. He doesn't have the status they do but it can't be that different. You know and throwing a guy out of the game you better have done something horrendous. For, you get chucked out of a game to me in a playoff game. I mean I, it was obviously just be. Garbage in a change, the game, my buddy nick ride on first things. First, this morning had a really interesting stat. He said the mavericks have played three, hundred, four quarters of basketball. This year they were held under fifteen points once last night when KRISTAPS got kicked out. Last night was the first time all season long three hundred and four quarters. The Baker held under fifteen points because it changed everything it it totally deflated that team and maybe you could argue they they get a that's their lack of experience. They could add the ability to bounce back. But yeah, that was also some trash last night. There's also a human element to it here with Barbara. Arbiter cans the whole game series because he's getting off in the game. Each he's ever a good game. You know that night he's also like the Gulf between him and whoever you want to say is the third best player on the mavs is great. There might be I get it by maybe one night Seth Curry has twenty two points or maybe it's Tim Hardaway or maybe it's Trey Burke or maybe it's whoever you want a name right but or Maxxie cleber like they've got but it's GonNa be you don't know which one is going to be able to knock down the shots that deluca creates for him. He is clearly the second guy on that team and frankly He's what Lucas got to roll with like if you put Luca with the rest of those guys, it is just as individual brilliance and his ability to create the shots for those guys. But porzingus can create his own shot and if they are going to spend all this attention on Luca. This is his real time to shine. Just I was so mad. Oh. So mad watching that game and you know the clippers. Dick around too much. They really do like they don't when they lock in there, very, very difficult to score against but they go through long stretches where they don't lock in and you can catch him sleeping and and it's just a matter of, do you bang down all the threes when they become disconnected from shooters or not? Because they will go through these lulls where? When they are. Their game. Their devastating. Absolutely devastating but. You, know there's been a Lotta. Hundred Thirties posted on them this year. You know 'cause they're not always on their game like you're playing the Oh four Pistons or whatever that. Every night you know it's just going to be held to try to score. They'll do you have do you have any faith in the Mavericks get back into the series now? No, you don't none to get back in. I think they could win a game or two out of the randomness of them taking a million threes. You know and Luca. was. Absolutely like we talked about Willoughby mortar immortal us more immortal than mortal. He had Ted ten turnovers, which is a lot but he's got long. In the game to he's also got the ball in his hands every possession. It's going to become harder on him as the series goes on because they're gonNA look at that. All those guys are GonNa look at that box score and be end. I do think that that was a tremendous wakeup call for the clippers that we can't defend like that because we're really playing with fire. If we defend like that 'cause, they clearly defend a lot better than they did. But. I mean. They hit a lot of threes. What was their final percentage I? Mean you said they had a fifteen point quarter whatever the hell it was. Mavericks were fifteen of forty three in the game for thirty, five percent from three in the clippers were thirty thirteen of thirty, eight, thirty, four percents forty, three threes. I mean. Meanwhile the out I'm saying is. One Night, they might hit twenty one of those. That's a win. You know what I mean if they hit twenty one of them. And the. Requires four of seven from three one for seven to. Assure I just think that after last night. Clippers screw around enough. That they might actually drop a game or two in this. Wouldn't shock me especially get an MVP candidate and on the other side and Luca and a really really good player in Porzingas who hopefully doesn't get thrown out again for some shenanigans. Some believable I didn't watch it live. So I feel like. My Feelings of it are a little different. I wasn't able to partake in in the moment, but they showed it was like. Oh L. God, they kept showing him in the tunnel and Bogan Boban was like the. Just, go back to the Tahoe go back to the locker room. It's all going to be okay. He walked out there is making sure that he didn't go go crazy over the whole thing, but I mean Murphy did. It did the other thing that makes me so mad is. I I gained a respect for. PORZINGAS he would. My opinion is and I looked they'll be blowback on this. My opinion is Marcus Morris would beat the shit out of him. But I don't care. He was there for he saw Luca in the mix. He saw this guy trying to intimidate trying to roughhouse I gotta be able to have my guys go and do that step up and say. You, putting us out man like I don't think I respect that he walked up in there and he was there for it because there is a lot of that. You know maybe I've got Morris wrong. But he they bark a lot and they're trying to intimidate you. They're trying to punk you out these. The Morris twins when a word is Kinda works. And missile, but PORZINGUS is right there for it. He's like, yeah, I'm in the mix and. Like I need that happening I can't allow I can't allow this team to feel like they got some kind of mental as. A little boy me and so for him to get penalized four that to me that everything I want out of my players is I don't want my superstar getting in the mix and porzingas got himself but still he's there and like you know you got the wrong you got the wrong team. If you think you're Pumpkin us out and instead it gets them thrown out of the damn. Game. I Hate Scott I it's. Came Fitz Gerald I think I think that's who it was. Just just. There's a line there's a line where it goes too far and you need to call those tax. You need to call those flagrancy meant mentioned the stupid Horford one earlier when Jaylen Brown sold the call and I still fell forward even after looking at the replay, there's a line. That was on cross. Those penalties we're talking about it was not. I am not holding you to these predictions, but we're going to knock these out because we are going to have four series start today we're not gonna be able to talk about them until Friday where we got more than four or as we did cover these on the lascaux on Friday. If you've listened each week, you know each episode you did hear us talk about these before the Games are actually played. So I am I'm only asking you about these game ones because is going to be fun. People are going to listen to this after the fact, it was very fun last week when we forgotten. Nailed. The Sacramento Situation. I'm out on the golf course out. Friday afternoon on my phone goes bananas. At with everybody telling me that body step it down Joe Dumars is take it. I was like, Oh my God I texted you and I'm like all the things I look. We had no idea that was gonNA happen that atmosphere mood if we're being fair but the way it all played out was hilarious it was it was really a matter of win that if for for drank tree for for January it was and for. That one came as little surprise to happen when it did. Okay. I'm just GONNA ask you one question about these. Okay. Okay. All right one question one question about all the games that we're GONNA see today. Do the bucks. Win By twenty. Plus. The line is like twelve and a half which is unnavigable. No they don't. It's a playoff game taking the under twenty. Is that right? My Buddy. He's like he's like look at these numbers are not great as a double digit favourite and the magic of covered all these essays Bro the second you bet on that that game's going to be a one, hundred, twenty, three to eighty. I say, yes, they do beat them by twenty. All right because Jaanus pissed from coming off the suspension. mean the proof thing and. Last year they got beat. A magic one game one. Ronaldo or whatever. So they want to. Cut Happened Yep Yep he pacers. Who averages more in the series TJ warden or Jimmy Butler I. That's a good question. Let. Let's say TJ Warren but by me wins the series Butler does more in the series but TJ warrant averages more points. I think I'm with you on that. Okay. All Right Trailblazers Lakers here's the question Kevin. The Vegas number that I'm looking at right now is Damian Lillard over under thirty four and a half points thirty four and a half community over there over there I'll take the over. Yeah. I'll take the over on that thirty four and a half thirty four and a half that's GonNa. He's he's always going to get buckets for you. He needs against buckets Gimme, Gimme over game on how many does he need to score for the trailblazers to beat the Lakers. I. Feel. The the real question for me is. Really answer that is water his teammates doing. What everybody else bring to the floor there he probably needs a score like forty five buddy I could it could. Could he score thirty five and his teammates or just raining threes off his passes in the pick and roll is Feasting. I mean as nurses picking the Lakers defense apart is scoring on the role as he is he passed away show what we need to me like little is always going to get buckets. It's just a matter of how many he gets to me. It's really but what is everybody else doing now here we need to find the real number because I said last week that Davis would average like sixty and twenty Oh God Davis over twenty nine and a half you gotta be kidding me. He might have that by halftime. He might have. Played Wendy and Gabriel. What are we talking about here? House Anthony Davis is number nine, twenty nine, and a half of surprise you mentioned when you gave real not that they're not that they're playing Mario his own regular minutes in their rotation. But. He was playing power forward for them because. It's like really. Is that what you're throwing Anthony Davis tonight when you Gabriel really. Okay Yeah. Give me. All right. This is this is what you want to read more about the portland trailblazers of the ringer dot com I wrote about them today and how they are a team that they're missing just a couple of pieces some really good wings very hard to find. So the problem for Portland they're not going to beat the Lakers because they don't have the guys to contain Lebron James but we're going to see in this series is that they have nearly everything you want except one of the hardest things to risk defined with a real high level wings who can hit spot up threes for you and defend at a high level and have versatility. They don't have that they're planning. Carmelo Anthony as nice as he's been on offense still is on a defender. But Kevin Carmelo Anthony is the fifteenth leading score in NBA history I. Hear it fifty, five thousand times every time he plays a game. Your pockets for you and he's trying harder on defense and he has in years, but he's still not a plus defender. I, mean you're not GonNa win the series with his own and mellow at the forest while you're probably still not even GonNa, win it with. Do you need better you need better at wing and Ford and I'm not sure where they're going to find it in the article I read about I mentioned the draft free agency options about for Portland feel so close and yet so far. That's my main takeaway watch on them. Last one thunder rockets. Okay. So, is this game. Who dictates how this game is played? Are we playing this game in the one S or are we playing this game in? You, know more towards one hundred. I feel like with this series. Hardin is GonNa be the guy who's going to have to dictate every single game in. HOUSTON. Would their small ball they don't have a choice but to dictate what's going to happen to your because if okay see is you know bring in that score down you know with their size what is Houston throat? Tyson? Chandler. Houston has no choice but to dictate terms here, they can't planning away. Okay. See can play smaller if they need to and it's GonNa be interesting to see what happens if atoms does somehow get played off the floor, can they go small? It's GonNa be fun I mean this is like drastically different styles here. Okay. She has to play this game. Half court you know and and because that's obviously that creates the advantage for them they punish Houston for the size and then. Pulls a maestro playing either way and they don't have the firepower? They don't have the firepower if they want if they weren't five down and getting the three point shooting contest, they don't have the firepower to play like that. So. As someone who is Who who likes thunders chances in this I've got to believe that they're able to. Grind him down big. Big Spot for Billy Donovan big spot for Billy Donovan. This team wasn't expected to be there in the first place. People have praised him a lot but this is now that this isn't a one off game. This is how can you punish them for being so unconventional? Or is it just impossible to punish them that you you have to play their way? I don't know this is easily the most fascinating of the series tonight. I'm so excited for this today I mean I remember glued to my TV watch on this I mean there's just so many ways this could go man I know so many especially with a westbrook man because you mentioned like heart heart and. They need to continue playing fast, but they do play slower with harder than they do with Westbrook and so I it's it's like the size aspect that I'm going to be fascinated by small ball experiment man we're about to see it unfold votes Kevin. We will reconvene on Friday after we have a bunch more games that we have of. God we're going to be I mean look we're Wa basketball until. Until we talk again and for the foreseeable future I loved it starting at lunch every day. There's there's a gay guy it's the best. It's pretty bad for the NBA, like people listening overseas especially in Europe or Africa. You. Guys know that you're getting some prime time. You know eight nine o'clock start games, which must be beautiful to watch some of these games. It's like shore bucks magic might stink for people on the West Coast starting at one thirty, eastern eastern ten, thirty Pacific. But if you're in Europe right now, you're excited today to watch on us. You're excited. OUGHT THAT Kevin, I will catch up you on Friday. Thanks as always to everybody listening to the mismatch. Thanks to Kaya fulfilling is our producer today as I guess, we're just GONNA I swear. We got dumped after one frigging week Kevin? One week after one day with Erica one day one day one day Isaac's out Eric because I came be out soon. Scant. Find a producer. Way We deserve to be loved. You. We'll be back on Friday. Look look for it on your feet on Friday morning.

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