Episode Forty-Seven // One Of Us Got Covid...


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Yeah i guess which one it's me. I'm sorry i'm sorry it's me and also for the record before the little bitches write a bad review. I'm sorry if i brief loud because into the microphone right now. Because i'm recovering from covid so those are like my anytime. Somebody's like you like there. I'm like they're so mad. Yeah there's page we both have like respiratory problems and now whenever covert on top of respiratory problem so we just bitches camp. That's the name of the podcast. Not a can't breathe cassandra's covert like. I don't even know what we haven't been here grow. She's been trying to recover. I'm recovering i am. I'm i'm on my way out. So you know hopefully tacit positive a minute ago. So yeah i tested. I retested and i was like i'm good and then they're lying. No they're like how long have you. How long have you been dating your current boyfriend and you've been like five years. Oh my gosh. She's i coach for five years. Not only just killing by stat. jose. Jones thank you. Okay anyway. yes that's why we've been gone well. First let's rewind. We the last time we recorded was right before halloween. And then or at least we released it and we were like you know. Let's wait until after the election so that we can do a follow up episode about the election and the result and then well covet. And i mean here we are but we were planning swear you know to follow up with the election but should happen to be fair. It's not even like the election has had like the dust hasn't settled like motherfucker. Trump is barely like his team is barely suggesting the possibility of maybe conceding in the future date at some point far from now. That's where we are. He lost the election trump. But whether or not if he's going to continue to. Fascism is whole other story. yeah. I mean so. Do you wanna talk about the election. Now get it other way collection. How you feel how i feel like. I'm being interviewed. Yeah it's like a real person with covid. On the show on your host ruben. I'm here with a real life. Covid patient and and we're off covid patient number two hundred and fifty thousand one. How i feel today. Yeah i feel good. I mean we're recording. Obviously because i better so it's not like really get your record yet like i'm feeling better. We saw co it. But i'm feeling better. I'm breezing little weird so again. Excuse me but I feel like i guess what they consider. Mild certain symptoms. I don't know i went through a roller coaster of like the symptoms everyday everyday. If felt like i had something different consistent so it was like i had like uber. Like gotta have covert now. So let's rewind. Because i don't want i i know these bitches While he went out to the bar and you clear absolutely and went to pockets my neighborhood bar to play some poll pool. Now you know. I haven't gone out I've been in quarantine obviously since march having to eat anywhere. Haven't done any of that But the thing was my luca's grandma got covid and she believes she got it from the grocery store but regardless of where she got it from. She got luca's dad. Then he got it from her. And then i think he gave it to luca and because you know we share my son sometimes like i think when looking back to me he gave it to me so it was like a chain reaction so even though i didn't fucking go anywhere i so fucking got it and I think like it was kind of shitty. Because i was like. Wow like i don't even fucking go anywhere. But i think that's a conversation like i don't know like i i feel like no one deserves to get covid even of you. You know as much as well you went to the bar. It's like no like no. I don't wish that on anyone. You know what i mean like. I don't think anyone deserves to get cove it or we should wish that on people just because they went out like. I don't think anyone. I don't want to be like. Oh well. I didn't go anywhere and you did. So therefore you deserve it and i don't like i don't i don't think that but it wishes it yet. I still late. This is what i've been trying to avoid it for so long especially with my son in particular so like that fucked me up like i was just like well like we ended up getting it anyway and i was really worried about my child because he he has like a lot of lung damage and that was like my number one thing i think when i realized everyone around us how did we get tested like if i have it. Okay but as long as my child is okay like it'll be okay and thankfully he didn't caveney symptoms so even though he was around all of us he's been good which is like the number one thing that made me even though i had it That was kind of all happened on halloween So like that week. I was having a lot of a burning sensation in my chest. Like felt like my chest was on fire and i was like breathe breathing problems but also like is this diety and is stress because his grandma got really bad at one point she was in the hospital and i was like freaking out and i was like cry. It was just like a lot. And i was like. Is this coed or is this. You know when you're like colbert or allergies or the flu or stress or anxiety or all of them. So when i finally got tested a few days because i had you kind of have to wait that period because it might not show up and so anyway a few days later like when i got tested i came out positive and i was like okay so it was covert so yeah so everyone around me just had covid like everyone. Even my family like my sister and her family. My nephews my knees. They all got an a separate relief like unrelated thing. 'cause we don't see each other. They did. That's another story. But every i felt like everyone around me got cove it So yeah i heard like symptoms of like breathing which i still have this weird like your chest feels like it's on fire. It's like ugly. And i have a lot of really bad body aches like i couldn't get out of bed because it was particularly my legs like i felt like i couldn't even sleep sometimes because the pain was so bad and i had like i lost my sense of taste right when my mom made me fucking god loves fucking piss and what is that like because like pressure is what is it. What does it mean to you. What does it mean to put in your mouth when you. Yeah so. I certainly celtic aldo. And i you know. I love potatoes. I fucking potatoes and so maybe report of the lowest eating potato anyway. So i'm like eating. And i put it in my mouth and it tastes like like nothing but it tastes terrible at the same time like. I don't explain like had spit it out because it like eating something like this weird texture like obtain show but they're the you don't taste anything but at the same time it tasted terrible. I don't explain. And so then. I was like what the fuck is this and i was like maybe like the god largest taste bad and my mom's like no so then i tried something else like she look. Guess what she had made. And then like nothing like i gonna taste anything so anyway The sense of taste is different for other people. Because i feel like i've heard different. People say they've had it like my friend who also had co bid even though they got it a long time ago i still can't taste soda or a tastes like perfume to me. Even though i that happened like months ago so another thing people ignore about. Kobe is like yeah. You survive it but there's like long-term effects for some people whether it's like lung damage or damage or you're you lose your sense of taste or just. There's like so much that we don't know about the disease people wanna act nonchalant about it like it's fine everyone's surprise and it's now nobody not everyone fucking survives. You ablest folks like that's like the number one thing when people are like you know when the paso report the data and they're like well a lot of them had Let's when they pre. I'm like why did you all that sounds good so like because someone has these diseases or pre existing conditions that means like unity. Mean like they don't matter like fuck them who cares everyone else's fine like it's able to fuck first of all but it's so like i hate when people say like an on top of that a lot of people have pre existing conditions and we don't know what because we will have fucking healthcare. So it's just it's been you know a lot and Speaking on covert which. I've been if you follow my personal account Because i haven't been online obviously a lot I've just been in bed watching. Like a senior pga Is in all pow so right now. There's a lot happening in regards to covid. We got a big covert surge like before halloween. And now we're at the point where it's just like one to two and thirty people have so this is a reality for a lot of people in all powerful right now. So i mean. I've talked about it throughout episodes during the pandemic and it's not just in texas right like a lot of our government hasn't done it a lot of states haven't done anything but particularly in texas right big red texas like there was never really shut down here. It's always been open or like the most was like i ca- pat like there was like a pass ity of like dining in restaurants with doesn't mean anything everything else is still open. Everything is still functioning the same way. And that's because you know in texas. They prefer they want to save the economy. So even though like we're like at record numbers probably like i would. I want to say like the worst of not one of the worst cities right now in the country they still refuse a shutdown surpass new york a little while ago. Yeah we surpassing york. And it's been i mean it's been shitty because i feel like there has been media attention now but it for a long time. I fell and it still feels that way. It feels like it's when people report on it like people don't talk about the fact that we're a border city and that the majority population here is mexican american like lot necks. Living in poverty like are poverty level is like really high compared to the rest of the country. A lot of us don't have healthcare like this all means something and it's like i hate when people don't touch on that where it's just like. Oh they're in texas and it's like yeah. All of texas is this way but there. Texas is really big border cities because before o. Paso the which the other part of the border in texas like they were having going through the same shit. I think not as much as pass away now but they were still going through it as well and they had to fundraise themselves like there was a of mutual aid happening a few months ago in regards to that and so a lot of the border cities are just very discarded here in texas. Obviously so that's been like a thing and then one of the county judge here finally wanted to step up and called for a shutdown like around halloween and because our mayors also republican so he hasn't done shit either and so this county judge was like called showdown and instead of backing him up in like implementing with him the governor and the mayor and the texas attorney general like sued him. And we're like no. You can't go against the governor because these are the governor's orders for everything to be open and so they went back and forth for a few weeks in court and it's just like really like this is what y'all are doing instead of like someone took took a step to like shut down and then instead of like allowing him to do that they all like now. You can't do that everything he's stay open and one thing i want to add to that. Is that like all these republicans unlike quote unquote like business owners who might not see themselves the republicans but are like. Don't shut us down because of the you know we need to save our business and things like that. It's like the government has money to keep you in business. If it wanted to keep you business it would have sent you a check. 'cause it has that money because guess how much money and time it cost to do all his arguing like in the courts that took money girl that wasn't like no twenty dollar court fee that was hundreds of thousands if not a million dollars plus to like have the litigations have the discussions take times from governors. You know paycheck like please. They have the time they have the they have the money to keep everyone home but did not do it as somebody. That's exactly it and i was. It was like bright that day when the county judge implemented like that shut down which was like for two weeks or a week of just like shutting down on essential businesses which should have been happening like that same day. They were like all on twitter. The texas attorney general. And it's like y'all have time like that's yeah and you're right on point with that it's like instead of was nbc news recently. Who said like it would take twenty billion dollars to prevent to keep to prepare for damage and they are china and india spelled out the number like instead of writing twenty million these put like twenty and then nine zero it and it was to be like a scare tactic and then people were like this is only three percent of the military budget three percent although military budget bitch three percent which means that the go the government can solve this crisis like almost one hundred times over and still have enough money to fuck in to do shit right but the on because their primary the state's primary concern is serving as like world police and keeping our military all around the world right because we have basis everywhere something that people don't realize that like when they say like go protect our liberties across you know wherever what they really mean is go police. Other people does what our military does right. They police are people and korea. And and and you know japan. There's why the fuck is our military base in okinawa. Like shit like that like that would taxes are paying for saw stopped protecting the government. You know and start protecting each other. Like let's let's let's talk about. That pitches absolutely. Yeah and then a missile this like you know it goes back and forth between guests which again we've talked about during this whole pandemic honor episodes. Yes it is the government's fault first and foremost because of everything. Ruben just said like if they wanted to do anything for us they would have. They wouldn't they literally gave us not even all of us because not everyone got a stimulus check. They gave some people one thousand two hundred fucking dollars. It's always almost going to be year coming up in a few months that this whole thing has started and they haven't done shit for us and so like at all i. I mean it's unsurprising. But it's very infuriating infuriates me. That people like still defend the government. They're just trying to save the economy and they're trying to help us. You know we have to bring a paycheck home and like it's like no. They don't give a shit about if they did. They have implemented a shutdown and kept everyone safe by giving us money like we probably wouldn't cove it would still exist. Obviously but it wouldn't be bad on the level and not as many people would have fucking died if they did something you know and another thing is like in all passively back and forth to there's all these like small businesses and bigger timeout small businesses. Because like the big chains. It's like not as much right but like small businesses here panther like they've just been showing there fucking asses like being like all right. I'm gonna shut down because i care about my community. I'm gonna take the county judges. When he had implemented that showdown a lot of the businesses were pissed and there was like a list of like how many businesses it'll pass that also wanted to sue him It was this whole thing in like right when they were like oh. He can't legally do that. So let's reopen up again like they refuse to shutdown in like the you know they do that whole small business shit like we can't survive and it's like it's also it's weird because it's mostly been gyms which is not surprising because a lot of the cross Jim bitches like don't have a fucking personality and so they're all like blue lives matter to on top of that. I've noticed and so a lot of the gyms have just been like refusing showdown in it's like hold up. Hold up blake. Don't y'all have memberships so like if they already paid you for the month way. The fuck is a matter if you shut down for two months because there was this one jim who started a foot so they refuse to shut down and they got fined for it. Because it's really confusing like there's some days where the shutdown was implemented and then there were some days were wasn't because they kept going back and forth over like who had the authority to do it so everyone was confused but anyway there was one day where they were supposed to be shut down but they didn't and so they got fined for it this one particular him because they refuse to shut down and they started a fucking go fund me and we're like please help us pay for our citation because we refuse to shut down and the owners are like rich instagram personality. Model whatever the fuck their calling in their pictures or you tell these digital rich like they don't even need money for like this one thousand whatever fine and so unlike if like you're members care about you so much then pay the membership for the month and that's it and you can shut shut the forgot like i'm just i'm annoyed with league the small businesses where i'm like yeah i get it. You will need to make money like hairdressers like every issue. I'm just. I'm just frustrated with the level of selfishness. Because it's like we've all had a sacrifice something like you're not fucking special. You know what i mean like. You're not the only one who has lost something during this whole pandemic yes. It fucking sucks. But you're putting your business above people's lives right now so it's like that whole conversation of like there's like half of the people that want oh passerby shut and the other half No i need to work in like the government cares about my small business and is bullshit. Shows like people that continue to go to parties and go to bars. I just clearly. Don't give a shit. I keep seeing like these tweets like these posts that are like oh there. Was this one that was like is there like a cove. It search because of bars are open after ten or because the government doesn't want to shutdown something. I'm like no it's both. Why do you all try to dodge accountability for yourself. Like no one told you to go to the fucking bar. Just because of bars open doesn't mean you need to be there. You know what i mean. It's like take some responsibility for your fucking self. I think at this point with what's happening paso seen so many selfish people like online. Who have gone to like parties. Who refused to stay home. Like i'm just tired of these like it's the government's fault post because it's like yes it is and like it's always going to be the government's fault but that doesn't mean you go to brunch. That doesn't mean like you needed to go swimming with your friends at a hotel. Like get the fuck out here. And i want people to just take some accountability for yourself. So that's just. It's just been a lot living through through kobe. But like with everything that's been happening. No passover and then on top of that you know conversations about some of the practices that when of like the hospitals here has been doing at university medical center. No paso when my son's grandma within hospital for example my friend. Who's a therapist was like. i hope she's not at unc. Because you know. They don't resuscitate after like telling me a lot of stuff in i was like that's ugly and then shortly after there was like this video that went viral of this traveling nurse who was in power. Who went on facebook live and talked about her experiences hearing how she felt like the doctors aggressively treating patients in just letting a lot of patients die that she felt could have survived if they had actually done more for them so it was like kind of like a lot of medical negligence as she was talking about in. It goes back to this conversation of like being the population of mostly like brown folks. Like lat next folks mexican americans at the border because that definitely means something and also poor you know what i mean and so there is like a whole conversation on that of like that she was lying. There was a lot of people who are saying she was lying and she was trying to make the nurses look back. And it's like no no no no. We need direct this energy you. Amc verses like this video of this nurse who is sharing her concerns rate like we need to be talking about like why they're not being aggressive enough in like you know like there are layers to that of like. Yeah they're they're no one sane. The nurses are letting people die. They're like terrible nurses. It's just like it's over. I'm sure it's overwhelming. I can't even imagine like you can't save all of them but to the level of what she was speaking of what i heard from that hospital. It's like nah. It's just like that added a whole layer to the out of lake. You know if this was like a white town would that be happening. Then there was like this whole other conversation happening Which is like one of the really bad ones that you know. We have like ten trailers to deal with dead bodies from cova that are overflowing and so the city's started using prison labor. You know they started using inmates to help at the morgue for two dollars an hour which is obviously exploitation. And it's legal. That's like the level that we're at in that. We have to inmates to help with this overflow of bodies instead of like implementing a fucking shutdown instead of providing any fucking relief like where were jumping through all these hoops to just not deal with it. And so it's been. It's been a lot a lot that has been happening and pass and then on top of that. There's a layer of a phobia that i've i've talked about a little bit. You know as far as like people were blaming people from what is for a numbers because they come over and it's them and there was like these stories at the news was writing about how a lot of the numbers were high because it was like people from plaudits that ambulances were going to pick up people from what as to bring them here. And it's like that's not even happening but even if it was like what it's just it's been a lot and i. I'm sorry if anyone got confused with all that. Because like i was trying to keep it in order but the point is opacity going through a really hard time right now. No students shit about it and it pisses me the fuck off because i know that again if we were in texas so i don't i don't think that there were necessarily be a shutdown because there's no shutdown in texas anywhere but there would definitely be more urgency to do something if it was like an all a white majority town or like we weren't at the border like if it wasn't such a poor city you know what i mean and i think that's what pisses me off the most. I mean juror You can get your victim of this administration's like unwillingness to do anything about this right. You literally have fucking cova for me i do. I have seen a post where it's like. Stop blaming people like it's not like people's personal so the argument is the argument that i've seen from a lot of people is that like us blaming individuals is like Not us but like when people blame individuals for the crisis it's like letting the government off the hook and it's like no bitch am very much not letting the government off the hook at the saint like the government is very responsible for people not being a stay at home like needing to work right. But i also know that the people who have had to work are not the same ones who are at the bar not usually like girl. My sister my older sister has had to work from home this whole pandemic and she had two zero last week up and she's not the only one like back in my when the by only multiple in my old living situation that was the next block like pure. Just everybody's alive next. There was parties every weekend every single weekend. The only time when they stop was like mid march to like maybe the end of may but after that the party zone gotta simona like every weekend. Dumbo russell like straight up. You don't need this party like you know. Need celebration like what at the time that might one of my town was one of the most infected of the la county and like sherlock has to do with like a lot of essential workers. But it also didn't help that. People were having these giant celebrations and now that restaurant opened up. I'm dislike. I have never seen these restaurants so pat and maybe it's because they brought everyone outside to the parking louder to the sidewalk just looked so full of people and i'm like you don't you don't need like you really denny's out in the open like and now i see this topic like these businesses like putting these tarps in the outside and i'm like you do realize that. Defeat the purpose right. I don't know if they do this paso but right here in. La like bill have outside dining but then they'll put up this like big tent over the dining. Because it's a win wendy now. So it's like that defeats the purpose of outside dining like yours store ridiculous euless. There are still many people who believe that covid will not either not get them or if gets them you know they'll do with a or worse they don't care or like the worst part of the day thing it's a personal thing and not a community thing and that is capitalism for you because capitalism has be has had the still wrapped up in the individualism that you don't see community. You don't see that your health affects. Your neighbor's house affects their neighbors. And so forth right like and so now we are stuck in this loop where we all depend on each other but were we've all been still conditioned to not think about other people that it is impossible for people to be considerate to say at fucking home in if they desire restaurant food just fucking needed at home because like the was the recent time study found that about like fifteen percent of covid contractions were at restaurants. I think one in every ten. Please like i i don't i don't i don't know like this is not me again. Letting the government off the hook they are the main culprits here. But i'm also not letting people off the hook like my sister. They last week no. She's getting married in two months and she's having a horror ceremony. Does she need to do that. No and i have screamed and yelled at her the last few months the nothing that she is an unmovable object and there are so many people like her so many people like that. A lot of us are in the situation that we're in because people are dislike. And i honestly think fucking trauma response. I think it's like people being like not even like a trauma response. It's it's a the crisis response. You know how they have like flight fight flight or freeze like one of those things. Like no if if i don't go out and live my life and go out and have denny's and then and then go to get after denny's and then go to las vegas after that continues. I'm letting the i'm letting the disease when they're treating like a terrorist without with that wants to destroy your life remember like after nine eleven. It's like if we don't resume our lives. The terrorists win. And it's like people have that approach to fucking airborne disease. Yes and it's ridiculous and again the vault of capitalism now because they're fucking jokes it's funny and you get to laugh because the fucking covert cassandra. It's also it's like a lot of different people. I feel a lot of it. Are those people. And then there's the you know the anti-science trump supporting races republicans who are just like the government is trying to this one. This is a hold on. This is like one of the make sense to me when they post the lake. They want us to wear like face masks. Because the they're designing dislike face recognition like thinking and. I'm like does that make sense of your blocking your face like they already have our faces. Like i'm just i up as people don't have any the they're not they don't just found out about finding this thing called online called the q. On people which are the people that were doing the whole like free the children that yeah. Yeah it just like them. And then i think for white people particularly. It's this thing like never being told you can't do something and it really pisses them off and they're like how dare you treat me like this. I am white. I can go into the store without a mask. And i can eat wherever i wind like. All of a sudden they rebel they rebel against her beloved government when it's convenient for them it's just like a like a variation of people and then there's people who just don't care and the there's a religious people who i feel like they can pray it away. You know mentioned my my sister and her family like my niece my nephew her husband like they cove it and it was like a church related thing because he's bitches were going to church. That was a whole chain reaction to like. The pastor's wife ended up dying from the church. Like i you know. I don't don't go to church anymore but this was a church that i grew up in my family still goes to. I don't but i knew her. And so it hurt me. You know because religion aside like she was a sweet person to me since i was little. You know and it's like because you're still having services and someone had cove in in it became this whole chain reaction like dot didn't need to happen. You know people just think like you said it's an individual thing like I see that a lot. They're like well. If you don't wanna get covid you can stay home and it's like no. It doesn't work like that. I've been home since march. Like i quit my job. I haven't done shared and i still got. I'm not blaming you know My son's growing now for it. I'm not really. I'm not blaming anyone for it. But it's like people don't understand that it's like this chain reaction that happens in your life affects everybody else's life freight beyond like i. It's it's like people just americans and it's like all over the world but we all know it's fucking this country so embarrassing like fucking president. Got it and let's talk about that. I feel like we haven't touched on this. I feel like we were waiting soda. Tv of course absolutely So this guy kobe. Happy time in my life. It'd be more like we got cancelled. Wish death upon somebody thought we already said we just call them like the covid trump got cove. It was a very happy time in my life. I was really. I was mad because a lot of us got excited. And you know nothing happened. I feel like at least fucked him up. It was a really bad days for him. That's all we can hope for. But he does weird time like it was very confusing. I felt like i wanted him to die. And i was like fuck cova and then the other half of me was like nah. He doesn't have it like this is a real. It's a trick or like they're lying to like obviously the government's not transparent so it was just a lot of emotions. But i wanted to believe in god at that time and and put faith and he would take this terrible man away from the planet. But that didn't happen so i god is an face. Faith cancelled millennia. fucking covid. who else governor chris. christie had groups had kobe twice. He's had kobe. Throughout this whole phobic and a republican because she's not killing these people bossano like all these fascist The prime minister from canada had it to the king. Or the printers some british bitch. Yeah and that was at the beginning of like the election. Like debates with joe biden. Who like this was a saving. Grace for biden are not because like. He wasn't doing too hot in those debates like he hasn't been hot periods cente- announced even before he he was like the. We talked about this he was like the least. No one was fucking going for biden and then all of a sudden from one day to the next. Oh biden's in the lead okay. Democrats yeah. It's a while to see like centrist and like liberals really defend like joe biden won fair and square. And what world do you think that. Joe biden deserved the presidential nomination from the democrats. Did you not see the same debates that we were seeing. And you're like electability like blah blah blah and it's like you only thing to biden with electable because the news told you he was electable and that's the thing people don't understand about media the media shapes what it wants you to understand. So because the media said bernie sanders is not electable. he's too radical every then. Then you believe it right because we're getting that point of view from what they talk to their country. Joe contra cousin pot was like yeah i don't know about that bernie. Sanders like factor white tech and. I don't know talk like the media. Sheep so much of joe biden's getting the democratic nomination right and he barely won. That's fucking that for the kicker he barely fucking one which it just. It means so many things that means that the nc's felicia obviously the democratic national committee. They don't know where electable is. Because this bitch barely elected it also means that you know white people just love white supremacy specifically in a white man. They're voting stayed pretty much the same think actually a few white men like switched over to the liberal party this time around but white women. Three percent of them more voted for trump this time around white women's because he in the primaries they like the same and the people people were acting like you know like the women's march took off and the pink pussy hats and all this fake feminists bolstered that happened after trump in. Its like. y'all weren't doing shit. These women marches. Were you all haven't been doing share like you'd rather like try to talk shit like a lot of white women who come at me like on facebook or instagram and i would talk about voting or whatever and i'm like i know i know you're not talking to me bitch. A white woman talking to me about voting like the fuck outta here lake white feminists have shit. I don't care how much they're like. Oh allie ship out from what a bitch. What have you done like y'all think it's cute when you're like like this is like my parents voted for trump. But i didn't okay. And why are you telling us like. Aren't you fighting back. Just they don't do shit. It's all performative fucking will never make space for people like y'all can follow me. Sure whatever but you just forgot because clearly learning anything like you need stop worrying about us and go collector away people which you haven't done because you're scared like it's easier for you to like try to just like blend in with people of color and like other marginalized people and like on listening and oh i'm in every share this than actually going fucking fight. Your recently elected tag people of color to fight their family for them. I don't know if that's happened there like in like deodorizer like my grandma's do you think i should like get the girl by i. Just let me breathe. You got you got code acting out. Why people are right. We need to talk about planned. Parenthood's telehealth services that means pomp parenthood disturbances over the phone. So if you don't feel like sitting in a waiting room right now planned. Parenthood has got you covered at planned. Parenthood he can get high quality affordable telehealth by phone or video. Whether you need help with birth control prescription refill brother sexual or reproductive. Care services. Skip the waiting room and get the care. You need when you need it. When you're betty book. Virtual appointment at pan parenthood dot org slash bb f that planned parenthood dot org slash bb f. All right and now we're going to get back into the show. Exactly 'cause we know kobe's racist ship. It is racist going to raise the tugging black people in let people more than the facts. That's what fucking like. A look can make god. I like it. I don't even know how to say their english shits on me. Gummy like y'all spent all summer bothering people of color with like what reading lists. What do you think we should do for this moment of civil rights. What is it. I read white fragility by this white woman. Who makes millions off of saying what the fuck we all say online every day fuck. What's her name. Rob indiana the lake. The fucking shit on my face out of your wife for jila. You can clarify this point that people get thousands of dollars specifically why people will get paid hella money to explain but i need you a person of color to explain it to me slowly and patiently and with lots of love and i just need a hog after you explain to me. Why system is bad for trump again. Like as as why. Don't have fucking patient because what we waste our time explaining everything with patients or what. The i don't have. I've never had patients for people. Always give them finger at a used to used to not be this bitch and even like a year or two into having an island platform. I was still baby people. But after that i was like why what are you doing. Obviously you're not going back to your people on being like philo. I people though the brown bitch gave me the good word stop. Being racist is obviously not because the voting patterns are getting worse like you are holding even tighter to white supremacy rights you dislike wasting brown and black goes time that is without paying us also. They don't one time this. I was going go into a restaurant in this way burge made. Dm's and turn into this whole league me explaining all the even. I've already fought her online before. I didn't want to argue with her. But i was like. You know what. I have this conversation and you know and i was like also you should fuck venema me for having this conversation with you. Did she fuck me. No after i specifically told her to vend me not even looking five dollars for a coffee. Unity mean an. It's like. I know you have money. You're reporter but you're coming to me to explain to you and you can't even fucking venema me. Yeah we do all this shit and see this conversation ruben. Have and it's like. I you know during this whole thing. I i d activated before the election. Because i was like i am tired of y'all harassing me. Every time i post something about biden every time. I post anything critical like i don't even want to be online during this election. 'cause y'all going to blame me like i'll just way and then obviously covert or was like whatever you know but i reactivated because i wanted to let people know what was going on el paso and then like the first thing. The first thing i post. That's a fucking joke. People started attacking. Me and i'm like i don't even get paid for this shit and it's like i don't need to get paid like i want to do it. That's what i do. Y'all don't give a shit. I'm speaking to avoid and i get stressed over. Nothing that's another reason. I haven't tested texted tweeted. Posted the election really. And it's the things have gotten to a point more like if you critique by then the liberals come for you and if you could take trump the liberals the hardcore left is communist whatever are like. They're both the same year. So roy social liberal and i'm just like what in the world i'm gonna. I don't get paid for this. I'm actually losing money by know we don't get x and losing money. I'm losing like i'm putting my sleep. Giving myself zaidi stressing myself out. Like for what that's like when wipe Particularly when i try to tolerate it more when it's like my fellow. Latin x people. Because i'm like okay. This is my my community. And i feel like you know i want to have this conversation with you and you know. Let's go somewhere but when it's white people like who the fuck are you. You know like coming on my fucking page demanding something for me especially during like this whole trump situations you the fact that you got people are still what you know what liberals Fucking vote for biden okay. I didn't fucking vote for him. And i don't fucking regret either book like i also did not vote for biden. I didn't so y'all can kiss my ass and then there was like these posts that were like and this is the thing like after when they were like trump. I really really thought trump was gonna win. Like i in my mind. I mentally prepared myself for that. Because as much as i don't want that to happen was like i am going to be very real. I would be real like if it happens. Like everyone's like what are we going to do. What am i going to do. And it's like we're going to keep doing the same shit. Reveal media more show that they weren't doing to begin with when you're asking what it what do you mean what are we. We're going to keep doing the same shit for baby. Maybe just more militant and more organized about it. You know so. It wasn't that i was like. Oh it's fine. Trump wins like no. But i understood like the work continues or like preparing myself for that so i was really surprised by one i really was. Yeah there was like this. i'm not gonna lie. There was like a sense of relief because trump lost right. I think that was a lot of people's for me. It was like yes biden one. It was like yes. Trump lost but a lot of people were showing their asses all of a sudden. Everyone's like loves biden when at the beginning. Everyone's like no no. We just gotta we just got over him. I know he's terrible. I know he's a rapist. I know he's a racist like we'll just talk about that later right now. You know we don't really care about him. And then all of a sudden everyone like fucking lewis biden. And i'm like what and like there's a difference between saying like oh yeah like fuck ya biden. One he's great. Let's celebrate biden winning and there's a big difference in like trump losing. Which was what i was anyway. But i'm just people were fucking hypocrites. You know a lot of people are like now. We can critique biden in without people thinking we're trump supporters only known. They're just they're still gonna think you're aware they're going to be like. Oh so you want it trump to win or like. Oh so you think we're better mean and thirty two so fucking boring. They're so predictable that now they're going to be like. Oh oh so you wanted Trump to win co pay. I'm set up really so much has happened in the whole year. Like we're talking right now about what happened like this. Does it feel like the election happened this month. Did i know it's so wild. This is like the longest march of my life still in more election to the week. Long tuesday night. Oh my gosh. Yeah that was a lot to. I forgot about that. We had to wait. Like oh my god. So funny is just like this year. We're in hell. I feel like we all died already. Doesn't like i always felt like how was going to be like repetition. Because i think that's my person No for sure. This is definitely one of those times where i was like. Oh my god this is how for real. And then the worst part is that. We're not even done here because you know what's his name trump uto. He still hasn't been like a i lost. No he's still like. I'm into my dad. He's going to give me the trophy his tweets. Where he's like he's like. I won by a lot serrano. His tweets is blocked. kills me. yeah we're not even done. we're not even like and now biden's like fundraising for us to pay for his transition and unlike her all can we. We've had enough. He's local pay for president. We got the council the over subscription. Now pay for it. Flicking hated here and people were. This is normal. And i'm like i'm like the people paying if it if it's a thing right if it's a thing donors need to be paying that show where the fuck you asking on twitter for people who have been jobless this whole fucking year to pay for this transition ask your fucking donors slight can oil companies that make you not want to support the green deal. Ask near fucking the people invested in weapons right that have you. You know being concerned keeping our military well funded. Well you gotta ask ask the police that you love with their big old budget like audio is killing me. The people were like like when they announced that biden had one and they were like. Oh all these like dice. All police officer crying in his car. And i'm i'm still feeling like why are cops scare light and love cops. Like why are you. I go there. I love us like somehow the vote. so much. is that when bernie ran. They were like this big scary socialist like like the liberal pundits. Were like if we have bernie run. He's gonna lose because they gonna. You know use scare tactics on people and have everybody. Everybody believed that. He hates capitalism. And that america's going to become socialist america and so that that's why bernie didn't run right and so then the ain't the should end up having to biden. That's why that's one of the big reason people say he lost florida because trump let a misinformation campaign in in florida particularly in the latter necks areas. And they had them believe that like biden. Was this big scary like communists right and people eat it up right. That's what you had all the latter next to vote for the coupons over there. I don't know about mean i do know why you mexican for for for biden because of religion and white supremacy and religious white supremacy does come on these things are often the same thing and of course by premacy also like anti-black now. There was a poll released. I think he was Npr that said that like there was a big spike in let an xs registering to vote after the black lives. Matter protests took off and that a lot of them are big majority of them. Were and the republican party in the republican party and this is for sure and this is like the thing i hate about you bitches. The voting bitches that are like everyone go vote. And that's all you can say go. Vote got tell them for who bitch like. What do you mean like all these celebrities though. Okay for who. I need to know who the fuck you're voting for and it's like just reminding republicans do a lot of people think like if i register all these like let next folks to vote. That means they're automatically not gonna vote republican and you people need to stop lying to yourself like just because you're are from marginalized group doesn't mean anything like when you're registering people to vote. Vote you need to actually be having conversations with people about the things not just like. Oh go vote everyone make your voice heard. Oh okay and like in. What direction are you leaning people. Are you just telling people. Vote like like this celebrity. Just told me to make my voice. Heard and i really actually hate people of color. Slamming my voice heard until my politicians. That's exactly what it is. I had all of those like i. I would make a better electoral activist bitch than a lot of you. So because i would actually yeah i'd registered to vote and i have conversations with people and tell them how to vote physically and how because a lot of people don't even know how to vote. You know what i mean like. They've never voted before they don't know what it's going to be on the ballot. They don't know anything. And all you bitches do your activism not only is it like basic shit and wrapped in electoral politics. It's like not even deepen electoral. You're not even doing anything for voter suppression number one but on top of that. All you're doing is screaming. Vote with your little sticker. You're not even saying who you voted for. You're not even saying why you've voted for this person like it's like so lazy it's a lazy and performative to me But yeah a lot of lot. Next people voted for trump than they did in two thousand sixteen. I know specifically no passive. The number of trump's supporters went up even though like the majority apostles a blue. It's always a like a democratic city. Right but i honestly feel that we're if we don't do anything and i'm talking about l. Puzzle specifically you know community more community organizing here like it's going down this lake path to read like the rest of texas because there was a. I don't know the numbers right now but there was a jump in like the people that voted for trump in two thousand sixteen and visibly. Like i've seen it have seen it in person but like the the presence of trump supporters on a pass like i've seen et protests. I've seen it online in. It's scary and yeah it's like still. The majority voted for biden here. But it's still like scary knowing that there's this big right wing presence here and that it's growing you know the only thing i feel for me during this electoral thing years like i honestly thought trump was gonna win but i was like at least we're going to win locally because i'm more invested in local city council and mayor right and in all possible. It's always like white men right. Republican men or white centrist men. That are mayor. There's never been a latina mayor in all pow. So there's been like to latino men in all of opas existence even though again. Our population is like eighty three percent mexican american latin eggs. And we're other border like there has never been like it's always run by white men right and so there was a latina running for mayor and obviously you know. She's not a savior. It's only she was gonna come here and save us and shit. But i was like this is who we need for to go into this right direction right and i was like if trump doesn't if trump wins like at least we're gonna win like locally and it turns out it was like vice versa lake locally it was a hot mess even on city council. There was eventually cops and like pro. Cops dot gov voted in and so now for me. I guess having hoping if hope is the right word but it's like i don't know i just feel like once dependent is over and hopefully it ends soon. It's going to end tomorrow. Obviously but we need to fuck fucking organize like that's all this has said to me especially for me locally like even though trump let's say trump leaves biden takes off his like trump left behind a lot of these radical racist fucking ideals. They're not just going to go away. These people are still going to be around. They're still going to be wearing the fucking magazine that they're still going to be. They're going to be angry. You know what. I mean like trump won and even though they're online saying oh even though we lost we didn't burn down the city and it's like no you don't burn down cities you kill people and you incite violence like it's a different kind of violence. But you're still violent and that's not going to go with kyle in house. What his name. Yeah he should run for president hades a hero radicalising young especially young white men. Little getting those out here like is not going to go away and it's scary that like i don't we can't let people go back to like it's fine. Everything's fine because it's just what's going to happen in four years. You know what i mean. Someone's gonna come. That's worse trump. They're going to they're going to prop somebody else up together to to get revenge and you know like we don't know and it's like we can't let people go back to like complacency and like being content and being like oh it's fine everything fine now and it's like no it's not it's not fine. We need to keep the momentum going. You know what i mean so. That's the only thing that i feel like. I've i'm taking away from the results of of all the shit. I honestly think our fights get a lot harder straight up like controversial yet brave. I think that people are gonna get really complacent and we're already seeing like where already seen people being like the finest almost over like some. We're not even aware that trump hasn't conceded already like you know know we won that day and it's like the thing about liberalism is that it makes these social problems. It still perpetuates him in a more sinister away right so unfortunately like things might still are still going to be bad on the low and i'm afraid that people are not going to gather in the same way they did against trump right and and at the end of the day like these white supremacists are still around right like an because trump already planted the seed of doubt. They are still going to be with like biden. Didn't you know he stole the election or something like that right like. There's a lot of this already. A movement of vat of people believing that this was raised in biden's fever and they're gonna continue to question the legitimacy of his presidency. And that's not gonna go way. Right these white supremacists kids right are go be here like the platforms that breed all these white supremacists like insulting men or whatever these groups but the often mingle with one another like. That's not going to go away. Like twenty twenty was the year with the fewest school shootings. And guess what weather is because nobody was able to fucking school right like that was one headline that are renard recently saw. It was like so fucking shocking gun. Violence is not going to go away as joe biden is in here so like what are doing like enough with this like liberal style type of quote unquote activism. That is just for showmanship. Like the women's march right like they every time people are like the women's marches like fighting for a writer. I always i always adopted in the women particularly since white. Women are getting my ass. About how like. You don't know what it's like to need a women's march like this is us for our rights blah blah blah. And then my head. I was like yeah. It's a bunch of white women like fighting for the rights to oppress their people like because that's what it ended up being right like because obviously there was no positive impact for that because more white women voted trump to stem around. So what the fuck are people gathering about right. I'm honestly not hopeful. Unrelieved that trump lost. But i am not hopeful and i think those are two the two emotions that i've been wrestling with lately on top of like realizing we're not realizing but being affected by your now my third close friend. That has gotten kobe did. This is not going to end all of a sudden or this bigotry anti-science rhetoric and conservatism and liberalism. It's only gonna get worse for sure. And it's a while to think. Because i mean you know we go back to like white. Supremacy has always existed all of these this violence everything has always existed. It was just amplified. I think with trump. But i hated you know when people are like. He's the worst president we've ever had. I'm like really is the worse than worse when the before. There's like little okay. You know what i mean like. I think it's still even though it's always existed. I think he brought it to the to a lot of people's like you know that acted like it didn't exist for some reason but it still amazes me how much he was able to two and four years mike dot those seed were always planted not mean but like the way that the like in four years like everything was able to just change so dramatically is scary and it sucks because even though he was able to do all that and for years. It's gonna take even longer to undo it. We're not just talking about for years. We're talking about the whole history of the us. We can't do it that. The united states has never acknowledged any of the shit as much as they say they have like. Let's say for example. Slavery liguori reparations for slavery like we haven't even had no one in the government has even wanted to have that conversation the united states just doesn't want there's nothing to expect that's why we burn it all needs to come down. You know when we're talking about you know we were talking about like the supreme court and everyone's like expand the supreme court and i'm like no abolish the supreme court like language fucking matters like let's talk about if it came down to it. Yeah like if it came down to it for example. Yeah sure okay. Like if this thing that the democrats are not going to expand shit even if they could they just say shit to league people on twitter's let people into the democrats are gonna. They're gonna do this and they're going to do that. And when it comes down to it. The democrats don't do shit so even if they could they expand it but let's say there was an opportunity to expand it. Would i oppose that. No obviously not right but that shouldn't be the goal. The goal shouldn't be to expand it. It should be to like fucking get rid of it. Why why does why does everybody's rights rely and rest on like what is it nine. I don't even know nine fucking one of them dies and elected or another artist chosen anointed. They're like essentially knighted. They're like the president's like you know arthur's chorus vanish fucking Fucking monarchy essentially right just elect by the president and we never get a choice and it's like a life long thing it's not even like four years like it's like you're in that shit for fucking life and we have to wait into one of you bitches dies so i why are we expanding this like what it should like. No we need it to go. All of it needs to go. But when we're talking about supreme court he needs to go like. Why did everyone go into a panic. Win russa whatever. What's her name. Hate that bitch. That's compensation because all the liberals losing their mind like. But what the heat that ruth bader ginsburg who's going to replace my boiler gainsbourg and i'm just like first of all bitch rpg or gene the notorious rb a posting pictures for her with the glove. Shit i'm like trump to. Yeah throw teleglobe on her hand bad bitch and i'm just like girl you bitch is like let's talk about that because look i don't even know where to start because let's talk to was what eighty nine. Why does an eighty nine year old. Have this high power position when that woman was barely making it up and down those stairs they was. It was a known record that she would fall asleep during hearings and people were just supposed to ignore it is. This is not even trying to be funny. This fax. why does eighty nine almost ninety. Basically all ninety live a century essentially. Why does she have such a high powered job. Why didn't she pass it on under a liberal president. If she really gave a fuck she had an opportunity obama on it or replace her he was like hey girl. You're like you're about to die. Yo and she was like well. People were like that. They would have prove that they wouldn't approve obama's recommendation and it's true they wouldn't have right the republicans they didn't think they turned down or like they. Let's say they wouldn't have rate because everyone has to agree and shit but it's like it's it's like even the fact that she didn't want to she specifically said there was something that i quoted where she specifically with a now like they're going to have to deal with me die eagles. Because that's what that is to me. That means you don't care that you'd rather it's like this power trip that you have like. I'm going to be here fucking diane. You're not going to get rid of me versus lake thinking like. Hey maybe i've been doing this for fucking long time. Maybe i should step down and let someone else. You know what i mean like but you want to know the kicker. I really think that bitch thought hillary clinton was gonna get nominated and she was like let me my fellow by sonam fellow. I bitch like primary replacement instead of this black man no no absolutely and and then there was a lot of things that she did that. We're so anti-indigenous. They were so shoes she you know what she said about. Colin kaepernick cafe recanted. There was like a outcry she we can't set it. She said that respect for there was no space for that like shut. It was stupid. She straight up said it stupid and then was indigenous folks like she essentially ruled against a. I think it wasn't oklahoma. I forget where but people wonderland back and she was like nope. Fuck this and this was one of many like i. don't i didn't ending. We're going to touch on her. If not cutting just been such a long recorded that i forgot that was mad about you can look up. Yeah she's done a lot of fucking shady shit of like all her time. There was never like a black assistant or block staff member and yet her in her staff like in how many decade along she fucking there. That's a problem with idle. Trillion like liberalism leads to idle treat. I've been saying this for years now on even made a video body when it came to. Afc when liberalism tells you like. Oh look at this like you know you know strong female like who got into the supreme court you know even shed to fight for it in the sixties they create this idol so that whenever they may do some like real fucked up shit you can't judge them because they are untouchable because she's the the longest reigning female supreme court justice. People have to wake up to that. Because that's what's going to happen with. Kamala harris people are going to be like sheets of first vice president president. How dare you come at her. Your headline here. Misogyny has your headline content asian and so forth. Like no bitch like shirley. I'm not saying that. Some people might hide their critiques behind those bigger trees but not all of those critiques are coming from that space right especially when they come from from folks who share her identity right like people need to wake up to the fact that like liberalism and his idol tree like that is part of the problem too because that makes you afraid to critique liberal story the end up getting away with everything they almost lost this shit the almost losses fucking election and they did lose a lot of seats in the house of representatives. That isn't as like Control as it used to be so like it is a signifier of this loss of control at the liberals are having right because they are essentially become light republicans or they've always been light republicans but people are not falling for their shit anymore so instead of blaming again. Non voters and third party voters. You know blame. The democratic party like people are tired of this shit. They're not there's a lot of us who are nyc half of me. I'm not gonna lie like before the election like a few days. Like i was like fuck it. I'll just over biden like you know. I'll suck it up this time and you know i'll fuck and do what we all but just saying i have too much pride. Whatever i'll swallow my pride. And i'm like i can't i can't and it's not even the same thing is just like i can't. I don't believe in like it's not even that. I like biden. Biden's a ship but for me it was more like. Why am i gonna keep giving my vote to the democratic party. Who like i kept thinking about how they haven't done shit and these four years they haven't done shit for us. They haven't stood up to trump. They didn't do anything to stop him. They barely wanted to impeach him barely and they barely did anything about that like if the democratic party actually did something that i was like. You know piece of shit but you know. They did this or they tried to do that. Or they implemented this than it would be easier to be like okay. I don't like you. But i'll have whatever but when like they haven't shit these last four years to stop anything that the trump administration has because even if like let's say they couldn't stop him they didn't even try and especially during this pandemic. What have they done aside from like ask for money from us during this pandemic. they didn't even you know what i like. They're on vacation right now. They they be without a reset like a bill to help folks during like right now. It's been like what nine months of co bid people have been out of work. No relief set for that one check. They expect they expect shitty officer over grand for nine months or whatever. Yeah so i just couldn't. I just couldn't i'm done. You know what i mean. I don't need to tell anyone why. I i don't know anyone in fuck an explanation but i'm being real right now about that. It did cross my mind. But i was like i can my guy just as like i said it's not even this ego thing and i think a lot of people feel that way a lot of people you know have different reasons for voting and her but a lot of people are just disillusioned with the like the we see the democratic party. For what they've fucking truly are very exhausting. I you know. I didn't vote for him at the same time it has to. We have to clarify cause bitches are going to be i. I didn't vote for anybody i did. I just left it blank. I didn't vote. I couldn't fuck with. Joe biden vogue democratic party. I voted locally. Of course i voted for mayor for city council. Like i you know. I vote i just. I'm not lake. How's it going to touch back on what you said about idolizing people. Because you know i was talking about. I was telling people to vote for the candidate who was running for mayor here and all that i voted for. Who's going to be the first nothing mayor. And it wasn't because i was like. Oh she's latina gotta support her. Because whenever there was the last meryl election there was a lot running and identify over her. She was trash. So it's not. Because she's like latino that i was probably in its because i felt like she was the best choice you know but even then i like a lot of people were propping her up as a you know someone who's gonna come in and save us and if she comes in then everything's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be great. And i started thinking like if she were to win and say she implemented something that was wrong for the community or she did something that i felt. We had to respond to whether protests are going to speak city council etc like what people critique her you know what i mean would people actually stand up to her and say. Hey this isn't cool or we have a problem with this or would they be like oh you know she's she's a friend like she's quote. We know her like she's you know what i mean because of like it was like this thing of the way that people were like kind of positioning her as this like does that make sense. And so that thing. Yeah and so exactly and so. That was a thing in the back of my mind. Always in it sucks. Set that that's the thing you know like. I think we need to look at elected officials as like people. They're not our friends even if you know them personally as mayor as a city council representative et cetera. There not your friend. They are there to serve you. You know what i mean. They're not they're you know to idolize and to whatever it's like you if you're in that position like a to open to critique i mean it's there shouldn't be presidents and mayors anyway but we're both like they. They're not celebrities. They're not even. We can talk about celebrity culture. Or whatever minus. Maya but there's like there's no reason to fucking idolize politicians because you know at the end of the day they're not for you. They're not your friend. Not your savior. Even of bernie would have won. Even the best candidate that you thought was the best would have won like they're still not going to save you. You still need to do work. You still need to fight them. Maybe even so. I want to see people as far as politics. Go as i've always kept real withdrawal like e when it comes to tra- politics like i know that it's fox. I also know that it can be helpful right. It can help like make the fight. Not as hard when it comes to voting. I always say like you have to approach voting. If you are in a fight because we are and you get to pick your opponent. What opponent can you be right. Who do you think you will be able to take on for the next five years right. Who will be hooking community. Take on and if you and you have to have an answer for that right. That is the politicians opponents so always pick one that you know who you who's asked you can politically beat. So that is to say that. I also didn't overt joe biden. I voted for gloria riva. Who is the socialist party and just to clarify as well like we. Both don't live swing states right there is. There is no possibility of joe biden winning taxes. There was no possibility of trump winning california. So 'cause every time posted like now with always been as always been transparent factored. I'm knocking wasn't never gonna overriden right and in every time people come sideways at me. I'm just like i don't see you in like you know trump voters common sections or whatever like you know going your tweets was the last time you treated a trump supporter like. You didn't let you came to tweet at me. And non voters because he finds an easy target. But you just waste your time. Because i live in california where may vote for biden would have done jack shit. I wouldn't everything else for example in. La county the big fight here was to get The da Jackie lacey out of office right because she had been complicit in a lot of the Police brutality cases around here right so we succeeded in getting her out of office and now black lives matter l. as working with the current. Want to see you know what they're going to implement and sure like that is not a step towards defunding. The police being fucking realistic. But it's also not living under the same fuck in the past year. That had really committed a lot of violence in this area right So shit like that. She like that is why so. Yep and you know as we've mentioned before like we're not here to shame people who didn't vote or we're just talking about our our thoughts our thoughts on cova. No art are you know. Stop never gonna let that go on there. Team probably unfollowed keeping issue. We were having a live. And somebody who's like thoughts on co ed and that is a crack the fucked up and just became a being. Jackie lacey wasn't the chinese. She was the attorney general of colleague. County we're not. we're just i mean. Obviously you know me and reuben are just talking about how we voted or what we voting. If you didn't vote of yoda dart. Third party of you voted for biden. We don't give a shit for obviously fuck you but obviously we're not here to shame people for everywhere not we've never told people to vote or not to vote. We've just talked about how we feel about it and been critical of it But for now you know all we've what we've been saying as what we care about is what are we going to do. Or what have what have we been doing of. If you haven't been involved now is a good time. And obviously i think you know. Let's be real with the pandemic. It's hard to organize. They think for a lot of reasons. Like you can't really meet in person and zoom calls or so fucking exhausting and a lot of mutual aid has been happening like organizing still happening. Don't get me wrong. I just feel like it's been hard for a lot of people you know. People have been of work. I can't really do much. I've been you know at home with my child like depression anxiety. There's like some happening. You know what. I mean if you can get involved somehow all-weather obviously that's like virtually By sharing mutual aid Lee-ing sergo funnies van moser sharing whatever after the pandemic like it's just like about getting involved regardless of you voted or didn't voter if he voted for biden or not so. Yeah we put out a call out for different mutual aid projects of because people at one of the things that people are always ask. Because like how can i help. Like how do i get involved. And it's like our responded. Always let you know. Look for your local community organizations and you know look for grassroots people. He can support Because i know that's definitely how i started getting involved. So did you right. it's always on a local level. I and so we asked people from different communities to to reach out to if they work a different grassroots organization and the first one that i want to bring up is nor struck the era which is people focused mission to ensure that border communities have better access to the outdoors and their history They do that through education advocacy and empowerment and that is in new mexico and that is westbound the you can reach them as west ratty dot org. There's also dig me that oh blah workers dignity. A wishes based in nashville tennessee and the are a working class led organization that Fight for workers rights in Nashville tennessee and you can reach them at the are all over the internet but their website is workers dignity dot org. There's a mutual aid fund in virginia Called the prince william county eight fun and the ark Community led service seeks to connect those in need to people who can lend them a helping hand. Mission is to provide material aid for those in need in the prince. William county that in virginia. And yeah you can reach them and their site which is p. wc slash mutual aid dot. Get out get hub dot i o. That's p c. dash mutual aid dot. Get hub dot. I oh yeah if you have a mutual aid project the you want us to shut out a return to us and you know we'll we'll put it out there for folks right and we're hoping not so much for the big cities because honestly in big cities like in la like noble. Should've you put like on the google search or on fucking instagram. Be like you know. Immigrants rights los angeles. Like you would find at least five of them. But it's i think it's a lot harder for the smaller cities right or like the forgotten pockets in throughout the world so if you belong to one of those smaller pockets and you wanna shout You know reach out to us or if you're one of the only oregon area that deals with very specific problem That you think folks would be interested in Reach out to us. And we'll give you show yes and so with that. I think we'll wrap it up here. We talked about. We dropped a lot of shit on your on. Covert and the election and the supreme core. Like fucking everything we had like. Not even this happened at the beginning of this month. We'll be conceived and born in this time. Oh my gosh yeah Not to baby just been pregnant during this whole pandemic like i can't even imagine stress than two. Yeah but on a much lighter note and so is between miley cyrus technically and so a year. So maybe ask me. Why came down to miami. Sorry children 'cause i'm a fucking sin. Yoda because the only thing. I've been doing this whole situation with kovas watchi- novellas from the nineties. I grew up on and you know like there's always like theme song and I was watching recently muddy sola just finished and so the theme song was seo's marei. I think it's what am i see but anyway just a lot of nostalgia. I started listening to legal issues. Also experience your is one of my favorite songs ever period. And so i was like. Let's just fucking plan and that a church has knock really know why would turn to. They were like yeah. This about coming is meant for church. Like oh my got owing so funny i. I showed my playlist. That i made because i i may dislike. Alzheimer's also made playlist with antigua alejandro hernandez bronco even girl. Kobe has before. But anyway i showed it to my friends and i was like this is what i've been listening to and my friends league. Oh has. Kobe major religious. Because you've never heard this. This song expanded exponentially the hillside. By and i was like i was like. Yeah it's about how holy placebos or some shit like that. But she believed me. She's like. Oh i'm gonna listen to report. Yeah that's new phone support but it's definitely it's definitely not a religious long about god but Yeah it's a good song. I'm sorry it's so fucking good. Moves mean like i love it even though that list i cook with it but anyway that's why i was gonna come down between and we ignore these are y'all wanted to list colonizer this bitch and we pick this bitch for now. You can't count. This is this was Cassandra's coverted speaking so council. Please yeah i'm not okay. I'm literally she's literally not okay. Trust her and so it's like. I don't even know what it's like to going to say. Oh yeah that reminds me. If you by the time we get the next episode we will have merch probably and if you're a patriot fan. You're gonna get first dibs. Everything is limited applies. Because this is the way the cookie combos. I can't even say that cute cookie. Cookie crumbles kamala. We'll get crumble. So there's limited supply. Supplies lasts where like a sham. While only here when you have us but we finally have verge homey so if you're if you're a patron of your throne yes we're i'm not being biased. Just so cute and our our patriots have seen and they helped us with like the design mccullers and stuff so we definitely listen to you. You know your feedback but there's some stuff y'all haven't seen it's super gay and cute and it's just somewhere else. Wow i haven't been all right anyway. So keep an eye out for that billion set expended experience. That's gonna be vacated name. This episode cassandra house. Even though i think that's i h you. It's so like you know in the office when they do that thing for kelly and then dwight potatoes. It is your birthday like. That's what that reminds. Cassandra has nothing period. It's a statement of fact no pazner forehead and it's like one of them says like joe meek. That's all races. But i look i a out of a sudden. I'm sorry. what did they tell. Million michael scottish. Mlk like she experienced race him. Okay okay nothing I don't know shit about other than he's not tino even though we fed him. This isn't a conversation for another day. But i thought everyone was mexican. I thought everyone who sang in spanish mexican away. So i thought this bitch was got even know what stainless i don't know i didn't know i didn't paso with i was it was it. That's all i knew i don't. I don't think i had a confidence that anyway. Yeah we are going to play to honor hispanic heritage month hispanic heritage month. We played for you on the summer. How dare you refer to i. She threw she threw the first apple at the grave strike. Okay okay. I can breathe now so we are well end to give them all right. Y'all thank you for joining us Remembered a book us at booking. The browns podcasts dot com so we can do zoom events at yale university and yeah follows share tweet us how much you love us and that we attach a link to the episode or take care. Stay at home if you can. Yes and much left to all the essential workers me wishes send me wishes and her little bear. Brian let her know in your diary and just be whispered to the spirits. Yes we partner to protect us okay. Took over our twitter. Cancel her call out to cove it for infecting my friend. Cassandra all right. You're cancelled bitch. Days are done. Okay bye before we go. I do want to give a shoutout to our. I know her level patrons. Thank you so much supporting us. And that would be you lisa. Yes mean vincent vanessa. g. Valentina volunteer are sarah. Sandra be ronnie l. Natasha be nancy. M miguel be marisol l. magdalena beth k. linda. Marie layla g. r. kimberly cutting. See joel m josselin de gen- a yes are jecklin a befell dot m. Jonah are eddie. Got a central p cressey. Jay glad up he ca- thunder g bianca. Any alana f aims t n. I got e d and at anya. Alright jaw yard the past of so much for supporting us. All right take care mama.

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