Guest Co-Host Ellen DeGeneres! Plus Jennifer Garner, Dakota Johnson, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling


Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. We talk about Jennifer garner and all of her chickens. Dakota Johnson sets the record straight about her pregnancy rumors. The one and only Britney Spears makes a special announcement. Ryan Gosling is Ryan, Dustin and Ellen is here. Tastic welcome everybody. I'm Ed glavin I'm Mary Connolly. I'm Andy last year. Your host once again, an aunt drew again, the lies. When will the lie to stack is it looks like it's reviews. Oh, say reviews. Okay, that's just today. Absolutely loved this podcast. In fact, I will listen to the same ones over and over until the next one comes out dynamic between the executive producers is fantastic. Not to mention entertaining, love it. This is Laurie last ner. This is exactly right. Gory for that. Donald Trump has delivered to him every day. Good news gimme the positive reviews, Shawna, Berman. So thank you Sean Burke, you Sean Marietta. Stacey sealer feel about us. That was fantastic. My husband and I get through the whole thing. I really appreciate rather someone laugh and giggle. I mean, giggled to me is great. Give me a giggle once in a while, but I wanna laugh on l.. L.. You host a show and we host the. We start with a giggle and work our way to. All right. You know, people do ask me a lot of now that you're sitting here, people constantly go. Do you guys actually have fun all day? Do laugh all day or is it just and we genuinely do like we were really hard and we laugh a lot that's like working with Ellen is funny and fun as you would think it is six. You just say, thank you Andy for saying that. Yeah, that's we do and make I laugh every single day to. It's a very happy atmosphere. Monica strong says, Ellen podcast is amazing. I'm always missing her show. Why Monica can't you DVR it. Why I'm always missing her show in. This is a great way I can listen while working or doing whatever else I'm doing. Seems like Ellen should send Monica a DVR. Yeah, Monica strong. I'm gonna send you something so you can. All right, wonderful. These are a lot of good revere. These executive producers are hysterical, I'm telling you, I would never written a review on a podcast, but I have to say this is probably my favorite. I work all day and never get to see Ellen. What is wrong with people working in, not watching the show. Well, that's why we have this for them. So because we run all the clips from your show and people get to, yeah, you know, and then they can go. And we also tell them to go to Ellen tube where they can watch it. Ellen recommend a podcast that you love. Well, I just finished Dr. Death, Dr. Death is on one very, yeah, Dr death is is it was number one. I don't know where it is right now, but it's frightening is what it is. It's a neurosurgeon who should not have been operating on people ever and got away with it for years and years. And fortunately to other doctors got involved and chased him down and and but it's it's, it's frightening and on episode five, I have really bad. They made dirty John into a scripted television event. We probably Connie Britton coming up for it and we have the trailer trailer. It's going to be on Bravo, I think. And it's it's Connie Britton and Eric Bana. It looks unbelievable and Eric von, as we know the ending television. Meaning series. It's like a mini series. Titanic, and it looks so good. That what used to be? It wasn't a TV show on looks exactly like how I pictured the guy when I was listening to the podcast. If you haven't seen the podcast dirty if you haven't listened to the podcast thirty, John, please do so really. Really. Yeah. Can we talk for a minute about Jennifer garner? Yes. Sweetest sweetest girl in the world and funny and natural and named a chicken and she and she has chickens. L. Linda hetero named it. Talk about your chickens because I know you have chickens and I'm, I'm obsessed with the fact that, well, I wanna get chickens and some people say that attracts predators and rats and snakes and stuff like that. Have you found that your chickens have attracted things? I have not had that experience, but I also might chicken coop is like Fort Knox. There's wire under it. There's wire around the run. There's no, I would put wire around the chickens. I would completely. I would put them in one of those balls that they just kind of go in. No, I would have the wire under it on top. It. But every that doesn't attract rats, we have not. I have not had that experience. Okay, good. Okay. So I should get chickens. You should get chickens. They're still fun there. They're such nice pets. Yes, held. They get mad at each other. Why are they mad or are they fighting? Well, we had a flock of seven and then Regina George rest in peace. Just for random reads, which one is Regina George? Oh, well, she wasn't there. She was gone. She didn't make his Adly to her first birthday that was their day. So she had gone to this. You can see this guy. All right, so so anyway, with six chickens, we got seven new ones. Babies babies, yeah. The day after they hatch, they come in the mail. You go to the post office and the you say, I'm here to pick up chicks and you here in the back. They come in the mail? Yes. Wow there. Yes. Then ten of her. They make it through the mail. They make it through the mail. Their happiest can be. Oh, yes, sure. They're, they're thrilled. All right, so, and so what they're their stamped and just tossed in with the, you know, with like the express mail their hand, carefully everyone's excited when their baby chicks. Okay. Yeah. So I feel like it's pretty good. Okay. Good. So wait. So the big chickens are attacking the little chicks. Unfortunately, yes, Martha Stewart told me just namedrop Martha Stewart. But she did. She told me herself to keep them separated for as long as possible. So I did. And then the new chicks were really ready to be. I mean, I think they're thinking about laying eggs, and I don't want them to be like oracle in worse where the nests, you know, you don't know. So we, we decided to introduce them and our captain hook, one of our older chickens with not nice, and she started trying to attack and kill the new chicken specifically Hannover. And so we got a small coup to protect the new one. Yes. And I finally said to captain hook, look here girl. You have got to shape up. Earth's going to be solitary isolation. Right? And they're all going to be having the run of the coupe and watching you in here, right? Yeah. Yeah. And did she shape up? No, not yet. Okay. Are you glad you? I am. I am too more chicken names coming up. I, it's going to be Oprah Frey and Ellen behaviorists. Oh, that's good from the baby checks. Good. All right. That's a door will take care of them, of course. Okay. I don't want anything to happen to know. Captain hook will not get a hold the island. All right, good. You can get more of Ellen on the Ellen Degeneres show weekdays. Yeah, and I learned that I don't want chickens after she told me how often she has to clean that that cage because they, they tend to have droppings and I don't want to have to clean more than I clean litter all the time. I mean, cat litter is enough. I don't need to chicken cleaning cat litter. I'm cleaning cat litter. Like when I'm home like three times a day because I don't like it to be. I have two boxes because we have three cats, so I don't want them to have to because that's. Oh, yeah, no more chickens. Hi, I'm Mary Conley. Executive producer of the Ellen Degeneres show. It's important. You know this to support artists in developing countries, right? 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And wearable accessories, customer favorites, include a hand painted mug from Tunisia knows glass holders from India and pure argon, oil from Morocco, get a set of two free wine glasses with your premium artisan box obstruction by going to globe in dot com slash box and enter coupon code. Go Ellen. That's globe in dot com. Slash box coupon code go Ellen. That's g. l. o. b. I n. dot com slash box. Do you think tonight you'll talk to Porsche about the podcast and how much fun that was. She's going to ask me about it. Yeah, she's well. She's been asking me if I'm going to be on it because she listens to it and she. So she said, when will you be on? And I said, I, they haven't asked me, but I'll see. And then when. Line. Now, here's the thing. The only exception to the Halloween show being the highest rated show of the season between the top of the season and twelve days is Porsche to Rossy as our lead guest. Yes, that's worship as our lead was the highest rated show that year of all shows including Halloween show. Well, yeah, and she doesn't enjoy doing talk shows even with me night. She doesn't like she's married to. Doesn't like doing. Talk shows no Shans yet those a lovely talk show is, is a terrific talk. Yes, she's gotten better because shouldn't have anything to promote anymore. Like when she was an actress, she just hated it because she thought she had to have funny stories. I hope our listeners know about general public because Porsche Dorsey has started an unbelievable company where they take real artists and reproduce their paintings exactly with a technology that I don't understand. It's on canvas. You can feel the paint and I have six pieces in my house at this amazing. It's it's an absolutely amazing idea. And it came from her brain. She takes its doing ration- hardware at all. Our h, yes, restoration hardware, all's all stores and online. They just got another order for five hundred pieces. I mean, they're, they're just selling out like crazy. But what she did is like a rich housewife soon I not going to need us. She did was she just decided because we love our. It and we collect art, and there's so many good artists out there and it's such a racket because you know, unless you represented by a gallery, it's kind of the same thing as as being an actor and not having the right agent like it's really hard to get your workout there. If you don't have a gallery representing you. So she just started this company called general public where artists will submit their pieces and instead of they're having one piece of art sold for whatever it is two thousand dollars or whatever they would sell it for she scans it, she buys it, she sends it back to them and then they can sell that one. And then they get royalties for each one that she sells at restaurant hardware. So they get mailbox says scans that we're talking about like twenty twenty four th century technology the future, can you touch that and you touch the, you can't tell the difference because of the texture. But I want to say that all women artists, especially women are as that don't get represented by galleries. So there's a lot of amazing people from all over the world that that she's representing that. That get work now and money, and these are, you know, incredible artists, and they just don't have another venue and they're selling out like crazy. So anyway, not bragging piece hanging in my home. Yeah. How many have now. I just bought two more on Friday and they got delivered on Friday. That's amazing. I love him. Credible. Yeah. No, I bought him a lorry was in a hurry. So we went right to portion Porsche, took him off the wall, general public and then had him brought to my house. So. Cool. You're having a party? Yes. Well, yes, lorries were hosting a bunch of school. Parents don't tell me how I. What's I know? It's open house parents for the parents at the school. Was there. So the coda Johnson was here, you know, or from the fifty shades of grey and has a new film has a new film where she what about before. The different. Okay. What about instantly calling out for being pregnant? Well, here's the morning. The morning of her appearance is broken on the news that perhaps she and Chris Martin are having a baby, and perhaps it's a boy. And so Dakota made her entrance onto the show in a beautiful white skirt, those kind of short and you know snug. And when she sat down, I believe what else said to her was that's mighty tight skirt for someone who is pregnant. And she says, she's not pregnant so fun. It wasn't a party. It was a birthday party that apparently I was not invited to. Because she was all over your party drinking, all your alcohol, eating, a lot of your food remembered going, oh, there's, there's Johnson began eating eating food. Then I said, there's no way she had a party and didn't invite Ellen. She comes on the show. We ask her guess what? She had a party and didn't invite well, and, but she also said that she hadn't been directly invited to Ellen's parts. She came with Chris Martin, I would have invited her had a now. I do have a number and she has my number. So she had no excuse. It's good to see you. Dakota. You look fantastic. Did you try that on before you of? Do you want a blanket or anything. Hey. Here. I just let's put that right there. I have. And I'm this crazy fake tattoo on my arm, and I didn't know that it was going to show in the outfit. It does. The least of your concern right now is that is that tattoo? Yeah, let's just put some more. Does that? I feel good. All right, good. That is a mighty tight outfit for someone who's pregnant. I mean, you. See the don't even know you. Well, well, well, this is Thursday, but Monday it came out that you were pregnant, and so I'm just saying, how's that going? Well. I'm the only thing I'm pregnant with his a lot of really good ideas. Yeah, you're pregnant with a lot of good ideas but not any babies. No. So what happened was, I guess someone saw a party. Yeah. Well, it was my birthday. Yeah. Have you balloons that happens to be pink and blue. And so then I was pregnant? Yeah. Because they assumed when the balloons were released that it was a reveal like a gender reveal. Yeah, but but the I, yeah, that's what happened. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. I. I didn't know that the balloons were gonna be released. They were just in like an arch, but I guess that accidentally happened. One of the ends just got let go. Yeah, because I didn't think released balloons. I just don't think they're going to release blues, but and then the so that didn't believe that. But then they thought that it was a reveal. So yeah, but no, but a lot of people congratulated me. So now maybe you want to get pregnant because you get so much attention a lot of within. Yeah, that's really good. Just having it be my birthday. Yeah. So what was it just a party at the house because I couldn't make it. But what what happened? Other thing is that now I had to be like it was just my birthday and then all the people that I didn't invite to my. I mean, I invited you to mind and you came to mind. Yeah. Well, I think I kind of crashed your birthday party. I just came. I knew Andy, I knew you aren't Gandhi. I knew you'd be with him. I didn't have your number at the time which is why invited him, and I knew he'd bring you, but now I have your number and I'll call you directly. And now you have my number so you could have called invited. I didn't invite anybody. I didn't really on. Oh, it was a surprise. But it was no, it wasn't a surprise. Was not. Andy, if I wanted to get more than where would I, where would I get more Ellen. Good. Question Ed you can get more of l. in on the Ellen Degeneres, show weekdays, Mary Casio personal question. Absolutely. Are you looking for beautiful well-crafted furniture with the Scandinavian, simplicity? How did you know? I just can tell I've been to your house and I could tell that might be what you're looking for article is online because you can't be happy with what you have. No, I think it was. I think it was set your think it would fit in with your decor. And yes, static is very Scandinavian article is awesome. It's an online only furniture company that by eliminating the layers of traditional retail you normally have to go through. It's able to keep its prices insanely low and the quality very high. I'm literally looking at their website as we speak right now and near is a beautiful leather sofa. A price, like half of what I've been seeing out there. Well, here's what cool weather. Here's what they're able to do. There's no showrooms. Okay. No sales people so that what what does that translate into just savings? Fantastic. I mean, I'm looking at this Luna lounge chair, which I think is cool. They have these walnut dining chairs for under two hundred dollars. This is really a cool website article dot com. Yeah, and they're also I know like you're thinking who wants to buy furniture online because you've got to pay four thousand dollars for shipping. Exactly. They're serious about shipping no matter how many items every order ship a flat rate for nine bucks. So if you need some help, getting things set up article has options for in room delivery and for assembly assistance. I enjoy. I enjoy assembly assistant. And if they have the item in stock, you can get it in two weeks or less just fantastic. I hate when I order something I'm really excited about and then they say, great, we got your order. It'll be there in six weeks furniture is the worst of how long it contained stock items as Kevin just said two weeks or less, and they have the the the, they have the best customer service in the business. They're all about the customer coming first with a thirty day return policy. I, I'm pretty sure that's honestly the best customer service in the biz. Yeah. So let's say you get yourself like a flirt table. Then. No, I'm looking at the bird. Is he's doing his Kia bit. And it doesn't come with an Allen tell you. I'm telling you I'm looking at this stuff. It's really nice at just drop the mic. There's this awesome lamp for ninety. Nine dollars for sixty. Nine dollars article is offering our listeners, fifty dollars off their first purchase of one hundred dollars or more visit article dot com slash Ellen. That's all it takes. Go to article dot com slash Ellen and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. That's article dot com slash l. and to get fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more and I'm telling you, I'm not just saying this. I've been scrolling on this website for most of this pod. I'm looking at six things in my car ready. I'm looking at this and Andy who rarely tells the truth is actually scrolling. I always tell the truth. I can't believe Eleanor left before we started talking about Britney Spears. So now that she has lived, I can be honest about how much I love how much love Ellen Ellen knows how much I love her by try to hide how much I love Britney. You try to hide how much you love because because we all know you love Britney. I think I'm like a crazy. So I think would I think what Ellen doesn't know is that Kevin seems to love Britney more than Ellen now be true. I don't think that I don't think that's true. So Kev darling, give us a little bit about your love for Britney Spears. Well, I've been to Vegas show several several times. You don't wear special shirts or anything. When you go there, you especial shirts every time we go to meet and greet with her one time, which were you nervous? Oh, my gosh. Yeah, I love. I don't even like I hate talking to celebrities. Yeah, an ovoid so nervous. The only one more with Brittany spears. Jesse Ferguson was in line in front of us to meet her. Wait, hold on. So Jesse title Ferguson was in front of you in front of us in the meet and greet right. Talk to her about his bow ties, and she enjoyed that. And then we walk up and someone said, oh, it's Tim's birthday. Can you say happy birthday, Brittany? And she said, happy birthday, Tim, and that was my interaction with Brittany that's test and took a picture and we're on our way. Oh gosh, I love me. Yes, in the shows we, she's insane. Her dancing has gotten so good. She's like, she's fantastic. She made a surprise cameo on our show and she made a cameo now to announce where she, she shows me. She had an announcement to make? Yes. What are you kidding me? It's it's wonderful that you're here. But what are you doing here? I actually have a huge announcement to make new. Yes, I do. Oh, wow. I do. Normally we plan these things I had a time. I'm gonna make an exception. What is your announcement? My announcement is actually that I have an announcement. All right? Yes. Okay. So there's announcement to make an announcement, and what is the announcement of the announcement at? Can't announce the announcement until October eighteen. Oh, you're a bit early. It's weird to say that you're gonna nounce something on October eighteenth. You know what? I'll do. I have an announcement about your announcement. What I'll do is when you make your announcement on October eighteenth, I will let you do it on my YouTube channel. Oh, wow, thank you. Well, yeah, it would be good, right? Yes. I like. Right. It's that simple. It's settled. Britney. Spears will make a big announcement on my YouTube channel on October eighteenth, Brittany spears everybody. It's the first time we've ever done anything like this. We should in sixteen years. It's the first time we've ever had a star on to make an announcement to say that she has an announcement on the only way that it happened. This time is that we have a music producer named Johnny Norman who duped us girls, Johnny to be fair, had an appendicitis attack. And so we, you know, suddenly was like, she's here. She's going to make an announcement that she hasn't announcement. Yes. Now show of hands. Is anyone this room know what the announcement is going to be when she actually makes the announcement I do now, I know what the announcement is going to. I do not know. Wow. I, you know, I did some digging. Yeah. Am I going to say this the I think you're the announcement Mary you, you come in later in labor leader. That's because I get all my work done faster than you get your work done. I know a lot of say. A lot of say, well, what I can tell you when this announcement occurs, it will be a production. The announcement itself will be production on our YouTube channel, and it will be on our YouTube channel. And while I think that the announcement today may have felt like we under liver. The announcement itself is going to be worth the price of at least the audience got something today, right? She announced that there's going to be announcement then. Did she give the audience? I want the audience got to see Britney Spears live in person looking, absolutely beautiful. They were happy and healthy. They were thrilled they were. They were absolutely thrilled. You can get a lot more of that and a lot more of Ellen on Ellen genre show weekdays. We could give our podcast listeners something. Normally you see things on the show I and then like you hear them here I can give you saying I if you guys want Britney Spears at a bedtime story for us. Yes. And for our podcast, listeners will play it for you. Now, are you saying this is a podcast exclusive loose from? Did you just make that unilateral decision? What. Maybe if you could say we don't hear that part. No, that's great. That's don't feel like Elliott should get everything we were. We go into Ellen and brief Ellen right before the show just go over the last changes. Yeah, I go, where's calve? Because Kevin always comes into that briefing and everyone was like, no, no, no, no, no. Don't worry, Kevin is with Britney recording the bedtime story. And I was like, all right. Well, we leave Kevin where he needs to be nicer, Jason Europe, you're coming in. Yup. If Bruce Springsteen never ends up on our show, I'm going to need to help them out with the bedtime story. You got it. So. It's bedtime bitch. The end. With Brittany really familiar with the podcast that she talked to about it to ask me a lot of questions. Yeah, hot cast you hearing that a lot of celebrities are listening. All right. She wasn't the only Mickey Mouse club member we had to day. Why are we glossing over this lossing gloss. Yeah. How about that fact that the two of them are here on the same day lost the other one Ryan Gosling Ryan. Gosling. Was he Britney Spears two original members of the Mickey Mouse club on the Ellen show in the building at the same time? Yeah, pretty cool. Not original members of the Mickey Mouse club? The new Mickey Mouse. Okay. Still pretty the first one. Like a Netflix nutshell. Yeah. Okay. When you think different age group that that think about that class of the Mickey Mouse club, Justin, Timberlake Britney Spears Ryan Gosling JC says a other famous people who I don't really know Christina. No, no, but but like if you're the casting person at Disney who casted is in Timberlake, Ryan, Gosling Britney Spears jaycees show that that's I know that casting guy, Matt Casella is a friend of mine and he was the guy who cast that show. So he says, Kay, Sarah. What did you say? Okay. Do something with Sarah. Really. Well, how about. Wants to be on TV. Let's do with Katie, wants to be on little big shots and keeps asking me why? Why? How can she get on a little bit big talent, unclear, she just wants to be on it. All right. And I tell her to talk to Jamie Shapiro. I'll tell you what's on right, Christina. Aguilera on the Mickey Mouse club. Thank you very much gore. Mary Russell, Matt Cassara, older. Well, and also we had a special guest at our audience for the Ryan Gosling show. Oh, that would be the one and only Laurie last night Lori lasts ner. Andy's wife Lori brought some friends to see the Ryan Gosling show and he anything. He said she was just laughing. Her, and I'm just going to tell you she really loves to clearing you. I really love our last nerve Laurie last nurse hangs. Yeah, hangs the moon. Yeah, that's brace. Well, it's true. So halloween's coming up and I understand like you, this is a very, you love the holiday. I do like so much so that you leave, is this true? They said that you leave the decorations up year round. You don't take Halloween decorations down. What do you have out there right now? Well, you got your stones. You've got a lot of like sneaky skulls. You know what happens on your, which, which is just what's that? What? What about Christmas? I think they, they go well together. I don't think they're mutually exclusive stay. You add Christmas decorations during Christmas, and then you've taken Christmas Christmas, I like spooky things. Yes, but wait till you put them out there for Christmas, and then you take them out, but leave the Halloween. The people in the neighborhood must really be upset by that because it's one thing. There are people who leave Christmas decorations up year round to leave tombstones up year round, and which is in bats is different. The munsters on our blog. I bet you are. I bet you are. So let's talk about you learning how to fly. Did you get your license? Oh, no, no. How far did you get for at all? What did you like this? You know, Neil played Neil Armstrong in this film? I man and and flight was you know, he was Neal was flying before he could drive. So it felt like a something I should learn how to do. Right. And from honest, I thought you always hear about celebrities flying. So I thought, how hard could it be? Celebrities can do liberty. It's gotta be. It's very hard. Yeah. No, yeah. So you learned on like a small like a twin engine thing? Yeah, I'd like a Cessna and. It was the asked me to take it into a stall like a self-imposed stall, and I thought, you know what else is stalled? My interest in flying. So you were, is it your first flight? No, I had taken like says they don't do the stall, like right away. Yeah, they. 'cause they you give a little bit of experience before you tell someone to stall, so you go into a free dive? Yeah. One of my first few lessons we flew over my house and I waved to my kids and I thought I could get used to this. That's fun. Yeah. And then he said, let's put it into a stall and I thought, oh, let's let's land. Then my time learning other things, I'll wait to my kids from the car, Porsche, learn how to fly Porsche learned on a helicopter and he has, yeah, that's I don't even understand the paddles and all that stuff. But yes, she got her. I don't know if she got her license, but she has many, many hours on a helicopter. But yeah, I know very impressive. She's quite something that woman. One thing for listeners before we go, and he's one of those people who will never ask for help himself. He doesn't like the burden anybody. He talked me before the podcast, he'd love our listeners help. He has a sore on his Libya. That's real. Are we talking. Help. And if you have any says, is it something topical cream? I says, not what is looking for in their pockets. That's a stubborn. I mean, he's this is not what they're looking for from the sun or stress, probably fine. Probably subscribed today on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to us right now and don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more Ellen fund. That I could be button realize. James.

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