Joey Mulinaro Joins The Show To Impersonate Joey Mulinaro


They can't run through our ass shit to attend more man and we could not stop. We failed to make our coaching points in our points. More compelling than their fat little girlfriends bid all they know we al. We need more dogs all right. Welcome to unnecessary roughness. Barstools College. Football podcast that continues going even if College Football College Basketball College Baseball College. Everything is shut down for this Godforsaken Corona virus. But guess. What parcel doesn't shut down? Casey Smith is here Jack Magazine here. I- Brain Walker. I am here. Hello Everybody Hi Brandon. Do you like my boat today. I yeah us. I think it's beautiful. I am not a Bogo whatsoever but I decided that I want you to look a cheerleader in high school in Nebraska. Right now. Yeah and you know what I never in my entire life have looked like a cheerleader embracing it. Today I've decided that I got a spice it up somehow even though you guys are the only ones seeing me today. So I'm wearing an animal print Bo wanNA cheerleader. No I wasn't I can't even do a cartwheel. Wow that's always wanted. One one perfect car wheel. My limbs are too long. I just was never any good at it. What did you say no? I just said I wanted to one perfect cartwheel. Is this a reference that I don't understand this and you never get my references got? It's fine You know what at this point honestly? I hope I never get one of your references because it's way funnier office. You know what I've watched it on and off. I've never been a huge a huge office person but I've decided that I'm going to rewatch the entire series during the quarantine. I know that Jack is not an office guy. Because he's just one of those conspiracy theory guys. He only watches like unsolved mysteries or Sopranos and listen to Coast to coast. Am All the fucking time while. I've seen I've seen the office of course. Did you know that reference? I know somebody who didn't know the reference Jelly I'm bringing in the guest right now. His name is and let me get it right. Because I I really don't know Joe Millionaire or Joey. Molinaro earth nailed the first time. Joe Mullen Arrow impressionist extraordinary comedian extraordinary. He's funny as hell and he works at bar so now and he's a big college football fan so I've been wanting to get him on. The quarantine is a great time to do it. Welcome to the show. Staying semantics are having me guys. Incite awesome. Did you talking to Joey. If we're talking to Nick Sabin or poor talking to coach who we talking to you about the ops and we got the bottle you know just in case you have to get into that a little and Yeah I'm always ready to happen anybody or did you get the cartwheel reference of course. New Year's resolution creed run his new resolution. I appreciate it. I'm ashamed I will make sure you know what I will watch that episode as soon as we're done recording just for you brandon no later on. I think that's a later episode like season six or seven so I don't think that's one you need to dive into. I'm going to watch all of them. Kiss guess what time doesn't exist anymore doesn't really fucking matter. I don't know what data is. I don't know what it is and you know what who cares. I don't need to know any of those things you just need to live between seasons two and seasons for to start off with. That's that's the peak. I remember season three being my favorite episodes when I did watch it back in the day. Don't sleep on season one now. Though there's a couple of really good ball and diversity they are both really good but it's just were to get so dry and I'll tell you what I watched. Season one back. Michael is so unlikable later. He was already. He stayed annoying but in the first season he was just unlikable annoying whereas later he got likable annoy. Like it cool. Like that's Okay Casey. You like I wasn't going to say that joke about Jack Two seconds from now anyway. Why are you lashing out at Jack? Although Jack does look like he's watching porn again today I know he's. He's got the whole Jack putting the laptop on your belly. It's not on my belly. Where is it if percent is touch Adelie? Is this better art is there? Is there lotion within three feet of you right now? Mark the fact that he had to look around to is kind of what's alarming. He actually had to check around himself to make. Sure our casts. We're GONNA talk to Joe a little bit about college. Football will do a news segment which will be very brief because not a lot of news out there and we'll do a random player segment and then we'll do the two minute drill the end of the show. That'll be the PODCAST. So minute drill was the what's from the listeners. Today right I'm going to go and I haven't even looked at him. I'm GONNA go peel them off one by one as we go further into the show. So I don't know if it's because I was lazy today or just I thought of this idea last week and neither one of you remembered it and that's that you did. I'm going to be completely honest with you. Is Dead idea to let them submit trivia drill. It's a great idea. There's no way that you said that out loud. I absolutely said that loud joey. Welcome to the show all right. Yeah so you have you before. Barstool you Kinda rose to fame during the impressions and viral videos do videos. You do the interview series with Brian going on estates and everything but you also do the first time. I remember seeing you was. I believe the Thanksgiving episode or the Thanksgiving call between at Orange. Ron and Nick Sabin. Is that one of your first big ones. Yeah so you had Thanksgiving with Sabin Christmas with Sabin and then in between had I think waterboy in coaching between the area and then a couple days after the day of the College Football playoff. I think I did coach. Oh and saving calling other. That's so call him to ask for advice. I remember that one specifically yeah he was kind of call them. Just give him shit though Israel asshole and saving having it. I was kinda premise. The thanksgiving one is the first one. I remember seeing being all right. This guy's got something good and then the fact that you could do more than just nick savings at first I was like. Oh He's a great Nick Sabin and then you can do everybody else too and Brandon and I talked about it around then we were like. We have to get this guy on every single week during college football season. 'cause we can interview whatever coach and now you just happen to work barstools. You don't really have a choice. Yeah just happened to you. Know it's worked out all right so yeah. I'm always down for the coach. Press Conference Caeser. That's my thing but you're not. This isn't just coincidence. That you're doing college football coaches I mean your football fan right. Your Big Golly. Yeah yeah no I mean that's like people talk about an unfortunately obviously we don't have much madness which sucks but to me. Best Time of the year is September to you know New Year's Day when a win college football that that is the first Saturday of what is it Labor Day weekend when you have the college football and it's all on its own knowing. Nfl to worry about the next day that is peak for me so college football big time. So I've seen you wearing some LSU shirts I've seen you wearing some producers which is what usually works well because at noon and then at three thirty in prime time and so I can get them both end but no my wife graduated from purdue. She's cheered for Purdue Humble Brag Got Scenario cheerleader. Humble bragging straight Brag yes. He was a doctor out. She was an affair. But Yeah My my wife was And so then I just kind of fell in love with purdue and then with lsu coach. Oh and everything that I do with these impressions. Everybody down. There has been great. And then obviously I just love Joe Borough and Lsu's just bad ass so my role them it's Nice it's nice to have a squad in the SEC. Right because like rooting for purdue in the big ten who pretty six and six. We're like let's go build six six only gets you so excited so I kind of do with the one of the my favorite things that you wrote and I know you and I have talked about this too. When you introduce yourself to the Barstool world you talked about your love for Lsu. And you're like I don't give a shit if people think I'm a bandwagon fan. I fucking love that because especially in college football. There's a lot of teams shaping who you and who you don't and I understanding a brandon has the t shirt fans that he deals with. And I get that but the fact that you're just like listen. I love Lsu. I don't give a shit. That's I think that's really cool. No I mean it's that's like the best part of it is just being able to like a baby. I just people get worked up about that. I just don't understand like obviously when teams are more prominent. More people are going to be like. Oh Yeah I dig them Mike. That's just human nature it's like it's like You know when election season comes around right and like two thousand seventeen or eighteen. Nobody knows who the HELL'S GONNA run for president. Nobody cares and then all of a sudden the Joe Biden like when Shit is more prominent at the moment. People are GONNA be more into it so I don't care I think I'm hundred percent in it so yeah that was A. It was actually a great comparison. Because you don't have a lot of there were a lot of What's her name? Amy Klobuchar there weren't a lot of hers a bumper stickers P Buddha judge in two thousand eighteen the same thing like L. C. Title. Helio buying a coach show shirt like aside away. If you're a fan of a team that gets t-shirt fans or gets bandwagon fans that means you're doing something right. I feel like that's a good thing. I hope everybody in the country becomes an fan at some point. They did when Johnny Manziel was playing and that was cool like hello. Please jump on the bandwagon. That means we're winning. Exactly exactly the joy lsu. Reach out to you when you did. When the coach Ron when the coach Oh things went viral. Did they reach out to you? Know people all the time like you've got you've had to make. Oh Joe Wright coach. Oh but nobody from LSU has but like myles Brennan is He's reached out to me like honey. Badger like different. Lsu players there Station down there like their flagship for Lsu. I'm real close with those folks like There Jordi t bob and just few people down there who cover them so no one directly from the program but like I'm like circling around the program like I've gone to everybody except the one. I need to get infiltrated the system. You'll get their San exactly. Yeah so I know that you do. You've done saving. You've done You've done coach Orion. You've done Mike Leach. Who is my head coach? Now you've done him very very well thank you. Are there any coaches that we haven't seen yet that you're working on? Yeah definitely always you know. Jim Harbaugh is a popular one that I get a lot that and PJ flack surprisingly for it. Looks Very personable light. He has very intergener- `ISMs right energy like you know Thrown tie if I can find some Maroon Pants bird can help you out with that Maroon. Paint guy he's got a few pair perfect. Yeah but him like. Pj FLAG PROBABLY IS NUMBER ONE. Bihar ball so people are like you. GotTa do one of that right and our most is tough man. I mean his his the great thing about or zone even save into and lead to a certain extent like regular voices like harbaugh kind of talks like a guy so I have a couple of bits that I think would be funny of like putting Jim. Harbaugh certain scenarios. But I haven't nailed it to the point around Mike. All right what about Tim Fischer? Oh Man that's good point Casey. That's another one. And he's because he's got a little bit of more of a non traditional voice. I don't really know what to describe his accent. Like how how you would describe that but I feel like you could nail that one. Yeah and he picked up on him like he kinda ramps up his sentences I feel I guess he like gets going like the speed of how much speed of how he talks gets faster as the sentence goes on this Little Hill. That which eat with each coach I like I try to pick up whoever impersonated. Whatever it is I try to pick up on whether it be. You know coke bottles stayed in like is like that Kinda Shit but yeah Fisher will be one. I'll try to get before the fall. A One last coach I'll ask about. He's in the playoffs. I mean he's he's all over the TV Dabo. Sweeney is somebody who I just think if you got your hands on him hard yeah I put him in a few like I acted as him and a few different Skits that I did and I never mailed it felt great about it. You know He's tough man. I don't know why that that southern drawl. That has just like much different than a lot of other coaches that. I've tried that. I've heard so you would think that he'd be easy but I haven't been able to to nail him down. I need you to nail that one before the next football season because brandon goes on little tangents about dabble all the time. I happen to like Tableau someone in need you to come up with that voice so that you can argue with Brandon for my sake brain so you just like he's too much like a God guy or what's going on I I just I don't buy I just. I think it's I don't think I don't think you can do the things you need to do. To succeed at the highest level caused football and be the epitome of this This flagbearer that he is for religion. I just don't I'm okay. If a guy does what he has to do in college football but don't tell me you're winning because the favor of God now you're winning. Could you gave that linebacker? Four hundred thousand dollars. That's why you're winning. I really need need the Dabbagh voice to fruition so that you can argue with them agree with them. I just need this to happen in two thousand twenty him and they're up there but my dad. My Dad comes back to the old hugh freeze thing which I like you freeze before everybody else did. And it turned out that he absolutely was a phoney and a fake. And I just feel I hard. I just don't buy it with data. That's all concerned if if he presented himself as a great coach and that was it. Do you think he's calling hookers? No that's why I don't I don't know that no. I don't think that I just wanted to make sure we haven't gone full. Hugh freeze on him yet. No and just whatever whatever so all right brandon. Don't give them and worked up. Joe Wire College football coaches especially because there's coaches in like NFL coaches in major leaguers. Coaches everywhere is just the characters of college football that lend themselves to to this. Oh for sure and Tweeden and especially now with Elaine Kiffin. That's another guy Joining the SEC. Joan off the mail down for sure but I mean tweet about I was like. Is this heaven no this is the SEC west? Because honestly I instead of the Heisman House. They should have that house for those coaches. I mean that would be more entertaining. Siri's heismanhouse would die out though key out lane and you got that fat ass Arkansas. Nobody knows his name Jimbo. You got everybody exactly. So they're just really. I mean I think fits perfectly with the. Sec fits perfectly with those kind of football fans and there are a lot of fun to to make fun of impersonate. When did you realize you could do all of those voices so it was like with Nick? Sabin first and then you cap practicing or are you just always been this talented say that? I've always been the Celtics. Boundless a story behind it because it's my first one I did was Andrew Luck. The old for the colts which is incredible. And then this math. I love him I do. I respected decision. But just for the SAKE OF ARGUMENT HERE. He decides selfishly. He decides that he's going to retire. And then I have to find somebody else to impersonate because that was my guy like people in Indy. Knew me as like? Oh Yeah Andrew Luck Guy. And so. He retires are. I can't do him that much anymore. Impersonate hitting that much anymore. So now I gotta figure out and so saving. That's the funny thing about saving to like. It just took off because I thought the bit of Ham complaining to his wife around Thanksgiving was just hysterical so I was like what I can do with it and then it just you know deter became became what it became and obviously origin on. The list is kept going on and on but basically. That's what it was. That was luck. Donut out of the spotlight anymore. I was like I gotta figure out what people to try to impersonate. And and you know putting the skits I gotta be honest. It seems like Andrew lugging retiring. Is the best thing that ever happened to you. Yeah I mean like but that's the funny thing is that I thought that I couldn't really use him skeets anymore. Anything videos but I'm finding out the case because the stuff outside of football is now most even funnier thinking about out hand stuff inside football so it's worked out so far maybe we'll make a comeback and you know we can have. That'd be something really good for me by the way you are allowed to say that. You're just really talented. We won't tell anybody if you want to say that you haven't found out very quickly in the barstool world and the the Public Iowa worlds at the out. Anybody says you're talented. There's twelve other people who are to dislike you saw you don't sound like that guy you shut up and so I'm just like I'm good man. I'm sorry about that. I was just having a bad. I still read it tomato. Just don't read it. I don't know which one of my burners I put on you that day but it was printed. Got One more question. Then we'll move. Owns a college football news? Just this not even about the impressions not about your talent just about college football now. What's your favorite comfortable memory? What hooked you onto college football. Oh Man I'd say it's so gone up in the Catholic school kid. Everybody loved Notre Dame Ray. It was just like that's what you had like. You know death taxes and Notre Dame football right. It's just what what happened to you. Grew up in figured out. There's other things to care about So I'd say that two thousand five Dame team with Brady Quinn Jeff Samardzija those folks that yeah that game really the the USC Bush game. I was heartbroken but that game from that point on I was like man. This is the best sport in the world. That's a good one a hook you even though. It was heartbreaking. That's not a bad not a bad taste in college football right now so it was a little bittersweet but damn what a game. That's what makes college football fans and if you don't have one of those first bittersweet memories that really actually made your heart hurt like for me. It's all the years I cried over losing to the University of Texas all the time. That's what makes college football so much better than anything else because you actually have the emotions attached to it and it's just much sweeter when I used to take him down which they won't they won't they won't ever you know they just i. It's I don't know if I'm ever going to witness them winning anything but hey I'm hold on hope. That's what I remember. I remember all the hurts a lot more than I remember. All the the field goods courses Mississippi State Fan I got more Hertz. But say what like? What's that's the thing is i. I can't even talk shit to you because I'm dealing with the same thing. I mean winning the Big Twelve Championship in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. Is this guys. It's gotten for me as a college football fan while I've been alive and the fact that has been for the last six years when something for me one time and then you can talk shit all right. We're GONNA some news and notes coming up next before we get to that though Casey we gotta talk about what we've been eating what we've been sustaining during this quarantine it's not been easy. Brennan but I'll tell you what I recently got sent a box of built bars. Which is protein bars which has really saved my life. Because I'm going to be honest when I wake up in the morning. I don't feel like making anything even though I have nowhere to go but I know I need to get my protein and these built bars not only are delicious. They make me feel like I'm eating a dessert. And guess what in quarantine you can eat. Whatever the hell you want whenever you want if I didn't have these things and if I didn't have these healthy snacks in my life came along at the right time they really did. It was almost like they knew we were going to be stuck in our apartment because they have that candy bar taste but they have fifteen grams of protein. Only one hundred and ten calories which basically is telling me that. I'm tricking my body into believing that I'm eating bad but I'm actually eating really really good for me. So I've been doing the push-up challenge. Arben doing push ups. I did sixty sixty day. Eighty eight yesterday and every time at the end of the day the end of a long set. That just absolutely wears me out. I have one of these. Yes you need your protein build those muscles so bill bar does that your kids also probably like him because they taste just like candy bars and like. I said it's saving my life Jack. I'm sure you've been eating them too because there's no chance you're actually making anything to eat. No and taste amazing. They're amazing it's the perfect protein bar and so right now we're going to give the people who are also stuck in quarantine like the entire world is we're GONNA give him a gift that keeps on giving because Bill Bar is offering our beautiful listeners. Are Wonderful roughnecks twenty percent off your first purchase so if you go to built Bar Dot Com and enter Promo Code Walker at checkout? You'll receive twenty percent off your first order. That's built bar. B. U. L. T. B. A. R. DOT COM. Use the Promo Code Walker and only have one taste and you'll be hooked and like I said they're healthy and they make you feel like you're cheating. Ncw Football News. Trevor Lawrence Yesterday is is always funny. Trevor Lawrence each tweets out. That they can't do. Is You want. His girlfriend. Wanted to do a good fund me for corona virus victims and he tweets out. Can't do it so everybody freaks out. Nc Double A.'s. Out again into his own. This hadn't even heard about it yet. Clemson compliance which who knew there was a compliance department Clemson compliance told him to shut it down now. Nc Double A. reached and said. Hey you you can't do that so trevor. Lawrence and his girlfriend that looks exactly like Trevor Lawrence Canals you. What is it the girl who did his impersonation on Tick Tock is that? Who's dating now? He's not dating her But that would be hilarious if he was she. Trevor Lawrence looks just like the sister the daughter in ozark which is coming out this weekend by the way have you ever had. Anybody watched Ozark the hunt for Red October. No I'm not no I'm not I'll show you right. Now hold on. Let me pull this up. Really Quick Zenit Jason Bateman arrested development now. I'm not thinking about tell me. That girl does not look like Trevor Lawrence. All she dust and ashes. I picture. There are a Lotta pictures where they look like. They could be identical twins. What's armlock probably pretty good guys? I made the commitment on twitter that I'm not going to cut my hair until lsu loses again sprayed that yeah. I'm afraid that you know November comes around. Maybe I'm Trevor Lawrence Hair. I think that's how it's going to grow. Tell you right now this year Joe. I think you're getting haircut in September. No we disagree with that but I also am way more concerned and we'll stay topical here. What if there's no college football season because of this bitch virus talk like that? I'm not gonNA talk talk about it but I'm just saying. Is there a contingency plan in place if I got? Joe Is getting haircut first weekend. Okay hair say they play? Utsa second week this week to know they're not losing Texas. Get the fuck Outta here. Got Rice Non Death Valley then all mass October. You got nickel state okay. You're you're getting your haircut right after October tenth who they play ten mistake. No they go to the swamp to play Florida. Shit that one. That one's a little bit more if he I don't think they lose to Texas in Baton Rouge but even so with word we're still talking shoulder here soderling so at this point. I don't think anybody's getting their haircut during the buyers so it doesn't really matter do what talking to marry you. I'm not shaving until we go back to work. I see I said this when we were off camera. I actually really liked the scrap. I'm a huge fan of scrap on men. I think it looks great. You look pretty good right now. Despite the fact that you Rox well obviously obviously Mrs Walker has the. I have the most respect for her. But I'm just telling you that you look nice with the scruff every week with this but the Trevor Lawrence thing really quick I understand that the NC double a. Never knew about it but the fact that when I did read that headline and believed the NC Double A. Would shut that down. There were zero doubt in my mind. Says everything you need to know about the NC Double A. Because you couldn't you see them actually shutting this down. They don't let people. I'd say we're dying. No win situation like but they didn't do anything and people just take the opportunity hate on because they suck all the time. What have they ever done to prove that? They don't deserve to be thought of that way. Ever this was my favorite piece of news. We've had since we started doing this show. Oh omiss I don't know if you saw it went. Viral sent out a form letter to alarm saying. Hey Hey guys listen. You're getting older. You might die of corona virus. Could you go update your will so that you can give money to Ole Miss? I loved it. Did you see this. This is my favorite news. I've seen in so long. Not only did I see it. I thought when I saw that you had photo shopped it and it somehow it had gotten out because it was too big a gift holes. I told you guys are assholes. Don't use this for months. Oh I know it was good to be true. It was way too good to be true but almost is the gift that keeps on giving Brandon Walker because Holy Shit. What a tone deaf thing to do. And you know who hires lane kiffin as holes surrounded by astle look? See The news here Oklahoma. What do you think people are actually doing it? Almost fans are stupid. Of course doing a bunch out. Chaining trying to buy four star running backs from the next generation. Of course. They're doing it. That's all we do. You Have Mississippi state in your well irrelevant. Oh you grad transfer trae sermons transferring to Ohio state. I don't care about that at all. Oh here it is. Ncw has added again. They will address name image and likeness for student athletes. It'll be delayed because of corona virus which means any return of NCW. Football's delayed because of corona virus. Which you would think be the opposite right. Maybe give it to our house now. They should waive all this bullshit and say you know what we need to give the people an opportunity to not lose their minds. Oh and by the way they would make a gazillion dollars if they believe that right twenty one right now I would say conservatively. They would make a one hundred million dollars by midnight easily. I've never even owned a video game console and I would buy one and by that game just to be able to buy it. What's that says? My Guy Joey be on. The cover has to be one hundred percent. I mean there's not even a there was an argument for anyone else. It's a false one. I mean that would be ridiculous Joey when we went to rowdy Miami. We went to rough and rowdy Miami and it was. It was really crowded there. I mean it's so crowd you couldn't move but I just look up everybody's changing around me the whole night and but for about an hour there in the middle. I'm just standing next to Joe Borough. Who Tamed Rough and Rowdy and Joe's just housing Vodka Porna- down this guy? I can go one player at one point. I looked over. And it was like brandon was standing directly in the middle of me and Joe Borough and I kept looking up at it but I was like. Did you ever think that we would just be standing here? Shoulder to shoulder in Miami watching the heisman trophy winner. Housing Vodka and brandon had this smile on his face like a ten year. Old Brand was coming out. He was so fucking happy and then I was just watching Joan. I was like not only. Is this guy the best college football player we've probably ever seen? This guy can drink on the rocks. Was He makes it and we it was a it was the the new. Amsterdam table service. Oh just all the different mixers but at that point in Miami like no one cared. Everyone was just trying to get drunk and he was just leading the charge. All right so that's news where we go next okay. It is time for random players. We now have four people here and Joey was brief. So Joey did bring five random players So go joey. More comfortable being the guests and leading off or would you like to bat third. Where would you like to baton his lineup? Yeah Let me go. I'll do third claiming she wanted me to clean up. I can't just because you guys are toe nailed. Exactly what you're looking for. I literally took the most random I can think. Well let's just ease into. You'll he's tool album. I 'cause I'm the smartest and best looking. So what was Brandon? Yes you are the best looking right now because of your beard. I would like to say that again. She's just she's also not in the room. Anyway of I ten. She's going anywhere near you right before we get to our random players though. We need to not only talk about what we've been eating during the quarantine. Jack we also need to talk about what we've been wearing because even though we're stuck inside we still wanna be comfortable for under percent in. They say when you're in the quarantine but you still have to work from home. You WanNa do the same routine and I know for sure when I put on a nice feeling shirt or even nice feeling's socks or even underwear like I'm just I just feel better. I just feel ready to go and a more productive. There's nothing worse. So whenever you're wearing uncomfortable underwear or socks are really anything. But it's like it just throws your whole day off even though you're laying around in your apartment or your house or wherever you are right now you want to be comfortable. Have to be comfortable in. I would even say the days when you're laying around that's when you need to be even more comfortable than like a day that you're there you're out in like at work which seems like it's not gonNA happen for a billion years during. I mean we're never leaving but our guys over at Mac welder making it much easier because they basically took a look at the department stores and they said what do we fill our top drawers with what men put on their bodies usually. It's very uncomfortable. And they're like no no. We're going to take this into our own hands. Because they wanted to make things that are more comfortable for people. I I feel like it was just an obvious thing. They're like Duh. We should make things more comfortable for men to put on their bodies. Brilliant business idea and Mac Walden has executed they have they have the simple designs they have premium fabrics and the best part. And Right now. Everybody's stuck inside. They have that simple shopping experience which is so much better. Because you know you're getting good stuff you know you're getting the most comfortable underwear you're getting your socks or getting your shirts. They've got undershirts. They've even got hoodies if you WANNA lay around but it's really difficult if you can't abrogate their website so not only do they. Have everything fits you really. Well they make it easy to shop to. Yeah and you've been you've said Multiple Times on the PODCASTS During the situation that hey we're GONNA be online shopping and I know. Weldon has made it just so easy to online. They've made it so easy because not only. Is there fabric really comfortable and we? We're talking about laying around and being lazy because that's what we're doing here in the quarantine but they also have great stuff. I want to go out. They have great stuff. We're going to work. They have great stuff for working out and like you said they make it really easy to shop and not only do they make it easy to shop which we're all doing. We can all be honest. They're valuing their loyal customers to the more you shop on Mac. Walden the more money that you save and they're giving us a special offer right. Yes so they've created the Weldon blue loyalty program by the way. I'M A sucker for any loyalty program because if you tell me the more money I spend the more I'm going to get back basically feel like I'm losing money if I'm not doing it. No no loyalty program. They're the best it's A. It's a way to tell myself. Yes I should shot more so the Weldon Blue. Loyalty program is totally free. 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Which by the way you should because we've all been doing this now even before the quarantine we were checking at Mac Walden but now even more so because we are laying around get twenty percent of your first order if you go to Mac Weldon Dot Com and enter that Promo Code Walker and it's just the best blend of cotton and it's like smooth and it stretches which by the way Jack Key in this stretches you don't ever feel like you're busting out of your clothing or like stiff like you don't want to kill stiff absolutely not so go to Mac. Walden right now enter Promo Code. You'll get twenty percent off and I promise you will never wear anything more comfortable. Jc sent me a text today and said hey is random players getting a little boring so we change it. And I'm like no not at all so I made them keep doing random players. I changed it to avoid being born. I'm doing you know what can we please? This is now like the tenth or eleventh time. He's done this. He just changes his own rules and doesn't let us know coming into the podcast today. He made up something that he said last week. You just made it up. Let her who. The fuck is Leonard. I don't know like he was just like. Didn't we say that it just didn't happen? It didn't happen and listen. I as a female. I bank everything. I'm a steel trap. Right here are not. I remember everything you've ever said to me. And I can guarantee you first of all. You didn't say what you said that you said and second of all. I don't know who Leonard is in the fact that you're not speaking to have made up person named Leonard is terrifying so what I did was I did random plays I have random plays in that arena players so I will go I I will go number one and my first random. I rent play. Random player is name was George teague and in the nineteen ninety-two Herbal Alabama played Miami. Miami was heavily favored Alabama undefeated on the SEC. Miami undefeated heisman winner. Gino Tarita and they are you know. They're on the cusp of winning third national title in forty years they go down New Orleans and get the shit kicked out by Alabama and Georgetown. You got to play the game. He ran down. Miami Receiver almo sideline from like thirty yards. Back took the ball from him and ran. The other way was the play of the game. Play the nineties. In my opinion George Teague Alabama Nineteen Ninety S. George. Teak feels like a name that like seventeen. Different football players could have had throughout the last two decades. And I'd be like yeah for sure. That guy played in one thousand nine hundred five also played in two thousand eleven. George Gardiner would play in a leather helmet. Yeah Yeah I mean you could tell me that George teague played football literally any year since college football started and I would have believed George teague also played halfback for army in one thousand nine hundred forty one believe it probably is on the Mississippi State Rauscher in two thousand twenty could are tasty you next okay. So last week we decided is during the quarantine. I'm just going to keep playing games to keep Brandon happy because he likes game shows. He likes Trivia so last week we did. Random years of heisman trophy winners. I decided today. Now there's not as many because the bullet knockoff is only been around since the early nineties. But I thought of the first five bullet knockoff. Winners that I can think of and we're going to see if you can get them. Is that okay? We'll be much much tougher staffer but I will say that. The five came to mind are very well known wide receivers. It's not like they're just some random awards because it was the first five that came to my mind the first one. He's one of two wide receivers in bulletin History have won it twice. He wanted in two thousand seven and two thousand eight MARKAC Rotary Air. You go gang on seven but then when he said to us eight donor APP yet. The only two guys. Unless I'm wrong I went back and looked at and then maybe I can read only two guys since the start of the bulletin. A cough have won it twice. Michael Crabtree is one of them all right there. You Count Brandon Walker on the board on the back on the Board Leonard Right. This is a Combo one so I'm GonNa do to at once. Oh now see roles but it's GonNa it will make sense so yesterday Everyone was talking about the stimulus package in the Republicans Democrats. They're saying they're on the five yard line. Don't worry Brandon I. It will make sense okay on five yard line there on the two yard line but what? I was thinking. Obviously they're saying that football terms. And I thought of the two quarterbacks I were brought in and both in the big twelve when the ball was at around the two yard line mid twenty tonnes Lake Bell like for sure and twenty tens this Guy Johnson. Now he threw the past. That is the That resulted in the famous Texas back clip tyrone swoops. Oh yes at the eighteen. That was two thousand ten not decade. Sorry I shouldn't Notre Dame game the note that game was awesome. It was on the On Memorial Day and she threw the pass. The ball was at like the two nets right after that is one I forget who it was but Texas is back folks and then obviously people have been saying that for about five everytime. Tyron soups came into the game. That season and it was like. Oh Shit what are we about to say? Never lived up to the hype that it did but that play was awesome. All right all right all right okay. I'm sticking like I said I'm sticking like more probably mid western Silva big ten Notre Dame that kind of thing. Tate forcier order back quarterback to get out. Yeah I I should've led you into that a little bit more but that's my first one. Whatever you want just nine big house Notre Dame playing up there early kickoff in this dude like he came out of nowhere. He had the game his life against Notre Dame gutted them at the last second and he he was somebody who was mouth off big time after that one kind of you know living in the moment big time for him and then he went downhill. Big Got replaced by of trouble. I think he might have gotten in trouble last night in eligible for a little bit. Or maybe maybe I'm thinking of a different guy. But I felt like he got in trouble. A bunch of white quarterbacks with last names for first names like them. Yeah but I mean he had one game. Litter name always hated them. That's not a first and last name. Casey take can be a first name last name primarily like tape marks and you think of the last name. Yeah I guess I always think is Jack and I talk a lot about him all the time. Well we don't know a person. Just you know his antics. He knows for sure he is somebody. That's definitely worth talking. Shit about. So nineteen ninety-six people. Forget now how rare it was to beat Florida state in the mid nineties in the early nineties. Florida state from his top five fourteen years in a row beating them was a gigantic deal and in one thousand nine hundred six and I might have the euro might be ninety five so I apologize from wrong. Route Ninety five or ninety six Virginia beat Florida state but at the end of the Game Warrick Dunne took a very unique play. A direct snap to work on. They were at the six yard line. He earned the four yard lining four yards. He got three and a half. He was stopped. The Goal Line as Virginia beat Florida State. That's my random play. I'm looking at right now because I wanted to see the actual play. I keep forgiving that you're doing plays and so I was like I know my guess. He changed his own his own rules up and didn't let anybody who were done. Was the random player there and I just happened to be a play that I was doing dinner. Reverse it it was a reverse in the backfield you said I was a direct snap to him and it was like two seconds left. There was a call. You wouldn't see in that scenario. Usually pass their nineteen ninety-five. Yes those right across. The worst down. Apparently had a couple big time plays because when you just youtube but there's like four or five that immediately pop up war. Going was a great player. There you go okay brandon you ready for number two. Yes okay. This player won the Belinda cough in the late ninety S. He had over eighteen hundred yards receiving this year. I almost showed you again. I did that last week. And as soon as I say that you're going to get him. But this was the second name that popped in my head arguably the best wide receiver that the goat Tom Brady has ever played with. He actually appears in mind later on. Oh okay all righty ninety. Seven Marshall Rainy Moss. Yes so we have a. We have a double up again. Have we ever done a week without doubling up? Who's the best wide receiver who played with? That's what he said. She said she shouldn't have said that. You said second. No I meant as I said arguably. He is by far the best. But those Wes welker Randy Moss definitely sure a thousand percent. No the best wide receiver. That Tom Brady's ever played with that. Was that was easy. Let's see that go ahead. What was that. I didn't mean to say Oh my God letter talk your ear again. I'm doing my best. Do My best guy's house before kids. There's not even as Zach like yeah. I Apologize to apologize number. Two on my list is a guy who has a funny name He got literally like a Bagilia tackles. I think in Twenty fifteen but she played on the xfl this year played Arizona. Scooby right I think he had like a hundred fifty tackles one year but I think he got drafted into the NFL. So it's one of those weird what he's in the XFL. Yeah he played. I think benefit the defenders are maybe somebody else but he He was one of those guys. When you're watching the next new sought in. You're like Oh yeah I remember him But there is a year that I was surprised that he didn't get drafted because it was like. How do you have one hundred tackles? No one wants you but I think he had like injury issues. Oh my story about him is I had not seen him play. I've just seen a number of news and all American and I tuned into Arizona. One night to watch him. I'm GonNa Watch right and I just see what it's all about because he's just a huge player and I'm like wait. He's a white guy thing I don't know so but he wants and he is is anybody named. Scooby is something to tune into. But I understand that brandon that I probably wouldn't have thought that right off the top of my head either Burger. Just so joey dude with a kind of funny name. My opinion in coolest names in College Football History. Big Ten player. Two thousand seven quarterback anybody anybody feeling anything now just breaking. Jim Blue Colors of his team of the saddle just Williams. We've done juice Williams on this one. Yeah no it ended up just Williams. We did a really been no no. I think now because I've had juice Williams on my list before well him or Jae Lim in but you remember Jay Lemon all American linebacker from Illinois same squad. Oh you were going with some sort of fruit or food on this one juice Williams Led him to the Rosebowl along with Rashard. Mendenhall future steelers running back. And how state in the horseshoe that year and a really as an and they had a great defensive player. Lehman a believe wasn't Ohio state number one when they did that. That was the year that number one guy beat every single every single week. Lsu randomly and the AD. That was a good game. I'll speed through my third one because Casey kind of did it already but my random play was randy. Moss is. Welcome to the big time moment. Everybody knew was a good player. He transferred from Florida state because of because of trouble but he had an eighty nine yard screen pass where it's as big highlight in college where he leaps a guy halfway through and he wore the high socks in the Outran. Everybody is remember thinking with a socks pool. All the way up his the bottom half his leg like five feet long he was taking these long strides and that was when Randy. Moss really became a household name to me for sure. It was illegal back then right. What the high socks are hurled. Somebody I remember in his thirty for thirty they were like I was supposed to be a flag because you kind of hurdle somebody in college football back. Yeah I think it was. I remember being like I've heard but the way he did it was was such a showmanship in style that nobody can throw a flat. Sure and also what terrible rule anyways like. Why would you ever WanNA penalize a hurdle? It's not like you're hurting anybody to protect waters. Yeah but like hurdle whatever who cares you would just kill them all when you tell them all. No no no no. I totally agree with a lot of the targeting stuff hurdling. I can't figure out why that would harm anyone. You're up in the air or scholar in the same co-starring go next. Okay Braden. This is the second player who won the bulletin of cough twice. So the first one was Michael Crabtree. The second one he won in two thousand ten and two thousand eleven to keep going. No who is who is go ahead played it Oklahoma state. Oh was it blackman. Yep Justin Blackmon man. Wow so the only two wide receivers in history that have won the best wide receiver of the year. Twice is Michael Crabtree and Justin Blackmon. Shout out the big twelve because they allow it because they don't play any fucking. I set you up for that one. That's what I really wanted to hear as you throw a little bit of shade at the big twelve. We haven't done it in while number three number three right this guy pointing on those wants and porn over here. Okay this guy what browsers for five minutes in one of the grit like people thought he was one of the great running backs ever and I still remember watching which ended up being his last. Not I think it was his last blake because he did end up playing fell his knee like it was one of those injuries that you're like this is this is bad. This isn't like all you'll be back next season like. Oh this is career angles. What no no. No little bit little bit before. Sec mortgage lot more. Yeah there we go was and I think he's He's coaching right now And I think he's made a career coaching so good for him but he was someone who when he played for South Carolina He's like one of those true freshman that came in and was just. Yeah and the next year people are like in. I think it kicked off one of those whenever people would say. We'll talk about Leonard Fournette. They're like Oh you don't WanNa Marcus lattimore injury but Or it happened against Tennessee. No struggle it's I had him so yeah. I thought it was Tennessee to Jack. I think he had come back from injury. Maybe got hurt again but the original was because Yeah Brandon loves. Brennan loves being the place where players get hurt. Yeah Fuck you too. All right joing next all right. We mentioned earlier in the show. Safety or single. Digit number is excited replays. Ever was that and again we talked about wearing the green jerseys that punt return where he broke like six tackles against. Usc BOXER RIGHT. That was always the thing that said about him. Yeah yeah he was he. I think he might have box. You might have to fight like Madison Square Garden or something. There is amazing. Because you had Brady Quinn go the NFL. Yeah Jeff's Amarjit turned into a very good start or a major league. Baseball and just margin was outstanding receiver. And then you had a Zipper Caskey. Who went on to be a prizefighter and I think he actually ended up being a firefighter was also done so yeah anyways farting yeah. Imagine being so good at multiple things that you could excel that high at a level of two different things like that. I don't really have to imagine that all right number four okay. Random plays nine thousand nine hundred seven. We were all tired tired of Nebraska by then Missouri had him on the ropes Missouri. Adam Missouri beat them. They beat them. Except they didn't last-second Nebraska throws a pass in the end zone. It was tipped up and I don't even know if I'm getting the players. I think it was Scott Davidson. Was the name of the player. The receiver who dove out of nowhere called it touchdown force overtime they went. Nebraska was all but beat when they were unbeatable. That's one of the. Most incredible play's Brent Musburger was on the call probably his best call ever Scott Davidson and I. I DIDN'T WANNA look it up because I didn't WANNA get. I WANNA get the name wrong if I had the name wrong but I think I got it right. Sounds right to me. Those add Nebraska said that Missouri Missouri. You One thousand nine hundred ninety seven ninety seven God Nebraska so good in the mid nineteen ninety s ended up splitting national title Michigan. Damn boring to me. I know it was. I've said this before my next door neighbors growing up where huge Nebraska fans. That's the first ever national championship. I remember watching and just thinking like these. These people are boring but they have winning so it doesn't really matter. I remember being like eight years old. Watching the you'd just totally thrash Eric Crouch Nebraska and I loved it even in the U. Is just so much more fun to watch all right Brandon? So this was the I said I named the I wrote down the top five wide receivers. That came to my mind that I knew had won. The BELINDA cough. I've actually think I've already done this one. I think I did it like my first week but I don't care I'm staying true. The randomness won best wide receiver in the country. In two thousand and four played in the big ten played in Ann Arbor. Michigan gotten a lot of trouble later on in his career but he never yep he was drafted number. Three two thousand five and the reason Joey that I said Braille and Edwards one of my other random players lists because he's in a Mac Miller song and it was stuck in my head so Brian. I'm I'm big Mac Miller guy which was free. He mentioned him and live free. What are you get in trouble for? What am I not remember being a Matt Miller Song? Yeah no he. He got like he was always a fight with somebody. That was Lebron's guy. There was like a whole bunch of random shit that he did. We had a funeral for a bird. he said that football talk to joey enjoyed Braille Edwards back when he was number one back in Michigan this way back in the day God s on Edwards. It looks like you're right. Just bring your name. Yes so joey. I'm pretty sure he like punch somebody. That was friends with Lebron. I think he might have gotten arrested for drunk driving at some point. But I didn't know any of those things. It doesn't really matter all right all right. Come on those punishment enough. We'll I go ahead. Thank you This guy was one of the last great. Ncwa football players great match in player speedy. You played at Kent State there. We go running around. Right now was Little small fifty speedy guy. I think he may still be all right now. I think he is branded or the first one got okay. Well whatever he got me and then he got three archers just like a dagger to the fucking Heart Okay. You got me all right. This is something that you'll learn the more that you work with. He loves trivia so much that if he gets spoiled his whole mood get spoiled. I don't know if you've ever watched the Barstool College football show last year but David Dan would go out of their way to spoil his trivia segment so I always chose not to because I want him to not be mad at me all the time so just keep that in mind will a scene stealer stuff and the reasons I knew that is because history archer got drafted by this big in a third round isn't really fair. Okay that makes sense see. He'll find he'll find a reason. Why everything has loophole. Don't worry fuck the order up. I think I switch the order. Now you're good against it. Okay so but Joe. You've already gone this round right now. I haven't oh my go ahead. No you know the receiver mid two thousand right about two thousand ten Brian Kelly Nine Notre Dame Cincinnati. Okay how funny name Marty Gillyard Nice Brandon. There you Mardi gras top. He's back he was a stud Back in the he didn't really do much to the NFL. He bought out for Brian. Kelly Brian Kelly Being Cincinnati is always one of those things that just completely forget it. It's like whenever you talk about Nick Sabin and Lsu which just doesn't exist to me. I remember because he obviously Yukon big east of course and then I think wasn't there. Didn't he leave Cincinnati and kind of like a dish way? The Need Not yet. He left him before he took the name job and left them. I think before it's championship weekend. Or either the day after the The Big East Championship. Yeah now they have big same thing but he lets him before the season ended. Let's for the sugar bowl. And then they went in there stormtrooper uniforms and got pass cake by Tim. Tebow high in the shadow will not directly let Tommy Tub reveal leaving Texas tech addicts way. Yes and then Tommy Tucker Ville talk about one of the worst coaching moves at Cincinnati. Like he'd like just stop trying. I don't even think he mailed it in. He mailed it in like crazy like I. I couldn't figure out why he left tech to Cincinnati in the first place anyways but like he just disappeared when I was going to be a senator in Alabama by lasco around remember. These are completely random place Just took him off the my memory. Two Thousand Fifteen. Arkansas was in a game against an SEC rival very hotly contested game they had four th and twenty five four down twenty five yards to go and throw it up to Hunter Henry like thirty. He threw it backwards. I remember playing Alice. Collins picks it up any runs through the ninety runs inside the fifteen. And later they would score a touchdown before twenty five or if you look at who they were playing Mississippi state. No no no no. They didn't beat Maceda here. They be this same though. They beat this team to sleep. What final score fifty. Three Arkansas fifty. Two Oh mess mess. A four fourth and twenty five almost would've won the West if they have that play not happen. So thank you. Hunter Henry and outs Collins. They didn't beat Mississippi State. That here in two thousand fifteen. Yeah absolutely not. We still a deck. In fact that year was weird. They beat almost fifty three fifty two and Mississippi state went to Arkansas. Beat Arkansas fifty one to fifty. That's right okay. I knew there was something weird with the back. I don't know if it's back to back weeks but very close they went one point. Fifty Point one point win one point lawsuit was that. Prep Bela's last year. I think sixteen was his last year. I think he's getting about one more year. Okay got it feels like that was forever go wrong Kosan. Moore's only got two years. So yeah he definitely came about one more year. Yeah that's right I got my I feel like I'm like forty five years old right now. Okay my last one do what would you say it? W fucking asshole or fun. All right. He won best wide receiver in the year. Two thousand he played at Pittsburgh and he is quite the asshole in the news. These days played for the Pittsburgh steelers. No I think you. I think you're confusing to people. You're confused I am excuse me up later. I got you now Antonio Brown. Did He win it? He didn't want he played in school? I know I know but what you're doing it. You didn't win it. Antonio Bryant is round definitely one. The BELINDA COFFEE DID NOT. I promise you know so but I think that happens. You just confusing Antonio on that one but Antonio Brown definitely one. The bulletin cough. I don't know what you want from me Casey. Win The damn thing uses punt. Returner wasn't very good. Music was good but he wasn't like National good he was like a good Mac receiver by remember correctly. God I just created the Cardinal Sin of of messing up those names in my brain opposed to tonio at one time. What did you tell you? Brian also will say some weird shit on on twitter sometimes too but you know that Antonio Bryant that account that you remember like who he he interacts with all like barshop buckle. Yeah he liked the MD all the time. But there's some rumors out there not one hundred percent sure about them but that that's not actually Antonio Bryant like somehow some way somebody has controlled that account and for pretending to be Antonio Bryant Antonio. Brian is somewhere like living his life. And there's somebody who's just tweeting at Barcelo personalities. All Day he. He was a big listener. God this is crazy. I mean that's probably why was must have been my brain. He was a big comeback season listener and he would like. Dm me about all the time. And then wasn't he talking shit about Johnny on twitter for a while this. This guy was apparently like a really weird like mid aged guy who ran like one of those fake agencies in picked up some random players and then Antonio Bryant was the guy that like put on top and used as account. I duNno very change. Well my bad sorry Antonio Bryant. You're not a big asshole Nice he won. He was best wide receiver in two thousand. He played at Pitt He just so happens. Seven name very close Antonio Brown who happens to also be an asshole instead when you said pit. I thought another because he's not the only winner from pit. There was another what year three. Joey Larry Fin- Fitzgerald. Yeah all right mack go ahead. I'm sorry use Mac. I'm back John John. Because my real name strong definitely not calling you by your real name. Okay speaking of names. I'm doing an audible names. That get messed up. There was a guy who played running back for school in that is now a pretty good deal one program but was in. Fcs exact same name as a one of the greatest running backs of all time and he set records in the F. C. S. O. J. You should know this one. Why is what's happening? What's he doing? What's fucking doing. Oh it's so close you want another clue I will make up. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Okay the school that he wanted to is known for the triple option. And it's not a military academy does nothing for me as Georgia southern Georgia Southern Yup. My God out. Just do it. Who is it Adrian? Peterson is a funny enough How can we fuck that up? Funny enough there is a guy who's pretty good in the NFL. Now he was rookie. This year chase Edmunds. He went to Fordham. I was there at the same time and he was about to set the FCS rushing record and the school was confused and they put like the newspaper and stuff. Four running back about to break Adrian Peterson's record and they use photos of Oklahoma Adrian. Peterson likes and but I was the only I was like showing to my friends I was like they have to be. This isn't true like this isn't a thing and then I remembered because he ended up that guy actually ended up playing in the NFL. Wait for the bears A like Who would have thought they were around the same time like Msci Thousands and then obviously Adrian? But that's a really tough name to be to be to share to be honest. Joey. Finish off all right. I don't think there's any chance that you guys are GonNa get this one trying to give you. It was mini clues. Can't maybe brandon about to say now that you've done this. It's a challenge that he's accepted like I said when it comes to trivia steak step back because brandon has his entire identity wrapped up in Trivia. So don't Oh. Oh it's like when this huge crack dealership when this guy was planning and I was like nine years old. You know so for me. I'm like I'll be tough people to get but brandon offense. You know you're probably popping up on your bottom feed your thirty. He was thirty. He was thirty when John. Okay okay okay. Big Ten receiver early two thousands on my pretty boilermakers put up record. Not Maybe he put up huge numbers of senior year. In two thousand four touchdown allies. The White Guy. Don't believe so you fifty fifty chance there brandon nine safety back. Then answer Taylor no it. I don't know Joey. You got me your brandon. Just keep going you keep going. Sorry my dogs at Seoul's eggs done anybody's outside. They freak out and then okay. You're right there dude. You're right there you have in the first name right. I'll give you that. I don't remember his last name off. Top my head Taylor. Stubblefield evens out eastward Got Sixteen touchdowns a senior year. Purdue two thousand four time. Isn't it beautiful to look down and like jet? First of all dogs can interrupt the broadcast anytime Joe. He's got the dogs and Brandon's doing this and you and I are just sitting back like in our peaceful little spaces it is. It's I I will say though. The I've thought about brandon lot this week nine weird way but that my roommate's did take the xbox so like and then. I thought you job. Can She post that tweet? You're playing like two thousand six. Nc Double Eight football exponentially. And I've there's been moments I've been like. I wish I could play but I mean I guess I could just order like a fifty dollar. Xbox three sixty minute would probably come but so my station. Threes got to be. I think it's in the garage and I've wanted to get it out and players don't have the mo the momentum to get it. I just don't have do anything at home all day. It's easy to not do anything at home. Oh I agree I agree with that. I've I've thought for the last ten days like I should really go through my closet and get rid of a lot of clothes that I don't wear to open up space for all the online shopping. I will inevitably be doing while. I'm stuck in my apartment and I just don't want to do it. I have no idea why I just look at it every day and say well. I'll do it tomorrow. I'M NOT GONNA do it tomorrow. All right you already. We're kind of dragging here. The random players took a little longer. Although I thought it was interesting the whole time. I'm Joe you're going to hang with us. You WanNA stick with us or do you need to go. Don't yeah man. I'm here okay. Good good quarantine brandon all right. It's almost time for the two minute drill but Jack you know what else only takes two minutes. I think I do probably do. It takes only two minutes for Hawthorn to tell you how to smell good every single day and let me. Tell You Jack. It's very important to smell good everyday or life especially like even when I like. You're around people now you may. You may be stinking. Being in a quarantine is no excuse to smell bat. Absolutely not especially if you're quarantined with your girl or whoever you're with listen. 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Spices up your relationship. It makes you smell better. And if you take that two minutes literally. Two minutes quiz not only. Can you get Cologne? They've got personalized skin-care. They've got face cleanser face lotion. And it's all tailored to your skin type and your needs so if you go to Hawthorn at Hawthorn dot co that's Hawthorne with an e and Use our Promo Code Walker. You'll get ten percent off your first purchase. That's H. W. T. H. O. R. N. E. DOT CO and use the Code Walker at ten percent off your first purchase. Hawthorne Darko because you need to smell good no matter what and trust me. The women in your life will thank you. I'll ask a question. We'll let Casey answer first. And then we'll Casey Joa Jack Number one. This comes from only chassis. Forty two and he says what do you miss? Most now that you're in quarantine and can't go out into the world. I haven't really sat answer. Oh dear ready ready for get a little violin out. Here's really really miss hugging people. Oh no you don't so you elegant back and forth on that listen and I say obviously I'm being a little bit dramatic but it is a log on. I love hugging. I'm from I'm from Texas. You're from the south brain and you understand but it's also just more of like the bigger picture of the idea that just like human touch is actually something that people need and the fact that I can't have that right now because I can't go outside Manhattan because everybody in this godforsaken city has the krona virus right now. I would love to just fucking hug. Somebody order some delivery now gets there. Just give a fucking just I mean squeezes squeezes titze. Just give him a hung. See that's the thing and this is more again. I'M GONNA keep making this even more pathetic I want to be hugged. I don't necessarily like want to squeeze somebody like I want to like be hugged what I want to see. You're going to get so many deums of guys saying like all right here next week. We'll have to do branding. Reed's Casey cases dams part three. Because the shit that has been in my inbox during this quarantine is wild warning. It is kind of long hair to read some coach or something. God yes absolutely. That'd be that'd be good. All right joins same question. What do you miss now that we're in quarantine and you can't go out anymore? What do you miss about life? I miss like random Tuesday night going to a pub and like there's like seven people there but I mean you're not trying to get like super drunk but you're like you know if I have four maybe that's like there's nothing like a weekend out. Everybody will be like. Oh this is going to the on the weekends now. No no I'm talking like I said like a Tuesday night Wednesday night random. Nba Games on your having like three three and a half. Maybe four calling tonight that that's what I live for. Those are such good night's really make them for granted you know like you'd never know you never thought those would be taken away like you over kind of the the Rangers all the time. I mean every once in a while once fine but you're like I don't need to go out and be wall to wall of people I would just like to go sit at a bar and have a cocktail. I didn't make. That's my favorite to my wife as my cat boom. That's the best. Damn that's quarantined and take their for me inside. But there's something about being a low carb saying the quarantine didn't take that for me to. The kids took that from me years ago so I could not all of us have seventeen children that Jack. What are you miss? The most? It's GonNa be a conspiracy about how the government's giving us all corona virus. Would I was going to say that like I miss the office and they like you walking around and like being mean to everybody. That's not true. I don't do that you you you you go around. And you'd be means like you'll say something mean like in good spirit though. Oh Yeah Yeah something like your boss. Right. You'll bus halse. Yeah you're all in then you'll say something that Jack he'll say something. Big T and then big t will get all riled up and then so. I missed like the little things like that. I'll tell you what I don't miss. I don't Miss Getting on the train every day Okay that's fair. I don't Miss Spending Twenty five dollars for lunch every day. I don't But I I miss just getting out of the house. I just like when you're stuck with six people and you just want to be by yourself for awhile which my wife does a great job. Let me have that. She gives me all the time. But it's it's tough. It's tough people all right next question. From Kyle Wilson. He says you can go back in time and change one moment. That happened to your team whether it's a coaching. Change losing out on recruit or specific playing a game. What do you Change Casey? I know texting history. You have a lot of moments you need to change but what sticks out two thousand twelve college football season when one. Johnny Manziel won the Heisman trophy. The season opener they were playing Florida. It was also an ems home. Sec opener and a kicker which name I refuse to ever say. He missed a field goal in that game that caused them to start the season with a loss. And when you go back and watch that two thousand twelve season they happened upset Alabama at number one and they ended up not making it to a BCS bowl because they lost that game and they ended up losing to Lsu as well those were their two losses that season and it was all because of a field goal kicker. So I would go back and I would either take that field goals kicker and make his leg better or remove him off the planet and put somebody better in his place. Wow you're rotating you're like Hitler No. I know I will not accept that answer no but in reality like I'll go back and I know it's never just the kicker's fault but it's easy to blame a college football kicker when you look back at that season and that was my first season out of school. I was covering am locally. You can actually pinpoint the fact that if they would have had a better kicker they probably would have been playing for a national title. That you're Joan. What about you? You'RE GONNA go back and change the Bush you're going to get rid of Reggie Bush. I am going back to that game. However I'm going back to a play three place prior to that in which it was a man they just sacked liner and so it was like a third and I wanted to say like eighteen. Eighteen liner dumps. It Down Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush somehow scrambles around to be able to get at nine yards. Makes it a little bit more manageable? Enforce the nine there for to jared down the sideline Sto. I'm not going to change the fourth of nine play because I was just perfect execution done third eighteen. Not Letting Reggie Bush pick up enough to get to be a manageable. Fourth-down distance keep it like fourth and fifteen there. I think Notre Dame Wins Game Jack Irrelevant Yukon. Game Changing I thought I I'm not hiring. Paul Pass Colonie. That's the biggest misstep in football history. And I will go back to two thousand fourteen Mississippi state nine and going to Tuscaloosa you beat Tuscaloosa. You beat Alabama that day. You go the playoff Mississippi state behind nineteen to three ended up losing twenty five twenty to this day. I maintain had better quarterback had the better team just couldn't win in Tuscaloosa. The data's no shame in that album as a lot of people but I will go back and change that Mississippi state number one for the first time in history. It ended that day I would like to reverse that and make it not in. That would be my. Let's see it is very sad? It's sad that we all had those answers right away like it's like we haven't made this forever seven or eight. I know I know me too. I mean the fact that it would but it was just all of us. Just pop pop pop. It's like again. That's why college football so great because for the rest of our lives will be thinking about those moments. If I love you answer will you stop talking talking to children by the way not us come here definitely was not speaking to any of US number three? What is the best movie? You've never? What is the best movie you have ever seen that you would never watch again? Oh Wow the best movie you've ever seen. I will lead off. Yeah go ahead because I have to think about this one because there's a movie that I watched I. It was amazing. It was great but I never would watch. I would skip saying never watch it in full after. And that is saving private Ryan. I watched it once in the movie with bullets flying around and it was one hundred percent unbelievable. But it's just not a movie. I WanNa live and its entirety again. I would say Shawshank redemption. It's one of those. I know I was the most responsible movie there is. I don't get me wrong. I don't do it to you every Sunday. I don't watch t every Sunday Brandon. I loved Shawshank Redemption. I've only seen at one time ever and I can't picture myself being like you know what I think. I'm going to sit down and we watch that every time you watch it but I like saving private Ryan Like I. Obviously it's very heavy and it's dark but I feel like was Shawshank. I saw it. I watched it. I enjoyed it. It's one of the greatest movies of all time. I don't see myself rewatching it. I can't I can't not want Shawshank during quarantine give it a second watch. Okay you'll be again. This is the best the best movie I've ever seen that I just don't see myself watching. I just have never watched it. Maybe I should you know what I'll do that for joy. I will do that. I Will re-watch it comes on the show and makes a request and also. I'll do that if I assure you. Tell me to go fuck myself. Because he's nice to me and you're not Guy Joey. What's the best movie you've ever seen that you would never ever watch again? This is going to be like sacrilegious. Burn Italian guy but I'm GonNa go with the Godfather your original Godfather. Ooh Reginald always once I love wants to late movie all time classic film. But you know it's not some pop that one and that'll be a nice casual view. I mean and if you think about like all three of the movies that we just mentioned are Alzheimer's I mean there's some of the best movies of all time that doesn't necessarily mean you want to rewatch him. Godfather goodfellas watch at once a week for Spirit Godfather original father good. I've Seen Jack I would go with heat the Bill Maher Al Pacino. Yup I remember it as this great movie but I haven't seen it in. I think about like five to six years sheriff. I re watched it. There would be like. I think it's definitely movie with its flaws because I mean if you didn't think it was the first movie ever that Deniro and Pacino were onscreen together ever because obviously godfather to you had them but separate times I think they probably has flaws in. It would kind of run it for me. So I'M GONNA go with heat. I think of the Irishman. I never saw it. I liked it. Okay make it through here Corentin. Does he watch the Irishman jaw? I I got about an hour ten in and then my wife is like I can't do this. It's just not something's missing from it and I don't know what it is. It's super super long right. It's super long. I think what what is missing from. What takes you out of? The movie is the fact that they don't use a younger actor for younger too narrow. They just put makeup on him. And and you have to pretend these a twenty year old. Yeah that was a lot of people. Talk Shit about that all right. Let's see a couple more questions number four. If you're going to die and you could go to one final sporting event before you died. Which one would you go to a money and travel. Do not matter so I'm GonNa take any college football off the table because obviously that's what all four of us would choose so let's say college football fan. I'm off the table. I would choose the masters. That's the number one thing on my bucket list. I want to go to Augusta national but I will say if money's not a thing I'm not trying to walk around the grounds and follow people. I'm trying to get the top of the line. Vip experience at Augusta National Master. Sunday maybe in some fairway chalet. I don't know what they do there. But that's what I would want to do is go see the masters with all the money in the world. Giving me the best experience Joey. I'm going to keep it in my native worm from here and I've been to this event Casey says if the money's no object I need to be at the five hundred riot at the yard of bricks in the pagoda. Air Condition Best Food in the house. for the greatest spectacle in racing. And I get the best view. I'M GONNA go with that. That's the key here no matter. What sporting event you choose. If money's no object is like you want to experience the way that like a cane would experience it right. So it's like if it's the indy five hundred you've been there before you want to experience the way that like the best experience can be. Don't need along Donnie. Turn to now now. I'm here for it Jack. I would pick cage side in absolutely stacked UFC card. If I can't if I'm about dying it's not a good UFC event. And there's not like heavyweight championships. I would probably do similar to Casey. But not do the master's I would do the Kentucky Derby or maybe like Santa Anita are somewhere like Voicing Different off a number one. It's not sporting event but wrestlemainia it has to be mentioned and number two I would do if money's no object. I travel around the world and I require a front row seat to every event. I WANNA go to would be VIP treatment to watch the Summer Olympics. Okay I I love the Olympics. I love everything about the Olympics. I've never experienced them. I would love to be able to front row at every gold medal event. And just just watch it. What's your favorite Summer Olympic event? It's oddly like men's volleyball. Oh you never see that. Play at a high level but when you see a plane at a high level. It's an impressive sport. Oh super impressive there. You could have given me ten guesses and I would have guessed that they don't actually play you don't see on TV here. There's no league. They don't play in college but in that level at the international level. It's just like this. Big Six eight guys hitting the ball ninety miles an hour. It's incredible won't he? He was like he thought we were going to judge him. But we can't now. I think the Olympics I loved penises everywhere. I just love it Jack. Mark that down and you know it'd be a good answer. The World Cup I think would be a lot of the world. Cup would be great but not in Brazil with those dreams. Brazil lose allies were in Brazil yesterday. Whatever fine of two thousand ten the Booze Airlines? I was working in the Central Africa. Wherever I'll tell you what I worked at a an English pub in two thousand ten named Fox and Hound. We opened every morning at six. Am and we closed every day at two am and I can hear those Godforsaken fucking Zales in my nightmares. And I know that they were. That's what they were illegal for Brazil but the worst sound in the history of sports the worst all right last question you can have only one food group for the rest of quarantine you choose a Italian be Mexican see Barbecue R D other. Oh that's so hard but it has to be another food group. You can't just say other and say we'll solve other foods. Okay so a Italian be Mexican see barbecue are other can I? Can I ask a question you know? Is it just where we're living like? Do I have to New York City Barbecue or if this is just anywhere. I think. This is just an overarching question than I would. I would do barbecue because and I love Italian and I love Mexican and I love every other kind of food love Asian food but I feel like with barbecue especially down in the south and in Texas you can get so many different arrays of things and I can eat healthy with barbecue. How the hell are you gonna eat healthy whereby you like a Turkey? You get some good green beans with a little bacon in it. You get some baked beans. Which aren't that bad for you and get some collared Greens moving. You're saying it's helping. That's that can all be very healthy. A lean lean smoked Turkey. Guest Green beans can be healthy if you fire up the grill for me and what you present me as Turkey. I'm a slap in the face. Well Yeah I mean okay. Let me put it this way. It's better than eating a bowl of fucking pasta every single day. Not necessarily health wise. Yes it is. I'm not frying everything on where we can't take care about my health potato salad. I mean no. I'm just saying if I had to. I don't want to come out of this. Quarantine being fat and disgusting. I also love potatoes and I can't have potatoes with Italian. I can't have potatoes. I guess you can with Mexican a little bit but give me potato salad mashed potatoes. Whatever you can with with barbecue joint talking yourself into that one case the health stuff but that's okay on each their own Italian hands down. I mean other. It's pasta pizza every night. I'm going to be fat but like Brandon's Ed's Corentin. We're all miserable. So let's just load holding you talion Christmas vacation reference. There also Italian a lot deeper than just pizza and Pasta. Italians a lot deeper than that for sure. But I mean that's that's the go-to but that's what I'm saying that Casey cases you sake barbecue Italians a lot deeper than barbecue barbecue now. I don't think that I could because there's so many different options even just say there's more Italian options. He Spaghetti Pizza her but see. Here's my thing here's my thing with with barbecue. Is that you start. Like if you're in Texas you get Texas Barbecue Tennessee. You're getting Tennessee Barbecue. If you go to South Carolina you can start mixing it all on one team. You can't go anywhere boulevard Manhattan. Then we're in Manhattan. Oh like scratch my answer from the board if I have to order from Manhattan. It's ten out of ten. Ten out of ten barbecue in New York. City is not good. Okay what role anymore low. It's telling you it's a time right. That's that's what I was. GonNa say an Italian I mean Brennan's a hundred percent right. If if you think just pasta and Dita we gotta we gotta take you some real Italian restaurants the pastas good pizza. I guess but like chicken. Parm Vilkov arm eggplant. Like I've had some very good stakeout Italian restaurant so you do everything I mean if I could go sit at Borelli's just sit there for the rest. I would do it you see. I'm a great like pick. One restaurant For Quarantine Bryce Brandon. Have you been rallies yet? I've not been to burroughs. I need to go so good. We should take a field trip whenever this ships over on. Long Island. Yeah East Beto all right. Those are questions. That's a two minute drill. This was a longer show. But that's okay because we added Joey it was nice. I have a good time joy. I appreciate you coming. There was awesome. Was thanks guys a lot of fun again soon looking towards college football obviously you know whatever whenever you WANNA pop in. Just do it whenever you want to do. Co. Joe Whatever just wasn't the idea of him reading my DM's as coach is phenomenal. I don't know once. He said that I realized I might not ever read your. Dm's again if we do that. There's a toothpaste back in the tube. It's not as interesting. I do know I mean it's just it's already such an interesting segment as it is because you really get to see the deep minds of guys who people. It's not just me. I can only imagine what everybody's DM's look like but you get that coach flavor on it game over go home. Get Ready Casey. Whether it's him whether it's me we're reading your next week. Oh God okay I mean. I can't wait the amount and you know what we could actually even just keep it to just DM's about the corona virus because people have gotten very creative on how they would like to contract corona virus from girls on the Internet. This is going to be good. You brace yourself sir. All right. That's Casey Smith's Jack Mac. And that's our guest. Joey was guess he works at Barcelona so follow him. He's great. I'm GonNa Walker and this has been unnecessary that train.

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