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Hey Yeah Jimmy here when you speak for yourself you're forced to think for yourself and when you think for yourself the sports world looks in order to enjoy this podcast and this show. You need to have the courage to look at the world from alternative points of view and not be offended when you disagree speak for yourself. Isn't your twitter facebook instagram feet? Sf Y tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. So welcome aboard buckle up and enjoyed awry we start at the NBA All Star game. We learned something important. During Sunday's game that had nothing to do with the exciting new format. Yanni San Francisco hasn't made nearly as much progress as we think. Listen I love the new format hats off to Adam silver in the NBA for embracing change and having the curse to implement a new strategy. Yesterday's fourth quarter was the highlight of NBA. All Star weekend and made the dunk contest controversy. Absolutely irrelevant team. Brown's victory over teen Jaanus was the most intense and exciting all star game since Pete Rose ran over Ray. Fosse in the nineteen seventy mid major league midsummer classic but lost all the bluster and babbling about the hyper competitive. Fourth quarter. Was what happened to the Greek freak in that fourth quarter the freak got exposed again Tin Janas Center the fourth quarter when they nine point lead leading one thirty three one twenty four. They needed to score twenty four points to end the game team. Lebron needed thirty three points to ended team. Janas couldn't get to one hundred fifty seven points because their best player was once again rendered useless on the offensive in by Lee Defense when the game turned series when the defense has refused to allow cheap. Dunks the Greek freak could not score. He couldn't crack the wall. Sunday's fourth quarter looked like a reenactment of last year's Eastern Conference finals when when the Toronto Raptors shutdown honest with a defensive wall that wouldn't let him slash the room jaanus posted a doughnut in. Sunday's fourth quarter. He missed both shots he took. He failed to create offense for any of his teammates team. Janas coach Nick nurse did not help matters. He foolishly left guard. Trae young on the sideline and the entire fourth quarter. Young was Sunday's best playmaker with ten assists but nurse should've said JAANUS TO PLAY UTAH. Big Man Rudy. Gobert young ago bear had a magical connection going all game that fourth quarter was painful to watch if you were rooting for team. Jaanus or Yamasahita. Cuneo elite playoff intense defense is Kryptonite for the Greek free. The bugs have twenty eight games left in their regular season. Janas the favorite to win the MVP AGAIN. Jaanus allegedly added tools to his offense repertoire to prevent a repeat of last postseason. Those tools were missing on Sunday. You can say it's one game against a bunch of all stars. Okay but I say it's a troubling pattern. You can stop the Greek freak. You can give him a nine point. Lead surround him with four all stars and beat him. You can't do that to Kawai Leonard. You can't do that to Lebron James. Hell you couldn't do it to Jimmy. Butler the Greek freak needs another tweak. Are Joining the desk now. Fox Sports NBA analyst. Rick Mucus and Steven Jackson. Marcellus GET US rolling. Get exposed again. Nope I don't think he was exposed at all man. I I'm GonNa give you the Minto dynamic of All Star game being up here as one of the all stars table. You've got to get into this game mentally and as I said you don't WanNa look like the guy whose trying too hard so you gotta raise your hand low not raise your hand high like I wanna be. I WanNa be the man you gotTa Kinda raise it low and we always talk about. What is the proper fifty percent? What is the proper job for the optics look competitive but bro? Don't you too hard because we all great up here so you got caught up in his brand and I think we're Janas didn't WANNA do go full Jaanus in the fourth quarter? You do not want him to go from David. Banner to an incredible hulk out there to flex because he only really has one gear so Jaanus in the fourth quarter only takes two shots. He's like I'm not but people didn't catch. Is that this team. That was up eight. All of a sudden down to and one thing happened. Janas in their game plan was like look. We're going to go out to James Harden because you know they got a little issue from the MVP last year. We'RE GONNA pick kimball over James Harden because my Guy Kimble will pass the ball. They got a little trolling going on right. Now and in that moment where Y- honest is debris in everyone's still thinking about last year in the playoffs. How He fell short passes the ball to Kimba keeps passenger Kimble. Kimble missed five shots in a row three pointers and all sudden ape point lead down to a two point deficit and then everyone wants to blame you. Honest because it's easy it's low hanging fruit Janas the jump team. Y'All just didn't do anything. Janas actually followed the game plan and then conveniently most people assumed was down for when he wasn't Jaanus got exposed for those of us who have always said this is. What you're honest has missing is a game. We had it confirmed. That's what I love about this. All Star game is when you just put the stars out there the best players versus the best players and it comes down to the first one to one fifty seven. You find out real quick who the other players believe it and who can get it done in a one on one situation. That's why that's why Yana. That was the flaw in the team. Janas picked we didn't have any Goto guys on the floor. There was no. That's why they were going to Joel embiid simply because they were hoping that that size advantage was going to get there. That's why I disagree with you on your solution on having trae young and Rudy Gobert out. There they were going at Kyle lowry Kyle. Lowry ended up on Anthony Davis. They would sliced and diced trae young he might he might have created something for you at the other end but rubare wouldn't have been enough to protect him at the other end. It was an inherent flaw in the team that Janas picked but ultimately when you want to win a game and you think of the MVP. It's a guy in the playoffs in the last seven. Eight seconds or the last minute. We need a bucket. We're going to go to. We're GONNA give it to our best player. Milwaukee Bucks cannot do that and that's why people continue to look at. Who Does he have around him? And I think that's an application of what the responsibility of the best player on the team is. You're the best player on the team. Then when it comes to crunch time you need to be the guy who is capable of going and getting it. I don't think he got exposed. You can shoot before those okay. So what what got exposed The biggest thing about it was the the Brosse team had all the closures. He had all the finishes on his team. People talk about going to James and how nobody wanted to pick James. Lebron are are Greek freak. Well if you look at the end of the Game James started off just like just like Kimba missing shots into the game. We Know James is one of the best one on one scores. His game they gave him the ball. Yeah why didn't get it? Qua- was on fire on the same team. He didn't get it. They was going to James because everybody know we all are great and we all have rose to play the win. This game and James is one of those closes. They had all the clothes on. There was no way that Greek freak thing was going win even up nine with two minutes. When you have no too many guys on your team how do you explain? The James didn't take the reins though because he was not as aggressive as I would've expected him to excellent. Yes when you got when you got three or four other. Mvp's on your team and you got coming out seven for seven from three. You know you gotta defer a little bit. We're all great are here. So you gotta defer and if I don't have it going on especially in all star game you make two or three shots everybody giving you the ball and you're GonNa win the MVP on living. I don't want to move away from Janas because one from my vantage point couch TV having lost all star game. That was the most intense defense I've ever seen played an NBA all star. He almost saved their game to we. But both groups to me. Were playing really hard anytime I saw guys going after the officiating crew were it mad. That was heated. They wanted to play. And so to me the best players in the world on the court. You're the reigning. Mvp you're the prohibitive favorite to be the MVP this year. Your team has the best record. You can't get a bucket in this fourth quarter the whole your take is team. Jaanus and you can't get a bucket. I'm just like I was just telling you I could use a lot of people examples and a Lotta. Mvp's a lot of people can make shots in the first three quarters the last two minutes of a game or finals game you got someone to be. I say this all the time and I love this Guy Kyle. Korver you give him the ball. The first three quarters mice water. Give it to them up with forty five seconds left to win a game. He won't hit it. Everybody came make themselves. And like I say Greek freak couldn't got exposed because he couldn't shoot report again okay but let's not even go exposed in the first place because look. He got exposed last year in the playoffs. That's one time that can be chance. You can't use the fourth quarter of a all star game as the coincidence that could go to a pattern if we see it again. Playoff basketball regular season anticipate the fourth quarter all star game when you were nine hours ago at the Party and you're trying to say oh this is. This is what we do has better numbers this year than he didn't P. Campaign last year. Whitlock my dog we going against stack teens. In the regular season regular empathy. Remember that regular. Okay okay what? He's but he's supposed to validate that by taking the bucks. What are you guys talking about by the way? Everybody's talking about the bucks. Having the best record Jaanus is going to be the. Mvp again and he's going to validate all that by taking the bucks to the NBA Finals and winning a championship. That is the narrative and what I saw on Sunday was a guy who's not ready to carry that you're saying he's still can't shoot. He's hitting threes now supposedly he can shoot from range the difficult that he ran into and the difficulties he's GonNa run into. The playoffs is when it comes to the playoffs. It becomes like they did in that. Fourth quarter game is below the free throw line. Can you handle the boy? Can You all star game is never ever self in an playoff into what? I'm what I'm talking. I'm not talking just intensity I'm talking about where you're going to get a bucket. He needs to operate below the free. Throw line not shooting a three from the playoffs. He's going to have a game plan versus in the All Star game. You know the game plan was go after James Harden whoever is James Harden Gordon desk the game but he got better options than the game. So it's easy to defer to other players. You play with other all stars. He not trying to go out there and make every play on this. He has to make every play on his team but he also has better spacing surrounded by a bunch of all stars. I'm sorry man in yesterday in that all star game that was more intense than regular season. I'm sorry I watched enough regular sees that fourth quarter was more intense. The defense of intensity just the effort it was put into it. That's one thing and I'm just sorry with that group of all stars. Your Ego kicks in your pride kicks in your Mamba Mentality kicks in and I'm sorry. Linda can go get buckets at that time. Lebron James at thirty five in year seventeen can go get buckets. Ad close out the game creating a foul and get into the free throw line. Jimmy Butler had he been in. He would have been able to go. Get this guys that can go get you buckets. At crunch time when the best of the best plan their hardest. And that's what was happening there fourth. Quarter the Greek freak me. I'm sorry if I'm the reigning. Mvp headed to a second straight MVP. And I'm the best player I can go get a bucket as that was like a thirty minute fourth quarter and it's get one bucket and it's one thing it's one thing to get a bucket or not get a bucket. He couldn't get a shot. He couldn't get lean. Look I wanted to see at least wants him? Do Joel Embiid did Lebron James. Give me the ball. I got a great defender on me. I'm GonNa shake you and I'm going to get a look now whether the ball goes down or not. The fact of the matter is you showed me that. You have the wherewithal to get you a good look with the game on the line. Jaanus could not. He was overpowered below the free. Throw line trying to get just shocked that we're going to damn this right when he's living in the spirit of the game which is a man. This is the glorify pickup game job. Doing y'all Wanna go ahead man. He didn't go. I know what kind of pick up game for eleven. Did he go get it get it? I grew league in. You guys can talk just your ego. Kicks in in your ego kicks into realizes. Oh guess what I got a regular season. Mvp I'm after her bigger goal then winning the all-star and I'm the only guy out here that's taking the challenge on defense. Every player goes to switch. He wanted to go on a Braun. All you gotTa know credits. But that's the whole thing that show you. That's not what I'm GonNa do it. Another one off but is in his comfort zone. Oh you want me to D- up or I'll give you all you want me to go get you a bucket. Who else boy has great as he's in the. Mvp Conversation runner and the deepest the player of the year conversation. So he's like look I could defer wanted. These guys are like the Ham and all star Games. You gotta raise your hand low. You can't be like I WANNA WELCOME. Nick nurse more him. You're right on that. He had the wrong guys again. Argue that you have the wrong guy. He's GONNA have to Toronto players like yes I get back. I'm sorry. Was Your wise with your team. You can't not have them out there. We're well if it's about winning. Which is should he's trying to win raising money for charities. It shouldn't be a calorie charges. He not hitting shots. He's trying to win. Something bigger. But those Ryan is yesterday into it and wanted to win and just there was no feel for the game was like damn this four quarters taking a lot longer than I thought. Some of these guys are tired through. You could have just pulled him just for purposes and tried somebody else because early on and I was like man. They having problems scoring they are. They need some kind of offense of Joe and I just think they thought we're GONNA hold on with nine point lead and we'll get some scrappy buckets and it just didn't happen and I'm sorry. Janas to me my comfort of what he's GonNa do in the postseason just went down more trae young people. Can we sound like we over here? Throwing the bouquet roses for how the All Star game turned out. And don't forget how this ended at the damn free throw line. This thing is what I said. 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To help you focus ease stress and sleep better get started at com dot com slash sports forty. That's COM DOT com slash. Sports Forty Speaker yourself is going to Vegas this windy. We take the show on the road and coming to you live from the MGM Grand Sportsbook as we look ahead to the Deontay Water Tyson Fury Rematch Audience. Check in is at eleven. Am We'll have great guests and giveaways so come and join the fun? I welcome back with locking wildly Stephen Jackson ric Bucher back time now for big story presented by Hyundai are lists fraternity. All Star game was team. Lebron one in a one fifty seven one fifty five thriller over team Jaanus last night. The game was played in a brand new format this year and among the changes was the fourth quarter where teams played in one time period to a target score set after the third quarter. The result was an incredible turning the usually defenseless and uninspired game into an entertaining spectacle we hadn't seen in years all right the NBA permanently fixed. This all started like my ts before I'm sitting here like this is the format and I understand. Nba has a leg up based on the fact that you have a sport where you can play it inconvenience and then you go down to the corner shoot you watch the NBA All Star game. Dan Looks like that. You never conveniently see football. Players play that sport so therefore they don't have a leg up. You never see hockey just conveniently played. It's a rough violent sport. Nba has a leg up and then they go out there and changed the format and they make it more interesting. Mike. This is the false competitiveness. I wanted to see all the time. The best is fake moment. Ain't nobody what whatever you're playing. Okay we're spending how great they are respected. That ain't them at their best so ob still love it. They're selling me and then I'm like yeah. I got an appointment at eight. Thirty and Anthony Davis is going to the free. Throw Line at eight thirty. And I'm sitting there like how anti climatic all this and we get there and he going to go up there. I one second one all this run and rush them the pageantry the Cotton Candy. The Corine is the fact that it didn't end on a high. Lets me know that. Hey this is the best glue job you can do for something. That's permanently broken. Which is All Star Games even though the NBA all stars the best of the worst So I give them credit for doing it. But let's be real. Nobody went home pumped up off of the high of I I was you know about the game but I agree with you. The game could not in on the free throw. It has the basketball games for the All Star game and on the free throw because it's not the regular game you're not my regular rules. Thank you gains and on free throws regular games. This is GONNA lose my regular rules so if it comes down to a foul it should be a one on one but a bucket should be a free throw. Anybody can make anybody. Anybody can make veto back me but I think it should end on a free as great as the game was as great as the change was. I think at the end of the game. We were like that even at this hour and Anthony Davis let them go one on one from the from the top of the key for the book put a game. You guys are forgetting victory rules. This was an experiment true. I was in the building like no one knew what to expect. They didn't know that this was going to be any good that they didn't know that this was going to solve the problem right. And that even when we got to the fourth quarter because the first three quarters there were I mean a little more because they started off. Now you're good the end. The third was set up. Because now you split two quarters. And let's see who is going to have the edge going into the fourth but then the fourth starting with lowery taking charge and there was like what the hell and then like now. Jaanus is going with Lebron one on one in blocking his baseline fade and now Lebron wants to get him back and this thing just grew and grew and grew. So I get that you don't like that. It ended on a free throw. The other part of me was looking at it thinking man. He's going hard and they did not expect to go hard like I know. I know where some cats were the night before they were. Somebody's going to break down and the problem. If you take away the free throw is that guys were just GonNa foul and foul and foul. Because they were not going to give up that last bucket they were not going to give up that last bucket. And then you run into can never end this thing and somebody's GonNa get hurt. Sometimes you file that good. A file can't do nothing. I'm getting ED book. Look let's pretend like NBA players NFL. Players don't play games after leaving Hennessy. Parties other than All Star Games. We used to go straight from the game. So let's don't kid ourselves hail year. Did they fix something? This was awesome. I used to love the All Star game back in the day with magic and is there and they never played at this level if they did in the fourth quarter. This was what people forget. Man We think the fans are all into stars fans integrate competition period. That's what attracts fans grip. Oh man and let's say let's say they were acting. It's a great acting job. It fooled me a bunch of other people and so all it is. Tv Show and they pretended like they really care. And that's infectious and people all men. The stakes actually matter. They WanNa win this money for these charities you can actually hear the kids and the charities cheering all their energy in the building. That was amazing. I hope they improve on it even next year or for just stays the same but yeah I think the NBA All Star game now once again in event. That is Kinda must see TV at me. My bad I didn't answer the question. No they haven't permanently fixed thank you. That's that's my. That's my issue saying they permanently fixed it. I think they can keep this for the next three or four years. I don't know that it will ever be as good as it was this year. You had because you had the whole you had Kobi's presence. You had wanting to honor Kobe. You had wanting to win the first Kobe. Mvp of the of the All Star game and it was brand new. I think that was what made this so exciting. So organic you roll about. The dynamic of winning. Each quarter had a lot to do with the competition that again. I'm sorry you gotTa talk about that. If all players not coaches that teach winning quarters. Nba NBA Season Gay. They come out and play hard as hail the first quarter micro the dynamic of your winning every quarter. Yeah an aid them. Play from the beginning of the game. I think that was the best part digestible. That's what stack. You think you can roller basketball out with the best basketball players in the world in a fourth quarter and say hey get to the score. I and they're gonNA be like I really don't care. Not at all going they go. They go har. What is the greatest attribute of all athlete's ability to compartmentalize? We have a switch. And we're cognizant of that switch we can turn it on. We're GONNA get crossover over. Okay get a jump and you got nutmegged indeed even trip he laughing all right. Take Your trae young. Let me just tell you how. And James Hordes Ultra competitive matter. He knows he's going to go home and get right. Get Buckets next week. Here's the thing with locks my dog. And He seems like he's champion. It's the most you a man. Yeah we'll take you to the crew all right so you're older than me but my son right now Falls victim to this. He collects monster trucks and a breakdown sometimes and I got this little crazy glue and I put them back together and he thinks they all good. It's still broken they roll. This is still broken is rolling is soccer. Ju It's my but it ain't fixed because those guys are doing acting jobs just some greater than others and you're going out there saying now. This is fixed because they did a better job of selling us. I'm sorry to fluff from me. Where's the acting the acting defect? It will go. Janas going to lose a game. If he really was invested. Going just offer to help you got okay. It's hard about ten bucks in the first quarter when Games on the lock you Jason. Let's people just go between his legs? Laura so cute. That was early. It's all they pick their spots at the four hundred four players. Are you telling me if they pick their spots? What I what I push back on. Is your suggestion that the fourth quarter was not legit? This is just about us. We WanNA win damn game. We want to be the first one fifty seven. I don't think there was any acting in that. I think it was legit. I want to show you better. Lebron and Yannis going back and forth at each other that was about. I want to show you. I can stop you and I can school there. There's two hearts Gohar for me and I know the difference and look in the pros. I go hard for Y'all and it looks a lot. I messed up this nothing. You're going to sell me today. Is going to be greater than what already have what I can accomplish later. Well that's the problem for me. James didn't let him thought about those leg he didn't but it happened and dry trae. Does this doing regular season game? People Make James Look worse during the regular season Games. So it don't matter they. I don't think they sold. I think like you said it's not completely fixed. Think the end of the game was wrong but I think they're real close to having I I'm GonNa tell you the other thing you're underestimating and I don't. I'm not this sort of sentimental but again when you've these guys have been blessed beyond belief financially athletically and they spend that little wiki in connecting with the kids from that charity and they know it's important to the kids that charity and I'm just sorry. These guys are human beings and it was important of those kids and it became important for those guys. They didn't want to let those Kansas down in that fourth quarter. I really believe maybe proved that wrong. And this go sound Harleysville be real. Those little end zone got tired of them because they kept putting the cameras and then there's a show runners say even the kids know what's on the line because we kiss your Komo. Oh yeah we gotta know how to read it. I was out there. It was probably part of. It was probably the night before the game was probably like ten percent of the players. A lot of guys was interesting. A lot of guys took the took the game seriously. Sunday brought the porn on days game. They probably went out Friday but Sunday Saturday night. They were arrested for that game. It's also the beauty of the new all star break. They got like five days now with the case in the party on their joined now by Fox. Nfl analyst of our air into the former patriots off its lime rich hornberger. Rls moved to Las Vegas which apparently is what raiders fans. Are Hoping. Tom Brady will do a couple of weeks ago. Reports surfaced that the team would pursue. Tom Brady and free agency. And now according to Larry Fitzgerald senior the father of the wide receiver and respected member of the media in Minneapolis. Jon Gruden and company are ready to offer brady deal worth sixty million over two years if true is this just a marketing ploy or is it sound football. Eileen South Football Tom Brady just imagination of dressing them up with better weapons A running game whatever you want to think of their offense and defense and young talented on defense which you'll be able to do what they were able to achieve this year with their car. Despite their car having better numbers not winning those necessary moments so I say lean football then you think about the marketing. Obviously when you say Las Vegas Raiders. It's really almost so that this is going to be attracted. Forty million plus tourists go through LAS VEGAS EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I was at a football game yesterday. Xfl La wildcats. More Raider fans did not. And they're talking about the Las Vegas Raiders. Not so much on the field but just how is going to be a spectacle to be in Las Vegas by locale and the brand raiders? But then what I really land on. Is Jon Gruden? Ten years one hundred million dollars who else has created equity wells. Has you money to just say? I'm going to try this out for two years and if not I still have six years of runway on a deal that says I am the one that can have the audacity deports whether it works or doesn't I agree with you. I think it sound football too. I mean on its face. Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Derek Carr. So if you have an opportunity to upgrade whose faces online and listen I mean on paper everybody can look at it and show me the completion percentage of Derek Carr and you can show me how many artifically he typically? I'll I'll take age. I'll take I'll take forty two years of age because we know GRUDEN's track record only super bowl. He won was with a veteran Brad. Johnson came to Tampa ban the got it done and so I look at you know a coach who is seemingly difficult to work with if your quarterback being impressed with the mental capacity of a player like Brady and this is a shoot. Your shot situation easy. They're going to finish his career with the Patriots. Tom Brady is or if there is that much. Strife in house in New England that he can't play another down for Bill Belichick. Shoot Your Shot. Because you're going to get the arguably the world's best quarterback who's ever walked the planet and you may get him for one or potentially two more years and you've got a good offensive one. You got a good good young running back. Josh Jacobs shoot your shot. I think it's a media stunt however I think it sound football and I think it's it's by putting it out there that we're willing to pay an excess of thirty million Per Year to have his services I don't know exactly what they would be using it for. It could be negotiation tactics against somebody internally with the team it could be to feel out if this is really something that could possibly happen for them to be able to get. Tom Brady But again you're looking at a recent see or or a win now affect even though he has that long term contract with a major numbers on it I still think that may occ- and Gruden are really pressing themselves to try to win games now and if you're trying to win games now and you tried to do it with Ab last year. I'm sure there may be a connection. There maybe you try to bring ab back into the fold but if it is truly a football sound move. It's because they're gauging and measuring what the possibilities are. I'M GONNA go with shoot lavar and say that. It's marketing but there could be a kernel of sound football in it in this regard. Hugh may be forcing the Patriots hands. You may be forcing them to pay more for Tom Brady than they want to. Which could complicate things for New England? And if I were in the AFC I would want things to be complicated and difficult for the New England patriots. Do things that disrupt their game plan their strategy? They've dominated that conference for so long do things to make them uncomfortable but primarily. I think bringing Brady to the to the raiders lost. It would be marketing. I don't think you can ship him away for. He has the most value for New England and Bill Belichick in my view. You ship him to Las Vegas with Jon. Gruden new office new system and his aide. I just don't see it working that well other than a lot of people will go see fat Elvis in Las Vegas and they'll go see forty two year old. I'm Brady in Las Vegas and there are also go out there and see a wedding and potentially this is going to be the honeymoon phase. Still for Jon. Gruden you gotta remember. He had a contract that we thought it was absurd. Because it's going to allow you the latitude to do stuff sometimes dean foolish like this this. If you don't believe in Tom Brady. He's still components off and laugh at you after the failures. And that's what it is. This is a guy who shoots shot because Tom Brady has always been a fantasy as a quarterback he finally gets to make that happen and forget about the Patriots. I'm driving up the price for the. La chargers dairy my division. Closer to home. I really want to do that so I don't think this is absurd. I don't think this is marketing in priority loss. Vegas Raiders. I'm there. I'm not a Raider Fan. I'm anti Raider Fan. I have to see this spectacle. Not only the stadium the amenities. But there's going to be Real Football Vegas. I think it says Lavar Arrington rich hornberger back with us. Time now for Dardanelles questions today are takeaway homeboy. Yes Sir the xfl where we saw to actually kick off this weekend. No doubt we had a huge success with a lot of buzz around the league. New Rules and exciting style of play. But we too. We definitely saw some struggles by. Qb's include New York Guardians member going. Who went off about his team's performance at halftime. Check this out. Does this do on offense to get something going here? We need to change the whole entire game plan at halftime. What do you need to change about the game? What are you going on right now for us here as an often so a lot of things we want to fix it one to ask you guys. How can the XFL improve? Its quarterback. Play well I think to me and I watched some this weekend. I think they need to de emphasize the quarterback. This should be league about the running back and the running game. I'd love to see rules that help the running game because I think the style of play the xfl should look different than the style of play of the NFL. Them out there trying to mimic. Nfl offenses is going to be a disaster because they don't have NFL quarterbacks. But I do think you could build some teams around running games. Did a different style of play. That would be exciting to watch. I want to preface what I'm GonNa say interesting which you said. I'm not a fan of this level of criticism this early in the process. I think it's too much and it's too soon Anybody who's been around football knows that and my florals should know that as well that said You. GotTa have patience. It's only week to godly first thing that triggers on a football team. His defense like we. We see color hit color. Y'All in trouble office. Oh y'all trying to figure it out call place auto up. You're supposed to be here I. We're destroying you. And then what clicks last even off visibly is the quarterback position because he has to know what everything everything's going on all guys including himself and then the other guys across who are trying to go in disguise it coverage fronts and Stutz. All those things are happening in the week to. We're GONNA come down on it now. It's interesting I look at it. You need time to build the chemistry. You need to go out there and let this all blossom and everyone and you said to Jason. I understand when we say these are not. Nfl quarterbacks but guess what he's also not NFL defer saliva now NFL lyman. The point is this a relative experience they don't have to be. Nfl good they have to be xfl good and in relative experience. You can dominate. And these guys are going to mature into positions. You go to a restaurant. I went to the WYNN hotel grand opening amazing hotel. Beautiful Service. Suspect you go to a new restaurant. Amazing Food Service suspect takes time to work those things out and I think that's what's happening to quarterback position. Yeah there's a lot of tire now. There's no question. I was actually a broadcast on the call in the Alliance of American football last spring and the same issues were really prevalent throughout the season and they didn't make it through a whole season. Bob Offensive Line play was poor. The quarterback play was poor and that lasted the entire. Spring really. Didn't jump back up and I think it's because frankly the quarterback position it's out of dearth of talent at that level. You have a lot of the top talent out of college. Football ranks being scooped up by these thirty two. Nfl Franchises and they're taking three at a time. It's difficult to play quarterback. We know that. There's probably five elite quarterbacks walking the planet each year in the NFL. And then there's a bunch of guys who are in a tier below and then there's a tier below that and we're talking about starters in the NFL so if you are going to have a better class of talent in the xfl at the most important position played you need to pay these guys. More Cole McCoy earned over three million dollars last season. Here's a backup in Washington. Brian Horror made five million dollars as a backup in indy. I mean Teddy. Bridgewater is making a small fortune. Now he's the best of the lot but if you WANNA have better quarterback playing the XFL UNITA pay these guys and actually take a run at taking. Some of the top level backups. Nfl and having them be xfl starters. I'll take a different stance on it. I think these guys are NFL talents. And I think that when you look at what they bring to the table they just have to be developed so I think what looks like a curse is is really a blessing in disguise. Because you're talking about having opportunity to show. Here's what a quarterback looks like. That's not an elite. Nfl quarterback you put him. If you put in like I remembered I came. And we'll talk about later in the show but you put a guy like Mason Rudolph in the game and he looks like an xfl quarterback. Look really bad you put. Somebody's backups in the game and they look really bad so all served to me. When I looked at it now saw the question I was like. We don't need to improve. How the quarterbacks play they need to prove that they can improve the quarterback and then now you have a legitimacy of your league by saying you know what these are guys? Maybe a numbers game. Maybe it was talent. Maybe it was just a lack of development but we can make them better. I just think to me I I watched the xfl Al like man. I want I need Oliver. Loves email address because I want to send you some ideas again to me. I go to the NBA All star weekend. They took a bold stance and did something different and it worked and too many people are afraid to be different than everybody else. The XFL should be different against the NFL. Used to be about the running back. They drove ratings. They drove interest in the game. That's what I would build my brand around in the xfl running backs and reggae and then the other thing and this. Why won't Oliver? I wish they would put if you own a season. Tickets in the XFL. You should take your season ticket holders and let them vote at the end of the year on whether the coach gets fired or retain our the fans. You build hard core pass. You know that kind of goes against what you conventionally think though you do know that You gotta show twitter going the different different by my spray. Some of that all here we also we also give a little credit to Matt mcglone kind of starting to spark in his conversation and I want to just remind him like look I I saw through what he was doing at halftime being miked up little sensational because there's upside there's another league on top of me let me make it seem like. I'm not the reason is to play calling. And it's everything either media due to he's been on that savvy come out let's be real. Nfl got caught with their pants down when they make up. Sam Darnold put them out. There he saw gold. Is Sam. Darnold this why you don't might players all the time about Madman loin trust me? He's being actually smart. He wants a job up here. Let's see does go all based off. I did anyone win the xfl super six contests this weekend. Yeah sorry a huge group of winners in the second rise to nine hundred fans all what the way with Tash Ford against Yougov next weekend be sure to download the four to sixth. Play for free for your chance to win. Joined again by Lavar Arrington ritual on time now for the most fearless of the day all right on Wednesday the NFL lifted its ban on Cleveland. Browns defensive end myles Garrett who was suspended indefinitely in the aftermath of an end game melee between the browns and the steelers geared snatched the helmet off Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph and then clubbed him with it on Friday geared. Double down on his contention. That Rudolph used a racial slur during the brawl. Tell him ESPN's meaning times during softball interview. That Rudolph called him a stupid inward Garrett. I made these allegations one week after the November fourteenth game in his softball interview with times geared remarkably said. His actions were indefensible and that he did not want to make this brawl about race. He did not want to make the broad about race. There was one crime committed on November fourteenth. We all saw it. Gary Club Rudolph with a helmet listening to Garrett rationalize his actions after he served his punishment is the equivalent of Oj. Leaving the joint. And saying Ron Goldman called him a racial slur myles. Garrett is a clown of Jesse small lay proportions. Rudolph called Garrett's claimed one thousand percent falls and a bold faced lie we'll agent labeled Garrett's claim defamatory and threaten legal action steelers coach. Mike Tomlin issued a statement strongly backing his quarterback saying quote. I Support Mason. Rudolph not only because I know him but also because I was on that field immediately following the altercation with Myles Garrett and subsequently after the Game I interacted with a lot of people in the Cleveland. Browns organization players and coaches. If Mason said where miles claimed it would have come out during the mini. All interactions. I had with those in the browns organization in my conversations. I had a lot of expresses sorrow for what happened. So we're supposed to believe that hearing the N. Word Calls Garrett to lose control of his emotions on the field but he also remained calm enough not to shout or talk about it on the field. You know what's far more likely than that scenario? A black player on the field. Calling Garrity stupid in work. We love the word and we use it in a derogatory manner. More more than a term of endearment we use it as a weapon of destruction. The same way geared is trying to kill Rudolph with now. We heard geared the first time he rolled out this week. Excuse it's less credible. The second time around all right Marcellus get US rolling here. Do you like myles. Garrett repeating his allegation against Mason Rudolph I do I like him doubling down on this tripling down if necessary because his truth. None of us were there Unfortunately no audio can exonerate or even indict someone in his situation which is a little peculiar which I think lends itself to Myles Garrett case more than Mesa Rudolph's But I digress. Let's say this. My therapist always talk about how you are is not who you are and I think that's very important to this situation. How you act in certain moments doesn't mean that's who you are all the time or properly defines you just like you can do something dumb and not be a dummy. Just is something dumb. So here's the thing that really strikes me when I look at this situation. I have reasonable doubt and turns of what Mason Rudolph and coach Mike. Tomlin are saying. And they're saying it's so emphatically dead. I'm like I have doubt Ross reason if we're trying to pull off. Maoz gears helmet unsuccessfully wrestling with him punching kicking them into manhood was because he tackled me late. That's kind of petty. Okay now. Let's fast forward to when it really went down. And I believe in a moment of excessive stupidity which is really instigating a fight with myles Garrett if you're Mason Rudolph that's Kinda stupid and then chasing them. What out your helmet which is just beyond stupid. It's absurd that all of a sudden in that range of stupidity absurdity. I'm not to believe that you went to a stupid absurd place and use the work that you didn't use that word. So just using the circumstances against him using the moment of irrational behavior against him he did all those dump things all these crazy things but he didn't do this one. Remember Mason even if you did are. You are now who you are brother. Football players have a quick switch. And for all the arguments you made on behalf of myles Garrett they can be made against myles Garrett the same way Mason Rudolph could have blurred something out offensively and if he used hate speech and I hope that evidence come out he should be castigated. Because that's that's not appropriate. There's no room in it for our game. We all know that. But the same way you can defend myles Garrett you can use those same words so in a moment could I see him feeling attacked and defending himself for feeling like he needs to defend themselves swinging helmet and then afterwards realizing how agreed. Just this all look and then in another moment having a poor reaction and telling a small live a fib one that he didn't think was going to go public to the NFL PA because remember this story got out because it didn't want it to get to get out But now your backs against wall. Sometimes a small LIE TURNS INTO A BIG LIE. Now my calling myles. Garrett a liar no because I am. I'll never know the truth. I'll never know we may never know the truth so I can't call man alive but I do know that feeling and everybody knows that feeling when you get caught in something you have to pats. Either you go the path of the truth or stick with the lie and there may have been that crossroads in this situation and that is a difficult crossroads to reach and there is no backtracking. Now I don't like it on different levels. I first thing I thought of when when I saw it. This happened in November super bowls over. Season's over did your. You did your penalty. You were penalized. You were found to be Coppola of what took place. You are suspended now. I'm looking at it from this perspective and this is just where I come from this interpret things if you did if it truly happened away. He sang it then. Even with that taking place I see a mouse. Garrett apologizing for what took place taking the high road and moving on. Because you know what? You've already served your penalty. You WanNa go into your off season move on from as as a player and for your team because you were considered or still are considered a leader on your team move on secondly like this exposes more about Maoz Gear and how he's wired versus anything else whenever you gotTa Repeat Yourself. Sometimes that's an indictment of guilt to me. That's my interpretation of. I can recall many times where I've found myself doing things I shouldn't have done and I always repeat it myself to try to justify that my actions were justified so I don't think that it was appropriate or even well time to come back and hash over it again. Say It happened whatever happened. Do things a football field. I hit him. I'm sorry for that because I shouldn't have done that. And I WANNA move on move on with my career. Well the timing was forced because the suspension was over so it became newsworthy. Therefore they come out and want to interview. Then you're forced to either go down two paths given excuse or give you reason and I like how you said it like. We've all been there before. Like take the high road or I can try and get out of this and low road and you just gotTa stay in the low road until you die but you didn't out of it but here's the thing his reasons he's like. I'm not this this we want and there is a third option about away. You don't have to address it but go ahead okay. True after the Game Josina Anderson reported after the game Now you can take her credibility into question if you want. But I'm just telling you facts of matter. She reported a something said well she predicted. I can't go there either. I let you speak. I'll say what I heard. I'm GonNa see what I read point being. Something was mentioned in that moment now not to play as a race cart. He probably said I'm going to keep this confidential to get into a private setting. Which he did. He never came out in an interview. But for you to say move on. I think it's convenient to be up here and say move on Mason. Rudolph is being called a racist and he's being called Jussie smollet and more so but the only reason why say you move on from it Marcellus? Yeah we don't have to be politically correct so much right you know. You're there are much more heinous things that are said during the course of four quarters of gang mutt context. That context is different. That context miles all raimondo throughout all stop with that only one person in this conversation filled to Mason Rudolph Mason. Rudolph started some and then filling. How does that justify him hitting him upside Mohammed? Miles Aguirre fell threatening according to listen and feel I think so. I hope we can all agree. There is one certifiable live. That's been told I when this do says I don't WanNa make it about race. That's a lot. There's no way you can say he called me there but I don't WanNa make it about race. That's a lot and the only way that he presided. I don't think he's lying. Why I don't think that Jussie smollet should have ruined did for all black males in this predicament. Saying that they're not speaking the truth like okay. Jesse did his again when you say. He called me the N. Word that is making it about race. That's the only to hit but again he's saying I only I'm making this about race. Don't sit here and tell me I don't WanNa make it about race. But he called me the n word. No you're making it about race. That's a lie. Why the I think you're touching. He said in were and I smacked him. He San the duke came at me first and then in in the scrums somewhere to end were said. I backed off. I had to dues. Pull me off. Then he came at me again and I hit him with it. That's different state statement when you flip it over to the other side and you think of Mason Rudolph I mean now. This is somebody who is vehemently denying that all of this has taken place. He has his head coach a black man having his back. I mean this is career napalm if he actually uttered those words and there's a microphone which there are many on an. Nfl field caught him saying that. A video camera lip readers can figure this out pretty quickly if that's my point so it did it or did it not happen is the point that we've reached and myles. Garrett says one hundred percent it happened and so either we believe him or we don't either way. Are you going to data ever come out said or not? Do you think it ever come out. No but it's my tapes. Also think about why wouldn't NFL? Easer put the audio out. Which will well. I'm GonNa tell you why it's no audio but until you why. This whole thing is very child's the now you were about to go down the road by as very very childish and for those of you with kids you've seen. I've been a kid when I've got caught cold busted and then came with a lot to justify my behavior. This is what children do when I watched this dudes interview with con. He looked and sounded like a child. He didn't it was there was no conviction behind what he says. And then what a will say mummy. I don't WanNa make it about this or that when you just did you don't either own up and be a man and you make it in about racing. You think this dude disrespected you a racial way. And that's why you did it but don't come to. I'm seeing this but I really do it with a big about race. This dude is a goofball. Who did something stupid? Who's gotten in trouble in the NFL? For playing rough with quarterbacks early year and he came up with some bogus excuse and trying to defame this way and again even if true I which I don't believe in objective person can't bring all these circumstances together and say what happened in this moment you can try and give me a character build and it could be a character. Assassination Against Mason. Rudolph if you want to do that. That's a dangerous game but to if he comes off with conviction that's going to convey that this is the guy who can't control emotions so m control emotions also now gets used against him because of what you already have never going to come out right. You just sit in your past ever come out. I don't think we'll never prove it. You already served or suspense. I would say that if Mason Rudolph Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson. I could get trying to protect him. The NFL has no motive to try to protect Mason. Rudolph really by by play. You don't want them. Narrative of a racist league come over. And there's a reason off doesn't prove there's a racist Lee way were bolts are telling the truth one he said it and Myles Garrett is telling the truth to he didn't say myles Garrett of lying or three miles gary thought he hurts. I WANNA run them. Other dudes thought lot. He heard me face as he was planning on. Somebody's ipod let's move to the NFL. Where most people have. Joe Borough locked in is the number one pick but not. Everyone seems to agree friend of the show. Bucky Brooks just ranked borough as the second best quarterback behind to tongue viola despite to us hip injury. The two guys are pretty closely matched with two or throwing more touchdowns and a slightly higher completion percentage and while both guys have national titles. Borough took home the heisman this year with a record breaking season. Any chance here. Buying the two is as good a prospect as Joe. Berle combined that. He's a better prospect and I I really feel almost light. It like to be one of the guys who has to be a campaign manager for two in his body a work like. What are we doing here all right? Let's start here in career. Passer efficiency in College Football History. Number one is to this. Start here. The Guy. Lost two games and in those two games wanting to for four hundred yards four touchdowns in wanting to for two ninety five and two touchdowns wasn't necessarily on him. This go here. He played for three different office coordinator and became to buy all three officer coordinators. No potential and I'm not trying to indict Joe Borough but no potential being a one hit wonder no potential of you've got to be married to Joe Brady or else and we saw a body of work from Joe Borough Lsu before last year yeah. Did you watch anybody anybody? Okay my point is to drills the best ball most accurate ball numbers support that. He's the winner tremendous personality. Spirit leadership abilities. I don't understand why this is a conversation. Once caught up into one hit two one one season. I'll take two. I love everything he said. I completely agree. I think he's a better prospect. You are now debating the elite coming out of college and so I think this is a close second situation with borough behind Tonga. Vi- Loa but I love his pedigree Nick Sabin. He's a hard coach. You don't have guys in the NFL sparing your feelings. You better be ready to get some real criticism. Especially if the quarterback of a franchise and so I think that bodes well moving on to the next level Alabama guys almost allergic to losing so I appreciate that pedigree as well and leadership the fact that he was able to keep that locker room together through the transition during the national championship. Erz to Tunga Vilo. It speaks not only to the maturity that Jalen hurts exudes but also too so I I mean. He's my favorite on this board. And that's not GonNa Change. You know if I'm basing it specifically off of prospect today. Not What Team? They go to or anything based off of that. I'm saying Joe. Borough has to beat history in order to be the best prospect. I think about this as a heisman. Trophy winner he does want it. Collar Murray Baker Mayfield Lamar Jackson Marcus. Mariota Jameis Winston Johnny Manziel Robert Griffen at Third Cam Newton. Sam Bradford Tim Tebow Troy Smith Liner Jason. White Carson Palmer. Eric Crouch Chris Waikiki. I went all way back to two thousand tell me a hall of Famer well tell me a perennial all pro on that. Let's go guy go. We can look Hair cuyler possibly. We could look at Lamar Jackson. Possibly now show me to rest cam. Newton had a level of success. Short-lived he is fighting against the historical devalue that these other guys have won the heisman our know how about. That's not a bad point. But how about this? How about this one guy has got an injury history? The other one doesn't okay. He has less has less believed to a has less pressure on him. Coming into this situation. You know why because all of the spotlight is on bureau. And now you'll see someone who okay because as good a prospect is a borough just I just get I suspect and you take into a fact injury history availability injury history are you built for the NFL. I believe that too will have the better career. Because just based off of what I've seen guys and burrows position. They do not pan out. Well we're lots of reasons. Look concerned doesn't wobble me enough to get off the train own. That damn shrink the dude just shows. I don't need a guy that lasts until he's forty if I'm a general manager I'm looking at the next five years I just. I'm looking at about the past. Winners it Alabama. He hasn't been able to stay healthy. He's also fought through injury very important asset to know about a player before he gets in the League. I don't know how many games I've played one hundred percent but I'm gonNA Guess Zero Uncle. Jimmy's here to help us talk about our approval. Ratings for Y- honest onto Toco. Now you know I finally mastered onto Kupu all right. Who'd you big dummy the day? Good you master. Some listen here man down here today go to the person. I'm get you a bucket of what don't do say what they'll say. The bucket the easy and I'll know the colonel spicy. He can get one. He can make one disappear. Emmett Jaanus seemed lost to the All Star game last night who we got. Us scored zero points in the fourth quarter. Lebron team came back to win. It even sold Greek fricks books. Have the NBA's Best Record Marcellus? The bucks they lop to make the NBA final. No not at all Boston. Is there Philly at a high level Philly when they're playing at the peak especially at home bare their Miami with the wildcard I'm sure Toronto over achieving this year. Now not a log brother either. Although I do Kinda think they'll make it but I don't know Greek freak got exposed uncle. Jimmy heard me. I said the Greek freak got exposed in last night's all star game your thoughts long before there was an uncle. Jimmy Jimmy to freak. All you gotTa do is look up and down the streets of Kansas City. And you'll see how much work I put in to represent their name. Look at what they told me to heartbreaker the big girl take it. So right now counted Vince of my fellow freaky brother artistic. Google Greek freak. They say see we. We come from the same stop. Oh we follow the teachings of our fearless leader the honorable James Ambrose Johnson Junior. Who Jiang's Ambrose Johnson June who regains bitch original super free founder of the Church so for allergy leader. Rick James. He's saying the add is a very is a frigging European looking in case. I don't know I'm trying to tell you. The honest is a super freak. Oh boy a super freak Ed. Yeah I ain't got no doubt that he's GonNa followed True Patients Honorable Rick James Understanding on following the groin. His postseason understanding. You feel good. Jane Lew with the stuff. That will you see power auto words of James Ambrose Johnson Junior to leading regimes right? He's got the name from talking. I know when you got a name dog in this world you gave it to me here. Man Pay bus been out various. Don't win and he ain't concerned about you folks no no he thrives on things on a Mary Jane thank play all right in other words. I'm trying to tell you Mary. Jane is a hell of a drone. Look anywhere you usually go win in the finals with Gannets right now. Not only going to make it to the finals. When he get there against the Lakers he's on wall split. Legrand at the half court line. Lebron is a look at. What did the five fingers say to the face? Say he was GonNa Happen in other words. Yeah but tell couch real about this guy who cows so accounts. Your cats will cow shoes on role. I doubt I've Johnson says seventy six actually moving up from the last time we did he night. We didn't last time bombed in the playoffs. But All Star not gold status is world job performance. He wanted envy all. Talk Raiders. Mvp even care him throw a day for no. I love him so the Internet agrees with both of us. Fifty eight percent in an all star. That's it for us. We'll be back tomorrow couch.

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