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This is the average guy network in you've found on gag showed him three ninety five recorded on March twenty first twenty nineteen. Honganji gig speed cover all the paper that finally reviews product updates and conversation offer the average tech. I'm your host Jim calls broadcasting live from the aggregate hot tea studios here in Bellevue, Nebraska, Dave McCabe. Did you think back when we first started home server show that we'd be doing this for nine years? Did you I listen to you introduce the the video segment, I was like I remember saying that, you know, five six years ago. This is a long form podcast. We're not going to answer your questions anytime quick. Yeah. No. I just I was just thinking about all the podcasts that you and I have done together. Mike weaker you've been on now. How many wouldn't you think you started at home service did four years, right? Okay. So two hundred eighteen to two hundred shows Dave I did we how many home service shows. Did we do together? What end over three hundred. I did over three hundred total. So I started. Two thousand eight. April. So I'm coming up eleven years. No, no, no. It was it was we're coming up on four hundred. I think of that with or we'll get Christian to come back on. I'm going to try and get Sadler to come back on. And join us for four hundred know, they've all been longtime guests. But I just think about all the time we were in pre show just a second ago. We were talking this is typically MVP week and for six years you and I room together at at MVP summit in this year both together decided it's time to give somebody else a spot to to join the MVP team. And so rich. Hey is out there. He'll be here in a couple of weeks. Supporting Dave chemists MVP summit. I do. I mean, I would be that'd be lying. If I told you I didn't because I mean, do your at Microsoft on their campus. I mean, you, and I we would ditch classes and and walk around, right? Just to get some exercise stretch our legs and just take up these Seattle scenery. And it was it was a great time. It's just I just felt like I have moved on so much from my just all in Microsoft days. And I thought I'm just taking up space and unite talked about it, but we. Kind of we never made decisions together. That was what was weird we talked about it. And we went our separate ways. Right back into our lives. And then we came back another two months later, and I came out and said, hey, Jim, I retired. He goes, wait a minute. I retired. It's like, okay. We will. No. I think we both saw the writing on the wall. What was going on there? And it's great. It's perfect. I mean, there's still some great things going on a Microsoft. We still continue to cover them and talk about other things windows related, but it was a good day. Good to have you have you back on remind folks if you want to get the show notes there won't be a ton tonight. We're going to spend some time talking about gray stuff. But if you want to get the show notes to this show or anyone past one's head out to the average guy that he don't forget if you want to download the mobile app, we wanna thank or patriot subscribers for kind of supporting that for us bailable, Android, iphone great way to listen to subscribing stream the app anywhere, you're at if you're traveling the best way to listen to home gadget geeks. Go to home gadget. Geeks dot com, Android, iphone links there for you. Great way to do it. Don't forget join our discord group. I reluctantly came to discord. It's been a pretty good experience. So far, Mike we're getting some at forty maybe forty forty five. What do you think I've been having some great conversations over there? I think we we started some different channels to kind of direct the conversation. So you can follow the conversations you want ignore the rest. I've had some great conversations with people around unrelated and unify so it's been a great resource for me. I think we've been having a lot of fun over there. I've learned some things which I'll bring up my story later on my unify of meditation, but it's been a fun community. So if you're looking for kind of that place you to check in you don't have to be there all the time. But, you know, throw something out there and have a awesome tech group to chat about it with. It's a good place to do it. Good jump in right now. The average guy dot TV slash discord will get you there take you there just jump in. If you haven't created a dischord account, you can do that we have a pretty well moderated group. And so sometimes those dischord groups can get kinda gangly so speak, and we're going to prevent that. So if you're looking for one of those. Experiences like you get at home server show forms now the reset forms. If you haven't joined over there, really a great group if you want to do it that way, we kinda focus on cyber frontiers and gadget geeks. And we've been talking a lot about unread. I'm we're going to catch up with Dave here in just a second and what's going on over reset? But if you want to join us over there, the average guy dot TV slash discord big thanks to John Pizano. I think pronouncing that right from last week from Unrae jumping in here. John did a great job, Mike. That was listen if you're listening to this show, and you haven't listened to the unreach-. Oh, I I can't think this week. I heard more things from guys saying, I'm building and unreserved Mike Deji. Did you get that feeling? I got that feeling too. And I think even the guys who have unread servers. We were like, okay. Wh when upgrades can we make right? We are all excited. We're all revved up about it fun to see other people giving it a shot though. And I'm excited because honestly, it's one of those systems that before I built it. I was the same way. Like, oh, I've heard of it. But when you build it it just works. Really? Well, I know Gavin one of our listeners has been in the discord he's been talking about his Bill Daley. So he. Just did a major switch over. And he said he's been loved it so far, but working really good. And he's been having some questions, and I am Spartacus out there in the discord has been helping him out with a certain things. It's been fantastic super good. Yeah. That's what it that's kind of designed for. So what I think John for jumping in. We will definitely try and get those guys from unread back. Just as often as we can we through the pitch out to say, hey, get updates coming in jump in love to hear about what's going on. Obviously from the feedback that I got from the community on this. Neal had sent me a note Neil longtime listener sends me an when he likes to show. He said really enjoyed the show. I'm gonna look at one hundred very interesting that you need at least two SSD's in there to have a good reliable cash. So thanks for that feedback. Appreciate you guys. Letting us know great show if you haven't listened to it yet back Baco, go back three ninety four is that number, and we think John for coming on big. Thanks to Tony Rayner is well, Tony kind of set that whole thing up, and Tony no thank you bunch of times. But if you have. Guest that you'd like to have on home. Gadget geeks, and you can help me broker that I'm gonna take them all, but if you can if you if you've got that kind of guests, let me know we'll figure out how to get him on in have them kind of on the show. Oh, we talked to him here. Just a few minutes ago, but Dave McCabe, my old friend from home server show days. Dave, I'm always surprised at how often that home service show still comes up. I mean, it is a legacy show. Tell me a little bit though, what's going on reset. You. We read two years ago, maybe to meet up, right? It's been that long as George have been three now. I don't even remember. Yeah. I I sprung it on you guys. It was the next to last meet, I sprung it on you guys. I'd secretly put three episodes in the can with reset. And I don't remember when I came to this. Came to the decision, but we kept doing home server show up and to the meet up because I always used to like to have one episode where I really talk about meet up so people travelling could have something to listen to because I know when I used to hear things about what I was interested in you know, it would fire me up. So that's what I did. And so I took volunteer from the audience, which was Joe minor hadn't come up. Click. Click some software to buttons. I had him. Actually, I had physically program two buttons that one stopped the feed of home server show, and the other ones started and published the feed of reset, and there were three episodes that went live, and I don't know if people download them on the way, home or not. But I did I know I listen to that was on the flight home. That was the way it went down there. Some secret video I may have become somewhat overwhelmed with. Reef. I guess it was a moment. We know we did was I didn't realize it to I was just like holy cow. What is this coming out of my face? You know, ended home server show and started reset in that kind of let me spread my wings a little bit where I didn't feel bad about talking about automation and security cameras because the home server guys just like you experience with unrated last week and and this week following those guys wanna talk nothing, but drives and storage in raid. And they wanna talk about that twenty four seven, and you know, the good guys, they they don't they didn't mind me doing my own thing with home server show, which which we did quite a bit. But I felt like it was at least worth a change. And so we spawned reset dot FM. And we kinda rename the home server show dot com forums, although I have not changed that URL. I keep saying that I'm going to but some work. It's some work to get in your freida SEO like home service show. Forums have been a gold mine for unilateral as of SEO and traffic and things coming in. Forums owner you put a lot of time into securing it and Detroit's calling it and oh, right? Even the spam out. Right. You know, I did that. I I don't know what what my deal was Jim. But I started home automation. Forums dot com. I started surface geeks, which ran parallel each one of those two sites had its own form. And then I started seeing, you know, five eight years ago. I started seeing the writing on the wall, I had all of this stuff. I started smart wear forums or something and it just getting out of hand. And so it took me a better part of a year to migrate surface. Geek, forums and the home automation forums into home server show. So I had to move the blog posts, and then I had to move the forum posts and that just kinda got swallowed by home server forms. Well, one of the best communities. I think in you know, as long as I am podcasting. Dave, I still kinda consider the work that we do here at home gadget. Geeks. And we probably picked up some new listeners that have that don't know the days of home service show, but I still consider. For the work. I do kind of an outgrowth a spin off so to speak a growth. Maybe that's not the right word, but growth out of. Because that's a mole. You're a previous roasts out of home server show. And that's kind of the for me. That's where that's where I can start at. If folks wanted to join the reset forums. Now, what's the best way for them to get over there? Because if they like this community, they've just found us in there in our discord group, whatever and they in or Facebook, and they wanna come over because I would say it's really one in the same community in a lot of ways. I've always done a lot of things through the how would they what's the best way for them to get over there? And joined the form jamming everybody remembers home server show dot com, and that will take you straight to the forums. And also if you go to reset forums dot com. That'll take you out there too. Now, I am having a Cup. I'm having a database problem on the blog side of things. So I went from three WordPress sites and to invision power board sites, and I moved all those into home service, show dot com. So it's kind of been a database. Just it's it's been a mess. And I did an upgrade just this past weekend did upgrades a kind of get forced into upgrades via a security issues and bulletins and whatnot. So I still have to maintain that. And I brought my the WordPress side, which is not actually word breasts. But all the articles are still kinda formatted that way, it's a mess, but it's all out there in the forums. The forms are still a great community. I mean, it's still very heavy storage. It's very micro server based and it's very Q. And a a lot of guys come in with the questions some get their answer and leave, you know, some get their answer and stay and find a great community. But we still talk automation networking is huge. I mean, huge we're gonna talk a little bit about networking tonight. Dave, thanks for seeing. Yes. And it's always great to have you on here and avid. I'm an avid reset listener. By the way, that's one of the. The podcast. I don't miss. It's just great to hear you. I hide casted with you for so many years where we were doing this together. And you're a really good solar podcast. I don't think a lot of people can pull that off it. When I I found you on home service show, the first ten shows, I listened in succession about you know, whatever ten hours in a row on a way back from a trip, Colorado, and you're a really good solar pike caster. So if you haven't subscribed reset yet do that head out you can just search for reset, and you can find that out anywhere podcasts are aggregated and get get listening to that. Dave, you're probably every other week. Is that is that like been? Yeah, I've been I would say I've been good at doing every other week every other third week. I've been very bad every other week got him accepting that because that's that's how I came into it. One of the reasons I needed to make changes just things are happening now. And I know I've said it before, and I've always blamed you because you said one day when we started out he said us, I when we were first meeting, you know, I was like, well, I got I got a four year old and a two year old. He goes, okay. That's cool. Is it just just wait? You're going to get busy. Trust me. You are going to get busy. So now, I have a sixth grader and a fourth grader. And. Wow, I mean, if we're doing something every single day if I'm not driving him somewhere. You know, we're working on papers or building something. No. We've got the saws out, and we're covered in sawdust to build some Traber shave or science class, or you know, it's it's always something. And I was just like I can't do it. If I need to skipper Friday. I just skipper Friday. Right, mike. You're a couple years behind Dave in that. Right. Yeah. And you called it for me. Right. 'cause we met I was still doing open mic night. And you said he's an okay, you don't have kids yet. 'cause I was four I kid you said just wait till you have kids and sure enough, even you know suit in scrubs, we're like a few weeks behind right now. And we're finding that we're trying to find our cadence there and and things happened when you have these these young kids minor only two in one. So the only titties they do are my activities, right or just go into bed, but still just it takes the time away from, you know, no right on in the decade. We've been doing this. I've been doing this. Of course, my kids have left. So we have Sarah on. I don't know if I were ago something like that four five weeks ago. And I asked her the question, you know, how do you guys want to know, why didn't you let me podcast so much, and and her answer basic like get you out of my hair to be honest. So it's a different for me. It's a different world. I can podcast all the time. And and my kids are gone, but yeah for both of you guys. It's been fun to make that switch a little bit David at one point in time. You we you were pretty regular, and I was little. Sketchy. And then as my kids started departing that kinda changed a little bit. And you've got really busy, Mike. We have you on probably three out of five. You know in the scenario. So I'm life gets in the way, I think the lesson. They're right for all of us is go with what works right it. It's just the Abe's different times in your life. I think tech is the same way. Right. I mean, we all have to sit around and build these servers and do the stuff, but at some point in time, the outta kinda step away from the machines and spend some time with the family, right? I mean, all that tech is great. But if you're building it for the family, and you're never with them doesn't make much sense, Mike, you seem to have a pretty good balance there of being able to step away from that spend time with kids how how do you how do you do that? And then balance it with the tech, you know, for me it's a little easier because they're so young they go to bed at seven seven fifteen. Right. And that leaves a lot of time after that for hand. And I to to do it we want whether it's we watch movie together, we hang out or I come down here and and tech out for a little bit. So so I have that time now it'll it'll change as I get older. But right now, it's a pretty easy. Cadence a wake-up get the kids ready to take them to school. Go to work, come home. Eat with them play with them for like an hour. Our if that depending on when I work then they're in bed. So it's fairly easy at this age to balance Bill weekends, those are gone, right? Like those used to be all day. I could devote a whole Saturday to a project whole Sunday to a project, and it's just just out of possibility at this point, which just fine. You know, you have that balance. Dave is your kids have gotten a little bit older. Are you finding the technology needs for them are changing with that? You talk a lot about ipad time on your show. Like right now, that's a big deal in your household. Right. The the time the kids get on the ipad. Are you finding that's changing or what kind of challenges your each off circle? Right. You talk about trying to secure the internet for these kids. There was a time when I spent an enormous amount of time. Now, I don't even think about they're gone. I don't care. So are you finding it things are changing as the kids are getting older? Yeah. I'm I'm coming up against that that want and desire of the older child to communicate with friends to be social and to be. On it. Twenty four seven, you know to in it as a sixth grader, they just can't handle that. I've I've let that leash out. Right. And every time I do they take it and they run and they've just run off a cliff in crash and burn. Hold him back. And then learn from it. And then, you know, it's kind of a couple little lessons. Right. Like if I did give him a phone. You know, what's going to happen? Well, you know, six gigabyte later on my project fi account. You know, there's we had some chargebacks invoiced. My sixth grader the other day because of YouTube in. So I'm just I'm just learning. I I've learned I need, you know, I gotta sit some limits. If you give them a rope. They will hang themselves. The other thing is I always tell my sixth grader, I said if if you jump off a cliff. What's the first thing you need to do? He's like, I don't know like pick a spot to land. You know? Well, when you land what's going to happen? I said just look up because there's a fourth grader about the land on you. And that's your brother. Yeah. You anything you do. He's gonna follow you right off that cliff and so. Ipads, are huge. They've had them. He was a beta class in the third grade. As a third grader having an ipad twenty four seven goes home with them. So you in our school district you can rent them for I think it's eighty five dollars a year. And you get the ipad. Everything's done on the ipad all the assignments. Come. They have Loggins. They there's a webpage that they can look at and they can literally see every teacher every assignment every grade all their progress, and I can get feedback on that same site in. It's just. You you kinda give up at that point is like, well, maybe they should have tried surface. RT? You know, you remember those days. I didn't that work in school. Well, schools don't want that. No. Yeah. Why don't they try Chromebooks? Well, they're on ipads, you know, they'll never have windows, laptops. I don't know if my kids ever have a windows laptop in school, maybe when they get older, and they they need you know, that that personal device, but right now, they're all pads, and it's they get they get their work done, Mike as you think about your oldest who's through three four and a half yet June half. Okay. So you're still a ways away from that. But are you thinking about hiring time at this point? Jim I'm not always away from that. That's the scary part. So tonight, he was FaceTime. Ing my parents. He loves do that he fully knows how to turn on the effects and make himself Alliant on FaceTime. He knows the exact buttons to push swipe over click on a lion. Look, I'm a lion. I mean, and we went to we went to Utah are. Wyoming just a week ago. We let him take the ipad for the airplane ride. And I mean that kid just knows everything he can get out of his plex app where he washes his his Daniel tiger can get into the actual game. He wants to play crazy for two and a half year old. And he asked for it all the time. Now right already. I've had I've Daniel in the ipad, you know, that he's already asking for two and a half years old. So yeah, it someone that had. And I already think like the very limited time he has it is that already too much for him. If he knows how to use it that. Well, maybe we're letting him use a little bit too much. And then I'm like, well, it's also going to be his future. So as long as he's engaging in playing in other ways, and he's not on it all the time. I don't think it's too bad. Let him have a little bit of time to d-. It's no these machines the content is going to be interesting for me talk about the filtering of the internet. So I've been preemptively playing with untangle. I've we talked about high implemented untangle as my router and been playing around with that seeing how well it works. What kind of things it can do? So I didn't expect it to be a concern this really, that's the that's the crazy part. Yeah. No it. It's it comes up on you fast. My granddaughter half granddaughter. Who's three sent me a Snapchat from his mom's phone today. Video like, and she didn't know what she was doing. But you know, she got into it was able to take video put some things on it. And then send it she'd seen Mont mom does that a lot. I get a lot Snapchat from daughter-in-law and of her mostly she's yeah. She's filming her in sending those to me, which has been great. But yeah, I think we're seeing you're right. I mean, my granddaughter can swipe through and I think if you're listening this in you're my age, and you got grandchildren or children at this point. You know, these kids at two three and four can operate that phone pretty quickly. Dave you've been through some filtering options. And I know I've been listening to on reset talked about Disney, circle and some of the things right now if you were to recommend to a dad or a mom. A security device to put on a big bit defender box guy, but I don't have kids trying to hack my network anymore. So I actually don't know how well it really works. 'cause nobody's trying to do that. Here. You've got that. Dave you're in the prime. Mike's kids aren't to that point where they're actively trying to find that stuff. Your sixth grader is whether you know it or not right. He's out there. Trying to find stuff. What have you found works for for a parent? What would you say works best right now at least in your experience. Well, I mean every parent is going to be different. There's going to be those parents that that absolutely do not want any type of monitoring device was so ever. And man, I'm just like that's fine. Everybody's different. Right. But then you know, there's there's the other side there's brand new cell phone going to a kid, right? You you wanna be able to do find my iphone you want to be able to check how much data they're using. You know, whether you do that via your plan. Find my iphone or you get some kind of app that does that for you in. There's there's a handful of apps that do that. It was a great post. I'll go find out there on the on the reset forums. And where I was comparing three or four these and just I do that a law. I'll throw out a question what you guys think about these and the parental control apps. I've used a few and you've mentioned circle several times, and that has been a great little device for my network. It's actually an Arp poisoning device. So there's there's several different layers bridges and art poisoning in and it does that. But the speeds that I get on my internet account. It doesn't affect me whatsoever. And I get about one seventy five down twelve up. So in it runs that via Ethernet easily, and that allows you to turn off, you know, a couple. Things you know, you can turn off Snapchat, or, you know, app level type things, and you can block all kinds of other things and give them it's all the bedtime. Pause. The internet. You know, that's the the key down at night. Right. Yeah. You had mentioned the last reset you've been using untangle, Mike, you mentioned that. And then you're like as soon as you have to shut something off like this is the real problem with these right is if there too simple, they're not granular enough to really lock a lot of things down. If they're too granular. Dave you experienced a situation where things stopped working. And then the kids, of course, are putting a lot of pressure to get this thing up in running dad. It's Saturday morning. I need ipad time now in your like, screw it. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna I'm gonna nuke the thing. Right. You turn everything off. And then the next day after school, they're on YouTube, you know, searching garbage. But. Untangle hunting great far wall. I love that box. I mean, it is fifty dollars a year well spent and for many geek households that's going to work. It's very, man. It is so detailed on what you can do with ad blocking and firewalls and Mauer protection and web filtering. I, you know, I filtered myself before, you know, I'm searching something, and I'll get into the weeds on read it. And it's just like this site is blocked. I'm like, oh crap. Why don't get caught? But it's great for that. But then I got into the okay, how can I do time filtering, and you know, bedtime and a big thing here is wakeup time. So they'll they try anything and everything to get more time, especially on the XBox. So if they roll they roll over at six AM, you know, most people would be like, oh, six AM I woke up, but I'll be back asleep in, you know, ten seconds. But you know, not a sixth grader, they're like dang. It's six am. I got a lot of game in time before the parents wake up they'll get up now go downstairs, but not if you have the internet turn on it seven AM, right? Yep. So there's just a lot of things that you that you fight with those in some are better than others in untangle is just there's layers, and I know my nose. There's so many layers of things that you. You can do. And you can't just say, you know, this is the profile for the kid, and this is internet time in this is the sites. He can he can go to. It's you have to flag the MAC address with a username or whatever you wanna do it. There's so many different ways to do it and untangle, and then you can say, you know, apply firewall rules will if you want to turn them off at nine PM, you have to actually tell the firewall to block all traffic, you know, for this MAC address between this time. And then you have to do this in several places in to undo that is time consuming is it's. Yeah. It's got the most options, but they just don't make it easy. Yeah. Yeah. And and that's not the fault of untangle. This is a wonderful small business, even you know, enterprise device and software. So it's it's really not. They don't have a home product. We as the end users force them almost via the forums to say. We would like to have a home key because they used to limit this for you know, testing in your home what fifty devices, right? Yeah. They came out that home key. Yeah. Several years ago raw like dude fifty devices. You know, I got that in my living room come on. You gotta open this up. So they finally did. And it's fifty dollars a year. So. I've got it. It's turned off. I'm trying something different. And it's not that. I don't like it. It's just it's not serving my needs right now. Well, I have a saying options, equal confusion and a buddy of mine taught me that in these some of these more complex. Options that we get ya. You can get more granular form. I think Dave this is what you're struggling with right now. Is it you want some control. But you don't wanna have to spend a ton of time administrating it, and when something goes wrong, you wanna be able to fix it quick. When the kids can't get on at six in the morning or seven you wanna be able to quickly go in and do that you to have to burn the thing down just a kid at working, which I di-. I heard you say, basically, you're like, okay. I'm just gonna take tangled down did. Yeah. I burn it down. I'm like, I don't know. What holds I'm hoping at but shut up get away from me six AM and going to bed. Knowing look at the Orne. I mean, that's great Mike for you. You know, you're working on untangle now, and it works, and it's to adults and for the most part the kids aren't pushing the system, but there's gonna come a day. Right. When the kids start pushing the system, and you're you basically become a cyst Adleman at that point. And Dave is right. If you tell them like the internet, resets it six they will you could say it's five they will wake up, and like be there now during school days, you can't get them out of bed, you know, before seven or eight, but but Mike, do you fear that complexity at all Mike as you think about him you're using that now, but as you start working the fear that complexity it'll? No for a for a few reasons. I I don't think I'll be filtering too much. Honestly, I think it will be a lot more time. Time control. And honestly, I I'm really on board with giving them having a with unify the great part about it. You just create another wifi. Right for the kids. Don't give him the password Dahlia the ones and so their devices connected us when the just change the password every once in a while, you don't choose the password every night, and then tell him what the password is. And you know, whenever they want to get back on it. And I'm sure I'll that'll get old. But if it I I'm hoping that. By the time. I kids are older. You know, it it will be too big of an issue with time and stuff like that. And the filtering I don't I don't I plan on filtering the same stuff that I would filter for myself. I'm gonna filter for my kids and then. See how that goes? Yeah. As again, though, Jim in like four years will things. Yeah. I've known. Yeah. I don't sit in stone because it will change. It's as the kids grow older, and they get different needs. And that very first time you find your kids surfing porn in your. It's just it is Anjaree like you just go. It's it's so different. Like, I remember that moment when I saw your ELS coming through. And you're like, you know, you just can't move fast enough. Right. And these are your kids your children. It's not like you've never seen it before. But when when it's you know, it's in front of the eyes of your children, you just lose your mind. And then, of course, it is all of a sudden, it's it's, you know, it's eastern Europe lockdown, and there's walls being put up at nobody's leaving the country and in it's pretty Anjar airing. Right. And I think Dave you're a little bit farther along on this. I've gone through the whole cycle on this, Mike. You're kinda starting on this. There's always a battle to kind of keep it filter. It limited. It kind of keep it safe. Right, mike. I think you kinda come from approach of like, I just wanna keep it safe. Dave, you're you were your kids are out. They've got homework. They've got responsibilities. They got things they need to get done. You've got to kind of if you don't shut it down. They'll they'll be on it all the time. It's in you know, they'll they'll shirk those responsibilities. Right. And it's not sometimes not a matter of. Okay, anytime I give my kid the ipad. He's going to you know, playboy dot com. It's not that. It's just they can get so far into the weeds so easily, you know, they'll be on their homework, and then an idea gets them or they look something up. They watch YouTube on it. And then, you know, forty minutes later, they're still on YouTube pin has never touched paper. But they did what they started out to do. You know, it's it's almost it just helps them evolve in keep focused and keep straight and. Yeah. Yeah. Right on Ryan says you can do it. Mike us untie heaves on tangled for two thousand plus students and guest devices every year, and you can totally an environment. Other Jim says given the password when their chores were done. We had a version of that. We have the software called enough it didn't filter, but it did allow them to log in and has separate log in that would lock windows down. And we could set an hour a day now have to not have to monitor. And then if they did extra chores, they could earn extra hour in holy cow. Not every kid that I had. But some of those were definitely motivated by computer time, and I could get toilets clean. I could get floors mopped. I could get I mean, the things I could get for computer times. Some of the other kids did motivate many care, then I had one kid at tried to hack it all the time. Like he was trying to Jones that thing just as much as he possibly could. So his apparent, you know, one size doesn't fit all in this in this matter of security, you're going to have kids don't even care the they're fine with the time, they're fine with their surfing. They're going to be fine their whole life. It's just going to be the way it is. Then you're gonna have one that's just going to run off the rails. Like, they're just going to try everything. They wanna get into crazy stuff in a Royal drive. You crazy. I think I say all this to say is you gotta stay on your toes. And I think there's no one size fits all. There's no one product. Dave you've been through probably. It's since I've been listening to you know, you I bet you've been through four or five different products to try and get it done. One of the more. Interesting things to do is find one that you're looking at and you're about to invest in. And then go over to read it and just start searching that device and certain other key words, parents let's say circle. So Cirque search circle defeat, circle parents circle block circle hack anything like that. And you will find a group of kids working together to get around those things whether they're trying to do VPN's, you know, kids chat via Google docs. They chat be Microsoft, docs. They chat be a other little gains words with friends. They use as chat not the game. Just as chat, you know. They'll do anything and everything to get around that they'll try different things until an app will break through and they'll. You know, they talk at school. Hey, who has not block in words with friends Jap me at ten o'clock tomorrow night, they have their own forums. Like, they have their own home server show forums like we're out there. Trying to do great stuff trying to stop them. They have a secret their own kind of culture trying to defeat it. That's a little and I did the same thing. Dave. I kind of went out to this underworld of teenagers trying to get through all the systems, and you're like, certainly they're not smart enough to defeat us with this. But you are right. They are absolutely working together. Like, oh, I tried this eye the same things we do. And we run into a problem with unrated. They're getting together. Like, hey, how do I get my? My dad has circle. How do I get back pass this Tony in the chat room saying he finally put the PC in the den? So that it can see everything that's kind of we, you know, in the old days. We kinda when we'd move a file from one to another. We caught sneaker sneakernet. This is a way of filtering called visible net. Like just put it in a spa. Where it's like that's exactly I was gonna say, I hope I have the same stamina. My parents do for for discipline because our rule, right? There was no using any computer unless it was in the office or at the kitchen island, right? You get to the kitchen island. You could sit in the office. Both those place Republic, you couldn't have your device anywhere else. It was just it was that simple. Like, you cannot take your devices anywhere else. It's not that easy anymore though. Because you wait wait until they ask for an XBox right now. There's just a multitude of things that they can get in on there. And then when they have a phone or an ipad while they're waiting for the lobby to fill up for their game. They'll be on the phone or the ipad chatting or doing something. So that's the other piece about this too. It's like, I mean, my watch house LT e-e-e-e-no in six seven years isn't everything just going to have like five G is going to essentially home networks might not even be necessary. So we're trying to block stuff and now it really comes down to a device level app. No longer network sheltering because. They're not even connected to your network. They're they're LT or their five G, whatever it is. Yeah. Yeah. It's real no, the the deal Israel, and I think you've you've as a parent if you're in the space, and most of us are is I is a look at the chat room. And and I know you guys we've spent a lot of time together there is, you know, either it's children or grandchildren that are coming up in. I don't worry about my grandchildren as much as I did my children going in there. They're the kids aren't here that long they're not spending a lot of screen time when they're here. Not because we don't we say should we just try to occupy them the whole time or here, we try and engage, of course, grandparents you have a lot more energy than you did his parents his parents, I got just go do something and get out of my face right off the thing. You don't want the XBox in your living room where you're trying to enjoy you know, the latest TV show, right? Like y'all gonna play fortnight in Minecraft go downstairs, he give him the PC downstairs or or the XBox downstairs. They inevitably take a tablet or a phone with. Them. So. Yeah. Like crap. What did I just do? I just put them out of my sight. So yeah. No. It's that we could spend hours talking about this. And all those kind of things that we done. It is one of those things to be honest in the community. Dave you and I've been doing this together. Ten years such say that our ten years. This is a topic that comes up all the time. We started with home service. But we've talked about VPN's we've talked about filtering we've talked about data backup and storage. We've talked about things, but it's funny as you guys is your kids have been getting into that space. Of course, now that filtering is become has become interesting. And so it'll be fun to work through the next ten years with you guys as we hear what you're doing and as the kids grow because that's going to go super fast like we laugh at that. But Dave it wasn't long ago. I join you on home service show episode forty that was my very first home server show with you that seems like just yesterday and and yet that was ten years ago. So it goes it goes superfast Jeff chat room. Just join. Us. He had sent me an Email question. I want to run this by both of you guys in he sent an Email into by the way, Jim at the guy dot TV. If you wanna get your emails into the show, this is a fun one because it kind of talks about a lot of home automation. Dave you've also been talking on resettle lot about home automation. So Jeff said he wanted to send you an Email recently started listening to tech related podcast and found yours. I really enjoy it. Jeff, by the way, reset head over reset. Is it reset FM is that where they can find dot FM? Dave is out. Donovan recent them, reset dot FM. You should join that a lot like this one in Jeff I think you'll enjoy and he found this one entertaining educational. He says they do have a question. Do you know about a device that can alert me through an app that my mailbox has been open? I have the old fashioned mail guard that radio shack used to sell. I do have good wifi coverage out there. The mail guard alerts me only inside the home. The other alternative is a wifi device that can listen for the audio sound then contact me through Email says keep up the great work. Mike. You've got a solution possibly than Dave will come to you. What would you if someone was going to be a mailbox censor? What would you have them do now? So the first one that I thought of I'm not one hundred percent, sure. On like ninety nine percent. Sure. This will alert you when you're outside the home, but mono price actually makes a line of these items, and they don't require a hub, which is a great part. And so they're it's they're stitch line. So this is the mono price wifi stitch door sensor, and we will we'll put the link in the show notes for him. I have in the show notes now, and it is need to get. In that up. Andrew says in a chat room, he recommends a small dog his barks whenever the male Gary Schwartz, low tech low tech, you just need dog food. That's all. So this one is twenty dollars on Amazon right now, am I said, the great part about this one is there's no hub. Right. There's like ecosystem you to be a part of connect to WI fi to your house to your home. And then you have the app on your phone that then you would get the alert whenever it's open people have used these for all sorts of stuff. Actually, I found this through Linus tech tips. They had a really funny video where they try to do an entire gaming setup with all mono priced devices. I mean, a monitor everything had to be mono price, and they threw in one of these for a desk censor see soon the desk was open. They also had another one with Amazon basics. It was pretty good. Yeah. I think this device would work for you. Dave you've been doing a ton of home automation. Do you have your mailbox setup for alerting? Or does it still come to the door? Now, you just he just put the flag up, even if you don't have now, and then when you look outside and the flags down, you've got mail your mailman hates, you know. I don't do that. Now, there's a couple of ways, but both of them are defeated by metal mailboxes, you can wifi and and waivers igby. If you wanna do contact centers are all defeated by metal door, boxes, and weather. So my biggest thing is if you have something a mailbox situated in the perfect position. You can always do a camera and motion. And if you have a motion a camera where you can define motion where it watches, and the the pixels that change, you can you know, tighten that down just to your mailbox, and whenever there's a lot of motion in there like Poland of the handle and down and up. You can get a notification via your cameras and not with cars driving by in an old. It takes a lot of work. It does take a lot of work. But I've I've never ever done it. You'd think we would have found a wifi enabled mailbox by now. That was all built in right? Somebody would have there's there's an idea is there. No WI fi enabled mailboxes that we've seen that. I definitely would have been a radio shack thing. Right. There's a certain crowd that might need a wifi male hawks. Tony sustain Stacey Higginbotham just mentioned those Mike. I think what you were mentioning maybe not the greatest reviews from from them on that sensor. Oh interesting now, heavy smart things. Samson smart things are rival censor. I'm trying to look at it and see how this works. It would be I think that could be one of those things, Dave. So I have a plastic Email box. So that may be a better set up here in the midwest. I just a few days ago, maybe a week ago at six feet of snow piled around my Email Amaya my box, my my snail mail box out there, and you would think I wonder how well though sensors would hold up where he used to putting those indoors, right? They have D Dave do you have any idea if we took a sensor in put it in? And we had some seriously cold temperatures this year. I know you guys to to you know, negative ten with wind chills. Negative forty in a plastic mailbox with that causes us. Do you know? Well, they definitely have outdoor rated temperatures. You know, where they they work in not a I try everything outdoors if I possibly can I'll mount a camera under an e or you know, if it's a throwaway camera now, not not a several hundred. A dollar Rian camera. That's the or nest as supposed to be indoor. But I try tons of things. And I've also tried blink cameras outdoors and are just thinking you could do. I still think I still think the best way would be. A context answer. But maybe if you put it on the back of your mailbox in some type of enclosure that would feel the motion because a lot of the smart things sensors and a lot of other things other sensors have motion alerts, so if there's any type you've seen the mailman man, they rip open the lid, they closed the lead. And it's it's moving. So maybe you could do it that one just to have a. Yeah. A motion sensor put it on the back protected in Somalia, maybe underneath on the backside. Her name. Yeah. I get a jostled a little bit. Jeff, yo Mike anything else you want add before when they were talking about in which I actually put the link in chat is mailbox alert by mice pool. So the mice bowl the receivers actually on the outside, and you put it on the post and it runs a wire through the back, and it has the sensor in when the door open. So it says it has a range of four hundred feet, but you can get an nest for fifty dollars for one hundred and thirty. Get the extended range, which is twelve hundred feet. So could be a possible option. Yeah. No. I think Jeff you've got some options there to work with. We'd love to hear from you on what you choose because everybody's situation's a little bit different. The around our community, very long. You'll know. Yeah. Yeah. We wanna see what you did. No one-size-fits-all. Everybody's got kind of a different environment. Some things work for some stuff. Some stuff doesn't work for others. Let us know what you can drop that you can Email us to me. If you end, Jim at the Gadot, you can drop them interface. Facebook group, the average guy dot TV slash Facebook. Or go to the discord group, the average guy dot TV slash discord post us pictures. We love to see kind of what your thoughts are. And kind of what you come back with in. And that's always an interesting, you know, for some Dave I've been thinking like in the world of big packages arriving on on doors, you know, in the everybody's getting stolen. We've all gone to cameras on our porches. So I have a camera that has a very bright light on it just for just so everybody sees the camera. Right. But I've kind of thought I think eventually we're going to build in package receiving things what nobody's gonna let Amazon in their house. Like Amazon's kind of done this thing where like, ooh. Hey, we'll buzzed the door. It'll open. We'll set it on the inside. That's not gonna work. Don't you guys? Think we're gonna have to come up with some kind of receptacle that they punch it. They put it in. It goes in it comes off in. It's kind of a anti-theft device or my overthinking this Mike am I over thinking it? I don't know. It's for if you if you live in an area where it's an issue. Sure. I don't you could be I just think of all different sizes of packages. You know, there's not gonna be a good solution. Amazon already tries is with their. Hey, let us in give us access to your door. Lock and put a camera there. Right. And that went over well and yeah knock over well. So in your car that was another thing. Like, hey, we'll we'll liver it to your trunk. Nobody wants that. Dave. What do you think? Do are we in a day, we got to have some kind of device they're trying so this past year at ES? There was a vendor that had a box this big huge metal box that you'd put somewhere on your porch, or you know, on the side of your house, and they had gizmos that they could open it and put your box in. But just just the other day. I had a a gamble. A DSL are gamble ship to me, and it's Jain Norma's. It's huge, and you're not gonna get it in that little box. So my recommendation to people is have you have you tried Amazon locker it is the cool. A-list thing ever, especially when you do returns. I order a lot of Amazon in I do have a lot of returns. If you choose the return as Amazon locker you just try it. You can take the return go up to the locker and they give you a four five six digit code for. That return you go in you punch in that code. They say all right. We know who you are. And we've opened door number twelve for you. Click. Click a door opens you go. You put your box in there. And you shut it, and you bail you're done, you're shipping and stuff in there, or no, they they give you a special shipping. Label is still a shipping label, but it's it's got some different barcodes and things on it for the for the people at that locker then whoever's hired to do the locker they just gather up all the boxes and then deliver it themselves. But if you have an Amazon. Locker near to you. You can also deliver to that. And that way your box is in that locker it is safe and sound Amazon emails you when it's there you go there after work you get your box. And then you go home. We we have three of those in Omaha. Mike out of midtown central so six eighty and the interstate and then up up near your neck of the woods right off right off the interstate. But I've never thought about using wonder just once. Yeah, it's cool. And you can the thing about the locker when they're get boxes. Right. Same kind of thing hates been delivered to the locker. Here's your code to get. It you go in in a put the box in the appropriate size locker to kind of maximize space. Right, right. Give you the secret squirrel code. You. Put it in. And then click a door opens in your store. Oh there. It is. There's your there's your loot. Yeah. Although with Amazon in the returns, I've been doing lately, I. They they you can print a UPS label right from them. Put it on in the second UP, the UPS store, and I have one of those just down the street here the second. They check it in the refund is there. But even as well, you gotta you gotta say which ones quicker, right? Yeah. Like my UPS stores. Probably you know, it's in a Kroger parking lot. So I've got to find traffic. I've gotta fight parking this locker thing it's on a back of a store, you know, hark, right in front of it in in outdone after check it out to go by maybe I'll head out to we. And and one of them takes me by sneak biological. Furtive our post office guy, I want I want to recommend a service to you. It's from USPS, and I've I've been doing this. And it's called informed delivery. You can go out to USPS dot gov. May as the dot com. Now, I don't know, but you can sign up for informed delivery. Now. This is not going to tell you when it hits your mailbox, but it's going to tell you what's coming to your mailbox for that day. So you get a little bit extra granular control of your mail, and, you know, all the pieces of mail go through that that system real fast, and they take pictures of it. And then they route it will after you prove you are who you are. And you own this house and your mail comes to this house. They will send you an Email every morning with a picture of every letter that's going to show up in your mailbox that day. Well, plus any tracking for packages, and you can click on those. Oh, yeah. That's the thing. I ordered right paid service or free. This is free from USPS from your from your federal government, Geno. Not technically. You will have to answer some very detailed questions that only they have access to from your tax records. Like, what was the last three digits of the cost of your home that you bought in two thousand and twelve you know, something like that something real crazy? Well, I hadn't heard of that. Informs delivery. Yeah. No. And you sign up you just go to their website and sign up for. Yeah. Okay. It's really slick know super cool. Well, there's in this. You know, it's funny. Like, I thought by now I'd stop getting mail just to be honest. I thought you know, like in in history Hain age like who sends stuffy Email. I still get plenty of snail mail like somebody's keeping the post office alive. Well, not anymore with the video. No, I Mike. And I think Tony said he's seeing more Amazon prime fans. Are you seeing you've seen a ton of Ann's? We see a ton down here by see a ton. And and I would say nine hundred ten packages now from Amazon or delivered from an Amazon van, and you can usually tell because you get that alert. Like, hey, you're seven stops away. You can view the van on the map, and you get a picture of your package. So a ton on this neck of the woods. Mike you recently. And in Dave you've been doing a lot of wifi on your show. So I'm going to throw this out to Mike I, but you've you've you implement some wifi for somebody else. Which is the most dangerous thing you can do in the world like putting in hardware into somebody's house that you know, they're going to call you when that stuff goes down, the the smallest little blip the the perceived. This thing isn't going fast enough, my wife doesn't work, you know, they're going to call you. I'm just going to practice it with that. So you're you're good with that talk a little bit about this implementation. You put in why this was this was a fun project. So this was someone at work came to me, and they were moving into a new house, and it's it's a very large house, very wide was an issue too. And you know, a two story home with also a finished basement and just extremely wide. So why fi cover was was going to be interesting. And if the conversation started, I mean, he wanted smart home he wants a Curie cameras. He. A network. He's like I just wanted to do everything Stu it all women. Are you installing us for Dave McCabe is that right? I felt no that wasn't that much pressure. So so he wants the whole work. So I put together a kind of little presentation forum talked him through it and said, you know, we're gonna let's do this in stages. Right. Let's let's get your network up and running and then when you get into the house a little bit. We'll see how you use the house. We'll see what kind of smart stuff even makes sense because in a house you haven't lived in yet. You're not gonna know how you even use the house and in what you're going to need. So we started out with just network. So that's all we have until now, and we looked at a few different options. But I think for the size of his house and what he wanted. And Jim to your point. I knew he was gonna you know, he was going to be calling me if something went wrong. So I needed access. I needed stats detailed stats, I needed everything. So unify made a lot of sense for me because I already run a unified controller here which thanks to. I am Spartacus in the discord group found out I had actually installed a controller at this new home as well. But he informed that you can actually. Switch that and run an offsite. So thank you to him for that advice. But eventually ended up going with unify. So we looked we compared unified to the Google wifi mesh wifi. We looked to Eero, and we knew we were going to need some sort of mesh because with this size of home. There was just no way that one router was gonna cut it and even multiple access points mess just made sense. And this home did not have a lot of hard wiring in it. So in the basement, there's actually pretty good hardware, and because of the way the when they went in and around the audio system actually ransom cat six throughout. So there's actually some peace in Wyoming to tap into. But we knew that main floor and upper floor, no wiring. So we got an estimate on the wiring because we were gonna put in security cameras. We said, okay. What would it cost run Ethernet and the cost was going to be pretty high? So it, okay. If we can avoid it what you know, what are some other options? So we looked at mesh and thanks, Mr. Dave, McCabe, actually house doing some YouTube ING and came across. His review of the unify new mesh units the dish to Royal on how to yeah, you did. So I was like, well, you know, I trust Dave McCabe. And Dave, I think you said you liked him in there for what they were. So I was able to see the size and everything. And and what we did. We we end up going full unify. So I if I'm gonna do unified, though, I want the whole I want the whole ecosystem with the exception of switches. We did not need switches just because he did he was not going to run hardware cameras, and we didn't need POE. We didn't need smarts. Which is he doesn't do V lands. His do anything like that just a very basic setup. So we did the US g so the unified US G, and then we went with three of the unify AC mesh points after going in. We may need a fourth and a fifth. We don't a three is good enough for now of there may be a fourth. We're testing out with three to seal we're gonna do and I have to say that unifies setup is phenomenal. I have. A unified access point in my home. But that's all I have. I've never done anything more than just one access point. So I got it started. And and with the size of my home. One actually covers everything I live in a ranch style home in unfinished basement, so really no need for more than that. So I went so setting up the whole system was really cool. I actually when I first went out there. I loaded unify controller onto a raspberry pi. And I put the pie in his house, and that was the controller that ran everything. And I started to the planning process is really fun with unified. Because when you get a controller, you can actually put the floor plan into the mapping section of the unified controller software, you give it so all I did was went to the county assessor website pulled the floor plan from the address you can get the floor plans for any of these no doesn't have all the walls, and I had to draw in the walls, real quick. But it takes two seconds in the unify app to put in the walls, and you can start dropping these access points around. And it shows you a heat map of your coverage, especially with the wall. So you put in a all the walls where they're at. In where you're thinking about putting these and you'll start to see hot and cold spots on your map. So this was a great planning to I went into this ahead of time. And it helped me out trying to figure out where these access points. He's mesh Expos access points. We're going to go and the great part about doing that in the unify app is that unify knows the power of their access points. It generally knows what kind of output you're going to get. And when you set the scale, it does do a pretty good job of telling you, it's pretty realistic. I think it's actually pretty conservative on the the amount of spread you're going to get we're gonna get good coverage. So that was my initial plan went in there got the floor plan put it in and then actually went and did the install and unified could just not be any easier to install. I mean, you put these things in these AC mesh points are great though, these long white skinny tubes. With two in ten is on the top. They come out, and they have the little power bricks. You can either go peo- e or you can go to the power brick so on. On all of them. I use the brick even because the brick has land in as well. So even the ones that are hardwired, you can you can still use the brick if you don't appeal router. And so I have to hardwired ones in the basement as the backbone, and then I have one up on the main level with in kind of central and that is the matchpoint for everywhere else in that run runs truly mesh it. It's wireless. So it's backbone is a wired connection and got it all up and running on, you know, the install didn't take very long at all. And now my favorite part about all this though. And I guess that thanks time. Spartacus I have since moved the controller from the raspberry pi that's in his home to my unread box where my unified controller sits these statistics and everything I can manage his entire network remotely, and he can call me. And he says, hey in he actually he mentioned this last time I was over. He said, hey, the apple TV is telling me sometimes my speeds are too low for the four k content. We're watching like, okay. Well, let me. Look, and I can pull it up. I can look at the device. I can look the history I can see the WI fi strength of that specific device. I can see all the detail that I need to see remotely, and I can tell them. Okay. We'll this. Maybe let me try and change some settings here. If it's something like that or okay, we might have to move it. Maybe we'll move that mesh point. So right now, we're kind of in the testing mode where I'm letting him live with it for two weeks and him tell me where he's experiencing dead zones, and or or speed reduction, but overall the station was really cool the side note to this was since he wanted me to do everything this home was built. I believe in the very early two thousands or late nineteen ninety s and what they had done. Like, I said, very nice home. So for the entertainment system, they have these devices. I'm sure you guys have used season the past RTI's, the brand, and what is a controller that connects to your network, and then it has essentially a bunch of I r blast reports on it. So that it's a controller where you connect via an ipad app to this RTI, an you can you can create these dashboards via the computer software, and you tie them into each port. So that you have an ipad interface where you're saying, okay. Turn on the audio system in its it through. I are blasting at sends those signals out to everything now obviously nowadays a lot that's antiquated. We don't really need it anymore. Because a lot of our devices are connected, and we're not using ten different inputs were using one. But they had used one of those RTI's for their whole home audio. So they had speakers in every single room of the house. And it all ran down into this one central RTI unit and then a receiver box and then since then since they had installed that they had also installed a Sonos connect. So they can get Sonos wired into the system. So it was almost they took a system that was probably installed. Maybe right around the hat time. The house was built and then they realized man Sonos because it's great interface into this. So they added that on top. But getting into that entire system. It was kind of a hodgepodge interesting experience to go back and piece meal what someone else has done. So it was a very interesting product. I thought I was starting from scratch right Newhouse new system. Get it all going, but the way that they had everything wired in you. We had to unless we want to go out and get all new units for downstairs. We had to figure out how to do this. We actually ended up having to call the old guy the old owner of the house. And we said who do you use a set this up? He named a guy we called him. He came over the guy luck. Early still after all these years. Have the old configure file for the ipad out, and the license was still active for the account? And he's okay. He has got an ipad and in the guy. Yeah here. He's like, okay. Boom blasted all the previous configure onto it. The screen within within minutes. We were set up with the old configure. So now that they could use the whole home audio with their Sonos account and it worked really well. And the actual these are devices. I don't know how old is one is. But I mean Izzy awesome set up very cool. The way to the ipad app, integrates it. With like, I said pretty antiquated. I think nowadays if you had if you were starting from scratch, we would have gone with like six different Sonos connects right because you have each room essentially would get its own Sonos connecting you just tell Sonos which connect you onto to send the music too. I think that's nowadays. That would probably be even that would probably still be cheaper than this system was back in the day. It was a very complicated system. I should've taken. I think I do have some pictures. Maybe I can I can post out there for the people that want to see it pretty interesting. This is the Davis is your bread and butter as just Mike was talking about like you've done a lot of this. You've talked a lot of this in there. Anything you'd add? No, he's absolutely correct on the unify network. No. But he is first mistake was doing it for a friend. That's a nightmare and even worse. He's the executive vice president of our company. So he really does control my fate. That is your wifi system. Now, it truly is an honestly I'm monitoring that. It's like my new Facebook. Instead of checking Facebook, I switch over and check his network. I've got mine right here. I have always screen in front of me. I have my unify network on this side and over here. I've got my cameras and then my main desktop in front of me. That's usually me too. I've got under a or not I've got security cameras up in this corner. I've got unwritten one window, and I've got unifying the other. I. I was telling him. I I was telling my listeners on reset FM. I don't know if you go. So they haven't equally powerful app. So. You can jump on the app jump on your unify network or your buddies, and you can list all the controllers out there. And I was doing that. And I was looking through all of my. So it's got this real cool dashboard, and you can jump into all your clients. And I was I was looking through there. And I was like, you know, what my ten year old is ipad is connected to the upstairs access point house. Like, that's interesting. So I thought well let me see what frequency. He's connected that. Because sometimes an ipad can grab an access point. And never let go right real matter. Even if he's on the bus, it's still trying to talk to it. But I was like, wow, he's on five, gene. He's got a pretty good signal going there. He's supposed to be in bed. I've met go. See where this ipad is I go, and I don't know anything. I just opened the door. And all I see is that familiar glow on his face. The I. Yeah. But it it was like. He's just handed over since he in the morning. So it is it gives you so much control it does. And you know, I don't know Dave it took me actually. So this is the first time I'd ever used the mapping feature because in my home, like I said, I have one, and it was very obvious wearing needed to put that in my home. So this was the first time I'd used it. They hide something in the map sections. If you go to the map tab, you can actually switch from maps to top allergy that isn't amazing view where if you have multiple access points. It's a graphical way of showing what each device is connected to. Actually, I the air. I can show the screen. There's nothing. Well, there's a MAC addresses here in her. I will show it. Yeah. Just very cool. It shows you, okay. Here's your US g it's connected to these reactors points, and then it branches off from there. What devices are connected gives you a very easy way of showing. What's connected to what? And it was even great for us for meshing. You can tell how the mesh points are connected back to the gateway. So okay. Hey that living room one is that connecting to the the south basement AP or the north basement AT AP, and it gives you that top algae. I mean unified could not be simpler to use. More powerful. I mean, I think I can't say for enterprise hold this. They're my because it's it's not as simple as an Eero link says, you know, it's not as simple as those don't think so too. No to your to your brain in your mind. It is very top down. It's like all right. I've gotta do this this this and this I've got it done. You know, the other the other access points are like get your phone out connected. And then jump on the WI fi you're done. Congratulations. You know, they give you this big hi-fi in at done. Yay. Go make you know s'mores and combined ya in unify is not that it is. It is networking equipment. Right. Very true. Do have to make some extra clicks, you you do have to go in and and tell it if you wanted to be a mess. You gotta go tell it to be a mesh. So have you have you done and implementation or an install I guess who'd using just the app, I know that's possible. But I've never done it. Because I know you don't controller you just want. Can it's only one I think it's only on the access that certain access point. I don't I think you can't do a full networks just on. Okay. They're trying. I mean, this is a company that is trying to be more consumer focused, and you will soon see they've got a new piece of gear called the unified dream machine. And it is an all in one actually looks like an apple what's that home pod Dame that they've got it looks like that. And it's got everything built into, you know, a voice commands WI fi everything and they're trying, but this gear is still I still almost business. I mean, anything that mounts in the ceiling is not home gear. Not everybody can do that kind of enterprise focused, right? Yeah. I I really don't want to say enterprise and scare people because you can put this in your house. I've got all these access points in my house and not a single one of them is mounted in the ceiling. So in the. Thing zero. None I was saying on my podcast. I was like how I going to get the ceiling mount device, you know? So it's on this main like bookcase area in my great room. And I found a clear plastic box from from one of those stores. Right. Didn't you say it was like it wasn't like a CD? Yeah. It was shaped like a CD Gary rise of these in with that plastic covering you twist it, so I turn that upside down, and I have the access point sitting in that because it's concave. And so it kind of you can't see the clear plastic from the other room. Right. You just see the access point there floating, and that's just to get it off the woods. So it has space to spread its wings and propagate the signal, but the access point that Mike is talking about is that's eighty dollar access point it old house gonna talk about the price. Yeah, you're right with. To Omni directional antennas bend down in that thing has got crazy range. Now, the cool thing is is you can invest a little bit more, and you can put on a flat panel on that device in it'll click to put a flat panel on it. And you can use it for point to point. So you've got an outbuilding somewhere. You can use it as a point to point. It's amazing amazing gear now that Dapi Sagir itself you can designate as a mesh in. What is really cool is? I've got this pool house, right? And it's got a cat six run from my house and have got a switch out there. But this winter was crazy. And so sometimes it knocked that switch or that cat five run offline. I don't know why. But I think it was actually the switch. So whenever that squish would go off line. This access point would mesh. In to the next one. It could see, and I would never lose connective out to my ring spotlights. So it's very very powerful gear. And that's an eighty dollar access point. That's what got me is. I lose looking at some of the bigger items. And sometimes he's little ones actually are way better for these homes because those bigger ones are good. But I mean, you can get almost two or three of these for the price of one of their larger access points. And they like you said the range is just insane on these things. And if I if I'm correct, that's it's eight oh, two dollars seven AC. I believe that's a two by two. It is what you to move. Ryan Mooney mo- everyone pronounced it. But you say just, but at least it is there's a lot of devices getting put in houses that aren't right. It's just they talked a one device at a time. You know? So in the yeah, it's it's a fantastic system. And the the software. Is free and you can run that software. You can run in the cloud. You can run it on Google cloud. You can run it on his sinology access point. You can run a in Docker container. You can run it on windows. You can run on MAC. You can run it on raspberry pi there's no shortage of places that you can run that in the cool thing is is you get app access via what I showed you. But you also get highly grain Euler access on P C level like via a browser you go into your web web browser and you connect to it, and you can set up all these different parameters and do all of these different things. There was a specific instance that I shared on reset. You guys know the first generation wise, actually, all the wise cameras. Those lovely twenty dollar little cameras one of the bugs in those cameras. Is they will not connect to a mesh network. They see multiple SSI dis. And they they they shut down. They say no, well, I decided well, I can fix this via unified let me figure out how why figured out that. I could add a brand new SSI D just for this camera, and I could broadcast that SSI D out of only one access point. And I could also set the power of that radio on that access point which like Mike you were talking about you can set it to auto. And it really figures out how it will balance the power, which you can also go in there, and you can you can turn down the power of radios, and to you know, medium or low, and you can actually experience your network improve. Because you're not having all of this yelling going on. Right. Right. And so now, my one little wise camera and a truck. Som ring doorbell all talk to this one SSI de off of an access point. Only worn access point. They will not jump around. So if you have that problem device that you log in you like why is that camera? Not working you log in you. Check your access point. It's like, wow, it's connected to the farthest access point away. Well, that's the first one is Saul, right? It just happened to catch a pack. There's that as this. I d I'll jump on it. But that's not the one you want. So you can shape and say, no, you're going to connect right here. And only to this as I said, I d and it's a beautiful thing. And I'll tell you that. I have had this. How long have I had this for? I got it. Right after. CBS because I went to Vegas, and I thought I'm gonna find the next miracle WI fi system, you know, went out there. I found one that I was interested in just one and I came back, and I said, no, that's it. I boxed up all of my eras. I had. Eight seven or eight year-olds all around my house, boxed them up and sold them and invested in this ubiquity unify network. And I couldn't be happier. Mike, would you do it again? One hundred percent. I mean, I want to do it in my house. So I thought you had your house. Oh, no. You'd have the one at one point. I have one a AC is he pro. And that's that's the granddaddy ceiling mount eight or two dollars seven AC four by four is more him. Oh, and you were saying earlier this guy's moving into a new house, and you don't know and new house until you get into it. You don't know connective until you're in your your Manley throne room, you know, playing clash of clans, and you're disconnected from a battle. And you lose you don't know until something like that happens. Right. Right. And you have you do have to experience it and. It's it's phenomenal. It's just a phenomenal sister super cool. I think Dave you've been on reset. You've been talking a ton about all these different. And now lately this idea of mash has become a way more popular like the average guy is starting to get mesh three years ago. Like what what is that? I don't understand on today. I went when I talked to, you know, kind of the average guy and they're like, oh, yeah. I'm gonna miss set up a mesh network in my house or whatever to get especially in the bigger square foot or is right. If you get if you had a big home in so I've kind of followed you along on this. I have I'm in a pretty small place here. And so we can get by with this kind of one access point, Mike. You're you have a little more square footage. You're you're gonna probably be in a point where you might wanna blow that outright? Are you thinking you might pick up a couple extenders for that these little unison eighty dollars, right? One of those or two of those and put one over near the bedroom in one down the basement toilet. I mean three we were just they asked what the square footage was so seventy eight hundred square feet and three of them covered it. Well, he bite me. That's the range, and that's two of those being on one floor. That means one is covering pretty much like twenty eight twenty nine hundred square feet on its own and no issues. So I guess sometimes they are connection to the basement ones because the floor mean they can go right to the basement. Right. Right. Dave is that is that your recommendation to someone's put in mash ubiquity, you you go on with unify? Well, we have to be really careful. I mean, we have to be really careful when we recommend this product because I do feel like it has more setup than just bluetooth thing in with your phone, and these guys if you go out to their site, they they do call it unify mash, but when you open up their software and the control. Trollers software. It is not all about like mesh. And like I like I said the euro and the other guys Koumba ya. We're going to talk to this one. Make sure you said it, so we can talk to this one. And it's not gonna hold your hand in and just say mesh every other key word, these are access points that work together and their system will set it up to either raise the power or lower the power, right? And then you can do things around that to make it more friendly to your house like I did with my troublesome ring doorbell. So. I mean, I I want to tread carefully for those folks considering it if you're not if you're not superbly network aware because you can get in there, and you can buy their router. Right. Will there router is about eighty percent command line twenty percent gooey? So you gotta be careful and then into POE, and then you get into different levels of PEO even now most of them come with the brick, but you if people are powering with the brick all over their house. It could be unwieldy it could be ugly. And it is definitely not backed up power unless you're plugging it into a UPS at every different, you know, station in your house. So you do have to be careful while some good things to think about Mike, thanks for that overview on that is we kind of kind of bring this in for a landing on a long show. You know, when we do these. Yeah. I know what's it's been an hour twenty day goes more. Well, we will do some more in the post show. We're going to catch up with Dave a little bit a year ago or so Dave on we talked a little bit about crypto John big sent me a note. He's like, well, I guess this time that the crypto shows end because Mike you, and I did I don't know fifteen minutes a cripple last week. And I think we made up half of it. Yeah. Right. You know, it was kinda like, well, let's talk about but tonight days Dave completely burned down his crypto. So we're going to talk a little bit about that. And why and get that story from him. So that'll make the post the post show crypto stuff that will do. So Dave don't don't run anywhere. We got some crypto to do with you. Dave, thanks for coming on tonight. As always always great to have you on here. Thanks for a couple of times a year. You say, yes. To to jump in over here. I know it takes a little bit of time to get that done. But thanks for. Thanks for coming your your. If you haven't subscribed, reset dot FM is the way. To get it just go. Listen to it. You're gonna want to subscribe to it. It's every three weeks or so I think is what Dave said. And he's right. It's about every three try to do it every two sometimes it comes out three or four good. It's good at shows up those weeks. I always it it. I see it in my feed. And I save it for the weekend in its when I'm driving around on the weekend. You're kinda you're in the car with me and always good. That's kind of what I'm working on projects. You always reset as always about you know, you've been covering a lot on the mesh. But you've also been talking a lot about home automation and the ring doorbells and all these things that you're doing with it. And I think super helpful especially when you're working on the weekend super expensive. If you're not careful, so let me give you a warning about reset. So if you're going to listen to that unless you're thinking, you might you might spend some money. So I saw a good. We do we make sure you spend the right money and put it in right spot. Right. Right. No. So good stuff. So good, Mike. Thanks. For sharing that story anything else. Mike before we before we wrap it no next phase is just going to be somewhat. We're into security cameras. The only issue is we're trying to decide you go full wireless, which is not what I like to do preferrably, you'll unify. So then we got to figure out. Okay. Are we gonna run some hard wire those sort of considerations? And then the next thing will be smart home. They have a bunch of Alexa devices. So for right now. They're okay. Sorry. I just activated. Everyone's home devices as mind goes off in the corner. So that'll be the next step and then talking about lighting. It'll be interesting though, Jim when it comes to the lights I in my home since I've been doing this for so long back in the day. We just started out with the Phillips you so I have stuck with Philips, hue boobs. But in his house, I run into a lot more of the switches, the smart wall switches, so actually be able to control full chandeliers, and the kitchen lighting all through the wall switches, so we're gonna do some testing read. Through some reviews and see which ones work the best. Awesome for guys like, Jeff. If you're just joining the community, we've talked about reset dot FM. If you want to go get subscribed to that. Also, we mentioned a lot on home automation. You might wanna listen to to Richard Richard Guenther over there at home on and Richard. And Josh do entertainment to Dotto which has been they they focused primarily on entertainment stuff. But they've been talking a lot of gaming in some home automation. And there's well, it's all kind of blending together. We have trouble kind of keeping all those things separate from each other. Dave, it's been really fun tonight. As Mike spin talking about these things to watch the expression on your face as like, yes, I have done this. And and I know I listened to you for a lot of years, and it's just fun to watch that in your eyes is like oh my gosh. I've been through that. It's a it's it's a fun. I don't I don't wanna say job. I it's fun to be able to be in this position. Where folks will send you gear, and you can put it in your house and. And try it out. It's great. And then you buy the stuff you want to buy and some, you know, sometimes I get frustrated. I can't get a piece of gear sent to me. And I'll just buy it in. That's just that's just what we do. We do. Now. It's what we do. Indeed. Well, couple reminders don't forget. If you're listening to the live show, don't go anywhere. If you got a few minutes, we're going to hear how Dave burn down his crypto. And that's going to be slow your mind. It's going to be super off. When a go anywhere. It has nothing to do with crypto. It's going to be. I mean it does because it's crypto. But it's not what you think. So stay around for that. If you're listening to live if you're listening to the recorded version of this and you're like where do I get this crypto goodness again. This is going to be great story from Dave. So you wanna head out to the average guy dot TV slash patriot. It's free available for you out there. You can support us out there if you want you don't have to we just make it available to you. We have one and five dollar plants. Thanks to those that do support us that helps pay the bills on the app and some review stuff that we do here. And by hard drives for some of the stuff that we do. So appreciate you guys that are supporting us again. The average guy dot TV slash patriotic gets you there as well. Don't forget to join the discord group, the average get TV's discord, you wanna send me an Email, Jim at the average guy dot TV I always. I love your Email. So send them to me. Jeff. Thank you tonight. He came out and join us, maybe first time, not maybe first time listener on the live show. 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