Not amazing grace!!!! Noo!!!!!


Okay. Wow. So then will they karnal who passed away and I was GonNa Watch part of the funeral to support Karnal because I'm Karnal Baseball Fan. At the ones learn the cardinals history. Especially, if I'm going to go live in Saint Louis maybe partake stomach karnal. Dea Karnal. Baseball game. And and everything like that. every once in awhile whether related. I'll go watch the feel. I thought to part. Of the funeral. I can't even met mentioned the song because I just came back from Orlando which was going to be de escaped fund the flashback which awards. And when I thought socially secure the department, which is now the brand new second palace. and. Then they not only mentioned the song. that. That to play of playing not a Tuba blog playing the horn what plan They played a little bit. I said no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no no no no no. Does if I hear one second thoughts on. Anything and then when they played it at her funeral. I'm not even GonNa make in the name of the song. I'm just going to mention to letters. And maybe some of you will get it off the Bat I know you're smart but as call eight. H. G. If you're Goppel van if you could get. all right off the bat my hat off to you. I'm not even GonNa take the word. On the word because I'll be crying running not running out like abandoned and all like that when like Tito and all that stuff because if I did not control and are forced to listen to that. Oh boy, it will take all that it will take all their hor work and put it the shame. All the hard work that I had on Orlando input that one Shane. and. That's why I think like Youtube because I could have control. If I hear thunder, I don't like on can't can't stand like. On No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no no I'm done I'm done. I. Can't believe they did that. No. AG. AG. Now, now when I had just had progress of all Goto Landau to escape the Bam memories. And turnaround. successfully found found an apartment. and. I got. I'm I packed tweet bosses by myself. And and in. What? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, you know. No, you're not going to do that on me. You is not gonNA take this assess. The Orlando took away from me. You're not GONNA do it. I refuse. I refuse to do it. Okay. I mean, you did y'all move did it with nine eleven? That's why slipped all day and I'm going to church okay. I am going to church. I call. Awry, they got my information and stuff like that again. But the fortunately I got a coupon until I leave. But. No No, no no. No you're not GONNA do it. You are not the fodder. Anyway Really Idol turned. into to the rest. I couldn't do. What? Because if I would have got one one, one flat bay I mean just WanNa. Resolve that work. All that work. Eighth.

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