Steve Weatherford: NFL Superbowl Champion turned Fitness God - IMPAULSIVE EP. 76


Uh-huh. Hey, Steve cobby honest with you, bro. You're the guy that FOX, my wife and I'm cool with it. Ill. Not is just swear up a storm. What do you mean by that? He dropped his video. It said. Degree. What I've said is the planets on fucking fire. Imagine that Bill Nye a one others have called them people of the passive. Call them Bill Nye the science guy, and now he's turned into some sort of Howard Stern reject welcome back doing policies. The number one podcast in the world, Bill knife. You're watching we love you fuck with fucking love you love you Bill. We love to have you on the show. Bill get out here Bill Bill Bill, Bill. Guy. We love you guys. Thank you for listening to us podcast. It's great. It's great to do. Also mainly just do it. True. If you're listening to the audio only version. That's great. Because we do an extended what can you shoot the job? Oh, just chiming in when you got a new wardrobe now your act at all. Okay. I got a yeast shirt, walk in here, bro. Today's guest to beat your ass fuck Abe before we before we bring him on talk about some things. Don't confuse me for Jake do that. It's done. It's over. We, we don't even look alike. I'm three inches taller. What if you're in a foreign country, no, bro? And it's like, no, we looked so different. I don't wanna say, like I would never confuse. Chris Hemsworth for Liam Hemsworth. What am I seven? What's here's one of the issues. I think it might be a lot of the people that come to you and say, oh, my God. Logan, you say I'm not logging. I'm jake. So what if you told so many people that, that you started to manifest yourself into your little brother? You spread a false false lot. Rumors his hair still going up, though, due to my full down SLA wave my dogs are real-life dildo, which on other new burly really danski. He I just realized I think he has some sort of muscle deficiency problem. He suffered some, some sort of some. Deficiency problem, just like flopping. His paws just go. And like he just is everything about him dildo, like, and I, I thought it was his youth. And the fact he's a puppy in non word now, now it's just a big cock, some, some bills and firm, though, not one of those not like have you ever seen a jump up on something? And by the way, his back, legs never make it Justice from and that he crawls up there. Like what dog is doing that? Is he a dog or Alex Hano from free solo scrawling around up everything? Think you're right. I think it's a dildo. He looks like if like a jar of peanut butter was like had legs, bro. Just like blob of just speaking of. Are we going to debates this weekend CDC? We've been cordially invited by the powers that be just like every other events. But the difference here is that. Jake Paul Tanner gone. And like let me tell you where the power couple goes. The followers will follow wrote, have you, do you talk about this when I was gone curious loaded. What are your thoughts on, on the? Yeah. Those you don't know Jake is member other is dating some cynicism an internet person the quotes because like I don't know how it's. Dog? And I'm just like if by the way, we loved Hannah, I love her. She signed that seat before I just. I don't know if it's real brother. I don't know if I can get behind a relationship just for cloud. I don't think I can talk to him. Is that what he says is four? Well, they like fucking and stuff. Yeah. So, so is like. Before she left at that party, the fashion ova party before she left, because they did not leave together. She goes Jake, I want you to fuck nine bitches tonight and I go, what did you say? She's like, yeah, I don't care as long as he's happy. And I'm like, there's this great, I'm so happy. My girlfriend didn't allow that granted I don't even want that because Huck grace, she was. But I'm just saying. I don't know. It's such a weird situation. Now Jake has been going back and forth with Bieber on a whole bunch of shit. Oh, Jake, my box tan is ex boyfriend. Yo what's the name? What's the guy's name, Justin? Justin Justin, listen, bro. What are you out of your godforsaken? What's going on? With Jake just take the l. Grow. You got a bunch of one hundred thousand dollars out of it. Find another fucking shake. Those dubs gigs everywhere. Cash out dog eats star byles some Britos right in the halfway point. Dude. You, you really you ran an ironman, which we did not talk about the last. Let's just let's just talk about that real quick, bro. Five ironman to swam biked in Iran, and I asked for advice before it, and you told me a man, I want you to swim. I want you to bike, and I want you to run. That was the sole reason why I did those three things that exact order seems like sound advice wasn't advice. Accomplish your goals. I, I didn't quite get my goal which was kind of disappointing, you off, dude. I'm not gonna lie were forty five minutes too late. This is the thing you were Posey. I am. I am. I wish I know bro. No, I'm not gonna let you out this one. You know why? I do. Now. Brosse every day I see you doing this in the backyard. Oh, yeah. In the stationary bike never goes anywhere for nine hours. It's just doesn't go anywhere. To shave our off your last time hour and eleven minutes. It's pretty sad, bro. Let's see you do. An iron man bitch. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You never will know here's why. You never will cause I don't got time for that prolong. Does it take don't how long does it take without the? Eleven. I did it in eleven hours forty six minutes, you know what he doesn't allow of cements? Consumes content consume shit content Astor base with Brawley doesn't jerk off brings in fucking talent for that. Okay. So he doesn't actually jerk off. He usually showers. I say, usually I use that sparingly because not always, and what other thing that you do millions be all in those eleven hours. Imagine him biking running and fucking couldn't do it. Well, okay, so couldn't happen. I went to China. I wince at we did a lot of stuff over the last six months, and I miss some heavy training, blocks. So, I learned like how crucial like you gotta stick to the exact plan beyond, you proud of him angel. Angel's his girlfriend. You have to have insurance for. This does like what, like what angel what other things. No angel. You tell us right? Yeah. All right, though, you're going. All jokes aside. I am proud of you. Man's extremely hard. Next time you're going sub ten all right. You're going ten. No, no, no, no, no, no. Now next time, I'm going to Kona. I'm going nine hours. Let's go. Yeah. I'm not going to do another one until I go for Kona. Let's go Spencer. I've, I've made that decision bro. We could be as we want. But we're. Type type on the intro. My producers telling me now he's looking. I mean, is it model does if you don't move? You can't see you. What was it was time? We wanna say. It's fitness, I spotted in my contact, and by the way, I'm going to read it just like you typing. We're talking about letting yes is more than anyone ever in studio. Today is Super Bowl champion with the New York football team. He was named the NFL's finished man by Irit is Dylan muscle, and fittest. Which grace, the cover of when he's not getting kicked out of gyms for going to hard. He's a successful motivational and fitness personality. It's t- weather for dogs. Wow. Huge. It is good to be thanks for comedy for the sound effects. I am. I was a little leery with the beginning of the show dildo dogs and all that other stuff. But now that we're in I'm actually doing some real dogs in my audio. Good, right? Hey, Steve copy honest with you, bro. You're the guy that fucks my wife and I'm cool with it. This guy this guy, God. That was like the shining was the shining moment. I had the goal to be on that cover rule talk you guys. I listened to the podcast. You guys did with, with Charlie rocket best love good Instagram falls. If you're not falling fallen got Friday, but that was like the quantum possibilities that he talked about, like I wrote that down when I was fourteen years old. So funny, I giggle about it now. And I was kind of like offset talking about insecurities and why I like I looked but do when I was fourteen years old. I was one hundred eight pounds. So I was always like super fascinated and really, really driven to become a pro athlete at fourteen years old. But like looking in the mirror like you're like dude is a real game. Yeah. You know what I mean? But like every single person has to, to start somewhere in, like that's why like for me to come in here and have conversations with you guys like about real stuff. Yeah. And in obsession, because that's one thing that, like all of us in this room. And usually the people that come to this property like you guys, don't get enough. Credit for your obsession for things because there was no guarantee when you started out on the journey that you're on. It was cool to listen to the podcast, you mom, and I'm sitting here and listen to some of the answers that she has knowing that she's been here for the whole journey of inception to where you guys are at right now. And it just really it's powerful to be around people that funnel obsession into powerful things because I know you had periods of your life where you're sitter action, right? But it was still an obsession. So, like people are born with with driving ambition. And I truly truly believe that I mean anybody can go out and find it or create a, but I believe that people are born with a powerful desire ram Bishen, and I feel like that is what your gift is like your super creative, and everything, but it's, it's your ability to take something that you're obsessed with and sometimes you're choking it. But you're nurturing and your constantly sharpening, your tool to the point where you build an empire that has so much. Influence on people that, it's, it's, it's awesome to be around people like that, because that is, is what I am. And that's what you know that's my mission right now. That's why walked away from football, and it's funny to giggle at these magazines. But when I look at them, I think about when I was fourteen that's crazy success breeds success meant the more you around that, that type of person who are you around that made you great that made this type of thing possible. Or was that a self tain goal now? I mean it's just like did you guys lift weights, man. And we were talking Spencer was talking about, by the way, I did my first half marathon about. Probably two months ago and I'm not a runner at all. I did it at two hundred and fifty six pounds. My goal is to do it at two fifty 'cause I didn't wanna lose to fucking it to forty six and I only prepped for six weeks, and I'm not saying this to like brag, but it just it was just a reminder because I hate running. And when I picked that as a goal it was really because one of my buddies that I lift within the morning, always says, well, you can't do anything with, like you're just strong. You can't run like Iran because he run off. So I said, all right. Well, I'll, I'll do any race you wanna do. And I'll beat you in it a long story short. I beat them by, like forty five minutes, but I, I trained so freaking hard when I say obsessed for five and a half weeks like I'm just grinding on everyday. My, my run plan was was five and a half weeks. And it would go like a six mile or three mile or five mile a day off attend mile and eight mile or two miles a day off. So it was a lot of running, and I didn't, and I didn't neglect. Any of my weightlifting, so it's just like dude. I'm waking up at four o'clock every every morning, just so I can get my work in and still do my business. Spend time with my wife spent time with my five kids, you know, me, but I don't want the vision that I have for my life to be Sloan slowed down by anything that I can control. So it's just about applying that obsession to things that you want to build and just it's fun to be around people that are hungry, and constantly always desiring to, to be better into do better, how much you ain't now and how you probably two forty right now you're bigger than I thought you'd be. Boy. Pussy. I remember that, by the way, really need you to remember the same. Did I give? To give him a call him out on it right now. The self-deprecation sheets. So she she brought this to my attention today. I guess a lot of times. And you, you probably notice it more than I do he either. Call himself trick ASO a pussy a bitch. What are some of the other things he says, I washed up controversy, whatever. Pam said to me is more. She said, I've noticed Logan has gotten into this even joking sense of self deprecation. I don't know where it came from and I started to think about it. Why trick asshole? Why are you bitch? Why are your jokes because that's what people wanna hear bro, like realistically, I'm not gonna sit here and tell you like on the fucking shit. What about like? A happy balance like. I'm and I'm really good at filing taxes expense reports. Because your mom said, and I quote, her here, she said, she thinks one of the reasons that you've become such a bitch is because you say it so much. He's manifesting speaking into exist. Hi steve. Is your mom told you, you're a bitch? No, man. My mom, my mom loves Jesus. And I like she loves me almost that much Pam. I will tell you this. You should be really proud. Oh my you really should be proud. She's proud. He does. He does a lot of great things. And he's handled adversity. And I mean this like a real pro because I'm not like huge huge into YouTube, although I do follow people that have influence. And I thought he really handled that, like a pro appreciate appreciate you for. That means a lot coming from you, because you've done a lot of shit yourself dude. And I mean, I had to navigate New York media. Now granted like let's let's let's talk about the like the totem pole. Okay. Of, of NFL athletes. And like where are you out on the pecking order? Like I'm barely like an inch or two above the janitor, you know, like you're don't even score points. So, like I don't really need to like self deprecate myself that much, because I'm worried like pretty low on the totem pole. But at the end of the day, like some. How my name always still ends up on like VIP, it's at the bottom, and I don't know if it's because of my last name starts the w or that's just where I belong. But I I've always been super fortunate and blessed with, with opportunities and the majority of the time when I take a swing in him. I'm contacting because I'm putting myself in good situations by surrounding myself with hungry people that really wanna do like of substance in the world. It doesn't benefit you Mike talk about your battles with with drugs in addictions, but have benefit someone else. Yeah, it benefits other people, and that's why it's like this is so powerful it can be slightly cathartic at first 'cause you're getting stuff you're dealing with demons and traumas that you never had before, but any apple to talk about that, but after you've said the story. So many times you start to realize the effect, it has other people in that is so cathartic incredibly, I cannot believe you were a punter Birlik. What part of final crazy and even your captions are like a list influence? Or caption, once you slick the lollipop of mediocrity, you'll suck it for life. Like the average punter is it's like a two literally a toothpick. Yeah, but I think we talked about earlier to giggled about it. But I think, honestly, like still I still have the insecurity of, like when I was that little boy, really, you know what I mean. And so even now like I don't need the look like I look right now, you know. Yes. I, I make money, creating programs and supplements, and I love what I do. And I help people change their body. And in the process is like people come to you for, like bigger arms, and better ABS. But what they end up getting is self confidence from actually starting and finishing a program and the bigger arms or the better ads are just side. Yeah. Because I think the, the real problem with, with people pursuing, and finding what it is that they're obsessed with is they just get overwhelmed on, like where to start. So doing all the fitness business. And helping people do that as awesome. But now I'm in a season of my life, and I'm starting to evolve just like you guys have constantly been volving reinventing yourself is I've only been giving people twenty percent of what I truly think that they, they need or they want that they don't even know that they want. So I've been giving them twenty percent of it the arms in the ads and the nutrition and the motivation. But what about the other the other eighty percent now and Steve weather for dot com? No, I'm not even so it's just like like that's what I'm motivated to do regardless, if that's you know what I mean. Like websites or Instagram's or going and speak in regardless if it's third, third graders, or a room full of CEO's. Like I love to do that more than I ever loved playing football. And, and so that's kind of where I'm at in life, and it's, it's a very unique place to be because I've gone through all of the things might be gone through with drug addiction and obsessive I read some of that. So what was so what was your? What was your situation your scenario? How did that all come? Pretty typical, I'm assuming for most people that have ever dealt with anything like that. It's injury, you know, doctor gives you what you need. And as soon as you don't need anymore. You just want it. And so, my, my addiction and my, my real problem started with, with drugs towards the tail end of my career after an injury, and then I just took it because I wanted it and the reason that I wanted it was kind of goes back to like us that fourteen year old kid is still viewed myself as that skinny kid and I didn't have the self-confidence. I had confidence in my ability as an athlete. But I didn't have confidence in myself worth, I only thought, my, my value to the world or my value to my parents. My value to people was me winning or losing. And so winning games weren't games to me when I was a little boy, because I discovered at, like five years old, like I'm different than other kids. I have extreme ADHD and wasn't a bad kid. But I always got in trouble. But now I'm discovering like, as an adult, having extreme ADHD makes you super creative and super helpful, and I'm sure this room is is filled with that. But that's why it's fun to connect with the with people that are using what some people regard as a learning disability, would it's like it's the greatest gift ever. It's just a, it's a quipping people in a quick and kids with the ability to manage their gift when they see it as a curse, at that age. Did you did you have young like bullies or people around you or was this? I just kind of like a product of the system I think it was like allowing you to flourish. Nah, I don't think it was anything outside of myself. I think it was. I think, honestly, I think it had a whole lot more to do with, like every little boy's dream as like making their dad proud, you know. So I thought the way that I would make my dad proud because I only valued myself when I was competing because when I was in school, it was always in trouble. But when I was running track or plan Basso plan soccer. I never played football until high school. Like, that's the only time people like clapped Romy or, or celebrated meat and saw, like, well, this is my worth, then let me get really, really good at this. And so I took that obsession and put it into sports. And then when I was fourteen I put it into the weight room in opened up a world of possibilities to me and, and do life was was hard. You know what I mean? Like it's hard win. If you win you give the credit to the rest of your teammates. And then when you lose you take extreme ownership of their self. And that's what really drove me to drugs because I always wanted to win. And now as an adult, I'm starting to figure it out, really. The reason I was driven with ambition and drive had a lot to do with seeking my dad's approval. You know what I mean now thirty six years old, and I'm a father and I'm getting an opportunity to speak to other fathers in addition to, you know what my son is eleven in. I've got eleven nine six three and one like this house's crazy. Do come to my house. It's petting zoo wants to boys girls ratio. I've one boy for girls. There we go. Where does is he in the middle or see, though, this oldest? So that's awesome. I pulled him out, bro. Yeah. Confetti on his head like he was old enough to like dad. We did it. We won the Super Bowl and that was forty seven miles from my hometown. So it's just like those are the things that like so many people struggle with is depression and anxiety. And they, they look straight to drugs to fix it form because that's what's prescribed for you. Have you have you started to talk to your son about any of this yet? I we we've been, I've been looking up stats past week and I think we kind of glimmer over this topic. I've never gone super into depth on, on what my diction was like living on people's floors for years at a time and just, just having the worst possible time, but this is not a story about me, this is the biggest crisis in the United States right now. Just read a stat that more Americans have died between two thousand seven and two thousand seventeen than. Both the World War Two and Vietnam, combined more Americans from drug addiction. It has depressed the life expectancy in this country for three years in a row. The average life expectancy continues to drop all as a result of overdose victims and in cities, like where Logan's from and in that belt between Ohio, unless Virginia, they're bringing refrigerated trucks to the hospital every day because they can't fit all the bodies in the morgues. And so they've got a part these refrigerated trucks outside the morgues to fill with overdose victims. What do you, do you talk to your kids about something like that? I mean I I feel extremely pressured and. I'm saddened by the amount of work. I've done on it so far I bring it up on this show a lot. But this is not the platform for it. And I don't want to talk about something that much, but. It's a topic that's not being discussed. How are you discussing your problem in? U N. What you almost, you know, almost probably was your demise like me. I was ready to go on the ground. How do you talk about that with your kids or have you not my, my, my journey like my journey through that has been really podcasting? It you know, like as weird as it sounds like, yeah, I've done the therapy, and all the other stuff. And. I've been I've always been into like personal development and leadership accountability. But to have the conversation with my son, it's not very difficult, because I can speak to him, not like you know, I haven't done it like dude, I've done everything. Then every which way like this is not this is not ever going to lead any other place like if you ever have any problems of the detachment, because my dad or my son, I've been full on us with everything. I mean he's eleven so I can have that conversation with him in what hasn't been until until recently. But I think creed in a relationship with my son where he, he knows I'm not going to judge them. I'm gonna create a space for him to have that conversation with me so important because that connection is is really like what I wanted with my dad, and so many people in our generation are age didn't get that from their dad. And so it really dude it, it will spin you in a different direction. If you don't surround yourself with the right types of people, do you think it's? Counterproductive for parents to like tell their kids like know if you drink like I'm gonna kill you. Yeah. I think that's I mean because that's a I, I would have done. And that's what I did. Like my parents never had sex before they married. They got married. They never smoked a cigarette and my older brother was in angel. My little sister was an angel. My little brother was an angel. And then there was me, you know what I mean? And I was always the black sheep because I was always like challenging the Dougherty. But it's benefited me in my relentless pursuit of what I want as long as it's something good, I'm gonna win. You know what I mean? And so, that's like, kind of, like, what I was talking to Logan about being obsessed like wind. Did you come completely obsessed with with creating content not just like you to just creating content and captivating people in entertaining people? When I was six. Early. I was writing novels when I was six years old, and my teacher, would, I would, I would write them in my journal because I don't know how to type am I teach her would type them up and laminate them and put them in a little, like binder for me, and I wanted to be an author, what Ephraim about five to eight. And then I discovered the digital camera is becoming popular saved up money through couple birthday parties. I Israel camera two pictures of flowers, and then eventually evolved into a video camera sort of filming football games, etc. Etc. And computer uploading on YouTube. So it was photography. I yeah, at what point? In your mind. Did you think it would be a good part? Good idea to put your yourself into that content. We didn't have a choice, do I was ten you know, so who else is? No. But I'm saying like, when you have the cameras, you're taking pictures of flowers at what point did you start creating with yourself video when we got the video camera? Okay. It was because I had a little brother Jake, and it was like, okay, I'll, I'll hold it. Now in you do the funny thing and then we can just switch. And then we'll be funny, and eventually are forced our friends to do shutout MAC for MAC who's actually going to Russia with us. Big, big reason, why we created so much because he was always down to he didn't want to be in front of camera down to just film. We would make him sometimes. And you do it, but yeah, man it was it was we noticed very early age. I wanted to hit on something when you were talking about growing up. It sounds like the, the feeling that you had, when you were that skinny fourteen year old kid using your words. Has scarred. You in a good way like it's definitely. It's it's yielded like that insecurity has yielded. Yeah. What people would view as like greatness, I guess, on magazines and stuff. So why I'm curious as like. You said I was bigger than you expected when I was fourteen I was also call me shrimp. I was the last one to go through verty. I was the smallest one of my group, I was fast FOX super outlet, but I was tiny and skinny and. I, I remember being insecure. I remember taking the long way to get into the freshman locker room. So the seniors in me the freshman down. But that feeling went away when I got older, and got muscles, and Nive completely forgotten about it, because I've like this is this is this is me I've grown into this. So I'm just so you feel like you are what you look like right? Yes. I think gotten there yet man I'm still really seriously. Like. Like random examples of why drugs were like Mike choice is because I never felt like I was enough. You know what I mean? So like, do you think that comes from that wasn't from your dad, maybe not giving you the encouragement you need courage? I think it was just like like my dad looking at me and be like, I'm, I'm so proud of you. Like my dad told me love me and his actions reflected that, but I there was something about, like my dad told me like he's proud of me because during my whole NFO career like it wasn't just sports because my dad's you'll hardcore Christian as, as a my and in, I wouldn't say, I'm not gonna say hard core Al recant that I do my best. I'm sitting here talking about dildos and cocaine. And listen. I've lived that life. And so anyway, to get back onto topic. My dad's always been very philanthropic and, you know, he's never had a ton of money, we grew up in Tara Hoed, Indiana. He's always provided for his family. But we didn't have much. But what he had he gave away all the time his time or his finances. And so I had the idea of where wanna Super Bowl, I'm still getting this. And, and this is happening subconsciously I'm sure because it was at that point, I'm like, I'm going to become the most philanthropic guy in the National Football League. Because I know my dad love that, you know, I've got at sports and I've never gotten it, but I wanna Super Bowl, I didn't get it. Now what else do I need to do? So I'm like trying to jump through these hoops of trying to get my dad's validation. And I'm like running ragged man. Like I'm trying to do everything I can't take this around way. But why you give a fuck, bro? Dude. Why do all little boys really care that much anymore? It's funny when obviously, so like, but like it's funny when he says, that though, I wanna drop this really quick, when you say that, and I've thought about this since I was a fucking kid probably still to this day. I don't know that there's a better feeling in my life than having my dad's say, I'm really proud of you for what you did hear, like hands down, one of the most important moments of your life, as a kid and still to this day to this day, literally when I get on the phone with him. And he says, hey, I saw you did in this situation or that situation this business mover that and I'm proud of you for that it still. I think it's just like an innate thing as you feel like that. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean I feel complete now but after retiring from the NFL, and then getting into to being an entrepreneur public speaker and doing TV and, you know, ESPN and have my own show and all this stuff. I was I still didn't get it. And so me like darkman like super dark. And it wasn't like I didn't know that. That's what it took. I just remember like winning the Super Bowl forty seven miles from my home town like confetti coming down my mom's crime. My grandma's there. I'm holding my son. Our ochre is interviewing me, like you know they said at halftime. Granted remember where I'm out on the totem pole at halftime L, Michael said, if we're voting for Dylan knows. If we're voting for an MVP at halftime. I've never said this, but it would be the punter Steve weather for like in my, my hand you damn. I'm thinking in my mind like is never going to get better than this. Because I've got all these people telling me how great I am right. I go to the go to the Super Bowl post the post Super Bowl party. Private just the team. Kenny Chesney is up there playing for like a crowd of one hundred fifty people my mom's there. Everybody's there that I loved that I care about. We're all celebrating. My family doesn't really drink. So I'm having a drink. And I always told my wife on, like babe, or one, a supermom gets so loaded Gumma pissed. And I remember that keys. And finishing my first beer. My wife never encourages me to drink. I was you'd never had a larger savage on and I'm not talking about physically. You'd never you've never had somebody that went harder in college than what I went in college really, dude, Google. Where'd you go to school university of Illinois? That's where like Greek life and fraternity, so we'll have you drank the beer, so I drink the beer and thank you for bringing me back on track. He's good. He's the show. So my wife never encourages me to have more. And she's like, do you want me to get you, another drinkers? She. No, I made that declaration. I'm best in the bed tonight. You know what I mean? What I mean? And, and she said you wanted to get an I remember looking at her and thinking to myself like I just felt like I was just getting hugged on the inside. I was so happy. I don't wanna feel any different you know. And so I had to like another thirty minutes with my family. We shut the thing down at, like two thirty. And in the NFL you can't have women in your in your room. It doesn't matter if you win the Super Bowl because if somebody gets raped or whatever so anyway, my wife couldn't sleep with me in my hotel room that night after sorry. I could have gone back to her hotel room. But it's just it's an NFL. Can't get on the room like security guards. Like, why did you sleep now? With your wife, I was exhausted. Dude. I know that my kids, I'm not going to smack him tonight. Yes. See, I thought I thought for sure go game can ship face them girl night, hit the sack good drink. I'm save that for Peres. Hotel room homebodies there. Teammates are out just getting it in. I remember walking into my hotel room in downtown Indianapolis walking through my hotel up to the glass, window and looking down and seeing everybody down there like partying and just and then I remember taking a deep breath. And then, like as soon as I excel, I thought to myself when I'm by myself like this is the first moment, I've been by myself, and I thought to myself, I better his saving it for the bed. I do it. Only had a beer, I think, to myself like I'm like, this is it. You know what I mean? Like this is like, I feel like I should feel different. I'm champion of the world. Just set a Super Bowl record. Like I just did something nobody's ever done before in. It was me it was. I did it like I did with my team, you know, my record something to myself. This is it, and it was at that point that I, I realized that I was chasing something that was outside of myself, and it was at that point, like I'm giving all of my power away, all of my power for its even all of my power for happiness. All of my, you know my ability for fulfillment, because I'm hanging my happiness or my validation outside of myself, somebody else controls like my dad or, you know, having a million dollars or whatever the case is like you keep placing that, like, I'll be happy when, and it's, it's the it's backwards man. It's like you know what decide that you're happy now and continue to improve your life every single day. And don't ever, let something or someone outside of. Be able to control how you feel about yourself. So like, that's the season that I'm in, and I just don't I don't hear. I don't see men that are like Oltra achieving ALPHA's have these conversations. And so I'm inspired to do something that has crippled me in my life, but I've been able to achieve because of it. So it's a really I know there's a lot of Oltra high achievers out there that have achieved greatness through insecurities and, and I want them to be able to continue to do that. But not have to have like the hate machine of, like, I'm not good enough to continue to work, the ways required to achieve that makes the secret sauce we've been taught we've been talking a little bit about that kind of attitude lately. And I think that the new breed of business and also lifestyle influence is gonna show a little bit more of the of the undercarriage of what it takes to be the best to be Goto achieve and what failures those include what. Tribulations that included in all of the dirty work that went into and Charlie was saying he about his failures. He was talking about. Something along the lines of failures telling more of a story than, than success is, do you know, and so, like all these are high achievers, you talk about that are on their Lamborghini, or, you know, whether it be out here in my garage, or whatever, you know, like, I think there's more to the story, there's more impactful parts of the story that don't have those same success notes to more beneficial. Are you finding that through like just being grateful, and enjoying the present moment instead of putting so much emphasis on, like a end result that we've talking about, or what's I tried that on for a while? Because like I said, like I've been on this journey like hard core for, for, like two years of, really trying to identify what serves me in my life. Like, what character traits do I have right now that serve me and which ones are holding me back. And, and so to ask me, complete question, because I wanna make sure Drissa correctly. Is it is something that when you when you were in the? A hotel room looking down. Like you realize you got to this moment, and it still wasn't giving you which we're looking for. So are you now living a life where you're waking up just grateful every day, instead of not still have crept? This man, of course, we all do, but what's, what's the mentality that you've discovered now that's different from your pursuit getting sick. I actually just had this conversation with, with my boy, Eljay the, the, the guy that really kind of introduced all of us today. Shadowed L A's right there, man. Give them nice and tight in the space. So I had I had a conversation with him about. What like when you boil it all down take all of talent gift race religion. So she'll economic status like, what separates people that start a certain place and end up someplace drastically more great than where they started. And it's the decision making of living your life like a pro and what I mean by say that is like, we all have commitments and our life. And what if we the things that we said that we wanna do in our life, regardless, if that, you know, blow up your YouTube or start a, you know, online, side-hustle business or get married or get in shape. What if we viewed all the things that we want to do in our life as commitments and? Instead of ideas. Like why wake up in the morning, I'm committed to working out because I know at X amount of time, that's when I have budgeted into my schedule. So the difference between ultra high achievers and people that maybe have talent and never do anything or people that just don't ever improve their, their life at all during the time that we have on this earth is people that make decisions based upon their commitments not their feelings because it's easy to wake up in the morning and be like, man. I don't feel like doing podcast with this punter. That's awesome. I love that. I love that time. But you gave me your word, like, hey, we're doing a podcast. They see honored your commitment. You just did a podcast with your mom before we got on here, like I'm sure you're pretty fatigued, which are committed to doing it. And that's the difference between pros and amateur saw say it again. Pros make decisions based upon commitments amateurs, make decisions based upon their feelings that is that might be the most important thing you've said, this farm, far we're gonna get a lot more golden nuggets. But that is 'cause I. Image memory seared into my brain that like always just gets me. And I know when it's happening every time is when it's eight AM alarm goes off, and I go off time so tired, I would love another hour hour and a half and because of committed to whatever it is. In addition, workout of log or posting ever. Whatever every single day, he can't can't eat got honor your commitment and ignore. How you may be feeling and. I think I think, again, you, you say a lot of things and I'm trying to dissect the stuff that I can apply to my life like forever. And I love that, it's, it's funny too, because I think it's so powerful because it makes the season making like Mike for guys like you and me or like Eljay who have had, you know, dark struggles that nobody knew about for a long time. It makes the decision making process in, you know, Logan Spencer, I don't know your history with addictions, or things that, you, you take part in that, you know, you know, don't serve you, but it's like you're guilty pleasure making decisions based upon your commitments of base instead of on your feelings makes life so much easier. Because you're filtering processes like am I committed to doing this in my committed to doing this line of cocaine? Am I know like I'm committed to being sober? I'm committed to this. I'm committed to that. So like you know I'm on the road. Let's say playing the forty Niners in the bus doesn't leave for three hours and I'm leaving team meeting and this Malkin, hot chick comes up and she's. Got a friend. If I'm making a decision, like let's be real play that dog sound effects again. You can go now. Mike dago. I'm a dog and I'm a man on making decisions based upon my feelings. Do have a story to tell you know what? I mean it. I made a commitment to a woman twelve years ago. Brecon I'm committed to it like take that same level of like I'm sure you guys imagine when you get married, you're gonna stay faithful to your wife. That's your plan. I'm just kidding. I love you, baby. He loves the rock, the boat does. I love my future. Wife watch his back. I'll love you when did. But. But we applied that same level of commitment to our vision of marriage. What if we apply that to like getting up at five AM or eight AM or ten AM, whatever it is? You said you were going to do like be a man of your word in. It's so much easier to be a man of integrity and honor and accountability. If that's the filtering process of your decision making an end structured. So, like, I think the word that most people go to when they have this conversation when you look at people exotic Berg jobs, when you talk about the highest absolute highest level of over Cheever's in this world. They're up at a lot of these guys are up at the same exact time every day. Let me say examine exchanger language. They're not high achievers. There are they're not, what did you call them overachievers? Yeah. Whether or not overachievers because that's well within the realm of possibility because they did it. So they're not overachiever alternate Cheever's. I guess what, dude? They're just fulfilling their destiny like mom. How great is it for you to sit here and look at what your son is created doing something that he loves impacting people at the level that he does is amazing? Right. He's. But he's capable of it. You know, so that should make you like ultra proud because he's filling his destiny. And he's got a whole lot more in the tank. I have a lot more in Spencer's got more left than thing, every single person, Mike, you too, I'm not thanking everyone would sections. Logan would say on. There is set your thirty four done. Naga. I'm not go to one on the floor. What's an overachiever overachiever based upon somebody else's self limiting belief that they placed on you. I'm from Indiana. It's like the meth capital of the world. Like think about that for a minute per capita so much drugs. They're over fifty percent of my high school is on free. Reduced lunches. I'm not an overachiever. I'm fulfilling my destiny. So do you think, you know, do you think people who truly fulfil their destiny like how important is it to not stop, not settle? Because there's always that, that comfort ability that sets in at some point at some point, where that idea of I made it do you? Have you cut that out of your vocabulary of I've made it and you're always rising up and taking advantage of, of what you're given. It's a good Spencer, s. Good qualities incredible. It. I wish you. That's the key. Right. But you'll get it because you ran an iron men like you, you understand. Like roof requirement and constantly pushing yourself because you don't know what time you're going to need to do in your training in order to, to beat that goal. Right. You know. So when you were talking, Mike and you were like. You know, people can do this. I think that the first thing for, like people that, that, that are listening to this are like, okay, cool. I wanna make decisions based upon my commitments. Not my feelings. You know, screw films, right? Yeah. Well, where do they start like you gotta get clear what it is? You wanna do like for me? One of my goals in it's stupid, but I want to be able to do the three positions splits within eight weeks. So that's like a silly goal that I like I just started and I know wicked flexible, you're a punch her. So, don't you already have at least legs, wicked flexible, I can get that up over my head, but then I have to do three positions. So it has to be right out left out and then doing the minute. How you doing the training for the, the middle ROY tough tough is understatement. Now wants crazy. Can I do it in eight weeks? I'm pretty like I've heard verge again. I talked to about hope it helps. Yes. Mu. Just, just listen to like yet, he is incredible to defunding, move, who I love this a really I haven't. I have he I seems he's the one who does it does a split so like our athletic. I don't know if you can play sports hilarious. I love is video. I feel like this one. He wears a course heads and does like crazy obstacle courses. And he, he makes working out fine in license on fire. I just want to say if I did this shit like YouTube, Obama forever. What can't do anything? Anything that's easily replicate. That's related shit. Dude. You've been talking to him about the only interest me is because I also he's nuts. Powerful so like I'm big and strong probably not as strong as but I'm I, I still have, you know, probably thirty seven thirty eight inch vertical still broad jump run. A forty really fast. I'm still in really good shape. Feel great. But my point of declaring my next goal is it's not nearly as hard to achieve goals now than what it was when I was a kid because I wanted to learn how to, to build muscle muscle and fitness was the only place where you could get consumable content for like workouts, and stuff like that. So I would just follow around the biggest guy in the gym, and when he wasn't looking, I would do it. He would just you know what I mean. But it's never been easier than in the history of the world to get great at something. I mean figured out what it is that you want to get good at because I guarantee, if you go to social media, there's going to be an expert, and he's going to have a plan that you can use. Nobody has excuses in. It's not like you know, dude, you made me like some super special flexibility, he sells a program, and I knew that, that was the place to go get it. So if that's my plan, and I'm operating based upon my commitments. I'm gonna do all of those workouts the way that he instructs me to do it, and I'm going to achieve my goal. Oh, and then there's you know what I mean. Yeah. Are you? I am. Yeah. I was at the Kathleen coach okay, gotta wake good. What made me he, he drops balls inside the five yard line. I was gonna ask why you know, a quarterback or middle Ambacher fullback like your fucking huge bride and give big until like a pretty much like I was in the pros. You know, I was what I graduated high school in the two hundreds. But I wasn't stacked was six three. So it's just like athletic build. And then in college, I wasn't I continued to work and work and work. But this is like you punting in college. Yeah. What is what is a punters practice look like same is in minutes joking. No, I'm serious. Like if, if you could. Because I think kicking or punting a football. Being a golfer, or being closer in baseball like no offense. It's awesome. Like your job. My son thinks that you're like the coolest guy ever. And I think you're awesome to his name. But you work really, really hard way harder than what people give you credit for because I kick out, maybe ten percent of the content maybe twenty percent of the content that you do. And I know how much is involved in that. And I also know how much work is involved in being punter, or a golfer, or a pitcher and they make crazy money and it's not a huge requirement. You have to be really, really. Your mental condition is so much Morton than your physical conditioning. I was just I was a gym rat that played football not like a football player that because I did when I was in high school, I was a soccer player my whole life. And it wasn't until the football coach came to the soccer field was like, hey, we need to kick her. We got kegs calm you out feel and those were in highschool football players shit. You told me I can be on the team. And I get to wear a five. Friday. Yeah, it was the coolest guy ever. So here I am the skinniest kid in the school pretty much. But I'm on the versity football team kicking field goals, and they call me the leg. You know what I mean? Why didn't you? That's awesome. Why don't you kick field goals? Like when did you make the switch to just be a punter? It wasn't until I got in the pros. So in highschool, I actually received the scholarship because I had six field goals over fifty yards in sixty yard. Isn't it? What's the longest six eight? Now, I think, in high school, it's like seventy or something far damn get line kicking what happened? So I got a lot of scholarships for kicking fills. And so when I got on campus to the university of Illinois, it was the school that was closest to home. That was gonna let me play football and run track also because I was pretty good at track. What do you run the hundred? No. I did the, the decathlon. So all ten I think you'd be good at menu are good athlete ex-man. So like throwing the javelin the discus the shop like those weren't Vincent, like just an athlete can step in and be good. Like hurdles hundred four hundred highjump long jump. You can just be a good athlete, and it will come pretty quickly. But there's a lot of technique in. Discus javelin pole. Oh. Finish it off and I'm way bigger than normal, like pull. I snapped a couple of polls, which is pretty finish. It all off the tenth of is fifteen hundred meters. And those like those track is run into calf on there. Like one hundred fifty cents Spencer's how much you probably on sixty three about a buck fifty. I'm probably buck fifty right now. Fifty two. Yeah. They're, they're about Spencer. What are you five? Eight five nine five. Ten five ten. Yeah. Down. They're sitting down shit all sorter than me. Shut up shit from the football team from the football players at any point in your career. Oh, yeah. For like walking on the field for fifteen minutes. And then like. They like no, not in the pros because I had heard so much Siri his Faulk. Yeah. Earned a lot of street your room, you weren't talking again shit from the team. No, I never never hammered. I wanna ask you this. I'm birds fan. Okay. So you probably have a little bit less respect for me now bene- birds football. You're like I don't care now. You didn't you didn't. You didn't. You didn't Punto John Jackson. Did you know that was Matt dodge? Thank god. That was that was actually I went there, because he did that shit had. They brought me in that was the most important viewing event of my life, the miracle at the Meadowlands part to twenty one points in like four. More minutes, the Sean Jackson all you have to do your only job in life is do not kick the ball to disown fuck in Jackson. And this dude gets out kicks it all the way down downfield. He feels like the five runs ninety yards. I wasn't there. I watched that on sportscenter that one of the MO remembers that would okay here we go. So thirty one thirty one. Oh my God. This is dick. Sean Jackson to twenty. Was going back. Jets. And now I'm SCR. I'm screaming screaming. Oh, my goes is in the playoffs. Look almost knows the game if they would've if he wouldn't have returned that I think the giants would have gone to the playoffs right while have going to overtime because guess would've won the game onto the plane blew twenty one points in the last three and a half because it was the. Victor, Sean Jackson connection were they hewed just throw ninety our bombs on crazy. It was so impressive NFL guys. Do you know me personally, I was gonna say I thought you connected with him? That's my God, man. Really? He's, he's fucking awesome. Yeah. Tell you a secret to go out to any club any night of the week anywhere in the United States. He'll be there caring fucking stop in any club anywhere. He's going to go to Cleveland and Jake and I are from Cleveland, and we're boys at MGK. So we're all going to go for the first game. I'd be cool man, that's going to do. That's, that's going to breathe some life into that football. That'd be actually talking about that on our way here and I don't really talk football because I don't really love it that much I know so much about it. But. It's as I, I don't find it that interesting anymore. But I do have opinions on on this situation. And that's gonna put up some point Brown's. Yeah. Juice Landry's or six bucks wide receiver in the game. Adele's one or two in Tonio Brown would be wherever he's not mayfield's on the comes long as Baker Mayfield can like I don't know what his ability is to pass over thirty yards. But if it's decent and they can stretch that defenseman that running back. He's good. Good this year strong bombs at Oklahoma. I mean yeah. You know, I don't how'd you take this picture? Took this picture. She actually that was Nico. That was the camera guy Nico did that. And I had. So he's standing on my weight bench. Right. He's and I had to lean back. And then move my neck to this move my neck to the side like this, like, draped around her neck. Yes, he was. And then he put the camera, right? Am I remembering that correctly? Over you like this, then this is cutest vote. That's, that's, that's. That's how. But, but it doesn't work unless you lean back into Nico. And then he could really late your apps like you did for is the goal to help people visualize. What it would could be like I get out of that. School. Why did you ever sheet out of the kicker? A kicker punter usually smaller, do you ever being off for no reason? No, I always had kickers that were older than me until actually, I think pretty much my whole career. My kicker was was old. You know, Joe Vive Nobis now, could you want be? Now I mean he only practices for fifteen minutes also. So I've had kickers that I didn't like, but I got along great with them because I had to do there in your tribe, whether you want him to be, or not, the kicker punt, snapper, spend a lot of time together. Because we only have one skill you can't do it all day. What's it? What's it like running out onto the field? Soco's filling. It is the coolest feeling. I miss that, if I say, I missed two things I missed the brotherhood of I mean guys from all different religions and races and ages. And, you know, so many different story L offense. Let me stop you here, real quick. When you say brotherhood because like, again, I, I played football almost all of a sudden, the college for. It. But when did you have time to bond with the teammates just like training camp? Like when you go through things that suck you end up building a bond with people that go through things that suck with basic training. That's why the reins and military or like they're banned for life. They went through something that just suck. So Bennett doesn't even have to be combat. But are you doing the sprints with them? Are you doing the condition you overly? Why did you why did you do that? Tom coffin was old school in. He wanted us to, but I had coaches I played for Jack del Rio. Sean Payton Herm Edwards, Rex Ryan, I've got some good stories from Rex. Ron, how could you not the guy used to drink beers with his head coach after she'd be sitting in the hut like just a total? He's like the that used to buy you beer that your mom doesn't want you hanging out. That was my head coach for the coolest Coachmen, and we do the years that I was there we were good that we were, we had some stack teams it was two thousand nine and ten we went to a FC champion two years in real Mark Sanchez was a quarterback. I mean, I marks a great dude, but he's not like a franchise quarterback. And he took us to the AFC championship game two years in a row. He went to the birds after the giant. Yeah. Is there for a little bit? I think he's still bouncing around. I was going to ask you before just because it's, it's actionable. And I people ask the question hot. When did you when did you clean at how, how long was it like full-on shoot? Probably. Probably about fourteen months ago. I mean I was always high functioning. So, like, if I ever ate up paying bills, there was about a year and a half of my life, where I was eating probably fifty or sixty milligrams of, of, of Oxy. Yep. Oxycontin? And, and then I got to the point where I actually like physically needed them if I had to go do a public appearance or an autograph or addiction. I was I was doing my worst. I was doing four eighties day dude. Yeah. The see I was functioning, my wife didn't know it was total, like in the dark. Nobody really knew. But even to the point where like it wasn't like I would get the shakes or anything because I had a system, I would wake up I would eat a pill and then around two o'clock. I know I need another. So I was on I I had it for the most part in control and and functioning. But if I had to go speak somewhere like being a public place, because I, I would always have the anxiety like even if it's like third grade kids like I'm not going to be enough. These kids are like I'm not gonna I mean like how did that's a sec? Bro. Fuck those kids, bro. That was like, where my mind getting. So what, what did what did it for you? Like what was the final? How did you get clean, like what was your process? I just did it on my own. It took about eight days, and it was like a movie, man. What you just want to you want to talk. No. I'm at home. It would allow was the last time I had a pill was Christmas Eve two thousand sixteen. What was the reason for it? Why did you why did you get clean? 'cause my wife is like really, you know, we came to the point where like there was even the, the periods of eating those pills up. I it didn't make me feel happy anymore. It just made me feel normal. And so there were no periods of happiness. And my wife started to get involved and get really concerned with me. And if it wasn't for, for my wife and for my kids, like I probably would have just kept going down that slope and, and nose. You're completely clean and sober now. So that's, that's one of the one drinks, but I've never had like an alcohol. So that's, that's a weird place where I get screwed up sometimes, because I've like unintentionally kind of become the face of life after addiction, because my consumer entire life, return years in it for ten years of Oxy's heroin, and crack and all that shit, and after being cleaned for so many years I've. Been able to go and have a few drinks now and not go back to the drugs, Bruce Lopate, so slippery. But I also want people to know that I don't advocate it. It's just the situation is as follows like everyone has their own path out mine. Looks how mine looks you know, but I do have a lot of really good learnings that I wanna start to instill in people that are struggling because they ask a lot, but it is, when are you gonna stop it is? How do you how do you not advocate? Well advocating, though, so I don't I never mean to advocate it. That's why I've tried to. But if you're promoting all, but that's what I'm saying. That's why I've tried to roll it back as much as possible. I don't want advocate it, because by the way, like take the addiction out of it, and take the slippery slope scenario out of it. Booze is just really fucking bad via do to your body. It makes you do stupid shit puts you in horrible situations, and it takes you down from being the the best person, you can be when he's. So what's so depressing? At the end of the day, it's just a ship poison that you put in your body. So let me be the first say I go I go out and quit. I listen I go on I have a few drinks with people because just like drugs were, it axes somewhat of a crutch or makes me a better of the horse. I do. And I just control. And once a week, whatever. But the difference with me is I've been able to go out one day a week. Never did drugs again. And still, I still don't advocate it. But that said, it's interesting to hear like how you just did it completely on your own. You know what I'm saying, like help? It's I mean it kind of goes back to like obsession, you know, just reef because that's, that's the one I put, by the way, too, is because people ask me how I did. I say I just redirected the weapon that was pointed at drugs towards productive. I think you actually said that on the podcast with, with Charlie, I thought that was good. Because I you know that, that obsession I just shifted it to sell to productive shit question. One challenge for Mike. Yeah. I'm not gonna do it but good. Respect. So with being we're talking about that slippery slope, and you're working on a big projects and like not, I don't mean to put you on the spot. We're talking about it. Win people see that, that don't have that same self control, as you like, do you think that you could help people by going completely? So I mean, I think so, but I think it's more important just to make sure that I tell the story like just just to say like listen. I never meant to be a role model like take what you can from my life and, and take the learnings that I learned and the things that I took out of my addiction and apply them where you can. But I like to believe that everybody has their own path. And for me, it just hasn't been one of complete and utter absence. I go out for two hours a week. Maybe three I have a few drinks. I come home, I go to sleep. I wake up. I do whatever I'm going to do. So it doesn't affect my life, ninety nine point nine percent of addicts out there don't have that same ability. And so, yeah. Like. Would it be good for, for people could I could I better, my story, more and potentially be more impactful as a servant to others? Yes. Have I grown to a point in my adult life where I feel like doing that right now know as of right now, I'm just having fun living, my life within a legally morally? And next, it's going to be whatever word. I'm looking at semi-acceptable way, that's it. So I challenge. Yeah. Not to go over one hundred percents over, what would it take to thirty days? I'm not at all. That all the time thirty days, I'll go I'll go on and off. You know what I'm saying? But I just it's just not even thing like so that said sentence, not a thing, then it should be usually to not do it. But yeah I do a lot of networking at clubs. I do a lot of meeting people at clubs. I do a lot of stuff. And you know, I have a few drinks, do I do. I think it's the right thing, maybe not will I dress it. Yes, I just questioned because I've actually always wondered this with the amount of content that you put out. Do you ever ah for your about to put a piece of content out because I do this, like even now like before walking in here on thinking to myself, a Mike in it's just it's just that insecurity of like being enough and being liked, you know, it's I think it's like a lot of people don't even realize how much they need other people's like acceptance or validation. It cetera. Do you ever feel like? Subconscious, you're thinking, like how do I need to be in order for people to like me, like with a with a video or you go to a meeting with somebody that you really admire, and you want them to, like you, do you ever struggle with, like, reminding yourself, just be yourself all the time every day? I'd say, I'm very close to shutting off, unfortunately, though, with the social media shit like everything I do and my success. My future is indeed dictated by people liking me. So it's like the key. Matters. Why do you ever feel like if you're, you're every full yourself, maybe they won't like full of myself note, like like fully yourself? Oh, like you got lucky bro. I got lucky because I'm fucking though. No. I that's what I was talking to Eljay before on our way up here. I was like so what's he like off camera? You know, like everybody knows what you're like on camera. Everybody knows what you're like on camera. Everybody knows what you're pretty much said like you're like a regular dude. I know I hate it thing, which is incurred for me to invest time appear Valvano relationship with you guys because, like, although this has been awesome. Like, I'm I'm here to share a story, but to build a relationship, because, like that's wanted to you're lucky, you're lucky because you're also a dope, dude. Like you're likable, people are gonna like us, and they enjoy your concert like some people aren't as lucky. I James Charles row sucks that you suck in real life. And that didn't go out for you. I mean no, seriously. Like he's onto we weren't all I mean when I was twenty one years old. I was James. This was I mean, we talked about in our lab. Episode this, this beauty guru. He is a makeup. Artist got involved in some sort of thing where he promoted his one of his really good, his mentors competitor product, and he hit on. He's a gay duty hit on straight, dudes lost three million subscribers in, like three days. Huge story. It's in. Ball. So everybody's finding out that he's like not often to exact. Yes. Struggle with that when people were accusing you of not being who you really are with, with the whole controversy. Go. It was it was actually sort of the opposite. It was the opposite. Everyone thought that the person that was on the blogs wasn't really was. Yeah. And then when they made me realize, like I don't see, I don't see what the problem is, like I had this girl this girl came over with this guy deniro to bitch, and apt to me, and we sat down for ten minutes, and she's like, I don't like build. She goes on people like you just like giant kid, and I'm like, yeah. Like I'm not gonna lie. I portray a little bit of douche online. I'm pretty chill. But that's why the podcast has been super helped form because their people are like oh, and we get to see him sit and be himself for like the YouTube stuff is awesome, because it catches my attention listening to the podcast and hearing depth of opinions of like real life stuff. I get all the silliness dude. I'm a freaking. You see my answer. I'm a savage. But to see substance behind the person that creates the content is power. I know it doesn't it doesn't matter what side to get. To get into its, it'll be done the right way. You know what I mean? I got I got a question about NFL money. Yeah. Because google. I, I would I saw some statistics that, like almost eighty percent of NFL athletes are broke never mind. Google me. Nine percent that seventy nine after like what two years after within two years of he comes with the good questions man within two years of retiring or your career being over seventy nine percent of, of NFL athletes are broker divorced. That's within two months, raise. What's what, what's that? In the NFL is at three hundred eight probably four hundred seven thousand two fifty when I was, so the majority of players are making that kind of money, right? The majority, you could probably Google it, but I, I would say the majority of NFL guys because they'll guys that are making thirty million dollars. And some guys that are making four hundred and fifty I would say, on average, you're probably looking more, probably eight hundred thousand on because there's not that many guys making a year. Okay. So says here your net worth is two million the wrong. They're always wrong. I don't know where they get those right about me. Once and I'm not saying, I'm worth more or less than that. It's just like the Ron hall of those or wrong. Yeah. If you ever want to know how much appro athlete makes an season type in their name, and type in spot wreck as P. O. T. R A C. I'm not saying this, you can look up mine because really not that impressive. I think I made fifteen million dollars over ten years as a partner with no concussions and healthy going and doing awesome. The football, money you drop inside five drops them inside the five for me. It's easy. I don't try to cover anything up when people ask me say, oh, my Bank accounts, overdrafted right now, thirty five dollars to the Bank of America. I'd currently. That's why I'm joke it a lot of money. Listen, you hustle? You want. You don't do the job. I hired you here too, 'cause you do other godforsaken lie. Pull up my scope board ISA scope of. Absolutely. Say an acid you to do. You don't do anything. You just can't grow because that's what happened. I switch I came on the job. That you control the. He's talent bro, and it's tough because like talent I killed them back. Go chief goals, you couldn't do it. I said I was thirty four. So I put all the goals in a bag. Rohan just went to sleep. So what do you, did you learn anything in your experience with, you know, the, the compensation from the NFL that you would like to give to all these younger people getting into sports like to better manage their money or like how can they avoid that? I mean a really like at the end of the day, it really comes down to, like, our primal need for acceptance think about like caveman caveman didn't live on their own. They lived in little villages. We needed to be loved liked by other people. It's no different than now. That's why I do the things that I do on social media, and we create the content that we create because we want to impact people, but we wanna be loved. You know, that's, that's one of the most primal instincts in human in person. Yeah. Then be accepted be heard like to the core. No matter who you are people that tell you, they don't care about other people's opinions of you do. They're in denial. Like I will be important for me to like. Go back and read the comments of what people have to say when this airs because it's important to me, I can say that. It's not important to me, but it's important, I don't hang on every single comment. How do you weed out, like just because there's such a, there's such a culture of like bashing? Why don't hang my? I don't hang my Dinnie on the on the side. Like like your this person said my head look stupid. Like this person said, like I mean, I'm not looking at the comments section to see if I'm lovable all looking at the comments section to see like talking about the people enjoy. So I can talk about no one's gonna say. No one's gonna say you're stupid. You got a gray head. If you have a good looking too. I. And by the way, do you ever think about this? I brought this up many times in the past. I am so sorry for people who want not Sayer do you ever think to yourself holy shit? While how blessed I am to have been born with a head because I know sometimes you gotta find gratitude in the sole think about it. And I got a lot of trouble for this because I can't be not. But I always say arms and legs because if I'm like, I don't want to work arms and legs. Got arms that use them always say that always what if that was homeless much worse? And you said, no. Like what if you were born dude, and you had arms and legs, the reason before he said it because because he knows his a stupid fucking question. He's just saying words and making noises. And like it's overdid everyone's with that. If you're not, you're not a person that will that's another quest, you know, makes that fucking. Tissue has ever been born without ahead. I'll think so, I don't think so faction, Laura Lee, tattooed on your peck, I notice, and I'm wondering, is that because you actually liked her apology video or what what's. What's. By the way, it went down in history as one of the worst ever. Like, what was the she faked her tears and? You don't know. I analyzed reanalysed your video which will hear ago juicy the your apology video. Like, why, why did you do that? Because I wanted to see if you were real, you think I'm sorry. Yeah. An actor. No. It was. Do you, you can tell man, you can look in somebody's eyes and see if there's like pain and remorse, you know what I mean? Like talk to me about that video it was the worst apology video of all time. Visit I am I gonna lie not to like bright but my apology, but it was fucking and you wanna know why, which is this the prize I was fucking sorry. Hey James take notes. Would you ever would you ever reach out to somebody that's in a situation like that have? Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. Wait. Are you saying someone who has to know somebody that's made a massive mistake for no other reason? But like, hey have been there. Tweet a James right now on the show and just be bro. I've been there just keep your. I think that'd be Spencer. Takes a real man to his wife. Just dog. He just takes a dog. True. True, I go to send the tweet Logan. He just did it on the last pot actually had a teammate. He's trying to like. But I had a teammate the got in trouble for putting his hands on, on a woman and TMZ. And I went on teams he not to defend him or anybody, all of his teammates, nobody would comment on it because they didn't want to be involved with the teammate that, like be tone. So, and I knew it wasn't I know I was gonna get ripped up for doing it, but I knew he needed somebody to speak on his like moral fiber, and that he is and I got lit up a little bit for. But, like I still feel resolute in my decision to do it really see. I, I can do that. I can get behind that. And, and James. He's, he's shout on me in the past. Yeah. I was gonna say. Picked you in the balls really hard. You're walking out a lot one day and he was just like right in your fucking Johnson. Browse Grote would you like would you still be my instinct would be like dude step on his throat, but in a situation like this, it's like dude how how much of a man, would you look like especially Hugh? Especially. Dog? Where is it? That that's an alpha move by the woods. I'm not saying though, it's just like dude. Like I've been there. Just stay strong. Like, don't get down on don't don't over word it. And just be like, yeah. Now, this point, bro. I'm doing it for publicity. No. You're not doing it because if I had. Your second. It is number I reach out to personally, actually give them visors and being like, but no. You know what you're doing is you suddenly example, or creating the story that when you do that people are going to feel a certain type of way about it instead of making a decision on the man that you want to be, you know what I mean? The man that you want to be as a man. That's been help people when they when they really need it, girlfriend versus cheer, and turn it. Yeah. Public because I guarantee you people will gain gain respect for you. And I know you wanna do it, but you're thinking to yourself, what if people think that I'm doing it just for publicity? Don't let those people stop you from making a bit of, bold move, I her people. What's going on here? Like what y'all doing, but I need to actually, unfortunately think on this, because like this not be pressured in like. They tried to get me to sell. I want to have this conversation fucking challenge match on your side. What's going on with you is to know that Elvin? And that's actually how Eljay and I became really close friends is dude, I'm like fifteen years older than him. But he had some troubles that I had those same trouble when I was young guys get connected by his, his mom. I guess kind of like lightweight. Mentored me in media in New York. She's a stallion her name's Rosanna Scotto and FOX five good day. New york. Wait, once you do. That's his mom yet. His mom's the coolest lady of all time. So anyway, I was dear friends with her, because she just really took care of me. Every time I had, like anything to say she would have showed its biggest morning morning news show local in America, people watch that, then what good Morning America. She's a stallion. So anyway, I ended up reaching out to Rosanna because I heard Eljay had gotten into trouble through her through her. Right. Well, it was in the newspaper like it was. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, because she's, she's a big deal. So I reached out Tim kind of like a similar situation where like obviously, it would be a bolder move, because it will be public and the guys kind of crapped on you in the past have, however, that's how a relationship with Eljay and I have started and like he knows he can always call me because I was there for him when nobody else was there from all of his friends left. And everybody was crucified him for being like, you know, the entitled brat, you know, screwing his life up. But, you know, when you have somebody that breathes life and possibility into your life. Dude, I guarantee you and that stuff went down that went down in your life. You've never been in a darker place. Where do you think that guys that right now he feels like his whole life is over? He's kinda riot because his whole identity was wrapped up in people. Aso. What's, what's good? We still don't have any sponsors for this show. I haven't got a brand new one point five years. Over every second is we have a very large fucking brand deal on the fucking table right now. You goose egg son of a bitch of. Six. The F word ten times lost second shouldn't fuck and try to sponsor, this fucking show, then because we say the fuck of that for years. It's fun. Rollback to freak on this is the new in there. We don't drink either starting right now we go five mold statements on this EPA. Here we go. Let's go to the audio cue a do that. Yeah. It's, it's an extended version of Steve weather for BankE, bro, for coming on and policies number podcast. The world bro, I'm sitting in the same seats that your mom. Pam. Shout out. I love a midwest. There is. Rain. I take I take advantage of how sweet she is not your lie by saying, like not so sweet things sometimes to just to see how she'll react like just wanna see Lao one hundred percent was watching her face whenever you're going, and you were showing more emotion than what she was because she's I feel like you're used to pay me. Kim told her last less episodes. Don't be a pussy mom. If you'll react talk to you, like you're one of my boys. Please. Always very ultimate dog him. He's a hound, bro. Will you go out one of her kids? Will we love you extended audio cue aunt Spotify night tunes right now? I take it easy piece. I look we are. I key thought that was audio already in it. I know we're here. This is it now it's great Bill, and how's it going? Hey, how's he been doing this first month on the cross? Great nominal seems like a day. One first order business, get Mike off the show, literally, I buck, and he said, this, you don't think. Then the next things after that incredible. That one. It was just. I love dessert, retracted. Back them up the whole world is run on data and user sentiment. Viewer sentiment nowadays, and he was relying on well, he was relying on some of the comment was with them. Sorry. The show since I've been here, you recognized role about went to speak things went to not. Right. So that's parent jumbled on your thank you. There we go. Wow, that's excellent. Got a soundboard. It was going to be very five into the right guys. It's going to be five minutes with Mike just to get dive into actual specifics. He goes, he goes. So how about this? Might comes in five minutes at the end and just he talks about whatever and I'm like, okay, what about the rest fifty five minutes of the show? He won't be there in the guest house like so they want guys like an hardy Lang. Yes, yes, or Beetlejuice Beetlejuice sued, did you Jerry? Hi. Derek off the show. Goes I'm just gonna stop you right there. That's not happening. He goes, what's next. Larry crew squad. Great is doing a good job. Have you always been religious? I grew up in it. Like we talked about my years of, of doing what I did and, and learn it. And I heard you talk on the episode before this, Mike. Were you like I don't know if I would take it back I absolutely would take him back in a reason what take all the drugs and the addictions women gambling all the crazy stuff that, that I did that. I'm not proud of right now, but I still get to speak on it. And like people will listening will listen to me, because I cheesed greatness doing something that people have appreciation for. And I was actually talking to Dylan before. And I'm like, man, how cool is it that we live in a society in an era where you can become the best in the world at something just that you love? And people will love you for. But how fortunate we are? That were were good at something that people value, you could be the best bobsledder that's ever walked the planet. All my care. Like I could be a good bobsled because I'm a good combination of speed and power, coal that I could do this. See nowadays, you probably could actually become a very lip bobsledder and make a good career. Now. Arbitrary thing that he said. No. I don't know if you try to build a personal brand when I was was playing football because in the Super Bowl, we played in front of seventy two million people giveaway. Is there anything is there anything? True. Okay. I just want one example that like you love doing and say you become the best at it. You're the best in the world at it. Is there anything truly that people some that no one of notice? Like, I'm, I'm I came to mind is like, what if you're really gonna wittling sticks, but also like going to notice whittle the shit outta sticks? Cool wouldn't get your your your, your lit for like a viral video or three or four like you know what I mean like twiddling, sticks wailing or sorry. Whittling, our Twitter, it's widow but who knows do wanna make word twiddling six is the other thing. But here's the question a smart stick with ler. You, you may think that a one of the lesser known stick with IRS would just make a quick viral video smart, sequitur would whittle stick, Creaney com strategy, like Van Gogh, and then the up a line of shirts. Stick with devices, a digital course teaching. Stick, your great identifying mushrooms vegetarian. That's sport. Yeah. Bobsledding. No. I just had to get good at football. Oh. Cared about me because I because I got good at something people appreciate it if he got good at something that people appreciate always say that I say it's not like I'm not saying the best in the world at at things that people don't care about aren't important or anything. I'm just like super grateful, and thankful that I ended up becoming really good at something. People are ready valued. I didn't give them a reason to value, it, you're talking about a trailblazer. You're talking about more like him where he created his own path based upon his own faith in his own obsession, and consistency of that day after day created a niece for him. He created his own the niche was already there for pro athletes. I just stepped into it. I worked really hard and I'm not discounting that. But I knew that there was gold at the end of the rainbow you didn't. Why do you think why do you think some occupations or skill sets are under appreciated? Even though people have indeed. Dedicated their whole lives to it. And okay. Teachers ex. Nope. Nope. I won't know I'm talking about, like an extreme skillset, I'll use ballet as an example, y'all Ballet's fucking hard. Like extremely heart ballerinas have worked, their whole life, damaging their toes there fee going to practice, by the way dancers. Dancers four four hours a day. Plus, and I like ballet dancers in general, I feel are under appreciated too. Why is it like I sometimes feel bad, like I feel guy sorta got lucky that I like to happen to happen to like. But like it was lucky when you had a viral video. Yeah. It's not lucky when you've done it thousand times, yet you know what I mean. So it's just like luck is, is preparation meeting opportunity. But do you have vice for the ballerinas because what I'm saying is I, I feel bad for the of, of P. Give people a reason to care. Okay. Okay. Stick, wittling, give people reason to care like, make it fun. Yeah. I do that do that all the time, like you, you make the most stupid stuff entertaining and cool and viral with creativity, you take something basic with your creativity in your energy and your tribe. And you end up making it something great. Have you? Have you seen it? Have you seen this just in what's going on? It's an iphone four so. Is that your phone? Where did you get a four from dude? I've even think these things still exist talked about cavemen at Bob's hipsters, we'll do anything kidding. I'm kidding a New Yorker. We love it. Looks like James Charles has released in as many mansion, is what our producers telling us dude, let's just go over there right now. You down to show up and I will mediate he's moving into on the street here on the same street, are you, are you? Is it? Oh, bro is at that house. Not it's mini mansion sold for just under two million dollars a couple of years. It's not the one that's down the street from. Like a shoebox. Isn't it through the poverty is located in ab-, rather unfashionable pocket of Sinoe on point one five acre lies a slightly dinky? The pecking. I'm kidding. What I was gonna say is open with his his his head or there. Yeah. Yeah. That press release was a little wack you religious when you were doing drugs. I mean you don't ever like like you grow up that way you have faith in it. Like you know what you're doing is like, not God's plan that makes sense. So, but I was bucking the system and Buchan. My faith of my me buck in my body. You know what I mean? But. Yeah. So I mean dude, I it's just crazy too. I did interview earlier today with for my podcast with Hala Famer Terrell Davis into talk about like obsessions. Like that's kind of been like my jam today to talk about like how obsessions can feed into great things, but also freaking crush you. Yeah. I mean, that was that was, I was, I was getting consumed by people's opinions versus just like knowing that I'm enough like knowing that I'm before I sit down in this chair. I don't need to be anything more than what I already am for the people that listen to this, or for you guys to build a relationship with you. Like, if I come in here, and I act like something that I'm not in order for you guys to like meal for the listeners to like, near follow me on Instagram or any of that other stuff that I'm going to need to show up in that NFL in authentic way, every single time that I meet them or I'm around them, or they're going to be like, that guy's not what I thought so why not just be yourself from the jump and dude if they if they've five with you, then do make it happen if they don't then you don't have to it ain't gonna work because what do you wanna have a costume party, every time you go, there, like, okay now, I need to be Steve, the motivational energy guy, that never has a bad day. Like now man. You know what I mean? Like I have bad days. I struggled with depression and anxiety. The. Same way, everybody else in America. Does you know what I mean? But I, but I have processes to be able to work myself out of it. You know, the self awareness that, hey, my life doesn't suck. I'm just having one of those days. So let me go through my process to find some gratitude flex out of it, because everybody has it is latter Clinton of this. Aired, you got kicked out of Jim breathing, heavy planet fitness, is a good. This is a good really. So. So I was NFL Fiszman the article already come big magazine spread and all this, and I do a lot of work with the New Jersey boys and Girls Club. So as the fitness ambassador for the boys and girls go from North America and then for the city of Manhattan, I did all of their I pretty much made the fitness videos for schools in Manhattan and all of New Jersey so anyway, like I am wellness. Like I give the kids, I'm all about not just like ads arms but people just being fit and building their confidence, getting healthier and long story. Short had a flight from New Jersey to Chicago for a business meeting with deuce McAllister old teammate of mine. What's his first name? You said, deuce McAllister just the first name deuce deuce deuce go number to drop news. He was he was. You remember. Wait for a meeting with him. Was he the shit? He was. He was he was so anyway. So I had the meeting with him. And I had an hour to get a workout in long story short. That was the only Jim was available planet fitness. And I thought like the commercials with the lung alarm were all life. But I went in there I paid the twenty dollars and it's like nine dollars for a monthly membership. But I knew I was gonna come back. So pay the twenty dollars, and I'm in their training arms. I'm not lifting. I'm not squad. I'm not doing anything crazy. I'm breathing like you're supposed to breathe when you train. Just normal. I'm not grunting at all anyway. So I look different than other people that are in there, so long story short got jealous. The alarm comes on the guy comes up to me, and I felt like such a douche, but I'll be real until the store I thought the guy was going to ask for not aggressive, but he was kicking out of the gym as ING. So I'm like, wait. I'll yeah, no, I'm okay I got fifteen minutes to finish this workout, then I gotta catch a fight. And he's like, I'm gonna call the cops. I'm gonna do this what? Yeah. This carnage alert, even grunting. No, no. On off. I don't know. I had my head for what is the lung? Literal. Fitness, I shit, you not can't you can't put more than three hundred fifteen pounds on the weight. You can't wear cutoffs. You can't have a one go. All inclusive fitness players. You break any of those rules? No chill. I was was certified kicked out for excessive breathing. So when a long story short that happens, and I'm like, on Snapchat, as I'm getting kicked out on my dude. This is I. I remember this it was. Center. But he got onto all of those news outlets before I even landed in jersey. So that happened I put it on Snapchat. And I think it's probably the first time that ESPN's over put somebody's Snapchat on Senate to make a Snapchat wasn't like a thing that people reposted on on TV. So anyway, so I landed and I have like six hundred text messages. And, and they might people my tribe went to their Instagram account and just Russia, everybody they had to delete like their last fifteen posts and it was, and I didn't ask them to do that. But they're like, how could you kick this guy out like he's a man of the people, you know what I mean? So it was a really bad move by that, that manager, that good idea is that what made you want to pick up sledding, was that I'm in. Okay. But that's I feel like I full on. Do it with that said, I'm closest episode out. I'm tired of new dog wanna play with. Thanks, bro. Do this is awesome. Man. This is fucking awesome. Yeah. For sure. We let guys British five stars shoes.

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