HR 3: What is going on with NBA fans?


Three o'clock growl. Tonight is the night it is game. Five in phoenix lakers and suns. And i think we are all feeling as though tonight with anthony davis out. We're going to need a vintage. Lebron james performance to be able to win this game tonight in phoenix. This is when having lebron. James means everything. We've got them. They don't our guys had experience at this high leverage in high leverage situations like this. I love our chances tonight. I love our chances tonight. I do i and in a lotta people are saying. There's no way the lakers can win this game. Without anthony davis really we have lebron and we have a really good defense and they have never proven that they could win with everything on the line and they've got a young team let you know. Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion mesa. Lakers are not going to give up this title without going down without a fight. You know they're gonna fight. And i was the game with starting now. It starts in exactly four hours. I wish it was. Now it's coming we'll have it for you. Five thirty pregame. Spock in the jock. Seven o'clock is tip off an incredibly important game now. Lindsay has been all fired up on the story all day. Long i i will be honest. She's brought up repeatedly. So i want to bring it up. Lancer you ready. i'm ready. Kaizer and kristen cavalieri this from the quarterback and reality show a star. They have divorced in april. They announced their divorce in may of last year they re revealed a joint custody agreement. So that's good now. She started a brand while they were together and brand is called lindsay. What's the uncommon james uncommon. Yeah so he now wants half of that. He wants half of that brand. Does he deserve it. All right question for you yup. Dtn half of his nfl money when they together and he was playing quarterback. Well think about it. No were they together while he was playing quarterback so when he oftens she probably got half of dan. Sure but she didn't. So what am i. Guess what. This is. What i understand i could be wrong but from everything i read. It seems as if they had a pre-nup before they got married but he cheated on her. She she alleges that he cheated on her and she wanted them to. Avoid the pre-nup due to Marital conduct so they ended up settling. They didn't enforce the pre-nup nor did she get half. They had some kind of settlement. Where she he bought her a house and they parted ways and everything is good so he did been child support right. They have kids yes they have. They have three kids. That i'm sure he's still paying child support on now. Here's the question does he. Is he entitled to half of her brand which see started while they were together while they were together while they were say. I'm starting a brand. But she she had plans to start it before she met him. She said that she started it with money that she made from her reality tv career that she earned long before she met him. She said that he invested zero money into it and had nothing to do with starting the company. He never worked for the company he never had any type of intellectual property involving the company had nothing to do with it. Let me say. I think he's worth like fifty million and she's worth like thirty million. Did you really need. It doesn't work for people. Like jeff bezos and building when they started their companies with the before their wives and when they got divorced. I am a huge chunk. Klay different thing. She earned while they were together. He gets half of now. Moving agree moving forward though. That twenty gets tricky. Yeah because apple. They're divorced now. I think that that. Why would he claim to it now. Yeah well because in other words. When i said that's it we'll see was there for the creation of the coastal for twenty seven years of right seven years in about the same thing for the company was it was. They were married for like three years. Really go any money that all these companies have to have books. I mean they have to pay taxes so any money income that she derived from the company wall they were still married he gets half but what about the company that is continuing to make money now. He was there for the creation of now. That's that's not the argument. He wants half of her company. He thinks that half of the company belongs to him. I grenade. they're not talking about money. He wants half the company. I think that's bs because if this is the other way around it would be a no brainer. He made way more money no because he's made way more. I don't need it. This is jamie in court. This is a bought the dodgers while they were together and she claimed that she was entitled to know. It's not it's different because she created this company on her own with no money from him. No input from him. She completely started the company on her own and he makes more money that her. Why does he need money. Why does he need to own. Half of the company agree with you that he comes off looking bad here. Lindsey despite how much money would you give melinda gates of bill. Bill gates one hundred and forty million dollar path of it. They were married for like thirty something. He started a company before they got married even more so these started that company before before they got married and it got successful when they went through the argument the way you would lose in court is that jay cutler's lawyers would argue. Look because jay paid for everything else while they were together it allowed christian to start this company in other words j. Paid all the bills. He paid for the rent. He paid for the kids. Schools paid for kristen had no expenses because they were married. She took all of her own money and dumped it into this company. Jay provided for the families. so he gets. I would say well. I was married and i put up with him cheating on me for all these years. So that's a moral argument. Say we'll tennessee's no fault divorce state where they live right. There's some there's some merit to it if they didn't get the pre-nup enforced and he had to settle with her. Then i would say fine then then void that settlement want half of everything. Here's the thing she don't ask if this was the other way around we'd all say of course she deserves it. No no i disagree because if she was worth hundreds of millions of dollars it's different her. She's got her company that's worth this monitor millions. He's made way more money than her. He doesn't need her money. We do not gonna make a difference to him. Invest money wisely If he's made like sixty million dollars just off his base salary maybe he blew it on the other girl. You never know all the more reason. So i brought this up a minute ago it's marilyn monroe's birthday would have been her ninety. Fifth birthday michael's yes. Yes certainly one of the most Famous most beautiful women in his pinup girls. We used to call him girls. Yeah so here's the question. Who is the single. Most beautiful woman ever to walk on planet or we're talking about the same comes into your mind so many of them talking about a subjective topic. Everybody's got their own choice. The yeah ava gardner a faucet. Tyrod taylor one that popped into my head mace because i saw her. I've seen pictures of her when she was younger and saw her when she was seventy. And i'm not kidding. This woman at seven. I know exactly pinup woman. Guess what you're talking about. Yeah she american. No no is she italian. Yes sophia loren correct yes. How's that for an answer to answer. Yeah she's she's definitely in mount rushmore mace night. And i think that's you know who else looks unbelievable for her age. Who women when you say for her age. Have you seen jane fonda recently sheets. That's a that's a joke. That woman doesn't age. She gave a speech one of those award shows. And i'm like damn. She is really impressive. she's i think she's seventy five years old. Yeah of course she's older. Or hey what about Speeco for your girl. Oh yes. I'm high looks good. And what's the other one The what's the other girl Crews not oh baron speak up you know no man for sure you're your there's nothing to say about those women you gotta you gotta speak up for them. As reported by racquel welch boys she would be at the top of a lot of pa. I'm i'm interviewing friday. I'm interviewing and margaret. She won. She would have held that title farah fawcett fair faucet. Yeah read about our thinking about fair foster. Did she think about what the hair seattle here you know. What i think about is fair. faucet was i mean interf- inner time was just an iconic. I mean i think most every kid my age has got a faira faucet poster in their bedroom she dies on the same day that michael jackson. That's right yeah so she got overlooked overlooked complete right. Yeah that would have been a very big deal. Had had michael not died on the same day. She was at at one point at the top of her fame member. She had that poster that everybody had. Oh yeah everybody that red bathing suit. Yeah everybody had their poster all right. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven. Seven seven ten. Espn want to chime in. on that. Or micro. I wanted to talk to you about the naomi osaka story. Which you've been very opinionated from the start we'll get to that coming up to mason and ireland seventeen. Espn i getting ready for game five. You'll hear it right here on seven ten. Espn another weekend of crazy fan behavior around the nfl or the nba including a moment where someone threw a water bottle and it went very very close to kyrie irving. Here's what kevin durant had to say about. Just your your thoughts on just again. An unfortunate acting van was arrested. But just what can be done about. You know again protecting protecting players in situations like this has got to grow up at some point. I know that in the house or year and a half with pandemic a lot of people as a lot of people stressed out. But when you come to these games got realized that he's he's these men are human. You know we not animals. We not in the circus You come into the game with not all about two as a fan. So how some respite gain harverson respect for human beings. It has especially yourself. Your mother won't be Proud you don't what about the basketball players and spinoff players will toss and popcorn so And and enjoyed game bigger. Getting what is causing. 'cause i mean maybe i've missed it in the past but what is causing this unbelievable explosion in bad fan behavior or was it always come on orlands. It always there was always there. Okay we'll louisville but explosion we're talking about. Let's see the guy in new york. The guy in philadelphia the guy in boston. That's three people. Let's add up those three games. I would say on the average there were forty five thousand people at those games and three people acting like idiots. What you time. When there were incidents like of course. I've seen things have thrown at football games because of a players players and baseball games and basketball arenas always an idiot in the stand with explores this three three people out of forty five thousand. You also had the guy who ran on the core. Fda washing. Let's see okay. Four people all right so let me michael. The it lasts a week last week. I said one way to solve this would be to publicly. Shame these people to when they do it released their name and and ramona and lindsay said no. You can't do that because you would ruin their life. what do you think. Oh yeah if you do something like that you Throw something at a at a player. Yeah nothing i'll put them in. You get arrested anyway. So you might as well put their their their. It's a if you're the police blotter. It's public knowledge if they arrest you correct and the other thing is it's it's a deterrent. If you know that's going to happen you know your name is going to be out there and and face think twice about your behavior. of course. I bet this one brandon tierney who hosts a radio show in new york use word. Espn bit now hosts a radio show in new york with barber. The old new york football player tyranny has a radical solution to this. But when i heard it almost thought you know if you allowed it i bitch. This behavior would stop. His solution is whoever they act out against all right so somebody dumped popcorn on russell. Westbrook's spit on trae young. Somebody threw a water bottle. I don't know who they sue the water bottle at in in the boston game all right. The athlete gets thirty seconds with the fan under the tunnel. What do you think that's kind of stupid. Well i bet you'd stop doing it. You know what though he's out these could fight. There's only one athlete. You all within basketball. The rest of them. who knows. Maybe it'll get no michael. There are two. Oh who's the other one adams of james johns these guys fight. They all talk a big game. But come i wanna fight be apart. Beat me up to but no. That's stupid recommended. The charge in the kyri incident is assault rightfully so in a water bottle. Hurt him tonight as they say it could have been. And the reason looked. The spitting was worse. Yes spitting terrible. Yeah that's true. Here's the thing with kyrie thing. It's partly because he jumped on the lucky. The leprechaun logo. Yeah so what. I liked that i liked the car. Right don it. It's called lucky the leprechaun. Yes relented real. Kevin garnett took exception to that. But i like it part of it. He's a grown man and he's mad because they stomped on the of the team could be upset with roy being added. Lynn davis says you step on rocky you step on everybody who ever played for that team that great though leprechaun carello stepped onto star right shorts t took offense to it. Kevin garnett. so nobody's gonna say anything about kyri stomping lucky which is going to act like. We didn't see that can't do that. That's cool on any level. All buddy should be better up on lucky. The leprechaun remember when janas arctic aku poe. He sat down on the court in philadelphia celebrating on the logo and did like a little gig on the logo. And hopefully the sixers to remember that when they see milwaukee in the second round by the way michael it looks like joel. Embiid is going to be out. Five of that series does do. The sixers. Beat the wizards for that. Mb they still do it but it gives washington a lot of life. Lotta life go to the game five. They could win that game if they keep it. Closest filing ben simmons keep putting them to the line. Yeah boy. Ben simmons ben simmons now. You've always defended ben. Simmons is an all star player in an in an elite player in the nba. Be those things. If you can't make free throws shortly remember guiding him shocking wilt chamberlain. Three elite workday isn't ben. Simmons shooting like fifty percents Terrible i mean shock so you wouldn't call shock elite or we'll chamber but no but white house. Mvp years when he was a winning mvp everyone mvp did he did with Didn't even have people don't think he won. Mvp never did defensive player of the year. I more time but that he was first team all nba multiple times. So yeah you can't shoot free throws and he can't shoot. Three's well who cares three three threes. I saw you guys care about three three threes. This how you win games and by the way it's getting your son is everybody cast shoot them come. What's his big record. How many three seventeen. Threes and fourteen threes in his record in the for a playoff michael just threes threes. Threes game is so boring now seen once seen them all. Except the kinda right liquors better make tonight though. Make this theory a better. Make some of them better. Make some of them. I saw michael analia. Soccer has dropped out now of the french open and she revealed publicly for the first time. She talked sort of generally about mental health. When she originally said she wasn't going to speak to the media she was fine. Fifteen thousand dollars and then ultimately dropped out and talked about some long bouts of depression that she's been dealing with who handled did. Did the french open. People handle this wrong. Yeah i think they handled it right. You got to face the media if you're a an elite athlete or if you're an athlete party obligation party responsibility all the meteor ashur mason an ireland lindsay. They're just asking her about what does she basically. How did they go at work work today. What did you do well. Or what didn't do you do well at work today. This nothing personal or intrusive in a personal life. They're asking about it. Strictly business mike. Have you ever been depressed of well. Someone dies of course no depressed for a long period of time. Now i try not to be. I tried to be optimistic. Retired michael was over little things but you try to bounce out of it quickly. I know everybody's different. Yep mental issues. Like i said if. She's not depressed that she shouldn't be on a tour. She needs a needs to get away from whatever she's going through in life and just shake they should have made a dispensation. I think they should have said you know what we'll find another way for you to make yourself available. John ireland mentioned earlier. How about how about didn't wanna talk to the press period. What about email. What about he said nope none of that. You just talked about we need to. We need to take people's mental health issues more serious. You're saying just don't shouldn't have played in the first place slow. I guess everybody can start just mentally stressed out. I'm not going to go meet my my Media obligations everybody's going to come out and not everybody but some people might issue with an issue. That particularly has great stigma to it even to this day. You're gonna come out and say i was depressed. I have anxiety i've got. You really think people are willing to go out there and play mentally. Tough place serena in the final. You can't answer some questions about the final after you're done. It doesn't make sense. Well her her thing was more of the pre- media stuff saying that like people put down into her head because she said people. Are you know a lot of times. The media will ask questions and they put down into your. And i don't she. She was saying that like i have no no need or want to serve anyone who doubts me as a professional so she was basically saying like. I don't wanna address all the haters. Well wait a minute does not to everybody. You don't wanna face questions about why she's not been successful on clay. And why this time it'll be different comes comes with the territory. The greatest of practically the greatest male players only won once on clay and filled numerous times. They ask him. I'll come. You can't win on talk about roger federer right right part of the job. You're not always going to get roses and candies at every question talking about your job. You're going to face some criticism critiques from the media. That the rhino does there have to be a blanket. Rule like you must do the media every time to exception otherwise. You can't participate. Why why can't people just like take it on a case by case basis and say and see what's going on to jump to conclusions to that restaurant chart shoe one hundred bucks no matter what you know going in going in for when you join a tour or professional you know you know. I said this earlier and i kind of agree with it. This is the life you've okay. Then why does the nba fine guys. When i go to the post game interview same thing if a guy said i'm having emotional problems right now would he be excused. Not not for an extended period of time. They would excuse them. Maybe for a game. Yeah but yeah. Like kevin love did it and he was excused going. They were good. You're right and people were supportive of him. They were there. He was like one of the first big name athletes as the three major sports. To come out and say something about. How could you let the media doubt your your Your abilities the media come on. She's a great player. Probably the best woman player in the world. Serena can't beat her and you're gonna let some guy who writes for the new york post but doubts in your mind. Michael does not. Everybody is tough mentally as you. Some people deal with real issues. Michael right but if you guys realize lindsay and may said if you give her a dispensation if you let her not talking to me then you have to offer every other player in other words if you were having mental issues and if somebody's willing to come out and say you know what i'm dealing with the long depression right now i don't. I really having hard time dealing with the media. I think that's okay. Remember we live in a world where. There's still a great stigma around talking about your personal mental health so to me. It's a point of courage that she's willing to do it. And i don't believe everybody will fake mental health issues in order to get out of. Maybe i think too well of people or expect too much people. So i don't think anybody's gonna come out and say yup really bad doubter. Depression and the only reason. I'm saying this is because i want to get out of the interview. So she social this apply for wimbledon and the us open to us. Yes basically she will never talk to the media again. Then i think they could take it on a case by case basis and have some type of sit down with her and the leaders of the tournament can talk with her investigate. What's going on. See she seeing therapists. What's going on. Like i don't know maybe that they can work. Something out. tennis will go ahead and they they'll be you let us know when you're ready to talk basically that's it yes. I think i think john link. John said they could've handled it much better. They could have handled much better. They could've they could've found a way instead of. I think everyone that fine at the end of the day i said this earlier i think the fringe open meets naomi osaka more than she needs. It got really yes not really no because the french open is going on just fine. I'm not watching it. Hey the only way. No there is a french open is only soccer story. What no clue you. You'd never know in the french open. Play knows no clue well. You're not a tennis fan fan but it's this story has introduced a lot of people tennis because it's a it's a good debater. Well you know. As as much as i love serena serena's the biggest woman star in the history of tenement. She loses early in the tournament. The other faces. That's coming on the scene and go. This is intriguing. Says other people watch even to use a tennis fan but like to the average fan who watches. Espn and other sports. That isn't superintendents like me. Maybe like mason. I might watch if like people are talking about it. And it's all over sportscenter. It's all over social media like hey to check this out and see what all the fuss is about. But now that she's not in it. Like i'm not gonna turn it on. You're not gonna watch serena at at thirty nine to see if she could win the the french. I'd missed all over major championships. Michael serena yeah. I've missed all. How could you do that. I'm just thought a tennis fan. Mcenroe at cardozo plan. You win a tennis fan. I i liked connors because he was always getting into trouble. I liked mcenroe but that seems to be a thing of the past. Well these guys doll and federer intrigue all seem very polite to palladio to play coming up next. I was challenged to try to nail a vocal nail post in an introduction so are has lined up a song. We will try to do that next. See if my dj days are still with a an unbelievable piece of seinfeld trivia. John that i'm not sure if you know and your big seinfeld gal be surprised if i don't know it we got that coming up for you. Mason and ireland seventy. Espn yeah did michael thompson get a look at my. Golf swing looked at it. We don't have a we. Don't have a review of my golf swing from michael thompson but ireland. Your review is good. Good solid left arm straight. You got a good finish. I think you're onto something there. Far-right awesome so earlier today. Lindsey was talking about me as a ninety. And it's a fact that i was a ninety s dj. I was a program director and deejay in toledo ohio and ninety. Three q wr qn. How's that go again. Ninety three two. Wr so cheesy so jason. So here's a little bit from earlier. Today maintain nineties dj guy. What does that even mean. What does that mean. We come back with his music. And what's up. People gathered around you jam now. Yeah might as well intros them. Huey lewis and the news. Don't even get me started harder. Rock and roll. Do not even get me started on harder rock and roll all right so there it is the challenge has been laid out or hey of heart of rock and roll. But i got something else here. We go ready. You got some goes seven ten. It is the mason and ireland show. We are getting ready for game. Five lakers vs sons tonight in phoenix suns or a four and a half point favorite. Now here's huey lewis in the news and the hard rock and roll you. You stepped over that. What what song was that. That was back in time. And you give me around the vocal. That would have been fired. I would have been fired as you're not play harder rocking his up. I told you this was going to be the song. I told you this whole time. You told really screwed this. You did your that only what he asked for. That is terrible. You gotta have the feel for the song. Ninety three to huey lewis and the news challenge. Jeez i clearly lost a challenge. All right so john. Here's somebody didn't know about seinfeld. Do you know that it started in ended with a particular line very first episode very last episode. I didn't know that but they know what it was about what the line was about it. Okay i saw this on tiktok the other day my mind it has to do with the positioning of the button down dress shirt but a don't know what the line is. We actually have the audio. Here's from the first episode. And from the last episode. Juno in the tv show seinfeld the first episode and the finale started and ended with the exact same line of dialogue in the worst possible spot. The second literally breaks shirt look at it too high. And if we go to the finale that button is in the worst. Possible spot really. Oh the second button is the kiba literally makes it breaks. look at. it's too hot there. It is so no-man's-land at is yeah. I knew i knew in general that and it wasn't exactly the same but it was basically. Yeah yeah but there are you guys by the way. What was the final verdict. On the french thing i watched it i i thought i liked it more than most people did. Yeah i thought it was boring. Af i kind of liked it after watching it like the beginning of it was kind of boring when they're all like oh so long i'm gonna cry. Just go on. Just go jimmy kimmel. That's basically what they did. They did a little talk. Show thing with jim it. You could have easily done that on on jimmy show. I thought it was cute. How they did like lady gaga smelly cat and then they had the guest stars. Command like ross's parents and i thought it was good. I thought it was cute. Yeah did not work for very very easy. Two and a half million for all six of them. They each paid two and a half million. Did they now good for them. I'm glad i look. I'm glad to see david schwimmer's getting work. Well you you know what's funny though over the network. Mace none of those six ever. After work again the result is alone are all set. Yeah never never. And and i thought that obviously the two that have aged the best were swimmer in jennifer aniston and then the other four aged. Well lisa kudrow looks. Great courtney cox looks good and then matthew perry and matt leblanc kind of. Take your pick matt mets. Getting big about stan. Van gundy worried about matthew. But hopefully he's doing okay. Jennifer aniston has stood the test of time. Yeah it looks great. Yeah they're coming up next for. You is game of games in his brand new months last week. Who ended up winning last month tied. No lindsey one as gets a co champion. nice nice. Well month of june. This month of mace. You gotta get in maine. Y'all my record. I have such a tough memories situation. I don't recall all right. Thank you for reminding me. Nathan ireland seven ten. Espn yeah it is game of games. Time is a brand new month coming off a month where and john ireland tied for the win. Very impressive a good run. Michael thompson is here. Michael you underestimated. Horray ended up going away with the coach championship game so easy. Okay okay mr too easy. Let's see how you do today right here. we got it. As a game of mason ireland jeopardy ireland lindsay mt and all play and your name is your buzzer to answer in the form of jeopardy. Answer in the form of a question. And i'm going to be. We're going to be really tough on that. We're gonna be a hard ass on that all right here. We go. According to the old expression. This is the best policy ireland Say that i please live here. The speed give lindsay diva to dispute. Lindsay is honesty. What is honesty is correct. Lindsay's on the board number two. We know her by her nickname but according to the songs she started her life. As just jenny on the block. John was who is jennifer lopez jennifer lopez absolutely correct ireland lindsey. One i said at first. It's the poem that has five syllables. Seven syllables john john. What is a limerick. No lindsay lindsay. What is a haiku haiku. Yet or on the board. Five syllable seven syllables. Five syllables. Just went too easy for you. Michael i do. Yeah right michael you awake. I was doing. He's googling here's number. Four he is the wwe star famous for saying he was the best their eagles clinical. Who is who was a who is bret. Hart bret hart is absolutely correct is he. Is he a guide that passed away. No he's he's still by the way when. He says that he's totally wrong. You're wrong all right. So it's lindsey to ireland one michael thompson. Hey yet the board yeah. It's the movie that starts with a long time ago. John what is star wars. What is star. Wars is correct. Ireland to lindsey to michael thompson one hor. Hey yet to score told you. You can't win numbers. He has the second most stolen base in major league. Michael who is lou brock. Want this baseball. Fans pastic pole. Yeah so it's ireland to lindsay michael. We can't let michael win. He'll never we'll never hear the. Let's see baseball. Did you know that about lou. Brock baseball writers role especially on the number of biological for kris. That kris jenner had. John john that she had with robert kardashian. It'll ask the question again right. That's i don't know the answer is four. what is for. Yes that is correct. I let you stumble around on now so much for strict and all that stuff. Yeah you know what. I'm taking that point away giving okay. We'll give it any breaker tiebreaker. Yeah you you're stumbling around. And buying time here. Here is the tiebreaker. How many acting credits jennifer lopez having. Imdb page ireland. I'm going to say seventy one lindsay. You don't have to answer this question. What holiday lindsay fifty fifty. Michael thompson you to be closest all right on it. Close close to my number forty truces without going on forty-three forty-three correct. Answer hundred and twenty. Two ireland tried to screw me out of it and i won anyway michael. You serious michael was talking trash games too easy. Yes i'm telling you. Hey by the way. Mt who have thursday okay and Linder frame to good games. Yeah your last. Two games have been excellent. Yeah hey by. The way can update on contagious. Called real hopeless. Both dave mcmenamin and adrian margin ascii two of the foremost authorities on. All things lakers. Say that casey p likely and expected to play tonight. Would they still. Michael have not issued anything. And anthony davis. I'm assuming he's out. Aren't you sean out to be out all right. The point reported enough that you know what would said very pessimistic about just. It doesn't sound like it's gonna play. Michael word of the points come from if it was averaging thirty two game in the two games. The lakers one. Where do those points come from. Thirty from lebron twenty drama twenty from schroeder schroeder and fifty from coups kouzmines. Going to be really important. Coups has an add a game like that yet. Do is always been really good when he gets the start and is out of the lineup. Yeah he does. He does score that way. Needs to step up tonight. Yeah hey i wanna. I wanna pass this along because you know there are a lot of kids. I was doubted. A lot of kids are getting. You're never going to be this or you're never gonna make it as that i wanted. There is a story that came out lady gaga is actual name. Is stephanie german nada. Stephanie german oughta and so she went to nyu and her classmates created an actual facebook group. Called this stephanie. German nada you will never be famous. That was the name of the face. Crew wow they called her an attention grabber she dropped out to pursue who music full-time and obviously they were wrong. But there is still a dormant page. That says stephanie german auto. You will never be famous. I would say. I would take that as motivation if i need to. Actually they actually created that while she was trying to while she was trying a rough right. Yeah she should lady dog. I should try to like yeah. It's still out there. It's still out there. You would think of you embarrass you. Wouldn't want to be on that page right. Everyone knows that overzealous drama person in school right. That thinks they're going to be famous. That's probably what she was. He was right so by the way speaking of lady gaga. You guys probably everybody. Michael star is born. Oh yeah okay. so do you remember. Star is born lady gaga before she becomes famous is a waitress in a restaurant. Yes and her best friend is a guy. The guy who plays her best friend in that movie is an actor named anthony. Robbins and next week in the heights comes out the movie. That is lin. Manuel miranda hamilton. And makes you've seen the play. It was great as a play but this movie is supposed to be incredible. And i'm told that after it comes out you will never again to hear somebody say it's a guy named anthony ramos. Apparently he is the next huge breakout star. Because he is so good in this movie. And you're going to be able to watch it at home or in theaters are going to double release it. I'm going to the theaters. what about you. I'm watching it home. But here's the thing. Mace rotten tomatoes people have seen it ninety nine per cent. Wow ninety nine percent good on rotten tomatoes right now. Eighty two percent metacritic but ninety nine at rotten tomatoes. Nine nine. it's up. Let me tell you this. In terms of raw material. I saw that show twice. I saw once in new york and wants to know. So out of new york with lin-manuel miranda who plays a small part in this one this lin-manuel miranda's yeah what's his net worth is I'll say thirty million eighty million dollars eighty hamilton. They were selling the tickets for whatever price they want like a thousand dollars. You'd like to see much. You write a play one day. What would it be about say and mace. Oh i as long as i get to sing all the original songs michael me i'm broadway star in the odd couple us true oscar. He's feeling that is true is right. You're right yeah. Can you imagine if we were roommates. I'd get so pissed leaving crap all over the apartment. I'd be doing laundry every day so not bother me at all. You'd be eating in bed throwing the dishes up in the middle of the night. Yeah sound asleep and are you. Are you messy. Mace i am. I'm not yes i am. He's not messy because one cleans everything up. One one is pretty amazing. Plays the role of john. Ireland in that play. He holds the whole thing together. The whole thing together say mace. What's the score. The final score lakers won eleven. Phoenix suns one. Oh one i think lakers are gonna find a way to keep the score down. Final score lakers ninety. Eight phoenix ninety. Five michael what do you think one thirteen. One seven lakers all right lindsay. One or two ninety nine lakers one. Twelve one zero seven. When twelve one hundred seventy we all have the right team winning goal as scared to no son. Thanks for listening. We're back tomorrow. Twelve fifty five s. l. k. Is next mason. Ireland seven ten espn.

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