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It outlasted the reign of kings survived the fall of empires but after the assassination of its final owner in seventeen. Forty-seven all records of the great mogul. Diamond virtually disappeared. If you enjoy this episode and want to hear. More Tales of history's most mystifying. Disappearances subscribe to our series gone today in addition to new episodes of gone. Every other Monday. You'll get a special mini episode on off Monday's but only on spotify until then enjoy this road in seventeen thirty nine Persian emperor dear Shah led an army of approximately twenty thousand men against Mohammad. Shah the mogul emperor of India in a ruthless invasion deer and his decimated Muhammed's armies in what is known as the battle of Karnal. Muhammed eventually surrendered handing over his empire in Delhi. This empire wasn't only land but included something so rare tantalizing its true value was incalculable. The great mogul diamond. However this two hundred eighty carat gemstone came with a curse. Those who came into contact with a great diamond had gone bankrupt been exiled and had their entire empire thrown now dear. Its new owner was not spared in seventeen forty seven. Assassins broke into New Year's quarters and decapitated him. And just like that. The Great Mogul. Diamond disappeared from the annals of history. Hi I'm molly and I'm Richard. Welcome to gone the show where we search for everything missing every other Monday. We examined mysterious disappearances. The theories they spawned from the Amber Room to Michael Rockefeller the Costco paintings. To the address can language the roanoke colony to the lost Russian cosmonauts. If it's gone we're looking for it. You can find previous episodes as well as podcasts. Other podcasts on your favorite podcast directory. Some of you have been asking how you can support gone if you enjoy the show. The best way to support us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you listen today we will be looking into the seventeen forty seven disappearance of the great mogul diamond which arose from the dirt of a dried riverbed in India and became one of the world's most puzzling precious stones. The Great Mogul. Diamond had a brief and troubling history. It was kept as a testament to its owners wealth and power but it was never in the same hands for long. The brilliant diamond witnessed this exile of kings and the fall of empires but in seventeen forty-seven after the assassination of its final owner. All records of the diamond virtually disappeared. How could such a grand treasurer be so quickly lost to time? Our first theory claims that it ended up in the British crown. Jewels after England's colonisation of India. Our second theory assumes that the diamond is actually masquerading as another famous diamond. The Orlov now residing in a Russian museum but whether it's hiding in plain sight or the diamond remains in some other unknown location. The great mogul diamond remains a much sought after mystery to fully explore this story. We must go back to the Diamond's origins at the center of the Earth. Most people believed that diamonds come from coal but the truth is coal. Rarely plays a part in the formation of diamonds coal is produced by ancient plant deposits on the earth's surface but most diamonds come from the Earth's mantle nearly one hundred miles below the surface and when diamonds emerged from those extreme depths. Don't come quietly there. Spewed out through violent volcanic eruptions known as Kimberlite eruptions. These are extremely rare and it is believed that the less kimberlite eruption occurred more than twenty five million years ago. The great mogul diamond was most likely formed from one of these eruptions. It was discovered along the Krishna River in the Gulf Kanda Mine. In India India was the birthplace of the diamond trade which probably began around four hundred BC. In fact until seventeen twenty five when diamonds were first discovered in Brazil? India was the only source of these gems. These unique stones were quickly seen as valuable indicators of class status and traded along the Silk Road a network of trade routes connecting the east with the West not to mention early civilizations actually believed the diamonds were gifts from the Gods and those who found or received them would be blessed with wealth strength and good health if that was the case they must have believed the great mogul diamond. Would bring them immortality because it was so massive in sixteen fifty six when it made its first real appearance and written histories. The Islamic mogul empire was thriving India prusiene Emperor Shah Jehan whose name means King of the world presided over the throne and his taste for extravagance reflected this estes title in sixteen thirty two. He commissioned the famed Taj Mahal in Agra a stunning mausoleum built for his young wife after her death Shah Jehan also had the famous peacock throne adorned with gold and covered in rubies emeralds and pearls built for himself but he was about to get even fancier because in sixteen fifty six a wealthy general named Emir Gem. La came to Delhi and met with Shah Jehan to establish good diplomatic relations. Jemma worked for Abdulah King of Gaul Kanda India and was trying to broker an alliance between the two leaders. But he didn't come empty-handed among his gifts for the emperor was the great diamond at the time it was the largest diamond ever discovered in its rough original state. This stone way to wapping seven hundred eighty seven and a half carrots. That's equal to more than one hundred and fifty seven grams about as heavy as a billiards ball or half as heavy as a human heart. That's huge the average size for an engagement ring in the US in two thousand seventeen was zero point nine carrots so not even one carat and that size goes for about six thousand dollars depending on design retailer and other factors to give vague sense of its value. One of the largest diamonds ever sold at auction one hundred and eighteen carat diamond a fraction of the size of the great mogul. That went for thirty point. Six million dollars in two thousand thirteen as for what it looked like it has been described as an egg cut in half. The top end formed a cone shape. The opposite end a flat circle. This shape was referred to as a rose cut because the shape somewhat resembles a Rosebud. Rose cuts are relatively rare and this gave the great mogul diamond and even more unique quality. Jehan was quite pleased with a gift but ordered that the diamond be cut to make it fit for an emperor such as he the stone in its natural state would not do. There were too many aesthetic flaws like lines and cracks which in jeweler speak are called inclusions. Ancient Indian text. The ran up periscope alluded to the importance of a flawless diamond. Saying quote. Wise men not use a diamond with visible flaws. As a gem end quote so Jehan hired or ten CIO born Gio of Venetian lapidary or gemstone cutter to refine it. Bora Gio began cutting the stone grinding away. All the problematic flaws but go figure the more he ground the smaller and lighter stone God after Borgias work. The stone was a mirror. Two hundred eighty three carats less than half the size of the original this way about two ounces as much as a staff of twelve nichols not a billiards ball. But still quite the hefty jewel. Unfortunately the new size and weight became a bit of a problem. The size of the stone was one of its primary appeals Emperor Shah. Jehan was furious so much so he wanted to execute Borneo for his poor workmanship but Jehan stopped short of that instead. He Find Bores. Yo Ten thousand rupees. Basically all the money. That diamond cutter had to his name. Borgias page gone and laughed a very poor and shamefaced man. It seemed that bore Joe may have been the first man to fall prey to the curse of the great mogul. Several years later in sixteen fifty seven. John became very ill in his old age. This launched a competition for the throne between his four sons. The Youngest Orange Zab killed one of his brothers and eventually claimed the empire. He sent his father away to the Red Fort. A Sandstone fortress located on the Yarmuk River it was basically a prison for Shah Jehan where he spent the last years of his life until his death in sixteen. Sixty six whatever happened to respecting your elders. Let alone your own father and I have to ask could. The so called. Curse of the diamond have led to John's plight possibly but we can also blame orange ebbs greed. He wanted the kingdom and all its treasures to himself including the great mogul diamond are exempt kept all that he wrongfully inherited in a special chamber in the palace he was very proud of it is collection. Caught the eye of a famous jewel merchant from France named John Baptiste. Tavernier Tavernier was a world traveler. And Jim Aficionado who made six voyages to the East between sixteen thirty to sixteen sixty eight. He wrote extensively about his experiences. Eventually publishing the two volume book the six voyages of Jean Baptiste Tavernier. It became a best seller and was translated into four languages in his lifetime. This man was so obsessed with diamonds that he traveled at his own expense in search of them and reveled in the opportunity to study them since only royalty in the extremely affluent could get hold of such prizes tavern. Yay met with a lot of important global leaders. He was known internationally for his expertise. Gemstones one such leader which Schaja Han Sun King. Orange Ebb who led Tavernier get acquainted with the great mogul diamond officers? Escort Tavernier into a small chamber where the king was sitting on his throne. Tavernier then met the chief keeper of the Jewels Cal Khan who commanded for UNIX to fetch the stones. They brought the gems out on gilded wooden trays covered with red velvet cloths to protect them such presentation and understandably so. Tavernier was awed by all this documented. The experience writing quote the first piece which CAL CON put in. My hands was the great diamond. Which is around. Rose cut very high on one side on the lower edge. There is a slight crack and a little flaw in it. It's water is beautiful unquote water refers to a diamonds degree of brilliance. According to Ta- Varney a the great mogul was extremely bright and sparkly to put it in simpler terms. It made quite the impression on him and he forever immortalized it by drawing a sketch of it in his book after this Tavernier's continued on his journey of Jules. Leaving the great mogul behind better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. They say the diamond remained with the mogul empire passing hands to an emperor by the name of Mohammad Shah in seventeen nineteen a little over fifty years after Orange Ebrell the region but it would not stay with this new leader for long. Perhaps we have the curse to blame for that because Emperor Muhammad Shah was in for a world of trouble. Could the great mogul diamond had been responsible for the fall of Mohammed shots empire? We'll find out after the break now. Back to the story in seventeen. Thirty EIGHT MOGUL. Emperor Mohammad Shop possessed one of the region's most valued treasures. The great mogul diamond. But that and everything else Mohammed owned was about to be threatened a bloodthirsty emperor from Persia was coming for the mogul empire. His name was nadir's born in sixteen. Eighty eight in Khorasani Persia nuclear grew up a poor peasant. He was forced into slavery but escaped captivity and eventually became a soldier. The military was where he thrived nuclear advanced quickly there but when he conflicted with a high ranking official name dear went rogue and formed his own army bold move definitely and it set the stage for. Nadir's rise to power in seventeen twenty nine. He freed Persia from Afghan control and seven years later ascended to the throne as emperor of Persia not long after he went on conquering rampage throughout much of the East which led him to just outside of Delhi India with a foolproof strategy for a takeover at Karnal Sixty eight miles north of Delhi. Nadu Shah Army of twenty thousand against Muhammad Shah's forces consisting of nearly three hundred thousand soldiers and two thousand war elephants. Although the deers troops were greatly outnumbered. Muhammed's forces had a disadvantage. There artillery was fairly antiquated. Much too heavy and hard to maneuver. Nadir's Shaw ever. The military strategist used a three prong approach dividing his limited troops into three main sectors. Using one of these lines of offense a diversion shock commanded an ambush and it was downhill for the mogul troops from there. The Persians defeated their enemy within three hours of the battles start. This was the beginning of the end of the mogul dynasty. Mohammad Shah soon handed over his empire tuna dear soon after the deer began enforcing strict laws and taxation on citizens. The Persian military presence was oppressive and soldiers were quick to punish civilians. This intern catalyzed an uprising. Civilians fought back killing the dears men when the deer himself wrote out from his newly claimed palace a man fired a musket at him narrowly missing him. This was the last Straw and it drove nuttier to seek safety the top of a mosque once there. He ordered his men to enter all the areas where Persian soldiers were being attacked and kill every civilian inside erased. His sword which signalled the start of a massacre around thirty thousand civilians including women and children were killed by Persians. After the bloodshed deer had his men plunder all the riches and treasures of the mogul dynasty stealing the famous peacock throne and of course the legendary. Great Mogul diamond. Sadly Nadir's bloodlust only increased as he traveled the lands to gain more territory. He loved war and he took pride and decimating villages and cities at one point. When told that there would be no war in the afterlife? Dear responded with quote there be any delights there end quote. His murderous rampages caught up with him though and he developed severe liver and gastrointestinal problems not to mention his mind began to get the best of him as he became increasingly psychotic. Time went on then in seventeen forty one and assassination attempt. Put him over the edge. Nadiri was convinced that his eldest son raise Kuli Mirza was the man behind the plot so he had him blinded six years later afternoon. Deers physical and mental states continued to deteriorate. Several of his commanders. Entered his private quarters while he slept wants there. They attacked him but he awoke and fought back. He killed two of them but the others managed to cut off his head thus in seventeen forty seven. Now Dear Shaw's violent reign came to an end. Dear left behind a treasure trove among the valuables. The great mogul diamond or so. We think we don't know for sure because afternoon deers death. The diamond couldn't be found or tract. Where did that majestic stone sneak off to? Was it strategically taken or did it simply get lost in the mix? One thing to note is that the great mogul diamond is only called that in John. Baptiste Tavernier's report. That's the name he gave. It many believed that the great mogul diamond could have become the Kohinoor diamond. The great mogul diamond disappeared from written history. Leaving no track record so when a similar diamond popped up in British records some historians in jewelers suggested it was actually that same stone making a reappearance. Let's take a look at the story of the Kohinoor and see if it lines up with the great mogul. First of all Kohinoor means mountain of light in Persian. According to an article in scientific American it was NYDIA. Who named the great mogul the Kohinoor? When he first laid eyes on it this would have been in seventeen thirty nine when it fell into his hands. After the battle of Karnal perhaps the great mogul was simply renamed by. It's last confirmed. Owner mountain of light sounds as though it would benefit anyone who possessed it however Hindu taxed claimed only a woman could wear the Kohinoor. If a man owned it he would be cursed another aspect which links the two diamonds making a case for their shared. Identity Bright Schaja. Jehan died in captivity after his son basically imprisoned him dear Shah was murdered by his own men in the story of the Coen afternoon dear. Shah's death the stone passed to one of his generals Ahmad Shah Durrani his descendant Shah Shujaat. Durrani eventually got a hold of the diamond and brought it back to India in eighteen thirteen in the early nineteenth century. The kohinoor diamond passed his shy Shia Aghanistan who had inherited it now the Maharaja of Punjab India a man by the name of Ranjit Singh got wind of the Kohinoor Prestige. And he wanted it badly. He tried to strike a deal with the Afghan leader. But Shaw Shia. Didn't want to hand it over. This caused some diplomatic issues and mighty the political waters between the two regions sing stalled by lying several times. I saying that he pawned the Kohinoor. Then saying it was lost with a bunch of other jewels and after the third request he sent a Topaz gem to run Jeet Singh claiming that was the jewel seeing was furious at the ruse and in a surprising power. Move sent a guard. She has house to prevent him from drinking or eating for two days. She finally caved and agreed to hand over the diamond and so it made its way to a new owner yet again in eighteen forty-three duleep Singh. The last of Ranjit Singh sons became the ruler of Punjab and inherited the Kohinoor. He was only ten years old at the time while this was going on. The British of the east India Company and the sick empire were entangled in a series of wars for control of the continent. The east India company had first arrived on the shores of India in sixteen hundred eight with two goals in mind established trade and acquire territory in Sixteen fifteen. The British established a factory at Seurat eventually formed several trading posts along the coast the British established large communities around the three primary cities of Calcutta Bombay and Madras. But what started out. As a business venture eventually transformed into a military takeover the company gained a stronghold in the region and eventually began to dominate Indian government and education by eighteen forty nine the British claimed the ultimate victory and gained ownership of Lahore the capital city of Punjab. And guess what the British wanted the Kohinoor. They made this clear in the treaty. They forced young. Delete sing to sign. Part of the treaty read quote. The Gem called the Kohinoor shall be surrendered by the Maharaja of Lahore to the Queen of England. End Quote once surrendered. The diamond was put in supposedly safe keeping. It was weighed at one hundred. Eighty seven carrots which is almost one hundred less than the last week of the great mogul. So if the Kohinoor is the great mogul diamond. It would have been cut some time in the century between. Shawna deers and the British acquisition of the diamond. It seems odd that any owners would wanna cut the diamond while Tavernier did not a slight flaw that an owner might have wanted to remove cutting the diamond. That severely seems illogical. Losing so many carrots would certainly sink. Its value but there are earier similarities. Between the great mogul diamond and the Kohinoor once it was weighed. Three members of the British government at Punjab were tasked with holding the Kohinoor until they were ordered to do otherwise. One of those men John Lawrence would be the one to keep it on his person but one night lawrence place the diamond which was now encased in a box inside his coat pocket however when he changed for dinner and removed his coat he forgot to transfer the diamond about six weeks later. The men received a message. That Queen Victoria wanted the diamond immediately and then came the Ono Moment for Lawrence. He didn't know where the diamond was. We'll find out where the diamond went after the break now back to the story in eighteen fifty nine John Lawrence tasked with protecting the Kohinoor. Diamond had forgotten it in his coat pocket several weeks earlier and now the queen of England herself was ordering it to be delivered to her as soon as possible pretending he knew exactly where it was lawrence quickly ran to find his servant and asked if he had found anything in his coat pocket weeks earlier the servant replied yes. I've found it and put it in one of your boxes. The Servant brought the box to him and Lawrence opened it to find the diamond safe and sound. Well can you imagine the Relief Lawrence must have felt what a close call? Indeed it was. It could have easily been stolen or lost. And that would have been a hefty price to pay now that the diamond was located. It was on. Its Way to England but I it had to survive the streets of Bombay India and some of its rougher areas it passed through unscathed and once it reached London it was put an iron box and deposited in the government treasury on July third eighteen. Fifty the deputy chairman hand delivered to Buckingham Palace for the Queen. But as it crossed into Britain's epicenter it brought with it the whispers of suspicion. The legend of this diamond that it carried a bad luck curse became a rumor that swept the nation in many were wary of its potential power this curse is reminiscent of the curse that came with the great mogul diamond the similarities between that and the Kohinoor are stacking up and this curse only made the Kohinoor more alluring in England. It debuted in the great exhibition in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park people came in droves to view it. It was the toast of the town but then people started to talk and criticize the diamond. The main note was that it didn't shine as brilliantly as everyone had hoped and there was one important man who agreed with the sentiment. Prince Albert Queen. Victoria's husband so he ordered it. Be Re cut and polished. Prince Albert hired a Dutchman vermonter reputable diamond cutter who travelled to London to do the work. This process took thirty eight days. The GEM now weighed one hundred five carrots but the re cutting allowed. It's face to reflect more light so it appeared to be brighter and more brilliant clean. Victoria began wearing it as broach. There's a photo of her taken in eighteen. Eighty seven in which is in diamonds but the Kohinoor stands out as the largest and most notable. The stone wouldn't stay in. That broke forever though. It was eventually placed in the center of a Royal Crown and Queen. Alexandra Victoria's daughter-in-law was the first to wear it. Then in nineteen thirty seven the Kohinoor was reset into a new crown and the Queen. Mother began wearing it. The Queen Mother refers to Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon the wife of King George the sixth and the mother of Queen Elizabeth the second and Princess Margaret. She even wore it at her own funeral in two thousand two. That was the last time the Kohinoor made a public appearance. The diamond remains in the crown and now resides in the jewel house in the Tower of London. There's been much controversy surrounding the true of this diamond Indian. Government officials have repeatedly demanded it be returned citing that it was forcibly taken during England's colonisation of India. According to an article from the Telegraph posted in two thousand sixteen the Ministry of Culture said quote the government of India further reiterates. Its resolve to make all possible efforts to bring back the Kohinoor diamond in an amicable manner and quote and the controversy continues to this day but the history of the Kohinoor prior to being in British hands is muddy. And it's hard to verify who exactly owned it or where exactly it came from other than a mine in Gull Kanda the same area. The great mogul diamond came from. Could this mean that the Kohinoor was indeed the great mogul diamond at one point? And perhaps it was only its name. That changed a meteorologist by the name of James Tennant thinks so he believes that the Kohinoor displays similarities to the great mogul described by expert jeweler. Jean Baptiste Tavernier. During his study of IT tenant rights quote. The KOHINOOR had a flaw near the summit. Which being on a line of cleavage parallel to the upper surface may very possibly have been produced when the upper portion was removed and quote. If you'll recall much of the great mogul was removed in the mid sixteen hundreds when Shaw Johann had cut however the Coen ores wait never matched up with the great mogul. According to record the last known weight of the Great Mogul was two hundred. Eighty three carrots but when the Cohen nor made it to England it was only one hundred eighty seven carrots. Some historians believe that. This is because jean-baptiste have rene may have recorded an inaccurate weighed when he wrote about the great mogul in his report. Interesting putting the Kohinoor aside for a moment there's another name another identity that the great mogul could have assumed it's time to hear the story of the Orlov diamond which ended up in the hands of Russian. Empress Catherine the great in seventeen sixty eight. This story is steeped much more in mystery legend and criminal intrigue and it begins in the temple of wrong in southern India. It's unclear how this legend originated but it's closely tied with the Orlov inside a temple. Dating back to the mid seventeenth century stands a statue of the Deity. Lord Ranga Nafa. His eyes were composed of two stunning diamonds. In the mid eighteenth century several countries were competing for territory in India in what is known as the Karnad wars during this time. A French soldier abandoned his post and deserted his unit going under the radar. He found a job near the town of three wrong as he worked. He listened to the locals. Speak of the temple and the idol. -taining the precious jewels. This Frenchman's desire was sparked any knew he had to steal the diamonds. But this would be a most impossible mission. Why because only Hindus were allowed in the temple and the statue remained in a sacred space several enclosures deep so the Frenchman converted to Hinduism and gain the trust of several priests. Who worked in the temple? Eventually he gained access inside and as he continued to prove his devotion he was given the task of Guardian to the Central Shrine. Not long after he began serving. They're a storm struck the land and the Frenchman found himself alone inside the temple. He saw his window of opportunity. He approached the statue stared up at the gleaming. Diamond is and began to pry one from. It's socket until it came free after this. He must have gotten scared because instead of prying out the other diamond. The Frenchman fled. He climbed the temple. Walls managed to swim across a river and navigated the nearby jungles until he reached the city of Madras there. He quickly sold the diamond to a British Sea. Captain for much less than it was worth probably so he could get out of the area quickly with some money in his pocket and maybe he was afraid of possible curse. It was rumored to carry after that. The diamond was sold several times by different merchants until it was purchased by a man named Shaw Friis. He was an Armenian diamond dealer. Living in Amsterdam the year was seventeen. Sixty eight twenty one years after the great mogul disappeared following the deer. Shah's assassination count Gregory Gregoria. Vich Orlov bought the diamond from SCHAAF. Ross in Amsterdam like the Frenchman or love to was on a mission but instead of stealing a jewel he was looking to steal back a heart. The heart of Catherine the great born in Prussia in seventeen twenty nine and originally called Sophie Catherine was the daughter of a German prince who didn't have much money to his name but what he lacked in funds he hadn't connections and Catherine was married off to Peter the third of the Romanov dynasty in Seventeen forty-five hardly match made in heaven. The two couldn't stand each other. Peter inherited the throne in seventeen sixty two but he was strongly disliked by his people including his wife who decided to take a lover Count Orlov. They began an affair and with the help of a secret group of conspirators planned the assassination of her husband. Peter once the assassination was carried out in seventeen sixty two catherine became empress. The throne was hers. It was a new horizon involving new responsibilities and new desires or loft became a thing of the past for her. She had her eyes set on new suitors. Orlov was crushed. He was determined to win Catherine back. And that's what led him to the jeweler named shoppers. Who showed him? The stunning rose cut diamond. He bought it immediately and had it sent to Catherine while she accepted the diamond with much delight. She didn't rekindle her romance with. Olaf but she did shower him with lavish gifts as she did all her lovers. That was the end of their story. But not the end of the diamonds it was placed in the imperial sceptre. A metal rod wielded by the person in power the diamond remains in the sceptre which is displayed in the diamond. Find in the Kremlin Museum in Russia. Now there are a number of reasons why some historians have claimed this diamond. Could be the great mogul I is the striking similarity between the ARL off and the drawing done by Bob. Tease Tavernier back in sixteen sixty five. Both diamonds have the same half egg shape. Both arose cut stones with similar facets and their collaring both diamonds are described as white with a hint of the slightest blue. But there's a specific detail that seems to really intrigued. Historians Tavernier wrote about it saying there was a slight crack and flaw at the bottom of the great mogul. They're also happens to be a slight indentation at the base of the Orlov. That could be this very flaw. The weight of the Orlov is about one hundred and ninety carrots slightly more than the Kohinoor was when it first came to England however neither diamond matches the supposed weight of the great mogul various jewel experts and historians have debated whether the great mogul might have taken on a new identity following the chaos of war yet. There's another theory that has been tossed around that. The Great Mogul Wisconsin to several smaller pieces and all those pieces went their separate ways. While this is possible it seems as though whoever came into possession of the great mogul would want to preserve its grandiosity to maintain its value. Which leaves us with the likely scenario that the great mogul adopted a new name and is hiding in plain sight. The question is which name did it take? I think it makes the most sense that the great mogul became the Kohinoor. Nadir's Shaw who acquired the great mogul after defeating Muhammad Shah called it the co in nor because it reminded him of a mountain of light also. When drawings were done of the Kohinoor in England it had a similar diameter. To the great mogul when drawn by Jean Baptiste. Tavernier some good points. But I have to say. I think it's a stronger possibility that it became the Orlov. I say this because of the color the Kohinoor is simply a white diamond noticeable bluish tinge the Orlov has that blue color attributed to the great mogul. The diamonds also share the unusual rose cut and the Orlov diamond closely resembles Tavernier's drawing. Well I guess we have to acknowledge that. There's no definitive answer. But I will say this. If you'll recall the great mogul dynasty supposedly carried with it occurs that its owner would face terrible misfortune if the owner was a man but any female owner would be immune to the. Kerr's and actually prosper. If we look back at the history of the Kohinoor especially the female leaders wore it we see a long line of British women surviving and Thriving Queen Victoria Queen. Alexandra Queen Mary the Queen Mother and even though she doesn't wear it the diamonds current owner Queen Elizabeth. The second is the longest reigning monarch since Queen Victoria. So if you believe the two diamonds are one and the same. You're admitting that you buy into the legend of its curse. I guess I am Yes. Well whatever the true identity of the great mogul is. Now we know the great mogul in all its brilliance. Despite its so called imperfections sparked greed it fed into human hubris. It was one of the most coveted rewards in the spoils of war. It saw many wars deaths and assassinations through it sometimes. Tragic always tense history. The great mogul diamond has probably stood witness to more than we can even imagine. Thanks for tuning in to gone. If you WANNA find more episodes or any of par casts other podcasts you can find us on apple podcast stitcher. Google play cast box tune in your favorite podcast directory. Many of you have asked us how you can help the show. If you enjoy the show the best way you can do that is to leave. A five star review. You can also tell us your theories on facebook and Instagram at podcast on twitter at podcast network or at PODCAST DOT com. We'll be back in two weeks with another episode. Just because it's gone doesn't mean it can't be found gone was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network it is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by Schroeder with production assistance by Ron Shapiro. 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