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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Johnston the US financial community as new jobless report to digest this morning in it will probably call for an acids. The latest report said about ten million Americans had applied for unemployment insurance the largest number ever on record but those numbers were based on the leading edge of business closures and stay at home orders. Today's report due at eight thirty eastern time is expected to be even higher estates clear-out backlogs of applications as the Kovic Nineteen pandemic persists more companies furlough or layoff. Employees is cash reserves. Run out the United States continues to lead the world in the number of confirmed corona virus infections with more than four hundred thirty thousand cases in New York. More than six thousand people are dead. Npr's QUIL governor. Andrew Cuomo praised the efforts of New Yorkers to flatten the curve. Which he says has meant a continued reduction in people being hospitalized with the virus but he grimaced as he reported a new record death toll in one day. Seven hundred seventy nine people. Many of them admitted to the hospital days or weeks ago. Every number is a face right Many of them frontline workers many of them healthcare workers and they were putting themselves at risk and they knew they were cuomo ordered. State health officials to start looking into why more Latinos and blacks were dying from the disease. He also said that. All New Yorkers will be allowed to vote by mail in the state's primary elections this June quil Lawrence. Npr news worried pregnant. Women aren't going to the doctor to avoid Cova. Nineteen presidential pandemic. Dr Deborah Brooks says. They should go. They have put amazing things in place to protect every pregnant woman. They have been social distancing in their offices. They have increased all of the disinfecting. They have lengthened. The time between Clients Burke says the consensus is if your original plans included hospital labor and delivery. You should not change them. Virginia man went to court to challenge the stay at home order from Democratic governor. Ralph Northam Whitney Evans reports for member station. Vpn The lawsuit claims. The governor's executive order violates the Virginia Constitution and that it should be up to religious groups to decide for themselves. How many prisoners should be allowed to gather shea? Cook is an attorney for Larry. Hughes the man who filed the lawsuit he says while businesses like liquor stores and vape shops have to limit customers to ten. The executive order doesn't restrict the number of employees who can be present this year. Make an exception for those types of activities why not make exception for an activity specifically mentioned and protected in the Virginia Constitution and court hearing in this case is expected to take place Thursday by phone for NPR news. I'm Whitney Evans in Richmond and this is NPR news from Washington Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic Race for president Wednesday Sanders still had a mathematical chance to defeat Joe Biden but his withdrawal means. The Democratic Party may now work on reunification British prime minister. Boris Johnson is doing better in intensive care according to government spokespeople from London. Npr's Frank Langfitt at the government's daily press conference Rasheed Sue neck the UK's treasury secretary tried to reassure Britain's the johnsons on the meant. The prime minister remains in intensive care what his condition is improving. I can also tell you that he has been sitting up in bed and engaging positively with the clinical team Johnson was diagnosed with covert nineteen late last month and went into intensive care on Monday. I see you doctors in London told. Npr that based on the facts as presented so far by the government. They were optimistic. Johnson would recover meanwhile. Uk hit another record in daily deaths. Nine hundred thirty eight as of Tuesday afternoon which brings the national total to nearly seventy one hundred Frank Langfitt. Npr news according to reports in Seattle Media The Washington State Patrol says it restored order at the Monroe. Correctional Complex a quote major disturbance broke out last night over inmate fears of the new corona virus according to the reports a handful of isolated prisoners. Have the virus. It's unclear how large the disturbance was but dozens of inmates may have taken part. We also know if there was damage or casualties. I'm Johnston NPR news from Washington.

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