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By one get one thirty percent off all HP INC at Your Neighborhood Office Depot officemax store and at Office Depot Dot Com or your INC online and Office Depot Officemax is your number one destination for HP INC shop are huge selection of original HP INC and now through October twelfth catching a pitcher in a playoff game in Severino as share a little bit at the end of the season but you know this is a big game it's a big game for him brought to you by Stoli vodka the official vodka of the Yankees Radio Network John Good morning how are you doing great. How's it going guys doing race and from what you've seen from the Yankees and twins year that makes you believe that when they go to Minnesota that day twins are all of a sudden you're gonNA wake up and make this thing series I don't slider and fastball counts for strikes and that's not necessarily one of his strengths you know he likes overpower you with the fastball he likes to throw slider ready to go and you know when when you watch Tanaka dissect the lineup you just surgeon right but you know Severino different he's GonNa attack he's gotTa throw is he goes out there and throw six or seven innings tonight you know and the Twins Day away from some of their middle relievers but like I was just explaining what this Yankee lineup that's not Chris stuff is dominating enough but if he can stay away trump's fastballs fastball counts he'll he'll have a better chance what was your take on how Aaron Boone had Minnesota because I don't believe that they will I think that as I told John Friday that the twins are an inferior team they showed up and look like hidden games one and two is there a legitimate reason out there as a lineup especially with with Gartner to three hole yeah you know what boomer I've been really impressed on how tight the relatively easy to pitch to from a game plan standpoint you have to execute it and I thought Tanaka did that beautifully so I guess to answer your question you know the only way that voters it's always great to talk to you especially after a couple Yankee wins it'd be your initial impressions and I and I'm reading this morning that they're going to go with the same lineup of what Aaron Boone trotted and Tanaka just kind of pitch backwards in game two and They didn't make any adjustments offensively so this lineup that three hundred seven home runs is is series and we saw that in game one attacks with his curve ball the twins you know where we're very aggressive out of the strike zone and Paxton took advantage of that I have really expanded out of the strike zone and the Yankees have taken advantage of that and and the Yankee lineup it's been very disciplined Gimme a reason to believe that things are going to be different they're hitting the ball the other way they're taking their walks and they're just setting themselves up for some big inning so I think that's been the different so far in two games I have to say the Minnesota twins bats are I mean eight walks in each game is pretty incredible and just the very disciplined line right now it's they're not swinging at anything out of the strike zone a happening you know for me their lineup of so one dimensional and and we talked about it on Friday that you know the breaking ball was going to be a big part of this employed the bullpen in games one and two especially game one yeah surprised that he went to the bolt ten so early into John smoltz talk about Edwin encarnacion roll right out of bed and start hitting no matter whether it's a broken wrist or an oblique injury he just seems has been already The Yankee Bullpen is is obviously you know so much better than the twin bullpen but it's it's not gonNA look like it hasn't looked as many many times are you sensing that Giancarlo Stanton is in a good place right now at the plate a great place and we talked about it on Friday network learning report with John Somebody's getting as getting Zayd John Flaherty report is have the ball that much had the sacked fly in game two but he was laying off some of those breaking balls on the outer half with two strikes that we have seen him and as Aaron Boone talks about they're getting a lot of traffic a lot of opportunities Didi has the big swing Grand Slam but for me it's the at bats where you know I it's all about matchup so some of the guys that we're gonNA see come out of the bullpen earlier in games might be a little different than what we saw during the regular season live from the Investors Bank studio over sized Greg Giovanni boomer and Geo the fan simulcasts across the country on CBS sports as a professional hitter and what an addition he has turned out to be for the Yankees and what a move that Brian Cashman made in the middle of the season give me your sense of his at bats and also how do you calm him down starting this game off tonight and what do you expect to see from him yeah boomer it's GonNa be really hard he's GonNa be be jacked up he's going to be it can happen they wear you down pitches they take their walk to get into the bullpen and that's where they do their damn I always ask you this John as we talked to the Great John Florida it's off the plate he'll throw some change for strikes but not so much with a slider so to your question I think you gotTa let him go pitches game tonight I feel the same way about Aaron judge taking walks he's taking his face hits the other way I eventually these guys are going to get into some really good hitting counts and the twins do it so it's it's relentless right now from keeps going I know that you don't want to think ahead too much if you're the Yankees obviously but I mean we are on this John Carlos Stanton's at bats yeah boomer I go back to a series I worked in Detroit where encarnacion went down to the minor leagues and had eight bats and came back and I'm they're gonNA throw in a playoff game and I understand all that but but I still have faith in that Yankee lineup that they're just not gonNA get shut down by those guys whereas on what they already have but it just seems perfectly right in the middle of that lineup talking to John Flaherty on the fan and CBS Sports Network Giancarlo Stanton didn't really green out of Vino it's all about matchups in that fourth fifth sixth inning that that Aaron likes with those guys so I this is GonNa be a bullpen series games in the series so as long as he keeps his patients Kinda hangs hangs out waits a little bit eventually the twins are going to have to come to him and religion course with the Yankees and Astros in the AL CS and we're already getting colds about it and it's GonNa be different when you face the astros pitching it's not going to be the same the astros have an uber driver they mentally grind you down they they they really do because you're you're sitting there like I don't want to throw the ball over the place they're not swinging anything off of the plate and getting you know is that enough can you do this and he hits a home run the first game so obviously you can and then you're

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