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Of took took the poll. come on. god bless you guys like my mother say thank god. For jesus is a throwback thursday to thursday march the eighteenth and twenty twenty one seventeen minutes after the hour. welcome to shawn one show features. Cj l'enfant co host wabi. Komo morning started right. Only place on earth where you get. You want to start a right. That chat rooms wide. A police call in five seven zero ninety two six now five zero radio. Radio dot com harvey show dot com fan. Radio app distributed by comedy worldnet rio especially shout out to all phillies throughout the country. Thank you so much for helping us pay bills this morning all major podcast. Platforms google sean. Harvey morning show featuring team the links. Come up thank you so much this morning. Social media the world famous facebook Please go to our business pages sean. Harvey morning show featuring the team business page like the page. You'll get notified. Monday through friday a little bit after seven. Am between seven am seven ten am when we go live only place on earth where you get your morning star right. We also have our group rooms sean. Harvey wanna show featuring the wake of teen group room I wanna thank everyone for posting in the room or your thought. So you're funny post or some your serious thanks so much. We appreciate you for that We are here this morning. On a throwback thursday. God bless each and every ball showing. Good morning to you morning to you bobby looking well this one. Well we'll go for you. You got you got a good spirit about you this warning. That's great. god bless you good morning. Good morning how are you hi. I'm great here in bethlehem will be broadcast. Live till you from. It is forty six degrees right now. The highest going to be is forty five degrees right now. The highest going be forty. Six is cloudy and it's going to rain Some time later today and Strasbourg forty three degrees at forty six. Four the high cloudy and rain as well forty five in newark new jersey. Cloudy and rain all day and forty six will be the high in new york city. It is forty five degrees. The highest gonna be forty six going to rain. It's going to be cloudy all day today as well and atlanta is sixty three degrees thunderstorms this morning cleared by ten. I am what is going to be cloudy for the rest of the day. Sixty eight the hat and miami. Seventy five degrees eighty two for the high partly cloudy but it's going to clear by noon and the rest of the day should be pleasant thirty seven in chicago. Forty three the high windy rain this morning with maybe a little bit of thunder storm is gonna be cleared by noon in the rest of the day. Should be a fair fifty nine in Louisville right now sixty four for the high up early morning storms. But it's going to clear for a little bit and rain gonna pick back up some time the evening the evening Drivers going to be a little uh React fifty in la sixty eight for the high end clear and rochester. It is thirty seven degrees right now. the highest going to be thirty nine. It's cloudy and raining all day Today that's the way that i have for you all. What's it like where you are by coming to you. Live from the show. Have you wanna show featuring sidney j where you get. You started right exactly. We want to start only place on earth where you want to start right. Why not we have a front page news with cindy j. s to the and why can't the now that is at the top of the hour at nine. Am you don't wanna miss a the front page news with cindy j. Where we give you the news locally nationally globally and you know how like it from the herd so stay tuned for front page news with sending j. We are in the building with that also before that we had the morning. Buzz and i guarantee you guys before this morning. Good morning everyone. Your head will be buzzing. Yes will be some harvey how to split. Stay tuned. promise you. We will get to some sports today. I truly promise you that we to have sports in a while but that was. That's my phone has a dual barbie. We would definitely have some sports for you. So guys. Good morning and cheers. We in the building for throwback thursday. We are here when we come back. You know the deal. We're gonna shout out the rome. Show you guys. Some love heart set in chat room. Hey you know but right now what we do. We go back to al selective. Dvd's dj rome dj yoga in dj. Not here so you guys sit tight. Please share shaw morning. Show featuring a wake-up team and we'll be right back. We're going to go to the morning. god blessed. Let's go young if he ain't aids day sean. Hobby of beach missed any along goals. Bobby pallone on comedy world. Net radio the show have you monitoring featuring up team accountable. Never radio business any from the saheb morning show featuring the pain catcher on comedy world radio who did put book And we're back. I wanna give special shot out the gregory young and nut forgiveness providing this music here and also. Dj roman also dj. Not here so we appreciate you so like my mother. Always say thank god for. Jesus it is a throwback thursday to thursday march eighteen. Twenty twenty one. It is thirty two minutes after the hour. Walked back sean. Hobby morning show. Features cine off our cohort cologne. Where you get your morning started right. Why not only place on earth where you get your morning star. That chapman was wide open. Or please call in fisons zero ninety two six nine five zero iheartradio radio dot com show. Harvey morning show dot com radio station distributed by commun- net radio or major podcast platforms or show to all affiliates. We appreciate you this morning. A facebook media page. That's the sean how you one show featuring team business pays like the page and you get notified Monday to friday from seven seven ten in the morning until about no not forty five. Ten o'clock When we broadcast so we appreciate you guys. Join our a group one show featuring wakeup team group Shout to all look new listeners. We appreciate you. All are veteran listeners. Please show new listeners. The love we appreciate you guys a barbeque cologne on Throwback thursday good morning. God bless you. What's going on barbie and god bless you bless here in bethlehem we work to you from. It is forty five degrees right now. The highest going to be forty six today and cloudy and it's gonna rain on and off throughout the day forty three in strasbourg. Forty six the cloudy and rain as well in newark new jersey. It's forty five degrees cloudy and it's gonna rain on and off throughout the day. The highest gonna be forty six forty five in new york. City forty-six will be the high clouds and rain today as well in atlanta. It's four sixty three degrees forty eight sixty eight four high cloudy thunderstorms this morning but it should be cleared by ten. Am and the rest of the day. be okay and miami forty five seventy five degrees eighty two for the high partly cloudy and cleared by one pm chicago thirty seven degrees windy very windy guys. I'm going to rain this morning. possibility of thunderstorms. But it's going to be clear. By twelve and forty three will be high in louisville. It's fifty nine degrees sixty four for the higher Early am storms. It's going to rain until about one pm and the rest of the day should be okay. A little cloudy but dry in La fifty degrees sixty eight for the high and clear and in rochester. Thirty seven degrees thirty nine would be the high cloudy and rain. That's the way i have you walk was. It looked like where you are where we up coming to. You live from the show. Having one shelf reach me city j at we started from want start right only place on earth we get. You started right. Why not a great show for you guys looking forward to you guys like here each and every day. God bless you guys. Okay so bobby. Cologne just notified me. That my good friend Beautiful person of beautiful women Our beloved former chapel number two week. women that i've known for fifteen years of rose klatten has a pla- passed away. Rose a beautiful person Very high spirited woman always supported the comedy shows always did great with the community with a loving family and friends are very outspoken. Longer when he woman she's she's suffered she was suffering. She grows gladdened suffering. Days are over over. Thank god for jesus. This woman was suffering cancer for years in her suffering is over and now and i do believe yes. I do believe in a better place and i do believe in harmony and i do believe in serenity and the lord has taken roles To a better place barbie. rose gliding We love you cine. Cine get some arose romp. She was channel member. We get a rose. Get some rose. speeches together. We're on her probably on monday. Or tomorrow I wanna to say to her family until her friends. Our condolences here. She listened to this show for many years from the beginning Of this show. She always was in the chat room Until she couldn't anymore and stay in touch with her Throughout you know throughout the years and when she became ill you know. We spoke a few times. When i want to say That this is a beautiful person. Chile will be missed. We love you to death on this show. You are just such a wonderful person just a a kind woman An offer homegirl always came out to the comedy shows. She always partied at the after party. Just always had just great conversation. She was just so funny so that i will hold him a heart and everyone on this show will hold that in the hearts for time so again bobby are always say that. It's always a blessing that We come here each. And every morning. And i always say that if i could just have like a attemp of the characters some of these people that we come into contact with each and every day that'd make me a better person so that's why i come here in the mornings this to get some of that that you guys have to offer in your goodness and your kindness and you'll goodwill enrolls gladden was one of those people. Yeah she was she was she was awesome. She was amazed a very supportive always with the movement and To my different. I've known for fifteen years When i moved out here to the poconos when i used to live in poco rosewood rose lived in our town. Yeah rosen coming up to the poconos and she would just be all over. The place attacked her and her home. Girl housewives of allentown back in the day and we had so much fun. And that's when i'm going to hold onto on. God bless her family and rose may rest in peace and sleep in peace and sleep in paradise and my my good feelings today for rose gladden the fact that this woman is not suffering anymore because so rose form a chat room member of the week Thank you i want to say. Thanks to just have the opportunity to knowing a person like this so please everyone. If you're on my justice in some love and some condolences out to Rose family if you know if you don't know that that's what we're do here. So god bless you get some of roles get defined defined role. Find her speech in. Help us out here An incredible person so she chouli missed. I've so quick to mid break that May back past past guests did did to just a journey to. I'm having a. we're back once again. Our condolences go out to our beloved friend of our extended member here on this show. The one and only rose glad and we love you in our condolences. Go out to you and your family Boy okay so just to let you guys know won't talk about something. I'll get that. Get that get that that. Watch party thing over. Google so listen everyone Sunday night last it's going down A lot of folks coming out. Please hit me up. Don't wait to the last minute. Black people out there last night of people. We come back outside. Don't please man don't want you to hit me up the day before the show you'll sean. I need a table seventeen. No no no hit me up now please. If take it about going on five seven zero nine eight hundred six nine five zero sunday night. Light lives sunday night. Labs is going down. Sunday april the eighteen twenty twenty one at the m mill. Barbara is located eight thirty. One south delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania. Exactly the doors opened up at five pm showtime six hour headlines the world famous new york king talent come on now. Talent used to have a radio show in new york city where we don't kiss morning. It was doing it up and deal. Yooglie took that spot. We had the king call in as well. Yeah but historians incredible. I'm gonna have king corner and if we don't talk about that because he needs to tell us but anyway that he's hilarious new york king of being the building. We've got a few of a comedian. So come on now and the free admission again but it's really not free you gotta. There's a two drink minimum is food and there's a lot going on but please we want you to build it. Come on now. People are hitting me up like crazy already. Sunday april eighteenth. Sunday night laughs this the new movement after. Kobe squished it up from friday's friday saturday. No friday and saturday barbecue is now sunday reporting. You won't do it on sunday. This will be doing. We break in that culture and it was a show why you don't do this show on saturday. Saturdays at done saturday's data this problem in the first place saturday now lack sunday. I'll say it was cancer. Those ads surprise. Saturday turned up kobe the loop doing sunday. What's going on here. I can use and kobe. That's the new movement confusing kobe. Show the world just opened up. Now you on friday and saturday night sunday and you're going like it. It's the new movement i'm trying. I'm trying to save your life. Sunday night last. I hear in the lehigh valley. Oh come on now. A new york king town. We got a special mother's day shows. Well okay what we do. Barbie cologne shot out the womb. Before we do that a shelby supposed to call come in today. Salvia which gonna call show. Which bobby cologne. I wanna share. This view shared on a throwback thursday because back in the day we didn't have these ways to communicate with communicating with each other via the internet. And i wanna give a special shout to the internet. I wanted to shut up too to she me because it actually kept us alive because it kept us apart from each other and there's some of your lost your mind on it of course but i just to let you guys know if you know already barbies going to beat the story and the those watch parties on the facebook and it goes back to the radio. Weapon commie worldnet radio. Get these apps because you don't own facebook. You made an agreement to go on their platform. And i keep telling you guys that and you don't you don't understand this people. That's my facebook page knows not. It's not own nothing on facebook. Are you kidding me. You already know when you start saying dumb crap on social media like barbie said. He was a joke. Leo to a cousin. I'm gonna kick your ass. You got a warning a warning. It's not a platform everybody. And if you if you are identifying yourself with your facebook profile pitchy you sad and you pathetic based on your life on your profile picture. You're done because if they take it away from you then what you're going to do to fill that void. Oh guess what you can be yourself again. Try try that challenge but facebook's going to take away your watch party. Oh happy day now. Happy day they're gonna take away. Your watch pointy watch party. I like watch party to back but they they own the platform everyone app date. Md going to send a clear message that they do. Let let me say something reckless on this platform right now. They will shut this whole facebook facebook to be a lot of things. I can't say it's platform. Yup bobby. This is good news for me. The good news to hear that facebook is shut down to watch party year. Because we need we need to get back to some sort of normalcy. Some type of interaction If you take it back saying you know you go outside You will not sit there. And the state havens who bobby colonial watch party does it done. What is god bless. You wouldn't us facebook saying about the watch party. Facebook is saying. Watch party to stop on april sixteenth. facebook will now finally part ways with the watch party feature where people can host and watch videos in real time together with their friends. Do social media platform the sad will will bid farewell build do And we can no longer contact virtual party. That's already conduct virtue. Parties where everyone can Comment react share and enjoy the videos. According to the facebook helps in wish to watch party to will be removed on april sixteenth of this year This means there are related things including reactions comments and we'll also be removed from On the set date. What to preserve your comments impose that have been done previously in the set feature you can use the dow. Low your information to Just had the visit So you can revisit. The memory share with your whole could continue eating. Listen no no way in hell that you're going to have enough time in your life to sit there and download the rest of your previous watch parties. You're not going to do that. And half your watch parties whose wack as hell anyway so. There's no need to download and save them your reactions and your comments on goodbye. Sit there like barbie colonial doubles who watch party while. She's ned remodel kitchen of those done on the white part off and on top of that. Maybe you can take a moment. Thank you facebook. Maybe you can take a moment and take personal inventory of yourself. And i know that we'll be challenge and i know that that is unfamiliar territory to all of us to take personal inventory without the crutch of social media. You're not gonna believe this everyone. We did live at a point without social media. I think facebook came on and off. Eight or seven prior to that. It's been thirteen twelve thirteen years at his prior my space with a jay z. Better i think because you can have music on your platform. Soon they come your page and pays can be bumpy like they need to bring that in a facebook. i think. No you're done now. The music Is done worry. That we i get notifications everyday when we could play on sign. They don't wanna nothing disrespect. Tom get you know they do. They're doing it right. That ain't not. I look at this as a positive. Okay you have used zoom go in that platform for your family members your elderly and all that i get that before your rockstars here on social media. They're going start taking all this way. It's going to go back. Member came out. It didn't have the video feature now like all of this. Let me tell you right now. People it's not something commercial that you're doing like something like we're doing all that popping up facebook live and all that just video stop all of this and they're going to have other platforms for you to do that on. Facebook can do it. They got a billion people on on online. And you are so addicted to it including myself. I'm putting myself in there too that you're going to go through some heavy withdrawals. This is just the beginning. Continue on barbie. 'cause this is the canning this is the beginning of you. Getting opportunity the beginning shapiro. Show hurry this is the beginning of you giving giving yourself the opportunity to know yourself again. It's going to be painful painful to know yourself but you will be fine. Thank you facebook continuing. That's pretty much. It they just give Detailed description of how you can dow ol- your your watch party in saving so you can go back and read the communist. It's pretty much. This is a precursor for you to understand the fact that i i dare not say this. Don't get mad at me. But this is going to be shocking. Everybody kinda take away. Your facebook live do this. No they're gonna do a commercially Gonna take away you lou facebook live. It's done this time next year. You won't be able to pop up on stupid videos and walking down the street in talking anything frivolous taniwha. None of your conversations mean anything anyway and on top of that. It's really unfortunate because ten thousand other people on facebook live or having the same compensation you might as well go to where we're gonna have young lady calling next week. They have a black on social media. Maybe we might have to go over there. Melania something like that mcgurk. Nikki was telling me about that from jersey. You might you might want to start your own to if you got. If you've got a billion dollars barbie at home you might wanna all social media platforms These days are coming to an end and we will have the opportunity for the first time in over fifteen years to take personal inventory of ourselves and facebook is going to go back and you turn all these others in instagram. They're gonna shock you two years from now. They're going to go back to just regular pitches. Can you take that boy cologne. Can you accept the fact that it'd just be pitches of you without video content on your facebook page. You sure you're okay with that there'd be no pop up driving Facebook live. And if you're up there like barbie cologne and others. That are driving in your car on facebook. Live and you get that. Phone propped up in net console. And in your in your car and you got that stupid of phone handle thing and you're driving and you're on the facebook live and you more disrespectful than the do that crashed in a cessna yesterday. Because you have to have your big face not true if you're If if if it doesn't apply lead fly. You got your big face on facebook. Live in your driving. Shame on you. Okay this was going to stop all of this all these crashing in and and we gonna go back to the photos and there'd be no more watch parties win the last time. You did a watch party been minute. Well guess what you better you better. You better ramp up your watch parties. Because they're done. I among any longer. And who the hell do you think that we are as grown as people to jump about go. Let's start a watch party and i was guilty. Good morning everybody throwback thursday. I'm guilty of that as well. I've has started watch. Parties use only do watch parties. When i was on the show here i would do a watch party so i can see the comments from you know just a debt. I haven't then. We'll guess what we can't even do to watch parties here. I know we don't. They took go everywhere. I go on your facebook watch. things gone already So i say that this is a great day. Thank you facebook. And it goes back to what i always say. When you're listening to the show download these apps shabby download these apps fan radio commonwealth net rail now because at any moment they could shut all his now we could still broadcasts. We could still go visual you. On the show. Harvey wanted show dot com a platform. We can still do all that. But i'm just saying this your glory days and then we'll get that the sniffing the copa go right into that and then when we come back with a shot through your glory days of going on facebook live bobby cologne and others coming to an end. You're gonna be able to do that type of a function on a what's that the other ones. What's what's up at. What was that was. That was like those like what's what's apps and all that you'll be able to do that because that's what facebook going into an instagram facebook by earth thing so all you especially all the ladies out there with the the instagram big. Big chicks The plastic surgery chicks. You did all that for nothing. You won't be able to be videotaped no more. And they're gonna do what they do on this show they're going to Suppress your likes in your your millions of followers. And i'm not hating. I'm just saying that we're gonna bring this back to reality because there's a distortion between social media. Already know that and our own personal way we live lose the real life and then their social media and i hope that as some point you guys can distinguish the two. Because you think that You make your social media pays you. And then it's not the case as social media is now you see what they did. The donald trump and others The salads him and everybody net chat room. We connects showing we. We could be salad. Hey that's what they wanted to do. So this per pair yourself because they know that it's about to go down but we can loan canoe. Function without social media period was functioning without game gamma function if it's that. Now on a throwback thursday. You're running around here again and hear sean going to start up again. We'll take a break shot through apartment. You do know that. I have my foot on the neck of the conspiracy and i know you don't like it on your own like me for it and i don't care because this movement is real. I'm squashing i'm a conspiracy killer body calls conspiracy giller harvey comes with facts like jp justice. Guess what everybody. Sean bobby is going to tell you another story. That's that's it's it's almost it's almost ear porn to your boy. Speaking of that. I spoke to prince cox noise. Yesterday's good puskas on because it's almost like airport to me bobby. Guess what body. What if you have the Corona virus or not. Or if you take the vaccine or not they're going to have sniffing dogs now. Somebody infected with cove and. They're walking down the block to hear a good neck nascar to use cova detecting dogs at atlanta motor speedway races. Nascar will have a trial era. I'm a trial of cova. Sniffing dogs at upcoming race this weekend up at atlanta motor speedway effort to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. Two teams of dogs trained by three sixty. Canine group will be used to track Deter to track infield sound like wabi might meet them bigger than that. The two teams of dogs trade three sixty nine group will be use in direct fields. A screen driver crew and staff on site and shorts playing being in need just thirty seconds of detective virus. Anyone who causes a positive response will be taken to the medical facility on us on on on us okay. I can't even give them awards out today. On site of furthest salaries walking down the puck at the vaccine nobili have old school. Hitler german shepherd. Dogs have this this. You got here. You don't have your number. Two german shepherd dog barking and growling. When you go into the giants super wherever you go. This is just what you're going to hear if you don't get your johnson and johnson or if you will have to detect the with kobe not you're a limited number of fans will be in attendance under the social distance guidelines but they are not subjected to The screening they said we think dogs. These are have the capability of going. We think these dogs and this capability is going to allow us to rapidly conform All that is for these people to intervene essentially footprint on sunday the dog cove cova to maybe maybe give even if the dog catches kobe. I mean i know the monkeys transferred to the covert to humans. I don't think the dogs can catch covert. Don't want the dogs get sick doc. More pointed dogs are human beings marginal both i mean. He was on very much important but was most important. He was and we went like we for animal cruelty. Wish more human being human being dockage which one which was more you'll be kids covert and that'd be that dogs been raffle billion years. They so by toy dogs but anyway if you have If they could detect the cove it. But i also wanted for the vaccine as well. 'cause you gotta have it and if you live vaccine so if they start this at the nas car level right please know that is going to be at the airports it's going to the nba. There were miami heat detecting january so the dogs are already working working. I applaud whoever did this. This is a good look because if you go especially if you go to the club if you go to the club and you start. Let's say you come to go grab you start barking brow so you come to sunday night laugh and you can't get anything out. How much money number three angry. German shepherd dogs choice. I own though industry for Trying to keep us all alive so now look you. Debbie no more a watch parties on facebook. I advocate for zoom for elderly folks. That can't get around. I get it. I get that. That's a paid service or free service. I get that No more watch parties that's done and when you come outside and he goes to where there's gonna be a sniffing dog and i've been saying this from day one on a throw back doors so i wanted to get the dogs get covert from sniffing everybody else. Can they transmit to humans. That's that's that's a question we have google it. I don't know what to say about that. I'm saying i don't think i'm saying is this. This society is becoming proactive on the not to defeat covert. Because i don't think ever going anywhere you're gonna always need a shot of whatever but just to battle cove it. These are the things that they are doing. These are the things that's going to happen. You guys call the establishment. They they said they say that. I don't know who they but you could see in real time that there will be some changes in society in the next couple of years. And every time i say something sean doesn't know what he's talking about where every time something happened. It always come true when sean says it. I'm telling you this according to the mayo clinic. Excuse me Animals play a small role in spreading the corona virus. It does not appear that animals the spread from animals to humans are high. The mayo clinic is a respectable format but us folks will ask anything to the same thing when cdc but uh oh folks will sit there and use this as propaganda. That's what we do. Bobby you read it clearly. But it doesn't mean anything you just said. It is really no likelihood that the dog and get kobe and travel back and forth to human beings. There's that's not going to happen but there are people out there that will say that it will happen and then it will scare people and then you won't go outside again and this is and this is fact from the mayo clinic in the cdc but some folks say no names. They call it propaganda. They call all these sites run by the government because the government don't know what they're talking about and they are trying to kill us. It still doesn't any sense get ready. We'll take a break because we got. We got play some music. We'll take a break. We'll come back with shut out the wrong. I'm just saying get ready. Everybody to be no more watch parties and they'd be barking dogs out here and you guys just don't see i see this. Come on everybody. See it with me living here now. Things are happening. Get outta the chatterbox and stop. Not since that's not true because if you keep reading a chatterbox what's going to happen. You gotta get embarrassed. You're gonna go to a probably going to go to the airport and you'll have barking dogs and you won't be able to get on the plane because the dogs barking too much and i want. I don't want you sit next to me. If there's a barking dog barking at you for twenty minutes and you'll face like are who with the grout when we come back on case Off a a school with that day. Hold hold general. Who ready back running back Back thursday shut. I go back thursday. March eighteenth twenty twenty one eighteen minutes after so we in the middle break michelle shelter. We talk about. I wish you would have sug wade into this. When we were talking about the barking dogs show. You can always stop me now your rates because they are very entertaining. I miss i missed it. Well wills his dog if he about black dog. Run by with no leash. That gotta behavior day goes. Does he go again. Big dogs like i ain't got ryan got a leash law people talking about. We're talking about the barking dogs and we take this break and i was. I was going to go to the bathroom. But forget about bobby Guess she posted on social media She was interested in purchasing a yorkie. Barbie have you ever had a dog. I i have for you know yorkies. Don't listen. i had a yorkie mytalk. Listen very well. I gave them back to two x when he left. I said why did you do that. Hanging off everything. They never bothered to dog. Which you good friend. Kishan williams channel. God bless. we'll shut you okay. So i guess the one. We just go for bobby I don't know what her status is. Single relationship i stopped. I don't even know what's going legal. So i'm being single in and then oh with covert and nine and a lot of. Y'all getting lonely out there man. I was thinking loon. Lean make swabi was interested in poppy. Yeah what happened with the puppy. Mesh this lady on facebook where she posts that she had yorkies for sale and So i'm in extra questions. How much the dog you know. Accelerate ceremony and she gave me the pricing exchanging. You know we converse back four so extra where she located. Because i wanted to come and see the dog. And i went to her profile realized that she was only right here in west orange. Which is hop skipper jump. I'm from the area. So i know she would not let me know. She wouldn't let me know how location i listen where flag so twice so she comes back and says okay. Well when you wanna meet the puppy. I mean when you want the pup where where you wear w. a. in does she says where do you want to win that you want to get it. I said i would like to be the dog. I where you located for the second time she goes to say well. Lots of families are messaging me about the puppy. Have hemi right now. you can reserve her for I will consider her soul to you. I will make make the sale contract agreement and that you can deposit of that you deposit for the pump and you can pay the remainder balancing cash. Will you come now. The first red flag for me was. I say i wanted to mail. You sent me a puppy mail and you told me he was a male but then you said she when you come into the get. And then i went back to her page and she lists the exact same dog same pictures and says she is available for xyz. That is so i. This is this game and i post there are paid. Like y'all gonna watch this chick she is trying to scam. People you know for their money we were. We were just made a mistake now. She didn't make mistake. Because i wanna page few other people too but the same thing now. This is not this woman fault. this is yours now. it's her fault shift game before their money. No you see right exactly. But if i share with you i know so lonely land when i go back added help. He said you don't mind to file a always complain about me. Being a story of my life read. I baby girl that is take barwick's right. Tried to. He makes nice though he said. I'm long gone baby lobby. You should have been playing this song on a man that another band teacher right. When i ain't did a rub your back you know what your mortgage first problem with the problem of course thursday because you and others on this wasteland of a fantasy on facebook like like court net scan with the With tanya with the lady with as amazon with the tables and chairs for the kids with the free promo for twenty five dollars with the tables were three hundred something dollars but for the promos. Twenty five dollars and table of exists and amazon. We wouldn't descend a twenty dollars. Ace ap amazon stopped in and say this is a scam. I stopped go if you're going to purchase a yorkie i don't like those dogs yerkes. I'm rita who listen. They listen you just gotta train them and be patient with any outlaws can listen if you train them showing yoke for yorkie. Does you can't train. The i had my yorkie was well behaved. And she listened. Well you get rid of the yorkie because the dog was listening yogi when i got rid of his owner would i got rid of him ago. So bobby because you. You're lonely at night that now wish and you you need a yorkie and your loneliness that particular night or last night you win on facebook. 'cause you can't stay off of that facebook calling and you saw the puppy show saudi yorkie and instead of going instead of from that moment going you know what. Let me go on a reputable site. That sells yorkies the have recommendations on. Why why why bother doing that. Because now many people because alive sites they asked facebook pages two and a lot of people that work for these sites have the all personal page on their page as well. This is an individual randomly. Trying to get money from all of you guys. I guess what she ain't getting daegu down from barbie cologne. I can guarantee you there. I'll tell you exactly what i told her. I said well sugar. You could sell that dogged one other families. Because i would not wasn't so much pain bobby colonial man to be home to rub your back brits charlotte if i want a man to be at my house wherever my back i can have case you would be on facebook almost scare for your choose not to have always back. Yeah your facebook. Slow your settlement about five hundred dollars back. Nobody people people. I asked twice to competency that dog. Of course you're going to say that. But she wants the money. I see why she was getting it all the dogs that i've had in my life at this something radical to go visit the dog before i got any. He gave anybody any money. But because we all social media and we only like barcelona's don't he's song like that and because in your loneliness bobby cologne you almost gas game for five hundred dollars last night and i applaud you for your weirdness not go along with this this this With the curse. His every. Bobby if you consider if you're considering purchasing a dog and that moment on facebook that's when you should just went to a site. Forget about that dog. But i know people who sell and she has only matched her because she has Like fifty of my cousins and my uncles and stuff are noticed but apparently one of my cousins inbox said. That don't seem my car. Maybe pages heck out the tap because she posts personal scam so this really not know it is true so then this scammed people scam part. Yes camp wide israel. I think scam. She ain't getting into my money me. See this bobby. She ain't michael easy on the social media. She didn't get a mind. I don't know my point and you said he'd be long goal me. Who is this person who says. I first khloe. You know her a lot of number. They're not as a number here. I wanna talk to her now. That was not fun. So there's no also so well yeah. Of course that's a red flag right there so there's no number but she wanted to send money right so there's no way to contact a via just so comedian i can't guys you've got to be careful with this and probably are you can you. Do you have the ability to have a dog party call so i can take care of a dog. You can train a dog bobby show. I'm not that prissy. I can to duck. I've done it. I have i have dogs. I know what. I'm doing short active man album this. We're back great show so far. Thanks for your story. I'm glad that you didn't Sent hundreds of dollars to this person. Because you never got it back. I don't know my coins showing. I do not play with my money will you. You was almost playing a money roulette last night. I know because i was going to drive the have gotten. That's why eight weeks our drove the got my dog gateway the money and cats get pushing. You were so lonely. That was looking at the screen shot of a yorkie. That didn't even exist sad laugh. This is probably. This is polly somebody else's looking for your ladies put number one. If you need a yorkies job you wanted show waco team. Who's this hello good mining. Who's this hello her. You ask you this scale with if you think. Say something. shelby doesn't have this problem. Chevy has dull exactly. Yeah but he got it right shall be she got. Yes yes i have. Other other is The second dog that we got from shelter. We didn't need purebreds in this house. We just wanted a little dog. And sal both times we've gone to the shelter and we've had really great experiences with chelsea. Do that right the issue you should. You should go we My first one was a black lab with mussallam mix which is very big. She's like ninety pounds and other is a picnic and she's only forty pounds. So good. Got bigger than me now. You're normally five to ally. Would you bobby. I don't know. Are you even listening to the shenley told. This woman doesn't need the go on facebook looking at a screenshot and then she doesn't have to play. Bobby womack songs in her. Bobby wrestling on when did did stop it. When does he play a role where she was looking for. Trust me. there's not a man. I gotta tell you i just choose. Facebook live on facebook just about the dog. that doesn't exist. Sure i was. Not no i saw on it then i feel bad for. I'm like what is going to get no money either. Even release any money. She was one step from that. And then when this lonely in that house it's i. I sympathize with barbie. She got that Remodeled kitchen not a man inside the ira and you see which goes to the day. Go to they have no no no no. I want it to look and see what the dogs all about right. And then guess what barbie on. You're not gonna believe this. Then you jump into a vehicle car wherever and you go to the location and you see what. The dog is all about me. What did you go to out the one over the valley over on dickson street in allentown humane society. And they've been they've been really good. I've been like i said i. This is probably the last dog will get well. She's technically not mine. My daughter i just. I just see there in in the morning and then i leave so when she moved out the dog is going to. Okay now everyone. We have the The amazing of shelby hold on hold on now showed misdee- hold on hold on quebec in fifteen minutes so misdeeds you right yes. I'll call you back in fifteen minutes album articles shelby shelby losses on the phone or shelby. Pa's off on facebook. This is an incredible woman. That we love and respect here barbie A good friend of barbie. I'd noise well Responsible for us having this office where we are now and we appreciate you for all all of which you do here for the community and everything that's going on in your life. Thank you sean. I'm so proud of you guys to think that i'm glad you're my neighbor. My business neighbor now. Shelby was featured in lehigh valley magazine. She were shelby's magazines out there. The counter right then on the other side of the office where you have. Your inside is inside. 'cause people people took them you know they were like i gotta have one 'cause they only gave us ten and they went right away. I put them outside in the hallway and they people took him. So there's one less inside my three all right. So now barbie this woman if people if you shelby you know what it is with this young lady. If you don't know please you have. You have to meet this. Young lady shelby is a tick. She's writing a book about the havoc. Okay shelby to talk about mine. I tell you what people when you try are trying to do the right thing you out. So one of my friends Came to me. They were doing a collaboration with twenty business owners valley and each one has a chapter and you choose their subject In ritchie right. About of course they they would approve it but you choose the subject which she wanted to Share with the public and It comes out august. I'm sorry april i if caused success reimagine local luminaries and it's basically how There's a lot of amazing pornos on how to run your business and how to get you know whatever took for the business owners to remain open during college and how things were before a colgate and just whatever we wanted to share and to inspire people. And i chose the topic of forgiveness. Because i when i started learning two thousand. Nineteen for forgiving. My father my father was never there. I thought that i was over issue. And i got. I have forgiven but through the journey. What i've learned is again. This is not a one time. The done thing there would be things that creep up pissed me off all over again. I would ask for forgiveness all over again. It was not a once in darn thing is a continuum in chose to shear forgiveness. Because one i is is a journey. God bless my business. Because i was obedient. Wait was required to so around. Two thousand nineteen twin rock. Assessors really Flourished and. That was the same time that i was trying to be obedient and forgiving. My father how this power in forgiveness loan. It's hard there were days when asked the doing it. Because i'm very stubborn but now that i'm gonna be on the other side back the power in lake like after thanksgiving on this house talking to you. There's nothing that i can't do. Nausea that absolutely fano very powerful. Let's classes now. Wow you touch my heart when you say this about forgiveness because bobby i barbie cologne ibn honest with human. Is this this this some some situations in my life. I'm not forgiving. You ain't got me. Use a lotta my father. My father is a path out in california. And so you know you're you know it. It's it's like saying there's like the reason why. I say that because like ben again. That's why i'm here every morning. 'cause you folks have this characteristic in knew that i need to achieve. It's just going to take me every day to come here to get some of his cousin. Goodness rubbed off on me and jeff the process of forgiving somebody. That's just once over and over and over again. Because you know being human we gonna get hit. Their things are going to trigger us. And you're gonna get pissed off all over again and you know. Being pissed off is still be disobedient. And it's not You're not fulfilling what you're supposed to be going if you feel about it right and then so when you let when you this whole forgiveness when you embraced it and let it go than all in these trickled. Now blessing started to happen for disobedience causes. Use of your blessings to be blocked. So i don. I know the guy has a lot of stuff for me. And i want my stuff and bill in order for me to receive that i have to do. What's required of me and do it with an open heart and forgiving hot so i i just i said okay. Let me see what happens. And when i started that journey telling you my marriage was already good twenty. Let's see we were at twenty nine years at that point but when i loosen that control and that that that whole that that unforgiving spirit my marriage was wonder even more wonderful. I daughter saw You know. I told her. Watch us and she. I'm grateful that she's able to see forgiveness. Because i've done it and it's hard and there were many nights that i would cry. You know what is not right. I'm the daughter. He's the father he should have fought me up. I want to save your listeners to that a father's these daughters you've gotta make it right. Daughters became thinner. Going to seek out that whole that you have left inside them. They're gonna feel that whole with some knucklehead advantage and try to show up to the party china Make dr reached out to your door to make sure they understand the love of a real man. He's like that real manage. their is the father. I i'm not gonna pray doing on. You're doing great zoos. And they're so many young women. I'm fifty. I'll be fifty eight on monday. We gotta go to breakfast south. He's doing there. But i'm telling you there's so many grown women are still carrying the burden from their biological fathers and then they transfer those That hurt over to the men and their lives as men step up. I'm begging you to step up and do what you have to do to make sure that your daughter and your women in your life are confident. Only reason i can soar. John truly is because of the man in my life. And because before even even before my husband i have a great relationship with god and i trusted him. Because i didn't have a dad. The only person i could rely on this guy this right because he was a band. So that was my. My heavenly father was also my earthly father. When i met my husband i His dad his parents only had bullies then became weird daughter. I never said the words guide. Until i met my husband's father at twenty four when i asked him i said mr lawson. What would you like me to call you. And he said call me. God i lost my cool. I started crying and keeping understand. Why and i said. I've never said the word that until twenty four. Don't be don't let that happen to your. Yeah man everyone yes. There's a lot of factors with that with men would not have any ability for it. You have just chop some jews for us. Men including myself in the men that listening all over Man you just put this in perspective for me just by like i said i'm i'm not there yet with the forgiveness was certain area and for her. It's come to that to get there. I didn't do it by myself sean. I was sitting here. I'm closed on wednesday. It took holy spirit to come down. And just say you need to give your father. And on that particular day barbie barbie will recognize we. Thread is at least ten times a day. On that particular day. I had auto body seems i could read that to save my life and that was clearly guys saying. I'm going to have all of your attention today. Because i said in my eyes that loud. I'm just gonna go so something. I won't hear that voice anymore telling me to forgive my father. I could not even three admire machine than i do at ten to twenty times a day. Just truly lesson that you've called initiate. This information is only godsend for all of us including myself that you shared that all of this happen after you come to terms and you fit gave. Yeah that's amazing and you row you right. There is Especially for me barbie. Cologne there is like. I'm not forgiving. I'm not there. There is when you don't forgive right. There is that level of resentment that you put back on yourself but you're not trying to get there either seems a drag it all to get our just keep listening shelby and very hard because i have for me now. That was it for me. My my half brother told me at nineteen. All you gotta do is call him. He'll do all talk. But i didn't feel even then i mean until i was fifty six from nineteen to fifty six. There is no way. I'm i'm like you. You must out of your mind. I this is exactly what i said. I that god has come down himself and beg me to repent. I mean to to Forgive my father back here just feel worse because it they will come to get you sean. Would you ask a lot of fire thin. He took he was gentle with me but john he's gonna tear up. Hey you ain't never getting my ass whooped now if that's going to with few said today actually this so deep when we'll go back and listen to it again but you know what i don i met you and in the beginning right in hard of the forgiveness around two thousand eighteen early two thousand nineteen journey was just beginning. And as you can see as you've watched me navigate because of that the growth that has transpired in just a year and a half to two You today for that. This morning john you have you have opened up my heart. And i'm just crave food at the words coming out of your mouth that i'm receiving is a beautiful thing better on the only gonna make your best self bestseller. I was my best self before child. Support sixth avenue. Half half forgiving math. Alcock you he was his best. 'cause he extra spending change to do yeah he see. That might have been god's way of locking you down to because if you had all the extra income just flying in it everywhere down on what you would have done. It went to support your offspring No you're right. No i'm not into right we're can. We got a letter to give his difficulty trust me. I've had to forgive some folks. I was like oh no doubt deserve my forgiveness. The who garden gus about me. No crew what they say they say is not for them is three months. That are because i did it. It has nothing to do with him. I may talk to him once a month. But i still the benefit. I'm the benefactor. Fisher him right exactly. Okay shadwick jesus. They can find me at thirteen east elizabeth avenue and beautiful bethlehem pennsylvania. They can find the a loss in bathroom dot com facebook. I'm loss and assessors on instagram. Las threes email loss in a steffi's g mail dot com for eight four. Two seven five zero one three six. Everything's lost assessories. Let's go. We appreciate you see later on today shelby. Thank you god. Bless you guy. Good core yeah. Forgiveness is very difficult very definitely. Yeah my father relationships growing up. I wasn't the greatest. We didn't get a great relationship until i was about. Twenty seven married my son mike. Yeah me after that relationship. I have with. My father was not a good relationship or and it took him passing away from me that that was deep because when we were when he was alive none but a whole is there was nothing but turmoil. You know what i'm saying. This is the world famous miss. We we just keep this train going. Everybody say hello to my girl. Barbie get party daily dollar. How are you sweetie. I'm just fine sending j you out there and universe. I love you out this somewhere. Hey girl chill coursey incomparable. Mr sean mcvay. Senio got provide to detect these. Hear your voice. Thank you so much for calling every time you call me you know. We love you so much which are informative topics and everything. That's going on with you on your mind today. I have some question. Oh are so. I would like to take a survey of my people in the chat room. Cleese is a very easy servic. it's called. Let's talk about etiquette etiquette. Yes etiquettes and i want the impactful opinions of men and women so this is gonna be easy breezy so if you find the question acceptable. The situation acceptable. You're going to put a one in a chat room. If you find it unacceptable you can put it to first question okay. let's go. How do you feel about the toilet. Seat being up. Is it acceptable or unacceptable unacceptable especially in the mirror damn night getting up at two three o'clock in more workable half your one. I open those harder. There is bad guy. I can't tell you how many times i had to ask my number one i have. I have fallen in this horrible. Not listen this is unacceptable thing. Is this great. As far as men are concerned bobby cologne. This is a true. This is a great practice men for wind. Like if you're in a relationship where you're married or your round women. This is a great way to practice selflessness men keep in keep it. Keep mindful that after you use the bathroom. Put the tallest now. It's really not that difficult. Some men this is great training for us because a lot of men we don't necessarily like we don't have to put the toilet seat down on that but we need to do. Fellas is to in my household. Barbie use bathroom. I i make sure misty eye. Make sure that the tallest is now. Can i get you could get a man that'll down with your best. I make it my business. 'cause i know how annoying that is to women anybody especially i just think that it's a self is very selfish. Leave it up when you leave ends poor and that's been a practice of me regardless of all three of my relationships and all twenty seven women that i now with. I've always had that taller tallest down. I would say That's unacceptable can carry a misdeed rome. Make sure that told us absolutely. Okay yeah now we're hold barbecue. Loan doesn't have that. Problem is not a man. right now is no barbie. Swimming in a toilet bowl man came over there. Put that thing down because right now mineral or annoying me. I can say about that. Barbie has made her choice about what she wants to do. Right now and The fact that she wants to be free single and ready to mingle is not have thing. I'll show congrats to you. Thank you are in your life because you are a grown woman okay. She's not going to change for the dog screenshot because she's so lonely show. This is why. I don't want voip right now. I was in a relationship for over twenty years from seventeen until thirty. What six seven. Whatever was something like that. let me live bit. Okay let me date please. Without no strings attached. I try to play ship. And i couldn't do it. Go to listen so outlets. I'm dating david update on you. Second question now care. Is it important for the male female whatever to have clean nails or is it okay for the person to have thirty nails. What's acceptable. What's not acceptable clean or dirty. Well pains on the mail because if you have a job you're working with your hands like you say you are mechanical. Whatever or i suspect you to have dirty hands. Your hands not dirty. You ain't gonna work gaming well okay but when you come home you should clean so all not yet. So you need you. You are dirty man and you need to go ahead with. That is true to about thirty right now. And that's factor you. You are absolutely right boy. That's a that's a major just unacceptable man like especially men and women. Because sometimes you're walking around here with them fidel's look crazy. They don't they don't necessarily have to be dirty. could be chipped. Some of them are missing. There's a lot going on so you right. That works both ways general hygiene. Yes keep your fingernails at least cling under. Try your best right now. But mr is back at you. Say The man is or auto mechanic or something like that. it's really hard for them to keep. Nils pristine every night after work. But when you shall. I have a secret for that to show showing fellas for all your mechanics a lot of time. Y'all google wherever's called. don't get the grease off. Your a shampoo share pu works kinda shampoo because i used to get my ex awesome because he was a mechanic and he will come like going back from. 'cause it's a degreaser shampoo degreasers so if we take our hair it removes off their hands Any wise that's on that. I'll give you on now. I can't think the name the name right now. i will definitely. i'll put it in chatter. I can't think of the name to save. She was your ex- was mechanic. Your there's been certain. Nice that you're smash with dirty dirty nails shower. No he was a little ocd so we came home. He was in shower. Clean his no he six transmission. Try to tell you that once. That bad had issue with dirt. Ocd would not only time out of the three thousand years was married. Okay miss the lcd would there. He was laying now now. Now if roy came home with two or three dirty nails would you. Would you point that out too. Well jerome dramas ridiculously immaculate. That doesn't happen for him. Okay god bless next moving out already. We go into table manners now. The majority of people in a chat room said dirty nails unacceptable. Our table manners wait veneta ready but then this i want acceptable unacceptable. Hold on to say that. Joe is there oh. Mg baba jj care have dirty figures. It will make her sick. Anita down came home where he based was thickly. Okay go ahead exactly. She's right because technically just him. You're absolutely right because technically dirty nails do have a lot of bacteria in bakhtiari. You're under your transference places. They shouldn't mean you have the by way. I'm more fascinated veneta. George spelled the word. Jj that was the word that can be spelled. God bless j. v. j. j. v. bj aj so rare. I'm glad you got a chance to get an education on how to spell the word. I'm moving right along here. We go elbows on the table acceptable. Non-acceptable i guess if we're eating no elbow shen not go on the table but if done or we just hanging around the table hand out if you want to barbeque. Got the elbows on the table. Stop eating everybody. Stop and is it. S unacceptable. But i think is something that we do gruden. We jus- bobby. I have. I have my elbows on the table. Last night bobby. You don't think that we just do that. Involuntarily eat with the elbows gave me my. But are you aware of that. I asked him having only time. I will have my elbow on tape from you and wings and use either like this. The only rule with a knife no elbows team along different little different wings. Is you just be honest misty. I i i with the elbow adult. So sean does it. Depend on who you're with. So say for instance if you put your elbows and a table your with somebody. That's really comfortable with to somebody. Trust in opposed to being with strangers. My my elbows don't discriminate and at least hey misdee- lisa commit listen barkley all of a sudden justifying this when she not eating like serve booze. Yeah back because i. I wanna late over the table so i will have my elbows. I won't spill the food warm clothes but four no. You don't need on to table because etiquette. I guess my exactly band is i. Gue- says right okay. Next question acceptable not acceptable on a date with an individual and they put their hands in your plate. Acceptable amount acceptable. Some food wrong presently acceptable to me totally by no we hold on hold if if i'm if i'm if i'm if i'm feeling you smash is gonna go down after Yes yes you can put yes. You can do that if i'm not feeling you. I don't know what's going on a first date and all that no don't push i don't know i don't want should do nails hands in my food. We're not doing that. I know if i know. There's a over assertion of los than i know that is going down. You can put your face in my plea work. So that's subjective. No there's no pens pen. Yeah it depends on like a first day doing bobby. You respectful you the way you described like you do that all the time because it's what you if you give people i don't need them because i'm allergic cpos. I won't touch it touch everything but it was like chicken over some that right or how would suggest you get this. 'cause i want to get some bounce. Thank explained fingers out of things. I use my fork. Thank you very much. That who amnesty doing that and having a time they offer anyway. Thank you taking your fingers and you go on with will never gonna buy with their food. That i will take more calls or my spoon thing. Why she's coaches since screenshot. That is unacceptable bomb. They offer if i wanna taste and now offer if they wanna take my. I'm not. I will definitely say he wants to do whatever but we do. If they say the date with the do it and he came up with. The fork enriched over to play you. Yes it tasted. I will have no problem with it. The providence nasty. Well you have that. That's my back. It shares sheridan's cameron you. Here's you know. Oh i got one for you. Now check this out. Acceptable or unacceptable chewing with your mouth open. Oh my god. That is a pet peeve of my clothes damai you account out okay. Clones about time. Play your about full. wasn't you name. It took me years to stop that. Who i used to do that. Barbie colonies smacking like for a freaking idiot. Yes that is You gotta you gotta you gotta closed mouth when you chew it. But there's been tasma. I be honest that i wanted to liberate myself can start. This is just who. I am but society pressures right. That is unacceptable. A but there's been times that i've relapsed barbecue. Never only open that mouth up here in the usa habits compensation semi amid shoe. And i kinda get down or s. Reveal fast but normally no i chew in the show and brought out of a can attest and as my mouth is closed. Got as a pet peeve closure dam out. You shouldn't a lot of mixed messages. Whatever whatever send it to the next level about how about acceptable not acceptable talking with food in your mouth. Every now and again happens but if somebody all the time gross stuff flat dramatic when you got all of us talk in two at the same time stop it. There's no better where you smack old country smack you. Don't stop gotta get open that for that food little drier. Listen miss trivia black folks. It goes back to the slave days the run up there. We had to eat fat. That sloppy get out there and get back to that cotton. So we had this omar back you know what we ought to a stop him you all we sit here and we talk and we eat at the saint stop. It happens to come out. The collateral damage is food comment about spitting. And if i do. I'll put my hand over my mom of mine so it won't fly out on people because at the is really disgusting right. So you put your hand which afford and somebody else's play. And then when you chew on the food you have your hand coverage ashram now when again every week conversant wherever and you ask. The question will never eat with sean. You're lying took a wing will go to your plate because you are a married man. I will not you. I'm talking about my all dates. Show it must have one for you. Acceptable and Falling into bed. Bobby cologne last night. This is true last night. A letter a mystique. You know those good ones. I had sound fixing lamp. Thousand like one of those moment did it. And i was passing my glory. Tiny walks into the room. And i said i fought it out. No i said to her. Go in the bathroom. Because i'm a grown ass to get the spray grey. Police cousins up doesn't surprise to the room and dj rome. Let we all your and if you don't you're not healthy right you gotta get that gas. I'll show body. can you must we produce it. It is natural. It is not natural talking chopped up food if being your mouth though. That's not natural. Okay moving on moving on okay. How do you feel is acceptable or unacceptable. You're out with your and your date is constantly answering the phone or looking at the phone. Go accessible what she was going to say the date looking at another man or woman. Yeah we're talking about at the table etiquette. There was a cellphone phone why we cloned it was really nice. Like hot body guy. Stacey jackson's party and tiny kept looking at well as you. Sometimes you can't help. I wasn't even mad. I was like. I look like this guy got a hot body. I ain't even mad at that now. Acceptable or answering a phone. Exactly unaccept- while you're on a date. It's very rude. You know. And i have to say i at one point i was guilty of and when i go and date and unintentionally isn't cognitive that i was really doing that until one guys he brought to my attention. Say oh i do apologize in. Turn my phone on vibrate and play my i and now that's what i try to practice if i go on a date or mcgrath to put the phone down because you dictate to talking social media and you know always say tiktok this initial what the heart out now. My whole thing was this. Yes i make it my business when i go out. That phone is not part of the equation. I put my phone down right on the table right. I don't touch the phone. while we're out. And as a grown ass man barbie cologne with i would do is like say for example. Tiny would pick up her phone. Then i'll just start picking up my always ladies first once. The who album would especially with tanya if she picks up the phone. then i'll pick up my phone but that point. No i don't. I don't pick up the phone like that. Now say you say you. And i said we went to lunch then. The phones galore has been assists. But i think that if you're on a day even if you would your loved ones would have. I think it is time that you have to put the phone down. It's just ridiculous s. He joined the in the moment to enjoy the moment. If you're not in the moment so you can put a lot of folks that are hopelessly addicted to the to the phone to the device. They need to hold it in the hanes too so something he would just need to whole something i think. Maybe she'll hold your hand. I don't know but yeah that's unacceptable. Very good. I appreciate that because a lot of people do it and you see it everywhere you go and you see the phases of the other person. And they're not happy because they're being ignored. It's rude. I think is unacceptable for women when they would they men to look at of a men on the side. I knowing that we we see are looking because women look at many different than no. We don't meet higher body young guk all game. Shorty gotta stay. Showed me over there. Yuppie disrespectful with your buckle. These guys are way whatever we got misdealing misdeed the open house. w f n k. Or day open house that saturday. Twelve noon to three pm. Misdee- sets it off. I she starts playing music of feel good music and then rome takes home. Dj won't takes it home on the second half of that show film music every saturday. Twelve pm to three pm. They rock open house. Wfan k all day. I like that all what else. Well you got time for one more survey question how. This applaud misdeeds question. When you call in unlike barbie and senate you have facts and numbers. Whatever sean thanks for your facts and your numbers and your surveys. You're welcome show on the board average. I get back and our last question rank women this question for women well known it can be a question for man. I'm sorry it can be a question for both women and men here. We go like dislike a laid back passes person like dislike laid back in the cut as in lane got no opinion about nothing. Definitely ain't gonna defend you. If something goes down back passes personality. Arcus i can. I can answer that for the ladies right now. When they young they love at duggal they loved that dog. Oh they love. The thug the The narcissistic thug running around with all the overabundance confidence. Oh that's a turnoff for the lady. Each one of your ladies even eunice amoeba. Miss had a thug in your life back in the day i and then as the women get older the doug when he finds out that doug is can't produce anything but but to be a baby fall and now you caught with the gift that keeps on giving you. Welcome that man. That's just sitting down with really nothing to say. And and and he has a strong foundation. That's what you wind up with so to answer that question bobby cologne. I answer for you when you was young. You love the thug. did you love it. You clarified the thug and matt nagy pants with those construction tens with that fitted and they had won gold teeth boy. Those were coming down. No no no no no. You never loved to talk. Not really. I didn't never fantasize over the i may fantasize but i didn't date smashed a thug. Now well you need to smash one now. Maybe the a little little hood. Do i'll tell you. I was different for dirt dirty. The people in the chat room alike. Don't like no laidback passive person like it too. Like you said a nap me first of all you we. That's not even that should not be in your calculator because you a man they. Dna is being protective as 'specially over they they're females. If we ever saw where you step up oh hell to the no you will never speak l. Beckoning and yours. The bad guy right win it goes down. He's up for the challenge. That's why he's laid back now but she's got back with something. Go down he won't even but protect you. Wait a minute wait serves now you know little. Laid-back met me be the crooked. 'cause i'm a fine craig. We going to be fine okay. So one was got to be laid. You be laid. Maybe you just come. You speak when you really need us this point. You sound like you'll get a boyfriend beat up with that mouth. Never never never which you you go ahead and put that in that whole equation scenario. Yeah that's not going to sit down and just not protect women. No don't you don't need that that's not gonna work But the women they They love to mrs d. before Dj rome did you fantasize over the thug to be honest with you know Not at all now not at all my second baby muslim man. She's out back in the day. No that wasn't my style you know. But hey i like the combination d- okay you've gotta gotta have a thug factor when it's necessary to protect me and you know and our assets and stuff like that and then he's gotta be kinda laid back so if you ever met my husband you know he's kinda laid back He's the kind of person but his laidback is different. Because he's observing you while he's laying back But don't get it twisted he. He can be pretty. Yeah the delicious when it's necessary to be so. Let's let's we really enjoyed this surveillance right. Thank you so much misdee- we're gonna give you. The last word is wrong is i haven't seen him here. He's in the studio. We're trying to get get ready to you. Know get some stuff done so Before wife gives her social media and all the is that she do an hour shows wrong. Because you take off your shirt please. Because you're you're showing you don't miss the voice very captivating a barbeque. Now come on. So i know i know. Rome is enjoying all of this row. Take off their shirt bro. You believe that brother alone. He's in the studio down bits. You can find me on wfan k. Radio dot com where you will find the open house radio show featuring dj rome and misty in addition guess what. I'm going to be on as a guest hose on a local station. Not too far from you sean. And barbie it's called w. diy. I have them. Oh i'll be there on friday from one o'clock to four o'clock laying all those different tune so you can join it check out. Congratulations and dj. Rome and marseille survey the answers in the chattels but chain bank to everybody in the chat. Room for participating. I really appreciate y'all day go out. We're gonna play through with that one in rome and the co host of the open house. Radio show were all good. Music is welcome and house. music is always at home. We would love you to join us every saturday. From twelve o'clock to three. Pm eastern standard time. That's right hear everything from classics to disco latin to relegate and of course house music catch us using the tune in app. Download it on your mobile app store and listen in on w. f. n. k. All day and ww end that db sixteen twenty on your am. Dial simulcast y'all that's right and you can hit us up on facebook at the open house radio show featuring dj rome and ms d doors are always open. And we'll see you after the open house we can dance. If you wanna dance move if you wanna go keep go. A friend of mine passed need to kick this round. Say in the winters wayne. Step one grab the mic from led the whole proud. No yoga king is all anybody got a promise. Full as tiny never hesitate to leave a sucker. Poppy up getting head from a saudi man. What's important with a rolling risk. Flex mom every time. I voted split. Call two kit. That was wet so we took a four bit team. The man didn't yes food. The third world co fall. The i don't before little. And i'm jay jay rock well and we're back. Let's call from. That was awesome So now jace and ken will he say barbara. You wanna camera will. All estrogen back. Took on the throne yourself when you hear the for plane. Bronx new york and for x. Why we're back a god. Bless you and especially off the shelby loss in shelby in the Chapman we really appreciate you. Young ladies for calling in the hilarious jada comedian. Be calling in tomorrow. Jagan call in and bug us out for a good friday so you you might want to stay tuned for so bob what we do right now. I wanna say this to all our creepers. I wanna see the hearts and chat room. If you don't mind cause we. The shows is so good today. We didn't get a chance to shout out the way so let's show the chatroom so and we're going to do this a shot out for our beloved may she rest in peace roles gladden Rose we love you to death. We our condolences. Go out to your family former champion. Remember the week she passed away And we love you to death rows and we're going to dedicate this shot to you so we want to see the chat room to all my creep was that are out there that just listen to the show on the audio tip old school like sean. Harvey like dj rome. Like misdee- like john cochran like like crista rudy r. Us all school has that really just loved the audio version. Salute to you bobby is they. They're glorified on video in this. That's cool. Harvey submits to it pause. But you better get these apps because you see facebook stopping those watch parties. They're gonna stop the live. They don't they're not going to stop. The shaw show features wake up because we are. We are on these apps and we ready to go so system is ready to go. Just the case social media accu my creepers shoutout to you. God bless you all school. You're driving around you listening to it on the radio. Salou mike grassy. He's always fan radio. He's all and he's actually just belt out the chat room but that's how he listened to and he comes back in good move. Please download these apps just in case something wrong here because the board is still running. Everybody and i wanna say this man. Something happened with us as far as the connection on social media. And you like. I don't wanna watch it unless on facebook. You break my heart with that. Break my heart with that because if you can't just do it extra click to listen to us on audio version. That's it saddens me because soc facebook and instagram. And we're gonna keep you on all this on youtube all we don't control none of that johncock and controls Radio we can show sean harvey morning show dot com a crystal get a distributor. The whole show can control that. We can't control social media so if you for some reason we're off the social media part of this and you're like yeah we are now dealing with sean. We ain't even watching the show the sat and with that. I'm gonna keep it pushing. I'm going to keep pushing but please download these apps. Something happened now to all. my haters. Hate us each year for breakfast and lunch and dinner. You know that according to the chrome take them. You can have that you listen on the low. Hate each foot dental now to well. Beloved folks in the chat room. Barbie can't do the show without these can't do it without them. We want to dedicate this to you because we have so much love and respect for you. Thank you so much for tuning in minutes a day or our day or the whole duration of the show to personally say thank you. It means a lot. I say every day. I'm here because of you. I want to become a better person because the people in the chatroom can allow me to be that person. That's why i'm here. I'm a stand up. Comedian mccrone ours. Man i'm gonna tell jokes tonight that that's that's my other life but here on this show. I'm here because of you guys. I know you guys parking. We entertain you and i entertain your barbie since i get it but i'm really here for you so in saying that. Guess what. I'm going to show you guys some love in the chat room. Hey quit chat room. Hey apart hide set for me. Let's go hey wait. A heart attack aware to heart. Hey wait a heart. Set where the heart away hardcore. Hey where heartsick where heart where the heart of what. We miss the pause. But it's not on edge in a chat. Hey twitter could be. Let's go away the heart. Hey hey heartsick where the heart tell yuki now yossi on me i was point you and if you know the history of that song. He's seeing back in the day and they were like what the hell are you singing and it was catching. We kept it and that's how that happened back in the deck with heart set in the chat room. Hey we have a younger nut in the in. Hey younger naga morning. Why are you johnny whip. Oh is he l. What's going on johnny nelson. Adrian is here. Good morning nelson. Ram mr sensation. New hallo is in the building. What's that rail. rj. Jason is here. Hey audrey good morning dray shar is here. Hey drake morning to you. Lyn net net nests of rando is here not girl free in. Hey good morning markus. Mr one emoji johnson. Hello hello hello to you. The sean lee Shea is here. Good morning show on shane. Ray this Redshirt nine and the build out to you your check him out. Wolf nation check. Power nation dot com. He's sponsors. You'll see try. Yup that's all god. Yes valerie linear and thank you for a letting us know about. Rose glad that we are very sad small years earlier yet. Who else we have here is here. Hello there good morning to you. Della andrews is in the building. Good morning della. Hey beautiful how are you today. Shut our very own city. J. herro mishopin ears to the Sean hayes jones is in the building. What's up with sean. Cla hey charles. Good morning to you shall be a thank you for calling in girl and yes. It's very very difficult question for yourself. Rat king is in the building. What's that rat phones. Ring here show on this day. Hold on one everybody. Wow he's still alive may may dave. Don't fem- let's class dave hyphen. I'm feeling fantastic. Dave let me tell you something like i share with the group Day to on phone. Dave i your boys sean harvey i. I took the vaccine the last week. The johnson and johnson vaccine brother. I thought about you when they do that. Syringe our bobby genyk after they spike mom. I came out of their little tired. When i'm fine now The dope fiend. All the rest of the dolphins that you get vaccinated yet on the stimulus. I got much stemming well. Do you get the semi. How you doing. Allison i haven't received a stemming. I don't even know what is going on with that but So have any you. Don't fe- friends picked up the yet dave. Jc analogy doing it. You had about people you know and it's not for me share with you. What did get sound about gay. All right the stimulus okay. Well we coins you got three of them. You said yes. He alert enough with that money. Coming from way it good going and where to get it from how to hose adult. I didn't get a stimulus. How did you get a stimulus. Check that one of them. How the hell did you get stimulus. I don't get three of them. 'cause i gave joe biden. I shot the ale. You sat the l. To biden he gave ground one. Gay rodriguez one and he gave gave junior one. And i don't have to be a dave lags it nowadays a now barley with a win for like that. You know almost five thousand dollars of money does. Do you furnish your. How does it feel do with that type of money. And the any medicine him gain and cut out banging my girl nights two cardi john john john and that's who again party and all the time dave you know we're in cuvee right now the party when it's just you yourself and you put. The money is not used to party bro. It's the pay rent or you know. Go to the stores sinead. I ain't saying then three dollars but got into estimated economy he is going to the doe boys buying a whole bunch of dope in turn they can go out and spend money and economy so he always part so you own you on section eight and you stimulus you got three of them on tape three dollars a month and you've been partying since you picked up your checks probably a when i did without quote back up on mount but how much does your renegade day dollars a month right how you get behind the mom. How many months was you by. He'll joe judge that was just asking the question clarified. How were you able to get behind or at the us behind sixty months you should have been victims. Our put ads out kerr the only ninety nine right. So how did you feel when you back up again in about five it. How guys and covert and now with the vaccine in this last year is it good is it. Is it good. Being a dope fiend. Because everybody question. And i need you to drink gish whole you know in my line of work that what come on now. Right well bobby. He's right way okay party. We haven't shared a story about this. We don't you not one built fees for crack crack-handy who has caught kobe's before we let him go every day. don't be over alice. Crackhead engulfing new to the coronavirus. How's that we're gonna. How do you do that. You know why. We ain't hanover nolan. Anyway so you're not you're not being don't be you're not trust anybody any way. Only and a mile zone almost done with corona people are starting to come back outside. I call it the re entry ready to come back outside or have you just myself down your nominee. People need to go to the store. Remaining can get me some mill bone. Yeah go you you extortion. So they've been making money right the going in and say this is like so you've been outside since cova started making this money going to the store for everybody in your neighborhood and you know it. Well only each you got danes. Dining right well thank goodness thank you. Men assist i. Dave is to for me. I didn't know if you took neighbor to saying cheating on trains we need. We need to talk. The sisters agnes right can you can we can. We can sister. Agnes call in call who call. Let's clap dope. Fiend days on the phone. I don't think i have trusted. They go to me and give him my money. I don't think he would have bought myself back. I think he would have beat okay. What you're saying it's terrible. I'm just saying because. I if you don't basin baby stale. Yeah but yeah scratched. Due to bobby say bobby treading on thin water. This is a man. now you know a few. Are you generalizing it to dope fiends stale to the show still davis running a business. Here he visit. I'm glad he's able to get his bid you get alson you ask days against the business but they was mental. Call it a man. Don't mean day one of our favorites man. We appreciate your brother. John young college game and are get into a few you dave and he'd get it for a man who else for Shimmy love is here. hey girl. Good morning allen swab kausar. Alice shore alibaba best. Debu good morning. Hey girl. But let georgia's here haven that how is your girl. Tamiya cadrone is here. Hello to natalie right. it's in the building. What's something league morning to you. Shout out to the godfather sola tracy. Ray hey tracy darren tell us in the there in now romo vote. Josh said hey good morning. Dj cadillac is here. In good morning ronn. Kishan williams is in the building. Heiki asia daryl lions here. Hey darryl good morning to you deal. Oh hey girl. Good morning julius gala showers in the building. What's up. Julie's darlie oats here. Hey ms d was in the building. Yeah those questions cracking up. Thank you for bringing a little. This morning Tim house in the building. What's up tim. Good morning to you cory. I'm saying sinn corey. Gil christ is here. Hello inquiry us inquiry. Hold on hold on hold on call. The phone's ringing. Yellow net is in the building. Danielle williams here. Hey he did yeah. Praises hey boo moi mr robertson. Coggan dallas in the building. What's up girl. she's a casket. Oh she under the name. Carl's in chi- you will show princess love tenure wash tennessee. Hey tanya good morning the queen what wave second down and hold on one second house. You wanted me to call. You have to wait. Not every bio misses the agnes. Everybody agnes hold on why we have real quick. Cash and pharma is tiffany closely because in the building. John cochran here the queen is. Hey y'all y'all say. Good morning to diane at marina thunderstorm and to me go. Washington is here. Can he be winning it in the bill. Damn david reid is here. Hey they re good morning ken. Black is in the building. Shutouts abe is the needs. Mr brown here terrible lease scotty. Shutout you shutout to drew tears and dawn smith last but not least yes godless especially to my nephew over there. At least guys. He's been building right took us. We'll come back real quick and We do news do thank. We've been done. we're back time is flying. Yes we'll do some quick front page news. Yeah we do that and great show so far today. Thank you so much. We appreciate you guys so much on rainy day. Use code so it needs to page knows we put n. ny and you can't do front page. Okay massage power massacre. Suspect said he'd loved guns in god a land in atlanta georgia man who professed up a passion for guns and guy wasn't custody on tuesday night after a string of shootings police say appear to be targeted to have targeted asians women at a massage parlor. That left eight people dead robert aaron long twenty one of woodstock georgia was caught on video at a crime scene and later nabbed or highway two hours south of atlanta following a police chase authorities has said police stressed that it was too early to announce a motive but at least four of those killed were career of korean descent and the horrific crimes amid a wave of targeted violence against the asian american community. Goblet this is horrific crying that the pure babylonian has committed to these asian folks And i with these people when you take a firearm and you just kill innocent people regardless of the racist bias of it all is just really just a sad day you know in this country that this has happened a guy. Continue onto continua a trickle of details about the suspect. Who went by his middle name. Offered a few clues Piece of guns drawn drugs. A fella music god. He said that he was addicted to porn. That is why he went on the rampage He said that the massage parlours was a gateway to porn because he thought that they did happy endings there so that was one of the reasons why he did it. Well that's ridiculous. okay Addicted to point bagging. My dad didn't give me. i didn't have to you. The obsession kill people. Because i kept watching a lotta point. This is you know what this is. This is ratio attack absolutely on the asian community. That's been agitated by the king forty five with this all is confidential. Rhetoric does very racist and a china virus and unease. Pure babylonians is different babylonians. These pure pure evil babylonians are going out there and and killing asian folks in and robbing them and beating them every day in this country. Now yeah there's a a high rate of asians getting beat up now now in america now here in america where We talked about this yesterday. Or the day Asian folks that do sympathize. But i'm sorry us black people thinking killed lynch for years man telling me not i. Do i do sympathize with you. And the asian folks use language as a barrier saying that. Hey we can't get into the Black community or the community in this world. Because there's a language barrier this a language barrier between asians and black folks but it's sure not a language barrier we barrier between white folks and asian folks when you get those loans and you're doing everything you can you talk proper english be great and then a lot of great folks. You can't you can't you. can't you. Can't decipher the language. When it comes down to black folk but white folks you can talk to them clearly. Asian folks don't get mad everybody agent folks. You don't have to go to black folks are gonna pick up their flag for you. sad is. i don't want nobody running around killing people. of course. i don't advocate that barbie. Not at all welcome to america. Welcome to the real world walk. This is this is what it is and this is what black folks have been during for hundreds of years. The lynch black folks in the south for a leisure sunday afternoon usually does. It was just the leisure thing to do This man who killed these people should They should execute him. Just like i still feel the same way. You know how. I feel about things like this. He don't win in this massage parlor and killed these innocent folks which is horrific. And i don't cosign none of that. He should go to jail for the rest of his life. And berry monday jail and then shoot them six times and let and let that be that but asian folks welcome to the welcome to the reality and you praise the babylonian and look is state. They turned on but folks. If you out there harassing asian folks. Black folks are not doing this for doing this. It's baloney the pure babylonian if you're doing this shame on you man like man like what. What kind of hot do you have man. And it goes back down to the years and years and a generational racism. That's in your life and in your heart and in your in your mind. I category is a of babylonian pure babylonia got trump babylonians Babylonians that love white people black people and then you have urban white. We like urban white house bad because we like we like urban white folks that kid we like urban white folks that don't like white folks they'll white folks and who we li- we like but the ones we stay away from and asian folks. Now this uproar in the community. You know less protect asian folks and i get it but i still can't get the barking dogs and food water hoses from nineteen sixty two in birmingham alabama. Out of my mind. I can't get rosa parks. I can't get a lot of these and shelby talked about forgiveness. That's hard for me but my whole thing is this is your fight will stand on the sidelines and watch because we got our own fight. We can't even come. We can't even come into the game. Hey our fight. Hey baby i'm still black. Lives matter who knows that we come to your rescue. There's gonna be more black folks lane industry in america. We gonna stay. We watch we watch. And when that when it's time for that dialogue the come this way with the asian community in the black community then we can go then we could get to that point but right. Now you'll pay you'll only thing is you can't buy from you in other races and then when someone is attacking your race you want those races that you tried to segregate yourself away from to come to your rescue. He came back. And then you'll get mad at that matt harvey when i was like. I don't like on games restaurant. Because i told you years ago and then shared as thousand times. I went in the bronx new york. I was in. High bridge is an auburn avenue. In the bronx. I go in there and give them a beef and broccoli. Whatever there and i just simply accidentally do you know anything about colleen roche. She didn't even know what i was talking about. But there's a line of black folks going in there eating support and that's that was my problem. I'm not racist toys. Asian folks. I'm just saying if you're in if you're in the black community learn. The culture to your kids are playing body cells. You don't want your kids playing with you going to try restaurants all the time you see. A lot of the whole family is dead in the back there in front. They play games. And you won't even let your kids come and play with all kids and now here go now now to fuck the f. Happen now efforts happening. And now you looking. For some kind of unification and the unification needs to start with asian folks have in that dialogue with african americans. Now and then the help we might bound over gonna pick the flag. But i'm just saying. I picked by prime so so we sympathize with you. Do we surely do. We don't advocate racism violence and none of this was anyone. But we go barbie cologne. Our official stances on the sideline. I'm apprai- pr. Hope it get better. We're gonna watch from the fifty yard line. Be careful out there. My asian friends. 'cause it's only the pure babylonians out of doing we already know. Who's doing this to you. And do you know where they stand. Where are i can't say it was because we still going through a Well how do they feel about. The black lives matter and police brutality against black right exactly because i'm seeing the whole lot of stop as invalid on my time mom from my own african american people and i not even once from fuel yaw black lives matter. Your have spoken anything about the tally against your so your made so it's just the whole thing. You can't have a double standard with this riot period. Like is just black folks if you love chinese food good. Continue to eat it. I'm not mad at you. I love chinese food too. But the next time you're go to china as acts of a basic question about black folks with asian folks who make who who who we who. Who's we sustain. They business and i said the other day become black folks need to go to our older and just start our own chinese restaurant. I hear that i hear that. Release show cine. Barbie doll an honest. A bad grandpa drew you go. You know you got me started sean. Well before we get into that everybody judas on the phone grant of the bad grandpa. God bless them. We talked last time we talked. We talked about that vaccine. And he said somebody couldn't hear couldn't do. I like to say that i took to johnson and johnson bobby cologne. I am still alive. Go ahead jill. Good your falling off your body. Not yet brother. God bless now now. Now we reframing and ju- is with us as far as Race ju we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna watch from this to watch from the stands. Why all this play out. Yeah i think it's time we do bro. Tom seriously for for us now. I think though the never black and brown people are going to take more deaths more control over their destiny and like really just look off ourselves to be real and i know that sounds crazy but it's what it is. You know what i'm saying. But i just wanna to say something on on you know like such a non piggy backing off of what you just said about the asian community i. I grew up in the lower east side not too far from chinatown and going to school. I went to school with asian kids and not for nothing like the way they explained to us it away. My homie explain it to me. Was that their parents. Been a want the mix it straight on. That's just what it was. That's how they they use. Tell them don't hang out with the puerto rican kids you know. And i think they need to start opening themselves up so the community that this servicing now. That's not say what's happening to them. As is okay. Because it's not but like you said. I think in my personal humble that they need to engage a small and and you know what this is now a clear opportunity for this community to now reach out. It's never too late and we talked about forgiveness earlier in the show. It is not too late for the asian community. Go you know what black folks we get it. We're over here and let's have this dialogue. So he says again. It goes back to what i said. It's a generational thing he trista. And i wanna give. I wanna give my man china mac some props because do is a real dual and he's trying to do his best to help people and this is a hip hop artist for yada. Who know china. Mac is a hip hop artist. And he's getting very behind these incidents that are happening to the asian community and one of the things he was saying was yes. The old asian community has the embraced. You know us more and be more open because the asian community is very secretive and closed community. And i get it way here altogether. Come on man we need to. We need to put that ball side. Well daddy and i agree with you but now that you share this and things change information information with us always on now now you kinda gave us the brute. The blueprint and the asian community is the responsibility of the progressive and the asian community. That's focused that. Get it like just rapper. And others to now have that dialogue and that conversation with the old school heads in the asian community. Yup because now now it's time for them because if it's going to start somewhere it has to start with n so you gave the blueprint with this rasa. You talking about young. Asian folks need to go home now and go yo. This secretive inclusive is not working as never gonna work again moving forward. They need to dial definitely definitely. Did you smoke now. I just rolled up man. I just dropped my grandson off. I had to take him at school. I hold on a commie worldnet. Radio radio god. Bless you always get outta here man. Y'all man love your much love hours. Respect peace y'all match drew can find you. Guys can't cindy was cindy j. hawk facebook sydney underscore j. on instagram sydney. Jv is a three or snapchat. You're asking me barbie cologne on facebook. Bar-b.-que along design on instagram barbeque clone. stars on instagram and designing four one snapchat facebook means face Facebook funny a great show today guys. We appreciate you thank shelby for call. And then also the world famous miss misdeed. Thank you so much. All dope fiend dave and and bad grandpa. So we appreciate you guys. You guys be safe. We'd be above you hear more. Yeah okay cool. Then we'll we'll see light maple took

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