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This his bravery. I remember them telling us that we should look around our unit because at least five marines in our unit would be killed this his heroism deer that people but we know are dying and they're going to put us in jail for this is patriotism. You don't really think about it about like the possibility of getting killed because we're taking it one day at a time one patrol at a time this is war subscribe now at apple podcasts sword scale contains adult themes and violence and does not intended for all audiences listener. Discretion is advised brian. Jenkins is an animal double what he has done to jasmine is unspeakable. It's just not right <music>. Hello and welcome to season six episode one forty four of sword and scale show that reveals the worst monsters are real <music>. Here's an idea for a reality t._v. Show fifteen wealthy suitors vie for the love and attention of a beautiful socialite. One of them is is potentially. The man of her dreams another as a murderer. Who will she trust. Will she make the right choice. Today's case begins in the televised world of reality where materialism reigns supreme and bad behavior just means more brad revenue reality stars as they're known exploit themselves and we the public loved them for their filmed with a fractured camera lens that only displays the worst qualities and while some of his field this genre may represent the most deplorable of people. They are in fact still people. We laugh and tell ourselves. We're not like that but we all want love. We all crave the comfort of a luxurious life. We ask ourselves. Is this really the way the richest and most accessible us live who would want that kind of attention <music> the timing in for muslims to you and i'm really bikini all the time looking hot megan house. Herman began her eyes to reality fame in two thousand six when she was named playboy cyber girl of the week she and a nerdy gameshow. I'm show partner team up to win the third season of the c._w.'s beauty and the geek in two thousand seven and in two thousand eight. She's one of the twenty when he women featured on v._h._1.'s rock of love a show where contestants compete to be the girlfriend of bret michaels believed singer of the eighties glam metal band poison out so humid hacks. I ashley opt to not really started her. Her megan doesn't win but it leads to runs on several other v._h._1. Reality programs including. I love money and rock of love charm school nightmare. I can't wait to go back to my past life lay out in town and eat sushi and then clearly fan favourite. She's given her own v._h._1. Reality dating show before the years up. It's called megan wants a millionaire mm-hmm. The casting call posted december fourth two thousand eight reads looking for the ultimate trophy wife reality tv star and playboy centerfold megan nagin housing and is looking for a man who will shower her with love and money v._h._1. Is casting single men of the highest pedigree to compete for the bikini clad glad bombshell from rock of love to charm school and i love money if you are a single man with the net worth of a million dollars or more more than megan would love to meet you whether you are a c._e._o. Or a trust fund baby megan would make the perfect arm candy for any man who can afford her vying for her affection or suitors like thirty eight year old t._j. Diab c._e._o. Of johnny love vodka valued at six point five million million or sex toy dave levin a forty year old internet entrepreneur worth close to ten million enter ryan alexander jenkins nicknamed smooth operator by the show's host. He's a thirty two year old canadian property developer self-described investment banker and valued at two million according to his profile on the show's website ryan quote claims he has left many amazing thing women in his life primarily because he wanted more women end quote it also says he enjoys molding girls into princesses. I should not have had enough time together for actually this an offense to know me yeah. I wanted to show our ability to maybe seeker remark comfortable with me. Megan wants to be a millionaire premiers on sunday sunday august second two thousand nine but after the third episode airs on august sixteenth the show is suspended from airing over the past weekend. One of the contestants on the show has been called in for questioning in regards to body found in a dumpster alley in the city of went apart california -fornia about twenty miles southeast of los angeles claims frank stephan on property manager on the site about seven o'clock this morning income assistant manager was told by a gentleman collecting cans in the back that he saw a suspicious black bag and they've thought something was funny about it so they got me woke me up and i went back. There and <hes> looked at the suitcase. The suitcase was about two feet by two and a half point three and a half feet carry on with the zipper was partially open or had burst open. I lifted up on and saw that it was a <hes> abbadi extremely small the person extremely small if you were to cut my leg in half and tried to put it in the bag it would not fit in there so the first initial thing that i was told that i saw it was a small female. Child unclothed told me later the detective. I guess that it was a twenty year. Olds iraq's twenty year old female email ryan jenkins shot at appearing on a hit t._v. Show may have ended prematurely but someone else's life has also just ended prematurely. Jasmine fewer never had a reality show about her quest for money fame aim in love like the rest of us. She had to figure it out for herself. Through hard work and life experience in actual reality raised by a single mother outside of santa cruz california. Jasmine's family never had a lot of money. She grew up a tomboy a lover of animals in nature and she had aspirations of leading glamorous life like marilyn monroe in two thousand six by the age of twenty five she had left her small small coastal town behind for the lights of las vegas to pursue her dreams of being an actress and model there she went on to book a variety eddie of jobs as a swimsuit commercial and body painting model to make ends meet. She also took gigs dealing cards at the palm's playboy club waitressing at the m._g._m. Grand casino and posing alongside u._f._c. fighters at media events in march of two thousand nine jasmine fewer meets ryan ryan alexander jenkins for the first time at a las vegas event hosted by hawaiian tropic. He's just completed filming on a yet to be aired. Reality series called called megan wants to be a millionaire and the two hit it off immediately on march eighteenth two thousand nine by some reports as little as two who days after they meet ryan and jasmine are wed at the little white wedding chapel in las vegas nevada the site of many quick celebrity a weddings from judy garland to britney spears ryan finally has his blonde bombshell wife and he's eager to share her with the world world through videos uploaded to his my space page. Friends and family may have thought there flash marriage was risky but ryan is a gambler at heart and just like with any hand of poker when the stakes are high and you have a winning hand you go all in where we leaving as the camera pans from jasmine seated at the edge of the boat friends splashing in the water he turns the camera on himself and mocks a kiss august thirteenth two thousand nine ryan and jasmine are headed to the san diego area from an apartment in west west los angeles together. They drive toward a luxury beachside hotel called la berge del mar in jasmine's two thousand seven mercedes. He's sierra l. s. five fifty if it were just a normal night the only event of note would be the poker tournament happening at the nearby san diego hilton but on this night a metaphorical house of cards will come tumbling down security cameras at the lubbers del mar or hotel record ryan and jasmine checking in around three thirty pm at three thirty three p._m. Three minutes later a hotel. Oh tell bellhop is scores them to room one fifty one and at six twenty five pm the same hallway camera records ryan jasmine now dressed dressed for a night on the town heading back towards the lobby there the valet retrieves jasmine's white mercedes and the to drive twenty minutes south from del mar to downtown san diego. The poker tournament continues well past midnight around two thirty a. m. on august august fourteenth hilton security footage captures ryan and jasmine getting into her mercedes. It is the last time jasmine fior is ever seen alive. Ryan jenkins is seen again two hours later around four thirty a. m. on the same hallway security camera back at lauber del mar this time he's alone and sprinting towards his room in a suit at five zero three a._m. He's back in the hallway now in what looks to be a tank top undershirt strangely carrying the phone handset from his his hotel room. He reaches up and drops it behind a cabinet. He walks off camera and at five zero six a._m. Walks back through the frame carrying a bucket of advice nearly an hour and a half goes by at six twenty four a._m. He's once again captured on film this time carrying what appears is to be loose items of luggage so many items. He's using his chin to help control. The pieces stacked in his arms. There are three trips like this and then nothing for three hours until nine twenty a._m. When the cameras observed ryan calmly calmly walking to the lobby to check out a loan with no suitcases wheeling behind him what cards are ryan holding thing. What did anyone know about ryan jenkins. Presumably he passed some sort of background. Check to appear on t._v. right but he was really really a millionaire. Just who had jasmine married <music> find me in this my space video posted by ryan jasmine playfully fully dances in a nightclub cocktail in hand and blowing ryan a kiss point point roberts washington zoomed in on a map. It's an area that looks like vancouver. Canada has dipped its pinkie toe across the border and into the absolute luton northwestern most part of the continental united states. This small peninsula will be important later on but for now it's relevant in. It's where ryan jenkins lived for a long time with his father stepmother and sister his father. Dan jenkins was a prominent architect in calgary augury canada and the jenkins family lived in a home. Dan had designed situated across the street from a golf course. According to his resume brian jenkins graduated from mount royal college in calgary in nineteen ninety nine he worked in investment sales and as president of a boutique development company company focused on cutting edge green technologies ryan was also involved in condominium development projects around the city some of which involve design work done <music> by his father dan by all reports he had a strong family and community and was highly motivated with multiple business ventures but he also had a history of violence according to court records in nineteen ninety nine jenkins was charged i with breaking and entering his then girlfriend's residents and breaking a picture on the wall when he saw her with another man in the home you he pleaded out to mischief causing property damage and was sentenced to twenty five hours of community service which he completed then in july of two thousand five jenkins was charged with assaulting his latest girlfriend. He admitted that he had punched the woman in the head knocking her to her knees. When she attempted to leave his residence he was sentenced to fifteen months of probation with conditions that he take counseling treatment treatment for domestic violence and sex addiction. How much of his past did ryan reveal to his wife. Jasmine unfortunately nationally will never fully know but by may of two thousand nine there are three month whirlwind romance was already coming undone done proven by multiple letters written to jasmine from ryan indicating possessiveness and jealousy according jasmine's mother jasmine had the marriage annulled that may but there were no court records of an official gnome it in either nevada where the couple got married or in l. a. where they had most recently lived a month later in june of two thousand nine. Ryan and jasmine are tending a las vegas pool party. You know the kind also in attendance travis heinrich an ex fiance of jasmine's who says she confided in him that she had multiple phones because ryan would go through her texts at a certain point after a day of drinking travis watches as ryan and jasmine were quote yelling exchanging changing words by the edge of the pool then he hit her and she went right into the water fully clothed her phone purse everything and quote jasmine files for a domestic violence complaint against ryan and he spends two days in jail immediately following his release ryan nine heads off to mexico to begin filming season. Three of another spin off reality show called. I love money an all too fitting caption for the mindsets of contestants. The production seems unaware of ryan's recent arrest and unconfirmed rumours suggest jenkins won the grand prize of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars although episodes of the show never air jasmine in the meantime returns to the single scene and gets back back to work fulfilling her personal goals. I knew about ryan jenkins today. After saint patrick's day jasmine sewn me early in the morning. She was really excited. She told me that she was in love because she had met this wonderful man from canada at a party at the hawaiian tropic hotel and that it was love at first sight. This is gwendolyn beer guard a close family friend and second mother figure for jasmine. Since the age of eleven we know there has been a report domestic violence between her and her husband. Did you ever know about that. Was the family aware of it. No i didn't know about it but a dear friend of jasmine's from las vegas who is her hairdresser told me that she knew about it and that concerns me because i think that maybe that's why i didn't know so much about ryan. Maybe there was this secret that women have when they are abused. They tend to hide it. Keep epoch secret. They don't want anyone to know they feel shamed by now. Jasmine has gotten a real estate license set up a personal training business and is even reconnecting with her interests competing in equestrian events. She's relocated to west los angeles and it seems she's finally moving on with her life. On july seventeenth. Two thousand eight video is captured at las ventanas resort in los cabos mexico the video featuring jasmine. I'm an ex boyfriend. Named robert hasman is harmless but why is she being filmed by a stranger and mexico. Is someone keeping keeping eyes on her. The first word you'll hear is busted coming from jasmine's roommate christina who is also in the the video cameras stolen or not still left in a cab. I got this from costco today. Yeah yea the camera awkwardly darts between jasmine splashing in the shallows of a pool at the beachside resort and robert reclined on lounge and awkwardly making small talk. I guess from l._a. Vegas they use the alias hans and ginger and the footage is later sold to t._m._z. on cinder good to see more view ten days later delight twenty-seventh two thousand nine. Jasmine receives an email from ryan. If you can come back to me and stop all this craziness we can have a wonderful life. Your forgiveness trust and loyalty is all. I i need right now and when your love for me grows and our lives are heading in the right direction. I'll truly feel complete. I will never leave you. You only want you in on my wife. Another video uploaded to ryan's my space page. Jasmine's blonde hair is now chocolate brown and she's dancing seductively seductively forum in a bikini he once again turns the camera around pointing at himself with free hand in august second two thousand nine megan wants a millionaire lean air has finally premiered and ryan celebrity status is at last publicly known eleven days later on august august thirteenth. Jasmine's mother lisa is staying at jasmine's west los angeles apartment according to interviews with lisa after the fact. She says her daughter walked out of her apartment that day. Really happy headed to poker tournament in san diego. She added that her daughter suitcase was quote packed packed to the gills probably the same one. She was stuffed in end quote <music>. Do things are not going well. At the charity poker tournament ornament at the san diego hilton throughout the night friends suggest the couple is awkwardly fighting with jasmine's biting sense of humor emasculating ryan making him angrier by the minute jasmine spends a lot of time talking and texting on the phone with someone she claims as her mother as they're leaving witnesses here ryan saying you're making a fool of me in front of my friends later robert hasman hans in the poolside mexico video would tell reporters he and jasmine had been exchanging texts and emails in which she stated she wanted to leave ryan and be with robert and las vegas jasmine's last text to robert said simply. I'm coming later that evening. Robert receives an additional text from jasmine's phone. It reads suck it. If the aftermath format of the car ride back from the poker tournament is any indication the argument in jasmine's white mercedes his brutal jasmine's violent struggle goal for life involved polled hair a broken nose and multiple injuries. There's blood on the passenger seat back ax seat and rear windshield. Here's detective gregory pelton of the buena park police department. I believe that he probably came across the cell phone. Saw text messages. I blinked that probably ignited the violence. It looks to me a crime out of jealousy it back at lubbers del mar crime scene photos show strands of hair and crusted blood caked to the white stucco couples hotel room back patio. She probably wasn't able to walk on our own. He probably carried down into the patio to get into the room but then thin realized he can't get into the rule to the back door so he actually left in the back patio. It we see him on the video surveillance running into into his room at which time he opened the dog probably brought inside the real police theorized based on the hotel security footage that in the moments where ryan is secretly secretly dumping a hotel phone handset behind a cabinet that jasmine may have still been alive in the hotel room potentially able to to make a phone call as ryan returns with a bucket of ice. These are perhaps jasmine's vary last moments. A preliminary luminary coroner's report says jasmine died of strangulation and the security footage of ryan taking three separate trips with bundles of clothing loathing tucked in his arms his ryan's attempt at making room in his suitcase with no additional items to carry cops say jasmine's crumpled rumpled dead body could easily fit inside since the luggage in question is never seen on hotel security footage the theory he is that ryan simply wheels it out onto the back patio click clocking through the parking lot and into his car ryan is last seen checking out of llabres del mar by himself and without suitcases at around nine twenty a._m. The morning of friday august fourteenth breath then between the hours of eleven a._m. and two p._m. Phone and financial records place him in an area about one hundred miles north of san diego called corona based on mud and weeds found in the undercarriage of the mercedes police believe it is during this time that ryan ryan took the vehicle off road. There's something else about jasmine's body. We haven't told you yet after she died. Some form of bladed instrument was used to sever the top digit of all all ten fingers additionally. All of jasmine's teeth had been forcibly removed. Perhaps with pliers liars all of this a crude attempt to make the wants beautiful jasmine an identifiable to authorities on the show thought process was this may be the work of a cervical detection and i both looked at this and said no way when did this tool brian pulls into a random buena park apartment complex around three thirty pm where he dumps the suitcase containing jasmine's mutilated corpse by five pm a._m. Ryan has returned to his penthouse apartment and surveillance footage shows him arriving on foot cameras then observe him moving. Mostly lee has belongings gradually out of his apartment and into his black b._m._w. X. five over the next thirty six hours in the meantime on the morning of saturday august fifteenth roughly fourteen hours after ryan. I returns to his apartment. Police respond to the nine one one call from the when a park building manager who's been alerted to a strange and terrifying suitcase on his property upon further examination. Jasmine's osmond's body is found nude and crumpled into a fetal position fragments of her teeth are also in the suitcase on aware that the gruesome discovery has already been made ryan begins texting several of jasmine's friends. Hey lacy. It's ryan ryan is jazz with you can't get a hold of her and later. I still haven't heard from her and i left another message. I hope she's okay. I'm going to be real upset if she just disappeared to prove a point or something lame. According to detective gregory pelton who we heard from earlier ryen makes further attemps use to maintain the illusion that jasmine is still alive. He's actually texting his cell phone with her phone. Say i'm in santa barbara. Go ahead and have i'm gonna be late. I'm getting my nails done then texting back from his cell phone to wholesale phone. He's building a narrow by it's not until nine nine. Pm that night that ryan files a missing persons report to the police he tells them that he has not seen jasmine since seven thirty p._m. I'm the night before and that she had disappeared while running errands after they returned from their san diego poker trip. He says that she texted him. Ooh babe. I'm going to be back around nine p._m. You should just eat without me but he's not heard from her or seen her since when asked to describe jasmine ryan says she had perfect teeth <music> at nine a._m. The next morning sunday august sixteenth garage footage shows ryan leaving the penthouse in his black b._m._w. He's also swapped out the license plate from jasmine's mercedes ladies onto the vehicle next. Stop vegas baby. There ryan picks up his speedboat nicknamed night night. Ride her a p._g. Thirteen play on david hasselhoff popular eighty s t._v. series when police call him on monday august seventeenth to come to the station as a follow up on his missing persons report he tells them he's in utah headed to canada to resolve some immigration nation issues so he can't come in. This suspicious response makes him. A person of interest. Authorities are ready to pursue in truth. Ryan is making his way toward washington along the road. He makes several phone calls allegedly at least one to his attorney okay who tells him to turn himself in he stops at a storage facility where he drops off thousands of dollars of belongings including his suitcase from the poker tournament weekend police described the bag as being similar in size and color to the one containing jasmine's body police have also at long last conclusively identified the naked and mutilated corpse back in buena park california by now it's tuesday august eighteenth with three days since the body's discovery and despite ryan's horrific actions of the removal of her fingers and teeth jasmine is alternately identified using the serial number on her breast implants wednesday august nineteenth a man matching ching ryan's description is seen driving a boat off the coast of north west washington in an area called blaine. Marina authorities are closing using in but when they arrive at the marina they come across an empty boat trailer the engine to ryan's b._m._w. Is still warm. The coast guard is alerted in the manhunt intensifies. They nearly caught him wednesday in a high speed boat chase but jenkins escaped gaped zigzagging back and forth from u._s. Canadian waters before authorities lost him in point roberts washington point roberts washington the peninsula community on the pinkie toe vancouver where ryan's father and stepmother still co own a home. It's an area ryan is very familiar with and can easily cross into the canadian border on foot through the neighbor's yard or even the beach at low tide a press conference held on friday august twenty first at the boyne apart police department one week has passed since jasmine was murdered by her jealous estranged husband and friends and family of jasmine are gathered arms linked around each other's shoulders police chief tom monson stand behind the podium filled with microphones and speaks i i would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends i can also promise the vigorous and judicious pursuit of justice in this case and i can now announce us that as of this afternoon we now have a warrant for the arrest of ryan alexander jenkins for the murder of jasmine at this this time it is our belief that the suspect has crossed the border into canada and we are currently working with the royal canadian mounted police in our attempts to locate him. Here's thomas hessian of the u._s. Marshall service while we believe you crossed into canada. We're not one hundred percent sure of that and there will be no no stone unturned and we'll look under every rock for him when a park police lieutenant steve holiday is tasked with informing the media of the gruesome awesome nature in which jasmine's body was found. The mournful sobbing of jasmine's mother is heard behind him. Your question was about mutilation. He asked we're prepared to answer that question. At this time he has the fingers and teeth were removed. I'm sorry what is an ongoing investigation. I can't comment on that robert. Hasman the ex-boyfriend jasmine was planning to reunite with in vegas before her murder also so delivers a message to the public. Jasmina was a beautiful person. She was a very caring individual. She loved her family and friends and a lot of information that you're seeing on the news is not true. We had a very close relationship for a long time and she was just a beautiful person. This this message goes out to the family his mother and father and to the friends that are helping him. Try to leave this country brian. Brian jenkins is an animal what he has done to jasmine is unspeakable. It's just not right and i appreciate your help. Please understand who you're helping lead this country and ask for your support to <hes> to bring ryan custody city based on a gun missing from ryan's apartment police consider him armed and dangerous and after diving through his past they they also in cover he is a previously licensed commercial pilot who provided training out of calgary international airport ryan's father once owned property in honduras as well as his own airplane so detectives greatest fear becomes that ryan will somehow make his escape to a non an extradition country in the flurry to catch him canadian police escort a man off a plane arriving at toronto's pearson international channel airport from vancouver that resembles ryan jenkins. He's questioned and his fingerprints are taken but he's released as soon as they confirm. It's a case case of mistaken identity ryan's father. Dan is also detained at the vancouver airport while attempting to reunite with his son. The manhood has a saturated media coverage. All throughout the country ryan's picture has been widely distributed and the wealthy jenkins family is well known own to residents in the community. If ryan is staying local it will be next to impossible to hide. The thunderbird. Motel is partially occupied with recovering addicts. It's located in canada about ninety minutes. Northeast of point roberts washington on the outskirts of a mountain town called <music> hope british columbia. It's directly across the street from grassy regional airport runway along the fraser river on thursday august twentieth around six thirty p._m. A silver p._t. Cruiser pulls into the parking lot unattractive twenty-something blonde exits the vehicle and checks to people into room to while a man waits in the car she pays in cash for three nights and leaves leaves after about twenty minutes motel employees had no idea the man was ryan jenkins. He looked really slender under facial hair darker hair color sunglasses. You wouldn't even think it was him. He didn't look very gone. Sin convery later police are able to link the silver p._t. Cruiser to its owner ryan's father dan jenkins the the car is then tracked to downtown vancouver condominium complex. The home of the mysterious blonde who checked ryan in alina jenkins ryan's lions half sister but before all that happens on the morning of sunday august twenty third the thunderbird motel manager it makes a gruesome discovery cracked the door and they've seen the computer sitting on the bed and a few of the things and then i follow through with torness i follow through with the door though he was hanging from the courtroom belts ryan alexander jenkins has committed suicide federal the border integrity program is now he will confirm that it is. I was sounded a motel in british. Columbia is in fact ryan jenkins at this time the investigation the circumstances of his staff is continuing but preliminary evidence suggests that he took his own life any further details will not be released this time as the investigation remains in its infancy and the fact that the ring was tightening on him. We feel it had been <hes>. He obviously was desperate. Ryan's laptop is recovered from the hotel room and the hard drive is revealed to contain a one and a half page document entitled last will and testament while the suicide note is never officially released when apart police sergeant bilko hanoch informs the public that the letter's contents were filled with ryan's re citations -tations of profound love for jasmine as well as how he disapproved of her. They were quote lots of comments of his jealousy of other relationships. She was having and frustration he had about those relationships end. Quote ryan also suggests that he did not like the image of him portrayed in the media which he blames partially on jasmine he does not acknowledge jasmine's death or the fact that he had just lost his wife in any manner whatsoever he just apologizes to his family for what he's put them through leaving his money and possessions to them. Jasmine's white mercedes the car that had been driven to and from the san diego poker tournament is finally recovered at the end of the week on thursday artists twenty-seventh it had been parked in plain sight in a west hollywood parking lot next is to a grocery store about a mile away from ryan and jasmine's former penthouse apartment. Police say the blood inside the spattered and swirled like a finger painting. There's evidence of a struggle without inside the vehicle and if head injuries particularly broken noses those types of things tend to believe a lot the glove box also contains another letter written by ryan while it was just more evidence that would lead us to believe that the yeah relationship was rather term. You know it was it had a lot of tension. Other was a whole lot of jealousy on his part. Jasmine's mother lisa lepore speaks with good morning america ms lepore. What does this mean to you this information about jenkins well. It's sort of the you know. I have mixed feelings about it. I mean it's a relief to know that this man is not out there with the possibility of causing harm room to other people. You know i mean that was a dangerous person and now we don't have to worry about him but i you know i. I feel like a coward and he took the easy way out. He didn't want to face the consequences of his actions and that's how he dealt with it. Is this alternative scene in behind bra. Is this closure for you. It's it's just one step enclosure. It's the beginning of a process of closure and it's a relief to have to know that this part is done a dangerous person somehow this man had made his way back into jasmine's life even after she made it clear their relationship was over but jasmine was really the last in a long line of people who were betrayed by ryan's charisma charisma remember megan housman the third episode of of megan wants a millionaire airs on august sixteenth around the time ryan is picking up his speedboat in las vegas by august nineteenth nineteenth as ryan is successfully evading the efforts of an international manhunt. The show is suspended by v._h. One and here's the kicker according to a tweet posted by one of the contestants had the show continued airing ryan would have finished third the lingering question as all the pieces of information. Were coming together other was how did we let this dangerous person onto t._v. And into our homes in the first place ryan's horrific crime was a seismic seismic event that rock the foundations of the very lucrative industry of reality television fifty one minds entertainment the production company that produced both megan wants a millionaire and i love money said in a statement quote obviously if the company had been given a full picture of his background he would have never been allowed on the show background. Checks are a critical component of reality t._v. Casting and in this particular case the producers of megan wants wants a millionaire hired. A company called collective intelligence to make sure none of their contestants were criminals but collective intelligence only it does background checks in the united states and since ryan was canadian they outsource the job to another company called straight line international straight line gave the all clear somehow ignoring the domestic assault conviction back in two thousand seven collective intelligence went onto onto sue straight line international for their fraudulent background check which ruined the reputation of accurately screening television candidates for networks like the h. one c._b._s. M._t._v. m._t._v. in july of twenty eleven collective intelligence rightfully won their lawsuit and since this is the entertainment business business and anyone's tragedy can be exploited for money. There's one last check to be cashed. The coat rack that ryan ryan hung himself on complete with full documentation photos and the actual blue air freshener found in his room went up for auction auction on a macabre memorabilia website starting bid one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars oh and and before we go here's another fun fact neither his father dan nor his half sister alina wherever charged with a crime despite the fact that the silver p._t. Cruiser found at the hotel ryan committed suicide was registered to his father. Dan and his half sister sir was allegedly the one who checked him in in fact canada's uber. Liberal legal system prevented anyone from even identifying hurt the public canadian privacy laws prevent authorities from identifying anyone not charged with a crime and since ryan killed himself before he was charged. There was no such thing as murder in the eyes of the law therefore there is no such thing as aiding and abetting a murderer durer either to this day ryan's father. Dan jenkins still maintains. His son was innocent of the crime of murder. He said of his son ryan was a fine young man. He was smart. He was kind he was sweet. He was innocent. He didn't stop there. In fact he sprinkled in a little victim. Blaming for good measure he adds. He went to hollywood and something down there. In the last last four months. Including this girl just destroyed him <music> <music>. That's our show for today. Thanks for joining us and remember that reality t._v. May be fun to watch can a guilty pleasure but it's nothing to aspire to well. Don't give a shit about <hes> leaving message but but <hes> i couldn't miss a john near long your facebook page but thank god you're back and we all miss you so that's it and those wake but okay much said <hes> way bitches. I'm drunk after wake up at five in the morning i met little bitches and their goddamn annoying and he knows serve that <hes> just happy to have you back. Everybody else can talk. Oh god uh-huh.

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