Once Impossible, Engineered Burgers Catch On


Business wars daily is brought to you by papal when it comes to growing your business. You need a partner you can trust for today and tomorrow and pay pal processes over ten million payments per day. That's experience you can rely on. Visit pay pal dot com slash growth to set up a free business account today. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily. Happy Monday, everyone if you're like me, you may be feeling like you indulge just a little too much over the holiday weekend. And that it's time to return to some healthy eating, maybe even give up meat. That's true. You're hardly alone. Consumers have been snapping up new kind of plant based burger that not only tastes like ground beef. It looks and bleeds like it. It hasn't been available everywhere. But that's about to change in the process, creating what could be a well bloody rough war between rivals backed by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. So far impossible foods are Redwood City California start up as made it's impossible burger available only in restaurants from fat burger to white castle. But next year it's coming to grocery stores. The company announced this month that'll put impossible foods head to head with beyond meat who's plant based burger was the first to be sold. And supermarkets not next to the veggie burgers. But in the meat section ten days after impossible foods announced it supermarket intentions rival beyond meat said, it's planning to go public with the one hundred million dollars at hopes to raise a company will expand into restaurants. So what are these things exactly they're not veggie, burgers, like Boca, burgers, and MorningStar farms patties, which have been on shelves for years, rather, they're engineered from plant proteins and intended to look smell and sizzle just like meet the products, which in beyond case also include fo-, sausage, and chicken strips are designed to tempt omnivores not just vegetarians founders of both companies see their missions is feeding a world with nine billion people without harming animals or worsening climate change impossible food CEO Pat Brown molecular biologist has an even greater ambition. He wants to end the use of all animals in food production by twenty thirty five. The broader mission has captured the attention of social investors like Bill Gates who's invested in both companies on a more prosaic level. These burgers might just help with those early December diets that is before the Christmas Turkey and ham Tempus all over again. From wondering this business worse daily? Hey while you grabbing a quick snack. Take a second. Give us a five star rating on apple podcast, Google podcasts. Stitcher or your favorite listening? Apogee? Thanks. I'm David Brown. Be back with you tomorrow. Business wars daily is brought to you by pay pal when Zeke was a kid spending summers on his grandfather's farm. He knew he wanted to be part of bringing wholesome food to people. He started his artisanal Honey company be raw by creating a network of dozens of beekeepers across the country. When he got his Honey into high in national stores, he thought he'd made it, but when he saw his margins decreasing due to distributor fees and seasonal production. Made it difficult to meet retail demands Lee decided to take his products primarily online from the get-go. He featured pay pow prominently on his site because he knew it gave his customers confidence that he was a legitimate business with quality products over the past five years. Pay palace helped him convert more clicks into sales and expand his business. He's grown every year and added new items like t candles and beauty products. So when you're ready to grow your online business pay pal can help you turn shoppers into buyers. Visit pay pal dot com slash growth to set up a business account. You can sign up for free today. That's pay pal dot com slash growth.

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