Should Bruins be Concerned about Tuukka Rask & the Shayne Gostisbehere Dilemma | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan


And welcome in to poke the bear episode 37 who's number 37 that we could potentially have as this. I don't know if I know anybody now, you might have to check in with spoke Z to see if maybe he can verify what what I think of a good player but my head I don't have one. I don't have one. I don't I don't think that's a 37 37 on the Bruins. Mm. Can't think of one's escaping me at the moment. Yeah sister go back. We'll take it to Twitter and see if people can can help us out there. We'll see if people can think of a of a name but for now, oh Bruce borchardt might be one that might be the guy maybe I don't know maybe 36 or 66 know you're thinking of Marcus Smart. We had this conversation. Yeah, so that's right. That's right. It's all kind of Cloudy. Well, we'll Circle back we'll figure we'll figure out who a good number 37 for this but at any rate off, I'm in Marion off ski alongside conried a Boston Sports channel Connor how we doing? I'm doing very well. How you doing? Good. It was nice to see the Bruins, you know when it was when a game. Yeah before 2 in the third. The Devils I'm thinking I got every time I think the steam can't get lower they do but they didn't they pulled themselves out of it. They Charlie McAvoy Matt grzelcyk just went on an absolute tear at the end zone, but that game was now Tuesday night people will be listened to this on Thursdays. That'll be old news. And so he never really talked about games. We don't what's the what would you why would you talk about a game when it's pretty much like over and done with the next day. So I'm considering the schedule is also like every other day now until the end of time we've have a game so that stuff gets lost in the shuffle very quickly. It's so weird to have nights where there's no games since I'm like, oh, what am I going to do tonight? There's no Bruce Lee. Yeah. We're not going to sleep. I go to bed at a normal time. Like what am I going to do? But at any rate, yes, brune's got a win dead. A much even when they finally they finally beat the devil's they finally did it. They finally finally did it. But well, I think these shows can be a little all over the place with positives and negatives. Well same here cuz not all people are talking about this and I think it's an important thing we discussed and that's to grask Tuukka Rask. You probably have not heard about him lately. You probably have not seen him lately month, but you only played three games and all of March only three games. He was out with an injury for a while came back left mid game for like during the intermission recently moved and it begs the question in this shortened season where there are games every other night and your schedule is extremely crazy. When is Rath coming back from do you trust that he will be good when he comes back basically at the Crux of it should people be concerned about giraffes. I mean, I think off and you've got an injury like that he has and we don't know for sure whether it is right. It's still tabbed as an upper body injury, but I think you saw him in that game on March 7th where he left and looked like he was holding his back pack. That's obviously very concerned very for a goaltender. And I think it'd be one thing if he missed, you know, 3 plus weeks with this when was out but then came back and was fine. But when you missed two weeks off come back you get the clearance from both himself and the medical staff saying he's good to go and he only plays one. That's kind of concerning where that's something that you know, it's not like it's it's like a high ankle sprain and basketball right where like maybe you come back but like when you do you probably need like a whole offseason to kind of get over it, right? It's not something that just goes away that's going to be lingering for quite a bit. So, yeah, it's not ideal job. If you're the Bruins where you've got the situation more rats is kind of in limbo with an injury like that again. I don't know if we're going to have the conversation of like is it worth, you know going for a run. If you don't know what happened to her ask when it's definitely a concern right? It's you know before last year and obviously what happened up in the bubble, but the last couple of years you went to the postseason. No way at the very least that you had arrested healthy Tuukka Rask, which is a great Coupe of your the Bruins right in terms of having that knowing that knowledge that you have a top goaltenders healthy ready to go and rested Rascal we go to the playoffs could be rested if he's not playing a lot of games, right but also you run the risk of whether he's going to be fresh as Rusty is that injuries seem to linger. It could be a thing which looks great and all sudden. He stretches the wrong way and you're back at square one, right? That's that's kind of what the nature of some of these back injuries, uh can cause for a goal to age. So it's definitely concerning you wonder if maybe it's best to just kind of shut him down for a stretch here and see what you have and whole lock and with our who's been solid so far and his, you know a brief stint up here again, I don't know if we're going to get into a situation where the Bruins in the playoffs is going to be like a new Bennington with with our with our takes or just think of that like that. Like I don't think that's going to be the case you hope that Bruins are not to resort to that when they the play-offs but for the immediate right now, it's definitely concerning for the Bruins in terms of just mapping out the rest of this year because again, we could sneak a week's time to come back and that's obviously great for the Bruins. But you also run a lot of risk of that with an injury like that. It's not like it's a even like lausanne re where it's like a broken a broken back and has surgery for that not great. But generally you can map out the recovery timeline and once the bones heal once you get through the proper rehab you're generally back back at it a muscle in, Georgia. The back that's one that that can pop up again very very quickly. So it's definitely concerning for the Bruins. It's funny you mention a scenario where floodwaters playing a lot and it seems kind of where the Bruins are going cuz obviously hillock Campground back-to-back nights. So he's you know for the Dodgers going has been getting in his going to get more time. It's interesting because rascas up after this season and for a long time, we've all been saying re-signed raspberry sauce street address you have to do it. I still think you do have to do you do have to re-sign Rask and I don't think he doesn't want to play anywhere else. I don't think that or anywhere else in the NHL. I don't think this is an instance of like, you know, I think if you if if he wants to come back if the Bruins can kind of meet him at the right point he'll come back but for a long time you didn't know what you had invalid are in swimming, but you're seeing it now, you know Le darling box solid swimming is really good in the AHL, you know, you might get some time up in NHL at some point here as well. And you know if Lazar makes this kind of run with halak and if you know Thursday That tandem gets them into the playoffs you do. Wonder if there's that urgency to re-sign Rask in this situation because you know, if you have le ja ra-hoo looks ready to be in the NHL or if you want to get the platoon with halak and blood are for entire season which again it's hard to tell how that goes out over eighty-two games rather than you know, two months. But if if you have something there, I wonder how that affects reciting Rask. Yeah. I mean, I think probably it's all depends on how the Bruins look this year how the DAR plays have swimming looks in Providence which even change and I see the most likely scenario is probably the Bruins move on from Hawaii and they bring back or ask. If anything if Rask has a you know, a place a half season, it could just probably work out better for the brands in terms of just negotiate his next contract will be which I don't imagine it's going to be I don't think you'll get paid, you know, seven million dollars a year, you know, I could see two years three years at 5. Maybe that's just a total loss. Point but you're recording that you just said you're you're you're that is breaking news. Woo. Yeah, exactly the same thing but you know, I could see that being a scenarios rest comes back and then you probably incorporate with our in but even if the dog looks great and has you know, a 9:20 say percentage in you know. And screaming looks good. I still don't think I do the Bruins want to open next year where you hope they still think they have a contention window with to you know, rookie goaltenders, I think. It's one thing to have, you know to play play the hand where you've got lausanne and the border of these guys and featured role to another thing entirely when it's two rookie goaltender switch a team that's trying to cash and now dead that's a whole lot of risk, but I think more than anything in terms of distressed status. It probably would just affect what they're looking at for his new contract because I still think of her ask is willing to come down. It seems like he is just want to play anywhere else and you can retain him for less money and give yourself more cap. Flexibility kind of seems like a no-brainer know it does I'm just saying in terms of injuries terms. Yeah, you know what, you know, what you want to do with your cap space just McCallum boost the starter. I think that's really what has to happen. Just just making the starter exactly but for you know, it's funny. It's hard to tell them something to do with Nets hard to you know, make a bet on what the Bruins are gonna end up doing in that but but if you want to go do a sure bet you go to bed online. AG absolutely Evan Listen Up Guys. It's an exciting time. Around the sports world is in full swing Bruins hockey is returned and in just a few days the Red Sox will return well, actually, it's Thursday. So the Red Sox are hopefully planning out. It might get rained out but wage, I'm afraid we don't stock that you would you would you would be we've been ominous. For the Red Sox 2021 season, but regardless if they don't play on Thursday, they won't be playing next couple of days. So baseball is bad guys and make sure you guys may not be at a game this year. 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I'm trying to find the Tweet the Tweet of when they waved Shayne gostisbehere and they were they were promoting Shayne gostisbehere the night before like they had a a slow mo shot of Adam with the Emojis and stuff which I think is a black historical but they waved him on Tuesday morning. They finally waved Shayne gostisbehere. Obviously. Yeah, it's transaction. We have placed defense machine guns front waivers today and the amount of quote Keats far outnumbers the amount of regular Retreats that this got this this was a good sign. Yes. This one was this one kind of broke Twitter a little bit, but obviously if you don't know. Sarah was like borderline. Delete a few years ago. Like everyone was you know, the hyper and she and gostisbehere. She's like a flyers always have like these young guys who they pipe up to, you know these amazing players and then it's like each other pretty average actually, but gostisbehere was a perfect example of this and obviously with past couple of years. He's deteriorated interior deteriorated this year that whole Flyers team has just been garbage wage and they waved him now. He cleared Wednesday morning. He cleared went away. So no one has picked him up yet. Now the question every NHL team is pretty much facing at this point. Mainly the Bruins or especially the Bruins home is do you pick him up? You know it do is it worth the four point five million dollars in cap from that he would take up I believe for the next two years, correct and Thursday, I think two years. Yeah, I remove it's I think it's two years remaining. I think it's he signed a big contract. So hell, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so so not correct. On that front, but the Bruins driven eat on the left side. You need to let you know your electric fence. We need someone experienced. You don't want have to keep rolling out Jacobs Barrel in a perfect world. You would be your seventh defenseman. You would put him in whenever you needed him not every single night, especially with the way he's been playing lately and got the spare bits that but there's a lot of hesitancy us with them is not as easy as like 2016 Shayne gostisbehere. So do you think that they should make a move to pick him up? I think on waivers know and I think it seems like a lot of other teams agree with that. It's just you know, if Shayne gostisbehere was available with term for two and half million, maybe look at it cuz as much as I think he's got his warts defensively obviously, look at that whole Flyers team. We've got a lot of issues defensively. I still think shin guards appear on the right team. So she team that's struggling with getting hooks through generating chance log. Is struggling with you know generating chances up high on the power play. It makes plenty of sense. Like if if you available for cheaper, I think the Bruins would definitely take a look at them home, but I think just what that contract so he's on the contract for two more years after this. So it's a whole lot of money commit to a guy I think two of those those next two years both its signing bonuses am 2.25 kick in immediately. So it seems already paying those up front and yeah, I think it's overall what I could see happening now that he's on waivers is dead Flyers trying to probably make a deal where they eat some of that they retain some money and then trying to make a move which if you're the Bruins, maybe you you look at that like something you probably want a more. A stable guy back there again. I'm see the the top dogs at home, which seems you know, they go probably talk about that a couple of minutes, but that seems less and less Lucky Now based on the line Nationals playing but ideally you want a guy who's also saved his own and but it can generate at least more even-strength offense which think the Bruins are lacking obviously so I think for gostisbehere, yeah, I wouldn't put a trade pass pass them. I think Emily cap on ESPN said on Wednesday that for in terms of Trades that sell your attention is going to be a big thing because just so many teens can't take on some of these contracts right now so I can pull up the Flyers doing that. But in terms of the waiver wire, yes, you know, we were makes sense in terms of you know, picking up a guy without any consequences are having to give away any assets. But when that was a you factor in that contract plus the Bruins, it's not like the Bruins need to get in gossip and all the problems are set, right. They still gotta add a guy up front or two, right they have to make a couple of different modes and even though they have a job. A little bit of cap flexibility plus some you know, John Moore and l t i r kaushik could be on ltir if he doesn't come back. We don't know about Kevin Miller, you know, that's a minimal Captain. It's still closely to go over that page and a half million dollar upper limit, you know, they can't just kind of take on a contract like glasses for anything. All the problems are going to be solved cuz again, he's he hopes in some areas. But if you look at that game on Tuesday against the devil's where you know, lausanne had a really really really rough game as you said things that were always been really struggling the last couple of games specially when he's getting pressured with the puck Clinton had a bad. He didn't tie up Sajak on that net from which led to that goal. So it's not like you can just get an offensive defenseman and it's solving all your problems. You also need just some stability back there as well guy that can beat minimum wage handle it handle kind of that workload and I don't know if gossip sphere answers all those problems and when you factor in that contract on top of it I just don't see the FED. Yeah. No, it's funny. I think I was just thinking about this and you're mentioning retaining some of the salary and dealing I mean we got scared right now would probably only take like a fourth or fifth round pick to get I don't think that you're if you were just taking on that whole contract. Yeah. No. Yeah. I also also and if fires were retained some of that contract he might go free for the sixth or seventh round pick. What's funny though is you know, that if the Bruins did make that move that sixth or seventh-round pick would become like it's a face of the Flyers like the brake calipers off. Yeah, of course, that's usually how it works out. Yeah, that's how usually works out. But again, I mean if it's funny you mentioned that if if if the Flyers now, by the way, I don't know how open the flyer to trading within the division, but if the Flyers said to the Bruins, hey will eat half of this thing. So you're only paying two point five and we only need like a seventh. That's not the worst thing in the world. I mean, you know that 2.5 isn't great. That's not fun. You don't want to pay that but if it helps, you know, you never know. It's a low-risk kind of move 7 throughout not that big a deal. But again, it's the money. It's even that 2.5. You don't want. I mean look at this job more contract like that's been a thorn in your side since he signed it so long, um again, like that's not a ton of money, but it's also money that could go to other places. So there's a little bit of risk involved in that to me like again, you should have your life at higher especially in a place of need like the left side on defense which you know, you've needed for a long time. Now, this is not like a new problem. It's not like, you know, oh, you know, the Bruins need like a third line right winger, you know. Oh, let's go out on the way. I'd be like, oh, let's get a lien holder second flavorwire right this thing a little bit more in that now you mentioned another thing Nashville is surging if one job Nine, the predators of one eight of nine. They are in a fourth playoff spot in their division. They look great. Now that was the team effort to supposed to be picking from now supposed to the team, you know back home to Boston and forsberg to Boston and and Ryan Ellis to Philadelphia or you know, just taking everyone off the roster. Yeah, and now it doesn't look like it's happening don't got David Ferrante parents live his parents from from from b u b b o Terrier Legend David Sedaris going to going to Nashville and they're going to Mark do guys on a few years. He's a UMass wage. I remember the name but so yes Nashville is not the team those things going to be selling a lot of this deadline, but we talked with us on Bruins. We'd a little bit you know, if you're if you're if you're if you're wrong Nashville, you look at the roster and you say well is it worth it to make this little playoff run again and be out in the first round or to be better to get the head start on the rebuild, but do you think wage Nashville is going to be a team that is still selling at this deadline. I mean, maybe the right I feel like especially with at home and I think this is why that asking price event so high on him is that Nashville? Doesn't have to trade him right now. They can wait until the offseason because he got him under contract for another year at a very affordable price. It's not like they they need to move him if some team is willing to offer. Hey will. Give you a first-round pick a top thirty prospects in our system and another Prospect another NHL, you know Fringe player then yeah, I think then you have to look at it and make a good move, but it's not like natural just you know doing a fire sale for the sake of it and especially the way to play now that again It it remains to be seen of natural like is best served kind of trying to make the playoffs again. I mean also they've won eight of mine's you said but I think Filip forsberg is now we met with an injury so that kind of plays into it and you know, you look at that core and you've got maybe a few young guys on the way like fancy delgaizo and a few players, but you also took sure they're dreading how much money for was releasing a command two years from now Iran. I was up there in age at homes Thirty going on 31. You know, it's how much more do you kind of have with this corn place? That's maybe a question they have to ask but I think if you're the Bruins, especially when you look at in the way now Nashville already was I you know, ask him what for at home now, they're probably even less inclined. It makes things difficult because you know the Bruins me look at their their defense, right? They need a guy who generates V type of offense, but also can hold his own defensively right? I mean again, we saw in that game against the Devils on Tuesday and I called one answer, you know, solve a whole lot of problems for them and after it back homes, either off the board or they're asking for too much about the quality dropped quite a bit in terms of guy who does a bit of everything right? I mean you can maybe get just an all defensive presence that could go David Savard for Columbus maybe sort of first school and like two years. Yeah. She's a night. So I mean even help he's a he's a right shot but big physical defensive defenseman. Jamie oleksiak is a guy Bruins friends, probably love him. 6-7 underrated a little bit in terms of his offense, you know, he's not like a a guy who's going to finish the with like, you know, seventy eight games and like three assists and no goals, right? He has a little bit of touch with the pot but he's an option. But again, it's it drops quite a bit. Right? So foxed all that could be another guy, which that's probably what's going to end up happening. But I yeah that's coming but Mark solid Bobby Ryan, you know, that's what's going to end up happening. But again, that's the issue right? We're at home. I think I'm sure not just the Bruins think this but the Jets obviously think it took me which I don't know. I think Philly is a TV at this and looking out of a just kind of like, you know, take the L on this year. I mean you got like Carhart has to spend probably week off just to solve kind of his goaltending issues and trying to work with him off the ice with that you wonder whether they just you know, talk up there to take the L and and go back and kind of regroup next year. But still what is the Bruins game? A couple other teams, a lot of teams need a guy that got home and if you miss out the quality of who you have to kind of fill that void drops quite a bit. Yeah. Also, you have to wonder about the flyers. I mean they've been a team that's had a similar core in place for a long time there upfront Claude Giroux voracek couturier. I mean, I know he's kind of emerging but he's been there a while. It feels like you wonder how much they keep putting into this with, you know, the defense, you know Pro for off hasn't had that great of a year in general have it's funny. We thought provorov was going to be the guy from the East who would be like a Norris Contender type guy and the mack of would get completely overlooked and it's been actually the complete opposite Knack of a guy getting all the attention and rightfully so we can spend a whole episode talking about how crazy he was and that final minute against New Jersey, but will say I will say I think I think I made a Twitter angry cuz I said he was going sicko mode and people thought that was a horrible thing. I said, he's going sicko mode as well. Could say yeah, as soon as I know whatever says that so you're like now you're just you're cursing everything and colors. Yeah. It's it's funny though that the people didn't catch that young reference. I bet as much as I make fun of like I got that cuz I'm a young guy but I guarantee you when I'm worse when I'm thirty-five and you know a young age Thirty you saying I'm no I'm saying people reacting tweet. We're like maybe over 35, but when I'm thirty-five and you know a young Bruins, right, it makes a joke. I'll probably be like what what what is he saying what she's saying? I don't know what's going on. Here. It comes with the territory. Yeah, it comes with a but no, I I do wonder if the Flyers decide to like, I don't think they'll blow it up cuz I think they have a little bit of a corn place but you'll wonder do they do at some point cuz again, I don't know if that car is good enough to push them over the top. I know it's funny is I just this is the thought that just entered my head. Do you remember there was a team in 2019 That was supposed to be selling off a bunch of pieces wasn't good last place middle of the year and then they went on a big streak at the end of the year wage. They snuck into the playoffs kind of like what Nationals doing right now, but this team stuck in the playoffs and battle through the first three rounds into the Stanley Cup that team wage doesn't ring any bells but it sounds like a little bit story. It was a cool story. It was it was quite the story, but that's what Nashville's dude. That's just as bad as they holyshit Nashville is turning into the next state Louis. It's ridiculous. They're going to do it. They're going to freaking do it on a more positive. That's the record. Yeah, put Nashville pasta to the cup Nashville just does the same thing with the Blues in a few years ago. Somehow the Bruins like trained one of the Predators goalies going to go on the run and then just maybe this whole big thing on a more positive note. Hopefully he's not as bad as the other the other guy before him. See the new deal. Yeah, good job guys. It's great great organization. Enjoy. That one guys could have happened to a better guy and they're misusing crew still stick their misusing crew and their fault break just show you how important Colton parayko is ever since Franco has been gone a team has been a puddle. So I don't know. I mean Ness and had him on the cold meter off during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You didn't score goal. You know, he was shutting down the Bergeron line for seven games. So have you have you noticed have you noticed recently? They haven't been doing that everyone they have on his hot. No one's cold. They took they realize they drinks the Bruins by putting on someone as cold then they go on a paper plate five goals. They probably put Kyle Palmieri on there who has scored I think like five goals against the Bruins and six games. So yes. Yes. No, but they they stop it's all it's all hot. Everybody's hot. No one's called the other thing that you were at the game on Tuesday night, but I was not the audio on the nest and I heard it was Dreadful. It was like a game. Edwards was broadcasting from you know, three thousand feet underground. He was he was you know, broadcasting the game from the center of the earth next to like some igneous rock right over his head like sound waves are just like right through it off. But yeah, it was it was bad and and then to end the game like the game ended that they kept fixing it and then the game ended and you know, they were given they're saying their goodbyes and then it's just sounded like the same thing. So they're broadcasting a Tron. Yeah. No they was it was not good. It was a it was tough but on a lighter note Nik Richie finally breaks the junkie off the Bruins back. He gets it off with the fight that five-on-five goal against the Devils which was like just that Stout New Jersey defense a tumbling muffin from the right side. He gets it through Mackenzie Blackwood, but him were crazy. Well good have a good is that something that we might see more of You hope so cuz right now especially the the brochure online really isn't getting it done. I think I read somewhere that pastrnak Scott one even-strength goals last twelve games so they get himself some of those issues but right now yeah that line looks pretty good. I think even you know, they'd strung together a couple of good games in a row now, but I was kind of surprised at just how good they've been I think last four games. I think they played about thirty eight minutes together. They're outscoring teams 4 to 1, I think like shots and goals like thirty-five eleven. So, you know pretty substantial in terms of how much chances are generating. And again, I don't think either either of us are going to say that just because they've had a few good games against the Sabres and the and the devil's that this is your new second line. You don't have to worry about getting a guy like I'll marry or hall or Garland or any of these guys we've talked about on this podcast for weeks now, but for the for right now, at least you're getting something from that group and you're seeing them all kind of contributing to Thursday. It's going to see Smith really start heating up now. He had three assists and the game on on Tuesday. So for right now helping out and the very least you got, you know, even if they get another top-six guy, you're seeing kind of the these guys you need to consistently play. Well like Richie like Smith, you know do well and you know, once depressed gets cleared hopefully by faith, you know, maybe Saturday's game and you put him with coil and all of a sudden it, you know your offense, you know, it looks a lot better when you've got depressed floating down to that third one and hopefully him continuing kind of where he was dead before he went out on the covert call list. So for right now, it's open up quite a bit. And what do you know when the version line, you know rebounds as we all expect they will Maybe your oven looks better. I still think again. They still need to get a guy but it shows you just how much different the Outlook of this team is one that second one is contributing applying. Well, if I'm 5 how much it transforms the whole rest of the team because one even that group is giving you more than what you've expected the last year-plus. Now, it kind of changes the whole complexion of what you're seeing from this team. Does it really does again just get upset top six. It's funny. Actually Frank's to Rally just tweeted as new trade bait column and he has David Savard now as the number one trade Target Mattias ekholm is falling down to six months because of how good the Predators spend lately. So his fingers Savard Palmieri Taylor Hall who I like Nick foligno Jonathan Bernier. Hey, there you go fast in bo4. Come on a Jonathan Bernier. Let's take this team on a run and then at home number six Granlund number seven. Toronto's top prospect number eight. I don't know why it's not the name, but whatever birth. Yes, there's so many that they just stop on Sportsnet will say that don't worry that they're going to get, guilin for a bunch of nickels and their tenth Prospect cuz that's you know, that's how they apparently pitched their their trade moves so genius, but then the Bruins have to give up, you know top young first round pick and Jake debrusk and a top young prospects in sadika found other first fruit and other person take for you to of a UFA Taylor Hall to go through walls to see our Taylor Hall, but he was I think he was one of my first pics in my fantasy league this year. It sucks. My fantasy team is actually doing well, but but I had ekblad who was killing it for me killing it pietrangelo has been in an off. The IR Taylor Hall has been terrible. I've been saved by like many, you know, Joel Eriksson deck and Alex drink it and like as as we all expected Joel Eriksson act breakthrough was like, yep. I guess a selkie like dark horses here spokes probably did I mean spoke sees? Yeah, so destroyed guy there are through by the way. I checked this the other day cuz I don't know if we saw on on Twitter off a reporter in San Jose is Erik Karlsson after he scored like two goals if it was Severus best offensive game. And you said no I think eating is Apple. It was the app. The apple is the accent on you know adding on how great their response was. Just continuous. I also find it hilarious that guy not watch all of 2016-17 with our Carlson where he was like that whole playoff series against the Bruins just like I think people talk about how good like, you know, Bennington was on that against the Boston like Erik Karlsson at 7 a.m. At six six games series. It was cuz never V game Sean is for the West. Yes, but that's sixteen Series against that Erik Karlsson was he was going sicko mode as the kids say that guy was like no, I mean nothing was nothing be dead. Full a saucer pass to my coffin at the Blue Line like that was absurd if you're depressed. You can't not I mean you can't save that puck like that has to go in the net. Yeah. It's it's it's a courtesy it's like, oh, here we go. Yes, but so I was saying I was like, I want to look up cross and stats this year and they're not that good his numbers. I think you'd like thirteen points and thirty-seven games and you know a lot of money off, you know, what was right under him Mario Ferraro with I think twelve points in a few more games, but I was like damn you master weapon right on Derek Carlson. There you go. How about it Mario Ferraro you go dead gone into the Frozen Four go to the Frozen four, but yes know against the whole state of Minnesota. Yeah, Minnesota the it's funny someone on one of the college hockey calls asked episode estate coach. They asked one of the coaches from one of the Minnesota teams. Like how cool is it the healthiest Minnesota teams are in the guys like I don't care man. Like I'm just try to win the Frozen for the shit who we're playing or off. So I get school, but who cares? So anyways, speaking of things that we should be caring about. What are you working on a Boston Sports channel right now? Yeah, we're going to be breaking down. Obviously. I think with the Echo news. I think the Bruins have to maybe start taking a look at other potential defenseman to look at the trade market cuz I think again they have to make an upgrade. There should be taking a deep dive on a few other targets. They could be looking at bringing down risk assets some interesting stuff on Wednesday about David pastrnak and kind of what he needs to do. Get back on the scoresheet. So we might be going down his game a little bit and looking forward to what's going to be a kind of a pivotal stretch here, right you playing, you know, the Penguins I think you've got a few games against the Flyers. It's going to a German. I think a lot of how invested the Bruins are in terms of really going forward this season and you're going to see it over the next 10 + 10 + days. So it's going to be an exciting kind of stretch here. So we bring all that down over at bsj. So subscribe over Boston Sports channel, and if you want to follow me on Twitter, you can do that at, Ryan. I just go 93 go do all that and for sale SV David Meredith, that's Connor and a boss this fog. Cheryl you poke the bear listeners. Have a great rest of your day.

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