Episode 293a: Australian Open 2021 - Round 1 Round-up


The welcome to new challenges remaining as we wrap up the first round of the twenty twenty one australian open. I've been rothenberg joined by. Ncr's intrepid middle east correspondent reema below rim. Just before we started recording meyer. Sharieff of egypt won her first match at the french open against our favorite hardwood floors surface. Specialists khloe pat k. Can you tell us what was the exclamation you had. Yeah i said which is kind of like a combo of venus and like you go girl lake. Yeah baby weird egyptian slang. But yeah i am very excited. Obviously this is huge history made and yeah especially that it was on hardcourts. She's obviously more comfortable on clay and fast surface so i think this was big definitely big. She has winning Started yet are still underway against you. Von johanna konta bit. We're going to be much more big picture. That just a very quick wrap up of what's happened in the first two days to the australian open. What are your. What are your top line first impressions before i give you any sort of specific what what is your first overall impression of determined through two days. I think a lot of the players who whether they were in hard quarantine or whether they've been away for a long time someone like a curious or most players have done really well. I didn't necessarily see lots of ugly tennis. Maybe those were the matches that i watched. I think one of the people who i thought struggled a little bit with team team was pushed really hard by In the first set set and a half or two even throughout the whole match but other than that like i watched like sinner shop. Oh they were very very good. That was an incredible match for me. That was like the match of the day on day one. I don't watch too many of the women. Unfortunately because it was assigned men's matches snow. I saw jala who was very good. Obviously serena really really good. They finished really fast both Asaka playing chunk of a first-round. I thought that would have been harder. Novak was obviously flawless. He won like three one unto against charity. So yeah overall not that many surprises. Were you surprised by anybody. Well no not really. I mean it's not a surprise. I guess and we're gonna this'll be the first surv- segment of the player. Focus part of the show. Ground couple player interviews and stuff but as rank losing to Gula is the biggest results of terms of like big name relevant player going out but we had known that she was hard. Quarantine for two weeks in pula wasn't and so that was had a real shot in the match into had talked with episode. You'll hear from her and she knew that virtually she. She said she forgot it during the match. But knew it before the match realized after the match to But yes so. That was that was there. I think there's sort of. I think this first two rounds is from is can be kind of like shaking off the sort of like the unequal. Prep like type questions. And then once we get to the third second third round. Let's say conservatively. I think everything will very normal. Like if you made it. Through two rounds. There's no there's no baggage. There's no hiccups. It's not about what you were doing two weeks ago. At that point. I feel like it's true but i also think that looking at the results the rini mixed results. I cannot draw conclusions from these results and say like oh people weren't hardcore really bad someone like for example who was in hardcore unseen. Really good match against petkevich like it. I don't know there are several i. i can't i. I don't think it would be fair to draw conclusions. Honestly if you had shown me this draw twelve months ago during the twenty twenty australian open for a little bit more than twelve months ago during the twenty open and said this is the first two days of the two thousand twenty one australian open. It'd be like it looks plausible. Nothing that's like crazy. I mean nothing is particularly like. Wow something must be up here because scoreline happened to this person. I mean some of the things you know are continuing like goffin continues to struggle. That was the story from last year. Like lost in five to Lexi randall it's not horrible. Loss mafia got really emotional. He has spoken a lot about his struggles. He just can't for. Some reason is really struggling. Since the pandemic and i think that was such a. I don't know i. I've never seen gal fuel. Look that emotional or like sat like he's emotional but usually happy emotional. It was sad to see him that way but also he played a guy who by of all the people who have played. He played with the guy who was his practice partner for two weeks. So i think that it's i mean. I think this is going to talk about this show later. Which we'll get with jessica gould but like after all after the two weeks being there in it was hard quarantine or just on that room for five hours a day. It's still a very intense experience being there. Waiting anticipating your first match right. I do feel like it. Makes a lot of anxiety or stress of these moments heightened her people. You've had so much time to anticipate your first match and to wait for it. I make things a little bit more fraud in the other thing My biggest impression on the first two days suspended. The crowd has not been what we're used to at the australian open. I know that they obviously have limited attendance but its basic. It's it's barely. I believe that was seventeen thousand for day one which usually around the cap was set at thirty thousand. That's well well under the cap of what they were putting. I think that just makes the energy a little bit different and a little bit maybe tougher. Especially if you're on outer corp. Maltese was not on a main courtroom putting recovery. He's not going to get any somebody who feeds off crowd energy so if he's out on like an outer court that's pretty empty. He's he's he might feel even more flat not sort of pull through in. So i we'll see how that continues to play if it's a neutralizer what that's the main reactions just like it doesn't feel the same way. The ot slams didn't feel like themselves last year after the pandemic but this one we were sort of. I think it was billed. Morris like tennis back to normal a little bit and it hasn't been visually an audio The crowd is not the same plus if anything. I think the smaller courts are better. The outside courts are better because the big stadiums. It's very jarring to see these. Big statements emcee for big names in melbourne whereas the outside courts like some of them. Barely have any seating so people like with my artist match for example. She was on court six but they were just like. I don't know not many fans that's one of the very smallest courts. Yeah but i mean there's a lot of these so i don't know but i agree. I agree it's very weird to see to see those trillion open allowing fans and not having that many fans and stands. I'm sure there's an explanation for that I think one of the main things for that. From what i can. There's two factors. I think from talking to people in australia about this friends of mine down there. I think there's two things. The first one is the lack travel. Obviously this is a big part of it. I think something as looking at their stats. They put on passers more than half of australian open fans or ten dis. They say in like twenty twenty came from outside of melbourne. Like around fifty something percent so like above half not much happened about half so that includes elsewhere inventory but also a lot of people come from sydney and then obviously big decent Trump people Internationally too big bucket kind of trip. The australia for for a lot of people and pretty much. None of people are making the travel domestic travel to it's very fraught Occasion state border closures. When people are very reluctant to leave their home state. Go somewhere else in. Just not feeling the ease of travel in the second thing is that even now. A friend who lives in victoria could take the train to the tennis. Was saying that people just don't it. It feels like a big step you know going back to a big public event. You know after spending so much time like just like you feel a little bit apprehensive still about doing it and we'll see how that comes back. those are two things that tim will need to be. You know kind of as they were in order to feel like itself again will be easy. Travel domestic international and he will being eager and willing to get in big crowds again. And so maybe maybe this maybe this is just showing that even if the numbers are pretty much zero. They are in australia. That maybe those things. Don't aren't mike flipping a switch as quickly as maybe we thought. And the third thing. I mentioned that Lockable mentioned also said. This is taking place in february rather than january. Means that the school kids are back in school and don't have as much free time to be wandering around with grounds passes in such another thing from a different perspective is for the players. I was surprised when team not surprised. I didn't think about it. That way team was saying yesterday actually the players are now meeting to readjust playing in front of fans because he was like the beginning. It was very strange playing with fans and then there were just some fans in roland garros. And then there were no fans after that and then he was like in adelaide. There were four thousand people. And i was suddenly like. Oh wow like. I need to get used to this again so which i didn't even realize was thing so i'm wondering if and when stadiums do get back to the hopefully they will get back full capacity the at some point that must that will probably qualify requires some adjustment from the players. Also one life. I wanna give a shout to before wrapping up. Here just is gonna be pretty brief. The indresco is great to see her back. She looked very sharp and played against Who actually really good too. That was a very high quality match Entrusted wins it in three after coming back from down love. Forty three all in the In the third set she digs out of that hole in the winds that final set six three just her sort of like charisma and energy on court. I really missed. It's it's unique in it feels. It's very powerful presence out there and seeing her back looking relatively not. That rusty was pretty cool so good to see beyond convictions. One percent want to single out and she's in a fun section withdrawal against shapes away next in the winner of that one to play against venus. Or sarah ronnie the second i saw bianca court i was like oh my god. I missed the so much like she really does. Have that charisma. You're talking about you. You can't not watch like i was on a diff- i was working on something else but i had to put up on the like. She's just great to watch. And i really really really hope that she stays healthy. Absolutely fingers crossed for that fingers crossed for everyone down there to have a good time. Stay healthy enjoy. The tennis he re. We're now going to hear from Match mentioned victoria azarenka. Who made the us open. Final last year won the australian open twice lost in the first round seven. Five six four to jesse pa- gula and here is what azarenka had to say about the fun the tournament twice he aaron dumb and obviously he had such top preparation going in. I guess people wondering whether or not that that impacted on on how you perform i it. Of course it has impacted. We know somebody who was coming out hardcore In may be has been able to adjust. Well they'll be like oh maybe has an impact and somebody who lost early we'll sale of course every it's impacted like it will be hard to say like. Was that the best preparation for me. No but you know. Try to sit here and find an excuse because of quarantine and and this is just something. That as i said it is what it is. I'm disappointed that wasn't able to perform that. I knew i could That's a bit hard to accept today. because i knew i i could do. I know i can play better a lot better but i the same time. I feel that. I've tried everything i can to be able to be prepared but unfortunately it hasn't worked out for me left. What you did to prepare for the tournament getting released from the lockdown or even during the lockdown itself. How did you get yourself ready. The most creative way possible as against the wall in the sofa cushions and testing work. But i think the biggest impact For me personally has been not being able to have fresh air and that really to toll. They really took a toll um for for me to adjust the enter the same time. It's something like. I don't know how to prepare after two two two weeks quarantine to play in six days match or five days match. I don. I don't have a blueprint of how how to how to prepare. So it's all about like trying to figure it out. And i did not figure it out. Not not this time a tough loss for azarenka but it's a big win for jesse gwu's in a very solid number of them recently as she built herself into being very reliable hundred player creeping on the edge of the top fifty jesse. You deep longtime ansi. Our listeners may remember was a guest on the show way back in twenty thirteen. One of the i guess we ever had. She's missed a lot of time on tour cents cemeteries injuries and so she's still maybe as an unequality some people at but it's getting more and more. Now listen the good section that you ought to become even more known after this so we thought it'd be good to check up with jessica gula for her thoughts on the match quarantining and more. I don't know if you remember like eight years ago in charleston coroner did one with you. There at the at that tournament episode was looking at up before he came in. So i was waiting. It was like thirty three and now this episode to ninety three. So you've been around for a while on the on the tour do you. you're still of. It's the only twenty six but you feel like a veteran who has seen it all at this point or do you feel like a lot of this world is still feeling nudie. You know this is all still new. I was just talking to isla tomato since she was like. Gosh it's crazy. How young everyone is like you hear the year. They're born in your life. Oh my gosh. Like people used to say i was young. And she's like. I don't feel that old neither do i. I guess that's good. But no i don't i really don't i honestly like i mean you guys know. I had so many injuries where i was out for two years at a time when i was back in two years so i really don't feel like i don't feel like i'm the her in like a lot of these experiences are still new to me. I mean is the first time. I've won a first-round here in. Yeah i know. I've been playing pretty consistent the last couple of years having good results. But that's just. Because i stayed healthy so i yeah i don't really. This is all very new. I don't feel very old. Do you feel like your business all just like you said probably of your health that if you had had the good health before this trajectory was going to be there or are you unlocking things. That weren't there before. Also now i think i like. I'm a big believer in like everyone's journeys very different. And i think that i learned so many things when i was out for being hurt so i can't honestly say that if i was healthy i would have been as good to be honest. I probably don't think so. Maybe i would have made more runs or gone to high ranking but i think that i learned so much from You know the couple years here and there that i was out you know about my body fitness how to train better ways to train. You know what works for me. That maybe isn't the same as someone else. So i'm honestly think it's a good thing. I think it was meant to happen. So this is kinda mindset will not when you look at your things you're achieved. What is this win today over. A player like tour as ranko has won this tournament twice Where to sort of rank for you had you put this in context of this whole journey of yours. I mean i think it's definitely. I o obviously considering choosing the street. Quarantine wasn't feeling well. All factors still set aside. I mean i think that yes definitely one of my bigger wins just to beat her here. You know first round where she's played so well and she's coming off a good end of last year. She was really starting to play back like how she used to. So i think yeah. I think mentally it was. There was a lot of things to overcome today. may seem easier because she hasn't practicing or you know she was. She was feeling what the end. And that's all true. But i mean honestly to me. I think it's almost harder to win. Matches like that sometimes Mentally knowing okay. She has been practicing. Okay she's not feeling well you know and then you saw. She played pretty well there for a couple of games. 'cause she's kind of like you know screw whatever hitting balls so yeah as. I'm proud that i was able to overcome. You know stuff like that in dance is definitely one of the top if not the top. I don't know. I guess when one of the big talking points in the whole tournament today not match but a lot of the matches like how big an impact will be when there's a plant one player who was in hardcore team thing. It's a player who wasn't and there's a bunch of their matches that are like that unsurprisingly. Today how much were you thinking about that before the match in terms of if that adds confidence for you. That's pressure if it had you know you really shouldn't lose to someone who is in her quarantine or changed tactics. How does that knowing that difference. How does that affect you before. Match anecdotes during the match. I mean knowing her. I mean you know. She's going to go out there and buy an play. Well i mean she's a champion. She's not just because she didn't play for two weeks. Obviously yeah maybe movement reaction time a little bit. But i mean she's still gonna play. Well i mean she was playing well five to you know so. I honestly didn't really kind of forgot about it. Until after the match day. And i won and i kind of like realized. She wasn't heartburn team like it didn't really wasn't really in my mind. I think it was more harder dealing with it at the end of the second set when she clearly wasn't feeling well and then i kinda like maybe she's not used to the heat. Maybe you know like different things. I think it was more just need closing that match out. Because i had a match last week where i played sony canon and i was upset in four one playing pretty well and i didn't close it out and she ended up getting back in the match and then playing very very good third-set so there's a lot of things going on but yeah i think you just i mean it is what it is. I mean it it sucks. Obviously i wasn't in heartburn t. I know a lot of the girls. Were i know them. And they're like yeah. You know it sucked. But i think it's just you know you gotta deal with it and you're dealt so. I'm glad that i took advantage of it. If that you know did play into it and help me again. I'm glad that i took the opportunity to do that. Because i mean all in all she still wanted to be me. I wanted to be her. So it's kind of you know once you get out there whenever you want to win just also on that emotional sort of side to. I've just been wondering how magnified everything would feel in this first round because you've been there waiting for this match for so long term too but it's very much in the shadow of the grand slam. It's on the horizon so having to wait you know the two weeks in the hard or still pretty tough. Nineteen our quarantine. All for this. Like i imagine is a patient like wondering what your draw is going to be all sorts of stuff like how just like i would feel like everything would be really heightened. I don't know if it's experienced to does that. Seem like it's survive. The now i think stakes are higher. It was definitely heightened. I think just because everyone's been cooped up. Obviously we had the week before which i think really helped because it did kind of feel like we were already not playing the australian open but we were here like it was at the same site. We're doing the same things like so. I think that actually really helped. At least it helped me. But yeah of course. Everything feels heightened just knowing the quarantine you know the people that were stuck in this an all like all the stuff going on. I think everyone was definitely heightened and again the awesome things weren't fair compared to other players. But i mean there's nothing you can really do about it at certain at a certain point but yeah emotionally. It was a little tough. But i i was able to play last week and i think winning a couple of matches really helped. 'cause i was in abu dhabi and i lost a tough one first-round spilling so like it was almost two week. Quarantine quarantine time seemed a little bit more stressful than the week before. Just because i'm i'm gonna just got two matches before i got here because i think that definitely helped loosened me up is my i am not being show you for ten years and i'm just curious what mom biggest questions like what the vibe is like there because it looks different on tv. There's not a lot of crowds when we can see a court like what is what is it. You've been there before. Obviously like what is it. Was it feel like on the ground. And that's what. I'm most curious. It's definitely not as busy on the grounds doesn't you don't really have that energy that when you walk out there you kind of feel like everyone around you even on tv when you kind of watch like you know the pan out you're using all these people and there's not but i like playing on a obviously a bigger court and having a lot of people in a ton of people but it was enough to where when the cheering and stuff happened it did still seem loud so that was really the fun for me because you could definitely. I didn't really notice that much. With i mean i'm sure it looked more empty on tv but it really didn't feel like it. So that's been nice. But i think inside everything feels kind of the same but yeah when you kind of walk outside. It doesn't quite how the same energy by yeah. I mean it feels okay like going to the you know when you go to eat when you go downstairs when you're in the media room it all seems still pretty normal. I think but vince. Through the inner like guts like doing the same thing then. Yeah i know what you mean because like yeah when you walk outside or when you're watching on tv it it seems weird. It doesn't seem the same like all. This is your third weird slam. You would have played the now. Just how different. How different of each of these things. I in each will branch. But yeah what was your how would i. Would you describe differences. Feel like the us open to the french open and reached its own sort of definitely. The crowd. Here is definitely feels more alive than us. Open us open. It's a huge site and it just felt dead because there was nobody there so that did feel that felt weird especially because i played a bit of a like night match on ash and it was just dead. I was like this is so like awkward and so is he. This is definitely the best for sure because there's fans as far as like logistics go. Obviously we did the quarantine which is really tough but then we were able to. Now we can go out to dinner and we can do stuff. And you. Don't feel as kind of cooped up in the french. There was kind of fans there. But i didn't plan courts alike. It felt that there too and the weather was terrible. So that made that actually was what made it. So bad was it literally was raining and cold. I've played late every match in every match. It was just it was like it was horrible. Conditions are so bad. There's a lot of attention on mike the players quarantines complaint and some of that before the tournament and i was wondering if the vibe in the city when you've been out feels around the tennis than in years past if i don't know how you would quantify that how that might you might perceive that but dishes survive in melbourne 'field different a little bit like maybe not quite as busy I guess they just went back to work like last week. So i think it's. It's starting to see more busy when we first got here. We are obviously in our hotel rooms even looking outside like it seemed kinda dead but i guess they just went back to work kind of las week. School went back in session. I heard you. Yeah so i. It seems like it's getting busy when i'm staying kind of a busier area too. So yeah i mean it was busy like saturday and everyone's going out so yeah i mean that. Then it's been busy. I think it's starting seems like it's starting to get back a little bit normal. Is it going to be hard to go back to the us or wherever you're going to next after being the after being this sort of country that's you know to wear masks for things are open. How's that gonna feel. Do you think it's just nice. Not being in a bubble. When you go back i can go walking. Get coffee. I can go walk and do this and not even that. I'm outside that much but just to go out and do that. Like run to the store go to the whenever like go shopping. Go get your nails in down the street just like little things like that. Definitely make a big difference I'll probably play doh hard. You buy some sure will probably be in like somewhat of a bubble and then i lived in florida and they've like i know they've been pretty open but i also don't really do much when i'm home so it doesn't really like just home. I like call to practice. Go to the grocery store. I guess like that's about it like there's not really much going on so for me. It doesn't feel that bad when i'm home in florida and obviously the weather's nice to like we're not snowed in where we can't be outside to. You obviously have a lot more knowledge of other major pro sports with your family connections to what's going on an nfl nhl and wondering like you following all these different sports are handling in those. Those two sports have very different approaches reaction to everything going on during the quarantine. What do you think there are things that each other sports could learn from each other in terms of like other things that how the nfl's handling things that could be different. The nhl obvious for their playoffs. Had this whole different bubble setup. In canada you know could tennis emulate any of those things. Could they teach those sports over things or they are just a completely different world. that's not he gets. Just it's so different like like they're able the nfl to really keep a bubble around their facility because they have one facility practice facility their games they charter planes every time every team. So i mean you can always kinda like keep his bubble moving. I think it's so hard with tennessee. His internationally people flying in from different countries from different stuff. I however really do love the fact that like these big areas like new york city in melbourne or playing multiple events in one location. I really don't mind i even. Us open. I was totally fine. Playing cincinnati opened at the same. I if there's a way they could do that. Obviously that'd be great but You know it's so tough schedule. International travel depending on where the tournament is money obviously. Tv there's so many different factors in it. But i do love like that. They kept determine here the australian open than are having another term in the second week. I think that's a good idea that it hoped. Maybe more of the bigger tournaments could adapt you And i think there's don't mind being in one place like i don't think we mind it at all really so maybe something like that It's hard to compare it to the other to the other sports. It just seems so different to me just knowing like my parents and stuff. They're pretty under pretty strict protocols to nfl like getting tested literally like every other day and stuff like that so yeah i guess it's just different but hopefully we can kind of evolve as as this thing kind of carries over into this year. Which seems like it's going to be here for a while. So there's lots obviously still have a lot obviously can still do a lot more winning in melbourne. So you're nowhere near done there but already. Are you looking ahead to sort of i. Guess what you sort of alluded to it. They're like what's lying ahead. The uncertainty of the rest of this schedule does it make it feel different when you're at this tournament not knowing when how and what like the next grand slam event will be like necessarily think. We're looking at europe merle. All kind of talking like okay. This is starting to get a little weird leg with the uk strain. It's like okay wimbledon and the french again and the whole europe swing. I think i think will kind of maybe be the toughest thing to kind of happen just because you know the us hero. Obviously they had a lotta time to plan and they have these big facilities. They can hold all this stuff that like you know. We were even saying like being in london like everyone's days in the village like it's going to be so hard to bubble that and have people like staying in the city taking almost an hour to get to the gorth lake. Just there's all these uncertainties so even last year. I kind of felt like i was kind of like. I don't even know what i'm gonna play again like. I really wanna win. Because you really don't know. But i think you also kind of appreciate that that while we're even lucky to be back playing right now to be honest i mean there's so many people jobs everything struggling to even go on. Obviously i think it's great being able to watch words like even me like i watched way more football this year because there was nothing it was like something to look forward to and obviously our sports fanatics alike. I love looking forward to a sporting event coming back during this time but Yeah you definitely kind of have this appreciation like wildlife. You're going to go out there and compete and give draw because you really. There's you know there's a next week which is which is crazy but at the same time. We're so lucky to be here to be here playing. But hopefully they they set out a schedule and hopefully kind of stays how it is. We'll see i guess so. It's so week to week to thank you very much. Appreciate it thank you. Thank you jesse. The second player we're going to hear from is one of the players who had one of the most emphatic winds on tuesday in melbourne. That is another american ann lee. Who one in just forty seven minutes over the thirty first seed josh. Six two six zero therein platforms an lee of king of prussia near philadelphia. Although as you will find out at the end of this interview her philadelphia. Bona fides are perhaps a bit dubious. Thank you very much for coming. In and congratulations on your win today. That was super impressive. Headed you have you feel winning to against a seed grant slam. How did that feel. I mean every matches is another match. You try not to think you playing you know. But i'm really happy with the way. I competed out there and and charge safe his strong. And keep implementing my game. So i'm glad i was able to win that match you've been moving up the rankings. Quite a bit in the last year or so at a time when it's not easy to move up the rankings with how they've Frozen stuff. I think you basically cut your banking and half. You're like outside top one twenty. Now you're in top seventy still moving up. I mean how. How what is that been like. What's your attitude sort of this period. This unique time on the tour de. It's definitely a difficult time for everyone. And i think we all take in the situation differently. But i mean for me i just feel grateful to be able to play and compete and I think yeah. I mean i. Don't focus on rankings really ever Just kind of focus on process and getting better every day. And when i'm playing matches i tried to do i learned and and do the right thing. Klay the right way so i think that's just the main focus for me. I've been able to do that pretty well. In terms of your mental approach to this time are you still. You think is hungry as he would be normally. Are you giving cutting yourself a little more slack. Because it had difficult everything in the world is now or are you still full steam ahead or more moderated with your approach actually being a in like these weird times like having to be in lockdown and and not play for while have long preseason. It really makes me want to compete. And i think honestly. It's been helping me. Because i i find that i really want to enjoy every moment. I am on court because you know not being able to compete for a long time and it just it. It made me really happy to court. And i think that's one of my main focus is also just just enjoy being out there and every point kind of play with a purpose in 'cause you don't know if you're gonna be able to play tournament for or another while but i think Yeah for me. I just it it makes me enjoy more. So let's talk about this journey particularly in australia. Which maybe it's a microcosm of that exactly. You're talking about so you fly down guessing. La flight that had the positive test. Is that right. So what was your reaction against. When that news of the positive came out it was definitely the worst thing that could have happened. a bit unlucky in that situation but i mean there are the flights as well so other players were the same situation so It was really nice to make another draw. You know for all of us to keep it fair in a way but Yeah i mean it wasn't the greatest of news to here. But i mean there's nothing you can really do about it so i think for me like i just knew i was going to have to work really hard In my room and know. Try positive. And i only had like one breakdown japan. Yeah i stayed pretty Pretty calm and and try to work really hard and again like i was itching t now get out there on the court clay. But it wasn't something like you know. I was freaking out but what was a moment caused your breakdown and had to be tough yet. You're sort of a load in there with your thoughts for fourteen days. Only one sounds like a pretty good number on the double. Digits were easily understandable but only one is pretty good. It's what was it like mental myself. Yeah but it was. Just because i was i was trying to work out and it was almost like coming from preseason from working out like a ton you wanna just go play tennis. You know so. I felt like it was almost like i was just working our our out like over and over again but it was. Okay yeah. I mean after that i kind kinda just allow. It's it's again like you can't really do anything about it. So there's no reason to freak out earn complain. And so i think yeah. What was your hotel room workout routine like. So i would workout out. I would try to wake up pretty early. I found that. I like waking up early. Just you know get a little bit of an early start than everyone but so would work out at nine and i would kind of facetime my fitness coach and That i would work out again. I like two or three. And then before that i would try to shadow or hit against a mattress Take that maybe twice a day also workout twice today. Did you feel like you're really. I was wondering about the mattress hitting specifically with the players. Like how much do you actually feel like. You were gaining from that from the tennis level of of that kind of activity hidden against the mattress. It's definitely better than doing nothing. And i think that also like we would have meetings about updates and everything so i think in a way that also helped because it keeps your mind kind of active and thinking about tennis and sink. I also tried to watch a lot of matches every day. So i think even though i wasn't playing or anything i would keep my mind activated in kind of ready go where you're watching I watched some old ones. I watched i watched some of serena. I watched some yoga. I watch some henan some clijsters. Usually i would watch men's matches but the these women's Great and you know also try to watch myself a little bit. I come out of the blocks. I guess like you said there's this new event with made for the players in the corinthian. The grampian trophy event. Which had to be a big relief for you to feel like you're on level playing field with with folks at least for the first week. How exciting that draw to get to play and you were you. Were killing at once. You were in there. I mean Definitely it was nice to have kind of fairness i guess in being the same situation as The rest of the draw but yeah. It's just really happy to be able to play. And i think coming out of there i you know i had high speculations about attitude in what i wanted to do on court but you know there's nothing about oh really want to like. I have to win this match so it's never really about results obviously want to win. But i think for me. Just focusing on what i've been working on and and again like thinking about the long run. And the process is unique ending to that term obviously. Didn't wanna playing a final getting pretty. Close that that tough news for you. Were you happy about that decision. How how is that sort of any did wind up in the end sharing the holding of a trophy with the net. But how how is that that that finished to the terminal for you. I think again with me like kind of just you know it is what it is and i was actually really happy to get a break before my match new siding my body really appreciated that and you know like with the scheduling. It makes sense. I mean so whatever they decided like it was good but yeah i was happy to get that win and it was really fun against gender would have loved to play. But you know it's it's it was nice to share the trophy with continente so it was. It was a little bit of funny moment for sure. It's definitely unique in the record listed in the that trophy. But definitely unique crew for sure of so you wanna the battle of pennsylvania against against brady a before and i just for other parts of your sort of background. I spoke to jank jank before. You're in here and was very impressed by your game but also very excited to see you as a player who can speak mandarin on tour before the match. I know she's parents from china because she name already we can know is chinese and the way talk only to be a mentoring and that you place a while in the keep going in gluck for you on the she said. I'll thank you my inc. My chinese mandarin no sogo but still learn and yes. She's pretty nice nice girl and she played also helps she can keep going and the also really like her ten the tennis so i learned from the match so i think really nice nice. Nice nice player. What was that conversation like with you to I've quite nice little after the match. Yeah i didn't really know. We never really talked before. So i wasn't sure but She's very nice. I mean after the match we thanked each other for a great match and and she was basically like you play really well and and i told her that i need to practice my chinese because i was the first time i spoke in a while But yeah i was. It was really nice and You know that just shows that. I need to you know where i've been meaning to do that but it hasn't come out yet. It was really nice moment and you know hopefully can have another much. Have you interacted much with the chinese with the chinese players on tour. Because i think there's a decent contingent of them now wti level. There's a few. I think around my age or maybe a little longer but Yeah we do say hi and we talk and it is a nice moment and it's nice to have you know friends from them to the different. Did unique sir bridge you can be. There is between the two chinese english. Yeah i actually. i'm not. I remember seeing a post from two years ago i guess. Now from christiaan who posted a photo of the wimbledon final between you and in clare lou picture through surface every year is like a reminder that asian americans are breaking boundaries This was the final genuine one of his to asian-americans curse. What you think of that. In this sort of breakthroughs also that asian americans specifically are having ten tennis to which i remember final. Well yeah yeah. I don probably one of the best moments of my career. I mean first. Time there. And i i want to say aggressive. My favorite services to play on a so's really fun for me. And you know being so close to the pros and because it's still a junior tournament so it was fairly new to me Like seeing on the pros and i got federal multiple multiple picture. Every chance i got but Yeah it was really nice in. It's good to see. I still talk with clare. We're good friends. So i mean it's great and seeing the i mean i'm seeing more asian americans coming along so it's it's really cool. There was like ingredients. There was like a throw floaty backhand down the line winner you hit. The people said that looks like a chevron players watched a lot of her and her dad ankle couple. Couple of last questions You're from near philly and wondering seeing the videos your training offseason years one of you like running on the beach of one of like hopping a garage. I'm wondering if you have like when you're doing these things if you have like a rocky montage mentality in your head and if you've seen rocky the rockies or not but no okay third never seen i was told i shouldn't i definitely i mean it's such a famous movie it's classic so i definitely go on that But yeah i see. I've never seen one other philly question. May ask one either. But from courtney. Who when i pull. I was talking to you here. She wanted me to ask you how you feel about. Gritty gritty no is the flyers mascot gritty. No that's okay all right over to on philly or you're busy you've been doing other things it's no worries you can go look up and trying to person research apps and thank you very much appreciate it. Thank you to annely. Hope that she can grit out some wins in the future and thank you guys listening to new challenges eating who support the show during the australian open wherever else you can do so on our patriot. Patriot dot com slash. No challenges meaning want to thank our of sam-chan packers thank every episode. They are liz kennel. Jonathan weinbach mary. Carillo lia williams betty audrey wellens shlomo roy and of a lender susannah w johnston Tonio may cover and our goat backers. Mike co copeland pam. Shriver and j. o. The until next time. Keep running up those stairs folks by guys.

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