Parkland Survivor On Why We Still Need Gun Rights (Kyle Kashuv Interview)


Yeah. Joining me today as a student activist and the director of high school outreach for turning point, USA, Kalka shoe. Welcome to the Rubin report. Thanks for having me on. I am excited to have you here. We've met a couple times we've done some events. Together, you are seemingly wise beyond your years. All right. Let's get to. Well. Actually. I mean in a weird way. I guess you've been you've been sort of thrust into being wise beyond your years. You're obviously a survivor of the parkland shooting as a head your classmate calmer and Caskey I'm a couple of weeks ago. And he kind of laid out what happened to him that day and subsequently everything that's happened. So let's just start there. Because that's kind of what put you on the map. Okay. I'll sort of purpose it, I don't like I don't like to refer myself as -vivor because I wasn't in the building that will shot into you. And I think that you know, cheapens the pain and tragedy people who were in the building. So what happened with me that day? It was fourth period. I was in. I was in my fourth period class. And all of a sudden the alarms ring to go into the hallway. We're walking out and we hear to like two little pops. I don't know if textbooks fell know fire fire works, I really had no idea. So we run back, and I go and reach for the door to my classroom and the teacher locked it. So you go into a nearby room. We get in there. And we just hide for two hours straight. We just hear pops and ambulances. So that was the freshman building. And the entire time. We had known it was going on. And then all throughout the entire time people immediately are just villain ising guns. The second we got a second. I got out of the closet that I was in. To ban air fifteen's. Let's not jump into the political part. Yes. Because it's interesting just listening to you hear about that. It's almost like the way you describe it. Almost sounds like you weren't even there. Like, it's just like a story that you were telling in a bizarre way. So once. Okay. So all of this happens you find out now they're did student. I mean, did you have friend and and all that? So we get it. We get out of the closet swat takes us out. They put their air fifteen's interfaces. Take us out. We have to put our hands on the person in front of us walking outside in all throughout this. The most discussing thing was every single corner of the entire blocks. Rounding us was just filled with media cars, just like jam packed. And what I saw there was that whenever there was like someone crying or like a moment of pain, the media would just surround them and encapsulate them. And I got home, and I was really hoping that this won't be like a politicized spectacle. With like mass media jumping the gun to everything. And sadly that was the case when I was like sitting there in shock seeing the numbers rise on the screens for the death count. It was like so insane to internalize like what had just occurred because everyone's always slow never happen to my school. How could this happen to my school? And the sad reality is it can happen to any school Stillman was in the most affluent low crime city, I think in like southern Florida and this happened at our school. Did you know some of the kids that were killed? Yeah. I knew one girl Helena, she was in class in my ear back. So what kind of time did you guys have to grieve? Because that you're you're already alluding to this. But it was like it was as if the event happened the shooting happened, and then seemingly there was no grieving. And then you guys were all over the television. You were all over Twitter you at all political people using you guys and all sorts of different ways. Just tell me a little bit about just kinda grieving and trying to be able to be how old, you know, seventeen. Seventeen trying to be sixteen fifteen sixteen. Seventeen year old kids trying to just survive, something unimaginably horrible. I don't know how freshmen and sophomores have managed to go through this. I'm at least a junior at the time. So I knew the school better in like somewhat of myself esteems little more build up more and a little bit more mature. But there was absolutely no time to grieve whatsoever. Like a few days after the shooting there any buses up to talahassee to you know, push tug on the emotional heartstrings of Republicans to pass legislation that the otherwise wouldn't have passed who's they in that equation. So there are some members in the Florida Senate that like personally coordinated buses from parkland to Tallahassee what were your parents saying or the friends friends parents like it just seemed like the parents were almost gone now. Now, there are some of the parents that are a little more high profile that I that I see, but it was as if you guys were just like taking that's what it felt like suddenly we're seeing on CNN in town halls, and I want to talk a little bit about that. But just like. That you were just used all over the place with not even having a moment to digest what happened? So. So here's how I don't think that necessarily. Social, here's what I think. What happened? I think that the kids saw what happened they were shocked as they should be. And they decided tack like we said this can't happen to anyone else ever. Again. Let's do something. You know, what really occurred is that the mainstream media jumped jumped on this immediately and just like put it to like national scale and really used it to push a gun control agenda. And that's why I started speaking out because I wanted to represent the other side of stone Douglas who doesn't believe in gun control. Yes. Just tell me a little bit about view in high school before this jump to lie. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What was Kyle? Because you've liked before this because I know you sort of as a political these now in like, a wickedly incisive Twitter, and like, you know, you've put on events that I've been part of your incredibly organized and connecting with great people and all that stuff which is telling about the kid before that day all the recap. Yeah. I'll give you the story of my life story. Yeah. So. So my parents came from Israel the immigrated here my dad, my mom served in the they came here. There's nothing worked their way up. And then when I was when I was at home, Tommy, Hebrew, and English. So we only spoke Hebrew at home. So I'm fluent Hebrew. And they put me through school. And I was always the shortest kid in the great. So I was like always like I was just like even shorter than the shortest girl. Great. I was like what was it like eighth grade? I was four I was like legally midget. So I got bullied a lot like I try not to have a victim mentality. Because I don't think it's successful. I think you agree with me on that. So is always bullied, and I was always extreme. I was always smart. So that kind of went back on me a little bit. But I was always put a lot and it built up myself esteem. In addition. I was always like taking the hardest classes, my parents would push me. Take the hardest classes possible. So at Douglas before all this is someone I had a good social life. So I would basically I would go to school do might be classes, go home video games. So like ten ten pm start homework to like start homework and then finish at two AM five hours of sleep. Because I was my cycle was terrible. But I was like super dicta video games. And then the shooting happens and just turned my life upside down. So completely changed me. So at that moment, you know, I had to become much more mature, I ha I was living in the adult world. You know, I had responsibilities that are things I had to I had to act a proper certain way. And, you know, did you have any particular political beliefs before all this because you're definitely in terms of at least the kids or the young people that are public about all of this now that have come out of stoneman Douglas. I mean, you definitely are the one that that I know of is is the furthest right that is sort of embraced conservatism. And all that is that where you were. Politically thing about anything. Me. My parents aren't political at all whatsoever. So all my political beliefs. I've developed myself and how I develop every single political belief is just I look at it straight from a rational logical point of view with no motions whatsoever. I think you can guess I'm not an emotional person. So I think with with legislative decisions you have to put emotion as far out of it as possible you have to do policies that that actually solve the problem. Non just make you feel good. So I'm really not a not for like feel-good policies. Did you care about politics at all before any of this? Or is this news? Yeah. I twenty sixteen election. I was somewhat into it after the election. I kind of didn't care as much, but I was always like somewhat of a second amendment supporter. Yeah. But when I when I started speaking out, so it's really interesting when I started speaking out. It was like a tidal wave of opposition. You know, had my school was against me some seem like that. You know, all my peers were against me. And I try not to victim and Taliban. I just want to paint the picture of how it actually was the community the mainstream me, and my friends, you know, it seemed like I was going against every single opposition. You know, I was scared like this could ruin my life. But you know, I believe in what I was doing. And I just powered through it. And it's really I just stuck to my beliefs and didn't let anyone tell me otherwise. Because when I was when I was in Tallahassee when they were pushing Republican legislators ten act gun control relation. I said look. Gun control isn't going to solve the problem. I want to solve the problem. I wanna make sure that school school shootings never happened. What can I do actually make that happen? And what can I do while protecting the second amendment because I actually believe it's one of the most fundamental rights of Americans. So while I was there. I started speaking out and nobody cared like I would go to reporters and nobody cared. So I had to forcefully talk to reporters say, hey, look conservative can reach out. And then I managed to get Leland bittered contact with looms that are FOX I want on FOX in an interview and Ben Shapiro saw in blew off. But all the while. That's the first time. I remember seeing all the Wilders extreme opposition. And the entire thing that I've always had sorry. Well, I just wanted to what do you? 'cause I know you kinda mock the media the way I do now on on Twitter and just sort of what means dream media has become and that they really activists and journalists and that whole thing, but we shocked when you were going up to them. Going. You know, I'm a conservative or I wanted defend the secondment, but I'm on the student from this school, and they're just blatantly ignored you or even I know this is minor. But like I remember when a bunch of you guys were all verified on Twitter at once you weren't. Yeah. And it was. With Instagram as well talk me like three months after everyone else. Yeah. And I'm not saying that that it doesn't really mean, it doesn't matter of itself is it is a symptom of sort of the broader situation going on here with tech companies in media, and all that they flat out ignoring you. You saw them interviewing people and then so here's here's what occurred. The main organizers of that with a solid group of the March for alive kids at this point. They had solidified a click, and they wouldn't let anyone new or with different opposing view into it. So I said, I take matters into my own hand. In addition. We're in Tallahassee I realized that the mainstream media is just doing this. Because can we think about it when mashing occurs the mainstream media loves it like they get great coverage. They get great amount of us. Do. Also, which I'll talk to like notoriety edition after this. But I saw that when someone there was a girl crying and Tallahassee. And the second she cried too. She got sworn by reporters, and I saw that they were just looking for for clicks in for headlines. I realize that the really they're not reading it for the right reasons. They're not gonna listen to a rational a rational young kid like me. Okay. So in addition, I also realized that there was an extreme amount of just people were just benefitting off of this so much. So after the shooting we realize that a lot of this occurred because the shooter who I try not to say his name ever because I think that gives them to notarize they they would they would post. So here's what time did. So the video of the shooter were basically says, you know, I'm going to be the next school shoot of twenty teen. I want twenty people, and he basically says you're all going to see me on the news. So and then time magazine puts this video on YouTube. It gets three point six million views the same thing with all the other videos CNN talked about this exact clip, and basically still showed it on air. So the entire thing with the meat you meters doing that? They're basically just benefitting off the situation, and what they don't realize they're perpetuating the issue and making it worse. That's why think daily wire Venezuelan grits with not showing their names and faces because it's an ethical decision. I don't think government should impose on on the mainstream media to not allow the show their faces. But I think it's an ethical and mortar fishing that people should be taking. So just to be totally clear. So after this shooting that was when Ben announced he's the editor the nineteen wire they are no longer going to show their after. Yeah. So okay. So you started to see this this issue with the media that they're hearing people like you, and they're sort of making other people stars. And they're going for the clicks. And all of that. What about you know? I don't wanna make this about people per se. But so that little clique of of kids that was all over the media and was getting re tweeted by every celebrity and all of that were you trying to reach out to them at all. And just have that discussion or was it just very clear. I still try to have that discussion. You know, when they first started speaking on. I said oh my God. That's great someone speaking out and originally when the movement started speaking when started remember Cameron Caskey was on on the car shouting, the movement wasn't an anti gun movement. It was an anti school shooting movement. And I said, hey guys, this is quickly. I I gave him warning guys. It looks like you're moving in the direction of an anti gun movement. And I don't think that's beneficial at all. So here's my point of tried communicating and I tried speaking, and they really didn't care in allowing me. So I said, okay, I have to go solo. And that's what I've been doing. But I've always been open to discussion and open to be I think one of the great things that our country where you can have open discussion and just free expression of ideas. That's why think the Connie thing is somewhat great because regardless of what you think of the person or celebrity, I'm not I'm not in favor of propping up celebrities and their political Pinon simply because they're famous, but you don't need a lot of political expertise. To say that I believe in free expression free thought bright. That's that shouldn't be a really controversial position to be to be staying out. All right. So you mentioned cameras, and you know, I had him on the show. He's going through a very interesting of Lucien right now. I suspect I can figure out where this is going to end up which actually be much closer to your position than the position that he sort of at right now because I just continually see that as the pollution of things the more that he understands rights and all of those things, but I was happy to hear his thoughts and all that down with me. He sat down with Shapiro. And I think he'll continue to do that. Have you guys been able to make peace with some of this stuff or you must at least be enjoying the fact that somebody's kind of coming around. I think Kim's a good guy. I think that we're seeing right now is that he's matured. I mean, we've all make. So mean mean Cam have gone through the same political, slush media, you know, experience. So we can understand each other. What happened with came? As like, look we've all made mistakes. We've always have stuff we don't want to. But he's matured, and I've also matured and what I what I think is happening with Cam. It's the natural progression of just having logical thought instead of emotions, and I think logic and facts moves you towards the political beliefs of being a conservative. Okay. So all of this happens. I think the the sort of rock bottom of this. Was that CNN townhall house terrible. Just share your thoughts on that. So here's what happened with the CNN townhall. So a lot of the kids that you saw there. We're actually flown in private jet from Tallahassee so ready at the time of the town hall. There was a solidified group click of the kids that you see now, and they won't let anything into actually flew these kids in a private from Tallahassee to the town hall in right there. It was it was just simply. They were just it was an anti gun debate. And they were just villain. Ising? Rubio in Dana lash for things that had nothing into their control whatsoever. Wasn't their fault. Marco Rubio was Vilnai's to such an extreme extent. And he's one of the best senators. So you've connected with Rubio. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. I hate it. Because when people say the politicians just don't care. It's just so wrong. I mean politicians they do care. And you know, he was one of the greatest supporters of the stops. Go violence that we got past and you just help push it. And look these senators don't want us to occur Kenny one and just saying the politicians want this to happen. It's just wrong. Do you have any thoughts on what actually happened that day in terms of security, or what should have happened should've shouldn't have happened? Because even now when you go back, and listen, depending on where you're getting your news from this. It sounds they either step down or they go in or this or that or the other thing, and it's like, well what what should have happened in the ideal world that you want to create in the system that you want to create to protect this these schools from not having this happen again, what should happen that day. What we saw my school was simply an utterly massive incompetence and failure of law enforcement. You know, the the so the shooter was flagged multiple times by the school by school administration. They knew he had mental issues. He was put into the promise program. And they knew that this kid was threat. There were seventy six times the police there were seventy six times the police came to his house to retrieve airports. They knew that this kid was a threat and the law enforcement was completely incompetent at that level. And they didn't do absolutely anything. Everyone knew this kid wasn't issue. What happened at school was was just uttering competence in addition. So when he gets on campus. Okay. He just makes a straight beeline for the freshman building. And at the exact same time, we had a school resource officer who heard the gunfire in came and you just hit in corner while kids were dying and then three unarmed. Individuals rush to save three three on when the building and died trying to save kids what we should have had. And this is why I pushed for the only way to stop a shooter who is active on campus is to have other people who are armed the only way to. This on a cliche. The only way to solve a bad guy with the gun is good guy with the gun. And in addition to that there's the entire idea of a gun free gun free zone. It is utterly stupid. It is just completely stupid. All it's doing is enticing targets saying, look you go here. So here's here's what's the school. The average response time from police station to a school nationally is fifteen minutes the ever shaima school shooting happens is five minutes. That means the shooter fifteen minutes to do whatever he wants the schools that gun free zone. So here's what I'm saying. At least allow teachers who have gone to the proper training ex-military ex law enforcement to be armed because what that does is it sends not only a message deterrent to a shooter. That says look the school is armed if you get in your brains blown out. It also says that the school isn't a gun for the school is no longer gun free zone. So I'm with you partly on that. So what I would. Maybe maybe you can explain this. A little bit further. I don't know that I want guns in those classrooms. Even if it's here's the license. Here's the there are twenty five states where teachers can be armed in our armed in schools and all the hypotheticals that are pronounced. It's like, you know, what if a teacher shoots a student when there's another like what if there's a school shooter in teacher gets shot, and there's a gun on the floor. What is the student? Do these hypothetical don't happen twenty five states where teachers or any armed and it works. So why not just have them have security guards specific. Here's the thing. I'm all for having security guards higher issue is how do we best manage funds insecure our schools, but thing with law enforcement officers that they cost a lot of money and impoverished schools. Are ready Mead that funding for materials? In addition. It does not take a lot of training and a lot of money to have a teacher to be armed. And this has been proven to work. In addition. When you have teachers who are armed the shooter doesn't know who it is. If it's a law enforcement officer, you can clearly see who it is if one resource officer school resolve who's armed the shooter comes and takes the school resource officer, and then the free to do whatever. But it's simply so here's the thing simply giving teachers to have the opportunity has a massive effect because it's up to their own will to do. So they have to go through training, and they have to it's a concealed carry. So nobody knows they have them. So as you said before you like, facts and logic. Okay. Strictly fax don't care about your feelings. All right. I got you that that works. When you've engaged some of your, friends and other students about these ideas. I mean, everyone watching this at this point knows that so much of what's coming out of the modern left is about feelings, and all these things do you have a sense that they understand that young people at least understand like what rights are what why why we should care about these things why free speech matters, why the second amendment matters and things of that nature. So or does it just sound good to them, and there's a pretty much it makes them feel good. You know, what they push? It makes them feel good by their motions that makes sense. So here's the thing. I am very scared of lowering the age people vote to be fifteen like that scares me because the kids that I know who are fifteen know absolutely nothing about politics. I think I know like the kids from March for our lives better than I know their own arguments better than they know their own arguments like I can argue for them better than they can do. So I strongly us facts only. So when I make an argument with them, I really know what they're gonna do next. So here's how I'll give you like a ten minute or five minute recap. Basically how I premises second amendment. In america. We have the right to bear arms in DC Heller that right ruled that individuals right to our doesn't mean the militia the militia clauses different from the individual right to bear arms means that you personally have the right to arm yourself K there about two hundred and seventy million guns. The United States fifteen million those are air fifteen's. So we look at gun sets or thirty three thousand annual gun deaths. Sixty six percents two-thirds suicide Sali's us with eleven thousand gun nuts. So in addition parentheses difference in homicide and murder so homicide is is just a killing a murder in auto killing and gun stats. Mike too perverse. This into skew sadistics, so three percent of all gun deaths are with rifles. Okay. And three percent. Sixty eight percent of those suicide. So one percent of all gun. That's actual murders. Actually. Yeah. Are actually murders with rifles eighty percent of gun crime related activity. Is with illegal firearms most schools, most shootings or with pistols. So so the March for life five bullet points, one of them is. Talk about like to talk about the CDC, and we should allow the CDC to research. The issue does the CDC has already proven to skew Satistics and to not actually provide good research. What research is that they want the CDC used to be able to do research on gun violence prevention and just figure out what's going on. But it's been proven time and time again that the scooter statistics with was like, no, we're not allowing you to PECH wait a false myth, so meth. So basically, they stopped funding. The next thing is that they want high capacity magazines. There is no distinction. There is no difference that shows that high capacity, magazines, whatever that means can do more damage than simply having more clips. Having small having larger clips the less. There's no distinction that actually does more damage. The next thing that they want to do is banned semi-automatic rifles as I said before three percent of all done that sir with rifles, so banning them. Just absolutely nothing. Addressing the issue in lowering gun violence is making sure that we have making sure that we have more people who are armed because there's a direct correlation oxidation correlation that when we increase farm ownership and concealed carry permits. In addition violent crime goes down. So the next thing they like the propose what about Great Britain, Australia, so great bit. And there is there's a ban on guns it mainly after violent crime spiked. In addition, you have armed robberies increased violent crime increased immediately after and burglaries in Great Britain. Sixty percent of the Macur when the individuals at home for thirteen percent of the US. So burglars have admitted that they do this because they know that the person will have the purse or whatever. And they won't they'll be on armed, so violent crime, spike. The next thing is they say, hey, Kyle. What about the gun by program? So ready in Australia? When the program was initiated, the ready statistical zero for gun death public mass public school shootings. So in addition when the buyback it's implemented. They're ready were like their millions millions less guns in Australia than the we're now so gun buyback goes in only one third of guns get taken and when we sign mmediately after the buyback was that violent crime spiked. So here's just the basic argument. There is not been one single occurrence where gun control gets past and and gun deaths. No gun homicides. Actually decreases at factory in Australia. The gun the homicide rate was ready decreasing a really good rate. It gets passed gun control and the rate stalls. So it actually hurt on addition immediately after it was passed a violent crime rates, go up and the national trend was going down. So the gun buyback program was completely ineffective. Did absolutely nothing. And then it failed on such a huge level in Australia that implementing it in the US with two hundred seventy million guns, simply won't work. Let's shift the discussion a little bit too the NRA because that other part of this that during the the town hall and the subsequent discussions that. It got very confused as to what the NRA actually does. What do they want to do? What are the people who don't like them think they do cetera et cetera. So I just give me your position on the NRA. Generally. I think the NRA's a fantastic organization that defends the rights the right to bear arms of individuals thing with the NRA is that they really don't have the money influence that people say, they do all they have is the social influence Republican senators know that the base believes in the values of the NRA promotes and defense. And then they're send that if they go against the NRA they're going against their own constituents. The rate does not have a big budget. They really don't they're not like this like super powerful like that they directly control senators and congressmen with their money, they control with their ideals. What the entering which is fantastic. Is it provides a check from like from the public not from the government for defending our right to bear arms. And it's fantastic. It helped I think with the case with McDonald for Chicago that helped bolster second amendment rights for individuals. I mean in the NRA does does a great job there NRA Islay program, which is actually the legislative branch on funding the second amendment does a fantastic job. I think right now they're taking a case against raising the remaining twenty one right for the shooting. Rick Scott signed into law in Florida raising age to buy a firearm rifle now, so before before you couldn't buy a handgun if you're under twenty one, but you could buy a rifle because handguns were used in violent crimes. Whether I think, that's right or not separate discussion. But he raised the age for making toe into by rifle and directly the the enemy was like this is unconstitutional, boom, we put into law seat just dress that eighteen to twenty one age. There is absolutely no evidence that raising the age does absolutely does does anything to to lower gun homicide whatsoever. So what do you think about the certain set of people that think that if we could just have all of the right laws, or we could just manage everything properly that everything would be fun thing is because it doesn't take into things we have all. All the laws that we need are ready on the books of things the enforcement doesn't work so make attentional get back here. I think it is utterly hypocritical that the left hates Trump and that he's in power. But then they're saying we have the trust more. So if you think the government if you think Trump is literally Hitler. Why are you giving your way right to wear berms to this terrain? Ical government. Question again, just that there's a certain set of people that they just law. I got you so weird. He have the the the laws on the books, you know, just the enforcement the enforcement what needs to occur like the Lautenberg amendment means dome says domestic abusers cannot have a firearm. That's already on the books just needs to be enforced. There's the issue with. The Knicks background check program where they say we need more time to to evaluate and give you back your background check to buy weapon. The issue is the government doesn't need more time. It just needs more of the records. So the reason why the shooting occurred was because I think it was a military branch where there was someone were he committed a violation and by law the heat they should've transfer that over to the database, and therefore we wouldn't have been able to buy weapon but the records weren't transferred. He was able to buy a weapon and shot up the church. So the government just needs to get all the records and do their job. Same thing with red flag laws. And people like to talk about this. This is a little bit more trickier. Areas of this. But red flag laws basically say that someone can flag you, and then you get reviewed, and then you can get your gun taken away and a lot of people also like so the issue with red flag gun laws is that it's all about government force -ment. And that's that's that's the issue. And there's also the big issue where people like to talk about mental health, and they say you mentally ill people should be able to choir weapon. So I talked to countless individuals about some should ask Peterson. But I forgot to the question is how do you determine when someone is mentally ill enough and hits the threshold? So they cannot have a weapon, and nobody knows. And in addition to thing with the shooter in my school looking retroactively. We can say this kid was mentally insane. But I don't know if a court adjudicate that he would actually be mentally insane by by law, therefore taking gun away. Yeah. So is the inherent problem here. Do you think that you cannot manage all of these things you can do the? You can have some sensible laws around them and defend our right to bear arms and all of that and make sure schools are taking care of. But that generally speaking. Yes, there's a sort of sliding scale, psychologically, but also that the people that want to do bad. We'll find ways to do bad. They're not ones that are walking out and looking at a building it says, oh, no guns here. Yes. It not gonna walk in with a gun criminals will act like criminals matter what. But the good thing is that our laws are working. I mean, I think it's violent crime or some rate from the nineteen nineties to two thousand ten. Has decreased fifty percent. And and in schools are safer now than they were twenty years ago like school shooting rates are declining and homicide rate gun homicide rates are declining and homicide rates are declining. So we're becoming a more peaceful nation and a lot of that has to do with having more gun owners and to having more concealed carry permit owners because those people. When when there's a shooting, those people are the first responders, I think it's wrong to say that oh, we'll just let the police arrive after the crime has been committed. No, you need people there immediately to stop the shooter. That's why I'm all for Hatton. Teachers and school officers at schools to immediately take down the shooter. All right. Let's shift. I mean, I don't think we're going to get away from guns here. But let's shift a little bit. Okay. What is it like to be a seventeen year old right now? That's in the mix of this. That's now a public person do crazy to just be heart of this this oddly unique time where it feels like the adults have lost the plot. And it's got to be very hard for you to find people that kind of make sense. I think you've been able to find a couple of them, but just to be seventeen in this very odd political cultural time. Yeah, it's insane. It's insane. Like, what does it feel unique to you? I know you haven't lived through this before. But like, I don't know how to. Judge all I know is that. I'm an adult now, and I have to act like an adult whether whether seventeen or eighteen I have commitments that I make I have to go through it them. And I've just my mature forced to become insured. I can no longer play the games and waste time. They're things that have to do. But I've just been so blessed to find a solid group of people who actually care about me and want the best for me. Like, Ben Charlie guy Benson people who have just reached out to me. And just selflessly helped me navigate this political minefield. But it's crazy 'cause like all the people that I looked up to like two years ago and like when wash videos not gonna knock boasts area go here. But I watch your show. Please continue. But yeah, it's awesome. That now I can reach out for their expertise thing with me is that I always like to start with look, I don't know anything. And I'm always looking to get more information to know more like today, I had a call with with a gun expert. On the way here. And it's like what more can I learn in order to be like fully fluent and knowledgeable about the subject that I'm talking about. And they're a bunch of stuff that I don't know about and I'm constantly trying to learn. So when you see a guy, and again, I don't like making this about people rather than ideas. But when you see a guy like David Hogg out there, and he clearly is taking just the progressive line on this. And he seems more to me to be sort of a progressive activist than sort of fair arbiter of what's going on here. That's got to be frustrating for you that he so public about this suppose, well that you obviously probably disagree with him on one hundred percent of the policy parts. This is I don't wanna make about the personal parts. But that he's sort of is sort of a media hero. And you're kind of the black sheep of of this group. I mean, maybe not to the to the Shapiro's in me and whoever else. So here's what I say. There is no issue that kids are on television via shoe is is that when someone is spouting policy. They they are no longer a child they are pushing policy, and they should be treated as every adult of such when you say something outrageous. You should be called out on that. I remember there's a segment with it was on CNN where he says something completely outlandish. And there was no blowback solo. Here's what I think was that the line about Marco Rubio wants to kill kids. So what I say what I'm pushing policy. And I say, please tell me that I'm saying something stupid and push me back on that. The thing is with me that look when I'm on TV I'm not talking to the child on pushing policy. Right. And I expect there to be pushed back. I don't think you can say whatever you want. And in addition. I think that having debate is great. I love I love going on Piers Morgan and having a debate with that was great. And I think we hate this thing we're like, we're one second you're spouting policy. But then you rush back to the shield of a child, but we have to take my opinion seriously because the second adult so just just this isn't this isn't fair. And what I saw I think one of the reasons why. I grew too much publicity was because I was saying the things that adults weren't able to say like I was able to say things that Ben Shapiro or you or Charlie Kirk or the right wasn't able to say because I'm a kid, and I don't think that's fair because I think that when you're spouting policy. You are no longer child urine adult what do you make of what's going on with the right, generally? Because you ran the turning point was that the high school event that I did or done so many. Okay. So you do the high school leadership summit in BC? And I spoke there this is a couple months ago a great lineup of speakers. And was there and you had big time Hammill Titians. And I so I mean that was the first time we met, and I was like holy debate about abortion, right? Okay. Jacker? So that's my point. So I if you you ran this whole thing, I mean, you're you're you're still in high school, right? We're gonna talk a little bit about where you want to go to college. But you ran an incredible event with major time people. And and it was it was jam packed. And it was diverse in terms of ideas. So we get into a private debate about abortion. You brought me there. And I went up there. Thanks, but I went up there. And I talked about my differences with this group. I talked about and the kids were respect, and I talked about gay marriage and abortion and death penalty in a couple of things that generally these young conservatives are not for I think eight marriage. They're pretty much for the ship is held on that one. I'm pretty sure I got a huge ovation on it. But it is just clear to me that there has been a real lineman on the right where there is exactly what you're saying. Oh. Yeah. Can we just say that Lindsey Graham two point? Oh is fantastic. It's unbelievable. I mean, just that one thing with the tie the great. Yeah. I think the right call it. So I think the rightist finally realizing that youth. Energizing the youth and instilling the next future. Conservative leaders is extremely important. And we saw that with high schoolers or something we had some of the biggest names like Nikki Haley Voss. We turn Jeff Sessions, so many people. Every we Mark meadows. We'd Steve Scalise. We we Prager at you. And it was just it was fantastic seat. The right. Just understand that these are the leaders of tomorrow, let's inform them. But in addition turning puts such a great organization, it's free speech, free markets and capitalism. Those three lakes and what we saw turning point is such. It's such a great organization because we brought people who I've disagreements with to speak their Mark Cuban spoke got a couple of standing ovations had a debate with Charlie men people loved it. So we're all open having free discussion and debate like we're working on Sassoon action summit, December nineteen twenty second shameless. Plug. And we're we're looking like how can we get the most diverse group of people to speak thinking about something from the intellectual dark web to speak there. I think it's great if we can get Alan Dershowitz, just how can we get diversity of thought? So why is it that this new right or whatever you wanna call it young conservative group? Whatever it is. Why is it that you guys are able to do this? And I see virtually none of this on your counterparts on the left. Let's not sure I mean, the left has organized mobilize you right now. We are not. But I'm talking about diversity of thought. Like where are they becoming even mildly disagree? Not talking about Sterry conservatives I'm talking about old school liberals where where are they inviting them to just have an interesting conversation left to so dead set on political correctness and saying everything to not offend anyone. With the slightest, micro, micro, micro aggression. That is just you can't live in that world and tall. It logical. Liberals yourself are moving to the right. These subtle little injections pleasant. It's nice are moving people to the right and conservatives are like come here. My refugees, my political refugees were embracing you, so okay. So when I hear people say Ruben, the conservatives who just using you you go to turning point. They're just using you. You're not just using me out. No. I mean. Yeah. But really, I mean what I've seen is intellectual flexibility. And it's even when I've had been in here and we've done this conversation repeatedly now about gay marriage. I just firmly believe that as time goes on. I can shift him. There's something that sort of insulting about it to me when people say that to me because I'm confident I'm confident in my thought, he's gonna take you an abortion. I really think that like in a few years, you'll be with us on abortion. Maybe what that would be a off. Right. Like, if if all too, I always describe myself as begrudgingly interpretation of of homosexuality, while I don't I don't I don't have a strong opinion on it. Because I haven't thought about it enough by his religious standpoint, it makes sense. But from the government, San points, it also makes total sense. Well, that's why I'm completely fine with him. It's like, you wanna have your religious view. I have to respect that. But if you were trying to legislate my life. The great thing with the right is that we're open to just diversity just say, whatever you want. Let's talk about it. And let's get to the right rational viewpoint like, I've always been about the bait because it brings people it's all about logic, and it brings people to the right and result. So when I'm on tour with Peterson. The question that I think both of us get asked more than anything else is what are the best techniques to wake people up out of this sort of postmodern identity politics, progressive group think as young person in the midst of this. What would you say some techniques you've been able to use because it can't just be about drugging them with facts? Right. I mean, just doing a fantastic job. They're just craziness pushing people to the right. There's just sort of stands on south. What we saw right now with Connie. In addition. It's just he was simply saying funeral expression. Freedom thought I support the president our president has to be the freshest the flyest. Just pushing people to diversity of thought and freedom of expression to think whatever you want. You shouldn't have you shouldn't be held down by your skin color or race or. Your sexuality. Like, none of this matters. You should be able to think what you want to be able to say it without being tied down by your identity. How do you make sure that you don't get burned out? Because I think I remember the first communication we ever had. I think when either you follow me on Twitter. I sent you a quick one line note. And I was just like just don't get burned out. Because I saw you just you were in the fight every day. You were you were own own in the libs. And all that which by the way, you know, you mentioned that Nikki Haley was at your summit. She she went. She went to to in effect. What is a a lot of Trump people right at this at this event. You put on she goes there. And she says, you know, don't make this about just owning the lives, and she got applause for it. And I hit that same point. I think the next day because I think if you guys do exactly what you just laid out just kind of stand there. It'd be cool and you'll you will decency wins. I think I only believe that these sinc- wins. Can we just take a Hilly's Fanta? And I I kinda cry for like a week ever since she said that we'll do you think that this is perhaps paving the road for her running at some point? I don't know. There's so many forty chess like theories, I just know I just I know that she's just been doing a fantastic job. And she's just one of the best. Nikki Haley, Ben Shapiro twenty twenty four. Yeah. I mean, I'd probably have to be press secretary at that point that would work for like one horrific week. And then that'd be fine. All right. So gimme gimme some of the techniques. When you see that it can't just be about standing still and facts, if you're in a conversation with a young person, that's really just bought into all of this. What are some of the techniques used? So let's have you been successful. I suspect that you sometimes. Yeah. I think I have the first thing you have to realize is that is this person looking tapping open discussion and actually wants talking a lot these days. It's too much or actually wants to develop their point of view if. Do you have to treat it with decency and respect not call them an idiot or something you have to treat them like like a good human being should? And then just have a rational conversation with them and see where they're coming from. And a lot of times. I can immediately know what we're going to respond to me like just up the VAT, I know what they're gonna respond to and then I hit them with with an initial. Here's what you're gonna say. Here's the reason shocked. Yeah. But then do you get them around? I mean, do you find because it really it's like sort of deprogramming somebody out of this. And I've had some success at it. Right. Watch my show now. So yeah, I mean when I first heard speaking out kids would come up to me in school in two things they would say be like highly conservative. So thing about school is really interesting. I would get staredown in like people like try to beat me up. So people would send me like, hey, Kyle watch out. So and so trying to beat you up. All right, man. Go for. And people would give me stare downs with such films ation of being conservative being second amendments more. When I spoke up, I kind of opened the crack for people to say, oh, I agree with him. People would walk off to me like hush-up Kyle. Thank you so much for doing. I'm just scared to speak out edition. People say Kyle. I thought I was pro gun control, and you spoke, and I listen to you. And then I did some research, and I agree with you. So that was great to see. And like that's just that's all I'm here for so to have people. You know, understand conservatives and understand the second amendment. It's gotta be pretty weird that you guys are still in high school, right? Like, your celebrities in the most strange sense of celebrity you are and you're all still in high school together. What is that? Like, I mean at the end the day after remember that were kids, and I will explain it. So you guys don't think hypocritical when you're on TV and your spouting politics during a dull, but in your private life. You're a kid, and we cannot forget that. So let's say, you know, when someone some kidding left. Does something stupid. It's at the end they their kid, and we have to dress at such. But it's it's been a crazy world win. And I think thank God. I found a solid group of people who want the best for me that I can reach out, you know, just not for policy, but also like personal advice like I. I asked Ben, hey, how do you think I should approach college absence of conservative, and he helped me out, and it's just it's so great to be able to reach out to people and have them. You know, give you advice from like twenty years older than me. And give me that advice if they had to go through. What was that? Great tweet. So you're like number one in your class. Right. Not like, no one. You are number on your correct? There was some tweet that you had about that. Awesome. What was that number one? Yeah. And people got so angry because so angry and then like we're going to boycott graduation. So I was like, yeah. More cake. Great. It was great. And then, you know, the the next what was the reason they wanted to boycott or number one. So then the semester updated. And then I was still number one posted another tweet about that. And then also blew up, and I was like we're gonna get Ben Shapiro to come Dana lashes gonna come. It's gonna be fantastic. Chris Cox was like, yeah. I'm going to be there. I mean is that really how soda polarizing Lee crazy this guy at a high school level that just because they don't like you're never what not by by being more Dame d-. No number one out of clearly a lot of hard, work and smarts. And all that you'd think that there would be certain respect for that. Sad that it said that. We we are no longer able to be friends with people like it said that people in the left think so people in the left thing that you're Republican therefore, you're evil, and that sad that you're not allowed to be friends with people who had different political viewpoints. And you like my best friend is a liberal and actually brought him to the turning point event. And after it was like, you know, Kyle some awesome people make. I told you, but he still liberal these school. That's cool. He's probably we're getting their union. All right. So let's talk a little bit about college. Okay. So you're you're doing a great job in highschool. Clearly now, you've got a public profile grades. Great seemingly you could get in to wherever you want to go. Yeah. So do you really think that will play a role in the schools that you're able to get into? Yeah. Absolutely. It's sad to say. But but there is a bias against conservatives, especially like the top tier schools like right now, I'm looking to apply to ivy's. Great to get into Harvard or Columbia. I really think you'd be the reckoning of those plays. I really awesome. I really think it's really important to be accredited. My thinking about George W to work on the hill. I think that's great. But I really I really don't know. What's next for me? I really don't know. It's go to college on definitely gonna stay with turning point. It's a great organization. I'm still going to be conservative. Don't worry. I'm not going to change change. People. Don't go the other way. Right. You're not going to certainly grow up like. No, go to the feelings things that usually that won't happen. Yeah. But so you wanna go to school? But you so you really do think that your your politics could affect I guess, they don't well. What happened with David Hogg? Right. He didn't get into to all what his grades. Are. He didn't get into a whole bunch of schools, right? I mean, there've been rumors that have gone to Harvard northeastern it wouldn't surprise me. Yeah. What do you want to study any idea? It's either business or law. I really don't know yet. I just you know, I always like business, and I think laws just absolutely phenomenal. Really don't know yet. But you know, it's gonna be great to be on a college campus where everyone is just really liberal. That'll be fine. It's sort of weird. I guess this shows a little bit about the way the college experience is going, but in a bizarre way, just knowing you from the little bit that I know you it's like in a way, it's almost like you don't have to go to college like. Well, I'm not saying you shouldn't. And I think there's all sorts of social reasons that somebody should go, and you can you learn all sorts of other ways that aren't necessarily academic. But it's clearly you've got the academic thing down and can keep learning that way. So it's you know, it's bizarre that people spend twenty grand a year to go to college. When nobody's the sad thing is surrounded by a lot of great minds is what I'm saying. I'm with you these colleges that you're basically paying to get your so brainwashed with stupidity. And that's suck part because there are actually great things to learn college. Just not like lesbian dance theory says. To some of these classes are just useless. And you know, it's just straight up complete stupidity. A lot of stuff that they're teaching there. So what do you make of how this seems to be a through line through education? And I mean, high school education college education, clearly the media like all of the sort of brainwashing. Stuff that you're talking about. It's always going against people like you. And I see you on Twitter takedown CNN all the time. You take down main street fund people built my thoughts on this. It's like I just wish to me. If these address that Twitter, just Twitter's for fun. We have to stop taking Twitter socio bio bio, perfect, not real life. It's not real life. But peop-, but the weird thing about that. Is it starting to leak into real life? I did a direct message like a year and a half ago or so about how online culture is becoming mainstream culture. And I think that that really is what's happening here, Twitter's not real life. But it's starting to leak out in. Into everyone's conversations. Fox's seen NBC. Are basically Trump's Twitter Twitter is like it all like have you seen shows where they basically read random replies to messages? It's like John Smith three point seven four. This like that. And he's so stupid. But the biggest thing that we're seeing right now is a cultural shift with the youth like memes memes. Have so much power memes. One a lot memes helped so much for the Trump's twenty sixteen campaign with really did. And social media has a huge influence on our beliefs in our actions. And that's why it is so scary to see censorship of conservatives online. Because that is basically like Twitter is basically the new version of you just like yelling into a crowd. And that's basically the main form of everyone's communication and shutting down is like heavily restricting. I haven't developed my full opinion on this. But it seems such restricting this restricts really restricts your first amendment. Right. Yeah. So this is the whole issue about whether they're publishers or platforms the big issue. I don't know. If saying this, right? But I think one of the things if there are certain if they're earth Republic for then like they have a lot of legal liability if their platform than everyone should say, whatever they want. But that's not the case. So it's like pick one. And they're just completely censoring conservatives like I know Prager you gets like the videos de monetize so much. And have you got demonetized? They probably now. Now, it's gotten a little bit better. But our videos just don't go out to feeds anymore. I went on that they don't have that crazy rampage. I went on. I just started re tweeting real people. I only did it with real people with real name saying they've been unsubscribe and they're getting hundreds and sometimes re tweets, and I'm tagging you to they just ignore me. Yeah. And it's like come on guys. Yeah. Facebook and Twitter all have proven biases proven. How worried are? Well, it's interesting too. Because you you never you didn't grow up in a time when there was some sort of trust-worthy seemingly trustworthy level of the media. Like CNN was not always this the reason, I don't even know if you know this. But the reason I think that so many people like me that are older than you attack in the most is cassia and used to be decent like MSNBC saying we lean left. Yes. Yeah. And CNN saying that and it's like, no, you're not we know what you're doing. And that's why always acce- end because it's like you guys have actually become the worst in the name of the ratings or like. All of the lowest. It's like a block read CNN. So here's what I think. I think that a lot of young people and like. Make an average Americans do not trust the media anymore, and they have sought out individuals instead so they trust individuals. So they look to you. They look to Ben they looked to guy Benson Charlie Kirk for for their news because they trust the individual, right? Do you see a great risk in that too? Because I'm worried about also. But the thing is with that is that you have absolute liability for what you say, you know, CNN can can come whip something up or you know, when when an individual like tweet something it's on like they're responsible for their actions. So one of the things I've been saying lately that I'm actually in a bizarre way less interested in politics now than I've ever been. But I'm interested in what you referenced a little while ago. This culture thing I mean, culture cultures politics is downstream from culture. Yeah. That's so true. Yes. So do you see that really as as sort of the future of all this that it's not going to be about all of the little MAC and nations of politics? It's just gonna be about. I mean this. I guess this is the strength of Trump. Well, argue it's either the strength or the the the worst part of Trump, I suppose cultural thing not necessarily a political thing. No. I mean, they're pros and cons to that. But we we have to play by the rules that are set by society. These are the rules diesel rules that culture has a massive impact on society. And whether I like it or not that is Connie speaking out first of all, I think it's crazy speaking out first amendment, right? I don't think we should be propping up. Opinions by celebrities because they're famous you have to show that you are informed on the subject, and that's that. But it doesn't take a political g to say that I believe in our second amendment in our first amendment that doesn't take Taylor swift doing seven thousand page essay, you know, that makes absolutely no sense and contradicts itself ridden by a liberal. You know? Worker on the hill that I was disappointed in that just because I have no particular feelings about her when I. I don't think I need one song or whatever. But it's just like the fact that she stayed out of politics. I like I was like, oh, whatever she's doing or whatever her handlers and two are kind of like it. And then she got in on this. And it's like I don't care which way she was going to break. I was just like we this is not what we need. Yeah. Taylor swift effect president is like down, Marsha Blackburn of. So thanks Taylor swift. No. But we saw right now by the left is that they are losing their stranglehold on culture. And that is very frightening for that. And we saw that with con you and Connie started speaking out, I gave my speech about this, and they started off with mob tactics that didn't work emotional peel the teams he guy was basically begging him. Please men. Take take off your hat, man. It hurts me emotionally my first amendment. I'm not taking it off. And then we saw displayed it racism. Yeah. Vile character assassination. That that is how does that fly? He wouldn't bow down to the mob. Absolutely, wouldn't but they're losing their stranglehold on culture. And whether I like that we are putting so much emphasis cultural icon. Those are the rules them the rules. But this is this is this is the reality that we're living in and we have to understand that. And what's happening with Connie is a real shift, especially for African Americans and people who are like little Tinos. They're basically saying, I don't know why this virtual Blackstone have to Democrats. You don't own me. That's basically all he's saying he is created such a pivotal moment. That says you don't you're stranglehold doesn't affect me. Because I know at Hollywood like the second you say something like, I remember someone said bench pills, a nice guy. His career was destroy Mark. Duplex. Who's a friend of mine? He's on this show. And he had to issue at apology, and it's like ugly the world people people came to his defense at first basically saying you should be allowed to say that. Yeah. Then, unfortunately, he black and black especially young blacks or saying look look up to Kanye west. Millions look up to. They say this individual why does this individual this way and even more? So he didn't bow down to the mob, which is fantastic. And we're seeing a real shift. I don't know the thirty eight percent number thirty eight percent African American over Trump. I don't know if that's necessarily true Ali knows that there's a three percent jump from August, the black approval rating of Trump was three percent, one of the latest polls. And I know the Shogo was ten percent. So there's a big jump. We're seeing that so many young African Americans are so energized turning points doing a black leadership summit a week in the White House. We're gonna get just four hundred African American young individuals to be able to speak their table. Listen to see that the left is losing their stranglehold on culture. And it is scary for that. Because that is the one thing that they have left. All right. I got two more for you. All right. Are you in the prediction game at all? What do you think's gonna happen in these midterms coming up? So what I've. I've been hearing is that. Republicans are lose it in the house and gain in the Senate. I love how. 'cause you're where we're gonna win back the executive these midterms. Here's very confused about close. But look the cavenaugh affect is real like this was like the all the left has to do with sit down. Be quiet. Be civil play. Nice to like, no, no this. We're not gonna Lau this. Okay. And they hit themselves into the club. And then there started crying and the same thing with Connie. That was great. So the cavenaugh really. Amped up energized conservative base and even more. So it finally gave the conservative like the conservatives a backbone like Lindsey Graham two point. Oh, or is this guy? Did I love it? And like Bill Cassidy's, but but here's the here's the interesting thing. Women were the most angered by all of this before cavenaugh in August. It was like thirty five point seven percent approval of Trump after it was a forty point seven and August. Democrats toll point lead over Republicans in voters Yasim now, it's sixty four percent Republicans sixty five Democrats. So we are neck and neck and they sell. Thanks democrats. I mean, my gut as long as you're doing predictions here. I actually think the Republicans do well in both the house and the Senate, I really hope so really what I do think. So because I agree. I think this Bob mentality and watching these videos of antifa, Portland and Hillary saying we can't be civil and Eric Holder saying go take them, and it's like man, if you stand for due process, and civil society, and all of those things that thing needs to burn it kind of sucks, but it's like that that set of ideas, the left thinks the left just completely disregards the constitution. The constitution was written. And the amendments Bill of rights was forced by into federalists to make sure that the government could not become torrential and abuse its power. And this is so important. It's protecting. The right till the individuals and these rights why why do we not all agree on the why is it wrong to believe nude process? Wise it wrong to say, I believe in the vigil shove, the right to the themselves and also defend against the tyranny of a possible government looks like amendments basically Brennan because the founders had just fought against Great Britain, and they had seen how government quickly become so one thing. I didn't know the first thing governments do is they take away the weapons of the civilians Nazi Germany. We saw this China. We saw this in Cambodia. That's the first thing they do and the individual right to bear arms is every individual's not related to the militia clause. So it's basically saying every individuals the right to protect themselves and even more. So it's it's necessary for the protection of a Free State. All right. One more for you hit me, you don't play video games as because you don't have time. What do you do for fun, man? What's fun? Twitter. You can't just tell me Twitter. I know you're on Twitter. But it can't just be Twitter. What are you doing for with me? I used to play a lot of video games. So here's here's my progression. I haven't said this. But this is like a scoop tanks at vent moved to two rocket league. Okay. Sockets terrible game. It's boring. Then it moved to played overwatch played Paladins I played pub and that I played four night and four nine this was when all the shooting occurred, and I just stopped dead in my tracks. Because it was just it's a waste of time. And I see my younger brothers who weren't ticket to the game. And it's just sad to see that. This is the state of our youth that they're just completely addicted to technology like I'm sure if I have kids. Okay, they're not seeing a phone till they're twelve. Due to call me or nine one one nobody'll games. You're reading a book. I don't care. So what do you do for fun? You just told me what you used to come on. You must be having fun somewhere. You're having fun. I got you. You are having fun with this. I have some some of the remaining friends that I have which are really solid friends on weekends. We hang out we go watch movies and stuff like that. In addition. I just think it's great one of the greatest things for me for having fun or simply talking to like minded kids, like young individuals at these turning point events Soviet run. And it's great unlike meeting with pushing policy and stuff like that. It's just fantastic. Like one of the greatest feelings ever was like passing the stops violence act and fixed Knicks like the stops. Appropriated funds two billion dollars funds. For the production of schools, like hardening schools metal detectors, making better communication into law enforcement training, law enforcement, teachers and students and addition there was a clause that said, none of this money will be used for firearm or fire trainings. So this was like the greatest win for the left, and they still hate Bill. Kids hated it. But no, I mean, I'm really dead set on making sure that school shootings just our thing of the past. They never happen again. And you love what you do jobs. Just like just learning about second amendment and just being more knowledgeable and having these debates and discussions or just like they really make my day. Yeah. Well, I think it goes without saying, I mean, I think you have an absurdly bright future. Anki like you're gonna run for president. You're saying probably not. But you left a little window. No. I mean, I literally do maybe there's a thing for politics like the hill in the future right now that set going to college get my degree learning staying the political sphere. But you know, who knows? Then supporting Nikki Haley, Shapiro twenty twenty four right? You see people there is hope for the future for more on Kyle follow him on Twitter at Kyle. Because you've.

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