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Welcomed the digital hospitality. I'm your host. Sean walsh jeff. This is kelly barbecue production. We talk about digital hospitality. That are running thesis. Every business needs to digital i and every business needs to be in the hospitality business. And what exactly does that mean. That means that there's never been a greater time to get involved with your smartphone It doesn't matter what business you're in. It doesn't matter the size of your business if you are an owner you have the ability to broadcast your message and teach people through example. Today's guest is mike. Bausch the owner of and elise pizza. He's an author. he has grown. You started in two thousand and five to five areas. He might have more than that but we'll ask him about it to lottery as food hall concepts of food truck a fine dining concept. He's a world pizza. Champion guinness book of world record holder. He's a writer for pizza today. He just published a book called on sliced how to stay hole in the pizzeria business. He was named a top ten pizzeria in the us by trip advisor. Buzzfeed cnn usa. Today this guy is fucking rockstar. And we're lucky to spend some time with him today. Mike welcome the show. You were having a very cool very much. appreciate it. Zometa start with a quote from you from your linked envied when you got your book published. It says i've noticed over the years that when people share more they get more in return the people that hold everything inside have any the people that hold everything inside. Never have anyone to cover their back watching out for them so it's a mixture of altruism and self interest that i'm releasing this book. I'm very proud of it. Which is not an easy statement to say if it didn't resonate in the hadn't poured over it countless times. I don't think i would ever be able to say that statement. I can recite this two hundred and fifty page plus book backwards and forwards. I took it from four hundred pages and edited down to only what i knew would be evergreen and solidly useful content. I hope that people reading it. They find a book that they can enjoy and gain. something from. This book is very much not. Hey come look at me or the mike boss story it is. Let's get to work and make your place better right now and it doesn't hurt if you laugh a little bit along the way at the screen. That's the things that we screwed up. And our journey. I want the info to be more important to the reader than it is to me the author truth. I stayed behind this the statal tested. Yeah that's a big part of it you know you don't want to have theoretical 's a lot of restaurant books might be someone. Hey this is how we develop this restaurant. And now i only could salt. And they haven't been in their store and a decade and there's a lot of value in ed wisdom to those guys but i'm living it adhere. It's also really really dan. Hard to write a book while running a lot of stores and I i pulled off. It wasn't easy. Took a lot of hours at and what i'm giving to the reader also on the audio but i think the audio book is the best way to listen to experience the book because any time. I have a joke or alright. I've tried to put emphasis on the rights. Allowable you get to experience that and know what i'm trying to say better at. It's a little bit more approachable. So i showed off doing stuff. Just do stuff. And when i wrote the book forward say we'll watch the reason for it. What's what are you trying to give it to. And ninety percent of it. When i started it was like i need to get the hell out of here. We get it on paper in most perfect way. Possible checking off my list. Move on because it's annoying me at this point. I was really good at fighting restaurant. Because i would look at the list of tickets at just say i gotta get going. I like checking shit off like go. Get it to go and not. Everyone's like that can overwhelm people going. When i have a list of things i can the larger. It is but i feel like i'm still a control of it makes me feel good. Yeah i think it it's really powerful. It's something that you know especially for people like you and me. That have been doing it for as long as we have. It gets to the point. I'm i'm working exactly on a digital hospitality book on our thesis for all the things that we do exactly what you said in your post. It's not about me. It's about all the things about teaching all the people no matter what business. You're in that if if we can do all these incredible cool things because of this technology that we've been given. There's no reason that you can't because it's such an exciting time. I mean you've made such a huge impact on the pizza. Business globally But more specifically in oklahoma in your in tulsa. Tell me about how you get started. You know where where. Where'd you get your humble start. The humility is coming for being irish catholic. Italian don't brag about yourself. The hell up the i think. Humility another big part of the humility of it is. I am your california. I would high-school college california. A highschool called day lasalle high school. Okay he s salle de la salle high school juggernaut of football long powerhouse. Powerhouse loggers football winning streak of history of the game of football. Yes no one has ever won more consecutive games. Now with that said i played football but that whole school had the same mentality which was work. Your balls off and shut the hell up about it. It's not it's yeah work get up early No one was yelling. Like the coach of that team. You'll ever would see hundreds of cobol coaches. that coach. Never yelled coach. Bob lout assir never yelled at. And he's he read the book to either friend of mine. He's a great guy and our mentality at that school vice year. We won all of every single sport whether it was a state or national evened out to academic decathlon which deals sell one things with a team of five foot eight hundred ninety pound guys. It was the running game. And and i'm not a master sports guy but i am a. Let's game this hard and i'd never had so much passion for sports and i was the captain of the wrestling team and the captain of the volleyball team. I sucked both sports. So when i got into the restaurant industry that it was the first thing i was like. Oh i could be good at this like yeah you work. Hard doesn't matter how tall short wide then doesn't matter if working hard are you thinking the next thing. That hasn't been thought of yet. Are you not thinking about your direct motivator in the sense of this is going to make me happy right now but making customer happy their happiness translates into my financial success and this month way better approach to life a. That's why i would. I think every kid should work a service job much more than a retail job. you take. Who's come up in the restaurant. Industry whereas acute worked the gap in the mall to diametrically opposed viewpoints on life. Yeah can you explain that. Because i i love. We have our own philosophy of the difference between customer service in retail and then hospitality in the restaurant business. Can you expand on that. So i mean if you either even back a house for a house here. I work hard for the product that people will spend their disposable income on for their happiness at Here to make their life better and then especially with the server if i resonate with this person created connection on the very short amount of time which is a skill set that can be used infinitely in life. I will be better for the dirty ed. Get more profit for doing it. It's an immediate response. A perfect immediate response on a very natural almost primal level and in retail. You could fold every single sweater at the gap in the most perfect way that's ever been. Here's your nine fifty an hour. you could edited. Just people are like okay. Well what do you need me to do. Full the sweaters. Check people out whether you check them out. Faster or slower doesn't matter maybe. Maybe there's an upsell if you sign up for a credit card. They don't lead they. You know they don't need but there's no wind there. There's just and with the restaurant industry and anyone does worked a restaurant hit immediately. Tell when they go out to dinner with someone at somewhat says is just snotty to a server Never worked a restaurant or just worked in hospitality yet. whether like. Excuse me this water. It's very like super cold like okay. I i never worked. A restaurant has no idea what they're wrong. So we're lucky. We're like i said start podcast where we're at this incredible point of of business technology media content creation. We've made friends all over the globe that also run podcast. Michael teen sager the hospitality mavericks. Which is an incredible podcasts. He's the one who introduced you. And i- bruce irvin. I know smart pizza marketing. You've been on his podcast eric. Katori unstoppable podcast. I've consumed all of those. I love your message in all of them. Also to the the one you did with bruce and the one you did with eric pre pandemic so you said you had three hundred and sixty employees Can you give us an update of eric. Eric was only like a month ago. Okay but Bruce was prepaid grizzlies pre pandemic. So yeah so reason. Bruce three sixty three sixty to seventy five okay. So you're already lean you're already lean. You didn't have to cut as much. How many full service restaurants do you have Six full service restaurants. So five that are full blowed brick and mortars one a full service dining than smaller things like airport location to food halls. The food halls are off line right now. The food truck is still. Were still moving on that. The gillette areas are bolted flux. Right now okay and the food hall. Are you running the entire food hall with multiple concepts are you a part of multiple. Concept's i two concepts in a place with twenty concepts that i do not run an and i noticed with the food hall. I'm super lucky. Take politics out of the bag. I'm very lucky tulsa where it's better laissez-faire it's very People big dumb asses and not wearing masks it tulsa proper especially. But it's not like. I have someone who says yeah. You can't patio dining or their no. It doesn't change the. It's so pro entrepreneur. You make the smart call at the customer. Figure it out Ended the food halls. They were very like hey. We don't wanna even jeopardized us so we're gonna have surely pickup and when it's purely pickup. What occurs is. It's like trying to think about buying sunglasses from the sunglass in the mall via the parking lot of the mall. Let's go buy some sunglasses from the parking lot of the mall. Not just not gonna take so. We had the positive another really weird very restaurants. Civic dynamic that occurred was apathy was occurring for the five employees. I have that location. They had no business. But i was like well. I want to keep the place. They want to keep them employed and they started to suck. Yep is starting to suck employees and they're like listen. We're gonna leave early today. We're closer berlin by the hours. You're there. I don't care if you don't get a dog dare you up and then i was. I'm better suited. Taking it to my other stores were really need staff. It's weird big. People think that there's a shortage of jobs not the restaurant. I'm begging people to like tamales work at the other stores and when they went to the other stores he's guys who were prime guys. They they're accurate had dipped. Yep yep yeah we've noticed a significant. I mean what's happening with the corona virus with the digital first with third party delivery the the entire job codes are changing in restaurants and in hospitality. So what we asked of a staff member. That was a server. That was a bartender before when we do open back up because we're as date of this recording we still haven't opened backup for dining just deliver and third party only but today's february twenty fifth You know we're hiring again for the first time but we're hiring for our ghost concept. Were hiring for our new concept which is our old concept but just new. It's different so you know the way that a server would come and serve tables. Were using technology now. Handhelds kiosks things to make it more efficient more profitable to ultimately benefit the customer. I mean at the end of the day. The biggest thing is to how how do we make. How do we get great barbecue to the customer on their not on our team and i think that's very frustrating for people that are used to. This is how i come in for my shift. This is how much money i'm gonna make. This is how big my section is going to be everything shifting at an incredibly quick rate the the i mean we're less affected than the coasts. Obviously but knowing what the growing up in new york new jersey at california living here. I know what is going on. The pizza community is a very tight community. So i'm talking to my guys across america all the time. Luckily it's pizzas pretty insulated. That people regardless of situation are going to have pizza by fine dining. I had to close in the quarter to last year. Just because it just didn't make sense and people weren't looking to spend disposable income very Uncertain economy but pizza. The hi ed option. I'm sure barbecue is the same way a high option either. If you're super rich you come down to it or if your bill it can still want to come up to it. And that's your new New version of five ninety. So it's pretty pre padded but to your point as the future goes ed but the next nine months three years will will show us. Qr ordering. i don't believe is going away. Will you are ordering at the table. Take more more market share Will people walk. Servers like the pendulum is a weird thing is the pendulum too. I wanna hug my server or is it gonna pendulum into i. Don't care if it's twenty twenty three. I expect your whole restaurant to be basques. Both are blurred completely viable to say otherwise would be i in a way too early prediction. This is probably a stupid prediction. But this is what i assumed today. I assume there's going to be the covid section. It will have a different name that will exist for the next five years like smoking section. Be like we have socially distanced tables outside purely for those customers who walked that yet. Poorly served by servers masks. Just like five to ten percent of the demo is still yacar. Wants badly hit by percent but we as a whole society said okay. Let's make gluten free options for five percent to assume that there's not going to be five to ten percent that are sure to wear for the next. Five years will be extremely short-sighted. I think that's i think that's a great point. And it's something that we definitely need to proactively You know in our brick and mortars but also on our online footprints as somebody that's been in the game as long as you have you you start. You started pre web two point. Oh pre iphone one released in two thousand and seven june twenty-ninth two thousand seven. I used that date because it helps me and our listeners. Understand how short of a time. The iphones been out and how much has changed and how quickly technology has changed. How much content creation social media search engine optimization website mobile i all these things that are so vital to what we do and what we hope. Our listeners inspires them to do Tell us about your journey about launching your first restaurant. dick teen years is a very interesting dynamic. Thousand and five fifteen years it. I i say this. I represent the last chapter by book and fifteen years keita. Tops was taught us adele teen years ago. But it fifteen years had no iphone. No facebook no any of that existed. Ed a somewhat as a twenty one year old employee. Now since they were six it's been complete part of life so have no aware of how randomly weird this is like. There's no door door knockers and bowel pack and was aliens because our original name was carlucci. Will maya tightening was carlucci and that was already somewhat copywriting and i had to come up with an eight. Why because of the phone book. Yes the yellow pages. Look at mattered. Own book mattered. And you're like. Oh where am i a phone book and i'll young. I'm thirty eight compared to most of the pizza guys like fifty five or they're like. Oh yeah we used to do it this way. We will do it this way. And i'm like you're from peru. That's a very odd to have the. It's there's so much happening. Fifty years. Then i at fifty years old. Think about nineteen fifty nine to nine hundred. Seventy four fifteen years ignited seventy for you. Went for black and white. Tv took full blown color. You went from the beatles are just a bug two. They recorded every album. They would ever record at broke up you for. No one had known what vietnam was to. We've been this war out of it. We're talking five presidents. So i can t nine hundred seventy four fifteen years to be clip and there could be nothing. There's nothing that compares since what the cotton gin to the last fifteen years of of industry and progression of media. Ed the light me now with all that separates of very top level radios. Thought is okay. How're you monetize ing it and not just monetize for your personal gain but for your i don't like iggy of things in terms of now we're gonna make money off Say product. I experienced first. The money will figure itself out yet. Are we using after the grandest experience. Possible for the coolest shit we could do. Because that's where we're making it is at you. Especially though this no one is going into san diego's. I want the second best barbecue town direct. They want i want the most would be meat. I can get. We probably chili's or something or i want the best so if your number two you're just dead when you're trying to be a brand in the food demo could being or you're the best and if you're going for pretty fucking good you're already fucked. You're already dead. So that's where. I look at it and curbside. Everyone be curbside. We use advanced curbside technology a decade. It of course of a year Online ordering that were debating it. They don't debate it anymore yet. The apple pay google pay amazon. Pay is moving at a lightning pace and apple pay. Whether it's online or that. I could tap my phone to the to the checkout all that having a po s provider. That's moving at lightning pace. would people say by all. It's really hard on the back end or or we like this because it's really easy our servers but it's not easy for the customer but it's really easy for our servers. I think those guys are are the ones who are going to miss the boat for sure we talk a lot about. Oh shit moments like oh shit. Technology moments Particularly because i had a lot of them you know when we first opened our business in two thousand and eight with my one of my best friends from college he was on facebook and i was giving him shit you know pretending that he was trying to pick up chicks like you know. What are you trying to do trying to pick up girls and then. I realized that we couldn't get anybody to come into our restaurant. We were struggling to pay our payroll. We need all market. I'll do whatever is possible to survive and if that means starting to facebook page fucking going to do that so that was like an ocean moment for me where we first claimed around facebook page. Do you have any oh shit moments when it comes to the digital and social digital so many. I'm not to say that to say out of Really hit your face was really interesting. Dynamic of social media is ice buyer to to work by balls often. Make the best thing i could do. Even with your like your the shit of what you do look at so much more. Yeah i'm like. I could be posting ten stories day of be or of the unlike and i'm not and then there's all these debates about content but there's so much more there's never it's never done. There's no there's no egg prize. It's just more and you have to keep going. And even if you're the shit you're not so i can look at comparatively in my market but still i'll see what someone else is doing like. Oh my god what. They're doing the like two thousand eight coming up with email campaigns. Do that at a very early level with eight hundred followers tried to make it a thing and You're being up to four in the morning on the email campaign Technology was very antiquated to make the thing look halfway decent yup and then even i had a gut check in two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen where we were just doing everything right with our social. It's not it's not cool. it's not. I don't care about it and i just kind of tossed out. The playbook is of starting over I took the people that were doing. Pr which was good enough to have a social a purely having social ed. I want you to be purely dedicated to buy emails. I'm going to decide what it is. So i'm not to four. Am i'm going to say what a big promotion on garlic knots at goes like this. I want this. They want this takes your whole job is that yes and i'm just going to lose money for the next few months spending it on youtube to build this profile up and didn't work i bet on us. It always works for my bet on us. I take a loss of the beginning. I've yet to not pan out. Even originally with social a big aha moment was. I was speaking to me in the audience by doing the twitter myself. I was writing super in depth saw madman the night before is really like if your needs not dick whitman. Come to angelina you chilling. I can make the best of the best follow on the internet. And i like someone said you're really funny to the one out of eighty people like get your jokes and the people are like. Oh my god this guy so fucking funny and she's like you have moms that you want to get to ear but yeah she's like okay. How about what's your favorite pepperoni topping. Pizza that's lay. It was like well moms are gonna like it now to get this is a twenty twenty one mindset. Twenty ten was engaged with just at facebook. The wild west at everyone saw whatever you posted. So we're talking about pizzas. What's your favorite. What's what drink do you love and that type of stuff. Little corey to me at the time. But i saw the numbers increase Two thousand seventeen. I saw that there is people with cooler videos like we're going to produce a full-fledged skit or in-depth digital video at least once a month yeah but the beauty of the that used to be like a. I think i did a photo shoe or quarter of the photo shoot video shoot in two thousand fourteen at like three thousand dollars. Yes now to fifty three thirty five for stuff like that yet. So yeah. I think one of the most important things that we tell our audience people. Listen to this podcast. There's never been a time. Where so many different creatives are available to business owners whether they're a writer whether they're photographer whether they do video work where they do editing work. Podcast work audio. Like there's such a wealth of talent and they don't even need to be in your local area over my producers in portland oregon ian my writer. He's in austin texas You know you can start to build a team of incredibly talented people and start to do things that are compelling to you. i mean i i love this. The story that cal sussman he's He was a writer for the esquire. He is a podcast but he interviewed kobe bryant before he passed away. He went to kobe kobe. Bryant's studio and he behind kobe. Bryant's wall is a sign. That says make epic shit. And that's essentially the essence of what we try to do every day and the more that i talked to you the more i realized that you have the same blood type i mean. We don't have a lotta time on this earth. So let's do the things that pull us. You know when. I wake up every morning at three forty in the morning and get my day started for him. I'm doing that. Because i can't fucking wait. I can't wait to get after it. What's your every day. I am annoyed with me. And i'm like there's something smarter figured out yet. Go figured the shit up and what else is there. And i think. I've got better at like not be as hard on self general at take kind of taking a step back a lot of the stuff that i threw up on the wall like it see if it lands a book. I don't have any the eagles really worthless thing. Does it provide joining new benefit. And how much you love yourself. Today is how much you're screwing yourself over for tomorrow. But i i really tried really hard. And then it's landed into things that people are benefiting from it. But i get up. I work out. I think it's it's centers my mind a lot more to to work out it and be done with that before seven. Take my son to school or get him off the school with my wife. And then it's game on all day Colleague in early. I saw a tiktok video. Where they're like you know there's always somebody days if you're sleeping seven hours a day and you wake up at ten. Am versus waking up for him. It's still space still slept seven hours saved efforts in after going to bed late waking up at like eight the work throughout the day of going to bed at like one. I know i'm more productive getting up at four to five having work out of the way all my stuff pounding out emails when it's soft at dan the hours at night kind of superfluous identified with all my emails by eight call day again watch more productive. I excited. i'm excited own. Run shit in america. I think i'm surprised by people who aren't excited to do that. A lot of people at scary fear of success and it is about being different. You would think it's just normal. Oh i i don't want to answer a dancer. Demand i don't like i like seeing my ideas to fruition. I like building stuff. But a lotta people need a daddy and a lot of people. Don't like putting himself out on front street. And that's great. Because i need them in my life to do the other stuff. But that's not me so i grew up with. I never met my father. I grew up. My grandfather was an immigrant from. Bulgaria was born to be a farm boy. He made an incredible life. Became a medical doctor. World war two. I mean he raised me in la hoya very privileged part of san diego privilege part of the world but he was my inspiration for hard work in for curiosity he was the one that really set the bar for me to know that everything. Whatever i'm going to bitch about like he'd already done one thousand times. Fold much harder in a much more difficult situation. So that's why no matter what we go through. I go through on a daily basis. I have that grounded. Who who was your your guiding mentor. Who who set the bar for you. That's a very good example and it's very cool story. My dad's a lieutenant colonel of the marine corps who Signed on after having three kids at twenty at went into. Oc s officer candidate school. Which i went into as well. When i was by eighteen years old as a result i type. What juvenile diabetes. I know i had that and ocs did all the training. I was one hundred thirty five pounds on the edge of death and thought and then i feel like diabetes. I'm not admi wilford grimly. It as a kid to the juvenile version net and at that point i thought life i know how long i was gonna list either very You know self check moment say okay. Well let's do as much as possible. You're not gonna to were driving packages for ups you get life going. What start this game up. Now which. I think people assume to start life in their forties. My i that was gone now as far as its rations by dad is the greatest leader i've ever met. And he went from you know not having a great up pre but working his ass off in the court all the stuff that you of see in the marines. Today he helped facilitate he would never gave himself that credit. But you'd like the forrest gump of the marine corps. If you ever see someone that's on fox news or whatever that said marie especially for two thousand one to two thousand twenty. They worked for my dad at some point. Any just tell me again. That guy's national. That guys like a mattis worked for my dad and my dad's just a cool guy now. My mom is the opposite of my dad and was very organized. Very i narrowed wonder if i was going to have a dentist like very everything was according to plan and so he was this gregarious leader and she was very put together not not life of the party person and their traits and seek to do that. That's just in my dna as far as professionally guy named tony. German yanni out in san francisco has been a mentor to me. Throughout the last fifteen years he's easily the mic to say a michael jordan. A pizza would be almost underselling it. Because he's the would you say who's degraded koby her jordan. Who's the greatest usually would you say who's the greatest. There's three things that a person who's related won the babe ruth fact like the first to do it yet. Then who's the greatest. The the barry bonds effect who's has the biggest numbers people would say. No berry he's he's way better than people on obey bruce better because he came so you're talking numbers or first and then the third is all i'm dennis eckersley fan because he's a i just love his. You saw do it when you were a kid or something. So those are the three that defined the greatest ed. He is the greatest pizza and that he was the first to do. Almost everything that you see out there pizza game. I have multiple styles. One restaurant i to win all these awards has the most awards many one of the game. And then i've eaten at his restaurant like this is really good so at he being my mentor. This whole time and say don't do that with this way and working together and working so much intertwined on this industry has made us better. How did you develop that mentor ship. It was i think he. He helps out a lot of places. But i called him when i twenty two and he talked for an hour and i had called a lot of other places and i saw him on food network and other places that blow me off and he's talking to be our you know me then. I met him and he was doing a pizza. School at with bringing people from italy teaches school so he could one day due to school he had done himself in italy a college level course pizza and he just saw stoked i was to to work hard asked me to be on his pizza team. That competed internationally than he. Just wasn't bullshit. I work hard. I was one fledgling little store. He was one store at the time out. He's gone on to have a massive amount restores. Ed i bid right there. I'm like five to ten years behind him in career this whole time. It's an unlike that worked. I'm gonna do it my way of his. I once said to him. I wanna do a all beer bar just every style of beer just abaza beer bar and then he assured me about these one bottles. By the time i use all the cocktails. Don't do that. Like probably probably million dollar tip. I just got there. Yeah exactly You you mentioned that every day you you take your son to school I two new data a three year old son. He's turning for the summer. My daughter's going to be turning by mortars too so. It's i know that everything changes you know people your best friends all the people you know they tell you everything changes when you become a father. What did it mean for you to become a dad. It's not like i had to grow up in the sides. Because i already was very organized but it just meant the I get dealt with the night and let's go have some beers. It's like i it. Just change your focus. That i don't really care. I don't really want to do that. I wanna focus on him and being. I want to be good at this to came a really awkward time because we are opening up simultaneously like seven things. The kind of just were predicated upon the other. We have this to be able to do this to do that. Some were small. Where large that i just want that to. I wanted to take the time. wanted to be good this. I've always been. I've been waiting to be a dad for so long that i'm happy. I wanted to kill it. My dad has a good dad at. He wasn't effort by other three siblings. Fifteen years older than me because he was in vietnam us on in germany and russia. Add that he took the time to be my dad. And i was like his second chance and i don't think i'm getting a second chance in fifty or whatever i wanna have a child so i want this is my son. This is what focus is. And and i love. I love being a dad. So that's where i'm with today. Yeah there's Definitely nothing greater. There's no greater job in the world and it's it's It's the most challenging in the most rewarding job at the same time. Whatever you learn today or yesterday is going to change the next day As they grow up so fast Tell me a little bit more about your book. So book is called on sliced hottest a hole in the petri industry. Add it is i. i wrote it with If you heard of tucker backs he has a book school will add. He wrote a i. They serve beard. Hell he very. He writes in a very approachable way. But this is a place where a lot of people who have great ios vision. What but like David goggin book was written through this process and he's obviously a lot of people super respected rightfully so so. I put myself into a book of by manager school. I took that that. I was trading my managers on formulated. It made it like three chapters and then there is a chapter on how to decide whether or not the restaurant industry is for you and if you bought off on that how to get customers to care about you how to get staff to want to work for you. Then how to figure it out in a way that they are maximize egidi to their best point and then how to get benders and all the people that are not on your payroll to maximize those relationships to create better operations which lead to better return a value in our while obviously and then being an owner in this industry to to make that maslow's hierarchy of needs not just getting by two day to day but also a maximizing my life with this position and that's what it's a very culminating book. I wrote it. And then i said yeah. I'd like to have an audio book. And they were like well you do. You have someone's voice you know. I'll do it. You'll you gotta fly to la. I'll get my radio guys that i do stuff with here. We'll record it in and the okay cool you do that. So that's a lot of us and so the audio book are you get to see the essence of i've gotten. It was named by entrepreneur magazine as the one of the best business books. You need to read twenty twenty one Which i'm very proud of. And i think if you if you're listening to podcasts. I think you'll do if you don't dig it. You just write me an email. Go to slice book dot com and say this is garbage. Pay me back. I'll send you money that this is a garbage book not your time. I'll happily pay you back. But very there's taizhou. I'll make a pizza. I think this segment will like this. But i don't know about these guys are. This is a pretty all around good or this is an all around great. Everyone will love this pizza. And i think this book is that i appreciate that anybody that listens this. Podcast knows that we have guests that ranged from different industries all different backgrounds people that are influencers business owner small business owners. Big business owners tech entrepreneurs There's a reason why we have them on. And that's because the themes they run similar but they're all unique and we believe that people that are coming on You can learn from them. Because i know that i'm learning So even if you're not in the pizza business. I think you should definitely check out the book i know i'm going to buy a copy I love reading one of my passions that was gifted by my grandfather but reading. I mean it's it's the easiest way to distill the amount of information it's a way to hack your brain. I mean you you put all the damn working and then now you've given us a gift. That's only two hundred and fifty pages or or i can listen to it so we appreciate that that gift that you give and one thing i do want to ask you about content creation and why somebody that's doing as much as you're doing. Why were you compelled to start writing for pizza today. The i get. I can't be in the back seat. Wanna be driving fucking dry. And i would go to pizza today. I go pizza expo. I like this is i see. Some speeches does a lot of great information but maybe it was delivered with a bit bigger palatable way like okay so we're gonna talk about your profit loss statement. If you have a problem los david. You're gonna wanna add a lot better line. I was like god. Damn it. And i was like i can make this thing. I'm not like trying to be a show. But if i'm going to do so they're gonna make it not sock like make it not suck. Yes i do that in a way that. I think it'd be fun that someone was here. They get to leave for like his. I learned so much going to that and see articles. They're really articles. Like why ice had a tip on something that i would help someone i told. The editor is like a semi right up. And i didn't end. He's like y'all give you like eight. Tips just didn't small little blurbs than the month would buys like this do that every month. I guess it's not like the money or anything. I just i write it and i get emails from across the world like oh man that helped me so much. What did you do do this. I'm like i'm helping someone in. I got an email this morning from hungary. Amazing i was like. That's just cool shit in life. The if i it's not going to. That's locker trades late into money and that got me thinking about the book. I'm writing in my writing skill. I graduated college with a policy major. I could write up a paper. But i consider myself a professional writer and then i really doubled down a well. What could i do to be better at writing. Developed a whole process which is very unique to each person. And i noticed. It's a lot like developing a comedic voice on stage is developing writer's voice. I just said this is cool and now with the parlaying it into something we. We had this really unique situation right. Were so the. I'm in my office next to a concert. I'm above my fine dining restaurant which is next door to my my pizza restaurant which is across the street from our lotteria so we have quit service full service restaurant advice dining all right here with a conference where or like we could have people come here or they say. Hey i wanna have my abaya restaurant. I only know what i'm doing but my nephew's gonna run it don't do that. Let's set your heart set on it said your dumb ass nephew to me and i'll show them how to do. Whether it's full-service find dining quick serve had to open a day or close on a pizza on a ps. Yata handle someone that's leads how to get your your pnl setup how to do a recipe card and how to have it all integrate on a very small level as well a highly operational level charge for that at that instead of going out to kalamazoo doing some consulting which doesn't interest me at all. You come here will take time out of our week. Show you how to do it. And then that's another prophet stream that i would benefit people like what if i could give myself that fifteen years ago we would save three years of aapgeneva yet. And that's Something that we'd like to do at this next year. that's incredible. What what what are you looking for this year right now. Given its february end of february twenty twenty. One what's What do you have on the slate i are. My first trip is slated to be at pizza expo. The keynote speaker pedes expo in june in las vegas. Las vegas is rolling back restrictions slowly. I got vaccinated last week. Type one diabetic. So i'm looted the free world. Doorknobs whatever i need to do and I am looking forward. I e the to whatever the next step is my guess again. Stupid guesses advance. Is that private parties. Big socially acceptable to france and not being a pariah of the neighborhood were probably april. May on that. Like a dead. So for july will be big. I think concert venues will be hey accurate. You're on risk. Come september at least admit. America l. Yorker go for it just yet. I could see some parts and they're gonna see doing well here. Numbers are going down to. There's no variance than i think. We're gonna i really. The x factor. Question is what is my bartender going to safely be allowed to not wear a mask and it's also let's say it's completely safe or safe was like could be that a customer is not going to feel offended for the nut wearing that mask. How long are we far. We from that. I don't have that answer. Yeah that's a great question is one of the things that we did right when the restrictions came down in In march seventeenth in california was we went to our bar and we put barstools six feet away from each other and man that looks like a shitty shitty bar you when you put when you put a barstool six feet away from another barstool. It's certainly not the neighborhood bar not the vibe that we were trying to create when we opened up the business so we're looking forward to stack and people in again on fight night. Getting people packed in on an nfl. Sunday of course. I i we. The whole first week of kobe is the the introduction to my book and it's not about art pain of covert. It's okay this sucks. Change it a system. That would work. That would did it. Change system do this. What are we gonna do here. Okay reverse curbside people this way. Facebook post social media type for videos. We're gonna do this this this this changes that we made payroll you know and how. How did that happen. This is the industry that you're signed up for at because i had these systems took fifty years decree but about to show you that week was a profitable week. And and how the hell do you do that. That's what i get it to a lot with the book and then we built barriers by april. We opened back up for diana which allowed to do in april. We had full-blown not little barriers but full blown shoe goals at every table because the thought of going down to twenty five percent. I was like i can't cubicle. Each table by servers could make their money and i really bought. That was going to be the thing of the whole industry and it kinda did it happen just like a little bit of plexiglass not like six foot tall plex core to get this across. I look forward to taking those down one day in a safe hospitable way to the last thing i'm gonna ask you about is branding somebody that we started. Our businesses california comfort restaurant and sports bar and we went to kelly comfort and then we went to kelly comfort barbecue when it became a barbecue concept. And now we're kelly barbecue Were were we understand that you have to evolve as a brand. Tell us why. It's at endo's pizza on instagram. And all the other social reforms well air dough pizza because eh deletes pizzeria people would spell wrong. You don't really need to spell it anymore but back in the day if you you'd have to spell it right. So i'd like and the loads and the reenies and it's a. It's a eddo pizza kip. Screw that up a pizza at originally and was eglise pizzeria. Add italian restaurant and it was like i think we almost at the our first on our tax words abeline. These new york pizzeria a tallied restaurant. You're like hey dhabi's this is a brand perspective. We did it in this font and under it we had a flag. This is this just shows you all the fuck ups that we we had a flag that was green white and red and we had it like this like ribbon it done asses. We did it wrong and it was actually the mexican flag identity. Here's why didn't even fucking matter though because when we send to our science guy we sent it in. Rgb instead of cmyk so they get the art file and it's just a rainbow so our our original side was this an array rabo ribbon under it no way that we just saw. It wasn't like obama. Have a photo of that. I do not rabo sense of like classic like rainbow bright rainbow. Orange kind of red kind of this. And it's just sucker like. I don't have the money to do that. Lived with it for like four years and then we changed our whole logo to like this guy on my arm and now i do cool shit like you. I saw your leected sports entertainment fan right. So yes i realized i love that. He's the club by club So the bullet club do shit. Now that i like. And i'm like come on come on for the ride with annelies pizzeria. shit will you have to send me a photo of that execution flag pizza. The mexican pizza came a rainbow. The rainbow stover our producer. We'll put a link to that in the show notes. I it needs to go on jerry digital proof dour or i'll find somebody in tulsa scrubbed because it's that sounds like a topic of pizza expo. Come on know to your point. I probably will put that up there on the slides and the journey but to think about how what. How old are you. I'm turning forty next next year by thirty nights or we have the same age kids a lot in common user. Twenty photos of you as a child. Pretty yes my. My children have twenty photos a day of every day. That goes live videos. Whatever we did a two thousand five was not highly documented. Correct correct all ask changed. Oh shit mike. It's been truly a pleasure man. I can't appreciate you for taking the time you for your leadership your compassionate transparency. For doing what you're doing for not just the pizza business but the entrepreneurial business it's really shipman you're leading by example and Can't tell you how much we appreciate your time. We're gonna like. I said put links in the show notes stuff we talked about. Were definitely put a fucking of that Execute pizza flag and rainbow flag but nonetheless. Thank you guys for listening We're grateful please. Interact with mike. Follow him on social and go to the pizza. Expo listened to him and get his book on sliced. I'm going to get it. And i'm gonna give you some feedback. But it'll be positive feedback. I'll talk shit. I should say tell me i know. I have no problem with constructive criticism. That's for sure. But mike thank you for the time and i would wreak.

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