Ep. 925 Troubling New Revelations About this Miscarriage of Justice


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino, by one of the Dan Bongino show producer, Joe, how are you tonight? I know everybody's like this is like mandatory in the audio and TV business and everybody into even shot did it yesterday right on Sean show. So listen, I before we start I always say producer, Joe how are you today because you're my guy, but with me forever, but we have it on samba cast again today. Yes, we do. We have a Sulu over there. Blair. We have Spock in Linda, we actually I don't watch Star Trek. So I can't even name another crow McCoy in Ethan. Who's another? I don't even have another Jason Jason. You're just going to be Jason. So your crew ever Jason onto starship enterprise. We got a whole team of people at ice station Hannity here at Vietnam helping us out so thanks to them. Seriously. Guys are great. And ladies, Linda, I really appreciate it being one of the guys. I know you never mind, and we got great feedback on your initial appearance on his show the show did bonkers numbers. So we appreciate that. But thanks a lot. I was just making kind of a joke about how I'm overseas, and my wife, she's gonna kill me. Of course, my wife who I loved dearly. But she texted me about my fish who may be dying slow death at home. She's like, hey, do you have to feed this thing? What's I was like? Oh, yeah. Yeah. You do. It is not at battery operated. You gotta throw that sucker five pellets day. So don't what folks listen, we love that these fine. I'm kidding, my wife fed the fish 'cause I know I'll get but the fish is fine. But yes, it did bother me a little bit. The question. Do you have to feed this? It is not an. Nine volt. Fish that suckered needs actual pellets every day to get going. So he's doing good though. Ladies and gentlemen, he's doing good. Let me just put that out there. All right. So yesterday was a pretty crazy day in in Vietnam and keep keeping mind I'm losing track because we're twelve hours ahead of you. So when I say yesterday, I may I don't even know if I mean yesterday eastern time or yes, even Linda hasn't slept ipod nano studio at Linda's is an I said and she got mad at me. And I know you think 'cause I know you I popped the not is are like sunk in like she hasn't slept in four days. And I said man, you look like Philip place. And she's like, ooh, you walk in the room you in the room five minutes. And you look at me and go man you look like s and I'm like really learning. I probably not the best way to have. But she look I do he what your is your answer. I don't mean like ugly be by talking tonight. Just like not not good. I'm like, thank you. I get it. The the subtle auto diplomacy is not my. Thing. Different. Yeah. It's tough to sleep over here. Because it is the exact opposite of what I'm saying. 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So story number one. Michael cohen. There's you know, the Democrats are just what what side or are these these lunatics on? So you have the president United States. He is on the ground here in in Vietnam and Hanoi having this summit with the North Koreans over a obviously, I think it's. You know, it's taught a logical just to say a very serious grave matter the threat of nuclear weapons and a potential attack on the United States if they've developed the technology to do so, and what are the Democrats decide to do they decide this is the opportune time to hold a hearing with President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen for one purpose and one purpose only to humiliate in embarrassed President Trump, it make them look silly on foreign soil. Now, folks, this is pretty disgusting, but I can rant all day about this. But again, I don't want to waste your time. But there was an old expression that politics ends at the water's edge. Meaning when the president was overseas, we were all United in purpose. Mom that ended of course, with, you know, the the Dixie chicks going overseas and waste of love, by the way, Natalie. I used to love the Dixie chicks their first album was awesome. I probably just lost my man card there. But that's fine. Because I thought Natalie Maynes was was the cat's meow band that they were great and she goes overseas, and I was. A huge George W Bush fan, but she trashes them in a foreign concert. And it seemed like all the I don't know if that's just open Pandora's box. But it was all over after that. Now that you're holding congressional hearings to humiliate President Trump while he's meeting with a nuclear power of that's threatened to annihilate us where they have the capability or not, of course, it's questionable. But there's no the gravity of the situation is not in question is just disgusting. And it speaks to the question. What side of the Democrats really on? Anyway, if I'm a democrat now, I'm sorry. But I'm embarrassed my party's just really gross. It's just disgusting what they're doing. But ramp aside there's something going on in. This is a key. Takeaway a lot of people are missing here. The Coen testimony is going to be two segments. It's actually going to be three. But for our purposes going to be two separate boxes of testimony. The first box of testimony is going to be behind closed doors, and it's very very kind of sneaky what they're doing. I like to uncover this stuff the stuff they're putting behind closed doors with Cohen is the stuff. We were told was this was was going to take down the Kalou. This is it we got him. We got his lawyer the collusion stuff. He's colluding with the Russians. Now, Joe why is that behind closed doors, while the open testimony the second box testimony second tranche if things he's going to say have nothing to do with collusion. All they're going to be about his personal business. That's all going to be open for the public to see to openly humiliate the president where I'm sure Coen's going to go on about. And I don't trust this guy as far as I can throw them about payoffs, and you know, what he thinks her suspicious business dealings or whatever. I don't trust as far as I could Chuck this guy, and it ain't far, but that doesn't make any. Sense joke. Stopped me above you, the audience on budget. I'm with big scandal. Here is that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election. Why is that stuff? The stuff that's behind closed doors, while the humiliating personal details are the stuff they're going to broadcast out to the public. Probably all overseeing ended MSNBC will the answers very simple because the behind closed doors stuff as Byron York says an excellent Washington Examiner piece. It's in my show notes dot com. Subscribe the Email this launch right to you. The stuff Cohen has to say could potentially be scope attourney for Donald Trump on the Russia stuff. So just to be crystal clear on this. Yes. Yeah. And I'm gonna explain why. Because I'm not gonna leave you hanging here, folks. Remember that old joke? How do you? Keep an idiot suspense. I don't know. How like that's the joke. I won't leave you hanging. This colwin the whole purpose. Follow me, you the whole purpose for this entire special counsel investigation. How it came to arresting Cohen of vis-a-vis the special counsel. And then southern district of New York was this whole assertion that Trump colluded with the Russians that whole idea that he colluded with the Russias to steal the election was based on a dossier of which Michael Cohen is a central figure in player in that dossier. He is mentioned twenty four times two dozen times in the dossier. So I hope you're picking up when I'm putting down here reason Elijah Cummings, and these other guys are putting that stuff behind closed doors is because if Michael Cohen goes under oath, again, it a closed door testimony and entirely the the dossier cramps all over the dossier and says this thing is complete garbage. Do you want to stand? He will have completely exonerated Trump and made the entire committee. Look silly. Now, there's one key tentatives your regular center show. You probably know where I'm going with this already. Although Coen's mentioned twenty four times in the dossier. He is a key figure in this one mentioned where he allegedly goes over to Prague coordinates with a Russian connected official. You remember this? He coordinates and gives cash payments to this Russian official to get this this distraught of Hillary emails that have been hacked. Now, if that happened that would be a very serious potential crime. If what's the problem, folks, Coen's never been abroad. He's never been to. He has denied this repeatedly. Lanny Cohen who've Linda you've had on the Davis. I always say letting Lanny Davis never let a good crisis. Correct. Yes. Light of fat on the Hattie show with it. Now, let me ask you is let Davis a Republican. How Lenny Davis's the Clinton Easter on steroids? Lanny Davis Coen's lawyer, folks, he has repeatedly debunked this too. He Lanny Davis has zero interest less than zero interest right in promoting. Donald Trump is being innocent of any of this. He has already come out and said the central component to the dossier the whole basis for the prosecution of Trump for collusion is fake. Cohen has never been to Prague to set this thing up with emails or sold. Now. Do you see my point show? The reason they have him behind closed doors on the Russia's stuff is because it's scope Warri, and that they want to put out the nonsense tabloid National Enquirer stuff to embarrass Trump while he's negotiating with Kim Jong UN for a potential denuclearization deal on this peninsula. There's a way to fix this. But we have to call a guy named Vinny. What the hell is not where did you find? That is that when we go back to the conversation about I got a guy. He's Joe is always got it. He's got a guy. Joe Joe always does have a guy Joe is like the guy who has got. She do. That's good. I like that. All right. So enough on that. But folks, by the way, we are live streaming this on my Twitter, at dbongino, we're going to do a snippet of the show. So is the first time we've done this from ice station Hannity here in Hanoi. So you if you're on my Twitter at the bungee, and you can check it out actually live. So we've never done that before. So we got Blair here. Rocket with the technology stuff. I can turn on my iphone. Yes is the first time we've talked. For the first time. We all right. So they're gonna take away from that story is that the Democrats what side of they on when there's an opportunity to exonerate our president on false charges and have Cohen come clean on the prog thing they hide behind closed doors, and when they wanted to embarrass them in front of an international audience to talk about tabloid stuff. They got we'll put that stuff out in the open total complete frauds? All right. Let me get to this. Because I want to get rock and roll in some really important. So we add a point here to enter Jack. Now, of course, we were talking about this before, you know, the the American people voted for Donald Trump because of what they thought he could do because of his business skills. It absolutely nothing to do with anything else. They don't care who he sleeps with. They don't care what he did before he ever even thought about running for president. They don't care. You know, Linda, I I've said this before Joe Joe, what do we call this? Battlefield morality, right? Yeah. Yeah. We, you know, this from have it, and how long you been in this business. Linda fifteen years now, Joe you've been how long you been conservative radio. Little any years or so little over thirty. Yeah. You you've been around. Yeah. I don't wanna age anybody human. Also, this is so there's a lot of there's a lot of there's a lot of experience here. I asked you that for a reason you've lived through and you were on the air. Both of you Joe for few more for Republican presidents. I'm not knocking George W was a good, man. But I was not a big George W fan. Now. There was I know shrine the morally kind of upstanding, let's vote on this, and I'm not knocking trumpets. And I'm a Senator to I'm not getting I don't do these kind of moral judgments rent, but the point is we've tried this stuff. Like, let's vote for like, the the suave nice guy. Whatever may be. And you know what? Now, let's just be honest. We wanted nutcracker. We just do. I don't even the flow the bottom line is. You know, the nice guy is probably doing whatever he's doing behind closed doors to and you know, what I don't want to know about it. And I don't care how you don't know how to balance your checkbook, if you don't know how to make negotiations with world leaders. It really doesn't matter to me what you're doing with your dinky. Do it's none of my business joke here. Have you ever heard thinki- do? Yeah. From laffin. I believe. Yes. A long time ago. No, joe. And I call it battlefield morality how we have tried this before where we voted for the nice guy or the the polish guy or the eloquent guy. And what we got was crap we got continued funding Planned Parenthood, which by the way, Trump this week hit again trying to take funding away from Planned Parenthood. We've tried this before we're in a battlefield morality situation right now. And what I mean by that is when you're in the trenches with a guy and you're sitting next to him. Whereas if you were say in basic training, and the guy was, you know, texting his girlfriend while he's married. You may be like, dude, you know, let's do this is not cool, and it's still not. But when you're in a battlefield that a trenches. And you know, there's an opposing army headed your way. You're not like, hey, bro. That tweet you said you're like start shooting. Brewed and this we need someone with Trump to start fighting. And he's one of the first guys we've seen since possibly Reagan. Who was like, no. I just don't care what you say full. Steam ahead. Damn the. Torpedoes full Shree med full. Steam ahead. I agree with you. I I don't care about any of that bar. Example is Mitt Romney. Nobody voted for Mitt Romney. And then what happens we support them? And now we back doors. I mean that guy I know. But honestly, it's like there's the clean cut guy. My wife, I'm married for thirty years. Yeah. Nobody voted for any law. He got nobody cares. They just wanted to let you do business. Our show. But I remember a note do coffee delayed, effective mittens. I apologize. You didn't get that. I did it. So freaking though. But you've never heard that I have. But I don't know that whole moment right there. All right. Today's show brought to you. But he's a policy genius yesterday. Linda play. What are we talking about health insurance policy genius getting life insurance can feel like assemblies, assembling the world's worst, jigsaw puzzle? Is that through those it's confusing. It takes forever when you finally done. It doesn't even look cool. 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So I have this piece headline lead. I there's always the fix was in for Clinton. Now, you baby's, okay. Great, dan. That's it's not. But now we have the deeds on how this actually went down so Carlson gets his mitts on some testing. Tony from Tricia Anderson and Lisa page to higher up FBI lawyers about how the DOJ shut this thing down. And he throws a wrinkle in detail in this thing that it's just fascinating about how far they want to squash any investigations the Clinton, but. They were so stupid. They kinda miss something. Now. Wait before I tell you the story. Yeah. We're doing Hannity's radio show to develop me bar their studio. So where do where do like like he's bar in mind, you how did he stuff off the other way around? So I hang around afterwards. You guys are buddies either. She was funny. It was we had a good time. You say they bought like food cart. And it was great. It was like I have also put some pictures on my Instagram if you guys want to check it out, but we're all sitting here talking and who's I talking to Kristen or Tom or somebody and the and Dan Hoffman who is here. And we were talking about how I heard this line was by father Bob Sirri, co I use often who spoke at the act in his studios listen on C span one day. And he said, it's not the government is too big. It's like government is too stupid. And he's right. When I tell you this Rickel about what the FBI this. You're gonna be like is this for real? So let me get right to. So the FBI when they applied for search warrants to access Hillary Clinton's computers and computer devices and the devices of our staff for the emails, she ran over a personal server. You tracking? Yeah. They had to get a search warrant. To get those emails. Not no big surprise there. They use the very specific charge which was eighteen US siege stands for United States code. That's the criminal code eighteen USC seven Ninety-three f so follow me here, folks. This is going to be a little complicate. But his promise you it's worth your time. When they applied for a search warrant, they went to a judge and said, we need to access these emails based on a potential violation of eighteen USC seven ninety three. That charge is basically the trafficking insensitive information and f is the gross negligence statute. In other words, Joe the subsection of the crime, which indicates that whether you did it intentionally or not, right? If your behavior was quote, grossly negligent, you're guilty. Now. That's they laid it out in front of a judge. This is the crime, we think was committed. Therefore, we need a search one now, ladies and gentlemen, don't have to be a lawyer to figure out that if you want to get a search warrant you have to lay out in a search warrant some very specific things when I was. When I was a federal agent, you have to lay out where the property is going to be you had to describe it. Let's say I was searching home if say, it's a White House or the white picket fence with three windows in the front door. It looks like this, and it has a roofer you have to lay out a very specific locate you can't just do what you there's no open. Search warn dissolve. I want to search more for Joel. Because for what I don't know something that's not the way our system works. They were very specific about not only the place. They wanted to search the computers and he described them. They were also very specific which you have to be about what crime you can't just say I want to search one why I don't know because Joe got a bad haircut this week. So I want to search for scissors at his house. You don't roll that way? That's not. No, you're not getting you lay out a crime. So they lay out even the subsection. They think Hillary Clinton's team traffic insensitive information, and they were grossly negligent. Now, what's fascinating about this whole thing is these idiots must forgot. Forgot what they put the search warrant because the DOJ Jeff Carlson says in the epoch times piece in my show notes today Bongino that contract about Carlson gets his mitts on his testimony. Where this congressman starts asking Bill price. Step who is keep in mind. You price dip is you've heard his name often you. Yep. He is this higher up. I think it's precept precept precept. I always say price steps I was pronounced everybody's here. But right. It's a it's a very very under disgust person. And he's like he's Lynch pin a whole thing because he's running the whole he strokes boss, and he's responding directly to anti McCabe. So price priest. See I'll say it wrong thousand three. Pre step is in front of a congressional committee under oath these asked by this congressman about a short folks that Carlson gets his mitts on and at the had in the in the on the capital of you're hearing from the DOJ that sent over to the FBI, and this chart specifically excludes excludes charges, they can use the charge Hillary Clinton and one of the excluded charges. A little words do not do this is the gross negligence statute. Oh, oh, isn't that cute? So they can search warrant approved by the department of Justice approved by a court. Approved by judge. Every search want us to go in front of a judge has to be read and sworn to we believe there's probable cause this crime seven Ninety-three f gross negligence was committed yet. Once the OJ gets wind of it. Loretta Lynch, THEO chase sends a chart over that's specifically leaves out gross negligence. So this congressman pulls this chart up this guy Brighton back. Two pre step, and he starts asking about it. Let me read you what Carlson get his mitts on. You. We see in this chart that the DOJ is not willing to charge this meeting eighteen seven Ninety-three f hey, my questions going back to those draft affidavit. He's talking about the search warrant if DOJ is not willing to charge statute, why would the FBI in an affidavit used the same statute as a Predication to obtain a search warrant if the statute was never going to be prosecuted? That's a lot of lawyer talk for what the hell were you charging him with you weren't going to charge him with it? So free step obviously precept caught off guard. Again, the I think pre step is singing. I think that's why he's been left out of the criminal prosecutions. I'm reasonably confident that he's the one let's say. Telling tales, and I think that's why he's been left out of a lot of things so precept response. So so he's like this. This is like stuttering through this. He's a so so I don't know who put this together and use this language. So the congressman responds well, someone in the FBI general counsel's office. Did he says? Yeah. No, no. I trust you there. But I don't know why they again put it together. I don't know why they use this language DOJ not willing to charges. You don't. So I'm going to give you two questions here. I'm going to send we're gonna go a little round, Robin. Okay. We'll get this is going to be a sample and unscientific survey of general public opinion about what we think really happened to you. Do you think Linda option that the DOJ sense this chart over to the FBI specifically scooting the only chargeable crime? They put the search war because they didn't feel like they had the evidence or be because you think the deeply connected Democrats inside the department of Justice wanted to give Hillary Clinton pets. Just throw something out there just throw it on. I mean, listen, I have a lot of thoughts on this. And one of them is the fact that, you know, rod Rosenstein, former deputy G is married to, you know, Lisa Barsumian. I get a lot of emails haven't mentioned out onto going to apes out. There you go Leeson Barsumian is a very under disgust person. Because she's the wife of DOJ, you know official. But you know, she also is an attorney she represented Bill Clinton as a United States attorney, and she has dealings with both Hillary and Bill Clinton she also has dealings in representing Robert Mueller. So the fact that our deputy G is married to somebody who represented the Clintons as well as represented molar, whether it be in an official capacity for the United States, or maybe she had some personal off the record consulting. I don't know. But I think there's something there. I'm going to render a guest that you're going with be. Player and just throwing it out diet. Sounds that way. Okay. All that. And I got be ladies. I, of course, a producer Joe out of respect for for you and your position your exalted position within the show exalt forever and position Reverend. Is it option that they really couldn't find anything? There was no chargeable crime on Hillary or option, b you think they were giving them a political pass because the Clintons the Clintons were the exalted wants, Jim I'm going to go with option B for three hundred what is p for three hundred inappropriate jeopardy worded language. Armacost thing thing we have two out of three but for the sense of unanimity and consensus, Mr Blair, oh, exalted one of Bongino dot com. Thank you. Yes. At the ball a Blair axis of power on GO dot com. I know how Paulo would answer I married to her. So I don't need to get Paul on. Maybe I should call it. But how old on that's do this own flair? But we get to you. I say while you're still my you're going to say I want her to call me right now. I'm just gonna at this. We're going to this. So we have three Ps now that this was probably a politically motivated decision. Right. Three. Blair, everybody gets it Impala calls where. Going to get a for for for this. Always complete his being the fish right now. She's busy. She sent me. Sorry. Harry fish funeral. She just sent me a cryptic taxed. I don't know what this means fish died. No. Cryptic that. Would mean actually the fish really did die. So the congressman asked some additional questions to just to follow up and close the loop on this. So the back says I can stipulate that we've seen drafts of search warrants submitted to the eastern district Virginia to obtain material and the Clinton case so precepts as well. Okay. And he says based on those search warrants the Predication with eighteen USC seven ninety three f-. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, the fix was in from the start. They never had any intention whatsoever of charging Hillary and the news. So you don't think I'm just some Rando here bringing up some dopey topic at a nowhere. You have to have the info on the Clintons. Yes. Of course, we knew that's not the story that the fix was in. It's the lead. But it's not the story. The Dietz matter folks, you're going to argue with your liberal friends Vic the fix that ad. What are you talking about g was't Kilty really because they got a search warrant on a charge? They specifically excluded from actually charging. That's the takeaway. The search warrant said. Seven Ninety-three f gross negligence the DO Jason overcharging. Do not charge them with seven Ninety-three f-. Does that sound like Justice to you? Of course, it doesn't. You know, I tweet out every day. Like collusion's for him. Bacillus? Don't be an imbecile distort dopey dopey on this. They sent out specifically a chart do not charge him with the charge. We're actually charging him with ridiculous. Hey, so a little on the ground here stuff in North Korea. Have we are not in North Korea. We were in annoy about north. I have a little note here not in North Korea. Not been in prison by the North Koreans. They would let me do a podcast anyway. So Linda, you you're here that you guys are here. So that traffic here is is crazy. It reminds me when I was in Indonesian, and seemingly everybody has a moped. Yeah. The mopeds. And I thought they were like scooter scooter scooter same thing. Yeah. Like Vespas looking every would you say eighty percent of the vehicles are yawned? And the weird thing about it is there's almost no traffic control at all. But nobody hits anyone. Okay. So yesterday Lehrer was writing said something to me, and he goes the seemingly chaotic but yet perfectly coordinated Ryan's of the I was like, dude. That's the best way to say Blair is an organized chaos. It's not like when you first see it. It looks like we're yesterday the traffic that goes with just a suggestion MIR's. Oh, I haven't even get a traffic signal yet. So I don't I have it says don't walk now. You'll die. Nobody does know. So oh, yes. They do. It's like really scared game, a frog. Well, not I haven't actually witnessed it. But when I was in Indonesia, I remember the same thing. It's like because there's no traffic control everybody super aware of what the other person is doing. And it's almost like they have this collective like board like hive mind and traffic where the guy in the scooter knows what the other and it's just insane. I'm gonna try to get one of the people at FOX one of the executives has a time lapse video of an intersection. It's guy John if I can get it from him. I'm gonna put it on my Instagram. It is killer. You're going to be like how the time lapse is over like an hour. You're going to be how did nobody get killed there? There's no traffic at all. And there are thousands of mopeds. So I'm only telling you because I'm getting some questions about some color on the ground. But it's like, I got a nice compliment. Thanks to Joe and Linden the team and everyone else about the sound quality the show. And they said, what am I travelling with how I'll put a picture of Blair's traveled with essentially looking like a military Connex box of you know, if you had if you were like a green beret unit taking over a small town. That's the kind of Blair so much stuff in this room. And the show sounds good. Because this is like a ten billion dollar studio. So the behind the scenes story to that. Which you may you may have heard we were on Sean show. The other day is that we have six cases of gear. The gear allowable allowable weight is thirty two kilos kilograms or whatever the heck it is. And literally we had to unpack each of our gear bags because we have so much gear. We have you know, we have one regular system, and then a redundant system. So that when one takes a crap we've got another one the back it up, but we had so much gear. I had to pay extra money just to get the gear on the plane, which so you have here because I was getting all these questions we have for our e twenty Mike's iota those compressors. Yeah, we got actually got compressors. We got to mixing hordes three. This battery backup we who battery back even brought our LX like sound protection. So the reason to show sounds good. And I deeply appreciate your comments on much. But I did get a question. A guy emailed me. He's like how did you do that? And the answer is I didn't I travel with an I MAC and a microphone when I travel, but they don't mess around. And this is this is the show if you listen later, so make sure you tune into Hannity show three PM eastern. It's the same studio. We're doing the same show. That's why I don't go anywhere. Just wait for show hundred committed. We all just hang out. Heck out and it's the middle of the night here saying. Doc out shows Linda's like us your show here. So that's why it sounds so good. But some funny happened yesterday. So I go over at in the morning here, which is the night to remember. We are exactly the opposite of eastern time. So Shawn's nine PM eastern Hannity show on FOX's at nine in the morning. So I do my show. We Sean does his radio show. I go back to hotel for a few hours. And then I bounce over to the j w Marriott where they're in Hanoi with doing the show. So I'm in the control room. They have set up for FOX. And I could see like there's a hustle and bustle, and it's reminded me of when I was in the secret service, everything in the secret service's hurry up and wait. Oh, everything's like. And it all of a sudden, it's hurry. Hurry up. Okay. Wait, wait, wait. And it just reminded me the issue of like what's going on? So and I'm not I'm not speaking on attorney Burke is on the show. Sean stuck in traffic. Joe, it's I'm not even kidding. It's like eight thirty five PM shot. Is it try it? Like, I don't be traffic. I IB like traffic. No. No bottle anywhere and they're looking around. And they're like, I don't know. What is he can even make it for the show? So he stuck in his car. And if you watch the show us that you saw this legit videos on a joke like, Sean, you gotta take a scooter. They pick some random guy at a street scooters on jumps on the back of his scooter. And he gets there with like twenty minutes to spare you have to see the video. So yeah, get this text from Sean and his assistant, and I'm like is this like Photoshop is. This a joke. I'm like, you guys kidding. And he's like dude this happened to be right now. And he was so, you know, listen, I listened Sean loves motorcycles. Nobody knows Sean better than Lyndon. Sean has just gregarious personality think he'd come in all like really of set an angry at all fire. Crazy get reality. Nope. Cable thought it was the funniest thing you'd say put that out this show. Everybody get it on a show. So he's just a good guy. I just want to throw that out there. And I'm not just saying 'cause he's let me use it studio. These really it was just such a great experience. Okay. I wanted to move on Bernie Sanders that is CNN townhall last night the biggest fraud in politics right now. Bernie, I mean it he's not the sleaziest that's Adam Schiff in swallow. Well, but he is the biggest fraud. He says he's a socialist Jones three homes as a nice car is probably worth close to a million dollars. It makes him a total complete fraud. So Sanders was on CNN last night. And I want you to listen to the way this total fraud dances around a question asked of him a very specific question. Are you going to be allowed under the Bernie Sanders socialist healthcare system to keep the insurance policy? You have now or not simple. Remember, Obama, even radical far left? Oh, Bob was like if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Listen away. Bernie does a little dance around this question. Play that Senator let's talk a little bit about. Medicare for all because about half of Americans, as you know, they're insured by their employer like, Lance. According to a recent Gallup poll seventy percent of these people with private health insurance, their plans they liked their plans. They think their plans are good will these people be able to keep their health insurance plans their private plans now through their employers. If there is a Medicare for all program that you endorse luck. They will what will change in laya plans is the color of their cod. So instead of having a Blue Cross Blue shield cod instead of having a United health insurance card. They're going to have a Medicare cod that Medicare called will allow them to go to any doctor that they want they're going to the doctor happy any hospital they want, but you know, what else they're not going to be paying any private insurance premiums. If they are seniors we all going to expand Medicare benefits to cover dental care, which is not covered for seniors hearing aids and. Glasses. There will be comprehensive healthcare. People can go to any doctor dentist or a hospital. They like their health insurance plan they won't be able to keep their health insurance. Both nobody this business of liking your health insurance plan, which by the way, employers change every single year people like their doctors. They liked the hospitals like like the cab. They're getting our Bill, in fact, right now, if you weren't a particular program, you may not be able to go to the doctor that you want. Our our program will allow you wanted to digital private health insurance beyond Medicare for all. Would they be allowed to purchase that kind of health insurance? Our Bill covers all. Healthcare needs. All if people want cosmetic surgery, for example. Yes, of course to get private insurance. Wow. You know, I almost reluctantly have to give Bernie credit for that was one of the finest dances around. I made it. I'm not even I don't agree with it. But from a strict tactical perspective, he must've rehearsed that with a focus group. Oh my gosh. A hundred two hundred times what a perfect way to never answer. The question was simple. Wolf Blitzer estimate. Straightforward question. Can I keep my health insurance plan? I advocate people keep it or not. So he never answers. So he says two things that she just three takeaways from this. Takeaway number one. He says, well, it's not about that. It's about the color of your card. I'm surprised they're making a race thing. You're racist. You surprise me to go right to identity politics. And you're definitely a racist. If you don't support Medicare with the wrong color because right to it's not about that. It's about the color of your insurance card. It's gonna change from this color to a Medicare colored. Okay. That's not what I asked. I didn't ask you. If the color of the card is going to chase ask you if we can keep our health insurance. So he he in a genius tactical shift like this fraud is to be an expert at this. He doesn't answer the question because the question answer would be grossly unpopular to probably upwards of seventy to eighty percent of the population. The answer is no you can't keep your insurance under socialist breadline, Bernie's socialist Medicare system. So he goes right to own oceans the color of the court. Then he this is I mean, this is like tier one level trolling of people right here. He says, no it's not about that people like their doctors. And you know, you gotta be able to go to your doctor notice what he did. But he did there. This is slick. As a family friendly show. He makes it out. He disconnects the health insurance. You have that you like which enables you to see your doctor from your doctor himself or herself a genius move notice. How mentally it gets you away from wait? Wait, I'm gonna lose my plan. But he automatically refocuses on you. But don't worry. It's your doctor. You're going to be able to see there's no guarantee you that. How does Bernie no that I can guarantee you one thing that an incredibly large number of doctors and hospitals will shut down under this Bernie Sanders system because a doctor's time like food water and everything else is a scarce resource. It has to be allocated. It can only be allocated one of two ways you'll get a Nobel prize in economics. If you can tell me third way, by the way, I put this question out for five years doing the show. No one's ever emailed me a third way to allocate scarce resource, you can price it or you can ration it. That's it. You can either price it or you can ration it. Meaning doctors time is going to be rationed under a non-price government run system. If the only way folks there is no other way. So what Bernie does he disconnects you from the insurance and the doctor, and he makes it about the doctor, but he leaves out the part where it's your insurance. Now that Naples you to see the doctor you like that may be how you actually found your doctor. You want to stand the tier one bubble trolling. This is genius. He never answers the question that your insurance that makes you that allows you to see your doctor, and I was going to go away. But instead of getting you all packed buddy. But don't worry you'll be able to see your doctor. He has no way of knowing that none. It's not possible. One more thing. I want to bring up about this clip because it's important. Bernie keeps talking about this. It's a myth. It's a myth. We've the bunk. Joe you you probably tired of hearing it right now. Matt palumbo. My resident the bunker on the website on the bunk section as the bunk. This sixty days from Sunday. There's a talking point Democrats are out there that needs to be on your tip of your tongue to immediately counteract and breakdown or else you'll fall prey to it too. And it's this, oh, listen, we can get rid of the administrative cost because Medicare's more efficient notice what he says. They're Ernie says in the clip he says, there's a private insurance premium what he's suggesting there is that free market private health insurance costs more because the administrative costs are more. But there's a little trick. Here. Here's the trick. They do when you see it. You'll see why a lot of people get scammed by this. They're not talking about the administrative costs of private insurance versus Medicare and government shorts. Overall, when they say, oh, the government does a better job. In the administrative cost of lower with. They're talking about is the percentage of costs spent on healthcare as a function of the overall cost of the medical bills. So let me just give me an example. Joe? I know you're tired of you've heard this some in the audience may not have heard this because they common talking point. If the healthcare costs for private insurance overall for everyone of the country. It's use round numbers one hundred one hundred dollars and the administrative costs overhead right that the administrative staff, and whatever we're ten dollars. Then the percentage of healthcare costs that go to administration and private health could be ten percent out of one hundred. But if they spent the same ten dollars in the government on administrative costs, but the amount of money spent on the healthcare of that population is a thousand dollars all the sudden the healthcare costs are what one percent oh. Chou the government managed to save money because they're only one percent of healthcare costs. They may say, Dan, you just made their point. Na na. No, no, no, no. I'm not done. The government is never more efficient. Okay. Look don't make me laugh you ever been to the DMV. Like gimme a break. What was the last time? You said, wow. This government. You really do a great job. Not get it out of the park. What a great job on the bureaucracy side. The answer is sometime close to never you've never said that the way this works folks is who does the government insure well Medicare is a large swath of the government spending on healthcare Medicare covers who Joe did they cover five year olds and six year olds. No, no, of course, not if you have a thousand dollars in medical bills because there's an older sicker population via Medicare, you're insuring. And the administrative bills are the same or even more or even twenty dollars or thirty dollars not ten dollars. Of course, it's gonna. Oh, look like the government spent less money on administration as a percentage that's not the case at all. They're just ensuring an older sicker population. When you actually put the numerator denominator denominator. She's me in context and you've control for the health status of the population. The government's administrative costs are off the charts. It's not even close to private insurance. Folks, you have to be a moron to believe that the government bureaucracy somehow has figured out a way to be more efficient than a free market private insurance industry. I mean, are you insane? Who actually believes that this has to be able to roll off the tip of your tongue? No. When someone says to you. Well, the government's administrative costs are far cheaper than the private sector you go. Well, how did you measure that? Well, as a percentage or you may have to take most liberals, I'm sorry. But they're really dopey. You may have to tell them what they're saying. Because they don't usually no just say what you're saying is you're saying as a percentage of the overall healthcare spending, correct the liberal typically won't know. But if. They do know they'll say, yes, that's what I'm saying. Well, are you controlling for the health status? What do you mean? They don't know what controlling means. A lot of them who claim to be really controlling. These are are are you extemporaneous variables like extremes of controlling for them. Are you controlling for the health status of the population to make sure you're not spending more on those people there for the percentage of administrative costs looks lower just because it's an older and sicker population. No, he didn't do. Of course, you're a liberal. Therefore, you're a defacto moron. Because when you control for that, it's obvious the government didn't do anything. But you see this. This is why I live to do this stuff at just to give you a little idea where I heard this. What are the best ways to debunk liberal talking points? Just to watch the Saturday shows go to FOX put onto Saturday shows and watch the liberal debates because they all come in. I don't know if they prepare on Saturday night through something like board collective hive mind, but they'll come out with their talking points on the Saturday shows, and I heard that about five years ago on a Saturday show, and I immediately went to Google and I put in. Myth that government administrative costs are lower on healthcare. And there were about one hundred articles from heritage. It's so easy to it's nonsense. So now, you have it it's only because it's an older sicker population. And therefore, of course, the percentage is gonna look lower. It's not says all right one more point. And we'll wrap it up for the day. So I got a great Email from a guy yesterday. And he's like, you miss something on the Alexandria, Casey Cortez and a couple of days ago, we hit this this tweet. She sent out where she was like celebrating the idea that she's wasting your money. She's like, I pay my entry level staffers. Fifty two thousand dollars a year a Mike congressional staff because I want everybody to have a living wage. Okay. Number one. You are not paying anything. We are fascinating. How she distributes other people's money, and it celebrates it's actually coming in our pocket. Wow. You've paid your staffer fifty two thousand that's really nice now. I know people, you know, what his office and others who have given their own money to other people, but she's giving away taxpayer money, but another point on that is well, isn't that kind of a slap in the face to experience staffers of work their whole careers to get a better salary for the valuated skills. They bring to our office who now have to accept the same entry level salary as an intern who got their first job that's kind of a little bit of a punch in a gut if you're rational sane person. But again, we're talking about the Democrats. I know that's a bridge too far. But a guy sends me an Email was beautiful. It was just awesome. He's a Q missed the biggest point of all he says, why isn't she paying herself that I said, yes, brother, the doodoo semi of. Sorry. I forgot your name. You are genius. I tweeted that out last night. I don't know if you saw it. I forgot it. We emailed me this. I was like I was trying to give I really Jedi like, but you know, who you are. Because you said that is a point he's like, a she was a real socialist that she should have paid herself. The fifty two thousand two and I added a little kid, but at the end of the tween. From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs. Right. That's the communist manifesto, and that's the socialist credo, babe. That's it. So from each according to does she should only need fifty two thousand she just said that's a living wage, right? Joe? So why is she getting paid what one hundred seventy four thousand? So I would like everyone to tweet be cool about it. You know, the tweet she's at UC tweeter and ask her why she's not accepting the fifty two thousand dollars. She's determined to be a sufficient wage to live from each according to her abilities to each according to need yet. Let's do it. Let's come on g should take it too. If she's a legit socialist. She should take the fifty two thousand dollars that was a genius point. Absolutely stellar. So the dude who sent that. You are awesome. You get the well, we've got a contest coming up eight send you something because I like you. So that was one of the best I read, my that thing was awesome. I read that. And I'm like why did? I miss that on the show. A tweet of that was an ode to you, buddy. All right house. A lot of contact. We were at this. Really for what it's worth. I'm really job. We don't really do these on samba operations. But I'll keep you updated on the status of negotiations here. Let me just one final thing before we go. I I haven't even spoken about the North Korean negotiations yet. Listen. Everybody needs to take a chill pill on this. I don't know any easier way to say it. They're pressuring Trump to leave this place with some kind of hard declaration. You know, I'm not a golden calf worshiper, folks. But let's be candid here Reagan's negotiations with Gorbachev took a very long time. And not only did they take a long time. There were some major steps back in some major failures there before we ultimately saw the break up of the Soviet Union were they're dealing with it too radical dictator here if we can come out of this with some accounting full accounting of the nuclear capabilities of the North Korean regime. Remember, we don't even know how many nuclear weapons they have. I've seen any estimate from ten to thirty. We have no idea about their capability on reentry, which is important. It's important because if the if the weapon can't make it back to the atmosphere and burns up you'd have an atmospheric detonation, I can have an actual human out detonation at all it's on everything. But it's important and accounting of their storage facilities where they're keeping this stuff if we can get that. And we take the danger level from a nine to an aide. Then folks that's a marginal improvement. And the people on the left and off come out of here with a deal. What can it? I'm tired of you idiots. These are the same people supported giving the Iranians pallet full of cash while they were chanting death to America. The hard pass. No, thanks. I'll keep you updated. As we hear stuff on the ground. And of course, I give you some color commentary from what it's like, you're all right. Thanks again for tuning in, folks. I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to the show on I tunes. It is free. If you have a phone, right? Wes should go to the podcast app. Click. Subscribe of you have an Android. You can go to iheartradio soundcloud. Click follow where you can click the follow button on soundcloud, as well be really appreciated the subscriptions, or what drives us up the charts. All right, folks. Thanks a lot. I see all you just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcast on itunes, soundcloud, and follow Dan on Twitter. Twenty four seven at dbongino.

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