Men in Blazers 09/03/19


This is rebecca lowe will rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio and you on this thing to men in blazers on the n._b._c. sports network it from the embassy row studios in the crap potter soho so many blazes podcast it costs projects at back to school special specials. We are back. Dave yeah the only thing in football that's worth international break us thirty good pretty good raj. You look well rested but you've been having some weird dreams weird graphic dream yet. Tell me lately dr. I love to interpret people's dreams like interpreting my own. You'd like joseph in the point where i've had. I don't know if you've ever had this just an incredible run every night about taming a movie play in my head incredible detail really good cinematography well written not as well written as the personally but let titled clouds at the beginning thing is that theme music credits at the say. This relief went away care for the end and it was all a joke. I'm not sure why is triggering them. Maybe it's like some morphine to fulham column feeling sad. Though i thought you'd be excited tweet more rain won't i am getting fitted for some new tweeds and that will bring me out this dream green funk and what a shock hairs dri yeah i one i was a civil war general with the union army think roger bed and the whole sword and all that crap stakes are high holy war depends on me choosing the right battlefield for the climactic clash off aw every single infantryman every single cavalryman is looking at me for direction. Where do we take the highlands. Do we take the low lunch. We cut them off the narrow. Every pitch point and only thing is i know in some of my head. I'm just raj. I'm just a football podcast. I've got no idea how to choose a battlefield for the climactic climactic epic history defining they may bleed into dream them. Okay you ready for this one. The saudi secret service was chasing me and a hat to meet my whole identity disappear with no treaty at all a a._t._m. Cards everything computer tracking cross ogle tweeting but yes credible jonathan number three. I was the starting goalkeeper for the mexican national team a carolina. I like this one. I had like incredible curly hair yeah and add a headband as i shower roggio and we're all in the locker room in the labs. We're about to go on the field. There's just all kinds of shouting and singing and rhythmic height clapping and everybody had to take their turn. They all knew what they were doing. In this song this clap this performance before we went on the field to get hyped and i was desperately trying to keep up with the pre game traditions without being found out as an impostor you know these are all dreams about not being prepared right no not being able to do certainly the first two jobs. You're not able to be a civil war. Gen role really fair criticism. Take it on the report able to play in gulf of mexico interesting that goal internationally if i chose to but not for mexican mexican nationality is that what you're saying and it's interesting but a dreams number one andrea number three do involve heh. They involve a very large civil war. I presume union bid yeah because all union and confederate generals had amazing facial hair that rajin andrew luck it had a baby yet and then the you've got a major you know you've got a big curly perm going on as the mexican national team golly. That's a sidebar. That's probably a little bit about your boldness self-loathing these just more about what you're drinking thinking you're eating for. You can drink more and i'm gonna because i've gone dream. Life is full more exciting. Yeah the more regular life well sorts yet to get my mexican national the team cool up well with any of you are actually doctors so students at dreams would love to hear what those trees in all sincerity. I we'll let the world now. I think there's been so many and they're so graphic that it's something i need to. I love this as a regular feature. Raj raj lays out his dreams ribs and we read interpretations last week streams. I think this is by the way this could be. Its own break montreal jewelry. They always involve chink toasted lifting up the primarily. I have that one probably about three hundred days. I have you standard. Oh my god. I've got an exam but i'm stuck on the train and we're gonna get the examined. Everyone has these graphic perfect widely loosely connected ones. The need believe need help. They've roach a quick announcement before we go further the men in blazers t._v. Show is actually returning to television which is weird. I've had a lot of questions saying oh. I'm so sorry you not on n._b._c. anymore more but we apparently are still on n._b._c. and now we have to apologize for that too so sorry we are on n._b._c. very politics for for not being on n._b._c. n._b._c. n._b._c. We've got back to back to back shows actually saw just back to back shows road sunday september fifteenth bike about attitude p._m. Eastern time and monday september sixteenth at five thirty p._m. Eastern time on n._b._c. the sunday episode that's how british embassy premier league inauguration special special special one of the best thing we've ever done at the british embassy of our three show. Yeah i'm gonna yeah. I think he's talked. Would you say it's top top top top top controversial controversial yet wayne rooney and roosevelt on stage together. I just thought we got the best of england and the united states of the men's game the women's game mhm pound for pound to me the best show. We've been honored to do in a long long time okay roy. We've got a pack show. We're going to celebrate a north london derby during which a marvelous combination of speed skill and still manifested vested itself into a five line poem par emma fight it was the game of the season so far raj templeton thoroughbreds nope livable and city extending their leads in what already looks looks to be another two horse race and don't get too excited raj but we're going to talk some everton football club toast even poor emma i wanted to with the incredibly large head which we get law flack about one but it is the right way to pour a beer people google it. I wanna raise my first. I the butter the day to throwing out the right way to do a lot ahead. We'll if bright dave. I love it not throwing out the first pitch the white sox game last thursday. Take it was remarkable experience just what hoped to be on this to return to chicago with my second son bear. Who's never been there walking around the places. I used to live places shape may ish rogers park the hot lee fit it under some ville billy goat tavern p quad pizza go to the south side to commit skate at blossom met so many g._o._p.'s is that in that crowd to hang out with frank thomas the big. Tell him that he's now probably more famous primarily fans. This new jenex six commercial is on like every single outbreak during games. I call me ozzie gayan telling them sons named after him. I got to meet steve stone. Legend single grace is jewish right handed pitcher in nearly four thousand years of jewish history and all star lucas g alita who is a huge fan huge hugh audley men in blazes lisa's fund which makes me worried by yet been to over ten primarily games day could've came on the show but from blood thumb to the mound. Everything just fell away. I didn't see anything. I couldn't hear anything kind of just blacked out. We nervous before we notice walking to the mount. I thought yeah so it. It was not what that took away a lot of the work. My worry was there was going to be a public accident. Bob boy and i was so chill charlie black talent dave. I couldn't see the catcher. I couldn't see the crowd. I couldn't even see my own sir. I was just like over well. It really hit me like an emotional sledgehammer the sense of wonder and gratitude to the white sox thousand moments of joy meaning they've given me to america always fell a realize on this trip like a chicago and trapped tena british kids body not city of studs terkel william refrigerator perry chance rapper and yet my pitch might have been the worst the thing to happen to the white sox didn't focus on the pitch. It's just a little bit outside. Yeah just a little bit bounce it now. I thought i had to be candidate. I i thought i had an video of me. 'cause mike up yet did swear i thought bounce their halfway like cricket delivery hadn't but they very kindly the white count my swearing hiring and let's just say excuse me i was really excusing my incredible blue stream of of what they mean like hugh grant just pitch and and say excuse me whoopsie daisy when i threw it they just thought about a fifteen year old kid to the up in chicago for the summer sitting in comiskey treatment about moving to america and then moving to america but after bring my even american kid to the bull paw at chilly standard amount that looked at one thirty years really insurance like the scarface story but we're more mental delusion probably to testament to the wonders of american are raised bird fam- lead fam- to that courage love that you got to do that raj love it okay arsenal versus tottenham. These two heated rivals both meant at this one with that crisis p._r. Teams on call off the deflating defeat last week unveiled. Just i'm in a massive game of association football in the one hundred eighty six playing of the north london darby taught went two manila up in the first half through a tap in from christian eriksson after horrible goalkeeping mistake and a hurricane automatic for the people healthy but just before half-time arsenal answered it through the most effective piece of french artillery since the napoleonic age the left boots of alexandra lacquers there on seventy one minutes peer emmerick obama yang turned in a taste i stable to level the score what a game of football sides desperately needed a result here raj. They both got one a few more profound david than the fight fearing self respect ultimately it all these years putting we've done together. It's the one theme i constantly return to prove yourself to yourself this frantic. What's the one theme immu constantly return to china prove yourself self loathing yeah same thing okay thanks. I'm not really got beyond that. The front take frenzied chaotic class. It was just full of that. It was like girl interrupted remains spurs at one on the road since january the twentieth which is astonishing starts for one away but not get away christian erickson mystery dole couch visit a janda tongan arsenal with a squad now incomplete transition transition started with a newly fang front three lacquer over and pack pay movement power pace guile gave the liepa hand but adjust when the commentators were lording sharper menace spurs. I counter attack. Weapons song turns louise in the midfield. I mean that's it's just like the status is pretty easy to go feeds lamelo lamelo shoots. It doesn't look slow yeah but it doesn't look like anything but lay no how spills it risks in german yeah. I'll tell you kristin erickson. Even he enjoyed tapping that who is there had to be him really till roll it into the m._t._a. Ak adding cool miller to to is awesome exit price devotees david didn't we didn't we. There's one down four zero snow last week. We stan kroenke. We know you listen to this podcast. Act on what we're talking about. There's not a rake. He doesn't step on up up into his own fate. A banana skinny skit on a doctor. He won't jump on on that field. I realized what you in this game playing defense with david louise is taking a plastic bag from walmart and say i can use this as a conduct nothing. Nothing's going to happen. No matter what you tell yourself stan kroenke david louise any defense. It's not gonna win well. I mean david louise. The one thing. I have a new objectivity with avid didn't i didn't he was applying for my own team. I never was a huge daffodils fatima. You'd have to track back a long way to find saying something positive about on either vista chelsea stint but my thinking about avid avid louise is that he he's had moments in his career of sublime skill pay pangs at diagonal ball pinger. He therefore thinks of himself as is a highly skilled footballer and part there he always was this part of playing at centre bag is understanding your limitations and what you can't can't do as well as it is to know what you can do you know bring up one of your favorite central defenders of all time. John kerry is john. Kerry didn't have any if the speed of david lewis did not have the skill avid louise but he couldn't turn him very easily because he always took an extra space or he made that physical fall they did. He always did something to make it difficult. For defender. David lewis thinks he can recover from anything and so he tries to poke the ball. Constantly gets turned constantly only gets turned like that. You've got to as a professional athlete. You have to learn to play within yourself and play to your own. Imitations and earning dan lewis has any sense of his own mutations and with him asking look so good uptight but once you break through the front wasn't all louise the front they were so high up. The midfield just got pulled away the pitch and there was only open space behind them. They're essentially take the field with a neon sign above them saying yes. We are susceptible to the counter. <hes> we know emory is gonna have actor bela ridden cure antennae return from injury but if you think about them book airing kind of fullbacks you don't think about them. The most tactically positionally shoot ask them remain. We've said this and like one of those gods that are half man half fast. They're the u._s. Women national teams attack back onto the u._s. Men's national teams defense and they would get worse for us though thirty nine minutes shocker. I don't know how to eat dive. It's i down sewn in the box. It was looked at it may be twelve. I do not understand what what he was doing is aiming to make great contact with saw yeah. I think i need just made excellent exactly he made contact tackle kyle playing defense on the fever for the first. I hope everyone knows you. Don't hold be down in the box bro. It was astonishing but it wasn't 'cause you look jack. You look at so many arsenal players. Why is they've given ample evidence former lawyer michael davidson. Let me take you into the courtroom has given us ample evidence that they are not fit for purpose purpose liability. He's given a so much warning but it's never heeded. Why think very often it's another player grant shack. I think he's a player capable of sublime quality. Not capable of doing sublime things actually have some leadership qualities unlike other people on that team and yet he's capable of making these just insane insane insane mistakes and over again. That's football not everybody can win but definitely in a in a time in a league where we have to just teams is who are just extraordinarily extraordinarily good and almost perfect. Could it be shines. The light on on on the weaknesses of all these other teams including arsenal and chelsea manning noted along came hurricanes clinical no penalty that was a good penalty could only on the field for penalties now. It looks like it looks tired too. We should tenth northland dopey go for him. Tying adebayo bobby spare as most in the fixture which is really impressive. He does look shouted them. I'm trying to work out how four games into the season after his first proper kind of proper break that he's had a while. It looked so negative. I think there's more to that story and we'll have to wait but just went asked. I'll seemed to be teetering a movie david. How many times we've seen that movie teetering embiid games so many times before they suddenly remembered only spurs played the the team they previously rescue forty one points from losing positions in the premier league so in at the time at the end of the first-half free-kick circulated back into the box peppy slips. Listen lacquers say we've seen this so many times but this is talk them up to nil in a north london darby at arsenal not easy to to come back even at home from this kind of deficit one important goal that was an important flying these in the box lacquer so cool so the first touch that second church jason bourne style crap then using that left foot to just obliterate the ball blasted past lorries into the net hopeless hope lives remarkable goal deliciously timed in jaipur bennett time the one moment my dad said is most devastating to score a goal because it forces both management that really believe they manage as soon as the ball goes in he will they genuinely rip up that plant halftime speeches and grab believer halftime speech h. o. father yep new listeners he daddy's right on the cusp of halftime makes the team ripped up. They have no choice but to rip up. The very sage point is ever going to make a different game and then there's other time to score a great goal was dave a minute after the players he thinks like resources nate james check on the just just now county were managers. What do we do now. Panic sets in all right by the way about the chelsea game fantastic after football triumph comedy one the fair tenacity and an enormous bloody sha they were obliterating off the pitch but the second half sequel the cat that adrenaline fill pay tackles flying in sandwich space on the failed lay now laurie show when called upon arsenal tactical tickle adjustment yaakov tara flynn gone sa- bias holy crap talk about instant impacts. The emirates ruled for one week sound sound like highbury of old david by the great name for football as young tarare the bulk carrier useful from the former komo using that yeah i mean there's substitution transform the end they did. They did transform the game and i think this is why emory emory frustrate some arsenal fans occasionally capable of such tactical brilliance and occasionally capable of such tactical netra chewed what is it from the beginning ready to start to stand up straight. They suddenly found the space the past in the movement and all i can think about that second russell. You probably never been to who i care in your life. Have you get like an k. Piece of furniture bras marco for the meatballs so you have you ever tried to build finish yes. Yes i have thought graphic instruction for an hour you just like punching yourself in the face and then suddenly it just clicks clicks that toys i watch and ask that was suddenly like the instructions search. They mean this after two hours swearing failing toiling to take it too simple because i think i care instructions very clear. I think it's like trying to put together a child's car seat which don't start if you've not had chill consumer so you might want to. I actually think that having children is the greatest thing you can ever do with your life except for one thing is having a cassie already children's plastic stick furniture or equipment may run away. If there's any young people out there looking for future business opportunity carseat remaking make a better cost so it just be a consultant that helps people put the car seat. That's a good job. It's an amazing job. It's a few jamaica technologies but the equaliser what a support from philly he's been around forever rarely just twenty years of age yeah paulie the ham by the way i bet you he got scouted because of the hair looks looks good. It looks at career football to me was the game where he really did. Look like the hat always suggested he would be an incredibly my man of the match kohl guile gist wisdom leadership that board that event infused into space but it's space that obama young he's a plumbing is like he's both he manages to simultaneously both a new school striker and all school striker is one of the things i love about him. He's got both he's got a little bit of gary lineker about him and then he's also got terry enrique. He's got both sides of his game so i love this the obama and the young and the yang gang yeah yeah for only needed for our young danko was more of a young young that ball ed a- and spurs at that moment just seemed tired lost couldn't get the ball onto the feet of any of that playmakers christian eric said david louise and by the way how much you're ready that side seemed to mitten dominate socratous they foyer the winner rightly called offside crew on offensive screams of one the gist i hate that whenever since score and then they call it but and julia sticks and you kind of frozen there on the all i knew it wasn't a goal but it just sticks in your throat like osama boat stunners davey. Usually it doesn't happen that often but i'll go. I'll tell you about fleet elite enjoy any fleeing julius in the category of joy. I'll take it but you think arsenal the last ten years. What did you think you think beat downs. You think embarrassment you think some things you think just nelson side they can go to kneel down massive match that you said three words during arapoff. Don't think you even noticed yourself say but it's something remarkable. I think it's something that you have never said. And how many years have we done this podcast nine years nine years. He's i think felt like eighteen but but three words that have never been set on describing an also performance at any point of view i love myself tackles flying coming in tackles flying tackles flying in and we just not hurt that arsenal and that was what was so great to watch about this this by the way you don't always hear it about tottenham either except when they're playing chelsea towards the end of the season and they've got the hump the spine to keep going david in the fate of embarrassment restaurant which is awesome bengo always tenacity the ability to be without losing focus they've turned into and i say this great compliment ostlund slim become like a rich man sheffield united yeah never give it off. David lewis sisters but he's entire time overlapping when they don't actually have that tactic in the former was i just was saying they're in a puddle of sweat and bear little bit mpc. Hey i think we support you those two teams and asked offense spurs. That's how you survive that game. Ultimately both teams will probably be annoyed. They didn't win. Eighteen will be relieved. They didn't lose asa finish surging like an elephant suddenly fleiss personal it did because i furious to go so they didn't keep going and get that third. They've all of the energy all of that momentum spurs knack it spurs just spurs down own for the kevin couldn't finish him off day. I mean both teams c.'mon. Grandma said this near the final whistle for quality fan liverpool man city. Who is the better team based on what we've seen so far in your mind. I think it's so hard to say but can i. I'm going to avoid that question a little bit by by saying what i was thinking about watching ching football all weekend played four games in the premier league season it's longer it reduces to two thousand nine hundred. That's essentially one tenth. That's that's not a element inductions brain as action yet. It's about ten percent of your friend with this. Season is how many of the things that seem very significant now actually going to be significant by the end of the season. What are the significant things going on trying to find what was it. The white house correspondent major garrett major edgy garrett said to marshall crenshaw covering the white house. You have to separate what's important from what's interesting from the noise. I think right now there's lots of things that are interesting but what's really what's really really important and i think that this also a first for us in all these years podcasting. We've never asked ourselves that question. I know because we want the week. The story willingly flynn goes on the insignificant over hyped pleased david. Tell me what revealed it. All like the wizard of oz is just the ball behind behind the curtain. I don't know but i do have a feeling that what's important for arsenal is playing with that more strength that more fight that more more than the tactical mistakes more than the devil blue stuff which is interesting that sort of and very very funny. It's that that sort of strength is that tenacity that may be more important for arsenal and that's why i put astle somewhat ahead of tottenham. I hadn't thought about what you said about hurricane the second. He said i had tied harry. Kane looked i was i was like oh my god roger. You're right. You really did look tired. I hadn't thought about that that may be significant also to our love by the way peppered not scored a goal yet but oh my god you run this so you cut together his highlight yu-chu real of mrs. What's that all day to me. The two teams who came back to the noise in the signal oslo seemed to be the scott improving. If you have to pay off the tube i mean spurs have in truth and this is stunning to me to think about big picture. Don't i'm really played well. Since january. I mean they've overachieved based on put schettino demands for intense collectively. It's been thing one to watch the togetherness us. It's been undermined little bit by ericsson and the uncertainty that's been allowed to flap on like flailing pieces skin the unexplained dropping of the tonga a mix of all the ogden to leaving the <unk> started ahead of the champions league finalists continue to flicker into the beginning of this season will only a drumbeat the will become louder if it or rail madrid jobs open up in season but it's all combined creek kind of chaotic staleness of fatigue that set in this game they needed a davidge louise mindful and jackie jackie mistake to get on the score sheet. The ugly truth is the champions league miracle fairytale under massive reality especially floundered going right back to the beginning of the year and whatever's ailing in the locker room. They've got work through it. Happy patino swath off-budget tina the poetry tina that we love we have not seen that guy in a long long time and ask showing new pieces love pepper honestly we also defense is so bad. Here's what i think. Kraken listening just stopped trying to have any potential playing defense fling everything in from the off into to attack. That's interesting like an n._h._l. Eight eight pull the gold ten day you school nine against us you win. Don't feel the goalkeeper like you know how in the n._h._l. Towards towards the end you pull your golden. Awesome should be the first team to play eleven. Outfield is like a hockey team playing goaltender. The first drop of the puck crunchy will light that she'll understand that from the colorado avalanche sport seamy does know aimed. Do he cokie be amazing. We will see now having said that. We're talking about this all. I'm thinking if you'd have off at tottenham fans a to draw at arsenal going into some you're taking data taken it okay burnley nil liverpool three tops mob head into the international break with four wins from four games after their first clean sheet to the season is the reds drew. I bottle thirty three minutes when t._a. Luke textbook textbook chace also cruel of kiwi chris word and into the net what went down as an own goal might have done a little bit better with that saudi of manageable the lead four minutes later. I'm bobby trump is out of the goal ten minutes full time the next dance but with the game well in hand some slightly old scenes as routed after most salad opted to take a chance so rather than deposit to the wide open senegalese that awful aside a pretty much perfect afternoon gets liverpool a club record thirteenth win in a row to the seller soap opera in a minute per streetfighting burnley turf moor the ground witches. We always say makes it sound as if the stadium is sponsored by local hobart's it's a place where liverpool teams of your fight to extract three points to work so bloody hard and this was noticeably easier for burnley harried hersal they growl they ground. They frustrated liverpool clubs liverpool. One point zero would have toiled field against this kind of opponent indeed seasons past. I would have watched with hope but this season. This is the true barometer my mood while watch liverpool season or wonder destination the name whether team just have so much confidence so few fears they expect to win and so nothing trend alexander all picked up the ball third of the way into the burnley half looked killed in a deep cross caress would off the bat looting for pope into the net shasta the season david. Can you explain your sh cast new. It's a it's a pass that ends up becoming a shot. This actually was not just a chace. This was a this was actually we have a shot cyst which is a shot that becomes a pass to assist medicine. This is a chace goal. There are lots of sh- asses that don't result goes this was a chace goal former chelsea winger yes but grown kaya used to specialize in shelter in this kind of chace i wing if if you read his autobiography chace shots shots yeah. He said he used to stay behind after training just practice which the extra training himself just chace but it was a thing shut this was a thing of beauty it was a it was a show of beauty and watching the schatzer washing in both liveable at man city. This rainbow shot just kept on thinking that all of their goals are just brush strokes in these games that are just beautiful beautiful paintings that game seem inevitable notable they are they're brogel paintings of the dominance the inevitable dominance of liverpool and man city and we get a painting and again. There's no doubt doubt these games. There's no sense that there's going to be any other ending than the one we get an yeah. It is just canvassing you know i'm gonna. I'm gonna have pain cramped one now new. We didn't know each. I'm gonna pay a masterpiece that way you feel when you have a full amount bam gonna spend another thing that will be in the yeah so haters what they've saying if you didn't like trent alexander onell chace of beauty suck it kashif. Don't shoot the ball off. Chris woods back yet. Don't score that the all the shops within four minutes it would be to bed may comfortable up circulate the ball around the year doing ben may two four man pops blinded by the burnley twilight glinting off bobby chompers mola's passed it right right to the brazilian sprang marinade money does finish clinically horsham burnley to be only they played so positively brightly and by cruel deflection and a moment of self self homing but we went onto score fiftieth primarily goes missing most ever by brazilian in the top flight. He's probably looked at by my reckoning at least a third. They crossed the line big talking point at the end of the game day money mosala what's happening. I feel like english to what's happening happening there but i'm failed in the locker room for both fisticuffs. He didn't say to create space at the box for his own shop is pulled his little. Oh kiss killed down got ready to do. A yoga poses a ball wedded but he's just off the ball up. The senegalese was wide open. Simple pass would have given minimum ago. What did you make of it. All pull mana going atypically ballistic on the field after being served wha- what went wonder what's in his contract. Maybe gets his little bonus. The schools abrasive within a gay number of goals. He scores on a season this little thing going on. Maybe just having a little bat for a pack of walkers crisps with a mate. He really likes the salt and vinegar walkers. Maybe it's for the number of likes found the limo pie poppy amina takeoff celebration. Maybe mosala who we think of as being the nicest person in the world is a complete whole one of those people. Everybody thinks he's so nice things like an angel. It's s. p. o. For someone but i'm not he's amazing to me. They're off by tell. If everyone an awful person in real life there is a certain talk show host who thought of being as being the the nicest catalyst loveliest person on television who in fact is just i this is the worst and it really could be could be most make my mind is have jerry springer. Hey on the tori spring. I won't have slightly coated. Jerry springer hate any other tokyo's ricky ricki lake ricki to the chevy chase sing money angry i was going to be to renew is now seeing angry. It was like saying nicest person on t._v. Robbie must've go mental yeah which are coming mentally picture my favorite part the whole thing was bobby familiar bobby chompers on the bench paying money on the knee being i know and he does it to meet to meet you all the time love. This could be something. This could be nothing right. They've those are the two options would you would you encapsulated them. Well something it'd be a very very tiny something or nothing could be yeah. Nothing upset afterwards he was liverpool's title hopes says because one moment of madness from saudi amount jerry springer ricki late monday many he was upset that was obvious klopp set saudi killing heidi's emotions. He does ep well. Hi demet small. What are you talking about. You need to smile the the only emotion monday right each. I like that. It's all sorted we spoke about. Everything's fine. We're individuals. We are emotional situation in the game he wasn't happy about it's completely fine. I'll tell you what's fine from three since the start two thousand seventeen eighteen hundred and sixty nine goals. They've scored so we can kind of put this down to. They know what they're doing. Let's not unless it's the beginning of the most saleh want-away narrative that we can pinpoint to this moment. I love this i i if i'm going to liverpool fantasies think about it with top of the league perfect record clean sheet new club record of thirteen consecutive league wins but you're playing player still want more. That's what i'd say interesting and not important roach. Thank copy now. Another man the city for brighton nil the seagulls out all of sixty eight seconds raj before conceding kevin debris in the defending champs argentine silane enthusiast sergio attitude goals bernardo silva matata love son made it for and city remained imperious they into the break with three emphatic wins and one var induced draw against us us what i'm big blue plate gary casper off the second time around yeah just machine destroying human fill every week we set your match reports of the same day we praise coon esguerra for guerra contractual weekly goals right and then we worship one other plant davits silva banal sometimes is when we get a bit bored with outgun the one all razz this week. It was katie bay golden fit the system for games kind of hungry yet. Avant-garde won't go brilliant to remind you of an astonishing reality city won the league last season with katie be out for almost all of that katy beeping in my mind the best player in the primarily i know isn't that amazing just amazing that second goal roach was a thing of beauty. It was the lesser known man sixty four point one full backs five to three zero small e f two it was just a perfect goal beautiful beautiful beautiful football actually yelped. I yelled let a little yelp when that when that go. What are you picking man. The may after the first couple the rest of the match meandered along pelican eric eric cantona philosophical speech one dark cloud on peps otherwise blue sky laporte could be out for quite some time after the man city defender under suffered an injury church roy in the third minute the point on a stretcher so harsh on the twenty five year old it was due to join up with the french national squad for the the first time later this we really the one place on pep steph choctaw that his death hurtful does have a debt now how you will die. You'll have a choice you can either die or shave your hair off completely and become a bold. I'll take death is not going to be happy about this. I mean let's go hello. Returning injuries johnstone's always got fernandina press ganged into the position watchout january transfer window gonna command name with a seventy million pound bid for jax will be nice anarchy before that or even tara ming. We'll say okay southampton. One man united united one ralph crampton come from behind draw hippy and stay rusi man united was on a gun assaults is man who hit i when welsh are and robin with daniel james class is always inside the top corner on just ten minutes but credit the rabbit hutches side who jannik vestergaard themselves back into the game when the big dane posters fellows scandi victim limbaugh after had pasta hair united raj five points in their first four played having been unconvincing doing since that match week one mauling of chelsea southampton from the off just charge fearlessly united through everything forth united bent and wilted only going to sauce cure. It admitted this week no alexis lukaku gone the united might be a strike alight comments which which would be true for one thing. They've all welsh luke skywalker daniel james walk what is that noise is empty hype. Are we going to remember daniel james at the end of the season. Always i think of one that kasumi caught scope he he didn't scott mcdonagh fed him drifting left the area. He was signed the twenty one year old at the time. It seemed for the future the under twenty three squad but he's just received steve pool had one bowl confident thought inside smash at home like rocket man james he puts his puts his places through the ball when he shoots he hits hard which i love and he tends to hit the target or somewhere very close to the target. He can really thumper football and i love that about. I do think that there is that primarily defenders and opposing managers do figure out players tendencies and he's going to have to add more to his game than that and robin dodgy flapper cut inside well life. He's living everything. I imagine he wishes for himself. Happening at dogfish bradford tweeted us to say a two-thirds have done your dream boards coming true now if someone just has to introduce him to reenter richard jolley quickly and cruelly tweeted daniel james has now scored scored as many primarily goals for manchester united as alexis sanchez brahma forty-three g._o._p. Said daniel james looks to be a tom. Brady like six round draft pick either that at forty three or might just be the next atlanta shy <hes> and then it all went a bit. It could be the side note in a trivia question about mason greenwood's. I man united game about who scored the first goal. It was at kid who is at what was his name davey davey davey sunderland ruin them and then it all went a bit sebastian maniscalco fee united david. Why not that funny. It's just awful to walk physical comedy sloppy unable to seize control of the opportunity house that very true. Do you think god what a fine looking man. Oh you would they wouldn't you would. I mean you know it seemed to southampton <unk>. Same mcguire soccer will save us and they did until yemen just cool festival. I mean like rose to meet that bullet things. Official name is yannick vesta godson of aragon stu and gil ren l. stride later crown thirty fifth king of condo that great ranger warrior he pulled the shots of nozzle and meaty danish german head on the ball just donkey over lindelof untested tastic go. You couldn't even prevail david after south to reduce the two men kevin dunn say young australian english on defender named after a career notched end blown vertical bamboo flute russia led to the head what's known in the trade jacka. Why do they always take tomei the seminal volume. Let's just cut the shelves sounds they go when they're on the yellow card is flat mc till may eighteen minutes for united to flip the narrative could they chance in the way they fail to against palace nope no and at the end it was ralph hasenhuttl running onto the field punching his fist in glory a draw which <unk> win for him a loss united. How do you understand in united right now. David i need to make one point about man united russia and i think it's crucial. They have readjusted too far for the size of their laser patch. I'd if you notice this in the van gaal era the size of that blazer patch on the manager you mean it was almost run in jersey now on the on the manager on the breast pocket. It was almost larger uh than than the blazer itself. The blazer patch now is so small you can't even read it and for me. This is like that is a symbol of man united's confidence accordance. It's a corrupt but it was confident under van gogh now. It's just the tiniest little blazer patch. It's almost microscopic for scott picking roggio messina michael on twitter that i come across too small and this is where she plays uncalled. This is still a very good team. This is still a team thing with very good players very very good players raj and yet they've got a they've got a confidence confidence thing going on which is sort of hard to figure out. We're going to get to chelsea i'm going to i'm going to preface my chelsea points per se you can sort of understand what chelsea chelsea the confidence thing. These are kids mostly playing. These aren't kids playing for united. This is a fairly young team. He's paying younger teams. He's played in the past well league league experience. I've got rid of the deadwood. There's a lot of permanent experience playing in that same. You just can't quite understand why they don't have the confidence to finish these games and you look at who they shipped out this week. After five points now over the course of these four games this team seem so incredibly average and by the way that includes this page to say this marcus rush but whose tailed off it alarming way still cute but he's telled off. I mean you take out daniel james in this exclamation point. God says love wonder in the united states. We think about them as a marquee walk team. It used to look at them wonder now. It seems like they've got brendan. Fraser nicholas cage val kilmer lot of four may listers. You've become kind of be list watches watches and it's pretty ugly to watch how pedestrian they are. I mean they all in the middle of what we call. In america rebuilding which is a strategy primarily football is normally allow for aw chipping away that deadwood alexis joins antonio conte's into milan unload alongside of the united player in exile ramalu lukaku belgian-german endure amonte sad end to a terrible transfer for alexis united squad as young vast majority earned the twenty one. They got that massive europa league travel schedule. The commitment is going to be many bumps. Ahead are funny amazing. David you listen to the english pundits. Gary neville say it's gonna take three or four transfer windows to get united. Oh you did roy as if they haven't been pumping money in for the past three or four transfer some other than the players. That's a problem to me. David on the bright side no penalties for united lose. The game did love this tweet for matt p._j. Eighty-eight can't wait for the roger bennett promoted series on manchester united in three or four years absolutely okay chelsea to sheffield united took chelsea went to nil up through a razor sharp tammy abraham only to roll over and allow the newly promoted blades to snatch a point forty eight seconds after half-time judge for benetton wrote callum robinson good place did a cross pass kappa they completed the comeback they deft zuma flick into his own net that would have made even gary kahlil proud playing the baby's raj political doctrine in which optimism and inexperienced collide head on youngest ever chelsea premier league side average twenty four years one hundred and fifty eight days the only thing i was still getting through puberty including two more twenty one year old centreback from calgary and it all started well nineteen minutes traffic in the area area sheffield henderson distracted by the american beauty of christian pulisic charging in let the turn into slop and when the slop dave who always there for chelsea dot tammy abraham another old. He's an old school center forward raj. He manages to knock. You didn't put them in. Give them a chance in the box. He likes it. Raji likes exited in the book is full name rail madrid tummy abraham may be but credit sheffield attempt to move the ball positively brightly but then more self inflicted dictates slop on the stroke of half-time to centrebacks comedy taking each other out after watching the david louise training d._v._d. That they use over north north sheffield leaving the ball opener whose feet david what a poacher the best time since when at the time of abraham roach became the first englishman to score at least two goals goals in consecutive primarily your parents for chelsea into dave could be a clue that franklin po yes in two thousand ten ounce chip proud. That is everyone's done away from land is all about that's what was interesting chef legalized coming back and getting to what was important tammy abraham schools another the two goals he's got four goals on the season is way just taking the july united striker on earth struck. Tammy abraham is a premier league quality striker who came through the academy roach at team that have a bowl anybody through the academy since john. I'm sorry it has been amazing to see this happen. I chelsea for sector. Go watch the game. First-half could be called the jewelry of youth the youth second half the green inexperience of youth. I mean united came out with a renewed focus. Tennessee moved the ball around with poise robinson got the team team back into the game and chelsea were symbolized by politic's play denied space. He just seemed lightweight. Non factor in that second half is sheffield. Certa themselves got no discernible relationship yet with dave <hes> on the right flank. They did not have a game but contextualized us where christian it is in his development as primarily flare-up. I don't know what the website is but there's there's sort of a pulisic watch pedia website. I don't know if it's on n._b._c. Sports or somewhere or else but they they break down every contribution that pulisic has during game and they break it down minute by minute by minute by minute and they sort of just show and then and it was sort of amazing in this game i sort of read it and in the first half for the first half of the first half it's like pulisic this and he goes pass dismantling glides and put an excellent ball through to this person person and you can just feel the enthusiasm of the right as the game went on the enthusiasm is gradually being lost as they realize that he is just a player on the field doing the best he can in ultimately a drawing effort at home against sheffield united. This is going to be hard few months for christian pulisic. We've got callum hudson coming back presumably after the international break and who you play the co two names or the gun with three probably from or at least he's got competition for his place. Now petro's going to come back. He's had carried a couple of knox. William is gonna come back in. I just think it's going to be hard of him to make the site automatically and he's going to have to have some really really good. I'm not saying he's playing badly does not saying he looks out of place. He looks like he belongs. He's doing some thinks he definitely contributed as part of the move times i go but he's going to have to do more than this in order to go and be the premier league not superstars the permanent star that i think many people have not just wanted him to be. I think that many people have expected him to be and certainly that the money eh that chelsea paid for him would demand that he needs to do. This was not a twenty million pound bides wrist. This was a large amount of money paid <hes> for the young man from pennsylvania and they ruined listen to this podcast a lot. I say welcome in russian strauss witcher hello dr value is congratulations relations. Oh interesting very that was the end of new chelsea. I know romagna listening. Chelsea need to work with christian over the international bait on growing the scientist bump. Do you know what ryan's could points. He only aden's but button lodging exercises written written down in reading room some development tony tony esso's diagrams of a large exercise read to give him to the yankees. They put a scenting john eighties. Killing isn't big enough flounder in the second offer games has become a motif chelsea. David lamb called realized it and protect his team why substitutions help them out but in this one billy gilman definitely down for the young people in the chelsea academy plate for tape play like six four and left him when really that clearly six point nine they kind of exaggerate. They said the billy gilmour is eighteen years old. I am calling balka is in the andre looks about fourteen either by the way stats trivia fix and she happy gilmore's grandson and it. It looks like a local scam. It looks like a chimney. Sweep plugged up the street cocoa bustle with mr scott rhode island emmett being silly killed on the frank really well well until the eighteen hundred minute didn't incredible bull yet from so. What did you do zuma at everton. You broke him. Finally broke zuma zoom zoom finishing fees. It is an amazing everton plant. We have a tradition of great centreback to guarantee consistently t._v. One terrible mistake geico those perfect. That's a good takes off. Mistake guaranteed lesko proved to american monte money and then he's got the jones going back to the great evidence but they just good for other teams zuma gonna zuma and the pressure and chelsea spotlight when you watch gary riquet hill reborn at crystal palace and you like what what are we doing yeah. I actually think that this was more about both leicester. City goals were more about dave the really wearing this is perhaps the important thing rotraut and the interesting thing minorities signal our captain. Dave is just as not had a very good start to the season. He's been outplayed pretty much. Every single room seems to have lost a step raj visit with london teams. That's scour. Crap is playing make him kept in. We'll take jacker dave. Can we just say before. We do post more chelsea incredible performance from sheffield united three years ago. They were bottom of league one this weekend. They went to down at chelsea yet. Nevertheless belief never stop trying to play the style they apply and they responded second half was effective. It was dynamic for long spells. It was dominant tribute to the immense human fortitude of chris wildest team chelsea david. I think for me few games will symbolize more this kind of new dynamic in the primly this past couple of seasons even true with this campaign with liverpool the city now a cut ahead the rest of the big six so mortal not said this law season but even more so now new team was afraid to chelsea of united astle even spurs on this current form. Even the newly promoted teams their chances this season no such thing as fair right right now yeah not you newcastle yeah. I think the other thing though the other way of looking at it is with liverpool immensity so good at does give me a chance to rebuild them particularly tim transfer chelsea this. I love the playing of youth. I don't know a single chelsea fan who is not not no one likes to sheffield coming from two goals down but i don't know a single chelsea found is not enjoying these young kids. I just missed the funk and does do so well. He's a really good team and you may ask still to come back so we're going to be great. Leicester city three born with one a brace from the pontiac trans am primarily footballers jamie body and yuri tillman's goal which vardi he set up yet another belgian raj see bridges mob. Join liverpool and city is the only undefeated teams entering the international break. Two wins two draws for the foxes who you picked roger to come forth this season trying to cure some. It's not working and against wide open boomer spotlight. Jamie verde feasted that first goal first sculpture that was both it was both vintage body and better than any goal. I've seen valdis school clinic -ality yes. He's like w w w we great like an all time spiky just keeps winning and that he'll really annoying goal to concede that will but i held them olmecs blinds what you come to shares we can we can which is legit amazing producer jay dubb's with china over the weekend who he's like in the american champion and he came up with william ricki the henderson mama interesting caucus hell spouting of weird crap off the failed kind of wish ricky henderson the twitter ricky in my favorite thing he'd come now speak to journalists and when they speak to journalists he wears ricky's ricky don't like it when ricky's limo late i just loved the queen ricky henderson the only people who pay volley tokes himself in the third person but both ricky and fought ricky variety both men careers bill and speed tenacity and that there's no way in as h both men would be father time in a foot race and for the probably out drink for the time on the red bull and brandies crystal palace one blanket they come on. Let's say this again crystal palace one aston villa no this first sentence had i had i shown this first sentence to my mate steve parish before the beginning of the season he would have me read it to him. Three times coming off last week's victory over manchester united palace with a controversial fair at selhurst fan fiction <music> coming off last week's victory over man united palace win a controversial affair shipping. You brother pretty much. They took the lead in the seventy third. Eh this is even better. They took the lead in the seventy third minute through four villain and current. You brought up jordan jordan a._o. An a._u. brothers oh my other with ten-man villa driving forward the ball broke to henri lansbury who thumped home what looked to be an equaliser but seconds prior to the strike reverend kevin friend subject greatest for what he judged to be a dive greeley was the gulf disallowed and chaos ensued that is the stuff that would be a dream for steve parrish arish harsh on villa kevin friend. He believed grecia dived in the build up greenish. I didn't dive in anyone destination kevin friend but it's not something that can be vote once. That whistle is blowing they allow something happens after stand kevin. I've been friendly. I can say is you will definitely be here for the peaky blinders sometime this week when it gets dark around your gaff but while crystal palace dave you need to win our goal scorers needs goals like post full believe i post goldie gold but they've got patrick van on whole scoring an i o brother scoring these things that are meant only lost place what i have scored lesson crystal palace's three this season statistician suspicion duncan alexander calculated paletta only the twenty four team and top play history to score three goals off fewer in the opening four games but gained seven points. None of them won on the league. None of them were relegated. Average finishing position eleventh as you say for not being relegated right now crystal palace all hail the post go really the i fell defensively-suspect newboys norwich at london's st london stadium it goes behind another goal from record signing sebastian allah has third in two games and the ukrainian blast from andrey yama let go manuel pellegrini pelagreeny and co take a very respectable of seven points into the international break but there is solace for norwich they kick off your promoted series road sunday september fifteenth at three o'clock eastern time on n._b._c. with the shepherd united episode airing right after back to back poetry from ranch. We'll say west ham probably the stealth eighteen with a sterling attacking firepower than the ones talking about felipe out of the lenzi nate back from injury sing and again yarmolenka flattened norwich who have lost three consecutive matches which is all comps for just a second time and the daniel farka another german manager with a tiny team. David wagner told me before before his first season the expected her spilt thumped in games on occasion but how they responded to those things was crucial and we'll see how rich stay is next up from my brave canaries manchester city newcastle one wofford won riding high after that when it spurs the tune we're bought back down to earth just seventy eight seconds into this one thanks to go from all lightbulb head diaphanous will lose steve bruce arena and co found their way back into it thanks to a forty first minute fabio fabio and shared goal and in the end offered playing their first big boy points of the season now roach everton three hulls it too what a way to start your sunday roach everton snatch victory from the jaws of a draw thanks to an eightieth minute goal from your boy rick all of a sudden his second of the day a thought. I noticed a little bats in step today wrote so much excitement for being tingling in the same way for an everything game in a long long time nineteen year old italian style moist cain. Does he really play for us. I'm wanting the generation telling alex away both if made their first generation awesome salad full name okay and this was a it's what we'd hoped for lang gave of all the new tools they can jury police curse wolves who hasn't been a game all season since starting march. Oh folly back on july twenty fifth five minutes at chaos in the woods outline. Richarson charleston slaps the ball home first time off the ground into the top corner glory one. The triumph is for four minutes because you there's much it was like an n._b._a. Game with the two teams trading baskets every single possession walls trowel right. I love him so much. Muscle looks like terry crews up top fused fused with the speed of emotional escalation on twitter core slop sites. I go ever in a washer of course it was. What would you expect against everton tim football club. You'll i can make a wish foundation less predictable though dave everton tenacity two words that just don't go together at all bill is hattie and bounce back. Yeah ability wrote two things. They look like they knew what they were doing. Don't be deceived by that. Tell you who does know what he's doing. Probably signal and noise probably just noise but i love signal right now. Claiming let me claim a signal. You're saying this is important interesting. Go ahead fabian delph. Yes yes yes yes roger. Yes very rarely. Do i agree with you. One hundred percent about everton. I agree with you a hundred percent fabian delph by the way and i'm not gonna do this and to say what a great everton player. What a good premier league player roach. What a good midfielder. What a great hustle mover distributor. He made everton in quicker everywhere the ball sometimes at everton. You know this could move a little bit too slowly. They've always had explosive pace down the wings. In the center of the plan making moves moves a little slowly. Sometimes he just drinks herpes. I love it. I love watching fact manage so happy to be freed from peps o._c._d. Instructions and he can sit the win that ball propel evidence what however he wants. He's not like pip. Want me in zone three and zone seven only. How do i get from zone three to zone seven. I i don't know pep didn't tell me maybe i have to take the space time continuum. He wishes i can go anywhere and he's my experience news. My guile and that's what advertising the black for the past couple of seasons to phenomenal collective multiplier effects everyone around they were like gareth barry in the old days it was glorious i mean cigarettes and spanked across we'll be for that fadeaway jump shot header and he in keene wheeled away and glory just see efforts implies charleston jumped on their backs so happy and the walls equalised relies on this day. Even i was like can only be one result so richarson magnificent regardless and hustled all game long. Both ends of the failed is probably like <hes>. Don't quote the spotlight go into being keen. He really haven't yet the game of a season so far. Let like brazilian zebra catfish in a rio de la plata to make it three two guys and i felt they you felt listen football a law. I rarely do a surging joy dumb. Not accustomed does so nice. I must say it will be may also be important much as we've talked about him in the past. He's a really really good and skilful footballer that finish that head of wrote. That's not a goal that you see many people school. This could be just what he needs for his career. I love that look a level this competition for places now at front moi's kane. It's a another like really good-looking energetic display evidence. I must say just. I was having very rare for me. I had the fields wherever you and i had a surging pulsating joy i am just not made for our customers to reminded me of the old aristotle quote which i tweeted out. Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life the holy man then of human existence which of course the greek philosopher doubtedly uttered in anticipation of alex. Wi's first star forever football club wa season this is going to be we will win. Some will lose some but i'm going to play with cavalier football hustle and be entertained which to me to me. That's football's all of one other thing about your everton jordan pickford distribution. I mean literally breathtaking his distribution his does the accuracy of his kicks is throws over such long distances and you know i criticize everton fans. Sometimes i've just noticed it away games that no one applauds and cheers. She is a corner kick awarded to everton louder than any team in the permanent like there's love equate. You know frequently. I actually think there is the sophisticated football knowledge when they literally you can fear the crowd gasping cheer jordan pickford clearance that just hit straight at the foot of his wing. I just love watching him. Play football playmaker this bloody good okay roger international. It looks like this the u._s. National team reaction twice roach beginning this friday in the swamps of jersey metlife stadium against mexico roach. I might go go from eight p._m. Eastern time on fox sports one then play uruguay wednesday in saint louis the world cup champion the u._s. women's national team. Meanwhile continued their victory to by playing portugal for the second time as many weeks at allience filled in minnesota tonight at eight p._m. Eastern time england continued their a euro two thousand qualifying campaign hosting bulgaria saturday about guerrier flint era traveling to kosova tuesday. Let's have a prophetic charlotte b._a. Demise ter- and see how this all plays out roger. What is your yakima telling you here. We come go in in the yeganeh. Meister tells me it tells me how much i love josh sergeant in only a second bundesliga start verte avert bremen this weekend the nine year old ginger from saint louis with the preternatural finishing skills pulled down a long ball over the top with one touch looted over the goalkeeper and it smashed into the empty net all without that bull ever touching the ground all hail all hail american soccer a critic dan she tells me sergeant otley left after goal brost feature gonna shine the shake and waste does not tell me the school which means this year is protecting me from something. I might not like to hit back godspeed triple j la. The mice is predicting his also protected the impact my leg investors please producer j. w. Because mine tastes of aston villa's tyrone mings why would that please producer j. ask because because most of you might know him as former apes which town mantaro things he was called into the england team for the first time for these games six years old after fighting his way back from devastating injury right after transferred to bomb with. I believe i'm getting on and contributing not saying it's a goal roach but these former at such down man man. What are we really going to expect by can't wait to see the big man in england shirts. Tell me i interviewed him. From aston villa promote here here's one of the loveliest most remarkable an unbelievable people human story and insurance salesman turned up at ipswich for a joke for the trial and they just love that we not people ever. I mean really the blindside inside he kind of became a pro completely late completely against his would never dreamt then he just wanted to be a primarily player moved to bournemouth burst expensive player ever for them and then in this first game a brutal injury that just ended the season where a minute to be making his dream. Come true to come back fight your way back into the premier league of aston villa ella and then make in england debbie stuff of fairytales we wish and some credit goes to your favorite form centreback chelsea roads mr john kerry aged other ways to connect including a now extinct amazon emporium which is transformed into the mini blazes bald mart anytime you buy something big or small from the palmar we get a tiny percentage allows us to produce additional content. What are you putting in the ball. Mothers we raja a book o- tr- mirror reflections on self-delusion by g tolentino not now a provocative book of nine essays on our culture in the internet age for the new yorker staff writer. She's essentially the zhao felix of cultural criticism criticism feel like to read and think as you do read by this book. I couldn't put it down the way tolentino fuses emotionality and a rigorous intellectualism electoralism without ever really letting go aviv. This is one of our sentences which i love and if you don't read the book think about this 'cause it's important. She wrote like many amongst amongst us. I've become acutely conscious of the way my brain degrades when i strap it into receive the full coverage of the internet these limited channels all constantly constantly reloading with new information birth death boosts bombings jokes job announcements ads warnings complaints confessions political disasters disasters blitzing afraid neurons and huge waves of information that pummel us and then our instantly replace. This is an awful way to live. It's wearing us down found quickly. When i read that i thought well it's like trying to follow every major football league in europe that never better summed up by this book now approach approach i love cars are really that yourself 'cause appointments of a new car last week a drinker abort myself in two thousand nine to c._n._n. I played tennis tournament in la bull francois frans when sixteen years old and i played one of the best matches ever played in my life i literally blitz this kid off the call who was meant to be better than me was meant to be really good. I played so well is it coco. Growth knows a french kit and at the end of the match he walked off looking just destroy annoyed and this beautiful black doc porsche picked him up and the door flung open and he got into this car is dad was driving this car and instantly. I was like oh laugh like amount of beating him but he's one in life because his dad has a car that my dad driving around in a morris traveller which is basically made of wood. Would that car can't you so at that. Midlife issues in you like each made it aspire. I've lived my life waiting. Midlife issues is my middle name believer. I'm sixty years old nine hundred eighty two. I was like i want myself. A porsche didn't even know what a portion was ready. Then didn't certainly didn't know what nine eleven was didn't know the history of the nine eleven. I love the nine eleven. The nine eleven is just the car i have dreamt and fantasized about owning every single nine eleven ever made. I got an email a couple of weeks ago from my mate shema aw upper portion of danbury. I'm not being paid for this not getting anything from shaimaa or portion angry but my word they are the greatest porsche dealership in the world raj in the in christendom and i got a call that they had my exact car. I picked up my car last week on tuesday and drove it down to new york city and then out to bridgehampton dr kenny kenny look in danger so i love that song wrote it was not playlist actually played blue monday one of the tom demarco and stopping driving this car around most things in life that you get you dream of having two thousand nine hundred eighty two are are exactly <hes> are not as good as you think they're going to be doing. This is slide disclosing. You'll have to wait. 'til slant about driving arriving for the driving performance in this car. I know it's not the most recent porsche model i know it's not one of the air-cooled post diehards but the nine one point two just the handling of that car it has just has been a thrill thrill thrill to drive that has just been. That's been my last week so i'm going to put it in the. I'm gonna put it in there because i waited thirty seven years for that portion. It took me thirty seven years from the age of sixteen fifty three to get the car. I've always wanted my whole life and so few will out that you might not get it today today but with sometime within the next thirty seven years by yourself your dream car i did and i'm very happy about it. I couldn't agree more than i did with my townsend. Thank you to send to wonderful things have sean. I'm being very sensitive about my car. Okay quit reminded that the men in blazers shows returning to television. I'm sorry we'll be back with sunday. September fifteenth and monday september sixteenth on n._b._c. and also a quick shout for many blazes fantasy football league. It's free that will be a prize. All of the info is on a motion of many places dot com props to jeff smith myth and f._c. Byron rules who are leading the league heading into the international. You can follow us on twitter. Aminu blazes m._c. Davis average on instagram atman ablaze embassy. I'm school davis on facebook many blazes you can always send you ravens the crass ovo you can always email us at many places like combat book encyclopedia plays the tanakahe full yourself your new football loving friends is favorable of all good tweets looting one that rhymes with amazon raj vendor punked more was sex matombo stack called twin baldwin's back doc gloria. It's lose to tweet god rock on hong fu fighting america love you dave. I love you raj jacko's flying chace.

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