Punxsutawney Paul - The Power Trip [FULL SHOW]


Hey, it's guards. We've been enjoying the cafe beer by pills brewing for one year now, sports back in full swing. There's never been a better time to pick some up stop by the pills taproom in. Minneapolis. It's open with a safe clean socially distance experience but don't distance yourself from the Kfi am beer or the limited release reception October fest style. Beer, which is also available now the cafe and beer one year old thanks to rubes like you and thanks to our friends at you'd pills brewing. We're back live and local on a power trip. Listen up threes came in for last month we are number one. We just grabbed every key Democrat. Back Nice. Neto. Good News you feel brain are you mad? Do you feel about vantage? Boots. Gauge, Google, you begin. Video lack of Braga. They're. Discussing here some kind of medication that you maybe need a lot of taken none of or maybe too much tonight. It is the twenty seventh day of October. Twenty twenty good morning everybody. My name is Chris Hockey. Here we go. John Bonus coming in today have cory cove from his palatial mansion and not feeling great but good enough to be on the morning show laws carly took her and Mark Rosen in studio and Zach, and Brienne. As. Well, so lots to get today show. Let's get it started with norm MacDonald and Jim, breuer couple of the best radio or the pouch of morning show good on you I'm glad you're here seems like there's too much news like 'cause now to have twenty four hour news. Now when I was a young boy, the news was half hour that was the whole news. You know they had it about right that's about all the news there is. She's all the time on the news, the newsman while commanding I'll go good evening, everybody this the news man whatever he says it's not going to say. Story. Tonight a lady has vanished. And then you guys let's go outside where there's another guy. So then they cut the outside. We're outside and We found out about this lady vanish your name was Jan and then one day you know they go hey more news on Janice the scouring the woods they're still searching for Janice, and then you go out the woods. Nothing good ever happens the would. They find you in the woods they always find you in the same place every time they will find you in a shallow grave. I don't. Look there in the first place. The police chief I gotTA listen I want every shallow grave vicinity shutdown. To clear out this case by Tuesday Kinda I'm running for DA or. Eighty, two pounds in kindergarten in kindergarten. Loved Batman. I remember Halloween. I could not wait to be. Batman. So my mom brought me to the store like. Batman or done it I'll. So, I wouldn't put it on and she's putting on a Batman, but she didn't think like Oh, my God this poor kids a fat bastard. You Albert's are onesies so I'm trying to put on the onesie but. I can't get around the midsection. My Mom's like can. Looking at you. So I, get the outfit on and I'm so tight around the belly that the years of Batman only came up to. Just behind my head, I couldn't get it up. I walked into kindergarten with such pride. Batman. You. Shoot. Up. Wake up and slap the. Devil. survivorship morning show good model body despite thirty nine on the dot it's October twenty seven. It is a Tuesday. Not Quite back to full strength the at but we're getting there saucy still in Vegas I. Think he maybe I don't know I. Don't know where it's at. But Zach is here and Brianna here. John Boehner should be here momentarily Carl. You'll be here. Did you just say John Boehner, get carly Zipper will be here in just a bit. Nobody okay. Thank you Mark Roosevelt Bit as well and That's that. That sounded more like chef from south. Live from his palatial mansion. It's coming out both ends, Ladies and gentlemen. PUGH. had vomit. Diarrhea. None of that's true. Are you sure none of that's true. Yeah no not that kind of sick. I feel way better. No, it was never coming out of either end. That's too bad sick brag literally. Just. Not that. Regular. That small. Can you hear Zach need to fix anything doing okay. All sounds good on my end. It sounds good on yours sounds. A little a little stuffed up stopped up how much better than yesterday really that that. Yeah we're getting there though getting better. Died have we confirmed or denied that we have the the plague of our lifetime yet I get saliva tested yesterday. What about forever? Well. Yeah. Every time in the past and I've had a saliva test I've basically pass it because I've listened to him and I said this sucks and that was the correct answer. Yeah, right. But No when When Zach was Kobe positive way to go Zach and all of us had to get tested what I don't know was that a month and a half ago two months ago more than ones that now. million. Years ago yeah timber. Yeah I did the old. Drive through Maple Grove. Right where you just stick your head out the window and they shove a thing up your nose and you move on with your life. Well. So I called them a couple of days ago because I don't feel like this is Kobe but you know what you gotta be careful and check. because I have a couple of symptoms that overlap with colds and Flus and covert and everything but I never had a fever at all never got over ninety nine but I've been stuffed up sore throat coughing a little bit and I'm like. This is in a normal year. This would just be normal sickness, but Mike Girls got as well. So we all went and got tested anyway. you have the saliva test is kind of weird man. went to this basically upended building in Brooklyn Park. And, it felt like outbreak. There is like one hundred people standing at the tables. And then one hundred people helping that all have you know basically has met suits for at least half asked has met suits. This experience right and you spit into a tube for like five minutes. So you went to an abandoned building. Fallen for the yeah. Giving myself my own covert. You did what? You guys were like, ooh, I don't know if that was how Israel. Okay well, I had to do it myself too I'm sure you did stuck up there and it was my my eyes have never watered so much in my life I am patently against the idea of having to do that myself. Good Morning John Boehner, cycles, I would John I. Think every person in the world would rather do a saliva test because you spent like a half a gallon in Dolo Cup, right? Yeah. It says it takes you like ten minutes but if you really built it up and just go forward I got through it in about three or four minutes I just went for it and. We're taking their time for sure. So it's super simple, and then I guess you get results back within thirty six to forty eight hours. So the plant is since I'm trying to in the right way symptom wise outside of still being a little stuffed up. as soon as my symptoms are gone and the Kobe test is negative that I'm I'm hopefully backed by like. Thursday right. If everything stays on pay so I get it they're treating. Any symptoms basically like Kovic symptoms because y y risk it from a corporate perspective. So they're they're saying I gotta stay home until it's all clear which makes it. So well. Obviously anytime anybody is in danger of carrying in here there were in danger of giving it every person in the station to the entire station shut. Why I was gone last week, which is why you're gone today but correct by the way that means you're missing drink drake time tomorrow two dozen yeah I'm not super thrilled about that. That's that was Super Fun back in the day so it does suck that I doubt I will be. Cleared by then, but we'll see but you never I mean I guess you never know if if I feel well, I know I got up to ask Gavin. I guess. But if I get the results back before tomorrow morning my guess it's possible but. Maybe a little unlikely. Who knows either way? Who's WHO's technically on tap that go drink and the question was about to ask bonus here in right I can be in you are in. Okay. You're on the list of John. Bonus Bryanne your. Cattle Giddy up. Zach urine obviously a baby. Or? Are you a an angry drunk fund drunk are you a truth serum drunk? I'm a very fun drunk but tomorrow to make these guys Kinda work for it might make kind of be a problem. Because I would never dream of being difficult to law enforcement in my life, right? Maybe. Kind of pull that card and. Now, you're going to be hard to deal with for the. GOING TO BE Looking forward it's GonNa be fun. I. Don't know I have no idea of sauces coming into that but man I got a couple of saw stories for you. I can only imagine yeah, I got a couple as well but. I have my new favorite nickname to but let's get through the list and I'll tell you Paul's new nickname if if you didn't say yesterday on the show, I have no idea. No, no, it's. It's if this nickname doesn't stick I'M GONNA. Be. pissed. That good. It's not. It's not from me. It's from A and company in Vegas but if this doesn't stick, I'm going to be furious. Anything about it we'll get we'll real quick. So obviously me and an bonus. Bryanne Zach Marnie as far as I know making sure but I I believe. We're finding out today of carly is going to be able to make you tonight Aj and perish will both be they're both will not be drinking, but they will be there to egg on. Our good friend Ben who used to work at this radio station is going to join us as well. The Guy who beat you a poker every time he plays with you. So We're not sure about saas yet but. As of right now that we've got so we're we're moving, I tried I you know I I can't believe the entire sheriff's department couldn't change their plan. For us, but they cannot. But so we're GONNA move ahead and it's GonNa be fun and and we're GonNa get smashed and that's tomorrow and then we got our big movie premiere on Thursday night, which I'm very, very excited about we'll talk more about that later but I I can't wait any longer what what is the new nickname for Saas? So yesterday, you had the rare opportunity to have sauce and I both gone right and basically the Mo of this show is whichever member of the three power trip morning joe members gone the other to rip the one that's gone right? That's pretty standard. Yesterday you had the rare opportunity to rip both of. Either one of us was there. and I and I heard this story about the Cherry Hill debacle with cultivated CBD SAAS complained he was the only one that didn't get it and Blah Blah Blah. Blah. But then I also heard say the same thing then of course I noticed on social media is that sauce went to Vegas with four other people right John Chriswell and his buddy Tim who happens to be my rocky league partner Stupid. Ass Dove and then their front Brent Rights Brent Dav tem crystal in sauce there's five of them. Every photo on social media except for the one that was in the airport with a I laughed. Every other photo is the three or maybe four of them but sauces nowhere to be found never it. Let me Let me take the chance to rip him because he's gone but let me rip them and defend them at the same time Vegas Vegas is Amazing. Because you have to answer to no one right what everybody can do vegas the way they want whether it's gambling twenty four hours a day drinking twenty, four hours a day. If your lawyer Lambert and Rosie, you can go to the Bunny ranch twenty, four hours a day. Is Nobody tells you what to do. You can sleep at noon you can sleep at seven o'clock at night, which saw also infamous for right is he likes to go to bed at like six thirty. Now. I could sit here and go. Why would you go to? Vegas. and Go to bed at six thirty what a waste of you can sleep in. Minneapolis why would you sleep? In Las Vegas it makes no sense to me. However I think you could argue from a better beating wake up every night at six thirty. Yeah absolutely which is which is just as fine. The. Whole point is is, is I feel bad ripping because he should be able to do vegas however he wants the only way the reason why I think this is so different though is everything I just described like when we go to Vegas is a show in March. When there's one hundred and fifty rooms and there's like ten of us if he wants to basically go ghost on it, it doesn't really change anybody else's trip. Right. But when you go with a small group. Why would those guys ever go back to Vegas with sauce if he's never going to spend time with them? Lane here's how little here's a little time. With sauce. crucial on Sunday night and eleven. Fifty six PM clearly forgot that because he didn't know I was sick. He clearly forgot I could get up in three and a half hours. He says sauces new name is pumped Itani Paul. Often Shadow. Hills. That's the greatest nickname of Tony. Paul yeah, that's perfect. That's great. I just don't get it I don't. I don't get going with a small group and then the entire group. Now it's not a twenty person group where no one would notice that you're gone. It's four other dudes including your brother. People Corey. No. That's just. I hang out with those guys if it was a fifty person trip. Punxsutawney Paul I. Love It. That's so good. Yeah. That doesn't shock me a bit but again, that's always been him. That's always been I. Wonder How as gambling is going but I'm sure we'll find out whenever he comes back if he comes back, I have no. Idea Cycle. Well Oh It's too bad. Here's here's one other walk chat. And I'm GonNa read this word for word because this made me laugh out. Loud. Sent me this text. Also on Sunday. and. Again, you also mentioned that that sauce was not a part of this because this was the nine hundred times sauce ditch them. I mentioned stupid ass Donna's part of the trip. I'm going to read this exactly here it goes so. He just said he being stupid ass dove he said, Hey, girlfriend to a group of three gals who were all about four out of tens. So he says, Hey, girl. Four out of ten and then Tim heard the group say what a loser? That's A perfect summation of stupid. ESTA. I love the Gatz Great. Girlfriend. Yes. But at least he hangs out. there. I don't. Speak hanging decrease will send you the the pool video. No God hang on a second here then hold that thought. I'm going to send it to you Chris. You can get live reaction. Monkey. Here you go all right I, just sent it to you. So they have a view of it looks like some kind of a private villa. Or some kind of private poo poo and the people that are down in the pool. An old guy and what appears to be a prostitute do not quite understand that they're out in public. Library. Turned the volume. Drops. Oh. Yeah. She's topless. Oh. My God. Oh my G- go. Okay she's getting. She's never done. We have Bush. Actually do not. Negative Super Hot. Stove and then, and then there's a second video of course after I responded that one like that's crazy. One of the old dude getting out of the pool and I'm like, what are you guys doing in increases? That's why Tim's too busy to play rocket league. He's too busy zooming in on old. So. What is that the pool at the hotel they're staying at? I, think. So but I'm not sure I have never seen that pool. Where they are that's like a private area of just for like whatever room that that old dude has that he can afford that way prostitute. Hollywood, I've never seen I have no idea where that is. Nobody around saying lady you can't be new here. No I, mean look at the age difference is it's Something we it looks like a prostitute to me and that was what they were speculated as well. But. I know like that one. Yeah Yeah. Look there man money while spend. A Lot. Come on. Permission for. All your money. I hope it was on the up and up. All. Right. You got the money. Fairness. Want to see old man pool of course, she wants to see. kind of curious as well. All right here right here comes this is consumption, right? If you're getting it on in a hot tub in public. This is the price you paid. This is not Oreo. This is public right zooming in there is oh. Why Ho Hey. All right. Well, congratulations. All. Right. Well. He's that's an old dude man. Man I hope she made a lot of money to that to have to deal with that. Look at them just wandering around with a giant belly. Craig. No per UNC of course the pass. Route John. Old Man's penis. What was that again granny you broke up on the last one. Damn it, but you can tell when the guy gets out of the pool. Right? You said he's got a pretty sizable gut yeah GT. That it casts such a gigantic shadow that Paul rand back to his room and they haven't seen. Line, we go to break corey from his Palatial Mansion John Bonuses here breath Atas here's Zach. Halverson is here and we got lots of get your included by the way a brand new game at six twenty I'm calling the pop music pop. Lots of peace pop it on your. Speakers. Spouse your mortgage on the fan. We'll be right back blank so Of your new. York. By. A little flexibility can go a long way by refinancing your new or used Audubon with ten fed. You can lower your monthly payments for more flexibility in your budget. You can even schedule your first payment for up to sixty days from the date of your refinance calculate how much you could save at Penza dot org slash. Auto Refi. One Eight, hundred, two, four, seven, five, sixty, six to apply membership is open to everyone. To receive any advertise product you must become a member unfed insured by NCUA. Saint Tall is not the same thing. I've seen that at the Fisher House Fisher House. Is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that, their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just, having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. It took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? Come on. Everybody. Welcome to the morning. Show. Zach Halverson on the board picking. Good music. This week. Like last week. Absolute Trust me. John. Bonuses. Over there Brienne Burnett right there. My name is Chris Hockey Quaco from his palatial mansion punks tiny Paul still out of Vegas. The punk what is the attorney Paul Back? I have no idea I. really don't know if he's coming back we've already made. A basically A. alternate plans with. and And and we figured that out. So I have no idea I don't know he mentioned yesterday at one point that he's going to try to find a flight back and I told him not to and then. Did. You have a flight back when he went there he was gonna come early he was sick. And, I said, no, no, we're good man and then I think he's not back 'til. Thursday which against looking back ten seconds. I can come back his corey sick that means you're getting your butt kicked gambling. He's he's tired of sitting in the room by himself. because. He basically went to Vegas by himself. And by and he's losing if he was up to grand or something like that, he would he would never offered to fly home early I know that because I've tried to leave Vegas early. Winning right ever wants to leave. Vegas early. That's true and by the way. You were mean to Saas when he's being a winding be word. His brother is oh yeah versus the death, right? So that's I gotta believe that's part of the reason that sauces not hanging around and. Paul is because if he goes just. This place is a seat bells. I can leave dob especially drunk drivers like shut your mouth stop being a winding b-be word. So that's good to hear. Can I tell you one other story I? Feel like I'm telling you stories from a trip I was a part of. So many texts from John. About the trip and again, none of them included Saas basically but. I I think three times over the last four days. Crystal has sent me a photo or a video. Of the group of three or four of them minus sauce at a roulette table, and of course, the bid on this show is Dobbs Roulette Strategy Right Tommy swears by it. So loves it sausage. Way, brother has, roulette strategy. Every time crystal sent me a photo or a video of Dob with just a bunch of shifts scattered all over the board I believe Tommy called it spray in praise. Yeah. That's what I would text back and I would say he'll be broke within twenty minutes. And I believe I was three for three. So I asked I, go well. Did, you listen to this idiot strategy and he said he he was up and cashed out but the DAV chased. Lambert's are not good gambling and this is coming from a bad gambler. They're just not good well. We can't. Be. Hockey. Let's again I'll just pick the perfect slap going there knowing you're GonNa win. That's all you got to feel good about it and slots not not not that other stuff slots are the only guarantee and Right. That's where they lose all their money and. They're still. Believe. All right. Let's do some sports. Time now for front page sports presented by Ryan to Siga Criminal Defense Thank you Ryan Pacifica. Would you like to lead US Zach? Oh. I got it. If you're not ready Oh no I don I thought Corey was. No of course, sitting at. Ready. It's up to you guys saw cast. Were you. You know sitting around panelists and just you know? tickling yourself if you ready for the. Weird assumptions I do but not long time. You know that's that is very true. The Vikings packers Sunday at noon. Right here on the fan of bikes are one in five, the packers or the opposite. They're five and one The packers are six and a half point favorites minus three twenty on the money line Vikings or plus two sixty the over under fifty four and a half punxsutawney. Paul probably has money on that game. Roy and Pat L. flying both designated for return from reserve slash injured list so. I don't know if that's GONNA matter at all but we got a couple of guys that are trending the right way. Yeah. I think that's obviously we need all the operative line help we can get but I thought it was really interesting yesterday I don't know if you've got to listen to the show or if you were not feeling up to it or not. But when we had him on seven twenty, just for a moment as opposed to when ben asked him about the the idea. That there are rumors that we were trying to trade more veterans not just in Goch Way, but we he was like, well, it's the Business Mike. Holy Moly. No kidding. You know. I. Mean it wasn't like, I. You know I don't believe the rumors and I'm sure teams it wasn't bad at all. He was like you know it's a business we know that I'm like, ooh, I wonder what it's like inside that locker room right now right very businesslike. Yeah. For sure you know where the? Where the professionals you have to act like a visual, but it's also. You know. You also have to look out for yourself. Hey, listen you know situation is this in Gaca was here for six games and got to go to a legitimate super bowl contender, right? If you're Harrison. Smith. If you're any of those players and you're looking at your career and you hear we're in a rebuilding motor, you see were in a rebuilding mode obviously and see how the teams have been playing in somebody offers you a chance to go to Kansas City or any any other perennial good team or even a team that's turning the right way. I don't blame them for saying that. Fine. Let's go. Yeah. Yeah. The flip side of that the cowboys have made it known that former Viking Everson. Griffen is available via trade. He has two and a half sacks in seven games with Dallas, of course, Dallas, without Dak the rest of the way Dalton has a concussion there two and five. So they're season's over despite being in the NFC East which is a disaster but they're basically waving the white flag as well. So ever sit on the trading block, which is incredible because they're a half game I believe I was Gonna say are they might still be a first place by the end of this week. Smart though they know that's just it's just worthless. Right is one of the worst things you could while I mean, if you win enough games to make it into the postseason even in the NFC East what does that get you? You'RE GONNA get slaughtered in round one, but it does get you playoff money and it gets you one more round of television I I. Really. But again, they would have to bring in another quarterback because I didn't know who the kid playing quarterback. There was apparently a seventh round draft. Pick A. Year, or two. On the left hand side. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. How much how much money is Dak Prescott making broken? Exactly Yeah Ben brought that up yesterday manage such a good point and if he needed to show his wealth areas I should say as I'm value to the team, there's no better way to do it I would I would much rather not break my leg that way fair. Speaking of Injuries Christian McCaffrey is considered a long shot to play Thursday, but is apparently getting very close to returning. He's been out for like what five weeks something like that almost the entire season, he played a game or to the vikings host Teddy, bridgewater an Christian McCaffrey in about five weeks. So unless he gets reinjured, he is a more than on pace to be back well before the Vikings game and a little over four weeks. Good Blair will be rooting for Teddy what he faces Arteta one hundred percent. Yeah. Absolutely. McCaffrey scores seven thousand. Last, night on Monday night football, the rams finally slowed. The bear is down the Rams One, twenty, four, ten, the bears now five and to the rams up to five and to Nick foles was terrible two, hundred, sixty, one yards in a couple of interceptions goth almost the exact opposite of two, thousand, nine, hundred, two touchdowns. Yeah as we talked about yesterday again at length on the show, the packers and the bears going into that game had the same record and it just didn't seem right right and the heart of the bears five into our they find a one exactly. Yeah. It's a terrible half of that team is terrible. World Series Game Six is tonight seven o'clock. The Los Angeles dodgers of Anaheim leaving the Tampa Bay rays of Anaheim three two. And the over under tonight is eight I find this fascinating but during the break. Corey I asked John Boehner. So you're watching the world series think he'd be like Hell Yeah. US. Instead he said no, not really. I mean I. Live when that mayhem and Soon as I got because I was watching the gopher game. And this happened at the end of the right after the gopher game ended but I wasn't the place where I could control the TV right? So I it was not on. Watch the entire go. Public at a bar. And left. Here's. Grandma's sports bar Duluth which Barbara got. Crooked Awesome where were you at Zach? Baby and were you at at home sleeping? About Right Insensitive question. Why stop now. Sorry. I was I was driving around yesterday listening to the podcast when I was going to get that saliva test and I heard you mentioned Chris and it's it's hard to like rip college kid right because their kids, right. Here. That's punter. He he's not the lead punter right? Our main guys got over maybe some contact echo who knows. Covert related reasons. So, backup punter kid comes in honestly who it further right now that kid or John Chris. Tell you. Poor kid man I know. Well, that's why they win four. Right like. Sauce sent me a tax even though I think he had money on. Michigan. So I, think he was happy that the gophers lost but he sent me, why did they just go for right 'cause it was something like four and Five or percents deepen our own end. You would never play cat got snuffed out almost immediately in the The wolverines just just absolutely obliterated the gophers fake attempt. And then when you watched him punt the rest of the game. Well, he's punching like twenty yards. So going for it is in getting stuff is not that worse than actually getting punt often again, it's not that kids fault now right at all, it's just if your main punters not in the game. What a huge swing now was to not only not be able to control pump. That's there's there's no distance on it. Right? I can't believe a backup big ten punter though can't kick it further than that. Right? That were you guys surprised as I was though at how? That was reported that that we were playing without so many players at least I only saw the one source and I even guys on the television were like a man does not good and everybody I was falling on twitter was like, why is our punter so bad and I'm like screaming because that's not our punter. Bigger News. All of our special teams that a lot of our offensive line is not planning. The answer is you follow the money. Right is when the gophers were three or three and a half point favorites, and they almost instantly flipped to three and a half point dogs. That's a massive swing vegas in a short period of time. So somebody knew that there were even if they didn't know the names, they knew that the number of players that were going to be out for the gophers or the kinds of players like the offensive line in a kicker and punter that they were enough. It was enough people and maybe enough significant people to swing the lines seven points. So that should have been a huge sign that whoever knew anything which by the way is also very dicey that there was some. I mean 'cause. The whole reason why we have. The injury report in the NFL is to try to minimize inside information right when it comes to gambling the idea I don't know if it actually. Works that way. But that's the public perception is let's keep this on the up in up. If if somebody understood that this was a significant problem for the gophers so much so that it's weighing seven points. then. Somebody knew something right than somebody leaked it to somebody that has some big time money in. Vegas. It says, Hey, I I'm here in half the offensive line's out they got no special teams they're gonNA get slaughtered. There's no reports before. Except for like just before the game about it and the only reason I came across it is because I was looking for it because I knew there was a seven point swing. Because because I knew there was a seven point swing on the spread which never happens. Yeah. I went well, there's gotta be. We're. Actively looking for the headlines are like how many players do we have out? Right it'd be if we have to have some key people out and it didn't. I. We had We still have the Big Receiver in the big ten or Morgan and. David. Bateman. Right. Well that that's good and then you start seeing. Oh No, it's like it's the specialty guys that are out and that's a real problem. Bateman is that good though? Isn't he? When he when he had an opportunity, he took advantage of it. He he's he something special. That'll do it for sports. Did you have something for me over there's a keyboard give. Keyword, and I wish you turn the lights on in that studio so that I knew for sure that you weren't. SICKER side. The Fan in which means you WanNa put A. Thing it's Telling you if you just turn the lights up a little bit over there. Sitting candle which. Is Brand right now. Right. That's probably the safest place to be. I've just I. Needed to sit over there tap him on the shoulder when it's time to go to break. So he wakes. Doing Little House on the prairie radio over there. Off Light a couple more candles. SWEETPEA or whatever you call. Still have my buddy still at my vagina candle home probably when you just said Now for those of you wondering he doesn't have. Gwyneth paltrow. The Fan in wixom jewelers want to give you a shots grand your hand with our national cash contests just Texaco word. To two, hundred, two, hundred to enter. That's family to two hundred, hundred standard text message and data rates apply Gordon tweet the picture I just took because it's so dark in the main studio corey he's using the flashlight on his cell phone to read the vibe just turn the lights. Twenty. Paul, toy. Hey. When we come back a game that I, I don't know it's GonNa work or not. Too Hard, but it's called the pop music podcast so heavy. And or or Pencil and paper ready Corey that's cope at his palatial mansion over there's John Boehner Brion debt, and of course, the sleepy sleepy Zach halverson spa more show. We'll be right back on the. List. Alone. A little flexibility can go a long way by refinancing your newer used auto loan with pen fed you can lower your monthly payments for more flexibility in your budget. You can even schedule your first payment for up to sixty days from the date of your refinance calculate how much you could save at Pensa dot org slash refi or call one, eight, hundred, two, four, seven, five, six secs to apply membership is open to everyone to receive any advertise product he must become a member unfed insured by NCUA. CENA tall is not the same thing. I've seen the Fisher House. The Fisher House I know is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there, for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? Ribs tweet us a gift that reflects how you are feeling about the upcoming Vikings game use that Hashtag I am. An One lucky winner will receive a Minnesota Lottery prize pack. It's powered by Minnesota lottery and with the new Viking Scratch Games it's game day any day. Were you listening to Sirius Satellite Radio on the way here I was not much was NASCAR radio though okay they were playing this song and I. So it's the first music I heard this morning and I said to myself I gotta remember to play the song into the song. This is a great song This is my name is human by highly suspect suspect what a great Song Man And this whole record is both those records under the. Top the. Bottom. Great. Great Rock Songs Man. Yes these guys they opened up for three eleven last. December. Did leave when they were done. I am just kidding you know I love three eleven. I have lost a three eleven was the headline. Where were they great though live? You guys like him a lot more than I do but they were good. They were fine. They had three or four songs that I thought were pretty sweetness is clearly one of them. There's a billion things about the coronavirus that really really sucks and but let, I'm telling you this is a great time for rock music and they are not able to tour right now and spread their music across the globe. So you got to hope that you find it you know either on this show or on Satellite Radio Ninety. Three extra wherever you gotta hope you got to actively look for it exists. There's great rock music right now there really is, but I am absolutely floored that when we we looked at this thing in March and we knew that most of us were going to be on lockdown for two or three months the right and then we didn't know what it was gonna be beyond that I. I'm surprised we haven't been flooded with new music I. Think we will be. Yeah. Give it a little more. You know the pro- the problem is. Well, for instance, I. I've done two records right now I have one them they're just got released it was live record, but the the entire brand new record is just sitting waiting to be released read the point of for record companies right now is they don't want to release record that band cantor in support. They really don't. They're just sitting back and waiting and that's not why I'm waiting. I'm waiting for a million if I can't decide whether it's any good or not. But. Yes. So that's it. I was reading a story about that the other day these these bands have music. You can't release it. Until, you can support it because it goes unreported I mean even Bruce. SPRINGSTEEN released a new record there they. I haven't heard a single song from. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So okay. speaking of music. Here comes the intro. Now, it's time for a pop music pop quiz on the power trip man I hated pop quiz. How many how? Read what you were supposed to. IDEA head luckily they were only eight questions like this. Eight questions do you have a pen and paper pressure to write this does have to music as you can tell by being the pop music pop quiz I'm GonNa. Give you audio and a fact. Now against some of these are going to be way too easy. Some of these are gonna be like, how would I know that? That's just how it is teacher do your homework. Here we go. Are you ready. Number one looking at my paper John In. Nineteen seventy five this artists became the first rock performer to be featured. On the covers of both time and Newsweek. Week. Who is this artist? Lack of visions signs across the porch as. The first quarter be featured on both time and Newsweek in the same week. Number two. In nineteen eighty, the original drummer of this band died from choking on a cocktail cherry at thirty one. Who was the band? Behind the original version of this song. Against some American easing, some are going to be hard. How about that? By the way? How did you die while I was having a drink at by? Choke Cherry. that. Was Number to my sources say sauce would never do that. Not. I mean. They undermined. My sources say punks. Much we gotta get that going man we got. To stay forever, the best nickname of all time on the PUNK. On E. Paul, a number three in the power trips pop pop quiz and nineteen eighty-four. This artist became the father of girl by the name of Kelly. Jaitley. All. Right. No idea. No idea. What do I know that? Don't know you don't know that Sir. What if you've done? Your Damn. Right. All right number four. Here we go in Nineteen ninety-two this artist released his album one of his similar albums harvest moon. By the way I'm going to. Bet Brian gets everyone of these, right? By the way I think four for four and I'll admit on that one. I would not have known that if this wasn't an initials item like two months ago. No Kidding Member Harvest Moon. That's right. I would not have known that if I hadn't done the research two months ago interesting interesting. All right number finally paying off finally. Game in home I got to tell you this game dot com initials game dot com. Glad that came up again I can buy it really could have. Two, thousand and three, the singer for this band was arrested for Dui, Los? Angeles after allegedly running BMW, Ando. Parked van. Wrong mouse. Singer the van. Police. Band please yes. That's a great song by the way. Tricky but I think I. got it name of the band the data singer was singing for that time. Gotcha number six rookie it's a pop quiz baby in two, thousand, five, this band played the third of three reunion shows at Madison Square Garden in New, York, a reunion show in two, thousand, five for this band. His Job. So. To be. Now. Number seven. In two, thousand, nine. This band's record Radha Tude. Arrived in stores the. Way. This bans. Record attitude. And finally. Question. Number. Eight. This artist. died of liver disease five months after ongoing liver transplant in two thousand, thirteen, he was seventy one. Take your welcome. Said Hey. Take a walk on the wild. Guy The other seven I don't know this. Didn't Brando's. She got all eight I. Really believe she might have to. Do not feeling. But I got. I should say own underrated overrated. That became time they might. But the song about when he wrote the Song Right whales. that. He was GONNA be angry about three of these. Just know that I don't know put your pens down. Thank you. SA- pop music pop quiz. Question Number One thousand nine hundred, seventy, five. I rocker to be on time and Newsweek. This is. The boss Bruce Springsteen. That's Paul Molitor. Everybody gets us back yet. Right. I figured I figured all right but this is going to be a little harder in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, this poor some bitch drummer Stephen took choked on a cocktail cherry. What was the band that did this song? That's what I guess. It is t rex. Wow Rex great. Did you you know? Random Fowler Susan's. Their. Power. Station did version obviously yeah. I'm shocked that you got that Korean Galati thought I had on that one t rex was by gas. I think I have seven out of seven. I don't even have guess for eight, but I believe John doesn't know number three. Dad figured it out again in Nineteen eighty-four this run into the song became the father of a girl by the name of Kelly. Off. He's got a son named Jack. He's got a wife named Sharon. He's got a last name called Osborne. Tired. Kelly thing might give it away even if you didn't. WanNa think crazy train. There you go. All right next number four, pop music pop quiz This artists. Harvest Moon was released on this date in nineteen, ninety two. Young, young correct. You didn't get it said diamond and of course. The initials. That song without that I get there I had to go. Nash. WHO's the other guy? Again up. Neil diamond. Neil young now. Sense. Number five in two, thousand and three this band front man was arrested for Dui after allegedly running his BMW parked van. Tricky. I know hundred percent easy. I don't know. That's my guess is it's not stone temple pilots. It's Velvet Revolver Velvet revolver. Ranch. Did you get it wrong wrong. I wouldn't have come up with that I. Roll. All right. All right. Here we on. You obviously didn't get it. It's not. Thousand. Five now this band played thirty three reunion shows on this date in two thousand and five at Madison Square Garden. Who is this band? Do you know? About US I guess deep. Purple. Scream. Oh my goodness. Both at deep. Purple. Purple as well. Oh Jeez. I. I guess I crossed it. I. Got It. Okay. So of your love so as we are. China the love of your love. So we are six into this. How many do you have Rianne? Let Sleeping six five what about John? Got To what about you Zach four and what about you core five is well, oh, it comes down to this. We've got to laughed at number seven this. yeah. Okay. I did Ratatouille next rent. In. Two thousand nine this band's album Ratatouille was released. John, Dope. You. Weezer. That's I. Don't remember the album Radha toot at all. Yeah. But that sounds exactly like rivers. CUOMO. So I wrote down Weezer. I said rat blink one eighty. He said. Before you we played it. That was my guess but. Once again. Brian and quarrier correct that is. That is right. So it comes down to this and I don't have an answer. So Brian has a free role at number eight in two, thousand, thirteen sadly a this artist died of liver disease five months after undergoing a liver transplant, he's only seventy one he. took the wild side I. I'm GonNa, go around the room and. Get. This right. So I can't think that guy's. Name either you can't think. Vince Neal is not offensive. Wild. What those are some of the worst of all time. A. Brand. For the wind. Can you identify the artist behind the saw? Now, I'm for A. Big. Win Goes to Brienne. The first ever edition of the pop music and pop quiz that was Lou Reed. Take a walk on. They look. Your Brienne ran last time I checked as a female. So she's very limited. Oh, is that you? Know honestly brain. You're what? Twenty nine right almost thirty in. December. Twenty. Nine brand knows a ton about music. We learned that we did the the the SNOB game yeah. She's super well rounded in terms of music history and. Current, news she's she's GonNa go on like on rock and roll jeopardy or something she's pretty well rounded. Won The first ever version of the pop music pop quiz our triple. If this ever becomes the second initials game. You want go down in history. That's exactly you WanNa make six hundred. Want to spend thousands of dollars. Make six hundred bucks. To work. To make six hundred dollars you can. Make parents complain about the inventory. That's right. Ladies and gentlemen. It's the poucher morning. Show Corey cove. Myself Zach Halverson. John. Bonus Bryan Burnett will be right back harmless Zipper by the way Mark Rosen coming a little bit later and fill in the blanks till the gun on the Patrick on the fame. A little flexibility can go a long way by refinancing your newer used auto loan with ten fed you can lower your monthly payments for more flexibility in your budget. You can even schedule your first payment for up to sixty days from the date of your refinance calculate how much you could save at Penza dot org slash auto refi or call one, eight, hundred, two, four, seven, five, sixty, six to apply membership is open to everyone. To receive any advertise product you must become a member of pen fed insure fancy way. Tallest, not the same thing out of the Fisher House, the Fisher House I know is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that assurance that no matter what is long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. It took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? This fall, the watertown convention and visitors bureau has partnered Bentley. Radio for one great giveaway. It's the camel crate enter to win this exclusive package of Gear and Goodies Aka Fan. Dot Com keyword contest. But there's back. Take Ori Max's here. Hey cool. Yeah, I max where the hell of you've been, you just disappeared you of me to. A. threesome, so I had to return. The favor. Well. Yes. You got a fulltime job Do you do for the corporate the man now within the? Right, right. It sounds like you love it, which is awesome. I'm glad to hear you so happy Oh. Yeah. We Miss. Utah I. Miss Everybody. I've missed all you guys. It hasn't been the same not being here. Yeah. Well, nobody else is here either. Palatial Mansion Tom, he's got the plague. We don't know what's wrong with me. We're finding out. He keeps taking spit as Sullivan, the twins. Not. Sure for whom bonus. You go drinking tomorrow. That's Not Yeah. Okay. We're being picked up by the the the sheriff's Department and Making nervous that makes me nervous. I. Can't be on the radio hopping in the Sarah Span. Agree. Get Out. Kidding so real though and I just got confirmation mother-in-law lawyer lamberts joining us as well. So they're taking us out to the sheriff's department somewhere and they are providing the call we're getting wasted in their training new officers, how to test for you is and stuff like that. Well, the cool thing for us is we get drunk that's the middle of the day early. Picked up at ten am then we go driving and. Again No. They're they're taking either to home or wherever we're GONNA go after we're done but does the testing equipment and We're all forgiving DOT COM. Wow. Yeah. So we'RE GONNA make fools of ourselves and AJ, and Paris will both be sober to make sure that we. Don't say anything that's going to fired. Or canceled. And that they don't just throw some jail for outstanding warrants. Mostly worried about because I've driven through Chicago Ninety four times and I have no idea how to pay my tolls. So I'm sure all my goodness I'm sure I'm going to jail. Operations. Here's Hey. Tomorrow if you're interested I'll have to think about. My own private. Police. Understand. So I'll that's going on tomorrow ended up up on the patronage, and then of course, Thursday night do not forget seven o'clock. If you saw yesterday on the social media, the first ever power trip animated motion picture debuts on Thursday night. It's finally old coming out. Very excited. Did you see the Promo for? On twitter it's pretty cool. But right now it's time for what really matters brought to you by our friends at cultivated CBD the Cherry Hill Tinker by the way almost sold out they did a limited run because we weren't sure if anybody care and. I'm very excited to say that you get you got to cultivated CBD Cherry Hill and you got the copy of the live CD. That packages almost select because I only made a few I only made a few hundred CDs. So thank you for but It's available right now regardless whether you get the Cherry, Hill or whatever flavor cultivated is the best over to you a Zach how What. Gory Coleman here's. Cory Sleepy sleepytime. Any. Work at all. Every word you showed him. Last night. By the way speed of being I have tried the Cherry Hill tincture. Yes because you guys were nice enough to give me a little gift bag the feed that the feedback spend outstanding from everybody that I've seen on twitter and for myself as well. Everybody but sauce. Back I. Just didn't give me the benefit of the doubt that somehow I messed up. I mean I literally made a list. I checked in more than twice Sarah Check did I don't know how he didn't make it here to him but didn't get one he didn't get one. Oh, I didn't hear about I. Bet you didn't hear about. I'm the one who made the decisions. It's not like there's somebody else to blame. It's me. Of course I would give him some of my tincture. Guy He would have thrown it away. Anyway. You know that he would sent the CD down the hallway like a Frisbee. Well, I personally would like to say, thank you cultivated CD because my gift bag was absolutely they're like I still have my here, Chris it's great. I love it. I've been using it. It's been awesome. I'm so glad you like it. So glad just to change the name on the label pugs Itani. Paul and just put it on his desk maybe they'll give me one and then I'll get mine. I won't give hockey and he. Actually pretty impressive. Right. The Vikings are at the packers. Sunday, at noon it's packers week. It just doesn't feel like because the packers matter and the Vikings don't the Vikes or one in five. The packers are five and one. The packers are six and a half point favorites I can't believe it's not more. It ain't over till. It's over baby. It ain't over over by halftime too hot troy. Donahue. Both, designated to return from the injured slash reserve list. That's good. News take. Any good news we can get really matters is this. This is a crazy story when titanic was filming James. Cameron in about fifty other cast and crew members were hospitalized somebody Spike de lobster chowder they were eating with PC. The crazy thing is they never found out who did it? To this moment nobody knows who spiked the chowder. Billy Zane. Definitely look it seems like a bill is aimed thing. Good looking dude. But just looks untrustworthy. Ran, who's better looking Billy Zane and titanic or Leo and. I can't. Thank God he's so beautiful. Ari Kidding me really it's not like I still stand by. How I felt A mile. Id. Hideous Billy. Zan's like a model. What are you talking that? Looks like a Jalala One Film. Risk. He's in the club scene were even Derek Zealanders off Billy Zane. I Miss Billy Zane. My turn right now, the bears lost last night on Monday night football to the rams twenty four to ten nick foles with two hundred, sixty, one yards and two interceptions both teams. Now five am to. What really matters is this. Thanks. Man. Motel six got its name originally because they charged six dollars per night. It opened in nineteen, sixty two it was six dollars a night. Whatever super eight was eight dollars and like they came in and undercut them. Right six six minute. APPS. They just skipped right over that seven dollars. Never wash the sheets we can charge six dollars. Six dollars an hour. So. Actually. I've stayed at a bunch motel six is they're very classy joints the lights on. My job backtrack. Series game six, tonight seven o'clock. The dodgers are a slight favorites over under is eight, and of course, if the dodgers win tonight, they win the world series and their first since one bonus like eighty, eight, nine, hundred, eighty, eight, the Gibson Eckersley Homerun. Never Forget it. Gibson. Coming off the bench and limping around the basis after hitting a game winning homerun off Dennis Eckersley, who was an absolute Response. Was the the big car I don't believe what I just saw that. No kidding. That's awesome man. act. I haven't fact check this but there's no reason to not believe them Ben Maller a couple of hours ago before us was talking about the the dodgers he mentioned it's it's against since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, the dodgers on the world series in that the dodgers have spent. I think it was three point six, nine, billion dollars on players in the last thirty, two years. So that's. That's how long and how expensive it is ended chase world series. If you're the Los Angeles dodgers because they spend a lot of money obviously they just. Three point seven essentially billion dollars in the last thirty, two years. Their Stadium Pretty. Old. Yeah. Yeah Right It's one of my favorite stadiums. Top Five stadium for meat partly because you feel like you're going to a game with the rat pack in the early sixties kind of thing it's got that feel to it. Traffic's a nightmare those. Game there. Make sure you take a prostitute in the Carpool. Lane. To know. Thanks for the tip that a practice here in Minneapolis is. Men Ass. and. That's also on your license. On the what really matters is this the first and last people to die building the hoover dam? Corey. Sadly were father and son, and it is exactly thirteen years apart the dad drown on December Twentieth Nineteen? Twenty two. His son fell off a tower on December twentieth nineteen. Thirty five. Again the first and last people die died on the same exact day. Thirteen years apart and they were father inside. I think it's been long enough where we can crack a joke about the dad be in advance women the kid be and clumsy. Imagine if it was last week, I, probably would've let it go. On a bad swimmer and a guy that they stand his tower. Well, that's. Not the, not the your family wants to be famous for well I it is time Corey and. We're going to break and come back with the news and we're again expecting carly and a rosy a little bit later on maximum. You've done for the day sticking around or Lichen pop in and out as do my. Take Away from that again, bonuses here of course. Here's well, we got fill in the blankets so much more come late in the show. So stick around it's the power to the morning show at six, fifty, six on the fame. Gamble soften, Cohen. A little flexibility can go a long way by refinancing your new or used auto loan with ten fed. You can lower your monthly payments for more flexibility in your budget. You can even schedule your first payment for up to sixty days from the date of your refinance calculate how much you could save at Pensa dot org slash auto refi or call one, eight, hundred, two, four, seven, five, six, two, six to apply membership is open to everyone. To receive any advertise product you must become a member of unfed insured by NCUA. Fan. Find. The latest power after Party podcast on the iheartradio. APP, it's all presented by Michelob Golden Lights. Back Patrick Morning Show. It's Tuesday morning John Bonuses, here. Hi John Thanks for. Kids, Yep I. Know You had to shuffle some things around to make impossible today. So I appreciate it very much very excited to here. Always excited to be here and over there running the board you get reimbur-. Debt of Cova is at his palatial mansion because I. Some strong with who knows I mean now at this point. You know roll the dice and just pick a disease. He's got it. My Name's precise him in the big chair and I don't like it I. It's not right and I don't like this microphone because you have to hold it down for your face. It's the weirdest thing and by the way two things during that break number one, I was telling these guys there has to be a light installed in the studio to let you win. There's a microphone on in this. Because you have no idea. No Way of knowing everybody's microphones off frankly the discussions we have off air rescue effort need to be had on air ever if questionable, they need to head off air. If we had a bringer around, we wouldn't have. We certainly need to have a microphone light in the studio so you can tell when there's a microphone no, it's not like we are swinging slurs during the break as as Thom Brennaman learned, right? Rule number. One of of broadcasters always assumed the MIC is hot in the weird thing about that studios even if everybody turns their Mike Off, we've had some weird static issues where you'll walk. In the static of their shoes will flip one of the mic onto you may have turned it off and then walked away in thirty seconds later. You're sling in hate speech and all of a sudden you're. Exactly. 'cause. Slippers three status. That's right. So we have to get that installed, and again I, never sit in this chair in the last two days I've felt like I was walking in tight rope the entire time that was an observation number one observation number two you didn't proud of Me Corey, but you would obviously as well have felt my pain. So a moment ago Bryanne said something that I knew was patently incorrect. About Billy Zane I I mean I knew what she was saying was wrong. She said Billy Zane was the mummy and the mummy and now I, knew that was not the zing wreck right? Right. But she was so certain of it and I have been married for so long that when she said no I'm sure that's right. I said I don't think you're right I you know I I want to check you played it pass. That up even though I know you're wrong but you might wanna Google that and then she was all you want to put money on. vk honestly for a moment, it was like I was married to brand. Because she was so and I was like, no, you know I. Don't think we should put money on it. I think you should just. Of course I was right. We looked at up you did okay. But again, willing back. Rounders that if you can't spot the sucker the table in the first thirty minutes, you are the soccer, right? God that. I think you just summed up the difference between you and me. were both a holes I. Would have flat out. told her. She's wrong and if the minute she says, you WANNA put some money and I would have said name your price. That's Gamblers are looking for edges and if you are a hundred percent, sure thirty big edge if you a hundred percent. Sure. Let's like Billy Zane I don't know what to tell. You know he doesn't. It's a twenty dollar bill. You're never GONNA get. Twenty right out of her pie. You can swim from Hershey what need for a week. Constantly the cops up from her home tomorrow to get her here. Can you imagine if Punks Itani Paul Lost Twenty Bucks. Like the way, you some up yesterday because I heard that on the podcast to that. Awesome. The greatest person to be around if he's in a good mood, the worst person to be around if he's in a bad mood, that is a Ah Perfect. Some Asian of the of the the roller coaster slash pendulum is right Paul. Meat Sauce Lamb has married when he's in a great mood, he is the best. When he is in a bad mood, hide the women and children and recover this. It is I was telling them the story about being at that casino up north near Duluth and when he I think he was only like two hundred dollars and the amount of sea words. The really bad seaward. Yeah. He called it a sea palace. House I think. That's still see how many times we said this about this. That's why this show works is you are an eternal optimist and how big I am I'm a personal optimistic but a social pessimists. So I'm almost always cynical and sarcastic. So you're always on the positive side I lean towards the cynical side in sauce the wild card and you just summed it up sometimes he comes in here in everything's the best I watched documentary. The greatest thing I've ever seen, and then the next day it's I want this person dead. People that she fired from. And he wants to go scorched earth on the entire IHEART. Building. GOT HE HATES EVERYBODY So way back in the day like Oh four, zero five when I was pegged as the most negative guy at the station it took me a couple of years and I finally convinced that Brandon Milewski's way more. I finally got everybody to agree brand hates way more things than you do. Now sauce definitely hates more things than I do and the things that he hates like I hate arts right? There was like movies that I hate Bam. That hate he hates people. Truly hates how co workers neighbors, random strangers, somebody tweeted anything about it once shadow people he hates every. Yeah and you think you like him and then somebody tells you that he really doesn't. Think, he likes you somebody tells you that he really doesn't. And again, it his mood in the morning when when we get here is wholly determined upon which one of US he talks to I. She talks to you I. He hates everything. If you talk to me I, he loves everything. So it's it's about that's ever before Corey in. A good mood right there. We'll start taking shots at him in the first segment and he'll laugh at us and crack jokes back. If in the first segment, we rip them he goes you guys are being mean today and it's like. Here. Saas doesn't want jokes which one other joke before we can get to the news cross twitter made an unbelievably obvious point that I hadn't thought of since the Punxsutawney Paul. Nickname. What did he do last week when he thought he saw Seattle person is apartment he ran away his girlfriend. Sees a shadow and he runs. Punks Paul. I got to see what that looks like. Somebody's got to draw a cartoon of that. He is going to hate that. Hasn't already been texted. Insured it. Exactly right. All right anyway. Tony. Paul's. Got It's about it. We presume what happened was he just lost big the for after waiting to go to Vegas for six nine months right dreaming about it showed up and got snot kicked out of him on the first night eight still angry about he probably took. One hundred and fifty dollars. A and I ten minutes. It's over Johnny isn't that the weirdest thing about sauce like we've known him long Enough Hawk win. A ton to him. This is this is a a modest break for Saas but. He doesn't really care about spending money. Right as is a He he's had the last handful years to be single and just bank money. He's. He's not a guy that worries about money. But what's weird is he could go spend a ton of money on furniture shoes clothes and not blinked twice but if he loses it in a bet, he hates it. So it's about a hundred dollars. He will burn on anything and not think twice you you lose one hundred dollars on seahawks and he wants to burn the casino to the ground. Yeah, he calls the deceive pile lesson. Yeah Yeah right great. Point. He's yeah. The Fan Wickson, dealers WanNa, give you a shot to put a grand in your hand with our national cash contests this text, the keyword. Cash the two, hundred, two, hundred, injured. That's cash to two hundred, hundred standard text message and data rates apply everywhere man. Ever. Planned what does that saw shadow of the day? It was there but I couldn't quite hear. You that. I. Shall We do some News News? Thank you this is. Dan News with Chris Hockey presented by by your. Credit. Union. Hi My name's Chris. Thank you firefly credit union here's the news. A woman who once worked in schools in Buffalo County? Wisconsin. It's looking at a six hundred dollar fine. Everything of care would have been cory. Cory. So with money. Oh my God. Did he pass? I'm not even kidding you sound like you've passed out. It did PORI assassinated gory. Corey. Wake, wakey-wakey candidate. and. I've seen happen or his mic just ended up disconnecting Okay. Here's how be. He. Just texted I. GOTTA dip up the rest of the segment. Okay. That's I pictured him laying pants essence living room. The kids come downstairs the MOM. He's just laying there drilling airing how anyway yeah. Big of a woman who once worked in schools in Buffalo. He's looking at a six hundred dollar plus fine for sending nude pictures to a student only six hundred sh. Judge yesterday ordered thirty four year old heather tree to pay six hundred forty three dollars for sending naked pictures to a seven year old nude. As, she also asked for news and return prosecutors allowed to plead guilty to disorderly conduct instead of sex charges. AM sorry. That's that's a double standard and I'm sure young man but you pay that fine for her. Wide definitely a double standard. No. About fee that way seventeen year old girl absolutely. I you could be right I mean, this is hypothetical could be right. Corey passed out. Excited for minute hey. This happened last night we talked yesterday. And now the changes happened the INOKA hips scored. Voted, to continue extracurricular activities including sports. Scoreboard made the decision on Monday less than a week. After the school district announced, it would cancel extracurricular activities due to a in corona virus cases although activities will continue an Nokia Hennepin will transition to full online learning next week. So they're not going to go to school, but they are going to do sports interesting. Yeah I think it's interesting and that is an about face from everything I've read up till last night imagined the roller coaster ride of like for a weekend there you thought your high school dreams are crushed and now they're back. And these are not outdoor sports, right? These are mostly. were. These are indoors. Now. We're still in law on falter but his point it's coming around at you're right. I mean hockey and Footballer writer is I'm sorry hockey and basketball right around the corner Raslan. Yeah interesting. Happening right now. So interesting But again, I don't have a I don't have an opinion either way. I'm glad I don't have to make the decision right to be completely honest with you but I will say this as. If I had been A. If this happened during my senior year in high school and they told me, I couldn't play football. I wouldn't have been said I would have been crushed. It meant everything to me. As a high school. So I'm glad they still get to play. That's what I'll say. See what I got here. We'll at things. This is sad man John the Chino Latino restaurant and Uptown Minneapolis closing. Not, no closing. Yesterday. Latino says it's gift cards will still be a valid at other parasol locations for them. Well, did you really be? Part of that. It's a relief successful cool story restaurant chain in the twin cities and they can pretty well. So that's kind of surprising but. I did not ask posted the year my first year they're. Kind of. Best host of the year I have stainless wine glasses Paris. Ole. Awesome I am. So much in the way I said. Parasol. That's probably what it is but Paris only. She joined sauce, Corey on host of the year awards unless you know kidding. How Walking just fast enough to get them to their table and turning around and smiling, and that's exactly what I do for. Let me too I. Have a couple of one. I wanted to make sure that I got to me get to real quick news stories sports. Okay, here we go. Kenosha County is about to become a gummy bear country. Has. Here, Harry, Ball Harry able. Japanese your Harry Bo. So. Really. German. Oh now, what are you going to say that it's a different company or just sounds wrong to me Harry boat heading off how do you both? Whatever minis they yesterday announced plans for a plant and pleasant Prairie Wisconsin. Things out. Yeah. It'll be the company's first plant and North America misuses Harry. Bow is precisely the kind of company she wants to as Kansin. She's works for somewhere over new way locally, save the investment in roads and access for foxconn helped lur Harry Bio to constants that's good jobs and gummy bears. From the Wisconsin I'm for both of those things I. Can't just eat a couple of men. You go through a big little green ones are watermelon. Strawberry They're not. They're not line a better fi if I ate it without looking at it, I would know a strawberry but when you look at it and think. There's no way that strawberries because of that. I. Try that. Interesting. Let's go over to the sports desk and I guess Corey died fan five. Hundred. Five turn. For sauce bad man. Oh, come on. You denied me earlier. You did you denied was his. Remind you. It's not fair to deny. Go I don't care. I don't really care about I'm GonNa read these stories and people are going to know I don't care about them. So you go ahead VA MINNESOTA. Vikings will visit the Green Bay packers in Green Bay lambofield Sunday at noon. He can hear that game here on the fan by the way, the Vikings course coming off two straight losses dropped to one in five, but just had a bye week. So they regroup and get back at it. The Vikings are at the bottom. Of the NFC north, while the packers are at the top, but they're five and one record the Los Angeles dodgers look to put the finishing touches on their first world championship tonight since nineteen, Eighty, eight, they take on the Tampa rays in game six of the fall classic down in Arlington the dodgers had holding three to two lead in the best of seven matchup after a four two win in Sunday's game five. If needed a deciding game seven would be on Wednesday. Was the team the teams you thought would be in the world series when the season started or they were the two best teams in the regular season. Okay. That's still I. Don't know if that would have necessarily put. I didn't know who is going GONNA come out of the American league. The dodgers were the heavy favorites, Nash how much better are they twins? The dodgers on the dodgers in the raise. Yeah. I mean within reach I mean legitimate. Within reach it's within reach. I think. Everything's a little. Up in the air because not only did the twins do Portland the playoffs everybody from their division did poorly in the playoffs right either the central or the Ale central as a result were I'll just kind of wondering like, did they rack up all those versus just a bunch of bad team? Yeah. That's that's sort of the the question. But no, they are within reach they are. If things go back to normal. I would still expect the twins to be a playoff team and to be one of the. Top four teams three or four teams in American League. And it'll be interesting to see whether or not. They do much to improve the team during the offseason because nobody really knows what's going to happen this offseason. Which division is the as a Dallas in New York giants in in the NFC NFC's yeah. So basically winning the central this year was like winning the A little bit but everybody had records. Right. Interesting. Okay. Continue Dealing Ramsey and Taylor rap record recorded interceptions as the Rams Mauled the bears twenty four to ten on Monday night football. When Floyd had two sacks for Los, Angeles against his former team geared goth threw for two touchdowns. Wall Malcolm Brown entered a score on the ground as the rams moved to five and to Nick foles had two picks for Chicago which fell to five and do Eddie. Jackson returned a fumble for the bears touchdown in their loss, and by the way Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Old del Beckham junior out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL in his left knee. Injury early in Sunday's win and Cincinnati Beckham ends the year with twenty three catches for three hundred, nineteen yards and three touchdowns in seven games. The browns are five into on the so far, and they finally have a year that's going well, I'm not saying that changes they lost Chubb earlier it looks like he's coming back sets go I. Only know this because my dad's such a huge browns fan finally is having a good football side and having fun watching the browns and then stuff like this happens and Baker Mayfield up and down so much that it almost it's almost too much to watch. So that's too bad for ob Jay ESPN. Skunk. Plans for an NBA like bumble for College Basketball Events in Orlando, the network told the Athletic de plans have been scrapped due to differences regarding the health and safety protocols that would have been required more than two dozen schools scheduled to play in the events owned by ESPN. The network says the move allows teams to have enough time to make other plans. He Espn still hopes to salvage the champions. Classic and Jimmy V. Classic at other locations and finally the Nascar Cup series round of eight at Texas Motor speedway post postponed again due to weather. It'll be hopefully race today but similar weather conditions are expected so it might be pushed to tomorrow And this is round what This is the Ron of aid so that they got this race they got one more Martinsville. A championship. Is the week after that almost over they go. So they need to get this race in for sure. They'll. They'll stay till they get it done. Well. All Right Patrick Mortgage Seven, twenty two, almost a covert, his palatial mansion after he passed out and fell over and hit his head he's kind of. Leading right now. is very upset about the carpet and the. she's telling Zerorez as we speak. John I gave homer segment you've got fantastic Giancarlo Zuckerberg while Mark Rosen as well and a thousand Spanish mornings on the fan. Dot Com. Welcome back to the morning show seven, twenty, eight, October, twenty, seven. Chris Hockey and Zach our some debt and the Great John Bonus for one more segment than you got cory cove. His Palatial Mansion were expecting Carlos Zucker momentarily, and Mark Rosen in just a bit as well. Hi Corey High I. I, I've been meaning to tell you guys this terrible story from the very beginning of the show and I'm GonNa, tell you because I keep forgetting. Dateline Las Vegas. They were talking about. This on a much more serious and much worse. Scale is the example of when you're driving down the road and you're doing seventy five in the fifty five and you're in the fast lane and there's a guy on your bumper like anything right and then you get over and let him go by and you just hope that there's a cop up there. And then finally you see the cop and they pull them over and you're like, this is the greatest day of in America and the history of the in seventeen seventy six. This is kind that only to a much much worse scale. Dude a minivan in Las Vegas driving around in the Strip. Right. Seventy am on Sunday? He was trying to reach out of passenger Van Window and smack people and hit people. Came how long has his arm I don't know but he's hanging all the way out the window right and they're driving up onto the sidewalk to try to smack people people knocking down. It's even more rude when you hit somebody on a bicycle, they fall over and Die Oh my God this happened on the Strip in Vegas. Okay. Tell up the bicycle died butts. He fell out of the window and as well. Oh. How about? So being a Douche. Bag. And you reach out and you and you hit somebody not they hit their head and die but You know. Nice Karma. Karma says I oh, you're gonNA. You'RE GONNA go to even things out. It's a good reminder for all of us to not you hanging outside a window and try to push people down. Well, it is that he right and we all need that from time to time. You're so right. Good thing because I was thinking of doing that later today. So don't do it I'm not going to. Thank you. I won't do that. Tennessee police were able to catch a suspected thief. After finding his severed finger at the crime scene. I mean. You Might WanNa grab that. I don't care how bad it hurts how much you're bleeding. You didn't just leave fingerprints. The finger. Now the Anderson. County be like, are you sure it's mine. Mine the county sheriff's office says fifty year old Hugh. Sieber. Tried to steal a log splitter. And cut his finger off. He. Also by the way, he was in such a rush to get out of there. He left a cell phone and. Other tools. Bind the investigators looked at local hospitals and found Sieber. They're trying to get his finger fixed up. He was questioned and they said this looks like he could be. Yours. And he had went ahead admitted they reattached finger and he went to jail turn off the log splitter. Even plug it. Yeah. That's a good idea. Plug it anyway if you're gonNA take it anywhere you might. toaster rules right make sure it's unplugged. Keep your fingers away from the log splitter. You always say that. What you always say. Say. You're with us. Yeah. Okay Zach's log splitter. Jokes Hey. You guys watch the the David Letterman show our guest needs no introduction. NETFLIX's Corey. If you watch them at all, I watched the first season. I have not seen the the woman Chapelle Lizzo anything yet the newest season I went down the rabbit hole last night. Because I had seen so much on twitter about the Dave Chapelle one how long are they and our run an hour it's a great conversation. It's like listening to a podcast only. Much more in depth because they also go on location to certain places. Especially, this year, it's kind of weird because they normally do it in a big arena or something like that are big stage. It's the two of them talking like Howard Stern, people like that. The ones this season because obviously they were filmed during covert some of them take place in in the one they lizzo was at her place the one with the they did with Dave, Chapelle was in his hometown. In his backyard tiny little stage in front of some of his neighbors and such like that and then Robert Downey junior was filmed before covert. So but those are the three watch last night. Okay and I couldn't encourage more to watch them. Dave Letterman, a great interviewer, but it's a completely different type of interviewer. Now because there's no commercial breaks as we talked about with Ben yesterday on the after Party podcast but the the interview you're going to get from a guy like David Letterman with a celebrity is is the same thing we talk about with Howard Stern now that Howard's giant celebrity other celebrities are much more willing to have real conversations with him a conversation you and are none of us could ever have with a celebrity because we're not on their level a lot of time. The people talking to David Letterman are just as excited to talk letterman and talk to them, which makes interview. Couple of highlights recording I couldn't encouraging more to watch the Chapelle when. The the obvious. Seriousness that he takes his craft shouldn't be a surprise but in the surprising thing was when it comes to comedy, how much it hurts him and how much how hard it is for him to do what he does to go out on stage and try to Dave. Chapelle and and how much that played into him leaving his show when there was giant money on the line, they talk a lot about it. It's really great and they talk about his home town of Yellow Springs Ohio, which we played in football by the way they always. They beat US badly, very bad about did but So that's a great episode. Then I went into the Lizzo episode she talked a lot about Minneapolis and how much she hated Dina. It's really something she worked at a restaurant and if you've got McCormick in. Corpus Mix. Yeah she's. She worked there next to South Bill and Hillary I. Can't, think of. Anything worse. Shirts Agree Restaurant I. I still there she worked downtown but I think that still didn't enjoy it that much. But she talked a lot about Minneapolis Minneapolis changed your life hostess of the year as she did not. Precipitate. But to hear talk about that and to just listen I had abigail come downstairs and watch the episode Corey because. Lizzo words of competence and self love and self worth are so inspiring. But specifically I think for young girls to look at everybody. You know you see so much hatred online. I legitimately believe when Lizzo says now I post pictures of myself I wear these outfits and I want because I legitimately don't care what you think of me and you hear somebody say that it's almost hard to believe especially for me because I care what everybody thinks. She legitimately doesn't care and it's inspiring and girls need to see that everybody needs to see it specifically young girls. That feels to me like that calluses become tougher and tougher and tougher overtime. that. She has been subjected to that feedback for a long time you and to get to where she is that callous had to be developed. The success she's found by not fitting them old and I don't mean that in like. I said we know what you mean. Yeah. For sure we know exactly what you mean. She's and she plays the hell out of the foot mankind and by the way she cut a rap track with David Letterman or was it was hilarious I encourage you to watch that it's great and then lastly Robert Downey Junior. Big Fan Robert Downey Junior Loved. The episode those to be accommodate team. Yeah it was hilarious. It's laugh out loud funny from time to time. But in that when Cory Cove, let them and got deep about his alcoholism, he started drinking eight years old Yikes Letterman David Letterman. Down Juniors either and that was the thing to watch them have that conversation and Letterman cut open vein and a couple of times downing not being A. standoffish. You're mean or anything like that. But a couple of times he tried to bring it back to funny and you can tell Letterman wasn't ready to do that He was ready to cut open advantage did and they had a serious discussion about the time Robert Downey junior sen spent in prison and how alcoholism affected David Letterman, and how bad and when he decided to stop being an alcoholic now art it was fascinating. Well one the things we're talking about Letterman, the guy that replaced David Letterman Stephen Colbert. Had Sasha Baron Cohen last night, and this is another sign that that late night TV has changed in the last couple of years specifically in the trump era but now more. So in the Cova Videira. Three full segments with Sasha Baron Cohen. So it like hey, Sasha's promote Borat to here's minutes. WE'RE GONNA ask three surface questions and promote the movie. We'll move on I mean he did like a deep dive on Sasha Baron Cohen. It was way better than a the same interview would have been four, five, six or fourteen years ago in borough at one came out. Yeah. I don't know if you guys saw the video that kind of went viral yesterday because Rex Chapman, tweeted it out but go back and watch Sasha Baron Cohen's little two minute clip that Rex Chapman tweeted out and watch him on Letterman last night or Letterman call last night. The dude is legit genius and when you watch Borat. Genius through the calculated stupidity for Man let's get into that guy talk. He is so clever. So smart and man I just can I vote for him? Yeah. He's British right. Can I vote for him? Man What a fascinating guy that guy is and I'm so glad that Stephen did the full three segments with a notch just five minutes and moved on it was great by the way if that becomes the model Stephen Uses from here on out he will win because that that is the future. That's the only way to do that. Yeah, I'm I'm sorry we're no shift topic. Out. The window. Is and. What they showed last year but they showed a couple of things that I hadn't. Hadn't seen or heard of yet. They showed the scene when he's in the country Steve Character and Borat too. which is he is borat dressed up as a stereotypical like Hick country singer and he got this group of like right wing extremist Sing Wuhan flu and about how like we should gas him like the Germans are like super aggressive and he got this group. To Sing along. Well, he told the story last night I'll make it really quick but he said basically what happened. Is a black lives matter group that was down the streets? Had A couple of people that figured out that Sasha. Baron Cohen was the guy on stage and not some random country Steve. So it started to spread throughout the right wing crowd that this is a plant and we're getting old. So it turned violence in like threatening quickly he said he had a bulletproof vest on just in case he said he didn't have that fourteen years ago when he made more at one but he wore a bulletproof vest and he said he paid for security because he knew if this thing turns out, he's in front of a group of a bunch of guns. So. They showed the clip on Kobe last night when the crowd realizes they're getting trolled, and this is Baron Cohen not country Steve. He basically ducks in runs offstage dive into a van and they tried to pull the van door open and he's like drive drive drive like he has to bail. Moly because he was in trouble and he said one guy. One Guy Pulls a gun. As he joked last night he said he called a pistol, but he's not sure if anybody calls it a pistol anymore. And he said somebody else on stage had a talk this right wing guy off the lead by just going it's not worth the dude it's not worth it, and then the guy put his gun down my God. So the guy was at least gonNA, threaten to shoot him. because. He pulled that prank off and. Almost watch it back for his explanation of the Rudy Giuliani scene. It's kind of terrifying. It's A. I I assume it's on like CBS online or something, but find Sasha Baron Cohen's. Interview from called bear last night it's definitely worth your time the him explaining the Giuliani zoom that's not make Guiliani looked better by the way. Scarier. Our man, the scariest thing about Giuliani in that scene regardless of what went down is the look on his face when he's flirting with that girl. Lillard it's just seeing your GRANDPA flirt with some. It's weird or seeing the. Nation of how alone Giuliani. Must thought he truly was makes it even worse slough? Okay. He he had a security guard sweep, the room and where Sasha Baron Cohen was hiding. The Guy just missed he was Sasha was in the room in like a hideaway, a I think in the closet or something. and. They swept the room to make sure that Julie was alone rudy was alone. So obviously for security reasons for Rudy Safety Y- and a Sasha points out that even makes it scarier because Rudy thought he was alone with a guard outside the door and this girl was alone with him and his in his hotel room. So he he thought he had a free pass. while. Terrify. Kobi's live at his Palatial Mansion John Boehner. Thank you. Love you, guys. You guys still doing show just impact the podcast we are We got the PODCAST Geek. Or stop by twins. Daily Dot Com. Fantastic appreciate. That were very late for break. We'll be right back on. The Fan. Time for Vikings. News. Presented lie. When? Really late in the last segment so we'll go right into the vikings. At his palatial mansion but Mark Rosen and Carly's occur in Studio Good Morning Good Morning Chris. Vikings. By the way because the by we can stuff, did you record with Kirk I did yesterday and how does he happy? You know what he's Great he's always the same. You really is he's not. Immune to the fact of what's going on I mean I think he realizes that There's been a lot of things are the negative about this football team. He's He puts his head down and goes to work like all of us to. Pay Thirty million dollars and he's he's a quarterback. So you know he's immune to also I asked him point blank I said as far as the noise outside You know there's a lot of criticism as one to be anytime especially when your team is one in five directed at the quarterback. And he goes Rosie honestly I hear more about it from. US anybody else I. Don't I know it's out there. I'm aware it's out there and looking at Carleen I'm sure Jason is as a pro athlete any. This ever known never ever and That's always been really. Okay, it's Score in a couple of weeks and people are always nice to monitor rights share creator. Jason Gunn two weeks about scoring I mean. Piss Carly's did. On the road right well. I think I think there's A. You know put the blinders on and you go to work and understanding that you know the fans are looking at it. I think everyone that. We're one five. Let's think about. Who they're going to draft express. Sure. They don't look at it. That way the players in that locker room don't give a rip about the NFL draft. Understand that you'll talk tanking for so-and-so tanking for so and so. It sounds good. The management will approach it with the trades they make looking for the future they are within Gakugei trading for more draft picks. That's signal. Unless you have a chance to win the Super Bowl it's it doesn't the rest of it is just noise honestly, and if you don't have a team that's ready right now to win the Super Bowl I don't care if you've finished with a three thirteen record or seven to nine or not I mean, do you think any team in the NFC east has a chance of winning the Super Bowl going to the super bowl this year now they're all. They're they're terrible I mean there's always a chance of course you get in there and weird things can happen. Cousins just put his head down offensively really look at this team. Of all the issues they've had they've been plentiful They could easily be three and three they. They should have beaten Seattle all know they have three, four, thousand chances any one of them they convert they win the game. Tennessee gain they really should have won that game as well but they didn't what they are who they the record shows. Right? That's always says are one in five team. So now against the packers this week. Built to have Alvin. Cook back on the offensively they have enough weapons offensive line's gotTa give obviously give give him time going be back now L. Lines back emerges of Jefferson so's enough to look at it. They got ten games left. This is the last three games of the season we're going Oh man this is pushes ahead and get it over with Fisher and and play a bunch of reserves they get ten. That's that's. Pretty much entire season. When you look at the scope of things self there's no like well, we're working on next year's draft or trade. It's doesn't feel that way doesn't work that way but Kirk knows he's. He hoti spend your off time while I looked at you breaks down with Clinton Kubiak the quarterback coach that look at every single thing that he's done and the he's almost. My feeling of a kirk to analytical excuse cerebral comes to. The way he approaches the game and he's really smart about checking looking at what's out there but it's almost like he he. On one thing and that's either that's going to work or. take a sack need a little Brett farve Tom Right yeah. A little chance every now and again I think that's one thing that is probably his over his career has been his worst fault. As being almost to focused too cerebral to sure of how this plays supposed to work if it doesn't then things breaking down around the sounds like a dynamite program when I hear this. Six tonight, right here on and these Airway Airways sounds great. We're going to do right now go to high CJ. Time now for the Vikings Report on the Fan presented by hy-vee where there's a helpful smile in every aisle. FULLBACK CJ HAM joins the power trip after this from high. Tune into here Marnie Geller with the power to morning show every Wednesday morning at seven thirty. Thanks to our friends at shields of Eden. Prairie Yes thank you shiels of Eden Prairie and thank you. For Tuning in this morning. Looks beautiful morning out there. It just got a lot better than here because Carly sucres here. And Mark Rosen is here's well well thank you. It's good to see your faces. You look out Brian Item Bushy tailed. Rosie bushy tailed Bush need a haircut. I like it. It's good. Brienne is here as well as Zach and Punxsutawney Paul still in Vegas by Gordy Kobe's. Mansion Hi, Corey how you feel feeling but he died feeling good doing much better could get good. Gory early I'm mark. I don't mean to you know to tell secrets out of school, but they were both just how much better does that you're not here. and. I feel bad they that I stood up for you. Not Real be I'm a self aware person I know where? All the time you know I wanted to take a quick minute to just thank you because when I came in last week to record my show which you were on. Thank you for having me on seat. Thank you for the. Cherry. Hill tincture. Everybody that I care about. This beautiful gift bag when I arrived. And I just had to take a moment to say. Day You tasted the Cherry Hill see cultivated CBD's it is starting to change my life. Everybody you care about is probably having a really good experience. That's right. Yeah. by the way Hawk and not only were you super generous with everybody in the power trip morning show everybody that works hard. I got an email, all the guys and gals downstairs de Brian at the Deli said thank you so much for the gift. Basket. From cultivated CBD I. Know they're super pump that that thought of them. So thanks to them I just want everybody I care about the try it you know what? The benefits are great. The reason they're doing this to me Rosie's because somehow I mistakenly did not put meat sauce on my list I know. I'm aware that I heard about this. About how bad he was. Not even from him. I knew the story he's got to know that I. It's me. Obviously made a mistake, I didn't put his name on the bag. I'm so sorry it happened I thought Oh dude. The Guy that checks your membership card at Costco in St Louis Park. That he loves it to. Jimmy walking by mouth you're feeling good man I. Hope you're enjoying it and and he's got Sausa- some mean he would know that I didn't mean to do that on purpose. Why would he assume that I didn't do that? Did It on purpose I just? I don't derail the show, but I just wanted to mention that. I'm glad you did. Thank you for doing night. Forget very kind words came up organically. Carly today here the new nickname yet I know you just kind of referenced it in passing but have you heard about Punxsutawney Paul have not? if you go to Vegas with him, he he comes out sees this shadow and then runs right back to his room. He does that a lot punks Itani Paul always done rows. It's the weirdest thing that he would be the guy that would be partying all night because he has to get up all the time. Now every time we go out Paul with the bed, what time is eight thirty and that's why he's punks a tiny Paul. Such a good. It was extremely. Came up with. IDEA. I don't know just the group. Three, ten and Brandon Dr. One of them came up with it. He's not in any of the pig knows is going to say that every picture of seen with those guys all have their mask on pretty much and and sauces in India them except for the left to the airport at the airport, he's the only adult. If he went there, well, actually I give them some money to balance. Right by good for him. Sleep punks tiny heavy on the PUNK is funny. The Old Punxsutawney Paul. Off She ever going. To get back, it's going to be one of. You'll be throwing things out here. We'll come back. Rosie. Come back. Thank you for that again. Great Show. Is it on again this week? Yeah you February six. Seven. Yeah, seven o'clock on Kevin Costner. I love. She's extraordinaire. She's Co host and producer. We are both also. Mar House and the producer. You've just growing up. Which one I think we should just ban five and talk sports because you. Know. Heeds time for fan five brought to you by builders and remodelers. Builders remodelers have really appreciate. gave me. You're the Derek Jeeter of the fan. You're welcome. Yes. Guest bathroom. Bedroom absolutely right, everyone. Because you've slept with. The first one that would get one. Yeah. Well, he didn't earn it I'll just. Ask. SAUCE GETS BACK IF PUNXSUTAWNEY tiny Paul is still in Las Vegas the packers minus six and a half on Sunday a little surprise. It's not a bigger spread in that considering the Vikings or one in five. The packers are five one Aaron riders looked awesome on on Sunday against. Houston that was an easy win Rosie I hope you had money on that game I did. Get on the absolute. Favorites and I can't believe they're only six and a half against the Vikes at home. Well, the the three and a half was surprising considering you're playing Texan team that you know really the they changed the fire to head coach after the Vikings beat him and been pretty much of a mess all year long in in Green Bay, just had their way early on Davante Adams they were playing Rogers and Adams, just playing catch and they the rest of the guys are standing around. So I I agree with you I, I I would think that the number would go up Green Bay has those moments but it it. They can just play down their opposition and maybe they're looking at it that way. But given how the t took care of business against the Vikings in week one here. No fans of course at Lambeau. But nevertheless, green. Bay's playing a really high level and after watching the bears last night they are definitely the class of the NFC north and. Will Likely be an NFC championship game there unless they suffer some sort of crippling injury of the pretty good role right now. The cowboys have made it known to basically everybody that Everson Griffen former Viking is available via trade at two and a half sacks eleven games with thousand this year. But despite Dallas being in the NFC. So they technically are still in this I. Think they realized that with Dako, for the year and Adult Dalton out with a concussion that two in five even if they fight back and win the division seasons mostly lost so they're basically starting to do. What the Vikings are doing and waving the white flag. So I know a couple of people have said let's bring Everson back. I don't see any reason why that would make any Ciro since but that's his people being nostalgic I get it. But Everson Griffen probably going to a contender and probably away from the Dallas Cowboys. Yeah it's Trenton guideline week away a little less than a week away are exactly the the day So I See the Vikings are saying they're saying all the right things and really we see a lot of trades made I don't expect impotence. WILL THEY TRADE KYLE? Rudolph. Could they trade Harrison Smith the trade? Anthony. Harris. All these guys Rick Rick Reilly Reilly Reef, the sports writer contracts expiring and dealing with that. Yeah. There's always a possibility if it makes sense from the salary cap. Because the salary cap keeping my next year Christmas but he is going to go because of the pandemic it's going to substantially go down I think I read something like one hundred to one hundred, seventy, million, hundred, seventy, two, million from to sixty were there right now. So they're gonNA take a hit I mean it's just that's just a fact I, think all these teams are looking. At the NHL is going to have to be dealing with right now without fans, they don't have the TV contract phone these think they're gonNA fold. Up The whole. Really Negative Jason doesn't want to hear that this morning. Listen Oh. Oh, tell don't tell me said that. State. Levers. Marnie brings. Up Tuesday well, anyway. It's it's going to be an issue for every everything everyone going forward. But the NFL is definitely going to have to deal with that as well. Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina? Panthers considered a long shot to play Thursday but not impossible according to some sources because he's back at practice although getting the Vikings if you really care. Vikings hosts, Teddy Bridgewater and Krishnan hampering about five weeks so. Long shot to play Thursday unless he has a weird major setback when teddy comes to town in about five weeks. Christian. McCaffrey will be back on the panthers. That's exciting team when McCaffrey's that's that'd be fun team to watch. Absolute. So great to have him back you fun fun to watch the World Series Game Six, tonight seven o'clock the roller just right after I guess seven o'clock the dodgers going for their first world series title in thirty two years with a three, two lead over the raise the over under tonight is eight hard to believe it's been thirty two years Kirk Gibson home run right? Nineteen eighty-eight can't believe what I just cardiac. Correct and I just you know with all the money without a salary cap money they've spent on on teams and players and and the Yankees has been a while since week is one one but thirty, two years for the dodgers they're playing You know the the budget minded Tampa Bay rays who don't really pay anyone any money so it's it's been a great series I you the fan I'd like to go to seven. So go race tonight. So well baseball. League. Right Complete History. Go to completion. Last. Night the Rams went twenty, four, ten over the bears. Polls was terrible. Hicks Goth was a little bit better two touchdowns two hundred and nine hundred yards. The Rams Defense was just everywhere the bears and rams both now five into much five and two looks I mean, it's amazing reading a bear fan saying. It's as if you're reading about the vikings were one in five they are team sucked sucks. He's never going to be able to do anything falls just okay. We don't have any offensive creativity. We're not going anywhere and they're five five and to to have a opportunistic defense day. That's how they scored last night. But Brian Greasy was up in the booth. I. Watched the part where he goes well. I talked falls is saying that plays are sending in. I. Don't have time to to try to throw the ball I'm gonNA get buried by Aaron Donald I try to run this play, and that's out of the theme of an both kind of denied it a little bit after the game but. It shows you that you can be a five and two team and still have plenty of issues in the bears have plenty of issues on on offense but I i. think most people would take their position right now over pretty much anybody else in the conference except for the top two teams. Right. That'll basically. Says something they WANNA add. We. Guys. Do. You and I like to take over this. Well should we talk about balls? The balls they use in the things the game thing. I do have to say this. Isn't that guy the dodgers pitcher was he the One? WHO MAKES THOSE FACES? Joe. What's his name Kelly Yeah? Don't You think. Yeah. So you just brushing just literally. Just brought women's stacked like A. Girl right there. You. Brought up the square shack and we went to a hard sports back. You talked about Cute Guy, two, thousand, eighteen all over. Much better. What are we going to get to the point in this society where athletes are judged for their skills? Unbelievable, what you've just done to us as. The guy's a good paycheck. Drives me, nuts. So you know. Whatever? Tomorrow. Got You back. Good. Good. Glad to hear it. Right. All right. Well, so that'll do it for sports. When we come back, do you WanNa, do headlines core handle that you ought to do I can't wait I will do that, and of course, we will also have fill in the little bit later on it's a blood match between core. Rosie and Carlier they. Just hate non each other. They're just ready to throw down. But right now before we go to break me I, talk to you all please about light stream dot com. That's like lights dream dot com the bottom line is this if. KFI. Thanks, all of our veterans and their families for their service join us in celebrating those veterans with the iheartradio. Salute to veterans and shows them love to the veterans in your life. But I already dot com slash veterans to learn how we should have download or subscribe to the vets. You should know podcast an iheartradio. Pollen love back. Thanks he'll. Here. Did. We all miss something that wasn't. What just happened. Here I'm sorry that's true in a million different ways but I'm not sure what kind of connection happened. What what did we miss between? In. The nineteen seventy five, and it's a really great song. Wait kind of drop sweet foods gets in. The political statement by the really just going to drop in a minute and it's about drought. Careful. It's about drought and waiting for the drop ready for the job and let's go stop. How long is it GONNA be a long Drop. The hanging onto the drop that we're we're GONNA drop. Okay. Well, this is no drought. There's been no drought Thursday. I feel like I'm on the edge just. Yeah. This is gonNA. Cool up but we're waiting for a drop corey I was told there was a draw. After this chorus. Banner. Morgan. Fair-. Sitting at the top of the demon drop and she's sitting there I've been there forever. It's like a band that I loved a couple years ago called night riots These guys are up ten times bigger deal like one hundred times bigger deal but I like to eighties vibe. It's cool ask. Really good. Where's the drought? You know seven million drop you realize this show ends eight. Things to do right here on the nine hundred, seventy five to get with two, thousand twenty. Fast? Forward. That go back. I. You missed. Gallia miss the. Time. That's the drop. That's cool. Like more of a slick then if you're. Just like that I did background vocals for this. Like You. I can just tell by looking face Rosie's unimpressed by the drop. I just the best price used the best. Go No. I'm just thinking back and forth back and forth it's more of a cough drop. Best part of the song of the start. Could you stop doing that because? In A. TIME WARP LISTEN TO THE MOVIE I. took. Like, a minute ago where blanking car shooting heroin. Virgil. Things no, we're not. We're doing a radio show. Nobody wants to hear right now. You're rewinding things it's like I'm back in a cassette. No wonder Jason doesn't listen. Point. Combat you. Again a power trip morning show. You're leading a reminder station. Roseanne Carlin in Corey and myself and it's time for headlines. Now. Four. I was. Brought to you by our friends at Bud Light. Seltzer Hey. Thanks Lights. Three National Black Cat Day National American. Beer Day so feed your black cats American beer. Interesting. Is Not a euphemism. Those are two things. Okay. Hey man whatever odd combination. Feeding American beer please film it's and send it to the power to morning Joe, don't do that. Did you show Carleen Rosie, the prostitute video that crucial sent me I have not Expert. Yeah it's a it's a nude lady that's about thirty years younger than the old dude in the hot tub and then. Carly just viewed as a separate video of the old getting out of the House of it. Well. So wait where was crucial during filming it filming. So, don't wait for the break again public spacemen. Space. have to worry about it so you can see. The lovely. Young lady who allow is completely nude. In what we are guessing private pool because obviously there's a no one else around and then the older gentleman. Gets out a little bit later on. and. Oh Yeah is sport and I'm. The beaver know. Exactly Yeah Yeah. This is happening in Vegas. Got Scared. Be So. I know and I. I would get out. He looks good. You're right. All right. Anyway Oh, yeah? Okay. I. Also the what this phone now he's from wet and no, it's brand new, but it's an se it's small because I get tiny ends. Yeah I like. The button. To home button shame US Korea. A whole bunch you remember the whole I know here's what happened. I had a really sweet like Iphone X. or whatever, and I fell down because I'm old and I landed on it it was in my back pocket and I broke the hell out of it. I couldn't prove that I worked here because station phone because I don't know who works here anymore and who doesn't. So. True. So I went to Louis because you didn't give everybody gift. Bags. and. Anyway. I. Finally I was like I have to have a phone. I'll just by that one what's the cheapest one you got and it's this it's the it's a new iphone, but it's the SEC at the tiny. Worth so much. It's it's my work you. Can't see giant phone you can get me a fifty inch screen I couldn't see. A need. underplayed. Resuming glass zooming glass. Magnifying glass. Thank you and we have A, we have another billion view youtube video this time it's the one that we talked about last week because she was a part of a dual of the decades last week but Whitney Houston's I will always love you is over one billion views. You're welcome. Back. Isn't that from the the movie? The bodyguard You know it was that only three hundred million before we talked about it. Kevin Costner waste. Yeah. No kidding. No kidding. I love. That song that voice and you're like Oh Kevin Castle I know. I was. We were I in. HOUSTON. Women. That's the equivalent of watching that prostitute get out of the. Size. Carly do large gut. Cosmic one hell of. A. KFC is selling its fried chicken centered fire logs. Again, saw a story in this last night, and they are really that popular. Is that what you want to smell fire. Out like an hour here. Networks. Store. Less than? One? Mile she logs. Every four years we hear a whole bunch of Americans say they're going to consider leaving the US if so and so wins. It's probably the worst it's ever been now. In statistically I, guess that back up because nine percent of Americans even though none of them did nine percents said they would consider leaving in two thousand sixteen. If they're candidate lost this year, it's up to sixteen percent claim they're going to consider leaving zero point zero, zero, zero one of them will sixteen percent say they will sitter it. Through in the options, right? Now, it's not like Canada Mexico want us on the you know who take us allowed in Canada, I know. Very few places we're going to safari somewhere. Have you guys heard the and this is not a joke sounds like I'm setting up a joke I'm not the latest tourism. Commercial, from Kasichs DOT, which of course is where Borat is i. saw him on the first time they did a great rosie. Radio look so good I can't wait to really interesting Genius Giuliani story was hilarious Corey was saying the first phone calls. Sam's a little upset about it embracing it listen to their tourism ad that they're running right now. That's very nice. That's taking. Slug? For. So I think they'll have us. You can go to stuff we want to go there. Keiko's Dominican Mexico. Cornell either it sounds like what I heard is is going to bum me out that I'm not GonNa be drinking with you guys tomorrow because it sounds like carly doing borat impressions is worth the price of admission head. The how Gaeltacht, Talk Talk. Only. Way To. Really good. Actually, we watched the movie and I said that after Jason, that's a good while he loves you. Pennsylvania was arrested after he was running around at five am screaming that he was the son of God and he was throwing mailboxes. You is. Appropriate reaction. Right these drunk. Went David Koresh on it and he threw some mailbox which actually sounds like a lot of fun dressing up a real estate listing from Kentucky is going viral for a couple of reasons. One of them is the the reason why I brought this story up. It's going viral because of Three D. Tour of the House that shows some super strange features like a storage warehouse, an entire room that's shower and two side-by-side toilets. His in her. Comfortable I don't I. Honestly don't care if I'm married to. Keri Russell Kane up jody comber or last girl I'm not getting side-by-side toilets. One. They wanted to. Get it. No no one gets it man. I'll tell you I've told the story on the air before but. WHO KNOWS I. We went to play national trails was high we played. You know how you go to the visiting locker room it's always just terrible. this one school had visiting room that was actually on the field. Almost it was like sitting it wasn't used for anything other than the visiting football team. We walked in there in the locker room at I'll never forget as long as I live. They had just toilet's sitting there. No urinals just toilets and no stalls right when I walked in Ross Roberts and Dean Jenkinson were each sitting on the toilet holding hands so. One of the funniest things seen in my. Forget it as long as I lead. They were sitting there pooping with their pants down holding hands. No one has ever sounded more Indiana than Dean. The best guy ever guy and the kind of guy that will hold your hand while you're taking a. Saucy before he started hating me. Tiny Paul. We always talk about one of these days. We're just GONNA kiss just to make everybody laugh. Because you have to go extra mile to make people these days. Rosie you really do that sort of like a prequel hoosiers. The locked Iraq Barbara. Added the sequel actually. Last but not least, let's end on this. It's the end of era. So tough break for Kyle Rudolph in Christian, ponder back in the day but Chino Latino. After twenty years. The owner said it's possible that it may reopen at some point in a different location but the the uptown classic club Chino Latino closing after two new idea do. You, do you know how many? Lakes stories back in the sludge and lake? Days? I had I had to hear about. Chino, Latino. Those four or five times but my God. It like Monday, sludge in late shows, we're a nightmare for me because I don't do what you gotta use. It I'm telling you that's what our relationship soured is when he could clearly tell I didn't give a rat. Bite. Latino stories, he really was like you don't care. Don't. I'm like I don't care if you're meeting cougars at Chino Latino. Stanley. I think most people I understand that it's been kind of a downhill slide for the last three four years at least over in that that restaurant. And sadly now, more than ever lot of uptown is shutdown apple store shutdown I mean there's Calhoun. Square doesn't really anymore they call it something else seven something or other Samurai. Calling it but the uptown. The many of us grew up in loved and sheriff is gone I mean it's just it's just not there anymore and one more salvo with everything else happening donald shutdown already they're opening. Story Secret I. Just said that Town Hall Tension Can pay attention if you're away for the record I love Henry Lake, and here's the deal is Is I guess my guess is that despite she knows. I think he's GonNa find other spots to go. He already had quite well. So my guess is lake will not go down Spike Ovid in despite the closing of Chino Latino goes on for good luck lake. All right. All right. Well, that's the headlines Segment we break we come back and it's a blood feud. have thousands of dollars on the line for. Fill in the blank isn't millions now. The Hell's going on what? What does this? Or on the floor. I love those guys Really good. Morning. Celebrate come right back after this on the. The Fan. Hey quick trip is giving away a truck and to enter by your new stop by local quick trip purchase any. New pothole. Rosen Pizza. By the way, if you're meat lover trying to meet sweat speech loaded with nearly a half pound of spicy sausage and pepperoni delicious that's it. You're entered and triple select one winner each week with a grand prize event in December two ord an f. one fifty from metro four see store for details. No purchase necessary. Pepsi Pothole Pizza and quick drip. Proud sponsor of football in Minnesota. That's a tongue twister. Yeah. You'd be able to re. On a computer growing mushrooms in there. Actually Max just dropped off so. That's my real new full-time job. Loved theme you. Go sit US I. didn't mean to I'm sorry. You guys not. You. So, he's in here because he's ready to play in defend his title use good and fill in the blank very good at it We miss you. Max. Glad. You're here. You've got a fulltime job or too big I. Now, we're glad to have you. Cory cove, are you going to be playing along from your palatial mansion as well? Okay good. I'll go first right well here. Why can't she? Here we go. It's time for everybody's favorite blank filling game show fill in the blank with your host. Hockey. Thanks. Sweet to hear. Your. Voice. Please wake up. I'm wide awake. excatly. I. Is the game show bed. Okay which is on the. I believe music page anyway because up. Yeah. Okay. By you know what's good good to ask that question as we're doing the bit. At, six minute commercial break time Kansas growing mushrooms. Sit Search. Actually went into the studio in scared the hell out of them try to wake him up. Yeah. Didn't work. Number one had a blank. You need to fill it. Here we go. The blank video game franchise have lawsuits the Tober. To wake myself up. The blank video game franchise has lawsuits that total over one billion dollars against it. Why flank video game franchise has lawsuits that total over one billion dollars against it that's good. News I don't find. Thank you. Blake video game franchise. One that comes to, mind I. Don't say don't say it. person. Assignment okay. Good. Number to. The desert named blank. Translates. To, take me to heaven in Italian. Which desert by which name? Has Its name that translates to take me to? Heaven? In Italian. You Okay Bye. I thought you saw something on your Weiner. Who? Take in Italian. Number three. Blank I'd people have higher alcohol tolerance than everybody else? what color is city out. Oh, I thought I could just say to early on. have. Heavy higher alcohol, tolerance. Than all the others. Too I. Know it's the cried people. To U.. T., Weei. Number four, you can die. From staying UP FOR BLANK STRAIGHT DAYS Let's Guys Vegas Kidding. Paul Sleeps. The whole time I'm sorry. Punxsutawney Paul, the entire time he's. CAN'T I. Could die right. That's about what if it's the opposite again and what if Punxsutawney Paul has slept so much he's going to die from oversleep. Then he becomes Punxsutawney Perish. Those traveled. And finally, Number Five, the department store blank once sold houses. Yeah. The department store blank. One of the department stores once sold new houses. I think I knew. Interesting, serious. Do you released is? Is, WHOLLY DEPOT DEPARTMENT STORE No okay if you want it well. It's a story that has departments in it. All right. This just the first story could think of that. All right here we go back to defend his title Max and Carlene and Rosie and Zach, and by the way these questions by Brienne Nice Shot Brienne done. From home number one, the blank video game franchise has lawsuits the total over one billion dollars arose, ipe. I said grand theft auto. That's what Rosie said what did you say Max I said grand theft auto to what did you say carly's? Grand theft auto no kidding. What did you say core? I had something slightly different. I wrote Down Gta oh interesting. Zakho hot coffee and theft auto. No. Kidding. The correct answer is grand theft. Correct. Coffee Been. Lawsuits right there. There you go. That's number game ever ever number two. They desert named blank translates to take me to heaven in Italian row. I should Tierney shoe here. Oh. That's what I say. Go. July. Do he says July to everybody but but Zach, who says July and everybody but Zach got a point. Sue thing. If you're had the lights on her that you probably know. Number three. Number three. So I just said, thank you blank I people have a higher alcohol tolerance. What color is row off the chart a little bit here. Thinking might be a little difference I said Green Green Green. What did you say? Max, I said, Brown just from personal I. Say. My family has brown eyes in most everybody's an alcoholic. Okay. On that quit bragging. Carly Blue Blue. She says again, personal. You say I figured it had to be one of the recessive colors, right? Because it's otherwise all of us would have stronger tolerance. So I also said Blue Lewis well, and what did you say Zachariah? Hazel he's tasted. Interesting. The correct answer is blue. Right now take out. Jet. Blue. Eyes. Croation do that Maxon Rosie have to and Zach has a distant one we got to number four. You can die from staying up how many straight days row. Sickening. ozark. How long they meet Jason Bateman St up the. Seller. On that documentary? No. No. Document Forty five minutes I. Think it was it I said. Six, six Max I said five five. Eight eight core I'm with Max I said five. Zachariah. Chris it's five more than you think fries well We will give it to the person who's closest in the actual answer is. Fourteen. Days. Fourteen days as. Every lead currently how you? have. All four so far. I. recorded. You didn't have much shut my mic off what is. Lady. Bird. Fairly, well done finely for the win. The department store blank once sold houses Rosie. It has to be old school. So it was one of two either Montgomery Ward's I said sears. Sears interesting Max I said serious. Did you say? What about you corey Kabul God I said sears to. Oh. No. So we will have a win for no matter what what did you say Zachariah? Dayton's Dayton's interesting. He thinks that. The correct answer is. Ladies and gentlemen. First. Time. Anybody's gotten five career. Now. I. Have Five, hundred hundred. Russians. Green. Saying. I'm just asking questions. This. In wealth. Today. Blown. Normally. nope. Aren't you? Glad you stayed Really currently fourteen days. A-. Again I I have no idea. The answers I have no idea now that. This. Women. That's fine. You guys it's Hendrix's third. Birthday I remember where I was that day. Was this. Creepy. Story of Tim, this morning is sitting on the couch and I walked up to his cute little face I sing happy birthday and he goes Moma was can you please move out to my way? I can't see the TV. And I love so much and you talk with British accent. Is You know he said move move move. I love you. Bye Bye. Bye. Bye. Yeah. A. Little Dutch boy he does he does. Happy. Birthday Hendrix who in our TV viewing experience is very. Never. Take remote away from him. Yeah? Pinterest. So, we can watch Paul. Patrol. I. Love You guys. Thank you guys. Thank you for being here. Thank. You Rosie. We'll see you tomorrow. GotTa see you again. Soon your show is seven o'clock on Friday. Brand Nice Shop Corey. We'll talk to you down the line tomorrow until then everybody take care of yourself. Please be nice to each other and don't worry too much about things you can't control I. Love You Poucher Morning Show. See Tomorrow on the fan. In back to today's our trip morning, show forty here previous podcast us on the iheartradio. More KFI DOT com.

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