Below Deck Med: You Got Honay Iced!


Take. Off. So. Did. Well hello and welcome to Ouattara, crap ends the podcast for all that crap. He just loved to talk about on your Brown's. It's me Ronnie and over. There's been how you doing baby. Hey I'm good. How are you good? Welcome to below deck? Mediterranean Day, everybody. Listen To our other projects I record the Resurrection Bachelor Roast We are just about to start bachelor greatest of all times. recaps of that starts tonight on ABC. those are three hours that cover one season each of the bachelor, so it'll be like Bachelor College, and then there are bonus episodes for that. We are doing labor of love on Fox, and Ben is also another podcast called game bringing just pretty great and also just tune at real. House West York City Guy. It's called real housewares of kitchen island. You can find that over on L. Youtube. Yes! Check that out, and then we have also got some business shoutouts to do right now. We are highlighting black businesses to. 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That's why an I B I am I baby dot Com so you ni creates fun and cute baby items, including onesies for babies, bibs and t shirts for toddlers. Recently, she's also don fabric masks, which by the way really important, everyone should get one okay. she's been at the eastern market for a while, and she has all this awesome awesome stuff for different ages and genders etc, so. They they opened that basically she was working at A. She just opened up a physical location because he had not been physical before. I think it was just a market, and she just opened up her first physical location. Right before covert hit and You know has been hit really hard, so go check them out. You need beanie baby dot com slash shop. Yes, and now we are onto below deck miniature Iranian episode you. For the season. Oh, yeah, wow, things have gone real tense real quickly. I mean there's something about this show God. The last two seasons there have been a real problem problem people on the on the crew. Real last season. We have Mula who had. A great resume. That was probably falls, and she didn't know how to cook a thing. And now we have Lara who. A lot of attitude from Laura a lot. Laura came to play Dang. So we're still on the first night of charter where we left off last weekend in a little snippet, between Hanan Laura and Hannah's like Larra, just when our se something. If you can acknowledge me, that would be great. And Laura's like. Yes, that's what I'm doing. Nathan main are would appreciate it if you actually said something to me. Whatever I Really don't have time to say. Oh Katya Steve. No No, I would start showing respect to far we. Basically Laura, she is just. Kind of ignoring Hannah and the other thing that she does a lot I don't know if he knows that she says okay okay. Like chirpy but dismissive. Okay okay, you can tell Laura's been tons of arguments in her life because she does everything to rally up argument, she dismissed. She's dismissive. She's like laver whatever. She's just says okay. Okay? Okay, and then she does the thing where she goes. I'm staying calm because this is how I do. I stay home and you get some bad. Why are you so mad when I'm so calm? She has like deep deep reservoirs of entitlement that really power her through all the arguments, because she not only is thinks she's right, she just. She's right, says she doesn't even bother getting mad because it's like there's literally no point to get mad because she's just so right and that's. That's like that's like like her mindset and so. Yes okay. Okay whatever okay, yeah. So a little later Chris, the the guest crash is searching the vote for something I don't know. And Laura is bringing in a tray of empty glasses and Hannah passes her in the hallway is. JUST KNOCK OFF! Naming started six tomorrow until all supplements changed again was like. Yes, it has all. Are you sort of this time like one hundred percent? and was like. If you want to play that game, hunter on wants bitter at it. Then you are on. Hannah is in full like like. Like Code Red Hunted this entire episode. She has just been fully activated her. Her eyes are GONNA pop out. She's in full on honey, is so she? She goes to Bitch Digest, and she's like I'll just knocked her off the breakfast setup and just like. I really don't WanNa be on her side? Oh! Sixty four sixty four. I keep forgetting. We're not playing Bingo and then Chris's playing with the other gases like this rat people. Caesar's whoever will do this guy drink. Ya GotTa Chet how rich people live to I mean come on. I'm. Drinking Games. Yeah, of course, the point of being rich if you're just GONNA play my uncle's fucking backyard drinking game. What's the difference? And then we get a shot of Alex trying to get into bed because he's, he's bunking over Peter the unit and he's like trying to get into bed and just completely collapses and falls and. Like. Maybe. 'cause wanted to have some concerns about the. Agility and dexterity of the crew. Then we go to me and she's on the phone gossiping with her boyfriend. She's like I don't know my name is weird Dak like I. Mean One of the guys nice, but he's really quiet and she's talking about the. The. Guy From. Game of Thrones Rob as there's already like bromance is forming and her boyfriend goes. That's not good because It makes me nervous. Yeah, and then we go back to now is room and pizza. Like Hey, you want, see my say hi to my dog out of my dog, and then you know Alex is expecting a picture of the dog on the phone whatever, but he actually has the dog's ashes in his keychain or something, and just holds the ashes up, and he's like. I brought my dog on this trip. That is so unit. That's so unit, yeah? And they crack up. Bro, laughing! I'm I'm impressed. It wasn't is nuts that he whipped. So you know they did better than I thought? So Hannah's in the in the Galley and she's like like honey. I can't believe that it's. It's only day one of charter. One and Ky-ko's like everyone in the grew Kiko. She copy copy. Good for you on I cry cry so then there's still playing rock paper, scissors upstairs. and. Hannah Tells Jessica. My Shut nappy should prioritize breakfast service over anything else or are like okay. Fine and So now the next morning, everyone's waking up and Laura excited because she can do service without Hannah around so theoretically. You think this is when Larry is GonNa like well could get out of the park because or or hit it out of the park because she was. She was formerly a first to on thirty five different ways. So we think this is gonNA. Be Your Mama to shine. Emily is like captain. Captain inkers ready Oh. You can start hauling then we get. Laura Laura setting up breakfast. Interior, interior, fresh squeezed orange juice to the bridge. Please and Lars like aw. Fresh orange I hate these things hate doing things. and. So so Jessica. Is Stuck. With this juicer and she's like I'm a quarter Japanese and my Japanese grandma would always tell me whatever you do. You do it the best you can, but this juicers. A beast I was like I was wondering where you're a going with that because I was like. How would we relating this juicer to your ethnic heritage? Okay, I, guess we SORTA got there. Not also every grandmother said that, but it's called to learn about. Learn about you. BS. Can we just by an Aja which. Really. Have you with that? I feel like that is going to be an ongoing joke this season because they cut back to that you a million times. It's going to be like. Jessica's Nemesis, it'd be like the Fridge for Ellen burstyn requiem for a dream, just going to be seeing that juicer in her. In her nightmares, yeah, juicer. I wonder if it's just the same juicer from regular below deck that they sent over here. Every juicer traumatizes everybody that comes near it. And, why is it? Why is it so traumatizing? Just cut an orange and just put it on top and push down right now. You know juicing always looks easy until you're juicing. I went on. Did you stay at one time and I was like? Fuck this Oh my God. That's terrible. You're taking out garbage bags full of Pulp Geez It's annoying. Yes, yes, I know what you're saying suggests and also just at work. You know everything sex. When you're actually work, it's like. Folding Napkins out so I think it's hard. Yeah, that's pretty much with any sort of responsibility of. METOO SO KIKO is in the kitchen American fluffy. Pancakes make people. Happy I love making A. Abba question to our international listeners are pancakes, sort of like the butt of like the world's breakfast foods. Because this is now like there's last year when Mueller was like fine I make American American, American pancakes. Like, I'm not feeling any sort of way I'm just curious. Have we just always like been like Oh pancakes and everyone's like Oh look American pancakes. Look at American with five thousand Calorie breakfast. Yeah, like or are you laughing at us? Yes, of course. So the captain comes up to Kiko interest morning. How're you doing? Did you get some rest and he's like I guess I. Guess means that no okay you need. TAP Right I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA hug. Yeah, in the form of enact a five second right. By a second NAP also Where's that juice I'm getting a little thirsty. I will also require very brown toast and I'm going to transition onto cereal this season because I saw the captain lead loves it so young. She totally did transition to cereal. Jake Amazon leader that means a more serious this season. Get it. So. One thing that's happening is that the guessing around and no first of all they are serving themselves a little bit there like passing around a tray, which is a no no and second of all They WANNA order eggs, but no one has asked them about the eggs. Laura hasn't so they're like. has anyone asked about the eggs and Lara's like? Gills everyone knows you cannot rings without the juice. I'm going to ask them now. Once I have the juice for them, and he's like scrambled egg. There's so many cutting edge. You need to ask them. The kind of and I mean that the most loving way. Fluffy Pancake and she's like I'm waiting for the Jews. Argue a lot No, I pay my Seraphine conflict conflicting situations I. Don't be lawyer. Because I like to defend people and I always seem to be winning all the time, but instead of being a I'm here cleaning cabin so there that. So she offers him eggs and they give her the order. She comes down and she's like whether they want to very easy and he's like over easy, and that means I don't know I'm not a chef. Goes like Oh. The Smile Anyway and Jessica like that fuck. A fried egg yoke like maybe some readiness y'all and he's like okay. Meanwhile downstairs in the crew mess Pete Is. Kind of hot for lower, and he still doesn't know the name is Lara. Orellana and I'm like dude. Like this is. Two days living in the same space as somebody who still don't know her name like that like the put a little effort this, I'm sure her name is written somewhere on some wall or just like Aska producer. terribles goes below deck is always. So units like yeah Larry Land, I like land because that names so fucking. Hi, emily is like Oh. My God la so then upstairs. KY-KO's like. Sunny side up and Laura lease with them and Chris Chris and the guys are ready to go. Chris Love Fast Service in between his games of rock paper scissors. He's like yeah. This should have been faster, so he's ready to go, and they're like dude. Wait for the eggs okay Bra. Because the extra just sitting there, Akiko eggs and Laura's nowhere to be found right so and he goes getting mad, so the thing is the. She went into the cabins. She's doing paths aggressive work where she doesn't want to the cabins, but she's GonNa do them to show like. Oh, the how disorganized! Hannah is in ordering things around, so she's to sort of creek chaos, not way so Jessica's like Yeah, you need to help me and lars, but the cabin that needs to be done and scenes I'm the breakfast cabins and generally no, we're both doing breakfast. and. But the she, we actions Wando the backfires and the doing and you want to read you want. I can read what am I fifty two jobs before coming here was being a professional reader seals. Okay, I can read. The attitude is necessary. He's like Oh my God. They just fighting. You need much more. To that kind of mean. Yeah. So so now justice telling Laura that she took to go to the cabin I guess they got the eggs out or whatever so she's telling her to do. The cabins and By owned! Come down, please when speaking to me. Yeah, the always handy. Calm down. Calm down, please when you speak. Calm. Call become. Why are you so angry? Lady with lots of eyeliner wide. Funny Laura does not want to be bossed around from a third to, and yet is totally unwilling to take directions from Hannah the her boss. Yeah, so then me is talking to rob and rove the rule, and she's like so rob demands being home like did modeling get you out of the house a lot and stuff he's like. Someone helped me actually back. When I was home, I was being naughty I used to transport illegal things to the airport to get my moment to rehabilitation. What. I don't see that coming. It was like a full law and order confessional. WHAT THE HELL! Yeah! Like! Oh, well and so, and and how? How's your mom and he's you know he's like? My mom died of liver or liver failure on years ago, we celebrated in alcoholic with a alcohol should have loved that joke. Say Okay. Glad we had this talk. Never can ask him anything ever. Okay. All Right? Yes, that was that was a great Joe. Got You know you really should have gone to stand up instead of? Drug running anyway the up on deck extending up got it. All? Right Sandy Sandy. No one in particular are ETA is twenty minutes. Dolphins get out of the way because Sandy's coming in working working. Everybody is working some me as I. okay guys, wait wait to put out that Jumpy Square thing K, there is a word for it. They don't remember right now this recap. Just hold off on that because we have to get the tender out first. And units like Hey, we're just gonNA. Push us over the. It's. A treat this like a treat any bitch in my band. Go off the side and get Outta my face. So then Hannah's talking to Kiko shut. Hey, you doing cheeks. He's like I think the service. Is You and me and Jessica because? Because this morning I asked what he's over easy eggs and this girl telling me I'm not schiff and Hanikos. Or on a then we'll keep her own cabins and laundry. I've got the shift on my soul dom nearly this one Ativan drawing. Yeah, and so they're like laughing, but the thing is that Laura is nearby and she's overhearing at all, so Laura's is getting. Know piss urine. So, then meanwhile outside the deckhands are are hauling. Some sort of like heavy thing has got it like I. got it I, got it and she's like no I I can do. I got it I. got it like this of course condescending? Yeah, DOUCHEBAG! Yeah, she's like another week I loved. He's like a God and. So then Chris into the kitchen. To check on things Jessica. He's like Y-. Okay, she's hall got my i. Because it looks like she's crying. She's like no side just got carried in my. How don't know don't know how I got carried in my i? It's there. It's there I guess I have to abandon my dream of going back to my favorite job being an ophthalmologist assistant. Because like all right I want to explain the ice game to your I'm smirnoff is what if that like? We put it in stuff we're opening and then if you get the smear lot five, you got chug it. You gotTa Chug the ice. Drake am power. These people rich I'M GONNA ask that in every scene that they're on. I think. I vaguely heard of that game before I feel it's something that people do do, but I can't really remember where I've heard it, and if it was the thing I think I clearly blocked it out one the one of the useful things my brain has done for me. Is Say you know what Ben? You don't really need to retain that information about the ice game we'll. We'll just raised. That I liked it. It's buried somewhere in you like one day days. Just GonNa. Come out and like retraumatize you. Off Is. Probably. So Kika tells him that they're going to be making for lunch and care and some carrot cake for the birthday girl and he's like Iran Iraq, so then is. Is helping them get something in the water and she's like I don't want to slide off the track. Guys somebody just like pushing it pushing it. On, St Jude Yeah. Getting pushed into the water. So that Hannah goes up to jess and she's like asking Jesper how? was and just like Oh. My God I yeah I definitely got into it with Lara and Housing Oh. You you go into it. Tell me more. My honey is opening up and she's like I. Don't even know how you get into it with Kiko. Look look at this. And they just caught Kiko and he's just like just like shredding carrots. FUCK YOU'LL CABINET Smiling so happily. Cursing and smiling like I'm Kiko. So the debt cancer, putting out the jet ski and beliefs. Tells them stay away from sore and the Catholicos Melania. I went every toy in the water. At all times I want wanted to look like the most fun yacht in the or Shane and every single time. What a nightmare that they have to put those toys every single time and they're only going to hop on a jet ski and slide on the slide flight five seconds the most funniest yard, all of the all of the Mediterranean a town. So just going around hiding. SMIRNOFF ICES and clothes and Hammett goes to Laura. She's like I'm gina much water. There is Hana Gmo. Go to check for me and she's like. Okay, Yup. Okay, yeah, well because she's like she's like honey. Do you know what I'll stock? What else talkies the water and Mean Beca, because Nanno, how much is there was no. Mind checking for me, she goes. Yep and so she walked away, and and it was like well apart from Lara's shit attitude. She doesn't seem very staticy I mean a stewardess takes initiative and hooks up with any passenger norm. Saying and she's not doing that at all, and she doesn't even know with smirnoff voices. So then justice talking to Alex and the crew masks, and she's like Oh. My God in the kitchen I guess she was like Oh. My God I haven't even seen you. This is like crazy service socks. How's it going down there and Alex is looking for the garbage disposal. I think somebody's looking for. He's like hey. Where is this thing and Kiko goes eats masturbate. Masturbate there an OX is like Yo. Yo, Yo willing called the mass. The Beta right, but I think it's close to. It is like whether you like the masks debate and. You said men the base. Gentler Larry. And then they just cut the jazz at the juicer Joe I. Don't know why they just show her. Just like juicing, it's probably steals is still the same cup of juice. And she finally got to the halfway point. She's like all right one moment. They can't have the names yet. So, he lost Larry Larry. Loss on the boat. Yeah so Hannah Finds Laura and she takes her down to this little crawlspace that you have to go into to get the water just goes. They're walking out. This is where I'm going to store your body to Watson. So! This is a little tour where you go. Did, you gave. and Lara's. Did Not the first time I see sides. So how am I going to go to free? And You count. The first time I. See this place, so you can't. Can you show me people May. Goes I go now. You can check I. Don't know, and she just walks off and it's like excuse me layer Leira and there's like a fucking God dammit. Okay she'll me, Dan? Okay okay. And of course the units there, he's like. Wow, meet again at ladies. Yeah, I'll get it what you need ladies. I love that Laura needs like a tutorial on how to like walk through a door and look for a fridge I. Don't know I. Don't know what to do. Land these my time seeing the door. So can you show me? Know how to go through the door. No, if I know what to. Believe my part time. Can you please? My parents always taught me to stand up for myself. I was sent to principal because I wouldn't take the authority of the teachers in my jeans. Our was born to Netflix. Wait for other people. Show me how to go door to look around for figure out. So then Jessica in Hanner talking later and Darling and Hannah's like well. I don't know what game she's playing, but she is GonNa lose the Game Hall on. we're applying the settlers of UNAI and shy is asking for shape, and all or rocks, and I'm GonNa. Throw them at ahead one at a time on saying and just like you. How well I was just telling Kiko just want to work at Hanna. Wouldn't that be fun tickets that point doesn't. And Laura's right behind Hannah which thank God hand doesn't say anything. S. She's just like I'm not even a Cape Dependent Pearson, but when you leave on Calm Bay. So, and then she sees Lara there, and then she. She's caught off guard, so that doesn't really weird hello. Hello. What was that? It's time for commercial. It's time for back rapids comair. Watch crap. INS would like to thank its premium sponsor saint, no thing like Alison King Ashley Shabani. She don't take no Baloney. She's not just a Sheila. She's Daniela rituals. Let's rent some areas with emily year in Aaron Make Nicholas. She don't Miss Notre lists of undergill Awebber Jamie. She has no less Namie Zip. Some Scotch with Jessica. Trach just say an. Early Barlow would she goes barlow, we go. Hi, Lo higher than hi Rez. She's Lauren. Peres Meghan Berg. You can't have a burger without the BURGH. Don't touch the Nicky Morgan Letters Wedneday. Your Rachel's in the next day. You're out. He makes us Cui Richie D. You jannine better than Kyle Richards, the bay area, benches, batches and are super premium sponsors. Nancy's season Desisto let's have our Pistons for Amanda. Kristen better than to Bouli. It's a and Julie. Let's give him a kiss. It's Austin and Marissa somebody get us Tennessee season betsy md.. MD We're taking the gold with Brenda. Silva oops. She did it again. It's Britney. Montano simple as rocket science. It's Dana easily with well. We well Rockland you the incredible Edible Matthew Sisters Wyndham, beneath our wings. It's Joe Wyndham. Let's go on a bender with Lauren Vendor give them Hell Miss Noel frogs ass water tight. It's Rosen. sadie Shannon out of a cannon Anthony. Let's get racy with Miss Daisy. Let's take off with Tamla plan. She ain't no shrinking Violet Kuchar. We love you guys so now he. You know what I love. I love that banana. Let's put it in the water, so it's banana boat time I one of the season. and. For some reason, we have this scene me, telling Pete. This is a very dangerous piece of machinery. Low speed only and I guess maybe the implication of that later on when they're ana, he's going fast, but there wasn't really any payoff on that, so I was like expecting some sort of disaster with a banana. Yeah, you never know maybe later in the season. Is Way. So the captain goes down and Laura's eating lunch in the Galley in the key in the mess and captains like so UN service at all. You'd like to be the array. Okay? Have you told handed at that? You'd like to be on service and she was like well. She said we are going to rotate. All Great I. Love It. You know what I love to rotate Elisi Susan, but you know what we don't have Lisi people, so we say we call it a motivated. Susan on this ship and my rain, we had a lazy Susan One time and I said you're lazy. You don't belong here I making you the captain of your ship gave. The at that. You know we had a lazy Susan Turns Out. She just needed a nap. We put her in bed, came out and guess what she served everyone. She was great. But. Suddenly Susan. That's gotTa ring to it gotTa. Sitcom had huge eyebrows got. To of A Lazy Pass. So Laura saying Mike. Okay, so how's everything upside with the guests because I I unfortunately cannot see them because I mean the cabin all the work. LA! I'm never outside, not only under crawlspace of both because. Sunshine. I'm sorry that you have to see me with all. These ashes on my face nobles, I was. Looking for me. GotTa. I would like to hear your answer, but I I would like to say. There is a castle on the cloud. there. I. See that you know you know you're allowed out. Say Dorji Okay and I'm excited to see outside. 'cause I'm also your service, which I'm real excited to see. Okay, 'cause you have a lot of experience. I've read the license you printed on paper. They were very. They were very convincing. So now Kiko is starting to work on his. And, he's like 'cause. They're all like swimming around and having fun. And, so he's like well. The PIE IS GONNA take thirty minutes to cook. But he's like. Kiko I read it. They complain about the timing. Then the taste making Kiko some exactly Laura I realized. This is very difficult because both trippy voices in a sense. So Anyway One PM Kiko Starts Cook for lunch. Yeah and he's like my. It takes a time, so the captain's like Iraq. Guess what time it is now slag flight. The captain just go watch some that flakes like get Outta everybody's Bonnet. Lady, Gay. Yes so then the crew like me calls a little meeting and she has them gather around pizza. Like what would you like master? Emily like not master melas fires all right malaria master Maleeha. She's like this is a bad luck. Yes, I mean who expect it from a guy who calls himself a year meant really who would. Like okay look toys out and help us help us after the beginning Pete Okay. Sorry, by the way it's a pet peeve. If I'm talking to you and you're walking away, thanks, yeah, great! Oh, another pet peeve of mine is, is that what I'm talking and you suddenly develop Roy Scheider face. Yeah, that was a big Pepsi for me because it makes me think there's a big shark out there. So. She's like yeah, you know if if a girl is direct, she's a bitch, but if guys direct, he's a good leader. You know and I'm not going to be nice for much longer. I'll tell you that, so then they invite the slide and get it out and the captain. The calf of course is in someone else's business. It's the guests. The guests are sitting down to eat and the captain's wow smells good And they sit down. It's one thirty four. Okay, so they're sitting there and Christmas like man at Christie's the the primary. He was like what I had to of bread last night I just kept on farting and enhance just likely only some more bread. Anyone wants some thought Brad anyone. We'll talk a little teat. Brit Simao there he's like gay. I. Wish Lunch was quicker there, so Laura is cleaning and then Hannah comes in 'cause. She's cleaning. The mass and Hannah come. You don't need to that. The decree does that are upstairs like e reading on board? She's like I'm okay well. You don't need to do that. The Crete us that run. Of course so I mean to nothing these now to come start something else. Interrupting you're not doing that anymore. Yeah, interrupting anything not doing that anymore. That, you'll look, and he says. Hamas say do. Go into laundry. Go in the laundry. No, no, you don't order me. Anything is I. DO IT's My job on I? Follow your selections funneling, Action. Lawn on I go into laundry. No. No, you'll find it on one dude. This is more than what I found, which was not a threat crawlspace. Trust me. You have the wrong one. Oh! Okay okay. Okay the guests. The guests are all pissed upstairs and the unit is listening to the cat fighting and Hannah's like. Laundry. In my own time I stop okay. Because we collaborate or doesn't work, and she tries to move past hand like percent out of the way and. Lady do no autopsy. got. Fingers pointing interface. Yes she literally this was like. We never knew there was this other cheer beyond honey. Honey was you know I thought it was honey than honey, and then that was it I did not know that you can go from. Ten Lady, lady, that was New Light a touch me that double finger like she was about to do like. Out of this world, stop time thing as soon as I talked to. These things time it's GONNA stop. You. Do you want me to stop Tom Right now 'cause on, might not on stop it on stopping time. So, we got a commercial. We come back with. Right. And the it's like there's a huge cat I going on, yeah. I'm being polite and she goes. Oh, this is being polite hanae. Rank where this is not only by night tranquil. Mind on I.. Gum. Gum He's all good She gets the. Stress. State because this is a very big bet that I'm in charge of. All So, maybe it's not the job for your. Good us like. She like her fingers are like shaking. Which is like? So storms up at Mars like okay. You're going to fucking punched featuring a minute light. That's raw in lady mode now. So seat does yoga brass with Jess and then The guests got their food in the really enjoyed it and Christmas our late. Yeah, he's like alloway quicker God. That's crazy. I would be pissed if I waited an hour for I'm sorry, yeah, so then Malaysia is a squeegee shopping with six. And so, how's it going? Alex please don't tell me that you had to smuggle things to get your Mama to Rehab. 'cause I'm really not in the place for that right now. He's like look. Do whatever you want. He's like you know what. Growing up I live with my mom I love my mom. My Mom's busy. My Mom and my dad growing up. was like she was like Giselle and Tom Brady. Basically. You know we had to. You know she would I have memories of being in the driveway shoots set up all the hockey pucks shoot hit the hockey pucks at me and try to hit them back, and I'd be like that's wicked. Good at that mom and should always be like you're doing great. You're doing great Alex Doing Great Alex. You know I'm just trying to learn to be girl on a team of boys. The Q. One of the boys here's. Here's the PUCK. ow All right? We'll work on that, but you one of the boys me. and. Then we get a shot of you unit getting out of bed with the Boehner. So there was that the Boehner shot guys classic Boehner I didn't. Have, that goes up to lower LEIRA. Ak Lady I'm not going to use with your Susan. If your boss comes near CDs, comment comes as you to come into into laundry. You commented laundry okay. But your sewing relaxed when you talk to speak to me. While with me on I Having done anything bad since they. Really the are rose and everything. Sound standing. There's no point in carrying on with these now to me. Hannah walk off. The just keeps talking to herself. She's like yeah, she's like this is something personally so I can't change that. M Okay I said Lebron wearing. Simple easy okay. Have Grow Up. I've got jeans I don't know. have. You ever walked in your hands and knees. For someone. So the captain checks in on the gas and 'cause she's always there. She's always fucking buried. She's that little e mail thing whenever you go to a new site and it's like sign up for email newsletter. It's like Captain Savvy. Every time you enter a new room. It's like hey, every. One assignment for a subscription lists. No she's the cookie warning. She's the one that's like He. Just you know this website uses cookies. EXCEPT NOT CARE Yeah. They're great cookies. Okay Kiko. Can we get one of those cookies? They're okay with it. You take our. So again. She tells Kiko Look. They said they really like your food, so Bra Oh Bravo. Just pick up the pace cake. They want things faster. Lady Lady Lady Lady Hannah. Can you clear the FDA table? Please thank you very much. Thank you. So them Alex in the unit are hanging out, and Alex is like so we was able to pass out Bro. Almost, but there was an argument with Hammond Lada La, Lot Lana. Later. Alaka Kinda just can't tame this law Lalla Lou lobster lobster lobster lobster. Princess Leia Law. Law Lombardo. I think it's either Larry. Atlanta and he's like I'm going with land because it's hot. What hot name! Rica just. Ask her or ask anyone and like give giver respective calling her by her name. So then Jess. Doing what say Damn is? Just the guest just gets iced. She finds a smear is so she's like yeah. So rob is like of never ever heard of getting iced before I've heard of getting Buffalo D- When someone years Buffalo, you have to drink, and you consciously drink out of your left hand, because after a third time like fuck that Shit, but I like it is. Is Baby. Get it Ho Ho Har Har Har. Har. Are are think back in those times when I was. Drinking a beer. Hand. And someone said Buffalo and I just. I lose myself in laughter. HAW HAW Hannah Hannah's like. Let's teach something real creative to keep captain Syria law for us and make a centerpiece at. He's me and off all its won't be fun. Yeah so. This creative being, and then Lara passes her in the hall and. They just Laura still is in her day close. He hasn't changed and the music stops, amas like. Cool. And then. Just has to get something from the pantry and she's like like what the fuck is a pantry like what a Pantry is but. I mean like I. Don't know the Pantry like. Okay like I literally don't know what any room is, so what does? These. This boat has Laura looking for refrigerator, just looking for pantry. I mean I. Mean What's going to happen next? Are we going to have like a Kiko wandering around sorts of table? Somewhere! Suggest like I. Just don't admit that I don't know what a pair where the Pantry is. Get on Hannah's bad side of. It's a thing with can't good. So where's that and hence like this? The pantry honey? This is the Patriot. Oh this, okay, love you ham! In love you to haunt. You're lucky that I'll have a bitch from hell. Onboard you otherwise are beginning of the biggest honey is I can imagine, but instead I just want to hug you right now and say thank you for keeping me alive at this moment. So they're setting up the table and Hannah's like this is good as we can do. Hawk night, so the one of the gases like I. Can I request half size portions has like it's too hard to just half and she's like. It's like me. Can we get Dick Cancer? The doesn't get cold and. They make your spotlight because I was thinking. The captain was going to be like attack cans. What the Hack don't you have service? But she's making Laura. Stay down in the the cabins. Yeah exactly 'cause you know the one of the ongoing themes who discovered and blow Dak.. There's like a real. Pride and joy of being on service versus in the cabins. which I mean I guess I can see that because in one you are like. You are picking up people shared and the other yours like having to you get to like not pick up. People Shit, but whatever I feel like you're still you're still dealing with these assholes, no matter what so whatever but Hannah I mean lower years, and she gives full on guy like. Oh, like a deck hand, not me like you know. We've seen before, and the captain is having dinner with them and sealed missing the captain's plate. Story. The captain has her plate. It's the girl who ordered half sizes. That doesn't and Hannah Hannah's so subtle. Right in front of everybody. She like cake okay. Callahan eight people at the table. I'm gotta sit on the floor. Table. What is? Going around the captain. Kiko so down on the crew mass. Pete and Alex Me. Sitting there impedes like. Roses are red. Violets are blue. My bus drivers to these are bigger than you leaders just like just see her face and Alex is like I got one I got. One roses are red violets of fine. You be the six. I'll be the nine yeah. You're? She's like at least. Then the main courses served in the growth Sirloin and One of the girls is like. Why is this so hard to cut and capsules like 'cause? That's a better knife Hanna Hanna. We need steak knives. Did you hear me on the radio? We need steak knives. Hello. And so they're looking for some sort of steak knife, and meanwhile sandy goes down to the Galley and I think she goes to the Galley. Maybe she doesn't, but she tells us that she's unhappy at that. Kiko didn't even try them. You know that he is just like beginner mistake. Had he not try the me you know, but they get the then they get the the steak knives and they cutting it and she's like. Shaft Shaft Chef This is Captain Sandy and I regret to inform you. These stakes are not tough. It's just because we get butter knives. You did a great job. You did a great job. A butter knife is just a serrated knife. That's her nap rate. OKAY SLEET! So then Cuts to rob just downstairs from the best saw going like. Oh I need to toot. Haha Backed up to the captain telling wild stories. It's always loved the captain stories. She's like Tammy worked for this guy who crashed the boat wherever we went because he had one I and at that. Hey I'm GONNA do this. I could do better than that. That's all it takes. Is just always in some bizarre parts of Indiana just through that spear right into the crack Zaia ball and we were released in everything. We had a great laugh about it. No I will not hide you under the boats. Saddam all right now. Get on a jet SKI IF Can't stop you from that, but come on. So. Kiko makes a characteristic, and they bring up like the cake and Hannah's like well lady honey. We got you a little centerpiece. You've got you something special birthday. It's a box that has flam was in it, and you just take a flail and guess what you've just got. Is You got always? Like chef is really good, captain, chick, or yeah, that's cheeks. We'd love him and he's like when someone. Top I get calls bombs, you know. I love the goons bombs. So. One thirty, am and we see rob on anchor. We kept this. All the Robson's are so bizarre because he's on anchor, watch and his texting someone and he's like. I'm in a relationship with someone. It's an open experience. I don't like it. Buffalo I know, and then they just cut away to something else like what the hell like. I feel like I just like imagining all has like Amazon review is. Bolt. SPLENDOR BLENDER! And within thirty days. It had broken. Do not like that hall, Period Hall. Buffalo. How the anchor, and we get some anchor stuff from lease, inkers captain so seven am thirty minutes late for breakfast and Laura comes then. Yeah late for her shaft and so so she's starting to walk around and me out on the deck, and like Pete and Alex or doing something with the anchor. It's like some technical thing with a this thing in first for you. This or that and they're like going back and forth like maybe do this river me like guys. Just you know if you have any questions I'm here to answer anything you might need and people you know I know I know I know she's like yeah, but you sound like you don't know no I. Know I know okay fine. Why don't you teach me fine five launch? Teach me. She's like well. If you know how to do it fine, but if like to learn for me, that's also fine. He's like what am I telling him wrong like You know how to do the anchors so then I guess you can do them, and he's like no, no go ahead. Go ahead then, and it's like I'm put Alex. give us a second, so she's like. Listen here unit I knew you were. Were captain. Am I get that, but when you're working for me, you do it my way. Because the minute you go against me especially in front of the other guys you're not going to be. My debt can't anymore clear? Is that clear I thought that was great. I thought totally handled that so well. She came off. You know she was authoritative she wasn't you know she didn't. She didn't have to Like she said before women in business when the workplace often have to ride that line between like not being a bitch, but like you also don't want to be soft and you know she didn't. She didn't cater to. These notions of I have to handle it like like a sweet girl. She just was like very Iraq and like. You either like either listen to me or you're GONNA. Be Demoted that clear and I was like boom so good. Like all good. Thanks, so then the captain's like all right I'll crew all crew ten minutes ten minutes, and they're putting out the fenders because it's time for these fools go. So me wants to do a really good job for the captain and the captain's like Ra I gotTa Nolan, swing, mass turn. It's like Oh, yeah. And me is also concerned that Pete is like not going to be reluctant to be the student because he's. He has been a captain which is like a classic thing. We've seen below also, so they got throw lines in, and it's like there's a lot of like quick, quick, quick, quick quick. Throw the lines. Cross the I. Need the line on quick look like. Where's my Jews quick quick quick? So then Lara and Hannah are talking again, so lyric comes to hand. She's like I need to tell you two things, but important and she's like you know what. Let's wait for the gifts to get off head then hall. Okay. Okay, stop saying okay Okay okay. So they lined up to say bye and units flirting with Lara he's like roses of red violets are blue. I WANNA be incited crazy. Rush Italian chick and lucky. That's you get. We haven't saying it's. If. A man is under one Thursday. Steve I just don't trust him, but then. He's tall. Talk to you know tiny. Meet the ball, but he's. Tall and he's about sixty five is about them either sixty eight. School I like him so Chris, says by hands over the tips. He's like you guys. I didn't get anything the I didn't ask for anything. I ask for Got Hannah Jess. Thank you. Here's A. Lotta ones guys. Whoever gets to one's gotTa Jug Right. You, in fact you have to Chug. There's one dollar bill. So now time for cleaning. Cleaning cleaning. Cleaning cleaning cleaning, and then the crew meeting took beating beating to me. I am so proud of you, Hannah. The client loves you and that brings me to my chef. You know, I know. You felt me getting on your little bit there today, but I hope also felt my support as well as my derision Hamill Leah Day Wendy now it's night and day. Emily is like. Teary because she made her. Yeah so they get like twenty thousand dollar tip says like fifteen hundred per person, so it's good and everyone's happy, and so then everyone goes back. Cleaning and Hannah goes up to see sandy to basically tell her that she's struggling with Lara on service. It's like well. You know I know you feel. Her. Energy is very negative, but she's nice to me, so is also classic Sammy. Sammy only sees one side of it. Everybody kissing her ass, and then she's nice to that person. This is like classic Jhu. How's that's going down right here? Yeah, so she's like she's nice to me. So you know what Hannah I need you to sit down and say. Let's put this behind us. How can we put this behind us? Can I give you a raise in? Listen what you gotTa do these hitter down and you put a plate brings out on the motivated Susan, and you say listen. How can we turn this around and then you do? Is You actually spend the Susan Sosa Visual Reminder? She'll get it and then ask if she wants. Take a nap and should be fine. It'll be fine. Hanna Dreamt anor- eyebrows. Give her a Sitcom Star Colin suddenly. That's my best advice Hannah. Okay I. WanNa see you turn this around. That's the important thing, so have this like all right. I'll give this ago. Laura Laura, Laura Laura, Anna and Laura's like all fucking goddamn cheese ball I. Don't have to talk to Edna, Girl. Yes, she's like these these woman, so she comes in, and she says. What do you want me, please? WHOA. Dan those things already coming together like. Yeah it's like well. You were the one who wanted to tell me things and say well. The more you piss me off, the less I will do, and that's how it works. All right honey. What is pissing off? Speak at suspects. Could you give me some examples of that night? So, many like time you wanted me all around in pig theses to walk around the me the ball. Tells you work it out. You work it thousand your head man against. This is going to work or I. Treat me right. I'm going to spirit. You doesn't matter if you're a or the queen of England. And Hannah's like? No and she goes okay. Get Your Shit together and be nice okay. You made me so mad I start an hour late today. She says it like so proudly like this was this was her stand? Man. That's that half hour. As whole there's an APP. On your disgusting and she gets up and leaves embargo. So. What! got. Her index fingers together. She's like she's made like a little canoe with their fingers at the front. You just like just like going to go see Sandy. Sandy I'm honored can help get Sandy? Could you please help me and things like right now can ain't my cereal. It's bad. It's Bod- Sunday. So they go up to Lawrence it down again and Loris. Can make him out me. She just barbs just. If you, look back me. Up on your feet here. That's how and I'm actually really interested to see how Laura handles this like if she acts like a total victim in front of Sandy or if she's really bitchy in front of her. Yeah. It will be I mean I cannot even believe her attitude. It is like I. Mean Listen I don't think it's probably very easy to work under Hannah sometimes, if especially if you're not if you piss off Hannah, she makes her life miserable, but like I mean Hannah did not do. Hannah's biggest offense was that she switched Lara's schedule. And Laura is just ban. Wow, she is out of control more next week. There's Roy. orbison junior and acid base so there you go. Is designed and all about my eyes, and I could not find the refrigerator so i. go sleep now, Goodbye! Sleep everybody, thank you so much for joining us. We will be back tomorrow with season two episode one recap of selling sunset. That's going to be on Thursday tomorrow as being Oh sorry van front and selling sunset. Guess and I don't know if we mentioned it today, but we will be starting new shows. We're doing selling sunset, and then we are going to be adding Mary to medicine. Los Angeles mixed would. Yeah? There wasn't a new episode this week, so that's. So, we will talk to you guys next time. Don't.

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