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Hello. And welcome to the menu monocle show on food drink, and hospitality by Marcus hit beep today, we are revealing the winners of this year's monocle restaurant awards, the places we have enjoyed the most and where we have eaten the best then after we have revealed which place we think is right now the world's best dining spots. We find out what's, what happens when must to RAs reference area Felix community kitchen, and the luxury lifestyle shopping, platform, clo- nineteen join forces or working entirely with surplus food and what otherwise be wasted or sent to landfill. And so by nature of that, it will be a completely different menu each time, so both bringing in the inspiration of the new chef. But also this kind of wild card of what ingredients will arrive. We will also get a very nice recipe before this week and hero Dina Soanes wreck recommendation to all that head on this week's issue off the menu Hugh. Monocle twenty four. It's that time of the year again, the monocle restaurant awards are here. The whole wonderfully stove, the fifty dining spas. We think are the best in the world. We'll be out in the upcoming monocle drinking and dining directory. But already today, we reveal which places have made it to the top five. I'm joined in the studio by our own executive editor George finished who has been pushing this list together, welcome to the program. So I've got this whole list the top fifteen front of me. Now, in what is striking is at least is indeed very different from what it was like last year. What's happened? Well, when you get to the fifth year of doing something you yourself have been at Monaco, for many years. And I'm sure your style is drifted over that time finish when you joined, actually, you never mentioned that. But the restaurant awards have evolved over time. But there's always been a very central tenant to what we tried to do here. We want to highlight the local places that neighborhood restaurants and get past the kind of foam. And I remember I was over in Singapore's when the first Michelin guide. Came out, and the Michelin, top rating went to a French restaurant, top of tower, and I just thought as a city Singapore has so much to offer the so much cheap hawker food which speaks to tradition, and I suppose in some ways, that's a metaphor for the restaurant awards. We're not looking for the most glamorous tasting plates, the wildest jahns about chefs, we're looking for neighborhood restaurants that last night, think this new revived list is a lot of places we've tried this year. But also a lot of places that we've gone back to this. Yeah, exactly, the monocle Ristorante awards, certainly ours about food. I think it's always great that if you look at any other ranking lists of the world's top restaurants. They actually these lists rarely overlap with ours. We serve we have our own take on we. Yeah. I like to think so. I mean that's really funny entries in this list as well. I'll be Frank win, not overly earnest we, you know, we're not judging dilute against the Balu tale. Each French restaurant in the world. There's a place in London. Khuda dragon in club senior editor, Robert bound found this restaurant and. Pentacook which he said, was similar to come through film set and lost drinking competition with some Hong Kong businessman says, you know, when not being so serious about it, but we all trying to make a more serious point. The great restaurants, aren't that many on that abundant. There are lots of good restaurants. But once the place, even get lost him was the place. You can go back to the place that pleasantly surprised even you sit down exactly. Have certainly has a great source of throwing fines some of these grace neighborhood restaurants. But just shall we start the actual business. Now let's start going through the top five of this year's wanna call restaurant wars. The restaurants that has made it to position number five this year. It is in Bangkok. Yeah. Absolutely. And we've tried to be a little bit controversial. I suppose we could have picked a great tire strong which we love like Bowland. We also could go to great time restaurants in London. You could get a kiln in SoHo and have just as good a time, but the restaurant that we've picked in Thailand is actually an Italian joint kind of Roman tra- Torius out by gentleman called Paolo vitiligo, in two thousand thirteen it's just fifty covers and it does kind of Roman classics done well in this most unlikely, tropical of settings, and I think food and restaurants and innovation around them a one of the few places way you're not really accused of cultural appropriation so much you can be an Italian guy and setup an Italian restaurant in Bangkok. You can be a tie and set up an Italian restaurant in London, and appear is this nice meeting of two coaches local ingredients, but with their kind of age-old European. Twang and spark and conviviality that keeps coming back. Let's continue them with the restaurants. That's also has made it to the top five of this year's Monica restaurant wars. And coming in at number four, we have a Zurich restaurant called balanced Shankar. And I think this is interesting for us. It's not right in the middle of town started by three young friends, hotelier guy. That's very good with wine. And when we think about Zurich where we have an office where we have a cafe as well self-indulgent to give us a restaurant award, you know, we know the live the land, and we look at the great grand old restaurants, like, Cronin, Halla that have been in previous years with the Chagall's on the wall in the Picassos, and we actually thought it was time trip a change. Why don't we do something more modern more contemporary? And I suppose that reflects that young Swiss seen as well as the beautiful old kind of comfort food that they do things those interesting to look at the menu over there. What is specifically mentioned in the instruction of this, this restaurant over here is that you should try some classics from pork belly sue Aberdeen, Angus on Chicago's and then continuing to limp three. What for this restaurant shows, we have to go to easily, so it's always a nightmare to have to go to Italy. One knows the food's terrible, the weather's terrible of people dreadfully unfriendly. But of course, we found an exception in villa de stay at which his near late coamo, an amazing restaurant that has been around for many years, the lunchtime service, the waiters, Don cream-colored jackets. And at dinner, though, wear traditional black, and there's a bit of a sense of occasion, around service hits while we're not looking for defense, hist fussiness, foam used restaurants, onto uniform now, again, one amazing fines, or lowliest of the best fifty restaurants in the world is just that we have a beautiful Italian fee going on over here in the top five, and we continue with fee when it comes to the restaurant that's in the place. Number two. The river campaign inclusion might not shock. Irregular eaters, it's one the restaurant awards before it's infra fifth year, but I had the wonderful occasion to sit outside on a recent sunny day with some friends and kind of rediscover all over again. What makes this restaurant's great suppose? The back story is Luth roaches, founded it with late partner rose graves athlete died, many years ago, but she's continued to make this kitchen spot. All nut Shering for young chefs, she's breaded generation of new chefs with a passion for fresh ingredients, you can still go there and actually pastors that they have on that menu. A good enough to win a restaurant ward in his own. Right. The place after he is now thirty one years just remains an absolute staple completely central to that neighborhood. And also, you know there is a ceremony in front about it. You will, as I did see Danny devito, pasta is kind of an amusing place where the greats in the good go for great lunch or wonderful. The services warm, and it's well to served and its place on the restaurant woods list again. Indies congratulations to Ruth roaches for that. It's the river cafe that who's the second on the list of the best restaurants in the world. And then it's TIME TO REVEAL this year's winner. The Weiner is in northern eastern. We're talking about a restaurant called Fieldstone Hoon debt. Z Z halt, that is in Lana in, in northern Italy, small flays, this restaurant serves self to Roland food. Good luck to any listeners. From fourteen seventy seven right? Coutts is a rather special affair. It's a very small, very humble restaurant in a very small very humble town in the northern parts of Italy. The German speaking, part known as South Tyrol. It's an age old guest house, a kind of very warm. Comfy come Lee place, and it was taken over by gyco classic distant, Tori. Who's actually weapon a new hotel next door. How's that for business plan, which we writing about in the next few issues of the magazine? The interior architect Christina. Von Berg has taken all of that kind of raw clay of beautiful alpine freshness and turned into a very understated place. That is a great favor of editor in chief. We do like to mix things up. You know, would anyone else in the world say that this is the best restaurant in the world, perhaps not? But we really sticking because we, we think that humbleness that authenticity. That providence is just so important, and so many restaurants. His restaurant is in need of area of inspiration, what they can listen on, I suppose all what they should actually. Ideally, go visit for themselves and see how hospitality is done a great find deal actually we did dispatch Monaco's Milan. Correspondent Ivan Cavaillon to this place to speak to the phone does here, the reaction to find out more about this restaurant. Let's listen. The quick market town of Lana is one of south roles oldest settlements apple orchards dominate the landscape together with the mountains here among its collection of old churches chapels monasteries, and the ruins of several castles, one finds on a quiet side street in Lana, a new dining, establishment bustling with life. Its name fourteen. Seventy seven right. Coulter refers quite simply to the you're the building was first directed and the family surname of the previous owner who ran a traditional Gasthaus on the ground floor local today, Klaus disa-, Tori cell potential in the site to create a charming eight room guest house, but he was eager to maintain the authentic atmosphere of the former tavern that said locals day and night. They're Reichheld is opposite the result. It's open to everyone. The restaurant is open to everyone. We have a mix of, of guests here in the house. The restaurant is very important part of our concept, because it brings the locals here in this house. What we were missing the last year's in our region out, typically traditional and simple dishes, and restaurants. So I was looking for someone understanding this concept. And front Ray hasn't Martina, we've found the right persons instep has been wife team Martina. Andrey's Heinisch south rule natives who each have two decades of hospitality experience under their belt with Martina welcoming, and serving guests and under his in the kitchen together with the story. The pair drip, a warm and easy. Going concept that reflected the ends past life as a meeting place for locals during the day to enjoy a bite, or even a beer. Martina. Heinisch. My husband under yes and die together with our stuff want to create a place where guests feel comfortable and Thome, a home away from home, so to speak when come into our store, you will immediately smell the fragrance of fresh baked cakes, croissants, our menu change weekly the we use products that local and season, we use fresh ingredients from our garden component of their success is a small weekly menu prepared on a single sheet with a few options for each course from starters to desert promotes in season products with plenty of flavor this week, we have the Sakina flower, that's from our garden, the Keeney flowers filled with sheep, Kirk cheese. Also with comer and to me. Ddos. That's very seasonal dish. And also, we are very famous, the schnitzel, that's typical south turell dish, filled with spinach, we make a little bit Oregon origin, and so with the truth Moke throat and also little bit blown. Husband, Andrei, is keeps busy preparing dishes with the staff to ringing the bell to get the service attention today. He's preparing an entre coat made from grass-fed beef, the local butcher with the delicate sauce and home grown vegetables each week, he dabbles in a mix of regional and Italian specialties to keep local diners interested from homemade yunky to a divine utility not to. Gene, I been Lucala says he looks to keep guests and locals on their toes. With a touch of meditating inspiration to his recipes without forgetting his roots in south to roll with residents from Lana in nearby towns in several times week to dine hotel guests at the right Coulter, get to interact in address down ambiance, with services familiar and never rushed helping to make the meal, a memorable. In lana. I'm good. That was motorcoach Ivan Cavalli reporting from the restaurants that is the Weena on this year's monocle restaurant awards field sent. Hoon ditsy, even on C C, right? Hall to that is in Lana in northern easily an amazing list Jewish and before I let you go, I think we should talk about the lessons that can be learned from this year's top fifty list. What do you think are the greatest things restaurateurs can learn from this? I think being a restaurant is very hard job. Although lots of people read about it, and think about it, and is, in some ways a lifelong commitment and you see that in restaurants like Ruth Rogers is river cafe. She spent her whole life doing an has so damn good. There's lots of tips on how to design a restaurant, while, I think we're seeing too many brick walls, too many concrete floors space fill cozy, but also make the people feel cozy. I think lots of new restaurants in, in London in New York in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Look certain way and think. I should treat your certain right. By think that isn't always correct. But we'll personality do amazing, and the brand's new monocle drinking and dining directories out next week. Josh, thank you very much for joining us here on the medium. Let's in nixed continue with the recipe of the week this time we are guessing inspiration from Lebanon. I'm John, Gregory Smith. I'm chef author and manuka cephlon the souks is out now. I might favorite recipe from the book right now is Kumon and caraway spiced Lebanese Cous Cous. The reason I love this recipe is it uses an ingredient, Moog Rubia, which is a Lebanese couscous and it's like a little round pasta that you boil off in stock and spices. And it sucks this delicious flavors. It's a classic street food dish fuel out in Tripoli on the coast. You'll find this dish. So with five pickles and herbs or if you're in someone's home, they'll do it like a more mellow version, which is what I'd gotten a book wonderful to prepare this dish. It's really easy. You essentially just fry off your chicken, and they use whole Shalah's, which is kind of lovely 'cause they take on a caramel flavor in a bit of extra texture. And then you cook in caraway and seven spice and seven spices, like this amazing Lebanese ingredients like garments, Sala. It's a mixture of Woody spices at so much death the dish and then once that's cook down and also soft and unctuous you add in the Lebanese couscous soaks up lows flavors, then you just have coriander and lemon, and it's wonderful. Joanna Gregory Samir giving us. He's favorite recipe you with the menu monocle twenty four. Here in London. And interesting collaboration is raising awareness on the issue of food waste luxury goods, giant Ayla VM age, just online, retail and lifestyle platform, clo- nineteen has come together with the talian star. Chef must seem about tourist community Itchen Reva terrier Felix for a series of supper clubs. The guests are treated with a three course menu made from surplus food, designed to buy different top chef each time, the first event has taken place already and the next one will happen in the beginning of two lie. Abass earlier, I was joined in the studio by the organizers, the phone around CEO of glow. Nineteen Stephanie, teen avenue, and Natasha, Boone, sewer from Reva, terro Felix. They told more about this, bro checks and everything it involves. Stephanie start by explaining ho the idea was born. So there be fun of mess mobile. Tura and I actually visited his restaurants, Lester in modern and got interested in to all of the work that he's doing on like food west age. And this is how we got introduced to Felix started thinking about what the collaboration could look like. We've had a few members of staff from nineteen common, volunteer at our lunch service and help us with front of house service. And after that point, we started having conversation about how we could grow the Kaaba ration- and invite other people into the space to experience the magic of what we do there. You have what kind of a planning process? Did you have what kind of aspects, did you discuss? So when you're pushing these types of topics you have to think about how do I make it fun? How make it enjoyable, so that people get interested on more into the topic? So we started thinking about what the supper club series could look like and what, what we could do to make fun. So this is how we started thinking about having great chefs to cook for the supper club series. And also the food and wine pairing, because clue nineteen is all about drinks, and you're with all of our beautiful brand, so we started talking about this and how we could organize it. One of the things that's most special about rectory of Felix is the environment that we have our lunch service for during the day, Monday through Friday, vulnerable, and homeless people. And the space was designed by Elsa Crawford. And so as soon as you shop into it, you feel that you're in this really special caring. Welcome. Space, which is exactly what nineteen produces with their brand and their experiences. So we thought we can bring these two concepts together of a hosting experience, that feels really special in the space where this social Justice is realized to the role closed nineteen has been playing in this, obviously you've pros along all those brands he represents it was really about creating an experience because like a dinner table is a social place. So it's a place where you share moments with your friends on your loved ones, and this is a great way to bring people together. Usually it's around like a nice drink. We were really thinking of how to make this as an experienced, you know, like something that you can share with, with a group of people and enjoy. So this is when we started to think about what is the kind of journey when you get into the Potomac Felix space. So as Natasha said, it's really beauty. Space. It's really close to like a church. So it's very, very special yet most fear when you walk into that space. So then how would you is it? So which shows that to have the insurance more of the coun- of bar space, where we welcome people because you always welcome people. We kind of a welcome drink. We have imagined this kind of boss base, at the entrance, and then it's very big community birds, because this is where you, you share moments. Exactly. However you defined your goals for these projects, by the way. I'm wondering that when you've run a few supper clubs to you measure. If you have succeeded doughnuts, what you want to accomplish. Peepers enjoyments. So we will see we will see the feedback. I we will also see if it starts doing, like a kind of a snowball effect. You know, we want to create something as becoming a word of mouth on people in the know you going to start telling their friends on the next one would have more and more people wanting to join and do good. And. This is why we also wanted to through a lot of fun through beautiful meals and beauty for chefs of inspiration and something very, very different every single time. I'm wondering learned from each other, so far, then, for example, Stephanie, what kind of an experience has it been working, you know, obviously, you are in the hem of glow, nineteen what's kind of an experience has been for you to work with an organization like this, a very different experience because you want to really inspire through June collaborations, like this really want to inspire people around you to also do it because you know that you're doing good. And you know, that's to do good, you need to put the word out there. So this is what's has been really, really different is that Swiss collaboration, we really, really wanted to find the right way to talk about food west age and talk about sharing moments. So I think it's very, very important and all of the work that which Felix is doing around food, way, stage and also around working with more vulnerable people that sometimes have lost a bit of. Link or something bringing all of them around the same table to share moments for us was something very important. You've been thinking about the REIs way of talking about the issue of food waste and fighting against food waste Emma getting the right impression that, that you think this is the right way that can like alternative ways of thinking about that. I'm bringing more enjoyment to it. Because that will in turn create more respect for food. It's through respecting food that people wasted less. And so that's the idea, right? Both around the nineteen wines. And also, the food is to basically change people's relationship taking time we were discussing before we walked in here. That's now, days you eat too fast. You know, people don't have time and you don't really realize what you're eating and everything is really, really fast. And I think in the clue nineteen world what struck me I when I started working with John spirits, is this sense of time, because you're working with the ground, you know, on your growing your grapes. And it takes time and the weather conditions are really important. And depending on the weather condition you wine is going to taste difference. And you just make really good wine in a very short amount of time. This is just not possible. Patients any patients are nowadays. People don't have a lot of patients. I think gathering around the table where you take more time to think about what am I eating? Where is that coming from, you know, and is that actually good for me because I don't know, maybe not. So doing it in a way that you think something good for the planet's because there's no plan B you know, we have only one planet, and we have to respect it, and take the time to respect it. And sometimes you need to just take a step back and look at things, and think am I doing something good for me for the for everyone or not. Good points. I'm wondering what is happening next to. We already talked about the future of the club series, kind of other plans to have for example, what kind of plans to you have for reference Felix, one of the things that we're really focusing on right now is expanding how we approach this idea of using food as a tool to care for people. So we have this amazing lunch service toppings Monday through Friday, and we're thinking it's also very therapeutic to cook food. So a little bit. Like what Stephanie is saying about slowing down and increasing your contact with this important substance? Where creating this culinary training course, which we've run to pilot programs of, and we're developing to create paths to employment, and also build more knowledge in education around cooking and working in the hospitality industry for our guests. We're also working on more programs that have to do with complementary medicine, both nutrition workshops and things like massage and yoga because as I think staff. I can attest to the space rectory Felix says this incredibly calming and restorative location. So we're trying to work with how we can expand that beyond being in the space to also increasing our education offerings. Nineteen then so today we are opening three markets, the UK Germany on the US, and we're planning, our expansion into other European markets next year. So we have lists on where currently reviewing our opportunities. Yes. Just just finally, obviously, these series has only begun. So the second event is going to take place on July the second. I think you should remind us how to get the tickets. Yes. So it's very easy. You can just buy them from the clue nineteen website. So it's WW dots. Clue nineteen dot com and worker of safes to have lined up for the future. So we have sky Gingell and rose Ashby, her protege coming for the July. Second supper club and the future. Shafts are also to be announced the phone Rosie O of clone nineteen Stephanie, teen avenue and Natasha Boone, sue from river, terrier Felix there. And that's awful. This issue of the men here for previous episodes of this program to Monaco's website, soundcloud, or I tunes and remember to subscribe to the show. So that is also must sickly arrives on your device every week. Also do check out our menu. Spinoff, so food neighborhoods. It's a special podcast that, stakes you to some of the world's most interesting cool, Nara district's and it premiers, every Tuesday in the upcoming monocle drinking and dining directory will tell you what, did drink in twenty twenty we meet some of the most exciting was Patel is order preneurs from around the world. And of course, have loads of restaurants recommendations to this show was edited and mixed by Kieran banshee. And I am Marcus hip was again we finish this program with at innocence recommendation. This is the Norwegian band Roques up with soussan soon for with in the end. Thanks for listening.

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