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It's time to eat. Four sit down and get ready to consume in abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross, Tucker and Joe Dolan mood now. On the fantasy feast eight and podcast. Yeah. Let's eat. Maybe it is the fantasy feast eaten podcasts presented today by Q. L. Dot Com listen. Another. Ball game tonight Bengals browns week to starts to night. So take advantage of their best bets algorithm just like the best bets on the even money podcast and look at all the data they have for week two men that we actually have some data from this season plus they're all over the NBA NHL MLB. If you're into that, you can get the Beck ul APP on your phone or you can head over to Q. L. Dot Com and enter Code Ross Twenty to get twenty percent. Off Your first payment, this is show that so nice we do it. Twice I'm Ross Tucker former NFL offensive lineman five, seven years at Ross. Tuckerman fell on all the different social media platforms please follow. especially if you like press box food, we got a new youtube page youtubecom slash Ross Tucker NFL nothing else. It's cool to see the highlight clips from the various shows that you might not get a chance to listen to or watch rat Ross Tucker pod on twitter and instagram. He's Joe Dolan. As about to say former NFL offensive lineman definitely not he's just Joe Dolan Fun, Guy Underscore Dolan F G underscore Dolan. Faster of all, he oversees at fantasy points, dot com. We do the show twice a week during the season the early show that came out yesterday that's a beast because that's all be one o'clock games, the Thursday night, or then this show is sort of the desert the Cherry on top the late games and Monday night football late games slate starts with Washington at Arizona and I'm telling. You, Joe I know they won and I know they won by ten I. Also, Washington is still not a good football team and not a very good team to have a lot of fancy guys on yet well, first and foremost. I, do want to say this. No I. Am not a former NFL player however have you has your name ever been chanted by the student section at Beaver Stadium. No. So when I covered the Penn State football team for the daily Collegian back when I was in college. I'm six two. So I'm tall. My Buddy. Who is in the student section managed to convince the people around him that I was a three star tight end recruit. And he's like, let's get him to come to Penn State. So he goes Dole inch and I was just covering the team for for for the for the paper. So the student section wants did jam name. At. I love that story. Manage to do. Love always said I was A. Three star tight end recruit. That's what I was but anyway. The reason I'm telling that story now is because you are one hundred percent right the team is not a good fantasy team. There are two guys you could consider here. Antonio gives him was a disappointment in week one you are holding him but you are not starting. To guys to look at number one, you're playing Taryn corn. Okay. I mentioned on yesterday's podcasts that Washington scored twenty seven points but on every drive where they scored a point started in Philly territory so that this offense was not good in week number one you're you're you're holding Gibson. You're starting tearing mccarn somebody to look at though to maybe pick up week number. In deeper league or look at for the future tied for second in tight end targets in week. One was Logan Thomas, the former quarterback. Yeah I noticed that I, mean is he has. Not yet, but he had a targets and somebody's gotta catch the football here. I wouldn't. Think there is a chance as a lower low low low low end version of Darren Waller this year. Dude looking in Arizona I mean first of all Kyle Murray. So Darn Fun to watch run around secondly even I didn't think the Andre Hopkins would be that much of a beast right away for them it for Arizona to be at its best Kyle Murray needs to run more and that's what he did because I think hidden and all that, and there was a great rushing performance Rossi. He averaged under six yards per pass attempt he threw for just two hundred, thirty yards on forty attempts and he has got to move because he is not a pocket passer he. Has. Armed talent. He has a big time arm, but he is so small they have got to get him on the move and that's exactly what they did. I enjoyed seeing that you're absolutely playing Murray. You're absolutely playing the Andre Hopkins Oh by the way they have got him on the move to because this Washington Defensive Front will feast and you are playing Kenyan drake but there's really only three guys you could consider applying for him at this stage Christian Kirk one catch for zero yards on five targets. He has been a major disappointment the last two years who. Next up we got the chiefs and the chargers pretty disappointed in the chargers offensively in Cincinnati Joe I just don't think tyler. tyrod Taylor's very good and that that's the that's the biggest problem here when you're when you're talking about that and it really hurt. It really hurt the Keenan Allen who had four catches on eight targets he tried to get Mike? Williams killed Mike. Williams is coming into this game with an injured shoulder tyrod thrown hospital balls. The entire game also network has one tall. Meanwhile Anthony Lynn comes out and says it after the game, we don't win this game without Josh L. The rookie running back. So I think they are going to have a back you'll rotation but if you have Keenan Allen Hunter Henry and neck lower. The one thing you have to keep in mind is they're going to have to throw the football this week they're playing Kansas City. They're not playing the rookie quarterback and Joe Borough playing Patrick, mahomes they're going to have to throw it a little bit more. So I'd put Keenan Allen in your lineup don't panic yet or Austin Eker it's probably not the best week to use Joshua. Kelly. Maybe you use tyrod Taylor for DFS I don't think he's very good but I think they're they're not going to have a choice, but that's all this week. On the other side, the chiefs anything stand out to you. I mean obviously Houston playing to safety. Look a lot of teams might do that Andy Reid, showing the patients to just run them out of it and just keep giving the ball do my first round pick and the Feast Redraft League Clyde Edward Allaire. He's awesome. Rb One, Patrick Mahomes. qb One. Travis Kelsey Iwon tyreek Hill wide receiver one mean. Those four guys are obviously consideration. I on the lower end maybe if Kansas City wins this gain relatively easily maybe consider plugging in Daryl Williams. Anybody else I think maybe you can consider Sammy Watkins but I think a lot of people were disappointed with the usage of of Miekel. In Week one at one target just not somebody you could consider using at this stage Kansas City's a great fantasy team, but they're also an easy fantasy team because most of the guys that you have on your roster from Kansas City or belong in your lineup y'all I was Gonna ask you your thoughts on Sammy Watkins the markets Robinson and somebody's deeper leagues will Robinson had a couple of drops including the one in the end zone which I thought was a good play by the defender. Still I'm wondering if Hardman gets a little bit more work this week but if I'm playing a secondary receive from Kansas City, it is Sammy Watkins this week. Let's move along then to Baltimore and Houston. I. Thought Cleveland might be able to slow down Baltimore a little bit all of training camp prepping for Lamar Jackson and what they do joe it didn't happen. It didn't happen at all Baltimore could have scored even more points Patrick Ricard fumbled down near the goal line I mean and I thought Cleveland had a pretty good D. Line Lamar and the Raven still carved them up. So the browns have the excuse me the ravens had three main players. You consider you play Lamar Jackson every week you play mark. Andrews. Every Week and you play Hollywood Brown who was awesome. We want you play those three guys every week I think we're going to have to start looking at the backfield a little bit. Mark Ingram has ten carries and does nothing with them however. People were like Oh is this J. Dobbins Backfield I'm not sure and the reason I'm not sure is they have they this was not a competitive game against Cleveland, Mark Ingram could be getting veteran a veteran time off because they're like, well, hell we're blowing the team out get jk in there I wanna see what he can do. I still consider both Ingram and Jacob Dobbins. Flex plays at the running back position until we get a little bit more clarity, it would this team I think this game against Houston is going to be more competitive than Cleveland. Gave them last week but Ingram Dobbins I. still think we need a little bit more time with this before we decide which of these guys is truly going to be the league. that. Touchdown catch by mark and he's really good. He's really good army. Pick if you made that pack I mean he's just it. He's the guy. Lamar Jackson looks for in the Red Zone. On the other side Houston Texans I. I. Must Admit, Joe, I thought David Johnson looked light years better than he did lash I. Don't know he's back to Arizona David Johnson but he got the piano office back and he looked pretty good I. I agree. he had over one hundred yards from scrimmage and and it was an efficient hundred yards from scrimmage because he did not only fourteen touches. So you do that on fourteen touches you gotta be impressed with what he did on. He's got to be in your lineup as an rb to to Shawn Watson Look it's a tough match-up, but you gotta play him I mean you drafted him he is at home so you have to play the Shawn Watson I'm in on Willfuller. Ten catch, ten targets, eight receptions, but it is a much tougher matchup that he had last week against Kansas City. I'm probably ignoring the rest of the wide receivers here though really disappointing debut from Brandin cooks I know he was dinged up to for twenty on five targets Randall Cobb just two for twenty three. I was disappointed in the rest of those receivers. This is really a three-man fantasy team right now and there are three guys you'd need probably need to play every week to Shawn, Watson David Johnson and will fuller David Johnson especially with Duke Johnson dinged up with an ankle injury. The Patriots are in Seattle to take on the SEAHAWKS. The Patriots are four point underdogs. The total for this game is forty five on the draft king sportsbook APP. 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When you sign up to get this can't miss offer pick any team during week to bet one dollar on them when one hundred dollars if they win, that's one dollar to win one hundred dollars when you use Promo Code Ross during sign up the momentum, only only a draftking sportsbook must be twenty one or older New Jersey or PA only eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com slash sportsbook for details call one, eight, hundred gambler if you've got a gambling problem. Joe Is Cam Newton a League winner. Potentially and I mean, the fact of the matter is he carried the ball fifteen times he scored two touchdowns and they got nothing. I mean they're going to have to run the ball and Cam is going to have to be the capitalist like those receivers are just terrible. It's they need somebody to step up on the outside eventually but now I mean. The only guy I even feel halfway decent about lying for the Patriots as Cam Newton up probably James White to. Four man back you'll rotation with Sony Michelle. Birkhead. Jj Taylor N. white white got dinged up. The Harry had five catches for thirty nine yards on six targets. So he's kind of maybe an end of bench guy. And of course, of course, you have jolyon element there as well. So he he's a wide receiver three but man, this is a nasty ugly fantasy team. I think the only real main beneficiary is Cam Newton and his rushing ability. It was clear that Josh mcdaniels was having a lot of fun calling design runs for Cam. Newton. So, let's see what happens with this team going forward but I think Sony Michelle and James Wider like rb threes I think edmonds a wide receiver three and Cam Newton is a guy. You could consider starting every week with seventy five rushing yards in week number one. On. The other side Seattle Joe Ross near Russell Wilson just play the game of his life I. Mean it happened I mean is it? Is it official? Are they? Are they letting US cook? So I thought this was really fascinating. because. Seattle Seattle's winning this game from the get go. Seattle was up fourteen to three by the end of the first quarter. So normally when you see that you're like, okay, this is p Carol. He's going to not go into a shell, but they're going to run the ball and play conservative the rest of the way. They had twenty rush attempts as a team. Three of them by Russell Wilson. I went back and looked. In every single game. that. The seahawks have won by double digits in Carols Eleven seasons as the head coach there. This was the fewest rush attempts. They had a game twenty. They've never had fewer so they truly did let Ross Cook. Now maybe that was matchup Atlanta is abominable through the Air New England is better decay. Metcalf has a harbour matchup. He's GonNa get Stefan, digs a stefan. Gilmore. This week. But just keep that in mind in a game the seahawks won by thirteen points Chris Carson had only six carries he played under fifty percents of the snaps and Russell Wilson threw thirty five matches. So that was you wish rush attempts by the seahawks in a double digit or excuse me in a to score win. So nine points or greater, the fewest rush attempts the seahawks have had in nine point or greater win in the entire Carr-. While that's interesting. And yet Chris Carving out the to receiving touchdown. Yes he did. So if you were to tell me going into this game, Chris Carson's going to have six carries I'm like a word trouble. Of course, he he sets records he tied a career high in catches. He set a career high in receiving yards and obviously set a career high in receiving touchdowns he came into this game with. Only three career receiving touchdowns, left it with five. So I don't know how much you can expect that but I did point out in one of my columns that fantasy points last week that Joe Fan, who's covered the seahawks a number of years of their for NBC sports northwest did anticipate a more even split in this backfield carson played only forty five percent of the snaps in week one. Okay, that's a good nugget Monday night football. It's the new. Orleans Saints at the Las Vegas readers the saints going to be without Michael Thomas Joe. Ankle sprain who do I feel good about playing here for the Saints Jared Cook by the way, I think be facto number one receiver but it is high time you look at your league and see what tastes some hills eligibility is and I mean I can't believe I'm saying this tastes I'm hill the first target of the season for the New Orleans, saints he's GonNa play more with no Michael Thomas I, think you a manual sanders even though he played viewer snacks and ran fewer routes than trae Kwan Smith. So Trey quant Smith somebody to look he's never really put it together but somebody to look out on the lower end I really think this is Alvin Kamera's team right now though. Breeze did not a great to me in week one. Against the Raiders Young Secondary, maybe you give them a shot. Obviously, the stadium in Vegas is into I believe it's indoor. Veterans One of those retractable situations. Maybe. You consider him this week but I don't love him. A any. I mean not a great info for drew brees last week. So this offense for me, it's Kinda of. Cook, and that's about it right now, Emmanuel Sanders I'd probably throw in a lineup right now. Maybe look at Trae Kwan Smith in a lower level league, but they don't have great depth that receiver I think tastes them ill is gonNA play not looking great for drew brees. So, if he's a running back or he's a tight, you're putting taste and Helen. Thank you. I think he's somebody who can be considered as tight end. I think he'll get past attempts I. think he'll get targets. I, think he'll get Russia attempts I. Think New Orleans, I think Sean. Payton is going to game plan for the fact that he doesn't have Michael Thomas and think that's going to involve tastes hill. While, very interesting, the raiders on the other side I thought it was impressive performance by their line and they're gonNA get Carolina's defense. In President Boris was where the offensive line and they moved the ball Hallelujah. Josh Shaka's got six targets the three touchdowns great. The six targets are better because the six targets are more sustainable. Josh Jacobs a hammer rb one right. Now, all we've been asking for him to get more involved in the passing game. Get Get Josh, take all of your lineups down waller led the team with eight targets of the saints up touchdown OJ. Howard last week Darren Waller's in your lineups. Henry rugs is probably a wide receiver three at this stage I was impressed with him. He did leave the game for a little bit of time. Now, I was disappointed in Brian Edwards only gaining one target and I think Derek Carr a stream -able quarterback this week. The new. Orleans. Defense is pretty good. The guys I feel really good about in this game are Jacobs Waller everybody else you should make a decision on. Got It? Yeah. I mean I thought that was a great signed for Josh Wonderful. Beast wonderful wonderful sign for for Josh. Jacobs. I mean I to maybe five most talented backs in the entire the entire league. I think one of the five most talented fantasy analyst Joe Serve. Dolan. Joseph? Dolan. I love that story and all the students looked at you and yeah, let's three-star. Maybe to star, they might have thought I can't believe this guy's three star but A. See Him at the Shandy gaff last weekend by the way. All. Right. So go ahead, sign up profanity points, dot com for more from Joe with decode feast. You know about Beck Ufl and the Code Ross Twenty and you know about draft gangs and the code raw. So we got you hooked up whether you WANNA play Faz or bet information I mean we got your multiple sites discounts where you can get information beck you fancy points, dot com, and then utilize that information draft kings. That's what we're all about helping you help us help you check him out everywhere on social g underscore Dolan but especially, of course, fantasy points dot com at at Ross, Tucker NFL now I'm stopped dessert was delicious we're done. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast podcast. Make sure to also subscribe to the Ross Tucker Football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts, Ross Tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found.

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