Episode 173: Luke Voit + NFL Draft Prep & Quarantine Life


I'm Terry six time to one where you're just what's what's happening. Welcome to another edition of the short porch presented by Miller lite during this time of social distancing connecting with friends over a beer today looks pretty different as the original light. Beer Miller lite is always been there to bring people together and real life through Miller Time Miller Times the moment for people to come together in real life connect over a few beers. Having Miller time is tough. When you can't be with your people Everyone is in the same boat right now. Our favorite local bars temporarily closed. Events have been canceled. It's just it's all a mess right now but we're all doing these happy at these virtual happy hours in facetime with old friends. We haven't seen a while. We're doing that with Miller lite. 'cause it's always more time sit back relax and have a few cold ones. Have a good time. I mean we're all doing the same thing right now doing that with Miller lite Right now have Having no light with friends in real life isn't possible. Would stay connected is still important to some people. You're stuck in your house. Your roommates you partners. Sometimes you need a break crack open a Miller lite and and we'll have some more time here Miller lite original light beer when you're home. Enjoy a classic. It's available for delivery today celebrate responsibly. Miller brewing company Milwaukee Wisconsin Ninety six calories and three point two cars were PERC twelve ounces joint. Here time smokes monomers. Tj On the ones in twos folks. How we doing. Now we're talking some logan that Sunday right was and Sunday was like I really like God. Damn I went for like an hour. Long Law it was just so nice out in the city which was good but it also was oppressing. 'cause it's like reverse. We should be out here like going fucking Brunch or watching a baseball game going to the bars like doing shit and it's like we can't. It just sucks. Where Lily Literally just aren't able to do anything and I hate it. It's not it's just I don't know man talk about. Asu got really depressed yesterday writing a blog and I forget what blog it was but by the end of the blog I I realized through at the end as a PS Mike Memorial Day. Weekends out like. We're just not going to have a moral memorial weekend is it felt fuck definitely out definitely out. I mean there's a state of the state. Homeowner in New York is through fifteen so memorial. Day's what ten days after out? There's no way it's going to be like a typical Memorial Day. We even if a miracle happened. It still wouldn't be the same. Well that's still not happening when you're going to be inside the Memorial Day weekend with nothing to watch a depressing. Start to the PODCAST. This isn't quite but we're going to build their way up because we do have luke void coming up which has been detached sit down. It's about an hour long shooting the Shit we talk. Nfl draft. We talk his injury. We talk How he's spending quarantine what he's watching great interview but On fact about was should've brought up to him axel was fake guests produced the first time he came to the office when I wasn't on. Yeah you were just the one I was like teaches. Pretend on the produce. A real quick. Let me listen abusive. Nothing much has his Mush Madison. It's ridiculous and we talk about it on the Pod if you're listening to this hopefully by now he's finished. I was GonNa say I feel like people? Listening right now are still going to be watching each something and this comes out on a Wednesday Thursday. And he's still going. I texted mushroom before something. Hey we should try and get luke like to watch tonight or something like that and the moment. He joins our zoom. He's like he just looks at Martin he goes like Mr. What was it. Three eighty four whenever Mr Three thirty three. Yeah he's been watching that athletes are at you'll like we're all like Scotman Pelt Jared Goff Luke Floyd. They're all tuning in the March Madness. Because that's all the sports. We got hit so sad sad whether they have to go through this. I can't let Tommy. I might have to just mail. You are because I can't look at your wall anymore dude right now. In New York City apartment should be we fucking for. I'm looking for a new apartment that they should be given. These should away like hotcakes. New apartment June first. So he's running back now. I want to get someone new this time to switch apartments. Are you guys all Lewis? You say let's see what could be a good time. Are you doing which spider and your other roommate? I don't know what spiders spiders always like might move to Jersey so I can gamble. He's always making up his he. Does I never know what's going to do? But at least be me and my other roommate and hopefully spider to spiders like with Dave every second of the day I feel. He can't live in Jersey. Yes he's going to be like Dave's Dave calls upon him. He's gotTa be there in ten minutes. If you can't do that for a couple out who knows. I don't think my leashes up till the end of the beginning of that time to move for sure but also like open. Get some good real estate deals. Yeah due to Europe trying to escape as well yeah. You're you're getting fucked by this. Yeah you're trying to really get out planning on June first moving somewhere right obviously has taken over every ASCA But yeah so I mean. There's little authors talk around the pot of how Manfred came out today and said that before too Speights baseball we talked about that on the planet. He has his own ideas. A little bit A little interesting take on it because like he doesn't think there's going to be a season he think it's going to be. He thinks is going to Florida and Arizona and I feel like a lot of it was good to hear a player like like I feel like candy was. Let's do whatever it is. The same thing looks just like yeah. I don't think that's going to happen to me this way. So that was just a little little spin on everything going on On on that we watched the Jordan. Doc would you think Jordan Duck? I mean for me like I mean for all of us obviously like Michael Jordan sort of like a more of like a folk figure than anything else that you don't. Obviously we don't remember playing or watching him. Play and awful took our us. What is a wizards players player to US right? Like I don't even remember that at all but like it took me two hours to be like Jordan. Probably was better than liberal like that. That's a debate like we can never way on really like opposite. We've only seen Lebron play but like just to see like the second year we dropped sixty points or whatever against the Celtics have playoff aimed like okay like this guy. You know pretty good. It was a battle. He agreed with the documentary. The day after Libron one is Championship in Cleveland. That's when he said would document. That's why I wrote that blog. Yeah so. Espn dropped at story of how he only agreed to the documentary because Adam Silver was the director of MBA entertainment time. Basically like the guy who would try and spice up the NBA with like behind the scene stuff and they knew this is going to be his last year in Chicago and they were on the NBA. No one thought he would come back and he got Phil. Jackson agree as long as like they could have some closed-door things every now and then Jordan only agreed if Jordan had full power on when the documentary came out and for just twenty years Jordan said no spike. Lee asked to do it during the fuck Outta here. Danny Devito didn't even he didn't take meetings with these people. Never mind sit down with them and then all of a sudden this guy I think his name is Mike Tomlin and he's been behind coach Carter and of Varsity Blues a few other things he he security meeting behind the scenes with Jordan's People Jordan. Other meeting was happening. He kind of just showed up in the middle of a draft draft prep whatever and sat down with him the his important people Jordan. They knew this had to happen. Like the doctor had to come out and it happened to be the day of the Lebron created with Cleveland. So like you could tell Jordan was feeling a little like you know like out of the picture a little bit and we'll come back and just very thing that sold him was the he was like big booklet of the planet. All that last page is all things. He's been accredited for this. Drug is producer and The Iverson documentaries one of them Jordan stopping stress goes you did this and basically Jordan. I cried darkness. I watched it three times and he'd basically went over to ramp. That shook his hand. He said let's do it. That's pretty cool. The whole like backstories bury. That's stuff fascinates me that like you don't know you never hear about that. It's also pretty hard to mess up Michael Jordan Documentary Kazaa fucking goodies. There's one like sixty second montage of him playing and it's just like make believe what he was doing like. He hangs in the air for like one of the perfect. Yeah like the Dunkin Shit when he hit his head on the backboard while his neck on the bachelor. Jackie wasn't even his head his neck. Fucking insane I mean you went to a shitty school but besides that it's pretty cool Yeah so I guess that's forward to every Sunday with two hours. That but Right now you're GONNA have Luke Boycott Documentary Luke. Boyd interview He's at Dallas the second time on the show always good here in front of them. We shoot the shit with him So right now go check out boy entrepreneur. We lock him in the starting first Baseman for the New York. Yankees number fifty nine voight Lucozzi gone wrong. Boys tri-state saying Obviously Missing Ball. Hopefully get out there soon. Now just trying to stay in the best shape and get shit done around the house honestly. I signed being home since my senior high school. Are you driving your wife Insane yet? Or is she like belt? I'll get my video game fixing she'll go read and you gotta like Split Up. A little bit is Bannon was. You can't be together the whole time. You GotTa have your man pretty good. I got lucky but hey yeah there's still some time we're really some alone time in our dog's going. What the hell. She's used to stand in New York in a small right now. She's getting Back Yard. Run around so she's vulgar. What is your like routine going right now. I've been just working out every morning Working out five days a week You know outside that. I haven't really swung of kind of just taking it a little easier. Obviously with me having a hernia surgery. I wanted to you know kind of live with myself. There's no point in Russia in. Nfc like we're going to. I'm going to start prior rampant up here in the next week or two You know it's hidden in doing ground ball stuff You not doing much. Speed Agility Everything so the most party who thinks feeling really good It sucks because I felt like a good win at the kind of towards the end of Spring Training. We got shut down but I feel like I gotta get routine to get myself back on track in all ready for no one ever. We're going to play. Your this is exhausting. Is Awesome being that big like? I'm being sausage working out that much. Yeah when you're doing pause the apple two hundred fifty pounds in dude night as I think about working out a little bit of Sopranos. Eat some chips. It's a lot better down. I have an iron thought. I was going to keep up with my Iron Jim. I just gave up on it almost immediately so my my body is has gone to nothing. But how how much like the Yankee training staff and coach has been checking in with your check in like every day every few days. How activists communication are trainers? Have Been sexiness a couple times a week making sure you know. Obviously we're not sick. You know or feeling you're able to at least get a workout sand and you know I've been talking about hitting coaches little bit pry you three or four times a month. You know. It's kind of weekly. Thank you know checking up and making sure all the boys doing good staying healthy so it's been a good. We have good staff know. They're making sure all the boys are ready to go. And it's the addition of Eric. Cressey been like is he tried to give you A. Hey maybe like you do a little tinkering things or is he let you do your own? He's been awesome. He's you know very very At good at what? He does and very informative. And what you need now. That's what's great is he's making everybody's workouts for the Individual. Not Everybody's doing the same thing in is very functional And it's very strange building. Souks where you know. Here's impressed with what I got from after my three on semi sports hernia. And No. He's a he was. Let me do a lot of what I've been doing in the offseason. To keep you know my movements in tacking he come down on run though sales and a very happy about my form is now is the one thing I couldn't do when I was going back injury with Iran. It was a couldn't get. I'm not saying I'm a I'm a burner but I couldn't get to that that top speed in fourth year. I guess you'd says So he's he's been he's very good at your running form technique and making sure that everything's working as one unit which is something. I obviously needed after coming up. So do you feel like you're I mean you did say you were in the best shape of your life? You'd feel like him. Coming into play here is going to help you really like it. Peak for strength coaches have been great to in their right. You know speaking the same language. So it's we have three guys wash they can show we're doing the right stuff and now I fell back. You know. It's the first time. Get Opportunity and it got shut down real quick but I know those guys will be ready to go when we get back up and they'll make sure on. The voice was saying healthy for the harmony games under percents So you're around the house now. All the time were you and your wife watching binging. What's the best and worst thing you've watched during quarantine on TV Watched locking key. Which was really good. It's Kinda got a stranger things. I've got different We're actually watching a man in the high tower right now which I didn't even realize at four seasons but it's just an interesting you know. I- away to put up a show because people on TV shows right now watch the office. I'm kind of like the old man I we've been watching so much stuff She's got all these shows called like. This show called younger on Hulu. That's awful but at the same time so just started succession because WHO's got. Hbo Now for free. I didn't know that but successions on their sub starting that and but do not watch this. Show this movie on. Net flicks with Don't watch too. It's GonNa come up on your top ten the worst ever watch. It's about time travel. It's I don't I don't know Charlotte neither did it. Just come out just came out and it's like when those come out and like. Oh this could be fun like a new one where it's ninety minutes it was definitively and I like a lot of movies. I mean Lamont on his never in a good movie but it's always like when she's in a movie that's a bad sign it's called. It was so bad. I need to warn you guys right now. Love Wedding repeat. Do Not Watch. That movie added that to my list over the weekend. I was like this. Looks like a great romantic comedy. Right up my alley right now. It's just a one wedding and they redo its like managed point meets a wedding. I don't know if you've seen vantage point but like that movie is awesome but it's with a wedding. It's so bad I was so mad at myself that I wasted ninety minutes with. It is a a man now. Maccabi able to watch out looking forward with Mark Wahlberg one value. That was a good movie. I haven't watched. It just came out. It came out like three weeks ago. Probably one with Post loan may these data for like five seconds. But okay okay. I caught shooter last night. That was on that movie. Every single time must watch marquis marks. It's stopped after that I tell you guys. I was on a a history channel show. It's the real thing about the real thing about stranger things training. Bro. It's always on a show before where I was on the show. It was like. Are they hold? Things called the dark files. They like took kids off the street and made them into like their own fucking aliens. Shit I was one of the kids I watched. That tonight reminisced the glory days. I guess a little bit. I was an unbelievable acted. You have any lines not seen. I looked into the cabin. I got whiplash. I was like this. It was honestly people are talking about ask but I let you guys see. Did you know that? He used to work for counter-terrorism. No and now you're you're you're banging pots and pans explained to him. Wow do counter-terrorism. Yeah well yeah. That was one of my Jowzjan florist. Before and then I was counter-terrorism I would go to like businesses and schools and Shit and just like talk about active shooters. You Imagine. What three different jobs? You've had how you gamble Your Life Way. It's good it's a big number danceable wherever. I go your community Mardi man. He's all about business right now. Brings you the word more terrorist attacks while you're at c? T. I mean the I I went there. I see. There's no address for counterterrorism. I couldn't find the place I was like. We'll give me the address like we can't have an address for you so I'll talk You mentioned before we went live. Luke that even watching Marty's Mush Moghadam You're just like you're all in at this point. It's just like is that basically sports for you thank you. Nfl draft this weekend. We get some to watch lane. Who who's your who's your top top. Three you got borough chased To like as as Simmons. I'm a giants fan. I want them to get is. Am thought they're going to draft offensive tackle trade back. Yeah what about? What is the quarterback from Ohio state including? Yeah I like him too. I don't like yeah. This year's top chance like pre legit. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those guys. Yeah honestly I think the giants in like other teams are just fucking around like saying they're talking to Herbert and everything was just about to say that did come on. I hope to God because I'll lose it if they do. Take Herbert because we just got one by hope. They're just saying it's so like somebody before the X. Alliance hoping like the Lions think like I don't know I just if they'd take Herbert. I'M GONNA lose my mind. There's no other I mean. They've got him in his stupid but I don't think he's I think Herbert's like atrocious. Like I don't want any part of him at all at any like I wouldn't take him. In the first three rounds like quiche chose me nothing same. What Jalen hurts. I hear way too much. Jalen hurts Jalen hurts is just not good Corbett Bro he. I don't even think receiver in the NFL. I he just needs to be a coach high school or something. He's awesome teaming give him that. Qb He's just an awesome. God have around strong book but and he can. You can probably use him in like goal-line packages like to take take the ball. Enough like wildcats shirt. I could see that working. He's not fucking starting quarterback and people talk about him going in the first round. Yeah you saw it on the Clemson game. He was off on the Clemson game. And in that Clemson defense by six guys get drafted on it right so Roost but you gotta learn to get a read coverage demanded quarterback especially in the NFL. You're there and you're on you're screwed. You couldn't even do anything. Baylor's how the Hell's GonNa do anything in the NFL you. I was looking back at his steps and the ear against Tcu. He was like eleven for twenty one. That's not good big twelve all. He put up numbers. Anyone could put on number against three quarters of the teams in the big twelve when you have especially CD. Land the frozen. So let's relax with the number I had enough of the jalen hurts stuff. I don't need your anymore. I don't even know packers are thirty. I don't even know I wanna I wanNA wide receiver really badly In for up to me I would trade up and get a receiver but I love the Chenault guy from Colorado. He is incredible. I want anything to do with him. And Justin Jefferson from Lsu. -Spense happens if someone has been Wifi. They're crazy yesterday. I thing they crashed. Then they're talking about people hacking it off all know to happen. I need Roger. Goodell's is freaking out like this way. We were just talking in my group John. My Buddies Ryan Pace the bears. Gm He has seven monitors and accord running from his router. Downstairs to set up to make sure Internet running smoothly. He noted that a Hiccup. The other day happened when his wife vacuum accidentally unplugged as monitors. Low Power Outage Zone. Goes and toasts something Yeah like I mean like the odds of weather cooperated like these people are just going to be one thunderstorm. Where someone's going to be some rain is going to happen. I think. Also there's going to be a moment where like in fantasy book all you can always that one astle whose not paying attention and you've got drafted and then someone's GonNa take a guy and they're like no. He just went five weeks ago. That's going to happen because no one's GonNa know what's going on or teams are going to have like auto draft set up like Santa Cadet like in case there Internet goes. It's GonNa be finished. Football IS FOOTBALL. This is going to be chaos spicy. We need it. We need it so badly. Oughta be sitting there watching it so I hope. Hope some crazy happens. Yeah it was so nice to have like the MJ documentary Sunday. Like everyone washing the same thing. Tweeting about the same thing to start like. Sports is back like a little bit definitely. Yeah it's gon everybody's watching it and are you. Are you obviously? You'RE A giant football guy. But are you into basketball? I did. I used to be so big into basketball. We have fantasy basketball league or NBA Basketball College. And then once I left like college I got away from on a big basketball fan now soon as stay smell modern but I got away from me man. I'm not a big indies anymore. Slut like did the documentary. Pique your interest that you watch that. Yeah no and that's up school but I I just can't it's to the NBA is. I don't know there's like six good teams then. It's everybody else wants to finals. That's all I need to watch on the same way you you get one every game gamble on it but I mean that's the only reason why I watch it. I'll gamble on the Lakers game at ten. The bail me out from the from the whole day. I just had like knowledge basketball. I watch all dead. It's just like bet on the Hawaii game on Saturdays. Every single Hawaii up at three in the morning watching it spread six and a half months. Not Sleep is hit. I'll even watch tennis. I wake up for the Australian Open. The Kenneth Love the whole tennis but I got finished because I was gambling in college on it. Like I wasn't a tennis guy like I. How do I watch? And it's I don't know how you do. I can't do awesome okay. It's guessing hubs. His favorite athlete of all time is now one eighty one better. Yeah Yeah Derrick. Derrick him but territories retired so like current guy is sped like a waiting. That's what you offer that euro. Listen everyone thinks differently. Okay I like just because I watch cricket at three. Am doesn't mean. I'm a big cricket fan. That's just what I need to better your watch people whack a ball and it's boring shit not pretty awesome Bam gambling. You have a lot of fun doing it. I had a kid. I went to high school with that has in there. It was from South Africa and his dad was a huge rugby fan. Your watch rugby live. I don't get it either but just beaten the snot at each other. Then they get in that. Scarola may call yes. There was a point right when quarantine happened like chew weeks in or my buddy had money on a rugby game. He had no idea what he took but he saw that it was happening and he watched for an hour and just had no idea what the point system was and how he was getting points they claim never stops the Baldur's always reset. Somehow they start kicking it forward randomly and the growing H. I don't know who set those rules but it air soccer and football together and alcohol. Everyone's drunk tickets all modes in a lot of times on your instagram Corinthian you're bragging about your grill your grill working all that. What's your favorite thing? The Grill steaks. What kind of cut saying your strip all day every day but also makes it fly or I mean I'll make anything but how long you leave it on the ones I've been buying from COSCO DUDE. I've been liked by therefore if it's four or five inches thick sometimes. We'll take like eight minutes aside for Salmon Medium Rare Guy All do bloody but got. I'll take some sometimes often. It's like I didn't even cook it on their on. My God damn taking forever because usually it's like five minutes aside but the ones that keep buying her franken technically over but Dan they're good. Do you think you're a better grill master baseball bar. What a question. He gets the stories every day cook. Hopefully I'll be just. I need help cooking steaks so I might have to. Kim Seasoning Salt and pepper. You have a special sauce Yeah Crack Crack Pepper and a lot of pepper and then Garlic salt out. He saw tougher to and then obviously Obviously covering olive oil as honestly the easiest way to do it in the best way to do it. I don't like people put marinates and stuff on it. There is a marinade. I use that I'll sit. I'll sit in there for like six hours and then I'll coat it when I flip sides that's really good too so it's a saint. Louis Sauce getting really hungry for steak right now. I feel like the trend has been we talked to Canley. Auto Vino Recently during quarantine their wives are cooking Like breakfast and lunch with them and they're taking over for dinner. Is that kind of how it goes for you. I make the same breakfast every morning. My wife will sometimes sometimes Five eggs every morning and then We usually leftovers for lunch unless we pick up something on the way home. I'm just a half Acre. Just WAIT NO ACRES. Hager's eggs do you have. We can only buy one right now. You can only store all the time five exit time. It's unbelievable I did. I've been doing it since I was like ten. Plus a scramble depends on feeling sometimes if I have like steak. Leftover all the rest of the state for soil by six breakfasts. I've been having chocolate chip waffles. That's where like every other day. It's chocolate waffles or French toast because I live with my back home my mom. So I'm taking advantage of Shit until I knew that I would be three hundred fifty pounds. I have lost one pound during quarantine. How about that? That was eight Lebanese nice cream for breakfast and ship. What can US guys food? Because I'm living I'm living in this New York City without my parents. I'm eating yogurt for breakfast. Don't lunch peanut Butter Jelly for twenty eight straight days for lunch. Like all women all right. Now there's a lot of guys in baseball that's like a superstition eight. Pj's before Games really but you know twenty eighth straight day. I May. Maybe this'll be my ticket to league. What's the weirdest superstition you've come across when I was in? Aa Agai were a diaper for like a week straight as like a slump buster. Yup I love. I mean got himself during the game. You'll yeah and he is a very good player in baseball right now to even more plant with big Salim. No He's not on the Yankees down. That's something I was just. I'm looking at all this right now. And Tommy someone complaining about everything. Just look at his plane wall he just looks the same sound Jersey in the background. I got a window. Moshe bled under the blankets. You couldn't get out of bed for the blanket. No because my roommate isn't right we we have a kitchen in natural. My roommate is the blankets for Peter. Chilies cold I don't have if we'RE BEING HONEST. I don't have any pants on and I don't run out so I gotTA cover myself on the boy. Oh my God this is just up. It doesn't matter they. You call the same thing they've gone. Tv Right now. And they're they're sued out there. The boxers also. It's a boss. There was a Florida shown Florida. They're holding their court hearings to resume like this and the judge yelled at everyone because they're in like their bikinis and they're in bed just like Tommy. Those people are lawyers. And we're doing a podcast when I saw You've played with John. Daly was unbelievable. I can't describe it Did are you big Golfer. Yeah played like five or six times. I've actually starting to get a little better. Exactly the play. His Missouri courses are still open so But Yeah I'm and IT'S I. I have a baseball swing but I'm figured out that can hit the ball mile but sometimes not straight and I'll put myself you know one hundred yards out in all. Hit it off the drive right. No actually I don't anymore I used to do but I turned my head a little bit so I always have to fit into that. I played baseball and also his first basement was waived so obviously way better than you are as you are ready like. I'd probably I think you've put me at first right now. I'm just better than you. Everywhere be cracking smile. I'll just waiting for what you said wasn't even coherent. Oh I know cause. He's scared me. He looks he looks scary and big. This is like when you told them that they should put walls on the oceans and he just thought you never gonNA speak a word to again. He hates me he tells. Talk Man Yeah he told talk man and you know you know I mean. He liked the most like Siri like he thinks everything through showed the dead series every time and he goes Mike. You ever think about putting like giant walls in front of the ocean so the water can ever get to us and like it was just utter silence in our Hotel Room for like twenty seconds locker to what we just experienced. Did you guys know? Miami's never got to a hundred degrees crazy. What you've never been to one hundred degrees you think. That's insane by Sunday Is that just because humidity makes it feel like it's one hundred twenty? Yeah I guess so. Once I heard I was like there's no chance I looked it up. Its highest bid. It was like ninety. I plan to Florida State League in at least all Florida teams and it was one hundred twenty every day down there. Yoga go past Jupiter. So I guess which doesn't make any sense I know. Hey Jacksonville is west of South America. Now we're just throwing out all what the cravings want watching Discovery Channel Mart due to. Detroit is the craziest one. I think yes. Now what did you say? -LANTA is west of Detroit. Yeah I see that though I would never think that yeah I will say I have gone to pick with weather. People wind chill and like humidity. Whatever that is is the temperature. Don't like it's five degrees. It's thirty miles of wind ups. I took it actually feels like negative. Ten negative tender. Yeah agree politically wrong. So who knows if I put my hand out the window and it feels like native native ten right all right hope. You're enjoying this interview with Luke. Lloyd Talk Real Quick About Dunkin Coffee Dunkin. Want you to remind Dunkin wants to remind you that we're all in this together. Which is why they've delivered. Forty thousand gift cards to medical workers at one hundred fifty seven hospitals across the country and counting. Just an incredible job by Doug over here Suspended hero you know a little. Thanks and treat them to a coffee break with dunkin' e Gift Card Visit Dunkin Coffee Break Dot COM D. U. N. K. I. N. C. O. F. F. E. E. B. R. E. 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That guy doesn't have any social media and God bless them for that. We finally got him on the pond and was just everything you could ever ask for more craziest parts of me. Though is that he streams he was streaming on twitch with like judge and Wade and Britain for like five people. Five people watching him he just streaming that's time Catalina nutshell loves it. He literally is obsessed with Games. He loves it and he like. I had a problem with my place nations He walked me like through the whole process. What had to do customer support? I mean he's so with it he's like he just he's a he's like a six thick-headed I am. He's like when it comes to video games. Like if you fuck with this video game or even like talk shit about his video games up your ass I will fucking like feature s because he like obsessed with him. I walked off on him and he was pitching themselves so that was cool. He was not happy about that moment but he sent me a friend request. Let's fucking go. What kind of games are you into? I think what are they? Your big man obviously right. I'm fucking terrible though. I'm outside of me being a computer. I haven't beat any of the ONATE for Ciller placards. Did you jump events? We're talking shit that you're not the meeting yesterday. Did you not show up? I showed up. I mixed up the Times. I had forgot who was like central time reducing time I would ever Gotcha got there. I lost my first two. I had three first draft accentuated. Tommy McCaffrey to what did you turn the lights off. Did you see the Fox going on? It would be the drafts. There's life behind you goal power. I think that there's like a fucking hurricane outside. I don't shut off yeah. There was no lights on the outside life. Oh I don't like got so you're you're going to die? I'm just as well. Yeah when you try to McCaffrey for like nothing because the what Canley said you just throw the ball right? Yeah I am I I. Six Games had twenty nine six years. Coma God you have. All the bad in is so hard you want like. I'll have Sammy Watkins and Emmanuel Sanders. And I'll throw this ball is somehow to get deflected free times inaugural ticket and I'll throw a one on one and in the DB one hands it and fucking pick six. Is it like I? Don't get it to me walking shit. It's impossible to throw deep. He has to be wide open. No wide receiver. Madame has ever won a one on one battle for a ball. No you're right. Open five guys. Tackle you within like your first half after you catch the ball to joke. It is so hard while I'm talking shipped likely to selling Sammy. Watkins can't get shit. I Love Matt Employees. You played football like are you able to read the defenses and all that I'm trying to is like is like when I see like like the routes are Out there and like I kinda hot route one like I know which one I got it too and I'm like Oh Shit Oh shit. He's got three guys on that. I panic approach. Someone else at six. I'm trying I'm trying to get better at it. Pretty good but yeah. That would that should help. Have you placed Turnovers have you. Have you played the show? No I haven't You're pretty they made you pretty shoot up in that game like almost any time surprise humps. No enticing him to get better than baseball just trying to get me I on the chopping block here now but I would say anytime. Canley uses you in the show. He hits a home run like almost every time. It's a said he sent me an Hicks. He kills it with like a hundred with Labor. He can't he's like thinking about moving glacier to like the seven whole or something he just can't do anything he doesn't want to insult glacier but like is nothing you can do at that point. That's me. Giancarlo Giancarlo crabs the plate. You just can't anything you throw junk realm you cannot say I have been in our league for Borstal. I hit Giancarlo seven. Just do it. I don't care I hurt hurt. His feelings whatever. GotTa do it. Hey you gotta do what you want. So you said your favorite player which are what time you go. I I was GonNa say who's your. Who would be your least favorite person to be stuck in quarantine with you said? Your favorite would be Tommy Canley. Who'd be someone you dread with? Come on Canley said what? Clint right out of enough said Canley would be his least favourite. Right drought crazy. Yeah I don't know that's a good thing because everyone has had a lot so that's a big thing and you all like each other very good all boy so all right there you go. We don't want any trouble here. You did see the quarantine house though that you were stuck in with For a short porch we had you with Ford Swisher holder in. Paxton that at my best of all time. That's as good as it gets. If you let it would have been like a Frat House. So who would you guys just make Ford the bitch though and like go get the groceries? Because he's the youngest. Just make sure the beer in the fridge. That's got to kind of be like your pledge of some sort So Garrett Cole. How mad were you with the Yankees? Go Out and sign him. So you can't hit home runs off anymore. Held that against me right when he called me about changing the number now. Oh Yeah Oh no. What was that conversation like? I just smiled. That's why you can't do you. Garrick Ball Kalsi. What what's that like? Like what what happens there while here is going to happen because you now he's got. He's been forty. Fives is Pittsburgh and you know. He's got a bunch of time and I didn't have forty five in my locker and I showed up when he got traded from the cardinals. So I was cool. You know just did my own bargaining and got myself some quantities. So you're not revealing. Its own dog. We kept each other some cool expert. Good enough I will say that Homerun did we money. I had yes runs Yankees in the first inning and that was like two accidents in it was just on the center. I always remember the homerun little moment there. That was six years ago. There's no baseball anymore. Sierra G so I feel like there is a little optimism. Small Manfred came out today and said he fully anticipates them playing. I guess that would mean Arizona. What are your initial thoughts about? Abiodun season in Arizona. I don't think it'll be really. Yeah I there's been there's I mean literally could save something it could be the opposite thing so I feel like I've heard from really good source like six different things so I think I would say the truth part of it is I think once the end of May hits. I think we'll start a spring training game now and I think it'll be in Tampa but I don't know I mean I can't see that's true or not because I have no. It happened with it but I would i. Hopefully we're back down at Tampa and hopefully plan by sometime this summer. Do you think it'll be at like Anki stadium and stuff are in Florida or I don't think I don't think it'll be the city hall are until you just don't know what this thing because we've never experienced before so it just depends on how New York recovers Places in the house right now so you know and there's just so many people up there so they have to. They have to keep us contain. You know now they said this thing doesn't like warm weather so obviously would be better to plan or states until we get it figured out right. Also confident won't be Arizona. No I'm not saying it will. I think it'll be all this other states. I might be like Grapefruit League in Catholic thing just like go to your spring training sites time. I'm like if they had said like the season starts in two weeks. How much time does it usually like for you as a hitter to get like like back in midseason form almost like when? I when I play it you you don't even feel like he played baseball before. I the first week of bad since. Like wow as. I think most guys like between like thirty or forty at bats. And that's really easy to get. It's not really us because everybody is going to be ready to go once. It has just like you said we're includes again hitting the double running the ball out. Kinda thing It's just the starting interest man and you know you know because it sucks because I know like hamper and coal and The starters are like almost ready for like you know. Eighty one hundred inches which is kind of what you want your started to go into opening day so I know those guys are saying ready to go. And they're still don't during the throne programs in touch with that Blake so it just depends You know 'cause they'd have to let us know they can't just hey. You got shot Friday right like they had set heads up for when this is GonNa happen you know. Obviously we need a spring training again so when and where and hopefully hopefully hopefully it's in two weeks but you know I don't know the way I the way I read tea. Leaves like with the man for today on that? It sounds the same thing you're saying. Where end of May Memorial Day weekend you guys released reporting or we know when you're reporting like there's going to be in the next month we're going to know everything that's going to happen if you like. I agree unless something crazy happens but yeah I think allow the states now are starting to open up a restaurants and stuff like Misao. So we'll see how that goes and How no man socks hate it? A lot of people are losing money and losing jobs so hopelessly turns around men and people are losing shitty situation. Yes it's horrible. So there's like a bunch of like crazy rule that they could experiment with you. Know whether it's you guys sitting in the stands not the dugout and six feet away from each other or not going to happen. You don't out the window okay. Problem with US starting to is like because they're gonNA have to obviously test us all right all been all over the country wherever we live in and then like you know. Hopefully no one has it. But I'm sure someone's GonNa have it because we're going to have all the forty man in the non regards to you could have waves and not put us on a towel or I don't know for living places like there's just so many obstacles to this so but that's not going to happen. I mean for all fine than we should all be able to sit down and play got some he literally when the Lacombe together? We're in the top of the other. You know or in the training room together in the waiver together. Like it's touching everything like it's impossible to clean everything we use every time you use it you know. How much of be? If there's only so much you can do to. Just stay away from it like it's just like together. It's nothing you can stop at that point because seasons. I mean we're GONNA have meetings and stuff too I mean. What are we all going to have to like? My question was going to be. What do you do with minor leaguers? Because he I I'm sure they would expand rosters to forty and all that for the whole year but last year there were thirty handke's on the I L. And you're never gonNA happen so hopefully hopefully crises working his magic there but like. I don't even know. How do you keep minor leaguers fresh and all that is not gonna be Minor League season? There's no way so there's a lot. There's a lot of questions that happen. But it seem like it's trending towards some sort of because the alternative is you guys. Don't lie and obviously money is involved there so everyone wants to play at some point. And I feel like there's GonNa be some sort of compromise assuming everything medically deaf trends. And that's why they're saying. Go Your Spring Training Sites. 'cause all the minorities had backfield so so you can keep you know all those guys shave because I mean think. About how much money do the Yankees spent like in you know overseas in the in the draft? And all that stuff. You can't just throw that money away Ryan throw away is you have to keep ready And that's I don't know what's going to happen. Amelia's a little bit. So yeah that in my manage sucks speaker that has gotten a chance to feature is on Jason Dominguez yet. No no I I mean. Once he sixteen but he was on the Marley side of the time he's young. They're not going to bring him over here now. That's like I feel like you. You'll see him. Maybe two years or something like that. Maybe you'd snip him but he's like two dogs even player at this point. He's like seventy. Yeah Kazan when I was in. Saint Louis now is on the Marley site to allow. Those guys don't shop till the end Mike for extended stuff because of sixty and I can't imagine claim pro bowl when sixteen so not saying he's not talented but like she got let you know. Yeah I get scared with his height machine. It's like too much like Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout like. Let's let's dial back. Let him play high. I don't see how he does it. Matured one hundred percent So we talked a little about the injury So we had you on last year like mid June and then go to London at the end of the month. And that's when you know it really got exposed but were you hurt before that moment like the way you starting to feel it a little bit before that. Maybe playing through Yes at that point to the mid season. You're Kinda just crying into everything but you know I was having a lot of back issues like because I think overcompensating because I think you know those other certain other muscles were already torn and then it was kind of missed last threat in that. Ten is muscle that I tore in that. You know 'cause the whole thing so I I don't know I don't want to blame it on that. I don't really remember if I was feeling it then. it's just. I didn't realize how bad it was and I was trying to come back and I didn't realize how bad is actually hurt and how much I like. It's not one hundred percent in chocolate baseball. It's IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. Especially being a pitcher ca powerful hitter when I need my legs impropriety to be connected in. I was frustrating but now it's competitor and I wanted to play boys especially postseason coming up in the snow September race So I learned a lot about myself last year and it's frustrating. But you know like Ado be there for my boys and then you know obviously fixed up ready to go twenty twenty even though it's a shift near so far so yeah I feel that. How hard was it to just sit back during that October? Run like that and just kind of like a help. It's like it's got to be the worst feeling in the world sort woman but I'm not going to be a bad team. May Be there so I traveled a team in the you know they know it sucks not being a part of it. But it's even worse when you when you see all these guys you know grinding grinding and you want to get to the world series in they lose. It's just just heartbreaking as you're with them all year it's this games harm any hundred sixty two games and your chances are slim to win the world series and then when you get so close and then you lose its. It sucks man's frustration. I didn't want that I we. I just took this interview towards a downturn That was my fault. I didn't mean to do that But I on question I was GonNa say before asking everyone this You mentioned how keenly always annoys. Ought BEANO. He told us this we asked about. What's Your What do you like on the team plane? What do you like to earn a long plane? Ride maybe to Seattle more on the West Coast. What are you usually doing on the team plane? And what's the Bible in General Tommy Canley knowing everybody Kayla usually play video games Non playing cards? There's like five or six guys. I played cards with point. Cards like literally level gun. Who's the Nacro have a couple of cocktails cars man? That sounds fantastic. But now against what's article over to play with yeah we had a revolving door last year. Is Somebody got hurt? But it was like Hicks Way Gary Romaine Who wants to play? Ej got to be in that group right. Now there's a there's another table that plays cards to on out the money to play at that table. Are you pretty good? Would you say you're pretty good carpenter? I'm okay I'm okay so you know it's cards meant sometimes it goes away. Sometimes you want. Your car is out the window but most time. It doesn't go on my way. Not Great The the nickname meet I feel like has kind of surfaced more than it has in the past. Is that a new nickname or have you always have that? Because that's the time he calls me. So Tommy stuff yeah Jonah. Okay he because he when you're up at the play it'll be the show he just says meet like a hundred thousand times so that's just a. Tommy originated nickname like an art group chat. It's like he'll be like hey. Dj Clint meet in letter. Play Games like it's never. Luke is meeting all very soclean. Luke. You like it or hate it. I don't mind it because everybody calls me. Everybody thinks I would be like the perfect cut meat if they if the person you had to eat so I gotta eat. Hit that Yeah we'll wrap it up with with this unless you guys have anything else. You became an author recently Guyana bloop. That's pretty good thing to throw on your resume. Their the the Children's book called Luke's Baseball Story. Tell us a little about a little bit about that. Yes so last year I went up to When I was in the Bronx on school hurt and I got to run around to kids in you know whereas like amount and a half from stadium and they had never had the got the principles Air Flight. Twenty eight years. My Daddy said he has not been a player there when pilots. That's crazy So I thought this year when I go back I set up like a tour like three or four schools. I was going to go to the Bronx Area. Count Stadium and we thought it'd be good to know kind of have a book to take the kids and you know I was. I talked about you know working hard and making sure you're listening to your teachers and you know You know the ways I got to the big leagues and stuff like that. It's like it's some gym class with but I thought this time I could bring my book. Share my book with these kids and you know. Kinda put another face in front of him. Because when I was younger and I saw Mark Maguire for the first time it struck with me for the rest of my life. And that's something. I always remember so I thought it'd be cool to to go show these kids. What's up you know? Because I don't know if a lot of go Yankees Games in you know. Sit Down for thirty minutes to an hour and hang out with them. No Show my book you know you know. Have some inspiration for them. That's pretty good so it's on. Is it you combine anywhere Amazon. All that this whole thing messed it up dude. It's not out yet. It's been published. I think that shipping all shut down because John Destroying again. It's just ruining everything but there are a lot of pictures. I if I can read you can read it. Marty until this pitches literate. I think the last story I read willingly was like in fourth grade so I will buy this. Maybe I'll get through it in in one sitting that'd be nice. I hope hopefully it will fade out. Everything's done But yeah fluid ability shelves here soon so loose baseball story okay. Cool Cool Mardi Tom. You guys have anything else that you're also. Iowa's the magic number tonight. I'm a set the over under three forty long. Does that take so some? Some stories sent me like two Hundred Ping Pong Ball. So that's helped cause the first time I did this shit. It took me seven hours. 'cause I seven ping pong balls so today at least like a kind of rapid fire but it's just a fucking the snack tables the problem right now so I don't know what do we think over on the three phone. You guys have no faith. I haven't seen it so I can't. I duNNO UNTHINKING SIXTEEN. Thirty four is it. Is it on twitter instagram. It's on John Bolton's yeah I think it's on both three thirty four is it's just too low. Yeah take a look. I need to look the athlete. He let's let's see what he says. I'm in pretty spot on assessing. I feel like if you're going to go over under how far this one I literally do. Not Think you'll do the one on the staircase. I actually thought it was gonNA take thirty days that that was satisfying shit. Show was twice table. Top Pot while fight off the pot again his job. What's hey good? Chris shot on the spot. Where over three forty shit? What's your guess? What let's get a guess? How many beers you have this. I am a limited we. Are you better when you'RE SOBER WAY? Better looking better trunk. So give us a number what he got for eighty four. Oh all right. I'll take that that's all I want the best or the other one the one of the gals shot into my friends. Mouth was nine and a half hours hall. My Dad cheated to win that I know threw up on the stream by the. What was the number for that? That was twelve hundred. Sixty five eight. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA have to like go to bed. My predictions are going to go to bed and try it again tomorrow. I can't you know I'll get crucified if I ever did that. I remember for that one with the golf shot. I woke up at eight in the morning and a check twitter and you adjust accomplished it like an hour before a literally just went to bed. The Sun came up. It was terrible. My back was in shambles. One last thing Luke. Are you a play catch guy or have a catch Guy Act someone like you're GonNa have a catch like. Do you have a cat like do you WANNA play? No play catch lake catch. Okay Yeah I may have. Let's have a catch catch to morning. What are you the athlete side? I don't really know what I am I usually say. Let's let's go talks. Say I think ours is. Do you WANNA throw. Yeah we say yeah usually throw or let's toss yeah. What kind of woke up. Sorry for the podcast with two leading asshole. Lot of the picture. It like. Meet Nine asking my dad to go have a catch in the backyard. That's my experience on a good chance. That sounds awful. W like After a deejay each ready I don't even say that yes or just go like this. I think it's a little different for professional athletes. If the kids will you guys are cash every day and I don't even I throw it back to the pitcher most thraw all right look always a pleasure man. Thank you for coming on and and taking away from the Corinthian a little bit Maybe we put some sanity back in your life. You're not going so crazy Hopefully we see you out there who ever do that for anybody not no. Nfl draft Thursday this little preview for the fans that are looking for a little football on Thursday. I'll be fun just looking forward to things. Hopefully spring training gets cook. In a month. We see you out there and Juice crushing baseball's always good time Hopefully hopefully there's something to wash on. Tv here pretty soon so Yeah I wish I could be back in New York right now. But Honesty's hard times you never wanna be staying Through this distant thing so we can get back on the field in Have some previous watching him until that. Bushman this I guess is what we have already. Four Scotto Mr Eighty Four. Let's do it baby hi. Everybody likes to his voice once again. Thank you for coming on. Always great to hear from him. Hopefully we get to see him in person in a month or so. We started to hear rumblings that he's getting you know you start to see the instagram video of him hidden cages and all that That was really funny Real quick I know Marty has to go so we might just bounce in a second years. GotTa do walk line but Digi Lemay who last night Canley was doing his twitch with Britain and talk and all of a sudden they wanted you to join and all of a sudden Talking goes out. He went to bed and they're like it's ten fifty five adding Ben and they're like oh well George Steinbrenner fields opening up tomorrow and he wants to be the first one in the cages. Just did you like Only talk to these guys. How much cool they are. It's unbelievable no. It was just a cool guy. I mean they're they just have it all who doesn't say they. WanNa be with Luke Boyd during quarantine like that is the correct answer? Like that's the guy you want to spend it with Cook for you. If you need to work out betty self you can like what else and like. He's GonNa Talk. All Sports Review Basketball really but like I'll watch the documentary and just to watch it and then he's GonNa talk football talk. Baseball play video games number one number one gotta be stuck in quarantine with it. As far as I'm concerned also partly Roy Gronkowski to the local news. Yeah Leroy fucking against Gronk is nearing the dealer talking with the bucks to be with Brady crazy. He's had his physical at the bucks already. Okay so this is done. That's crazy that he's already done his Jay Glazer so take it edit. Whatever but I'll talk to bronze. Yeah just just heard from GRONK. Artist took his physical for the bucks trade not completed. He's coming back for the bucks if it goes through Glazer today. He's a fucking this guy. He's from my hometown. Jay Glazer he's from Anelka and so but he tweeted they did a mock draft the NFL like to see how go and he's just tweeting that he ran drops. This tweet at one forty cowboys end up. Trading up with the Bengals for that first pick teams. We're giving him to select trade partner like Egypt started tweed like that. I was like what just happened and it was about the mock draft that he was tweeting about before that. But if you look at that one tweet out of context you're like Holy Shit Jay Glazer insane crazy. And then he had his snapper where he hyped up breaking national news in the being fucking backup center on the rams have corona and. He's already cured. Jay Glazer man a brutal all right. Well you guys enjoy the short porch. I'll be back next week And they say wash your hands. Stride stayed inside as much as you can watch draft them. Mj DOC on Sunday. We'll talk about it and all other baseball stuff. Hopefully if we inching closer to another season starting later this is John Sterling. You've been listening to short porch Byproduct of spar stool sports feeling trapped inside so frayed. The darkness talking time calming body was sore a sound.

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