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Should we feel proud when we help others?


Hey Hey hey okay so this episode is GonNa go super super deep deep wisdom so yesterday and today had a lot of thoughts that I'm helping so many people I'm making difference so everybody I'm having a coaching call helping people with the career life problems and had been businesses. Would they've growth problems and I was just realizing and thinking that does something indeed. I love it. Enjoy it but on the other hand I also crave and also enjoy the tank us and the while additions and accolades and that brings me to a part where it's quite interesting so on one about the happiness but on the other hand it's also pro feeling that yes. I'm doing something for someone that's and I've been thinking about this on us to that Who's WHO's really spiritual and his Lord of books meditated or been an escort all wiser so asked him this that. What do you think you will help people you will to coach? You also helped him saw your psychologist. You help them solve their problems. What do you think this? Did you ever get this question? And he said yes. I got this question. He was back and I asked said that is because of the proud feeding that I'm doing this again and again or is it because of the happiness and then he said he said something about Swami Week on where Swami weakened said that if if you bring a smile to even a single person for even a single moment your job as human complete and he further elaborated that if you're helping someone it is helping yourself now. What did he mean by this? And this is where we go super deep so what he said is and what all the sages wisdom from ancient Egypt is that we all bought and Bosson of a single consciousness one single consciousness so all of us are interlinked and have the same consciousness which is join together. You might be knowing me knowing. It is quite evident. We are not the sporty. Vm On this mind so then who love. We added consciousness because when the body was when someone dies say put the body not put the person in the funeral and when the mind is that they say this person is printed. So that's pretty soon. We are not that the mind or the body we are our consciousness and this is interesting that each person has this conscious consciousness but that conscious also linked so when you or me when we help someone else can do something for someone else that means that we are helping our sense and to put it into simple language. It is if you help your one hand from the next time. So let's see a one hundred tangled in the bushes and you're trying to take it out. You're helping your second and you've taken it out and you happy but it's it's out of the bushes nice perfect do you proud. I S I did something for my hand. I'm so great no happy that is interesting. So that's that means like the feeling of proud and feeding parade in fact should not be there. It should be like I've helped my another and part of me. It's it's a happy feeling. This is super deep but super super super effective. If you're listening to this let me know parts or do you think about this. I'm amazed I'm blown and I'm also at peace. That one confusion is GonNa we see you tomorrow.

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