Courageously Broken


God bless you pretend to be or who you compare yourself to. He only bless you and the lane that was created for you build up for somebody you know it to you need boundaries. Suez lights on needed party Yeah oh yeah. Turn the lights down low. Oh yeah last time we did this. You are asked me to do a Female rap song. And i said lord which one shall we do which saw and then god brought back to my remembrance a lauren hill bob marley collaboration in which and i see my husband is in the comments. A baby i want to dedicate this to you okay. loving you was like a song i replay. Every three minutes and thirty seconds of every day and every chorus was written forest to recite every beautiful melody of devotion every night. It's potion like this ocean that might carry me in a wave of emotion to ask you to marry me trae. would you marry me. Stop playing and just marry me. Stop playing and just gonna let me tell you. Mariah williams sent me a microphone. Okay And i'm sitting in front of a microphone but that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about the microphone. That i use when i spit these bars and seeing these words okay mariah first of all thank you for being a cherished member of the delegation and for encouraging me and the area of the god is still blessing me. Marin more what songs that that is from from the best man soundtrack. Turn your lights down. Turn your lights down lou. Okay and pull up your window. Curtain in oceania. Jamaicans sure i'd do her right with my accent. I had to work on that. How y'all doing this is. The woman evolved podcast. I am your host. Jake's roberts hold on let me put my let me put my mic in my case because i think i think i'm singing but i'll keep it in nearby just in case. Okay listen mariah thank you. I see you in the comments marseille. Yes says okay thank you. She got two mikes. Today's said amani. Because you just gotta have what you need to have on standby for the songs now. Next time i'm probably gonna pull out of tune. Honest i can make sure i sound real good shapiro. Says you better have the book in the background. Yes this is. The woman evolve book in the background. Because this is also where. I said to do a lot of things but more on that later but yes come on and evolve. Nancy said s j rap career. Starting soon do you prefer my rapping or singing that i know you love the singing. So be honest with me here. If you prefer the singing. I will bring you a song next week. Iran said hey choline. Can i ask you guys a question where you watch him from. Where are you logged in from. Okay i need to know what's happening in your world. What have you been up to. How has your week been okay. You know that all month long we have been talking about courage at woman evolve and how courage shows up in different capacities of our life or how courage wants to show what but how we have to overcome and let and let it be released one of our communities. The woman evolve. Book club is reading about curry dimona. And it's amazing. Lovely treasure says she prefers my wrapping. Shaughnessy says you wrap good device wrapping for me realize. I prefer the wrapping. So no-one prefers the thinking. No one all right. That's fine precious. Angels tuning in from dallas. Aaron his watching from houston. Sabrina is here from louisiana. Air and be honest. Are you on a houston high right now. After the grammy's this is a safe place. You can tell us this houston feel like y'all just crank out beast. Just tell us right now after the game is. Is that the kind of cloud your j cole says. At times one is better than the other. I'll take that lisa from moscow. G muskogee oklahoma. What's up and kelly says. She's in arlington texas visiting family. What's up to the fan bam in arlington Daisies he or she says. It's the boggles for me. We appreciate that. Angelique says philadelphia. Police pray for a steady prayers up for philly I'm not sure what's happening there. I have to do some research. But i know god knows. I'm definitely going to be praying. Surest is Saying i got love all over me. i don't i don't know if i can take requests today because so many of us have so many songs you want to hear me sing. Okay devante has gotten into an accident last night. Pretty bad it's me in the kids. where okay. God is just good praying for you. thankful that there's a hedge of protection around you but i know that can be scary. Ccc joined the book. i can't wait first time. Thank you thank you for being a part of this moment now first things first heavy been minding your business. What about your water intake. Would you consider yourself hydrated. Are you getting half your body weight announces. Because if you're drinking the proper amount of water your skin should be glowing. Your hair should be flourishing and people should not have time to talk to you. Could you should be constantly taking sips. That's what i wanna know what's happening in your world brinson. My facebook app keeps crashing. No ma'am i need to be part of this foolishness. I'm trying to fight for my jaw. Day britney come on this on youtube. Don't let base bookstop your blessing c. l. as in the building to case has it. I'm drinking water right now. Cash as the minding my business drinking my water. And doing what i want. We love that mony johnson. She said i joined the book club. Can't wait to see. I can't wait either. We're going to have an incredible time. Clinicians says thing in original and remix out with a few bars. I'm going to write you all assam before. Twenty twenty one is a. I'm going to write a song. I may even see if i can get someone to put me. Give me a track. I'm gonna ride on. It is going to be blessed. You're gonna love it minding your business drinking. your water. Sounds like you guys are functioning in the ram a full delegation membership. How's your heart. What's been going on with you on the inside like if you took a moment if you took a moment breathe dam breath out okay. Even if you're not watching this live and you're listening on the app okay. So how are you are you. Good good is actually not emotion. Can you choose an emotion word Are you happy are you said. Are you overwhelmed. Are you distress disappointed. How are you. We wanna know how you're doing let me tell you. So how am i doing today today. I am even though it's ninety motion. It's real tired tired I was hazed last night. By my five year old it's become a thing An ad decided last night. That i was gonna win. Which means that every time she knocked on the door. I had to tell her no most of the time. I came in when she wants to sleep with us. Because i'm like you know what just come on. I'm trying not to interrupt my wrist. But last night i was like no enough is enough and she really went to battle with me she. She went head to head with me. She had lots of things that you need to follow up on and L. is the ultimate negotiator. So today i'm feeling a little tired. But i i am joy for y'all last week i must say this. I'm checking out. We'll get to the show. Last week was my first week really shared this on youtube. I like one and get behind. What god has done in my life and i feel like last week was my first week really just like stepping into it like standing up. I did some interviews. You not i posted about my book more than just one time on social media and i really feel like I feel joyful one for your incredible response. You guys have been so supportive. Okay i'm gonna tell you this ad in wanna start a launch team if you guys are in the launch team or even wondering what. I'm talking about a launch team is basically some people who come together and they say when this book comes out. We're going to make sure that like we're helping you to promote it helping you to get as many people as possible connected to the message. We're going to rate it on amazon. We may posted on our social media and in exchange for being a part of the launch team in advance copy of the book. So you get to read the book before anyone else reads it and then if you really believe in it and it touches you then we ask that you would be a part of like helping us make sure literally no woman has left behind when it comes to this movement so when our when my publisher i asked me about launch team at told them you know like i wanted to try and keep the number small. Now let me tell you how we hedge our bets with fear part of the reason why i wanted to keep it small is i just didn't know how many people would be willing to dedicate their time their influence to lie being a part of reading this book and helping me to share it with as many people as possible and so i'm like i think we should keep a really small and they're like let's just open it up and see how many people would-be apart and i think they're like three thousand people on the launch team right now. Which is like bananas to me. Just that that you will see that much in this movement and that you care and desire so much about the anointing in grace that god has placed on my life. I don't think it's too late if you still want to be a part of it because they told me okay. Sounds like three thousand people like amazing. They're like yeah but only about twenty percent of them were actually follow through and so. I'm just praying that god is gonna blow their minds and blow their expectations and that it will be beyond the twenty percent that the women who signed up actually show up and help us get these books in people's hands so So i'm full of joy. Thank you for your support. Thank you for getting behind this movement. Thank you for watching me. Break out of my. I don't want to ask people for help. I don't know if people will support me box and allow me to step into this. I love you. And i appreciate you. let's see how you guys are doing though jessica says i am eagerly awaiting this steamy. Okay asti that. Monique says hope for i resonate with that today. I feel hopeful to shani's stressed and disappointed. I'm sorry girl. Oh i'm hoping that you assess this moment glean and feel fully in this moment so that you can heal fully in this moment tries much as you cannot suppress it so that you can make it through this Anti-us says peaceful Let's see just staying on of course. Is okay balances. I'm doing good jazz. Lenses joyful races. awhile. I pray austin. There's a lot of people in here. Sharon how they're feeling every now and then there's something to be said about just releasing it true. She said i wanna be a part of the launch team going. Our facebook on many evolves facebook or instagram. And you'll get all the details for joining. But i'm you may think to yourself like i don't want to release how i'm feeling i don't want to say it or i would didn't get to participate in the live so it doesn't matter it matters. Say to yourself released. Those feelings yourself. You would be surprised how you actually feel because sometimes we're just going through life and such a haze and things are blurry that we don't really know how we feel and it's not until we pinpointed. Like i'm tired. Today was kind of acted. Say i don't feel good. I feel bad. Because i thought tired. But underneath that tired is joy and so sometimes top layer is lying on where we are in our core and so to allow yourself access to your core is Important amber says. I'm busy but i'm making it christians. Come get my husband. He's been off of work for For a sprained ankle. And he's doing too much you need to give him some gumy's give him some midnight gumy's okay give him some go to bed. Gumy's okay. I'm not telling you to drug your husband but i am telling you rest in this season. Your body needs rest to recover fully just a little bit. Gummy just a little bit. Gummy as you go out on a drive can find something at the grocery store. Go get something. So exotic like oxtail can't get access from and we'll go gets. I'm so excited that you've got to be gone all day. Okay don't let these children don't let these children in these bins. Get on your nerves. You have to be you. I in a yourself. Okay figure out what you can get them a crossword book okay. A word search. Alright turn on. Espn put on football game. I don't know what show man liked to do. But what i'm saying is do something different. Okay let's see shanties is. Up what we what we peeping. Brianna did not melatonin just a little different little gummy just little. Gummy engineering says motivated. And thankful for god's grace and favor and for god choosing me for such an assignment as the one. I'm on that is amazing This already snacking today polices so true. I cried today and let all the emotions out. And now i feel it. I love it. Okay so let's talk about rescue eve. Let's talk about how whenever people start cutting y'all starts agony and stuff. Let's talk about how when words are edited the dictionary y'all automatically pull me into the shade room. Let's talk about. I don't like being in the shade room like my face. Actually being on the show room and yet that happened this week. And i just had to stay away from that corner of the world because common sections are mean but guess what i saw your tags. I saw your post less. Get into these rescues. Rescue eve for those of you. Who don't know your life who what eve is already gone. what are we doing. We're rescuing the spirit of eve. This spirit of no better but not do better that permeates our culture and by permeates i mean lives in our home goes to bed with us is in as lives and briesen also shows up in our neighbors and society and culture and instead of being like That person is wrong for that. We try to take a minute and say you know what. Let's see things from a different perspective. Let's see if we can rescue. This behavior now already knew yeah already knew that we was going to have to run up on this one And i'm just gonna pray that melodies from heaven would come down and stop any excuses that would keep us from having a revolution Because this is a nine one one and you can lean on me in this portion of the segment so that we can have a brighter day in this season of the world So you know all right. I'm gonna read the story and we're gonna see what happens and let's see what the delegation says on today. okay. I'm let you know right now. Also have already gassed up jet okay. I ain't even gonna lie any will lie to you But i'm gonna just see what everyone is. Okay our here. We go so kirk. Franklin sign-carrying franklin released audio on social media which allegedly revealed threatening words from father to son This is why i'm done. No father should speak to their children like visit. I have any issues. It's because of this type of treatment. That i deal with behind closed doors. The thirty two year old shared in instagram upload on saturday according to the caption argument was not a thing of the past and the audio the argument got pretty heated in the forty five second clip. The voice identified by carry on as kirk franklin exclaimed some things. I'll put my foot where the sun doesn't shine not what he said but it's what he said. Okay and then he said don't you ever disrespect me. And he said it in such a way they let me know he had been disrespected. You know sometimes when people disrespect you you have to tell them. Don't ever disrespect me because they didn't already disrespected you. And so you gotta tell them getting across the line. Now you can't cross the line no more So here's the thing. I'm just tell y'all the tier says kirk is already rescued okay make no. At least she says no need to discuss. He automatically gets the jet. Michaela says uncle kirk rescue sonya says. Sa gas up the jet with meal on board may says i followed the showroom. Come on somebody. look at that. Growth nicole sending him. The jet brianna says i want ya to cancel on but she clapping hands. Like if you do is going to be an issue. Nicola says rescuing kirk immediately siptah orders. There is no need to continue the story. We send in the rescue. Okay so part of the reason why this is up for debate is because you know there is a narrative that would propose that no parent at all and no child should talk to one another in this in this manner regardless of what takes place. I have to tell you. I have never had the opportunity to Push my parents in such a way that they will talk to me like this. And i've never had my parents talk to me like this but i do think that there is a worthy conversation to be had about toxic family relationships even in christian homes. We make it seem like people get saved. And all of a sudden dysfunction no longer exists. I think that both of them pretty much say that they've had a toxic relationship and this is not something that is out of the ordinary and i feel like when you have a toxic relationship toxic things happen and so i think we should rescue both of them because i do think that there is like a little boy who is lashing out in some way because of something he feels he didn't receive whether he should have had it or or didn't or should not have had. It is up for debate in between them. But i mean at the end of the day what do you think about rescuing both of them and bring in dr and need onto the boat. How what what do what say you delegation summers says we love kirk releases rescue. He's human life is big period. Let's take all melissa's peter us choice words. We love some choice. Words cachet says as long as he didn't call him out of his name You know i don't know. Let me tell you nicole assisting in rain dan own me like okay so the saints out. I mean michaela says he's thirty three. He's a grown man. Lawrence says abby met one parents because their kids out in the grocery store. But i mind my business. I'll continue to do just that. All right well listen. You know what is rescued and some praiseworthy bam priscilla's rescue both. I think we should rescue. Kiana definitely agree with rescuing both okay because the thing is sometimes when we see these circumstances is difficult to not try and take aside when we see this stuff on the news. Whether it's someone who we feel like we know and love kirk or something that's happening headlines it's so easy to choose a side but i do think there's something to be said about rescuing both people because it feels like there is a deep pain that has taken place and it may mean that they don't need to be around one of the so. We got to rescue one on a boat and another one on the helicopter will decide when we get there. But i do think that there is something to be said about recognizing that both sides of the story are valid and true to that person's experience but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are functioning in the healthiest way. And so i say we rescue both of them. Money says we need core in here. Because the sonny's a pow pow. Oh i wish. I could pull core in. I wish i could poker in. Should i try and call her own. Lord this is going to be a mess. Let me seeing. If i can get core I got ten minutes okay. How amazon com for quick. First of all you didn't pick up the phone so she already know when they get off our kirksey some. I'm gonna let her have it for not picking up my phone calls More says kirk gets a helicopter. The sun can get the boat with an paddles. Okay let me see. Let me see. Let me core watching math. I'm live on the podcasts k. Cork can we rescue kirk and his son or none of our hidden. How people parents their children who were at ps agents. We do that. Had he is a grown man they are both grown and and we are going to live. We're gonna live right on through his Out over the phone dead like that. He draws them downstream core. Emotional dragging is just as painful as physical dragging is going to be all right. He's gonna be just fine is gonna be okay. We'll be just fine core. The delegation wanted your opinion on this because they said she needed he needed a pow pow. It's obviously just too much you guys team too much business very spontaneous as well. We have not heard from Adapt though i'm trying to figure out why why the energies combustions are happening into season. But it's fine. He's grown perkins thrown. And how he talks is done. I okay all right Say hello to the delegation okay. Christmas allegation crystal said core said what she's saying to me. 'cause yes core money says yes. I'm so here for you. Cheryl says kirk had wanted them carson. Pay oh yes. It was occurs pair but his cousin is in course. Cussing asean cohen court. Where the. I would need the scriptural rabbits talking from the because the thing is that like cursing someone like putting a curse on someone cursing them with bad luck cursing them with death. Cursing them though. That's not that's not biblical at all. Heaven doesn't smell it that you know now. I do think that cussing is inappropriate. You know it's an appropriate and an in times it's inappropriate and i think that you know vocabulary is so wide and expanse. Why would we need to just use cuss words. You know exactly. I agree i think that then appropriate but i have no biblical references suggests that it is. I don't have that anywhere. But if they hit the m they can be immediate scripture where they combined that cursing is the sand and then i would also need them to have a reference by woods. That word is being used. Because just as you say. There's a difference between cursing at saint there. There could be an humilate. No corrupt speech. Come out of your mouth would that be. would you know. Would that be. Then we all going to an handbasket. Because there's been correct speech is going on. I love the where denying core thank you. Thank you for your heart to serve the delegation. We don't know what we we would do without you. Pleasure sending less buses course. It's in her references. She needs to understand where it is. Tennessee is okay but kirk needed a bit of syntax and proper lineup with that cousin that it was kind of all over the place. Okay but how we cannot be. Let's not judge. The cussing of people wanted the first times. Malka almost got in trouble when he was a child. He said about my life is he grown now when you because he was like in the fourth grade and he was going to a christian school and they said something to him and he said something back but i was so perplexed at how he is strung them. Worst that i couldn't even be like i'll like who. Where did you hear that level. I mean you grew up in the house. Well how did you. I don't even understand but that's it's good because sometimes you need to be so dusty in your cousin that it comes out. All jumbled up. Because most of the time i only speak in tongues in price so my cousin is jumbled up but that doesn't mean that it can't come out anyhow. I don't know i'm just saying okay. You lana says cords hilarious. Foreshore just seems to extend core the boat. Yes you're nonsense. We love kirk l. No his son to must. I can't help him leads. Rescue both of Let's rescue both of them and see what happens from there to here says. Can we talk about who was laughing. Because that's why i started. I don't know who was laughing in the clip but whoever was laughing then clip was tech. Go it's not funny. But i am the kind of person who like if something escalates too quickly for me. I have an awkward laugh for you. Like i know is not supposed to be funny but did did you like the alkaloid laugh of just this escalated quigley and now this is really serious. And i don't even know what to do about it. And i can't believe you actually snapped 'cause you know. This is what happened. Whoever was laughing. I wanna rescue. Whoever was laughing in the background. Because it's like. Have you ever been around someone and you. They were about to call somebody and you know. Try and figure out what's going on with them like let me call. Let me call my mother-in-law. Let me call my sister and let me call this person and you just back there as moral support and everything is going fine until that person starts cussing and you're giggling because it's not funny scene but how did we lose so fast we were calling in to be the higher person now. Here we are. Okay unapologetically me says. No one can judge. Actually there should be no one picking up any stones. Put them down. No one has the right to pick them up. That's right lakisha says. I'm not rescuing this on putting out the record on. Both sides deserves a drowning now. There is something to be said about. Let's put us both out there. Tina says i thought it was a tame. She thought it was what. Let me tell you. Something a giggle giggle. L. lottie crazed says light crisis. All kids can take you there. Natalie says wasn't bishop. Jakes therapist ella. Let me tell you something about bishop. Jakes at know when he when he said it on the video. That was my first time hearing me because my father don't be saying nothing about nothing. He has never. That was my first time. Even hearing it and i didn't even ask them and call them and say like because i know my father is not going to say anything. So you know that's it. That's it a san noses. I always laugh in the middle of an awkward argument. I love me a good. Oh awkward inappropriate place laugh. I loved it. I love it the louder. It is the better. Have you ever had an awkward inappropriate and it was loud so now you laugh loud an laughing at something that don't make no sense. I know it. I know it. I've been there okay I honest kids will cause crips speech. You know i've never but let me tell you everyone's experience is different. Everyone is everyone's experiences different. But i've never. I've never but i will say this and then i'm gonna move on. There is a philosophy of parenting. That suggests that if you talk to me like somebody off the streets our show you what god delivered me from. I've heard it said before. I've heard it said before jelena's glenn nisha said no judgment but i think there's a lot of father mother wounds out here and then black community and people need to hear like why y'all doing this. No this is. that's why. I said we should rescue both of them. You know father and mother wounds are real. And i think that like i have no frame of reference for even having a conversation that could be similar at all as what we heard. But just because that's my reality doesn't mean that there isn't a real place in which people do communicate in this way because of the tactic behavior of one or both individuals and That is at the point where you need help in space in order to figured out. Because you just can't do it together without damaging one another so i'm down for rescuing both. Okay let's move on an armani says i've had some of my best laughs at funerals. She said speaking of awkward. Laugh at some of my greatest tickles. Okay yeah so. We're going to rescue both of them. Let's move on to the next story so we t- so we t- is going viral because she shared her preference on spaghetti Can i ask your question okay. On march first the shade room posted a video of rapper. So weeding so weedy. I'm not gonna say sweetie yes. So weighty sal weedy saw weedy saw weedy sal weedy so. He saw weedy pudding ranch on her plate of spaghetti. A com combination but in today's age of this classic style has caused some controversy and debate. Y'all put ranch on your spaghetti. Can we talk about it. can we talk about. I would love to put you all in a place of great joy by putting a little bit of ranch on your spaghetti ranch pizza ranch and spaghetti ranches the key in french fries ranches. The condiment of warriors It is the condiment of people who just understand that ranch tastes makes everything tastes a little bit better. Can we rescue so wheaty for pudding saul wheaties. Aw sweetie putting ranch owners. Spaghetti alani says no ranch. Amber says absolutely not as soon saved forty-five minutes later saw weedy ak toss it. Oh no tiffany says no tasha says cindy says no. Can't she'll his best nasty. Sarah tina says wow no never heard of it. Marissa's says. I love ranch but not on spaghetti. I just i just don't know. Are we kiana. The ranch in lasagna ranch and lasagna. In ranch and spaghetti is the same thing as random. Pieces is the same thing has had a job. Come with renton spaghetti. How did the apostles no to go into all of the world. Jesus said it. Jesus is the one who say spaghetti to me and my prayer life. I just think y'all should try you. Sean says have and hot sauce to do. Y'all have y'all gonna know that there are some places where the only time and only way they can eat. Spaghetti is with catfish and corn bread on the side. Like it's a whole thing. So what's a little bit of ranch to boss. Life is vega says yes rescue. My homegirl the is lawry's on expert to move on says vanessa says yes rescue now who says yes. Go on everything they let me tell you. I put ranch on my spaghetti. Denison ranches top tier condiment. I'm just saying sophia. Says yes rant and spaghetti are the same. They are the very okay. i just don't know because his y'all taste busby while in yeo says rescue her. That's her business. Like ms habits there but no for me. I would like to rescue some salt. Sal leading saudi your home here. I welcome you whether ranches abundant this spaghetti sauce has meat sauce. That has been crumbled to perfection simmered over time with thick spaghetti noodles. Connect up selling thin spaghetti noodles. What is my son's can't even handle them. Can i ask another question. Why are we talking about spaghetti. Those of you who eat spaghetti with meat sauce. You just put mayor and they are on pasta. You guy wants to bring you to a place of healing. You cannot just take that sauce and but over pasta and college spaghetti spaghetti has meat in it. It has a little italian sausage. You do ground turkey you can do ground beef but don't just put wrestles on noodles and college spaghetti when we go to restaurants and they do. You wanna win meat sauce. There is no other meat. There is no other sauce to put spaghetti on. I just. I don't understand now when we was growing up and my parents was poor. You know they didn't noodles and catch up. And maybe that's why i had. Ptsd about diz noodles and regular spaghetti sauce with no meat in it but we do need to have meat in the spaghetti sauce when we're not being vegan. Of course. I like the beef crumble. Vegetarian beef crumbles for when. I'm being vegan. I miss that would italian sausage Have i that. I have questions at least need the it a mercer said but i don't eat me me neither but when i do i like it in my spaghetti. Sit down chimneys finish. Just sit down just gives you a pesca. -tarian doesn't mean you can chime in on this conversation lawrence's yet that angel hair should rest. Brianna says spaghetti and no me get free baby. Get when i get free. I want you to know that. God wants you to be free from that right now. Okay emmaus neither says yes have meet inch should have meat in exhibited ella. Wha am i am in agreement spaghetti's meat with sauce. Indeed it does indeed the okay. Lana says the chicken ranch must have touched this spaghetti that one time. Oh field shields. Who coach he is when. I think about Spaghetti and ranch made me on some spaghetti. Tonight okay You know what someone brings up an interesting point and described by but they said we should kisha says. We should rescue her name. We should 'cause. I wanna say sweetie but it's not sweetie as so weedy so eating weedy to saw saw waiting that's what i say it Iran tip thomas some bell peppers and into. I've had that fancy dad's spaghetti y'all make as well okay so saul weedy i love you and and we're going to rescue you now. It seemed like it ain't going to be but a couple of us on a boat but that's all right that's all right we're gonna make it all right okay. So let's move on young. The glory of the lord is here fitness and challe have been added to the dictionary dot com to reflect growing diversity. Now you know. Dictionary dot com has included several african american. Banak your english words like fitness and chow to their database. If you're listening and you've never heard of fitness. Maybe you're not here. Maybe you're not american. Maybe you're not african american because you know we international around here. It's not just us you know Fitna is fixing first of all fixing to not proper english because it's you can also fix them but fitna is like i'm in this podcast so i can go home and put some ranch on my spaghetti. I'm about to in a moment. I am about to move onto the next portion of my day. That's what i mean. Okay but instead of saying all that you can just say thin like Fitness trying do something else you know what. I'm saying fitness fitness And then the next where the eta was chow was child. Listen yard he. A tally is because this is the one. Yeah we're tagging me in because you say that i was responsible for helping to keep challe alive. Keep chow alive at lucia allison not fitness. Now i would like us to keep chow. I don't know about fitness. When i say that i know that a part of my ancestors did not fight for me to be able to say fitness and yet sometimes it rolls so smoothly off my tongue. You know so. I don't know if we should have Given fitness validation. But i do think there's something to chow. ingress says do they have it as chaff. They don't have it as xiao though we need to petition. Okay is finn in the south natalie. Said no ma'am this is not. This is not a discussion this so people were upset though about them. Adding these words to the dictionary. But i feel like we should rescue fitna and chow. Because there's sometimes no other way to say things. Tina says i love finna. I love it. Must music note says please knows. This mega says wait. I thought it was fixed as in fixed and about so you say fix now. I don't know if it's fix ner ner you gotta so weedy spirit on you sweetie sweetie spirit on you is fitting fixing. But i don't know fix ner. You fixed mouth. I likes fixing it. Let's make it. Let's make fixed thing okay. Like fitch right. We'll fetch wanted to become a thing. How about that jamie says come on now. How 'bout that is. Fitness is validated. But i'm from alabama. So maybe that's why so joe cases. No ma'am nashi. Trying to pronounce it correctly. let's see. Abby says let's rescue chow. Bennett can stay. where it is fitting at. Beth says not number definitely tell. I love chow chow. 'cause that's child don't had no d. at the end of sometimes the e hanging out there with the rest of your stress and worries zola's stay in the spirit And said in assesses keeps his wife. I covered because the enemy aimed fitna bulliest early. Today come on. Don't let them do it. Okay so mony says they just laying. they don't have to. They don't have to or need to be added to the dictionary. I'm not mad about about why they feel a need to to add new words. You know sometimes people change things that we wasn't even worried about. Nobody was sitting at protest and about fitting or child to be added to the dictionary. And i understand. You know that the dictionaries doing what they can in their realm of influence and there's something to be said about that You know but we protested about other things so maybe if we could add some words light to the dictionary that could help us move some things along in policy and systems that would be great but for now we just fit in the sit back and say chow without that risk. Squiggly line showing And i guess there's something to be said about that. Who knows genitals fetch is not going to happen there in my best regina voice that's all right At least it's the urban dictionary was good enough. It was and now here we are. You know what. I'm gonna do Delice's can you just read the definition of chow. I'm just let me see you know your wish is my command chow definition They're not ready for yet. Maybe they made the announcement too soon. Because right now they're giving me chile pepper. You know how you say she lay. Y'all remember that that's all right new. Sometimes you gotta update internet to get it to where it's supposed to be you know because it's not there right now. You know what. I'm sending to do hat when yossi this waistline. I'm sitting the i anyone to do nothing I'm sending drop ad right here about noon. Okay this i'm been do. I'm fit and the make sure there's somebody has lunch next week because noon is sponsoring. Today's podcast okay. Y'all have already heard me talk about. Newman i have seen some of you have already been posting your results and how you are being much more patient with yourself on your journey because neum has taught you not just how to make lifestyle changes but to do so in a way that allows you to love and embrace where you are thinking about everything you've ever learned about getting healthy. There's a lot of contradictory information out there and things like that old fashioned food pyramid aren't much help. You now had to choose how to use chopsticks and how to how to follow the slice of pizza so the cheese doesn't slat off and you get that first bite but do you really know how to eat okay. Neum says if you want to lose weight. It's not about one thing you ate today but how you eat in general. Have you ever gotten questionable food advice. Lemme tell you something like you don't know if you need to be fast and if you need to be vegan if you can eat whatever you want to on one day and then starve the next day people. Just be out here telling you all kinds of things. What i love about newman's that is not giving you a diet to follow. But it's helping you to make healthier choices and it is going to help you eat better is going to help you. Have more energy enjoy exercising again fitting in your clothes because it's not about a number on the scale but getting you to place where you feel confident in who you are. It just takes ten minutes a day to figure out your programme getting there. Ask questions i love it and for you guys. We are having a special and especially if you sign up for the trial period. Okay you get a special code through evolve. Okay there's a science to getting healthier. it's called neum. Sign up for your trial today at neum in show 'em dot com slash ev- all but learn how to eat again. Neum sign up for your free sign up for your trial today at neum in oh dot com slash evolve. K boom shaka. Laka right all right. Here we go. So let's see. I have a special guest for today's podcast just called core. But there's someone else who i wanna bring again you guys So you all have heard me talk about my book coming out and one of the things that i love about. Women evolve and our community being able to support other people's vision as well and there is a woman that i met who we sat on the fun and we talked for probably about an hour and hearing. Her story was so amazing. And so remarkable that i wanted her to share with you all her journey and what she's gone through so for hail. Mary really cool if she came on and share what us her journey how she is now a new york times bestselling author come on when we were first talking before she even released her book she was just sharing what god placed on her heart and how she wanted to make sure that it reached as many people as possible and now she is a new york times bestselling author. Her name is jamie kern lima. She is the founder of it cosmetics. And let me tell you. She's got a story about courage. That is going to change the way that you show up in your life. So let's throw jamie in how she's doing are you. i'm good. He died the steel house. You've been on a whirlwind tour with believe it. How are you feeling good feeling. Good thank you. Use a matching surfing faith in semi before Even launched and hanging out with me. You're cooking for the kids. And i was like sarah and your advice and was so good. Thank you my pleasure so you have to tell me so. Believe it if you if some people's first time hearing your story understanding what it means to you. Can you tell us what that means to you. Yes for me is Learning how to believe. I whole journey. A lot of people in the google story like denny's waitress builds billion dollar company But really my real stories. A story of like learning how to believe in overcoming self doubt and body shop and got all these and in after years of getting into the dmz messages from from so many images saying like. Oh i read your your story which is really just a highlight reel and the press And they would share me like oh did you. Just get lucky or did you have or whatever and then they would share their own store any blake. I'm not getting john. Dear i'm getting action or You feel alone. And i kind of realized that. If we don't ever louis share slant love your show by the way never really share like the stories behind the stories than you know. People still kind of alone in their own setbacks in their own rejections or their own you know feeling and not necessarily a book about how to go from you know not believing yourself to giving yourself and Kind of the real stuff like the scrappy. step that most people don't share On the journey. I love so much because i was reading your book. And in your introduction newsday being vulnerable is hard but i've learned that sharing our true flawed authentic selves is the only way real connection and love can happen. It's the only way to step into our full power and purpose our lives. How have you been vulnerable even in releasing this book and do you feel a new wave of power and purpose in doing so. Yeah i mean. I think i'm hearing from people saying things like i started reading. The book and i was rooting for all. You know these. These setbacks went through years and years and years backs in those trying to build this company and They said by the end of the book. There's like i was cheering for neutering. All these stories. By the end of the book i realized i was trained for myself again. All right like those kinds of things make it really cripples fall and i think a. We're in this. This will now where everyone just sees everyone else online in a big part and a lot of people you know. It's so easy to fall into that trap of like comparison or this or that and You know my journey of a building. This company can breaking through this crowded industry of giants. When you know people are saying like it's impossible to break into the beauty industry. And you know i try to do it a different way and when i launched it no one was using Immuno real people as models right. It was always like these airbrush kind of shocked ads. And i have a skin condition. Conversation at super bright random bumpy and Get hats of redness all over my face. And so you know when i i was working as a news anchor that i was in my dream job. I'm always wanted to share other people's stories and i went into this season a setback. The skin condition and i'd be Anchoring the news live and adhered my piece from the producer. Like there's something on your face there's something on your face need wipe coffee need to wipe it off and be live. I knew there's nothing. I can wipe off a i went through sort of like seasonless doubt rouse. It can get fired. We can use ratings all those things. And i i started trying to make up and work and anything to things happen. I thought i was in the season. A setback and self doubt but community famous saying that often like are setbacks are gods setups Hosted you and i went through this. This journey of like i had this feeling. My heart was romy high here. God is my intuition. And i had this feeling like if i could create products that worked. It probably help a lot of other people But then i went through my head taking over like a little bit. You're not qualified. And you have no money. You don't know anything about the industry through this thing. This period of tom do i listen to my gut or that still small voice for or do i listen to my head telling me. I'm not qualified and i don't have what it takes. I think so many times that lives. I live come down to those of which when listen to you and And i chose to to listen to that that still small voice saying you gotta do this and i quit my job and kind of went all in And sarah i did not know it would be three years of literally every like all the all. The department stores the beauty retailers. You know all all stores like. I thought i put on my savings and credit something that and i'm like. Oh they're just gonna like gimme a shot and say yes and i wasn't ready for three years of all of them saying no you know for a lesson of like. Sometimes we think we hear god or he we hear that that that feeling on our heart at then we both for it and when it doesn't work we think we're wrong or that like our was long and and for me. It was three years of that china. Stay in faith. Because every time i would check in guys supposed to keep the wink even when everything around me was like you know no proof that it was ever gonna work and so it was a long journey of learning how to trust in be rest ourselves. I think that The momentum's our lives come down I love that so much. You talk about authenticity in your book and i see so many people who are commenting right now. And they're just talking about how incredible your story is and how they are so encouraged because they were just about to give up. When i tell you that this book has added faith even watching you get behind what this book in this messaging says inspired me. I've been sharing with a you know my book is coming out next month. But i've been to how. I want to make sure that i am getting behind what god is doing in my life and staying in faith about it and i watched you just talk about this book and share this book. I mean you had an incredible. Believe it even i posted it on my social and i had people who missed the podcast because they were at the believe event and so i just want to commend you. Hell areas like when we take a moment and we just acknowledge women who are out there. Who are empowering other women who are blazing trails and helping us to become better by sharing their stories and blazing trails and saw wanted to thank you for the work that you're doing in for sharing with us some of your knowledge and your tips. It's amazing oh i'm super iron. I think in differed doing that all the time. You know what i mean. I feel like i felt these. Conversations are so important. You know what i mean. Because we typically don't hear people having these conversations was isn't going their way or they don't share the hard parts ordine bay. We want to hide. Or whatever. But you know one of the things i talk about. My book is how champions are made when the game is easy and you know. It's a tough fourteen months for a lot of us and And and but. I believe god minister champions and and i think you know it's some thank you for that by the way that was. That was crazy. It was a live event and there is two hundred seventeen thousand people live. I never live event before and it was crazy. Eddie lovett slap. Soon i bet but Yeah thank you so much for that. No it's it's It's an honor to be here. And i'm better for your back to. I'm excited for your. But for sure. I thought an amazon and ready. I know i know i'm i'm i'm doing everything i can. I'm swinging at it. Okay we're gonna get into some other. How because you're going to hang out with us and do like the hail mary one or two with us. Okay great okay. So hail mary one of our hail. Marys is beyond say because she just broke the record to become the singer with the most grammy award winning all time. She want her twenty eighth grammy award for r&b performance for black parade beyond say made history and surpassed the country bluegrass artist alison cross for Who had a record of twenty seven. And when i tell you that beyond say looked amazing. I don't know if you saw pictures or saw her accepting this award. She looked amazing when accepting this. And you know beyond says. She's been working since she was nine years old. You talk about work ethic. Yeah for sure and also off like an originality and doing things that never been done before and that. That's i think especially when you You look at all the studies out there right. 'cause like we're in the social media world it's easy to compare but like all the studies out there say like it's impossible to have another connection with another human being like a real connection if we show up as our representative or someone else. We tried to like this version of ourselves. We think people looked at be and the thing. I appreciate most about her that just as an artist as a woman like we only herself like year after year after year after year doing visual albums doing things that no one's ever done before taking creative risks than showing up authentically like gets like empowering to too because are not only impossible to have a real connection with another human being but that includes like our communities or our customers were the relationships were in bringing also just be one of us you know need to embraer too because it kind of takes the pressure off and i think i don't know i especially as women were thought to be people pleasers into like be the person people expect us to be when all that does is create this barrier disconnection with other people and so like my own ability my company and you know we eventually got on. Qvc right and what. I watched tens of thousands of other brand founders and most of them never made it and the one that actually made a long-term survived where the ones that were the same on air as they were off air because there's not like the champ fake participe union there's a new line of it and so anyways when i think of the onset like how she's breaking records you think box even all the way to and she nine. That's the thing that comes to mind with me just literally you know taking these fantastic creative risks of not just the art being herself you. Yeah i love that too At just have to tell you to key Jamie jamie thank you for having courage to step out on faith and do what god had on your heart. This is there. Thank you for being open obedient to god to use your platform. So he can get the glory but then someone else fame says. I love the believe it even may. It was so amazing but jamie another thing that has taken over the comments. Section is your makeup. They're saying that it looks amazing that your eyebrows look good girl you are out here playing for us and we are here to receive it you know i did two shows today sweater ono. I gotta get sick. I got i got an extra your show they. Th you know growl so hearing is huge. Thank you so much. I browse microbe later. The now want to do something different. I am a brow- browser. Just make the face and you have it together. We are just over here loving the presentation. Cardin she says she is definitely on fleet. We love your house are still important. It's like if you do in by the way browse because it's like They give your thing in your face cemetery right which equates to be the is i love it no matter what face shape or whatever is browsing one thing we do one thing and their browse have to get together okay. Let's do one more and then we're going to let you go because we know you're out here changing the world Okay so there's a navy veteran who was struggling with her own mental health issues and she has launched a suicide prevention or asian to help others. Who may be experiencing the same challenges. Her name is porsche. Williams and she tells people that she started restore life global in two thousand eighteen after experiencing her own mental health challenges stemming from hard time serving in the navy during operation iraqi freedom. And so i love that. She created this suicide intervention training for families because we are the ones who are most likely to see when our relatives or family are beginning to shift and for us to be able to understand how to communicate and talk to people in those moments is so critical jamie. I want to ask you before you leave one last question. So the emotional cost in mental cost of overcoming fear. I don't think can be Overstated because it does cause you to really step in. Move in faith like you've never had to do before. Can you just give us a little bit of insight about what skin you had to shed in order to step into this incredible business owner author that you are now so you know i love miss so much so inspiring you know i. I remember a couple of years in two into it and I didn't know what we're gonna do. We're down to no money. All the retailers said no. And i was going through this season of like big season and excel file and not not knowing what i'm gonna do right. Everything was relying on my faith. Like i just felt like i was supposed to keep going And we got a call from a potential investor who's as big hybrid equity company right and i was freaking out. Oh my gosh. i didn't know how are we going to. And then this is a big investor that is well known for investing. All these these products we all find grocery stores right and making them house and they loved our products and i was like. Oh my gosh. I was telling my husband investment as a. We're not gonna go bankrupt. Be maybe they can use their connection. This and all these stores like sephora and ulta and the departments are saying no and so we started having meetings with them and they said we love your product By love your product An meeting after meeting and we went to the diligence phase where showed are like product pipeline showed are Future of projections and all that stuff and it came down the final meeting. And i thought it was gonna be life changing and we flew up for it and we were in person so this head guy was like three. The in person has moved on the other side. This whole team was there and he says to me. And you know. Congratulations really love your Wanna let you know. It's a no. We're gonna pass on investing in cosmetics and i was like okay This winter heard hundreds of those right unlike. We'll can tell me why why 'cause usually be backs the gift and wise you want me to be really honest with you. And i'm like yes please. And he says. I just literally three feet from he goes. I just don't think men makeup from someone who looks like you with your body and your weight and i remember this moment like it was yesterday for for two reasons smooth. Sheriff one here with us live. Is you know for a hurt. Look a time of body. Doubt self doubt fled my body. I literally felt like. I was starring matt beer straight in the eye And i didn't even get angry at hand. It wasn't even that it was like was over. And i'll never and yes. I went out to my car and cried my eyes off. Not but i kneeling in this moment literally when he said to me. I just don't think women know by makeup from someone who looks like with your body and your life. I had this feeling. I'll never forget like it was yesterday in my head of my stomach. That said he's wrong why he's wrong. Like i felt it. And i feel like those are the moments god talks to us right and those are the moments where we know what the truth is and for years after this what would happen is i would get like all of a sudden. His ib tempted replay. His words in my head. I hear them or whatever and i would literally i learn a turn down the volume on. What are we looking me in the eye and saying like you're you know you're rejected you don't i don't believe in you And i learned to turn the law. You like on that knowing That still small voice. And i feel like that steam thing is how we know if we're in the right relationship in the right job if we if we're in the right friendship like all of those things and also kind of things are really why i wrote the leave it right. What how. i've got a place right now. I feel like when we go through these experiences in share. Then that's where we all rise higher together will also say that famous saying i'm rejection of god's protection like Just added tiny vogue. It's kind of fun to the end of. This is accurate from six years and six years. Later when l'oreal cosmetics right it was. It was the largest acquisition history. Their public company said they announced the purchase to all over everywhere and heard from hand. I heard from that guy For the first time in six years and he said congratulations i. I was wrong. And i realized in that moment. Like oh my god. He believed that god that he didn't believe in me when he did say de tyrod given the company for almost no money But because he didn't believe me The shareholders memorial eventually bought our company. So up. Jackson god's protection Any listen that's the smartest on lesson not a think Have helped me shed that kind of staff that that self doubt that body doubt just trust the feeling inside and stepping into it and and on that journey of gone. Yeah i and that's exactly how god made me. And this is the pop listed beyond and he's just another person impacted by the beauty and kinda change so someone and felicia. I'm proud of you and will purchase your book now. Thankyou thankyou for turning down the volume. Read you guys this one part of the book. I'm jamie go because this speaks Exactly what you were saying that moment you says Here's what i learned in. What i believe is true in life. When you live your truth. Work extremely hard in do right by others when it comes to the mean people. The ruthless competitors the naysayers in the critics. They might not believe in you now but one day. They'll call you for advice. They might call you unqualified today. But one day. They'll tell people how they know you. They might call you meek. But one day they'll call you mogul. They might call you uncool. But one day they'll call you friend. They might call you smaller. But one day they'll call you baller. They might call you crazy but one day they'll call you genius. They might call you unworthy but one day they'll call you legend. They might watch you cry. But one day they'll watch swing them. They might call you on the phone to reject you but one day they just might end up calling you boss. Jamie kind lima okay. How can we find you. How can we find the book Yeah so So believing dot com. I where books are sold. And i wrote a whole ninety five page action plan. That's three unbelievable com. How to implement all the lesson. I'm on instagram. At jamie kern. Lena and yeah i'm excited. Thank you for having me. I'm excited for you to scream at firm. Their top can also just for your heart and your friendship. So thank you for having thank you jamie. Take care of yourself and get some rest. I know you're working making hake. You delegation that was jamie kern lima. Make sure that you log in so that we can figure out how people going to call us baller. Okay when i read this part of the book. I said first of all you know what you better have. Some bars jamie drops in jay z bars on. That's real quick as says Web ladies when jamie leave. So am i getting dragged. Let me tell you 'cause some of you all were cutting up in the comments section okay. Tom eyebrows instead of the believe it work. Okay we need to stay focused on the main thing the main thing the main but she didn't have to come in slaying us like that okay. She looked at amazing. Okay listen Listen as peres. Sdr drop them bars like that. I wasn't ready for those baugh. Okay delegation. Appreciate y'all for china. Act right next week on the podcast. We're going to rescue those of you. Who didn't act right and you know who you are and you know who you are and you know what you did and you know what you said and you not right for it okay. One of the things. I loved about what jamie said. Those was listening to that. Still small voice. Which i think is exactly what porsche williams was doing when she launched this organization to help families with the suicide intervention training so big ups to her. Thank you for that sharon says. Oh i'm late but so happy to be here and still got the word i needed. I love that. Britain says she preached a whereas she did preach a word. Lisa's this was so needed. Indeed on sean. Tina justina mariah. I got a whole list of delegation. Rescues ashley we said. Now you yeah ashley now you know. They didn't act right. You know you know that they didn't act right. Okay how about that okay. We have one more rescue. And then we're going to get into our advice question. The twenty nine year old photographer made history as the first black woman to shoot an american vo cover. London photographer nadine just made history as the first black woman to shoot a cover for american vogue. The cut reports She's no stranger to first. She was also the first woman of color to shoot a british vogue cover in twenty eighteen when speaking to the magazine about the lack of diversity in the industry. She said when i was studying there. Were virtually no female photographers of color at the like in doing this improving to younger girls from a similar background. That it's achievable. We love the and she's jamaican nigerian best. Like that's like shenice. i just came into one person. Okay she ibo and jamaican. We're gonna have joel off rice and beans peas. but now i'm gonna bring jell fries soda joel off price in the ps and they're gonna get together and that's going to be that okay Habit that Kyar said that was. There is nice way of getting together. Shore was but can we take a mini. Okay y'all let's talk about this podcast for a minute. So you know Last time we tried to have guessed the technical issues where abundant okay the wifi issues. Where abundant okay. Jamie came right on in here. She said she seemed like she could hear me. Seem like y'all could hear me that. Look god just continuing to take from level ocean east. Wants me to be humble because last time this happened last podcast and then things happen here. We were going to be humble about it. But if i could just step out of humble for a minute you telling me the next you're going to be calling me a production engineer. Why you trying to re me. They tell me to be humble one day but one day they're gonna call me a production engineer. Okay how about that from humboldt baller. Okay you calling me a shock collar. No you call me a collar but then you come your shock collar. I mean because as i love how west indian women are winning. Yes okay dad. It was moved this. do you hear me. do you hear me okay. We made that thing happen. And i thank god for you know what i didn't even go to school for. This is what i'm saying right. We just we just learn by era in defoe. You know what i mean. We said you know what we need to hard wire. This thing we need to bring some license. We need to switch lands. We out here tests and things out rob is here. He hooked up on the audio. We won't take credit for his part but here you know what i mean sometimes. Rob don't be here and you'll still hear us. You know so like all. I'm saying that you don't have to go to school to learn how to do step. You can learn how to do stuff without paying an arm and leg to do it as a matter of factly new. Go to skill share if you really about that life because skill share. What have you out here. Learn how to do graphic design photography freelance and entrepreneurship web development. What is skill share. You're saying skill share is an online learning community where millions come together to take to take the next step and their creative johnny with thousands of inspiring classes for creative in curious people. Okay alright. I'll see what happened to you. You hyping me up and now it's time for you to learn to step into it okay. Skill share is for creative and curious people. Lifelong learners real work in creative. Let me tell you something. Jano yano yanni to learn how to take these graphic design classes. If i see another flyer made on word are and microsoft chow says we were. Our guy wants you to be free from word art. Okay guy wants you to be free to promote this business and we don't have graphic designer money. Let's talk about it. Graphic designers want money. And right now we have we ability up. Start up money so you had to be your own graphic designer. Don't let that thing stress. You let it bless you go to skill share dot com so that you can learn how to do on a better level okay so join. The millions of people who are learning today and with women evolve you are going to get a very special code. That i- scrolling down to find right now scrolling scrolling. Scroll up there. It is okay with skill shares short classes. You can move your creative journey forward without putting life on hold okay. So explore your creativity at skill share dot com slash evolve where our listeners will get a free trial of premium membership. That's two weeks. Free at skill share dot com slash evolve. It's just it's just. It's the excellence from me. It's the excellence in the transitions from me. Sometimes i don't even see them coming. I'm like how. Am i going to do this. And i just keep talking. I just be talking until i stumble into something. It's how kinsey became who she is. You just keep talking until you stumble into something okay. Summer says fdr stays coming through with the smooth transition. Abby doing what can out here yemen even understand. I wear baggy seven here. Because that'd be sweating and trying to come up with these transitions like how are we going to make this happen okay. aaron says okay skill share. Thanks for sharing. I'm telling you. I bless your life teen says. I'm putting in a class on their on. How the delegation can get you in trouble. Yes usually when guests are involved. Yeah really don't know how to act and it is just so evident. You know what i would like to do. Can you email podcasts. At woman evolve dot com. And we should do. I should do the podcast with a member of the delegation. Like the whole podcast sets out about two hours of your day. We can do some type of production screening. It'll be fine to make sure everybody knock on. You know kurkin carry on us. You know what i mean and we can just get on here and do it together. Yeah podcast woman evolved dot com. Yeah it'll be like a little interview process because 'cause you can't be on here doing what you'd be doing when we have folks here you okay have that however Okay so noah. Is johnny take a skill share class on how to be loyal to your fellow delegates because yabe through ready to throw us under the bus. Yes because names were said names or said. Let's get into the advice question. Okay well there. Pastor sayer i pray that all is well your way i am of course sliding into the podcast email because i have a question for you and the delegation i love god. I love being active in ministry and serving my leaders to make sure that they are well taken care of so that they can deliver the word of god to others. However i find myself in the same over and over i pray and read the bible consistently for a period of time and then i find myself slacking off at acts myself. Why is this. My pattern is my faith. What do i really believe. Do i believe that. God is there for me the way he is for others. It's weird you know. It's if i lost my zeal and don't know how to regain it any suggestions for that. I hope all of that made sense. Thank you love you to life. Ps i can't wait until we're altogether in person. I missed the we in person. Events me to make to So this question. I think happens to a lot of us when we kinda feel stuck and the same cycle. My suggestion to you would be to do something that requires you to activate faith every day in your life. Parter the reason why life can start to get mundane and kind of stagnant for us. Is that nothing in. Our life requires faith anymore. That thing about going from glory to glory is getting a new job and you get a new job and you're like okay. I'm not to learn how to do this. I'm gonna have to learn do that. And i like praying. God me eager. I'm learning. I'm researching. And then i kind of master how to do that thing. Well and then. I start to feel stuck in the very thing that used to be a stretch. That's beautiful to come to a place where you still stuck in a place that used to be a stretch. My suggestion to you would be to ask. God what is another area where. I can begin stretching myself where i can make a demand on my faith to be increase. Your faith is meant to grow and increase when we talk about having a mustard seed faith. It's not that your faith stays the size of a mustard seed. it's it begins as mustard seed but continues to grow and develop over time so begin to ask yourself. What is an area of my life where i need to exercise faith every single day i will tell you with women. Evolve everyday is basically a faith day for us like this. Podcast is a faith that you don't understand like right before we went live today. All of the stories got erased out of the system. So now they're like plugging stories in as we use as they come up in the podcast like doing. The book thing is a faith thing for me. It's takes faith to write the book. 'cause they want sixty thousand words and you sit down and you have one and then you have a hundred and that's still far away from sixty thousand and yet you keep asking keep praying. Keep pouring those words into the paper. Praying that god will bless as you pour. That is what we have to do. We have to live our life in such a way where we say. God i'm gonna keep pouring. But can you blessed as i poured because we like our cup only has a certain amount to poor but when we ask god to bless as we pour we learn as the widow did that if we continue to use what god has given us that he will continue to replenish and give us more than we ever thought possible so much so that will look back and we'll thank god. I started pouring over six months ago. And i can't believe that this is the result of that poor so you need to to make a demand on your faith make a demand on your anointing to really take things to the next level. Let's see what the delegation is saying though miss rachel's that stood out to her whereas what is another area where i can stretching myself by exercising faith Lisa's stepping out of our comfort zone. Says just sure blessing cut up. A a as we says ou ben and christians and seven and you still have mustard seed faith yet that it takes time and you your faith needs an environment for it to flourish and so your fear. Oftentimes is keeping you from experiencing a new level of faith. Your fear sometimes your disappointment. Sometimes you're insecurity keeps you from experiencing another level of faith. There is so much. God wants to reveal to us about our identity about our lives but he is only limited to what we will allow him access to but when we say god. I don't know how you can take this mess of a life in turn it into something. I don't know how you can take my lack of experience and turn it into something. But i'm going to allow you access to that area. Then we begin to see how god blesses our work season. Says i do a devotional. Every day and love worshiping lead that jocelyn brown says a demand on my faith terry says this podcast and chat is divine intervention. Right on time. We love to hear that railways. Were all going back and forth. In this time you must replenish. And god's presence alone time self care he refreshes as we drink partaken. His power cast your cares. Love that Ashley says your wife should shouldn't be stated at the beginning of the journey. Repeat year wide daily. I love that. I love that. Repeating your wide ashley. I'm a. I'm gonna let you be in time out for about five minutes but then you gotta go back because i saw you cutting up okay. But actually this. When i'm gonna say repeating your why because a lot of people say things like you need your why you need your y you gotta know your why. Because if you don't have your while you won't do it but keeping your y in the forefront of your mind one of the reasons why i have to take time and literally just read the comments that are on social media to read the comments that are happening in our private. Facebook groups is because it reminds me that these scatter brained ideas that this stuff that we throw together is literally helping to meet people where they are in challenging them to do better like hanging out with you. Guys on this podcast. I love seeing you in the chat section. I love those of you who don't always catch us live but you come in leave a comment or slide in our dm's it is such a reminder to me that you guys are ever present with me and you guys are my like you are my y you are what gives my purpose fulfillment you are. What gives everything that god gives me life in being able to point us one of my greatest achievements you know So yeah repeating your y love that. Thank you ashley for that. Venise it ashley. She gave you a little break. You break now back in the corner. I love that S perry repeating your wide daily. Levitt what's your instagram ashley. I believe in giving credit. 'cause we go on post this and when we posted we want your name on it ashley teller instagram. So that we don't steal it is not above us to steal because we have a little evenness okay but if you would tell us show instagram. We won't have to do that. just seems this. It's snl dm months ago can i resend for another senate again. Don't give up on me it again. Our singer email to podcast at one. Volve dot com. Where if for sure won't be missed unless your nieces intentionally missing them. Because john said something. That was crazy. She don't let the crazy stuff on past the emails coming through podcast syndrome. Advice questions to podcast. A woman evolve dot com a semi your resume to be my co-host. What's your favorite episode. How long have you been watching And ashley dropping out ashley. Instagram is ashley. Ray a. s. h. l. e. e. r. e. e. underscore all right. That's it okay. I'm posted on my instagram. And then i'll her okay next question. High auntie sarah i am sorry. This is long but please. I hope you can answer this. I have been in an on again off again relationship for seven years. Now he always pops back up. And i say let me try again. We have talked about our future plans and honestly we are in different worlds. He seriously wants ten children. And i think that is absolutely ridiculous. He tries to tell me what i can and cannot do. I have always had issues with his mentality recently. I'm wondering if he isn't meant for me. Why does he if he's not meant for me. Why does he keep coming back to defecate. Grow the devils all he. Just okay how did you not oncle. Today was the one what was different about him. I need courage to break this off. I never questioned whether or not he was gonna stay. There was never this on again off again. I don't like his mentality. I loved everything about him so much. So that the only issue i ever had was whether or not i was going to allow myself to believe this as truth or if i was gonna tell myself it's too good to be true. You know this on again off again this issue with his mentality. he's not it and you know why he keeps coming back. 'cause devil keep coming back fat. Keep coming back. Depression like the comeback all the bad things like the comeback. The good things like this day. Okay the good things don't have no revolving door to good things like this stay. You know what i'm saying. I wish i had a good analogy for. But what i don't because you caught me on the spot but what i'm telling you this that bad stuff. It loves a comeback and trip. You trip uwe okay. But he ain't it so this one. I'm going to tell you Courage to break this one off as gonna come down to you. Come into a place where you are intrigued by who you would be without him. You need to cast a vision for yourself now for your relationship. Cast a vision for yourself. What kind of woman are you. How do you show up in the world and do you feel those things when engaging with this person and if you don't then you need to break up with him so that you can end up with you a home i all my break up with him and get together with you because you out here. All divided up. And that's not what guy loves in this season. God wants you to be one okay. He wants to be a one hard one on one so once beard and he got. Y'all here divided up looking crazy and on again off again for seven years. Seven years is too long. You know to be on again off again. We need to be moving somewhere. I don't wanna be on this same cycle for seven years. This needs to be. We had to you know we tried. We've tried seven. Years is completion. Completion is over. We completed this trying and now it's time for us to not try is what i'm saying. But let's see what the delegations their coach. Sabrina pittsburgh i need to learn that. Brianna as wholeness is your portion shontae is who are you with that. That may boom. He ain't the ones this is. I needed this one antoinette. Says cast a vision for yourself. I felt that come on somebody. Brianna says that's a word and most says yes. The good things stay left and he says is a word a word for me. Okay stephanie o. Says those are the thoughts you have when you're with a controlling person. Trust your gut. You're worried for a reason. Let that thing go the somebody. I don't know how to say your name. Had i show up to how i show to be read about good things day and i had to stop doubting that. It was too good to be true. Whoa on the vision for myself. Bring on the world. Let me tell you something. The greatest issue i had was me trying to make space in my heart to believe that it was true. Okay let's say this and then shutt- but this one. I must say i had to break the mentality of waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is this idea that we ended up thinking like but when is the bad part of you going come up. When are you gonna make me feel insecure. When am i gonna feel jealous. When am i going to feel less than because that is the cycle. You've had seven years of this so you've gotta damaged heart here like i'm going to keep a one hundred with you. Seven years of on again off again means that you have experienced opening your heart china your heart opening your heart trying to close your heart. Your heart is not meant to be tossed around like that. Your heart is meant to be handled with care when a person proves to you that they're not able to handle your heart with care. It is your responsibility to take your heart bag and handle your heart with responsibility only giving it away when it is finally someone who can actually handle the precious delicate nature of your heart. There's nothing wrong with you being insensitive. There's nothing wrong with you being loving. It's something wrong with you. Giving it to someone who doesn't appreciate it so my greatest issue. When i met my husband was to break the mentality that every relationship has to have a little poison and and i was madly in love with a man. But i was waiting for him to inject me with the poison about with the poison of insecurity with the poison of. I'm not enough with the poison of staying up all night. Wondering if i could trust that person and the poison never came the only time the poison showed up is when i invited my history to be a part of my present and so i had to make the decision to say i am not going to continue to allow my history to dictate. What i think is possible for my president. Especially if god has presented me with a gift. And i'm sitting here rejecting it or contaminating get and not able to receive it and so i had to let my guard down in dare to trust ahead to let my guard down in dare to believe that even if another shoe drops that could survive but if the other shoe never dropped than i would miss out on the love of a lifetime. Interior roberts is the love of a lifetime. Man that's all. Mary had a little leo. i love him. I love him. And i love that. I have been able to receive him and that every day that i get to receive him as its i. Miss is disneyland. Es i do. That's my guy you know So yeah currenices we church therapy and a talk show Ties it off this. This is for me on this day. Css dare to believe there to trust. Jamie says a key. I've kept my word to everyone. I've ever met a great pat pride in this until i realized i've never kept my word to me. Get to know your heart. I is great advice. Love this understand who you are as s jr. these gyms in the books are not because this advice. Section was a masterpiece Yeah there's this and so much more brianna says now. Why is what he at this insperity of in that i love and let me tell you something. That's that's my guy. That's my guy. And i feel like the way the way in path that leads to you. Having that kind of love starts with you having that kind of love for yourself. Because i came to a place where i was on my girl like iraq where her like her and i was able to introduce who i love to him in we have loved her and i have loved him and together. We have fallen in love with each other over and over again. So all right so you know what i say all the time. When you're single it takes courage to break because this person no matter how toxic that person is takes up space in your life and so you have to find something to replace space that that person took a of course. I'm going to tell you. Turn on your worship music. Sermons get you some books but you may need to learn another language. Make this thing fun. Maybe it's time for you to learn some boxing but take skill share course learn how to cook. Cooking is not your ministry. Maybe you've never tried it. You could possibly enjoy enjoy. Do whatever is necessary for you to fall in love with yourself so that you become one step closer and closer to that woman who you love and adore. And you know if you need a little help in the kitchen. Hellofresh is available because hellofresh has -freshing fresh premeasured ingredients and mouth-watering seasonal recipes. Delivered right to your door. You don't even have to go to the grocery store and look like that person who at the al who's never never had to pick this up. What is coriander. I don't even know if i'm going to the spice if i'm wanting to the produce section okay some of you lost okay. You lost you lost and never to be found when you go into the grocery store. That's all right. Hellofresh is going to bring your right to your door and when they bring your right to your door. It's going to help you become this chef that you see in your ahead okay. Hello i cuts out stressful meal planning and grocery store trips or you can enjoy cooking so you can enjoy cooking and get dinner on the table in about thirty minutes or less. Hellofresh offers ten to twenty minute meals a low prep recipes and quick breakfasts and lunches. Perfect for your busy schedule. Because you know you at home and you more than you usually do hellofresh. Twenty eight percent cheaper than shopping at your local grocery store and seventy two percent cheaper than a restaurant meal without sacrificing the quality because eating out is suspensive. Okay so you guys already know how i feel about hellofresh. One of my faves said a once. I'll say it again. Them korean beef tacos. Let me tell you in the korean beef tacos. They have you pickle some vegetables vegetables out on like radishes and cucumbers. You slice them up and you pick them and you put them on a taco. Now let me tell you something. I like to eat. But i don't like to get to adventurous and fancy with my eaten because got to do all of that. But i picked them vegetables just to see what they was talking about and they was talking about something. Okay and i want you to hear what thus saith the lord through hellofresh is recipes because sometimes he likes to speak. And are you going to be available to listen go to hellofresh dot com slash woman evolve twelve and use woman evolve twelve for free twelve meals for twelve free meals including free. Shipping is free twelve meals including shipping. Again that has hellofresh dot com slash evolve twelve use code one above twelve acid twelve. Free meals okay. i see twelve. That's all All right in this next time in the sanctuary because we have been on this podcast all year long. This episode is about two years long is longer than his even necessary. So here's my snap for you today. On march nineteenth we have. Hey you we're gonna be talking about courage we're going to I'm gonna share a message. That is going to require courage on my part in order to share it. But i want you to be a part of it. It is march nineteenth. Mark your calendars on youtube on facebook. Seven central standard time. That's eight eastern five. Pm pacific that six pm mountain standard time. Come and join us this week. We're focused on focusing on worship having courageous worship so once again we've been talking about courage being courageously free this week. We're going to talk about courageous worship. And i want us to consider worship outside of the aspect of someone leading us into worship but how we come to a place where our life our thoughts. Our spirit is worship Okay so worship. When i was reading and studying about this worship means to turn to god and when we turn to god in every area of our life is show up and how we show up in the world and i believe the disconnect and how we're showing up for others maybe even for ourselves is that we're showing Looking at who. We think we should be. We're looking at who other people want us to be. And that's how we show up when we turn to god. He gives us vision creativity and strategy on how to show up in a way that reflects him. Why would we wanna reflect. God because when we reflect god we reflect light and when we reflect light there is wisdom there is patients there is kindness there is innovation. There are so many things connected to turn into god and so i wanna have a sit down and talk with you guys. It'll be a little bit different than maybe what you have experienced in the past. But i wanna talk to you about us intentionally. Turn into god and not in this like big scary way but in this bearing real way of changing our lives so that we can show up consistently as a person who has been in the face of god and therefore can shine for others so march nineteen march nineteenth courageous worship and We'll have a special little playlist to help you get your worship atmosphere together after we sit down and chat for a bit Thank you guys for being patient with us for loving me. and For growing with us on this podcast. It's amazing we've done two interviews this year and that's something. Okay that's something. I don't i don't know but it's something and shutting says adam found some gospel music. I put my bussiness. That and i feel real save. Nah it ain't nothing like feeling real real saved I love that for you. Love that you're experiencing that safety but still get the feel like a thug like a little baby gospel. The down on the inside okay Okay in some. let's pray. God we invite your presence not just for a moment but as a lifestyle may we live in the consciousness of you being ever present always with us always available to poor to teach to comfort and to guide we receive your piece. We receive your power. We receive wisdom for this journey. We turn to you where curious about what you see. We're curious about what you say or listening. Our hearts are and begin speaking. Even now god so that we may be prepared for where you will lead us on friday when we come together but most importantly where you will lead and guide us forever. And jesus name. I pray amen alevi.

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