Hour 3: Bust Or Not?


G sanjay willing to the podcast. Playing tournament begins tonight. Is we'll see who the bottom seeds are in the east pacers hornets. That's at six celtics wizards at nine both games you could here on. Espn radio and the winner of the celtics and wizards will get the seven seed and they will get the brooklyn nets in the first round and you know you see all the different takes about the nba and certainly about the celtics and how they have fallen ethic. There's just way too many podcasts out. There everybody's got an opinion about things it's done there takes and then there's times where those takes might go a little too far in fact might at least draw somebody to react and it's a story that we could not ignore in the world of the nba and that is kwami brown. Just firing back at those who were criticizing him about the bus label which he was number one. Pick as you remember. And it was the wizards who took him in two thousand. Three and michael jordan was in the front office at the time taking him. And so it's one and kwami brown is like that picture of what use the term bust in sports usually with a draft pick. It's generally pick that's the bust and we'll discuss all we can go. Yeah i know you already rolled your eyes on me. Because it's it's just this back and forth is is to me incredible because it started on the all the smoke podcast gilbert. Arenas join the guys. A matt. Barnes and steve jackson discussing gilbert and his days in washington and he said about round imagine being eighteen year. Old kid getting drafted number one by your idol. Your idols michael jordan. But we know michael jordan's personality imagine that personality going towards an eighteen year old kid just bullying him and he just. He took it from there saying that. That's really what affected kwami brown. The most and brown really took it extremely personal at one point arenas called brown a show pony which is incredibly disrespectful. So kwami went to instagram to fire back in it off. Not just stephen jackson and gilbert and and matt barnes but to also the media because of the bus label that he took so personal and told his story about a kid who made it from you know basically nothing and at least got to the league in really calling out just about everybody. I mean he called steven jackson. Fake called matt. Barnes becky with the good hair and said that arena took took millions from him but he also took a shot at some media including stephen a. About the idea of being a bust and that got us into a big debate back and forth about the bus label. And i'm gonna put it this way again on. The you know the big bad media guy here not blessed is not about the person bust is the pick. If you're the pick that just goes with you the pick was the bust. It was a bust of a pick and it was. It didn't pan out. it's the number one overall. Pick if you don't turn into a star it was a bust and so that's why it's called bust. It's not about the player. Agree or is the pick but as the guy is the bus to. I don't refer to team put pick goes with the player goes with the picton bust. End the pit goals. We say nobody says boston. Celtics what a bust. What about jordan. And his decision is fine. That's that's jordan. Has not about a franchise it all boston. Individual always go together and one of the things that bothers me about it. is that fans. Throw that word out there. So nonchalantly like okay. Oh i got a bus. I'm like all right. You calling him a bus. What are you what are you so is this something to put into perspective man. Get him jane. You get a chance to be part of point. Zero zero zero one percent of the world. I know players then reach their potential. I got hurt. I didn't reach my potential right. Kwami brown reach his potential. That doesn't mean that he's a boss. Though and i know what you're trying to say you're trying to say what what was the pick none. It doesn't work that way man because the casual fans has the pick and the person or the same like all you a bus. You didn't pan out. man you were blown. People have called him a no. No he's made the first pick in the draft. Whenever i know pan out potential wise people have called him a bomb. So just something for people to think about your calling him a bum. What kind of numbers you put in your league for you here about okay. What are you like when i hear. The word bus frowned up at zubin said bus. One time on the sean just talking people just say it he a bust and he's one of a handful a hand full few that has reached a pinnacle of a profession. That people have tried they. They spend hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on little johnny's to try to make it to the level. That you not you but the media are calling somebody a bust. People spend hundreds of thousands to try to get their kids to get to that level in never works out in when guys like kwami brown or greg oden or or or players in the nfl key. John carter who goes down with an acl who never panned out doesn't mean him as a bus but the first thing injury does put the first thing people say like jay is the fan or the media won't label you a bust. A bus like pity. Yeah when you when you guys number one overall pick like what. Do you expect out of that individual. Rightness that is a number one number one pick but what if you drafted a team. That is desperate that need you the great back coaching. That don't understand how to utilize your skillset or or it. The game changes where all of a sudden. You don't fit the game because all of a sudden in basketball it turns into steph curry where everybody's shooting threes but they pick a big. That just doesn't help. T- can't help them because everything is down low twenty years ago. Look you had your. I'll get mine. This is like like. I said this to me is about the pick but when you start saying that you know a tiny minute percentage you get to be that pick. So he made it. That's where i gotta stop you because we because the rest of society that is a fan of the sport. We'll never know that right. We don't understand so it's only relatable to you have an opportunity and you did not turn it into something. But he did. What what did he turn into. Making twenty five million dollars. Maybe maybe not burn. Because they think he didn't do enough maybe he thinks that for himself. That's fine like i think my career like. Oh i could have done a lot more. That's fine but he's it's much different view. john carter. We don't call steel. May still smith is joining now because call. It has been talking about it. So i'm glad you did stephen a good morning. The jal set this up your human. Now allan allan i call to get on jay williams keyshawn johnson. Mom rob you know man. Forget forget kwame brown brothers retie it. Let that brother losing piece. I got nothing to say about him. Here's what i call up to address. You gotta understand as former athletes who are pretty damn. Good at what you guys. Did you have to understand that when the media is coming at it in terms of lavely somebody a boss or somebody underachieve etc etc keyshawn. You just brought up about the fans and media. Well guess what what we're doing is comparing folks so you to j two other to your contemporaries. We're not saying. Excuse me there a bus. They're useless in life. They can't do anything that no there is a standard that comes with the level that you guys reached an expectation that comes with it. That's why somebody's the number. One overall picks compared to the thirty first overall pick compared to the sixty fourth overall pick in basketball. That's why somebody's a first rounder. Compared to around four hundred fifty of people out there whether it's scouts player personnel people get others executives. Or what have you. They make decisions based on and they label whose elite who has a chance who does it. Who's ashore fire. Who's a awhile who have changed. And that determines the value that you have in your sport and those expectations are what people like myself allen of everything going to get that but room stances everything circumstances that everything man if you not if you're not in the right situation as i've said many times if bill parcells did come out of the sky in nineteen ninety-seven i wouldn't be working right now because my career could potentially win in a different direction with people like richie kotite coaching one. That is circumstance circumstance true. But no but that's true and you you'd have a point if someone was denying that no one's denying that but at the end of the day it comes down to the result. You're getting into the why which i respect but ultimately how many times have you seen say something and you said keyshawn or you said jay. Well they just don't know and my response would they. We have to we the results business. You can get into the nuances as to why something happened and you would have a point. 'cause you know better than folks in the media but ultimately when it comes down to what would the result because keystone as a player might say one thing. The coach might say the joe the general manager might say something else the owner might say something and then years later you come out with a book talking about how the media was right. But did you want go. Tell them at the time. The fact is is that in the end the only thing that we can lean on definitively when the funding the value of so body soaps. And you can't be in a results oriented business and they wanna mode about what the results revealed. How people like alan myself for other articulate. When you sign up for it knowing that you're gonna get measured by the resolve. Csi here's my only issue with that. And i get it. Because you and i talked basketball every damn day like urine drink lines right. Yeah but i think there's completion. What happens because people take the word bus and a bum. You have people on the street but all your bum you're bus like if you're talking about the nuances of it like that's what i'm talking about. I'm not con kwami bomb on or another bomb. I mean they may not panned out. But i think it's the way we phrase it because that allows other people to phrase it that way and that's where the problem with it. Does that make sense. But i think that makes total sense and you have a very valid point. But i'll give you an example as it pertains to kwami brown years ago. Myself greg acidy campbell aglow and john saw does the late great. John saunders was on nba. Shoot around so greg gas and he says well he's got small hands he can't catch the ball can't hold onto the ball can't do this or that legless said well he's got you know quick feet but in the same time his movement is questionable and stuff like that and that's a result because of that the other really know how to post play and all this other stuff and then they came to me and i said he can't shake it was based on their analysis. So what i'm saying. Is that budget something down and total sense but then there's also have to be a billion to that it and that's what you get people the things that they say not. That's right and i get your point but the here we have to come from somebody. And you can't just contextualized everything providing a period period at the end. And that's what the media was stephen a. It's okay for you to say that somebody can't play. I'm i'm the first person to say that do play. But i'm not saying he's a bust. See the difference is somebody can't play because it's at the pro level maybe peak. Maybe they're not good enough to play at the pro level like they did in college doesn't mean their bus they got there it just not working out for them. They're just a marquee. The boss comes from the fact. What was this status. When entered this level if you're the number and again i'm not talking. Forget kwame brown. I'm not talking about him over one. I'm just talking in general about the principal. If you're the number one overall pick gay comes with an expectation if you don't come close to meeting those expectations literally what jonah arguing about. Is somebody saying. They didn't meet expectations. As opposed to say barabas really. Maybe i just don't like the word bus. Maybe conduct my thing. Maybe the connotation you were buses just a stain and i don't. I don't like to refer to people as bus. You think when guys make it to the pros they work their ass off in. They got there and it didn't work is eighteen. He he he was very early in his life. But but you're use the word. Sorry all the time well. I'm sorry it's critically maybe it's the worst. But what do we do. Basketball is one sport. Which is why. I always defend kevin durant going on and going after people on social media because what is the one. What is the biggest part of the culture trash-talking how we talk about each other. How we talk about players we watch players and we see a guy. This guy is good or if this guy sorry like you would say. He's a bomb. Those are words that are just used in the scores in the lexicon of the sport a personal attack we say in this game. It's not just that his. Think that here's what i would ask jay and key to appreciate number. One overall. Pick keyshawn johnson number two overall pick jay williams. You took that spot for somebody. You earned it. You deserved it. What what you did came at the expense of somebody else and that position has been monetize. The number one pick gets more then number two pick at least initially number to get paid gets what at at least initially. It's been not at top and there's a value attached to that that's real words like busted stuff like that because they're not talking about the person's talent you're talking about how they were value and what that valued costs somebody and whether or not they lived up to it or not all the more when you also talk about. What did he have around him. He had doug collins. A coach was was. What's on sale was around that organization. Yeah they had. I mean gilbert got out of pieces look even. We don't even have to go. we don't go. we don't even have to go to kwame brown row. I'm just talking overall in general when kisha fj individuals with incredible credentials to talk about these things. All i'm trying to say is let's be real about what it is people value and when that value doesn't measure up to snuff. It costs somebody. In some cases it cost people their jobs. You have people like myself and others who believed that matinee should have been on a hot he the long run pace with the chicago because not only did they move up in the draft to dr mitchell trubisky. They passed onto shawn watson and patrick mahomes to do so now mentioned to into anything. Won't anybody he's worked on. He tried but just what he ate those brothers but he was picked several slots ahead of them. And it's a cargo bay had to go through just to get their hands on just to feel in order for us to forget who the hell they drafted place a. That's attached to the whole and we still forget the world of what. I hear you though by wonder with matt nagy warren college. I wonder how do because we didn't call john calipari but bust when john calipari didn't pan out. Nba like we didn't call it. There are a lot of examples of guys who got up to league. Maybe he didn't do it properly. They may go back out of success. But we're not saying their boss called the failure of the nba level. What accurate is the bus. Nfl coach was he was every. Send out about comedy when he was at the nights jay. You know that. Well stephen a. You you you. You like. Saint joan bomb. Stephen hatton media. They can't they can't handle it when we have control the narrative actually fun to watch fun to watch them squirm. And by the way. Stephen a feel about this key pointed at me twice today when we talk about the media i mean pointed at me aggressively like put on your big boy pants and handle. It comes with the job that coming anyway. Jedrzej come at me all the time. I don't give a damn. I do sir safe driving. Show join our nice driving after yard. That's a trying to explain it. I'm glad he jumped into explain to you. Probably to defend himself. Certainly really didn't explain it to me. I don't like the word mitchell trubisky bust. No no no didn't work out did it. That's on your number one pick. But who was that on. Is it on everybody. Ryan pay matt nagy mitch. Trubisky is on the players around him. There's no bill laser like who is it. I'm just never calling the player bus. If you're if you're not going to call another player a bus if you understand what they're getting there you don't understand. My definition of bus is the pick was a bus was by unless we learned to part of it. It was if you bought stock in a company and you lost money on it. That stock was a bus company. Was we've that with any other with any other line of business like the line of business. You draft someone to come work for you. I mean no other. You hire people but that's hired different. You're drafting someone. You're selecting someone. This is higher. Drafting is higher. It's a higher you're saying. Hey here's the more valuable. I'm hiring you this hiring same damn thing no. It's not because. I'm not waiting for another company. I don't have to wait for another company to make a decision. You first or then now i get the next train up. Companies bow like this all the time and his fans watching. How's it gonna start calling him riding on it out as a lawyer your bus. Why am i rooted for you. Why am i waiting for you. Watch a company and root for the company reporters hot with stock invested as much from places like cw post. There's recruiters that want you and your services to come work for their companies and right around that that's how you're telling me it's the same thing as drafting in seeing. There's no difference. I like you. Oh i didn't get you because you chose this job. Well i'll tell you what. I'll tell you what that if i was hired to a show and i sucked as the host say was a bust soy. Okay not good yeah. That's all i was and it never did. I mean that's the don't you think you wanna put it that way. That's how you put it. But in i shut that i didn't do well. I had to leave the show. That's it so all the people that didn't get there you know how many people didn't get their local radio all of your local radio and they're all looking at me going. You were a bus. Because if i had that opportunity. Does that mean that. They're bus because they didn't get the opportunity you got. Does that mean that their bus. Because they didn't didn't get picked didn't people didn't see their talent. What does that mean does off of it. You missing hair. Go right with gonna look at the a matching deal. The eyes of the work really well on radio to tv if somebody was doing radio who had the talent to do it at a national level or in a big market and is doing it at a lower level. Yes they are a bust talent at a higher level forever. Don't make me do this to you. Please don't chime in on this. Stay out of this year because we all know why you in the power to him. But that's not mean what i mean. We all get opportunities from our family members. I never thought that this would be that hot of a topic. But i mean my phone a lot of people. Text me about it. No no agreeing with me. They're they're your friends with you but it's also saying that so yes over for dinner conversation. Asian essay called into because stephen a he had keyshawn jay. We'll zubin presented by progressive insurance. You join us on the goodyear hotline. If it was a bullet wouldn't award number two pick. It addressed this conversation. Espn eight seven nine. Three seven hundred seventy six. I imagine call the roulette a really interesting today. One team that has been an absolute bust all season long. There you go being a bull. So will they come up bust in the nba playing. That's coming up next. jay z. Espn radio and the espn app. Let's just forwarded ready go. This is key sean. Jay zubin as province voice-over artist is here to explain bottomless. How do i get across free refills on fries and drinks. Well here goes bottomless at red. 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If you watch bradley beal play the other day you gotta. You gotta wonder a little bit. I mean he was gimpy. Fourth quarter thought scotty books that a great job staying with them. I mean it's one of his two horses. He had no choice. But i mean three minutes to go third quarter. I think they're down fifteen points and bradley. Looks like you can't make a shot. And they just take the game over in the fourth quarter. So if bradley beal were healthy. I would agree. I'm really anxious to see what version of bradley beal we're going to say because he let you go back this strange you look at all the match ups to three game matchups that the teams played in the regular season. I mean you've got guys missing from different matchups injuries because it trades this. You know thais didn't play marcus. Smart is played games. Marcus smart to the three Bradley average forty one a game. He just torched them In the regular season but that was a different bradley beal. And i think that's going to be a huge factor. It's also i think the beauty of this j. We'll remember for sure it's one in done. This is like a seven game or in the old days. A fifth game of the playoffs teams are not used to play in that winner. Go home we're gonna see that in nine ten and we're going to see it the second version on thursday and friday With the seven and eight. Pj been friends for a long time. Every time i watch coach you coach a passion. You coach your energy. I'm not saying that is not happening in boston. But can you tell me like. Why do we watch his team. Play hard who does that fall on their straight. I you know. I couldn't pick him. I mean what they've done the last three years. You know getting into finals year in and year out and you look at the roster this year particular. It's such a young roster You know i'm getting ready for this right in the ages down and i'm saying like tristen you got two guys tristen and camera the only to Even barely in their thirties. You got all these young guys. A couple of emerging you know going from all stars to all nba candidates and all year. Brad's been pulling his hair out. Brad stevens with this team wondering I think a lot of it had to do jay. I i know i'm giving them an excuse but i think a lot of them had to do with games miss this team. Every team was impacted by colville in and the schedule The schedule i think wreaked havoc with the lock with a lot of players and they just missed games I don't know what version i guarantee your bright doesn't know what versus the celtics are gonna show up but again That that's the beauty of the playoffs. I mean most years when we used to get we always say. April may june this year at june. you know may june july. I don't you don't know what's going to happen Three games teams played in the regular season against each other was nice. It meant there were no tiebreakers but you look at any of these. Three game series. There were so many players and injured and covert protocol. I think we've got some great match ups that i think people genuinely don't know what to expect which to me. You know. i think maybe we get around or two. Okay here's somebody clearly. Playing well lakers perfect example. What what team are we going to see their. Everybody's saying well the today get around the two hundred m in and running back playing the way they're capable of playing wait a minute. I mean i don't know if you're going to get to that brooklyn brooklyn. The three guys are going to be there when you play this. Few games together as they've played you have to wonder You gotta be impressed with what they did We stayed nash. Underrated did a great job. Yeah i'd love to have that roster. But i'll tell you what it wasn't easy what they went through so i just think there's a lot of questions so we're gonna find out answers to in the first two weeks and then then i think it's going to settle in. It's not going to settle in for a little bit a little while and i think the first round. It's going to be very interesting. And i'm dying to see what happens in the playing coach. You mentioned youth when you talk about the boston celtics. This particular individual is not young anymore. How impressed have you been with with russell. Westbrook this year. I it's to the point. I was lucky enough to coach Russell as a rookie. Before i got four. I got myself fired in oklahoma city and and known him so long. I i honestly say i'm not surprised anymore. What he does it spectacular. And you look at the numbers i mean. Sometimes you know he'll he'll miss shots he'll you look at the stats. And he's like five for thirteen. And he's completely dominated the game Rebound he we used to say russell's the best rebounding gliding the league rebounding guard. He's one of the best rebounders in the league period. Averaged over eleven rebounds a game He takes such great care of his body. He impacts the game with the rebounding with his ability to get to the basket. You turn the game around the beginning of the fourth quarter even before bradley. Got a huge block. George call early in the fourth quarter that with with charlotte and then all of a sudden boom knocked down at three. I mean you shake your head when he when he takes it but he makes the play He got himself to the free throw line repeatedly he got them in trouble It's amazing the way he impacts the game but he's taking such good care of his body such a great pro in the way he competes that It's scary. i think. J will ask the question right in the beginning was out. I don't even know What washington team. We going to see What they've done. What scotty brooks team has done and that the run that they've put together is absurd. They have a better seventeen and six. They are in the last twenty three games. I mean everybody was you know burying them get rid of everybody. Get rid of the front office. Getting ready to the coaches. They've played better than anybody since last twenty three games of the year. And you gotta say. Obviously i russell and bradley incredible but they gotta do what a couple of games or we're not even gonna see in the play offs. Pj we're we got into a heated debate today about the word love. It and i'm curious you as a head coach in nba for a long time. A guy has coached basketball. In general have you referred to nba player as a bust. And what are your thoughts. A bust No i i don't think it's unfair word. I you know. I'm not. I'm certainly knock and say i never would have said it when i was when when i was coaching but to me You know you do what what you did what you did for a living and you make it to this level that i don't think there's there's such a thing But you know there's guys there's gm's and coaches that had people that their livelihoods depend on it and guys didn't guys didn't produce Busters busters a hard word. But there's there's a lot of a lot of people that didn't make it at this level I don't know what's what's a better word. What was what was the pointed garnishment or who won the argument j. I know you did we. Stephen smith called and i feel like we've lost some traction key and i held her ground coach. What it was. What it was was a media versus ex athletes debate over a simple word where i think the point i was trying to make. Was that boston isn't the person it's the pick. It's the decision. it's all of it. And the player gets the label mainly because he's the guy like he's he ends up being the one that was taken and it all stemmed from kwami brown firing back at a lot of people that continue to bring him up as one. The there's you guys did for a living you as a coach you sit wants to move. You got Interesting and you know if you have some coaches who also that. That's even a better perspective. But i mean to get to that level. it's opportunities. I mean how does so many guy in all of the professional sports that didn't work out at one place. I'm didn't workout it two or three places and then all of a sudden thrive somewhere else. you're not. You're not a bus in my opinion if you get to this level It's it's a tough word but it's also you know. It's a fair word for media. I don't like it at all from a player's standpoint loves my coaching standpoint. I'm copping out But i'm glad i wasn't there 'cause i always lose my arguments with stephen. So we'll won't be a buses tonight. We hope it will. Wizard celtics tonight. Espn radio pj. Carlesimo on the call and also on the goodyear hotline with us coach. Always good to talk to you. Thanks so much all right. Pj you you guys are great. Thank you appreciate it man or you're just talking have you ever seen. Pj kalisz coach. Oh yeah have you have you know but you have to face even even at katie has a fantasy camp even him in fratello together. A coach hall. I'm talking what they don't. Ching grown ass men who are like forty five touched line be losing and he's one of my all time but he doesn't. He doesn't avoid the coach. That don't have a voice you know about them but think about too when he was in seattle k. d. as a rookie and then Jeff green they had on there so long ago i didn't realize is seattle seattle on it. He and jeff green less sonics left in the in the league. Can we get seattle about. Nba play tournaments on espn radio tune in tonight as the pacers host. The hornets followed by the wizards that celtics presented by audi coverage begins at six pm eastern on most espn radio station. So we go. To mark market madness find out of joe burrow is already getting the seat at skyline chili next caja jay z. Espn radio and espn app. On tuesday getting set for the nba playing games and talk baseball with the one and only a lighter. We'll see if he calls me goldie against golden starting ten am eastern on espn radio and espn. Plus do you own or rent your home share you and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com dennis quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy. Visit geico dot com today. That's geico dot com. Wnba is on its way back playing basketball in a pandemic. Looks like this. No mask no six depar- took put yourself in harm's way. It was a scary decision. We are dedicating this season. To ron taylor the unity that we were able to experience with something that we won't forget and we can lean on as we move forward. I would do it all over again because bigger than me bigger than my teammates. Espn films presents. One forty four presented by honda now streaming on espn plus. It madness rolls on k. j. z. Espn radio presented by progressive insurance august. Join us on. The goodyear hotline mo egger afternoon hosts on espn fifteen thirty and cincinnati joins us right now to give us the take from natty the top three soo- sports stars in that market right now mo- takeaway all right guys I had to think long and hard about this. Because i've got a star the future star that present and to a degree in the past. I'm gonna start with my number three. I'll go joey votto joey. Best seasons are behind him. He's going to be thirty eight years old by the end of this season. He's currently on the injured list. But if you look at the longevity if you look at the resume that he's put together an mvp sees and other years in which he was on the top five an mvp voting he's going to have a compelling hall of fame case he's played his entire career in cincinnati. Who was a part of this franchise. Turn around in two thousand ten The reds have other players who currently are better. i don't think they have a brighter star. I don't think they have anybody who's more recognizable around the country. Then joey votto At number two. I will go with university of cincinnati football coach. Luke fickle Luke fickle over. His last three seasons has gone thirty one in six. He took a program that had Quickly descended when tommy tober was the head coach and he's taken it back to where it was back in the late two thousands. They played in the peach bowl this year. They won a conference championship. They have a chance to have maybe four guys who could taken in the first two rounds of the nfl draft in two thousand and twenty two. This is university of cincinnati football. We're not talking about a traditional national power. And i think there are a pretty good bet to start the season in the top ten. And if they can win on the road at indiana and at notre dame this year they could maybe be the first group of five school to crack the college football playoff He is universally beloved here. He's recruited cincinnati really. Well he's in ohio guy. He's energized the fan base and he's won an exceptional amount of games and then number one. I think it's pretty clear. It's joe burrow and look joe's star still rising. He hasn't played a full season. But everything we've seen from this guy Suggests he's gonna be a star. You got better week in and week out last year. In the ten games that he played in he's embraced being bengal. i think he's added a degree of swaggering confidence to a team. And a and a fan base that is sorely needed. It and for the first time in a while i think you can envision the cincinnati bengals maybe one day not simply winning a playoff game which we've all been thirsting for for thirty years but perhaps maybe eventually actually competing for something like i don't know championship That seems within reach and perhaps not in the short term but as good as he's been as good as he is And i just think with the way. He's embraced being the franchise. Guy for a franchise that has sorely lacking identity for so often in. Its history in joe. Burrow's the biggest star here in cincinnati. He's just getting started. You would think that especially also being in ohio son that means so much to that market. What the fa what are the fans. What's this the the feeling coming out of the draft with the decision. What do you go with tackle. do you go with a receiver. Obviously they go receiver and somebody. He knows very well. Well i participated in your mock draft. And then i i spent the day getting laughed at by the likes of mike tannenbaum so i. I enjoyed that but You know look. It was a compelling conversation that we had for for about two months leading up to the draft. You take the tackle or do you take a receiver. Jomar chased you go peninsula march chase and and i i. I think what they've done is they've chosen to protect joe burrow by giving him a weapon that he's familiar with and by giving him a guy who's gonna get separation add that to a class of wide receivers that they have that i think they feel like is going to allow joe burrow to protect themselves. I think there's cautious optimism among fans with what they've done in the draft and look clearly clearly could have made a case that they should've taken an offensive lineman in the first round. All you have to do is go back to the image of joe burrow being carted off against washington last year That said you know. Look there's the joe burrow endorsement. There is the fact that the jomar chasing and joe played with each other and lsu. There's a degree of familiarity and let's face it There's gonna be a surge of optimism. joe burrow's healthy no matter who they have blocking in front of him no matter. Who's playing defense. No matter who he's throwing to the good news is all signs are pointing to him being ready to go week one. Wow thanks very much ready to go week. One for joe burrow's number one in the market again market madness all the number ones we will put as we go through all sixteen of the market that we were gonna use go into a bracket and you the viewer you the listener within votes. Who's number one joe. Burrow's got a shot to go pretty deep tournament like that in new york. We had jake to grow. I mean again nationally. I didn't make the list nashville. Club doesn't have to wait for the table. That's still. That's the same macho on there well. He look fickle has done a great job at cincinnati football. Joey votto he's been there. He's beloved. He's beloved there as well. I found it interesting that he said that joe burrow that he had he endorsed the pick for tomorrow's would that make him a diva involving and making that man alone. Cvs to locker. No but that's what we're saying. All these quarterbacks wanna be involved with ron woolfe said they want to be involved in decision-making they wanna say he called that being dethroned with having a say. If you're to start having thursday esco boroughs absolutely you. Just labeled joe burrow divas s after one year in the league. Trevor lawrence is a diva Just feels diva trae. Lances a diva mack. Jones is a diva all of. Did you see the jets quarterback. He's a diva okay. But he was involved in the decision. Making those you find that to be. He decided to tell everybody he was working. Hard to court starter. He's a diva now. Say you want to be well. That's a franchise with a history of bus should be back to that conversation. Carlos bushes deepa joe. What's your favorite podcast. Let me tell ya that'll be number two after you listen to mind three times a week. I'm going to challenge you to keep up with me as i discuss. Topics from the latest in technology music and people getting duct. Also you get the very best analysis of the game and we watched it with the psychopathic level of store for connect. Plus we have got a community of guests that you'll feel like your closest friends in noto listen to subscribe to the right time. Bomani jones podcast. Wherever you get your podcast.

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