2020 SLC1 Post-Race Interviews


The. Pro Circuit racing based in Corona California and founded in Nineteen Seventy eight by Mitch. Payton is known for two things building high quality horsepower winning races. The name pro circuit has worldwide recognition that you have bought the best, and we strive to get you the very best products for your bike from two strokes to four engine, porting suspension in our top rated exhaust bronx. We cover it off and take a look at our own twenty twenty roster, consisting of Austin Ford Ner Garrett March, banks, Jordan Smith and Cameron mcadoo visit pro circuit dot com for more info on all the services and products pro circuit race. Chris Blow Salt Lake City supercross. Hey, you haven't been on the bike much. You had a horrific crash in Glendale young man on the bike much. You came back to race and showed good speed in qualifying, but race pace must have been tough for you. Yeah, you Pretty good practice as far as you know doing a couple of at the time, but I think the biggest thing for me was just trying to get back into that race pace and intensity so like you said about the bike for a long time and before you know, we cannot hear Salt Lake. I'd wrote a handful of time so. It's GonNa take a little bit but Yet they was was okay. Yeah, so okay, so that's my next question. You're happy with how it went everything. Not Happy I won't to be better. I know, it's not gonNA be instant. So it's going to be a process. Won't. You Know I. Guess You won't Wallace. Be. legris held up for for the most part will fall. Let things things weren't okay, did they? Were you. Is there anything in your body still sore? We know your mommy, but any lingering effects. Aren't they? Everything else for my angry has been finding history your. Risk like this lack of mobility. And turn off like in the main event that that you went over the table for the star and read and I just one lap. I did not get liftoff it. And came up so sure and I thought this was going to fall off. Really. Her so yeah had to like actually like roll around. That to get it to go away for a little bit but Yeah, so was it How Weird was it for you I'm asking everybody question, but how weird wasn't. It would definitely weird Wouldn't know fans and social distancing the math. Definitely different. That's for sure. It's not obvious. Ain't nobody is. Also for us. It would definitely be. The weirdest part for me was like the process on going to the gate. The buys, but he had. With you! That was like the weirdest pilot. Really rights going to sit in their atom Cerullo told me it was just weird to be there with. No everybody was just talking. You could hear everybody talk. You know what I mean like. It was yeah it was weird, so. Different different but wherever. Yeah so all right so you'll be ready for Wednesday giving give a shit again. How blows? Yet? Make a few changes trying to figure out a couple of years Yeah, it's it's Wednesday. On definitely wanted to. are to that actually. Are you doing the four-fifths. If you get in. Can you do the four fifty on the on the other coast? No I'm not getting for. All right, yeah, I didn't know because I don't think they're going to have forty guys by the time this thing ends up on that coast. You know so yeah. I was GONNA say there could be a spot for you if you had a four fifty. You wanted to do it. Right yeah, I mean. definitely not. Cool thanks. Track. It was really simple, really easy I know they did that on purpose for everybody to get back into it and I. Don't know how this dirt going to hold up for six more races. I mean even being the first rates and. That being the freshest it's going to be. Man That was so marbly and it just the curated so quick. Start should be interesting the next six rounds though. I'M Definitely GONNA be. Cool! Thanks close appreciate it. We'll see you, Wednesday bye, thank you. All right post race podcast from Salt Lake City one supercross. It's J. B., Justin, Brayton well. I guess first of all J., B.. The question is GonNa for everybody is just. How Weird was the whole thing? It was definitely a little strange for sure Especially when you're sitting on the line like it feels like 'cause you know the time practices, we get a gate drop. Yeah, he made event felt just like a time practice. You're actually out there risk, so that was a little strange, but hopefully once you get going, and once you're racing didn't really feel that much different but yeah overall the day. I didn't mind it. Though you know not like that was all come packed and I mean I'm lardy back to. Act, our house and. We've got back like ago. Yeah! So that's kind of cool part of it. Yeah, really right What was it like with no Duff You know all that kind of stuff. Thing was hard to see I guess, but that was a little strange, but. That's funny. I was just on the frontier e, the Honda Australia Guy and I'm like was basically like Ozzy supercross today like there's a lot of them. They don't allow that Lord okay. It was pretty dry and hop which is. Typically how ugly racist! So yeah it was. You know none of that stuff. Really bug me that much, but. Overall I thought it was good. I thought it went well and. I think as we go on more of a system can. We didn't really know or like. Yeah, okay? Where do we lock our whole? We need to do it now in like yeah, can you hold my bike? Go Pick my day and then. Like all, that was a little strange. I think we'll have more of a system now and everyone will know more like okay. Here's what I do I'll go pick my gate. Yeah. I'll come back and grabbed my bike. You locked the whole. Shut down, so. That was the strangest party not knowing exactly what was allowed, and what wasn't allowed I, talked to Adam and Kenny after practice, and neither one of them was bothered by no track walk. They just thought it was fine to have like to slow laps. On that I, I was only yeah. I enjoyed it. Yeah, I thought it was. It was fine and I thought. I thought that would freak. You guys out not. Fun I will say though the track really really basic so yeah. I wouldn't have needed. I wouldn't have needed for one I didn't even look at it. Because already saw pictures on Instagram so I knew what the rhythm we're going to be and. Honestly we went out there. I lap. Without, even seeing the tracking trouble. And and we did get to watch the two fifty practice a little bit. We could kind of see a couple of the land, and that's all you really need to see is if you see somebody hit it. Then you can go out there and hit it I lot no problem i. I wasn't the greatest track and all that, but I'll give them. I'll give them a break. You guys haven't raised for a long time. Yes, sure it was on purpose and I'm sure it'll get tougher. Between we'll talk about your raise individually here, but dude I don't know how this thing's going to hold off for six weeks. Six races I mean I, don't. know either. The dirt and You know one thing that wasn't that great was. They would water before like every race. Connor Senate the dust, but That was pretty gnarly, so we'd go out and it'd be like a slip and slide half the track, and then the other part wasn't and. I get it I. Guess You know like you said we'll give them Mulligan the first cup. I think the next one will be a lot better because it'll be a little bit cooler and it'll be at night, so they'll be some moisture in it, yeah! I hope they're moving the dirt around that. They water the crap out of while new draft can be build stuff drive, and it's just never but those. For what they're doing, so yeah, you hope they they. They know what they're doing because. It looked brutal between the rots, and then the dry slickness, and just oh, man, it was rock. Yeah, we were down to concrete and Bernard. Patrick concrete yeah. Then twenty nine lap like. The track handle any lab. No, no, so that was pretty wild. Ride away when we saw the track like. Short lifetime we're going to do a lot of laps tonight. And also seven guys in the four fifty main pulled in, or didn't finish a fuel boiling I think the altitude to some guys. The track conditions. Get was GNARLY, so yeah, we were caught and it was. It was caught outside None of us have racing along android altitude. Yeah, I think all that combination, and then that intensity and many laps on a pretty demanding track, even though the chocolate museum is pretty demanding, always moving bike, always moving underneath. Even on straightaways. It's moving because you Chinese attraction and. So. Yeah, it was definitely tough, and we're into lepers. I mean even in the heat race after the heat. I'm like we were into loppers like about five or six year. your own race. Almost you got you on the main group. It was great you were battling hard. With you coming off an injury, I don't know how much time you have on the bike, but with the injury that might have been the worst thing for you a little bit to. Go that pace that early. What do you think? I don't know I thought it was fine. I definitely got my right arm bumped up whether that's. Backing by time or intensity or whatever? that was the main thing as far as like my long considering that wasn't a bad. It was just once I got. You just have to Labor? No, like the Turner all. Just you just have to Labour's and then I tend to go. I had a huge moment and one of the Rhythm Lane. I'm over. Could Adult send it to? You like well when I didn't crash I was like stunned and I like took a second. See Gums like. Oh Dang I didn't even crash 'cause I thought showdown down. partially got by me. Yeah, but yeah overall. It was okay. It wasn't that great, but for sure I would have liked to stay in that leaker if a little bit, but yeah with No. Enfance I think that can make you sick. Sounds good man well? Hey, thanks for the time appreciate Pro Circuit, Paul Callan today. I haven't really heard much from. He's yeah, he's fine. He's fine. Don't worry about it. He's good. Maybe I'll see you on the show tomorrow night. Perhaps maybe what's the deal with that I I'll text you after I'm done recording this interview out, okay? Thanks J. B.. Pierce Brown. Hey, man, salt, Lake City pulp cast outside of Eli Tomac share. mcelrath, who both won the races. You Pratt, perhaps the right of the day. On the ground second twenty first to fifth phenomenal ride man great job. Yeah they. The top one, I'm definitely heard from, but right now. No good day over qualified. Worth think. Yeah I think qualified six so I'd say I'd say in the second qualifying, but bummed. His say to. Someone had a better time my first. Practice, but yeah. Yeah came out got a third my heat, so are going guard and then. Do the bird. I had a decent thorough search on that and then. I. Came into effect owner and Shimoda outside of the. He kinda split out, I like. I Hand Don often him and our holy sideways. Way For someone to hit me and then being caught Neko's. In me, and then we both went down, but You know where to go you. You're screwed. Like after after the murder of I don't know I. Don't know if he was Piss off or what, but he gave me like the best I was hoping that, but no I had nowhere to go. Don's office CHAMOIS. With along the right. dude. It was a great ride I. Think you past twenty two dudes on that triple by troubling that triple role. Honestly I've seen a lobby were just crushing guys, they're. Basically, everyone knows. I don't know exactly what are. You were you were a doubling throwing yourself into the face and then scrubbing into the face it was. Yeah it was awesome. How tired were you? That's a lot of work and we're at altitude. I. Know You're used to it, but still you had to been had been hard. I was. Actually really good, all mother and We have three laps together. And that's what my third stealing, but. we had I had MAC and sexy like ride on me like ready to go out and shoot though like as soon as I as I some mechanic gimmie three live from the fifth ward. And when macaroni and. On, side, I went ahead. Let them by. but after that I. Of Canada's crews recruited all the way on the way home on Alan, but did you. Did you know you were because a pit board stuff I know some guys are trying to pit board. But did you know where you were? Were you were and all that? I kind of had a clue, but I on that really not because I said. Why and the first time he gave me, I was t eight art eight hours this town of town those taking. Know! We were laughing people. They were I. Don't know where they were so I wouldn't I was going for it, and then I saw three left to go, but he didn't have this vision like survey up. I'm guessing the whole entire mother without fit without Steph like. But, did you? Yeah if you were laying on the ground and someone said Hey, you're going to get. Fifty would've took that all day. Long cause you were. You were so far back it was. Hard more. I wasn't mad about my writing, but still just for like this awful like how? How like? I laugh when. There's a felt like I could've? But. bombed on. Stock on the ground nothing. I know you, don't you? Don't live here and right here all that much, but you think the the dirt. Do you think you got a little bit for help? From this? Being familiar with the dirt and everything I've been talking to guys here for the last hour and a Lotta. Guys are like dude. It was so slippery with so breaking down. It was ready like a lot of guys struggle with the track and the dirt. Do you think it helped you at all, or have you been gone too long and riding too much other stuff. I feel like I've gone too long. I moved out Sir Georgia and I was like fourteen. I've been on the East Coast, said Oh. Yeah, yeah, all right. We actually We heard. All around Arizona, so I flew back to Kennedy early like two weeks before. The first round and then we landed. In Rian Salt Lake, but we flew out early to Cali just so I could practice on heart paks is. Struggling hardback stuff more than I do like Aki in rutted tracks so. I was. Honestly like. I honestly like hard pack is definitely not my strong suit, but it's Kinda weird. Like Here. Really Right. Yeah, that is, but well. Hey, man does all I needed from you just great ride, fantastic job and now we gotta race again in two days, so we'll see on Wednesday thanks for. thanks for the. Call Chisholm Salt Lake City supercross first of all ages. You were like eight in the Q. and I tweeted out. Don't worry chairs wheelchairs. He will get in I. Don't know what's going to happen to the seven guys in front of him, but she is will get one of those four spots and sure enough. You did no problem here we go. You're just a just a grizzled vet of this stuff. Yeah, not going away to. The first, Time, you know. Look out, but. And he I like. The other. Guys are healthy. Things. There's a Lotta guys and he was I think. Right around there. With our. And, I made a mistake the first. is over triple. Cutting, the next one and. I just in passing, but he got going to scoring crashed into the side. It wasn't about. That! I WANNA! Get Out of. The heat. Reality. Not The best starter those names is GonNa got mixed up I, earned and yeah, badly seventh or eighth first half. I wrote like you know the I lab. We're GONNA. Nice thought he was the like. Like okay as long as they help their gap in the word. And Groom by hers. Per couple laugh so. I try to. You know, throw it away right away. You're my GRANDPA. Look. You Know Gaping Gaping Orlando. They're all pretty much stuck together. An old I last. Couple of download. Beta! Houses got right up the Cunningham an angry. I wanted to pass a couple of passenger but like. Yeah to work out, but we regret it. And how? Easy Mamer thorough therapy will leave it on the game at the. And we talked about after already, but It was so dusty. I? Grabbed at first, but it was the and it got really. route. That going to be. yeah, just every Giver Governor Charlie for. Iraq's with the dry. As having to get. GotTa fifteen so. You know yeah. Well if you're? So so many guys pulled out or crash or pulled into mechanic. Or whatever like it was an attrition race? I don't know okay. Altitude slash condition. Slash this time. Hot Yeah like the guys were struggling. Yeah just go work for that race. Like you're in every week, we're riding at home or whatever saying that you know. Many bars, people with their skirts, yeah! Forty one other guys and you know whatever. they're going to have that. I think. You're. Going to be. You know a lot of guys that I love you. Regroup. Reset whereas you Kinda. Get going the wrong direction like during the season. Do so many in a row normally that they found hard to like. Improve or work on stuff if I buy you a couple of days and then. Again you got over, so you know having things last. Month or two off. Almost like recently all I can help me. Yeah, but that kind of hold other you know. Variables at a all going to act or anything? It's It's going to be a crazy six weeks. I don't know how this tracks going to hold up and it's going to be gnarly weeks. Now he's GonNa take. Drinks Racist. Sorry. Yes. No yeah, it is like. But man, it's it's it is. For certain, but I like it like. Three and Arriving early. Like by the time over era Saturday I. I like parkway at least days I'm like Frank. Of. I know everything about. Your next Saturday can't come soon enough. For me I kinda like. I'm already like okay. We've got that. Like I. I. I don't realize. Whatever? Ordering before there's no trying with all. Practicing at Western. Because right and they had to honestly Derby. Es Nur You know like A. Performance standpoint. Writer Makina! Never guys are other work. Operate. Those are working button though you know with and twenty, but whereas Reiner's. We. Traveled or riding? We hear a lot later. We couple of days. We'll be right order. Or you're traveling. That's part of that. We're not having to deal and so you. Gives. Out a racer. I'd rather. Of the week I'm. Like. Let's just. Was this. You've done salt lake a bunch. Obviously, it was this. Tougher than a usual Salt Lake, or did this feel outside of the fans? Obviously, that's a massive difference, but outside of that dis- feel same as every other. Salt, Lake, you've done, you can remember. Hey, yeah. I would think added with me or frankly like I said about. The first race deal like you just. Hotter originator a couple of years ago. When it was on. I, think Bert with like harder and. You know or I think because the heat I every. Year there's questioning or whatever why I think. This is like a unusual heatwave. They're going through right now, is it? Again. Ask for listening pretty hot. I think that. Kinda made it. A little harder little drier than ever but out of what it is I mean it's not like. What you've been there. You kind of expect I would say. Only ten. There's an old. You know. that. that. That was a hard one because it was raining. I. Yeah, we're. Like five. Yeah, it's not. That was a tough one. Scenario. Cooman. Thanks, cheers! I appreciate the update. We'll see a Wednesday, but. Salt Lake City super cost. One pro circuit pulp cast the pro circuit. Sadam. SEEN SURREAL AC glad. You're all right. That was scary. Coop Web ran ran wide right over, but you're all right. You're banged up, but you'll be okay. Yeah I think that'd be fine Yeah. It was unfortunate. I mean the the crash itself. It happened so fast I barely even know what happened to be honest, not from the sense of where I hit my head or something. Happened quickly the crash itself hurt and then yeah, then you know I was kind of land on that your face there and in Cooper jumped right into me, and he obviously tried to break Emoji can, but I almost think maybe made it works watching the replay and him trying to break though art they put so much pressure on the front end and he ran right over my back. I mean that's the only not so obviously, he. Hit everything could but yeah. I should be fine. It's a little bit. It's a little bit better than Glendale. When Dale was was pretty brutal in terms of like lower back corners. And this one isn't quite that bad so. I should be fine exactly fun, but. Yeah, IT'S A. It's a learning moment. It was sketchy track I don't know I. I didn't see the crash so I. Don't know if you caught rot or if you into that table thing, I don't know really know what. Yeah well. They wanted this track a lot obviously the track was Super Desi knew that was going to happen, but I was conscious of that and I just came out of the turn to hit that triple. TRIPLE OUT! It was pretty difficult and I think it was just a little bit too much on the Nabis on the side of and ended up spending and getting out of control Yeah, I think. I don't know I mean looking back. I was probably just a little bit too eager. You know. I'm not rain for while being right there. My Star Trek so good I was. Stuck on that, but yeah. Probably, take a breath. I've felt like in the heat race. You kinda just road behind Kenny. You didn't really push you. Push too hard. It looked like you were just like okay I'll get second I'm fine. Yeah, well in the beginning he made a mistake and You know it's one of those deals where? I feel like I. Mean You know we bonus? We also for heat race, so it's not like there's nothing on the line thing, but you know you want to be not the primary focus, but you wanna be kind of a safe. You can't. I was one of those tracks where I was GONNA be a real pretty aggressive move. And I was a little bit uncomfortable with the change. We made on the bike. And I was just didn't have too much. Fronting grip so I was just kind of going through the most important, but he wrote good. Obviously yeah. I'm asking everybody the same question. Just how weird was it? How different was it? Was it like? Well it was. Relaxed like on the on the start line before the heat race ten and I were like messing with each other so pros you know making sure they were on and just talking crap and the main event I was mixed the. Jason Anderson and you know we live in the same neighborhood afford so we were talking about you. Know Auto, no stop in the community or whatever it was just. It just didn't feel it didn't feel like we're about. Yeah, no go for a game. I told one of the guys. I was going to bring my like my portable speaker with next time because get the vibe of. A little dance club, going on behind the line. It was Berry Berry Chill, but they did a good job. I mean the track was terrible. It was an and I don't know I think it was terrible. It was terrible, but they're giving you guys breaking you in slowly so I get it. That's what it is. You know I didn't have a huge problem with the layout like I. Yes easy but right that I think that presents. Other Challenges that you know. The cream always rises to the top and look at the podium, but I thought it was just. It got windy and it was very hot. And it looked like they were on a pretty tight time. With the you know with the NBC broadcast. And, so they were watering the track, which never happens like you know right before we go out there. No I mean it's easy for me to take that bit me, but Yeah I mean if they could keep the more moisture in it. Maybe we get some allows these next few days. It'll be right. What are the chances you're lining up on Wednesday? right now. I would say. I'd say sixty forty I'm up all right. Yeah, I'm I have nick currently at home depot me. To fill. That thing! Yeah, yeah, but Yeah I mean I'll be there. If I can. You Know Me Oh of course, yeah, obviously all right man well. Hey, thanks for the call I. Appreciate the update. Thank you. Problem. All Right S. L. supercross pro circuit pope cast Kevin Moran. What's up man hey. Nice working that I'll see Q. You had to be stressed in a little bit. Yeah, it was a little bit trustful, but you know I got off to a really good I mean I. Know I'm always a really good star conference myself and my start so. I had a video of it, too, so I was like a whole link ahead of everybody, so just shit on. The inside of and destroyed my race. Oh actually. You have hey, before we get into the main event for you I gotTa. Say you're qualifying. Time was a little off for me from what I thought you'd where you'd be. What were some of the issues you had? The biggest thing that me is like obviously so privateer life right I had not touched my rate bike tone. We ran like a soft set up at. because it was on the rig when everything got canceled. So show up. We try to kind of go back to our bay. But kinda really struggled when it comes to having like a good setup because. Like, when can't we needed to rebuild suspension but everything on the rig? We didn't really have time. Nobody knew what was going on when it comes to like. When going to raise you know anyway just. To do with what I, what I have and elevates and also I couldn't really re my bike so I try got to try to figure that out. We're dealing with just trying to minors. On make up for all the different. Is You know what I mean? Did you get it somewhere? Close? You were so you were all. Know! We got pretty close, but. We're going to try to find some Maybe somebody that every. It elevates them. Drag a little bit got a little bit of a bog at the bottom, but other than. Dude between the guy's pulling off and the guys crash in and fuel, boiling and altitude sickness. It was quite a challenge for a lot of dudes today. Yeah, I'M NOT GONNA lie, we did. What was it twenty like? They did twenty, one, eight, hundred, two, hundred two. Yeah, yeah, so that's a lot of lap. And the another thing that I really struggled because like the heat, Ray. with carnage. Right off the get go go out of the corner. You hit that hard one eighty and the second quarter. Where was super, super muddy and the heat so everybody Kinda just stopped. I ended up getting bumped off the track. So, hot back on got back I think I have all the carnage so. I got back up to nine and then just made some other mistakes dropped to eleven so bounce back good and healthy issue. actually wrote my own race, and then battled blows a little bit. and then the main another thing that you know the good learning experience that today to take it into the next round, but I didn't really soften anything up. For the main I think I showed up because? One, this is my first time racing in Salt Lake City. So I had no experience, higher and it got way dryer and wait choppier and I was expecting. Look like a national at times out there like in some spots. Yeah, so I was kind of like I think myself just set up to staff and I was I was fighting the whole time, so lesson learned. You know what I mean. You gotTa take get. I, mean not Super Soak my main performance at all, but you know I've only had literally only had two days of supercross over the eighty five days a break, so I'm not not coup to Bombay on it. We need to build and keep getting better and I mean look, it's just it's accused, so it's not the best of the best, but anyway it feels good for a guy like you. I'm sure. Yeah would've but Yeah, absolutely running up front running. Out to worry about all the the carnage and. You know the people that are just. Only. So many places you can go get now. Front is definitely what I need to do more often. I think this was a sneaky tough race for a lot of guys I. Don't think a lot of people myself included expected it to be this tough for guys whether for all the stuff we talked about. Yeah exactly like one thing that I really struggled to like obvious with altitude and everything is I did everything in my power to try to get over that right after the start that single over table three three. I literally I like 'cause I had my uncle and some other people taking videos like kind of see what was going on with. My suspension allows writing like I try to four different times and every single time frame the absolute crud out of it so. I was just kinda stuck to to the the slower line. That's all my bike and really get over up here in the outside so I just made do with what I had and I'm excited for the next round. I think is a defense first round back. Of get started now. Are you going to leave for the after your coast is done here after the three? Oh No, no, for sure, so you'll just walk and ride and do whatever right? Watch ride mountain bike. Enjoy the. Beautiful State. Of, UTAH. Hey listen if we had to be stuck somewhere all of us for these seven races. It's not a bad place in the. Really is not it is not at all. It's been awesome. My uncle Roy lives out here, too so I've been kinda and Ham and he. He lives up here in Park City. All the INS and outs of every trail around here, so they're pretty fun. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, like you said. At least you got fun. Because I was doing the math I think the east coast guys with coming back and getting retested could leave for like eleven days or something if they want to. Get. I drove out here and it was like sixteen hours. Definitely, not going back to. Drive another fifty dollars. Good point all right Miranda. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it good job. We'll see we'll see on Wednesday. At. Really appreciate it. Thanks man! Are Salt Lake City pro circuit pulp cast a man i. don't know like between the track breaking down the ruts the Sun. The wind did I miss anything obstacles. You left out some rocks and. Rocks owed cement. Somebody told me he got down to the cement also. Going in there then into that start corner. Semen it for sure so, what is your race? You were kind of trailing. There was an intense race maybe like two seconds ahead of you almost the homemade event. It look like you're right behind their. Yes. I I lined up outside I think I was like fourteen Acre thirty gay pick or something like that. I was definitely outside and now I ran it in there and freeze kind of pushed me a little bit, wide and Yeah. I I'm messed up I slap went down I. don't even know what by then, but it was coming through, and and yeah like you said there was that that race that I could just. Out just watching that I felt like I couldn't push hard enough to get up to it and. We'll definitely talk. You Know I. I struggled about. Fifteen minutes into the main event. It was just really really tough for me to keep. Keep going. My lungs were burning. And Little Hill had. cat-and-mouse game on there for a little bit. So. It was. Definitely an eye opener for sure and you know. Go back. Regroup and try to get a better start kind well on this Lewis. This layout a guy like yourself you're you're you're good in the whoops? You know what I mean. You're good in certain spots, but this track was. If you didn't start there, you were screwed. I, think unless you were maybe. Maybe. If you were told me I don't know, how are you going to? Chicago override the track? Override the track. You would just go down. Yeah, yeah, definitely, you can't override that track. And it was. It was definitely tough, and yeah. He lives breaking. He was ripping well just. Realize patented rides. I can't think of is not necessarily today, but I just think somebody who can just go balls out and pass everybody on that track. Yeah. Yeah, yeah I got! It it definitely you gotta be You GOTTA BE REAL Stop going to go, that's all those guys. Exactly so once. You did that mistake it was over. How is this dirt? GonNa hold up for six more races. was. Going to happen I think I think it's going to be harder than the cement. It's GonNa be Gnarly I think. Maybe. It'll be a little bit better on Wednesday because were a little bit later. Yeah I don't know maybe you will. Rain different weather. Maybe maybe WANNA? Pray for that, right? Yeah I mean just to keep track a little bit moist. The dirty little boys, so we can get some Some more breaking down and not drying out so bad AC said it was really weird. Line up without your mechanic. It was really chill no fans. He felt like he was maybe going to bring a little boost bottle and play some music or something. How Weird was down there for you wold? Though Weird I. Mean I've never I've never experienced anything like it. I mean obviously I guess on Press Day but. Press Day just practicing and her gay job it's. Awkward. You know it seems like out of sorts and and. No no lurch out there yelling. Let's go. No flames and Nothing would definitely Really really different. Hopefully our Manhattan WanNa. Take up too much time. Just thanks for the recap. Appreciate it and we'll see a Wednesday. I appreciate it. Thanks, thanks. All Right Hey, ray domination in the queue came through for me my fantasy. Thank you. Hold out off. Me I did are going to your frigging the pod you. You did not have my back. Only pair of. Bag You. Back Yeah for sure your. Back the whole time he did, but you know what I watched. You and I thought you were solid. I'm like Oh, I think he's good. Cause remember when the series ended. We had a little bit of issues making Maine's. You're prepared, so that was a long time ago though. I like that thirteen just because you were thirteen, so no matter what you did in the main event you. You were GONNA make gut. Get double points I was in. but hey, anyways. little bikes you in the main event that you'll get sorted out but How'd you feel all that? You know I, personally well. I missed the first free practice due to a a bike issue, which was nobody's fault and then The first few practices went okay, and then the heat rates ahead the same issue happen. with like two laps to go just as something with shock and then We had zero time and luckily my. Luckily Michael Lindsay was right there. He sort of helped me out and doesn't mechanics. They frigging Swat the shock as possible and I was a little bit late to the game for the Lt. I made it. got a great start in that. Elsie snuck on the inside and you know made that happen. so you know with you know everything that has happened throughout the day with you know the bike and it just stuff happening, you know. You're we really need something good to happen? And once we made the main I was like. Man It was like a weight off the shoulders. It seemed like and You know I just wanted to get through with the date. You know because we were having such a crappy day. But but yeah, we did Like you said had another issue in the in the main event was super hot today. Feel, boiled! Nothing I can do. I mean like I mean I was honestly I was just cruising around. The thing just started bogging whenever I would like. WAS GETTING KINDA SKETCHY BUT I. Rolled around for like four or five because I've seen other people's bike. Like it was selfish. You know ended up getting seventeenth just to the second outbreak more yeah. No sure do it was the altitude got some guys. The fuel boiled. The track got some guys. Windy it. It was sunny. It was dusty like this was a tough round. There it was honestly like. Rem. Rem? Rem. Blend Helena. Jodi will be so proud to hear that. Well that's how it was I. Mean if you watch it. Right yeah, I kind of death. Yeah Yeah. It was beat down. What was it like with? No fans, just kinda chilling, starting line just sitting there, nobody talking. So quiet own my God. You don't have lurched like you know yelling at people and frigging like hyphen you up. You know to get in the door and everyone's just like shooting shit. I swear, you can hear. flagger over there talking shit about you, if you. All the way on the other side you can. Was So, silent I'm like. Weird, but. For the most part we're back to the races. That's all matter. Yeah, it was. It was good to be back for you. You like you. Oh Man, yeah, yeah! I really enjoyed it today. Are, you, GonNa Proud swear. I'm sorry. It was like. A, big ask ferry. That's I mean that's what it was like I mean everybody was chilling. Up like like in the back. Yeah, there is there is. There is the guys in the front that had their whole kit setup, but For the most part like we just had the easy outs in, you know we're just chilling. And it was. It was Kinda like. stress-free, yeah, I mean everything was like. Go go go, but at the same time it was like more of a show thing. There's not band rolling through the pets. You're not talking to anybody. You're sort of chill. Him I was watching, I was watching TV in the pretty much the whole day. Are you gonNA practice when you're here. Are you GONNA get out at all, do you? Are you able to I'M GONNA? Try to I'd probably won't be able to sleep, but but next week I will be. We have to rebuild my practice. was just waiting on some parts and stuff. I WANNA rebuildable. I think it's getting pretty weak. All the every day metal there where? Here, we go! Yeah Yeah really right just just keep this thing alive for the next six races place. He'd have for sure. Swat Moto going to be mad that you did this podcast with us. No No. Corker, we're now. We're GONNA go tomorrow. Probably Oh, you are okay. Yeah Recovery Rod. I might end up trying to do that, too. We'll see okay. All right thanks.

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