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Hey It's applesauce and horse feathers I'm Kristen and I'm sage and we'd like to welcome you to season. Oh. We made it to season two I know you will thought we just dropped off the face of the podcast world. Didn't you? So, sage how was the first season Well, I mean speaking from an expert because that's what we are. Fairly we've always claim to be experts in everything. We talk about I would say season one was probably the best season we've done so far I agree yeah. Everybody everyone agrees it's the best season we've done. It's the best podcast ever ever. Yeah. This season I. Think will be just like us a little short but super fun and kind of amazing. Love it. Yes that is we've got some pretty really great topics coming up for you. I. I'm excited. I'm excited for everybody to find out all the all the topics and everything. I am to also selfishly I'm also very excited that I get you for more time. Yeah Man. So. What should we tell people about season? The same thing we we have our research we come back and we talk about that topic that is decided by whatever we bring. In the previous. Yeah and That's how it how it goes. Yes. We we left off season one and chose our topic Did we say we did? So, we lift off on episode one coming back for episode to with football wouldn't even season one season one I'm sorry. Yes. So episode one of season two is GonNa be football in the good news about that is kristen I already experts so we didn't have to research now we didn't have to do that at all on yeah. Just knew everything all the things. All of the football thing fall of the all of the sports ball things we know because we are athletic assists. Yeah. Into Sporting. Ford sync we we do sporting really well so not gonNa, tell you with the other ones are now. So that's how we start out and and we end in a place that is different from sporting and football different and. What do you think? Should we give some highlights I definitely think that people need their exciting seems alright. GotTa give the people what they want. which which is more apples lesson horse feathers -actly. Here are exciting scenes from season to a applesauce in horse feathers. Welcome back. Thanks for tuning in for another season. Yeah, which she said. The Swing Room, Mary special episode, applesauce, and Horseman. Miss Dewey serious fascinating stories history with sage on Chris. You know us we love our ghost stories. You've heard Tutt how we're bringing you the story of Queen but spoiler alert they killed her but the fifteen foot high sue NAMI. Veer. ooh, he had the bridge dismantled to they couldn't cross. They know I said he died but he stabbed her being an abolitionist was a point of contention in their marriage. Shaw I don't like all of our criminal. He's just he's a piece of Poo Poo. Well, let's change the subject see don't cry. Are you telling me? You can still smell my heart even though I put on pants. Says No I liked hockey because it was a? Yeah and if you know me a wing and vehicle woman I'm not removed that want to throw. You Owe. It was Jeez. That's what we heard in that speech and he also said something else. What is that? It was socialist historian civil rights. Activists. Pan Africanist mobbing writer editor you cannot have a well treated enslaved person that's an oxymoron it's. Shaping the ideologies of the old style what you say about that joke, his sobbed English women and then she got revenge. With me. I did you gotTa puff yourself up and get back on the Field Chris Dot man southern Democrats are like scurry you you and I are perfectly matched. They really are. Somewhat. After they put it in their curls in wet home at just mel dead ten feet from a spot where his lover had fallen. Chicago Tribune called it a death harvest. One of the largest sales of enslaved persons in the US history took place quarter mile southwest of here remembered as the weeping time are Putney finally boomed because of our unflinching willingness to use violence look up where you can drop off your ballot. Lots of things happened all the time and it was just too much gin craze attached here in the great culminating twelve fifty year flood all. Of It. And it used to have a waterfall minded to say nothing of the dog did you just say? He has a hassling. Back and the team captain easy for you to say it's just heartbreaking. She really had hope the most expensive watch is called the dark story of America's shining women, Puszta fulltime wait just left and it's definitely drinking time in the UK. So history history, Blah Blah okay I, mean, of course, the enemy going to come attack or pillow by didn't know about the military equipment that they were getting. Sixty six, ten, sixty, six hold your pants. Girl is an art deco style. Daytona, which was the first Stone Castle in England to your own research people it's or just city full of ghosts and murder and Hoodoo and Ichi conditions at the singing seals. On and you can still see the marks where the slaves were chained waiting to be sold valued at the US minimum wage with a modest rate of interest that is worth ninety, seven, trillion dollars today a splendid failure whose revolutionary agenda could not overcome overwhelming forces that against it yeah. They're going to all. Remain motivations with us. Story Nights tweeting sweet dreams. See in the morning they tuned out twenty minutes ago Krista. Do.

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