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Hey Do you feel like being cheered up? I know last week. We had a a selection of songs that can cheer you up and help give you hope but you know they say laughter is the best medicine and I'm going to share something with you. Give you a link where I believe If you're a spring fan or any a fan of anyone obsessed you'll enjoy back. In Two thousand sixteen. Daniel Johnson released four short episodes of a Web series east St Mary and Dave. If you've watched them then you know it's worth re watching if you haven't ever seen them go. Check them out Goto any your favorite search browser and search for East St. Mary and Dave. Your life will be a little bit happier now. Then let's hear Daniel talk about his springsteen journey and the episodes here so let's put the hardest set for two thousand sixteen in. Here is my discussion with Daniel Johnson about St Mary and Dave Plus Bruce Springsteen Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of set lessening Bruce. Your podcast all about Bruce. Springsteen is music in mostly his fans. I'm your host Jesse Jackson. I always enjoy having people. Join me unsettling bruce. It is what we do. It is what I love but I especially am happy when I can get someone who's taken their love of Bruce and express it in a creative way and my guest today. Daniel has done exactly that Daniel. Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me so tell our listeners. A little about yourself named Daniel Johnson I live in London New K. My passions of always been so mike and I love music unfortunately have no skills for music so It's it's listening to music which is more passionate. Which brings me to Bruce Right. Yeah Yeah and so. We're going to get into a little bit but Daniel has done so far too. And how many episodes are you hoping to make or? Is this a well? It's going to be. I think originally my plan was to have four episodes as like a first series. Okay And then to really decide it might just sit well as little four episode arc about Bruce fans or maybe it will. Ill continue on but the good thing about doing a web series is completely independent is. There's no rose Geno stop at the two. I've made only mall It depends on the availability of the actors. They're very talented and they get a lot of other acting jobs. So it's who knows where. Yeah well good. Well WE'RE GONNA get into that a little bit more. I have tweeted the link to The episodes and so hopefully my listeners have checked it out. And we'll also have more details in the show notes to bid at the start out with though you mentioned you have two passions own music and film making but talk about growing up. What what kind of captivated you about music and filmmaking. I noticed on your facebook page. You've got a clip from one of my favorite movies the apartment so it is such. It is such an unconventional love story. And it's such a you know we could get onto that for a whole hour department. How he feels so relevant and knew when I mean it doesn't feel dated whatsoever. Absolutely you know. Sometimes I recommend old friends out friends out films two friends. I have to warm. That is dated a woman by now. You have to give it a go but with the apartment I think you. We've in a few minutes watching. You'RE GONNA love it because it's so is so well made in it filled. If there's like it could be a modern film happened to be in black and white like Germany period film because it's so is just so well made I do agree and and you know I do the same thing you know. I'll discover an older film and I want to share it with a friend and And like you know the John Ford stagecoach like okay you. You're gonNA feel like this is a cliche big all the characters but understand. This was one of the first times they had done that kind of Lurie. Yeah absolutely and sometimes it's the films influenced films that end up looking the most unoriginal yet because we've seen everything that's come since NBA story going. No no no I was just GonNa say but like I had not seen in a while. I really had never watched the day. The Earth stood still the original and four or five years ago. I watched it I went. Oh my goodness you know. There are times when people say a movie is a classic and it's more for the influence at gave and how it broke ground and then there's other times where go that's just a great movie absolutely fucked because I think that the apartment and Bruce there's something very similar in town do you know what I mean like. The apartment is just something that was very. I think if you love. The apartment is a very personal connection to very personal movie and I think that is like the relationship. People have reversed remain bravo than it being. The apartment doesn't always get people listed top ten films that ended in the apartment. Something this always there bought the people who do love it really love it. Yeah and Daniel. In a lot of ways the Shirley maclaine character could could very easily be a character in Bruce Song. I had a friend once that said that often The female characters in Bruce Songs have a little bit of a pass dinner a little bit damaged as the male characters. And so you know. I've never thought about that before. But the apartment truly could be a springsteen song. Yeah because you know And we talked a little bit on email before about thunder road at right like they both have flaws in that song and they're finding each other and I think the characters in the apartment the same thing absolutely. Yeah Oh yeah very interesting so I WanNa go both ways so you you're picked you WanNa talk about growing what kind of music you listen to growing up or you. WanNa talk first or films you wanted to talk about Whatever I mean we can talk about. Music Will Cross Iowa but yeah music. It's funny because you implied in email. You'd be awesome. That kind of question trying to think about where I came from like two things from a one is our member you know it might take my parents I remember. Just sit in. That'd be sitting in the living room watching TV or doing whatever that'd be doing and my dad had this big pair of headphones. Nice to sit in the corner with headphones on and just would be very records CDs and stuff just to sit in the listening and like so much of my interest in music came from experience and that was a very young age. That was who knows like eight nine ten eleven and in the second. Paul that is. I think in school around the age of fourteen fifteen. I didn't think I was different to allow the kids. I didn't have the same interest as them. In whatever was feeding their minds in their lives in society wasn't wasn't doing the same thing for me and I need to something different and that came from. Yeah from films from books and from the music listen to and it was around them when I started finding is thought I still to this day. Obviously including Bruce Daniel. Do you know like what kind of are there? A couple of films that really struck you as. Oh my God this is something magical and maybe influenced you a good question. Do you know what's interesting is is my interest in film. I never had that experience that people talk about when they watched. Et and it just took shoot for me. It's a lot more again. Is that personal connection of again like the apartment is an interesting point because I mean I've got the poster in my room here I've got. Its its films like that. And it wasn't always. I mean I remember when Jerry Maguire came out I was out in the Arizona like twelve when that came out and that again is not necessarily anyone seizes the classic movie but something about the character in his journey just connected with it. Was that thing of being able to watch a film and see someone go through the everyday conflicts that we all go through and come out. The side is a change person and that for me was the magic of it. Didn't have to be the big SCIFI movies or any. Do you know what I mean. It was Ju- things into this day. Like it's funny everyone again. I have like a movie night. My Bravo will watch like a bunch of films and we're very specific in the. We only like stuff that we feel like almost like it would have to be able to happen to us in that place as soon as we see someone jump on a spaceship now. That's not the film. We call them once thought one madden really real. Yeah I totally understand. I am a big comic book. Nerd and I love You know a lot of science fiction films and everything but it is the smaller like a for some reason notting hill as a modern film. Just if I'm flipping channels in its on. I'm locked in absolutely yesterday. I love that journey. And just the the back and forth of that I think that is as well like you know especially with romance films. I nine here is a great example. Is that it's sometimes. It's hard as a guy to be that romantic or to admit you care about love that Mung so when you frau on one of these films and we make these excuses hours just flicking and Blah Blah Blah. But actually I think it really resonates helps us Lavar. Apo- vessels that we probably don't always give ourselves access to and I also think not only is it a. It's a neat story and great performances. But I love the soundtrack on that movie and the way they use music like on their date and when they they go over the wall and they're really and that way you know when you say nothing at all which is one of my favorite songs and capture that and then the The year you go through where. He's walking amusing yes Really really create. Does some of that film? I think he was Elvis. Costello's shape was in a great music and that foam. Yeah Migrate Absolutely so Daniel Wind. Did you find Bruce? And why was he something special to you good? Good question I you know I was one of my favorite bands when ours was counting cards. You're with their work. And they cover bruce quite law and they had one of their songs rain king where they would actually sing the whole of thunder road in the middle of it. Honey if you haven't heard it and the listener is what I love it by. Grew up with it. Some people in our real. Bruce Traditionalist listen to it and they're like. Oh is wreck in the song but I love it and they covered Atlantic City and some other bits and pieces. And there's something in that van. I loved the tone of what I sang about him when I was finding bird and this was also a member as well in. I mean I was born in Nineteen eighty-four. Okay by time. Napster came around which I think was late. Ninety S I was. I was just very curious about music and I would. If someone had a cover of us is really interesting kava versions of songs to the point where you know obviously like everyone. I knew born in the USA but an thunder road and born to a biologist outgoing type so name and download everything that could have been a cover of it. And I just started. I had a weird fascination with covers and bootlegs and and and badly recorded. Things live albums like what came up was Bruce and yeah and just it just kind of organically came and then I just found myself constantly and also like I said Jerry. Maguire was a film. I love oversee secret. Garden was yes in the soundtrack to that. You know he's a name that just popped up. When I was a teenager like there was Philadelphia. He was in the soundtrack. Jerry Maguire he just you know a lot of shows and films music Reappear in right and it just seems to be an in-invitation to go deeper with it. You know yeah I also have a fascination with covers You know just it. I would back when Napster was a thing and now and even you know soundcloud and I tunes and sputter by I will type in you know a song and then will want to hear all the different versions Guess it's an interpretation of that song and sometimes you know in a lot of ways. Sometimes the interpretation is even better. The original absolutely no is sacrilege sometimes but it can be and you'd love that when someone takes the song and makes it their own is just something pretty special absolutely absolutely unfamiliar to this day. I Love I love. Just listen to things a with the bootlegs back in the day when someone's recalled in Shaw on some weird device somewhere in venue I still love that sound and I still love so much favorite stuff that I listened to his heart. If I'M GONNA recommend some tracks to a friend or burn CD I WANNA put on these badly recode. He things from some show in nineteen seventy eight like most proof spines but to a new fan. They're not gonNA love that because at least an initially so as we're recording this it's January twenty second and I woke up my i. I had my next to the bed and I started hearing these noises. And it's because people were Paris coping the Perth show. Yeah and so I spent a little time listening to it kind of as an An appetizer to the meal of talking Bruce with you and and He played blood brothers and I watched on Youtube off to the gate. Yeah and the guy who has Paris coping or the girl. I don't remember who now but you heard someone saying i. He's dedicating to someone a fan. He died and they had that dialogue. And unlike sometimes you're like okay. I want to hear the song. In this case it added to the context of it. That absolutely you know how you know. Because we've all lost people that we care and love about love and and that song being done way was pretty amazing. Yeah and you know. I comment on Greasy Lake. After I listened to and watched it and I wrote that like it genuinely seemed unrehearsed by Bruce and it seemed like he was just figuring out and I said because of that it like it wasn't a perfect version. Yeah actually it was totally perfect because it was it was real and honest and to great moment so one of the things that you know there. There's Times where something spoils you and you can never enjoy something the same way again. Like if you have a really fine meal and you're like I don't know if I can ever every time I eat steak from now on. I'm going to think of this time. And I really still love shows and I like going to hear live music. But I'll see this touring bands and you go. There is not a moment that isn't pre rehearsed or pre-arranged absolutely Absolutely and in. You're right the idea that you know you understand that. There's a scanner backstage where they can put on the lyrics on this song so that they can saying but I watched it where he sitting there. Okay what chords are we GONNA do? What am I gonNa do this in? And he made a joke. I'm trying I'm trying and it was. It was a real moment on your show and sometimes sometimes there is a bit of his showmanship so I think sometimes they have rehearsed. Abani still goes through that routines and there are times when it's literally they're figuring out he's figuring out as he does it same empty stadium. Last year he played Our work the love Solo Acoustic and I just think he hadn't played it in fairlawn. Took him a while to figure out what he was doing. I agree and I end up being the best moments as well because there's something so genuine about that it is and it's kind of like In in a film when someone will you know imply Improv ascendant dialogue and all of a sudden he goes. Oh my God we gotta keep that Absolutely absolutely yeah and another moment for me. And I've talked about this often on the podcasts. But it just really stick to me is when I was in Houston a few years ago and someone asked for one step up and he said you know we do not know this song and I believe in especially when you see the band hardly played it was mostly just him in batty. Something very special You mentioned being wimberly so yeah as always. I want to put this out there because I do not think the amount of time you seem. Bruce's affair barometer of how big of a fan you are but just record. How many times have you seen him perform which you know? He's GonNa ask me and I I I. I think it's around ten Carolina. I'm trying to remember them on three. I show him three times last year in Europe so loud came last year but some something clicked last year when I was like next time. If we're lucky enough drugstore again I'm just GONNA. I'm just GONNA do everything I can to every show I can because you know you get something from it. Don't you that you don't really get anywhere else in high sorry? My wife is a casual fan at best and she's gone a couple of times with me and we just recently talked. She goes okay. I didn't see him any on the river tour And she goes now than next. If he's touring in the US again. I WanNa go with you. It's been long enough. I WANNA see another show. But she asked she goes. You saw him five times this year and four of them. Were all river tours. Were you not bored in the United? No I said each one is unique now. The songs I don't like on the river idea but ass but yeah but it was so just it is something each time and I talk to her about. I said each time. You run a five K. Or you know a ten K. or a half marathon. I've done that but each of them bring you something new as she says. Okay now I get that but you know. It's funny like a stadium I was. I didn't love it. I was agitated. Didn't the people around me. The buggy May and I the sound quality wasn't great and I. I didn't if if I had my but if I'd gone friends in that I had said I don't WanNa see Bruce again. I would totally understood right as it just wasn't I didn't love it but I went to Rome to the circus maximus show and it was the best I've ever experienced. Reminding Me Everything Guy. Love about music and that was as close as I get to like a religious thing. It's just more music fans. The difference between the Wembley show in the rhyme show is huge. But unfortunately like you. I think when you're seeing someone is genuine is bruce. You get a genuine thing. Like they'll be on nights off nights that being said I spoke to people for women who is the best Gig ever. So there's everyone has a different experience and you bring your own problems to the show with you think you do and I I also I go back to was years ago but Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert were being interviewed and they said every time they go to the theater they are hoping to see something magical and then and so. I think that's the same thing when I go to a Bruce Show. I am looking for renewal and magic and just yeah and and so And I guess there are. Sometimes you go. That was a pretty standard show them every but then there's in in even a standard show. I had a good friend of once. Yeah he says I always say my favorite Bruce Show is the one I just finished So That's interesting. Well are there. I want to get into some of your films but variety that are there any albums or songs. That have meant a lot to you. You've mentioned secret garden. You've mentioned a couple of things. But is there anything that specifically has talked to you in yard wet You know there's definitely in the last few years It's funny like Bobby. Jamie's one for me the expanding. I see a lot of fans moan about our plan bobby. Jane again had a million times and for me. Just you know. There's a friend that I went to see. I saw Hyde Park the night pull. Mcconnell came on stage I friend Mandy who passed away suddenly not long after and then I've heard him say played Bobby Jane Pretty Much. Every time I've seen him since and that song just absolutely catches a friendship with her and and it just it just oh I can't even put it into words now. I want I totally understand because The episode that just came out as a recording. This was Craig from Canada and he talked about his best friend from high school Passed away years ago and every time. Here's Bobby Jean. He tears up happiness but also because thinking of that you know. He said that that was his relationship with his friend. And so yeah I agree with that. Yeah I know so. I feel like Bobby Jane while not being like one of these big big sums of everyone you know it's such it's from. A lot of people is a big song and I feel like a lot of those like I don't think you can discount how people in the world feel about. Don's name the dog and there's a reason why those songs Tigana such a huge thing socially junior maine so I feel like sometimes it's big fans you all God that song again by some songs a bigger than just a song and and I also like to mention that every show is someone's I show and and and this is the first time they've heard born to run Linux and what great experience couple. Bobby Jean Stories. I was in Louisville in the river tour and they had played everything Good Night Max. It come down. I saw him get his drumsticks away. And all of a sudden reuss picked up his guitar and started strumming. And you saw the band look like what? What and yet bobby. Jean and I felt like we had received it. It truly was Christmas night. Everything had been opened and all of a sudden underneath the tree. There had been this great present. No one had noticed and so it was a wonderful moment The other thing that is truly is going to show. My goodness is A few months ago My friend Charles and I do a doctor who podcast. Yeah we were talking about The companion Sarah Jane Smith and that actress who died just a few years ago and I quoted Bobby Gene at the end of that episode and And it really felt appropriate I can understand why you feel that way on the yeah and I also thinking a lot of ways. I personally think you can't overplay glory days. I think it's a song that just every time I hear it. I smile and I feel that energy yeah. I've never heard that live by the way he never seems to do. No Europe he put it in the settlers in Europe. You know I only heard it once. Live but exciting. Yeah Yeah and Bobby. Gene is one of those even though it's on born in the USA. I feel like it's one of the you can't call it a hidden Jim because it's on born in the USA and everyone you know everything about that but it does seem pretty special so talking about special I'm catching up and I watched emily this morning. Emily in New York City. Yes talk to me about where that song came from. And the reason why the film film Yes. It felt like thunder road to me and the reason why is and I won't spoil it but it is this very short story. That is It is there's only one character on screen the whole nine and there is one voice narrating and that is very romantic. It is very talking about las love and you're ending kind of leaves the same feeling I have about on thunder road. Does Mary get in the car or not. You know in in this your main character who remains nameless right. Yeah does he take a chance again? And you left it vague. I think on purpose but that was an absolutely lovely romantic film. Thank you thank you. So where do you come from? What were you thinking and yeah just give me a little bit of the background on that show. Would you know what first of all first and foremost I love New York? I one of my favorite places in the world and I'm pretty obsessive and what happened was I remember. I swear. Made that film in Two Thousand Fifteen The the time before when I've been I've been there in two thousand and two thousand nine and what happened has been to New York. I'd spent like a month down and I run around. Make all these friends and connections and and I just felt like oh I had. This had this whole of life in New York and I didn't get to go there for a few years money and whatnot and then I went back in two thousand thirteen in my head. Thinking of all these friends are gonNA catch a wave and this and that and down them would make excuses. Didn't have that much time for me. I'm why realized was because why I'd come out with my life and spent a short amount of time in New York these characters these people that I met had taken them big importance to me. They were like this amazing group of people admit in New York so that was a special occasion but for their in their lives. They live in New York. They're going about their lives day today and I'm just the English guy that they happen to know for a few weeks. Do you know what I mean. It wasn't it wasn't the same thing for them and basically in New York in two thousand thirteen. I this realization of like this. I felt so deeply and so strongly. Wasn't there anymore and at the same time. There are some cafes coffee places and restaurants. I loved the inferior for years. Had closed down there. Were there any more so I was struck by the feeling of this. They so rarely my head about New York and the people is not actually there anymore and that feeling is so strong in me that I was on the subway heading bats where I was staying and it just sort of came. I remember getting my phone having to all the dialogue. You hear the voice over. I just wrote my came to me. Like instantly like artistically. It was expressed rather than being about friendship and about buildings and restaurants. It came out as a go. Do you know what I mean about. Love stories more pain on screen. So it's just as idea of of what you think is real but realistically it's No you know And that's what it was about and then so I I literally wrote it. Probably in about ten minutes and then the the guy did the voiceover. I already knew he was one of the guys and kept in touch him from a few years before I sort of said to me. You've got do the voice over for this thing The of Iraq the actress. Who's the main actor in it? She I coincidentally admit a week or two before for coffee for a mutual friend and she just seemed perfect for APP and so I just did up she is. She was perfect She is absolutely beautiful but she also has a captivating you know a presence about her and and severely in the filmed. You know you could actually if you don't get caught up in emotionally. You could see the film making was in the editing. Because of all the way different scenes and matching her expressions in her looks yet. The narration was just a really beautiful blend of storytelling. Yeah and the other thing is well like I wanted to make film. That feels like what my memories in. Mike. Because I don't always have the best memory me what Bruce played a Gig five years ago. I might not remember by remind remember. There was someone standing next to me who cried. Remind remember the on the stage this happened and snapshots of feelings a moment and that's what my memories likes to make film. The juice captured that feeling so the had to try and through like a memory. And I do think that's. It worked at least from my perspective. You know that's exactly what it felt like it Felton. Like almost you were you. Were seeing inside the narrators head. He's talking about this and seeing her and I love ending where it's the The long shot. And he at Hawking in all of a sudden you know she sees she looks in the camera and realizes it's him and the smile and it just is is very sweet and in in embiid use a good not in the way that the lady and the Tiger when I was in junior high reading that short-story and irritated me. I WanNa know and ending but this was a good way. Kana as Casa Blanca Rights is at the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This you you can. If you're a romantic you can say maybe they rekindled something and made something beautiful or maybe they just got a good ending where they continue on their lives but now then she's gone from a unhappy memory to a pleasant memory in his. Yeah here's the thing. I feel like a bit like the experience about personally with me to New York. Is that like I for that character? She it's him that missed her. It was his Bronx Shit. You know what I mean. Excuse me maybe she doesn't. It's just as likely they could bump into Java. It could be awkward than she wants to leave. There's all they could fall in love and it's not just ambiguous is in. I'M GONNA end here and guess what happens is ambiguous in. I've got no idea I've no idea none of us know what would happen. Bract you know what I mean. Because his life who knows? And that's just really beautiful. Well almost on the other side of romance is Marian Dave. Yes so east St Marian David. I got the name right. That's right okay so I had seen this posted on social media. I watched it and I have mmediately reached out to Daniel and said Oh you please be on my podcast that I was like. There's no way he's too busy and and I was so pleased when you came back I will let you give a summary of what you your vision of what this Web Soad's shows web series is about for me. It's a web series about the people you see in the definitely in the pit or they're down the front row. It's about people that are so passionate about something that they get blinded to everything else you know when. I talk to friends about the things I'm passionate about like Bruce that it gets to the point that I use quite nice and they but then when they realize it's more than that and he's like no no no. I'm flying to Rome to same to Zurich. Suddenly they're like. Why did you maintenance that thing and I think anyone who has any passion? There's like the normal socially acceptable version of the passion. And then it's what happens when you did when you go. You just go. Further down the whole And so just so happens that I wanted to make a series about not just about passionate about Bruce but you know what the effects of that and what happens if two people in a relationship both love Bruce and they both happened to be competitive. Or what happens if it's like when two for you now. You must have seen it when people are talking about an album. One of them doesn't know what songs the next track list and the other one feels so eilly slightly more knowledgeable generating smugness. Yeah which at time. Thing again bruce fans but sometimes you do like anything. Yes so I just wanted to take all of that stuff the I just find very funny. I remember what just a quick memory once I was as bruce in Hyde Park in two thousand twelve my friend Mandy and my Bravo's as well and my bra connor how he come up with this joke but my brother was making a joke. A pretending doesn't know bruce as well as he does so he'd like she's born in the USA guy kept in front of everyone is thousands of people improper slice is that is that been to the USA song and some of the looks around us from fans were like they don't even know like yes. That's funny Roberson. A few months it was just this really funny thing that he would do. And it's just that it's just that sense of humor of like when you take it so seriously like I could easily Bruce Fan have a debate about what is the best version of united. Thunder Ido. Something is crazy if you if you step outside like if you saw show like greasy lake the form if you showed the the conversation to any of a person you know like the way you converge online to look set list live we just see so names typed one after the other from a show. That's happening in Australia. That's insane. It's insane as well and you know what I was. Lucky enough to go My wife was very supportive last year. Of My Bruce Obsession in my son. I went to see the August twenty fifth show in Jersey so it was the middle show. Yeah and amazing. It was the first time ever at the end of a show. I was sated always before I was greedy and I'd Go God one more. Can you get one more and in this one it was almost it was close to four hours and I was like you know if he plays another one. I'm okay but if he does I I don't need another one right. Yeah Yeah and there was all this debate on you know. Did it break four hours? Not and and I found the the MINUTIAE discussion of like it's stuffed. It started roughly at eight. It ended roughly midnight. It's a four hour show and but the whole well do you start the clock when the first band member comes onstage. He start the clock. When Bruce comes on stage you start the when he says. Good evening to you in the clock and I did hear from someone later. That part of this is because early shows in the seventies. You don't have any video so you start the clock when you hear his voice but I was like. That's a little. Yeah I personal opinion. Only a little too MANUSHA and a little too mice. I've talked about. I Love Comic Books and I'm in and I you know In every once in a while my son and my son and wife ago too much he oh that's their version of going. Okay you you've now come become charming obsessed to. I'm a little worried about you. Yeah exactly and Marian Dave or little too much and Jorg that hasn't been explored yet. Is they've got a daughter who really is like. She's like the thing on their mind. She comes in at number twelve another number. One is Bruce springsteen materials who's the bigger Bruce springsteen fan number three is just burst Bruce Grace and eventually they're like. Oh Yeah we have a kid. Probably we should probably take care of her. Which by the way in the second episode. We meet her. We meet her current boyfriend. Who seems the nicest guy ever right? And and she's the daughter is very healthy and seems to be well adjusted but yes it is the very last thing and a a long time ago We were talking to a lady who had done the Ironman triathlon and she talked about her ex husband was a ironman competitor as well and she says it doesn't work well in a family if both of you are competing at that level You need someone when your dog tired after training to cook the dinner your wash the clothes and the funny thing is well like they're not It's not like they've got a higher goal. It's not like they're going to be the best musicians ever ah politicians right therefore the DUDA. I case she'll be a bit messed up. But there's a big goal where served the community and she'll grow up to have an important role. None these are just two. Bruce springsteen fans who like is no. Yeah and I talked a lot about. I believe there is a beauty to this modern world social media that you can become friends and feel a connection like when I see you on twitter going forward. I will smile and if I see you talking about his show I'll go good. It's my friend Daniel. I will call you my friend because we've connected. We have Bruce Together. You've been on the podcast so I think there's a beauty to that and we joke every once in a while and there's this one percent that when you meet live you go. I don't know if I particularly enjoy your company and Marian. Dave are a little bit of the like the first episode really talks about them. The argument of which ones have bigger fan and and Mary is a little more competitive but not by much and then the second episode is instead of just admitting we didn't get tickets they got this elaborate plan of pretending they're at the show because it is important and I'm using air quotes that they post the set list. Well here's the thing. Just quickly I. I was at the show the show European toll and I I come in with the first one was nothing preview night but I remember like wanting to be the first one to post. That seemed really important. Me and I thought I should be watching the show Bruce Zurich Bruce springsteen's on the stage. He's my hero. Why am I looking at my time wanting to post this before anyone else because a little bit of insanity does not that healthy and it's like it's a floor in my character pains? I kind of an extension of that. It's like I think we talk into Steve Milton a few weeks back whenever it was and he said a similar thing he was like. I wanted to be off my phone. This show actually concentrate and it's incredibly do because I will have the same feeling like oh I should tweet the set list and then I'm like. Why do you think it's important that you do this? and it is and and I showed the first episode to my wife and g thought it was funny but she was a little disturbed. She's like they're not nice to each other nice. It did and I said Yeah. I think that's part of the you know. The premise is and I do think they care about each other. But there is that unhealthiness that it's become instead of passion. It's become an obsession. Absolutely yeah absolutely. I totally agree that they're not the most likable. I actually think. I think he's been more likable that her. If only because I think deep down he might not really be a die. Hard Fan okay. I feel like there's a little part in my when you watch it as like. He feels like he needs to. He need this little very so joke in that. He's always wearing like boone in the USA. He knows the hits deep down. He just loves dance DAWG. Do you know what I mean yes. There's nothing wrong with that but Bruce fans that totally something with that. Yes I totally do Daniel. It's it's the joke right like your favorite song is dancing in the dark. You know as in you know this is a slur. I don't say NEP said to when he's got requests. Sign the signings guys Bobby Jean yes. He wants to be Jane even though they played it over time. Yeah and then also it's. It's like an inner voice in my head and she's totally ridiculous. Which is you asked me was an album that means someone to what's the song you WanNa hear. This without doubt is ridiculous. It is it is some voice in my head. That's like Jeez not say born to run. I I want all the bruce band real fans. Oh God what's a rarity I should say and it's it's meant it's crazy but it's also about wanting to belong. We all want to belong to a community and there's something very beautiful about as you said at one percent. We both found each other online. The we all care about this same thing. We'VE IN COMMUNITY. There's still going to be all the same crap that you get everywhere else. But now it's all about Bruce and I. I totally agree to annual in another. Like I was lucky. Me and my good friend. Sam would When we worked together you know went to lunch almost every day and in east radio's on and we would talk about you know if we got lucky enough to be the boss you know and and on the you know where you get to pick five songs. And Sam's point was and I totally agree with it. He said this is a radio station. That is about Bruce Springsteen and mostly listening to people listen by people who love Bruce Springsteen at five songs. You don't pick thunder road because everyone thinks that road is one of their favorites right that you know and so when I got lucky enough to do I thought about that. I'm like okay Obviously I could go thunder road or tougher than the rest or Promised Land. You Know Jungle. Enter all these songs that you go. But that's kind of implied that they are something so in right. So that's the It's almost like On sports teams. They'll say well. Of course this guy or Gal goes without saying they're hall of Famer. I mean we don't even have to discuss like if you're talking about. Let's go back to a restarted We're going to discuss some of the greatest romantic films in the world. Okay well we're just GONNA go ahead and put the apartment on there because that we don't even need to debate that's a lot. Yeah Yeah Great. Well I love the actors. I you know the actress who plays Mary you know because he starts out arguing with the paper about them getting a quote. Wrong right yeah. Where'd you find him in? Are they bruce fans or the NO DEB? Deborah's not agrees fan. She saw him few friends. She got tickets and saw the Emirates. Stadium is also football stadium. They saw I think it was. I think it was recommended for. Maybe it was magical. Remember is fears back and she Lava and she didn't she didn't really know the songs and then by time the song she knew came on the Johnston the doctrinal that kind of stuff she was drunk and tired of. You know what I mean and wait for hours and I said well of casual fans and particularly fans like for example. If I'm not a big youtube fan base someone gave me tickets to go see you to. I want to hear that. I want to hear the hit Stein Gentleman so I felt like she had that experience. Steve The American actor in the show who plays day he I think was a fan and familiar and light bruce but now now he's listening deeper this series I think is kicked him on to To listen more and actually I'm an upsurge soon and have caused The guy in it Sohn's Christian and who he. He's a big fan is big advantage. May I mean he's GonNa be accident? So that's that's fun but Yeah it's been interested in yet. They never found him. Elliot's Ellis Hamdani plays the daughter. Is I think he's her a cup of tea at all she i. I want to stress again. How wonderful she is and this and and thank you for bringing mentioning that they are buried. Davor the most irresponsible presidents up parents we could see lilly. Yeah so I'M GONNA FINISH UP WITH A couple of Bruce questions but so Daniel. How can we support your art? I think this is. I think it's funny. I think it's insightful. And I think it is a loving tongue in cheek. You Know Mirror shown to remind us not to be Marion David Times. What is the best way we can support you? Do you know the honest thing is is just watching it and sharing it. Because you know the Dow. I've made a show web series about Bruce Springsteen fans it's not going to even if it was the best win awards it's not gonNA army money. It's all about just wanting people to connect with their and I don't have the money to to market the thing is. It's really like what you're doing by doing podcast to support it. You know if anyone has a blog our end of DAB made it the only people really the again Lovett. A Bruce springsteen France right. I'M IN SECONDARY TO THAT MAY BE MUSIC FANS I. Let's say for example. If there's a youtube fine he he done this superfan and enjoy. Yeah outside of people who love Love Love Music. A lot of people might be confused by it so I wanted to make something. That really hits the niche that the I belong to which is love music and can understand it. So it's really about the community a Bruce Fans Sharon it. Sorta like greasy backstreets tweeted out and a lot of support imbues from that. So it's really just about sharing. I'm looking for anyone's money or financing for project is nothing like that. It's literally if anyone can. Yeah any St Mary. Day Job is there so my website just find it share it. Well I also reach out to Peter with blogging us on the town. I don't know if he's mentioned in his blog but I think it's I think he should I I just and I certainly will. will have the links in the show notes and I'll continue to posted. I think it's great and Hey selfishly if there's a there's a place underneath the youtube for comments if you heard about it from set loosening. Bruce wouldn't hurt my feelings. If you put that down there guys happening. I'll be sharing. Well Yeah beginning this interview. Why boats are like you say it so and the good thing from doing this show love my followers. You know twitter and all that you know this quite a few bruce fans there now that we're never before so it's a great way that we can support each other's projects absolutely get views What else do you have what you have coming up next? You said you've got you're working on a third episode. What else are you working on? Yeah I'm actually trying to This Year Mario. Tog Is the kind of hide away in bright some longer phone project. So I'm Brian. Each film GonNa write a few sitcom pilots and stuff and for many years. Now I've I make these short films by the ones you talked about is sort of fun project to learning the craft. I have the why and live in. Is I create Shirelles for actors which basically means actors who have been on. Tv and film yet are right. Seen right donated them to show to directors what Makindu resting yes really sort of interesting party industries. So that's why do day to day but now I'm really trying to just those big projects that I wanNA riot. So there's not there's going to be low to me out there to watch this year necessarily I might do a few more do more history. Mary Day but yeah it's more about just trying to hide away and get some work done this year. Oh God that sounds Great Daniel So I'M GONNA end with Do you have a couple of songs that you haven't heard him perform live besides glory days. That's on your wishlist of things. You'd WanNa hear while you played blubber overs today in Australia. Kill to hear that and he played back in your arms in Dublin. Wish I could have had that. I'd love to hear Frankie and I'd love to hear real world songs. That people told me that much but then someone's solo versions. He's done real world like on now I would just. I think it's such a great album version. I can take or leave when it's just him solo. I think is an Brian. I'd love to hear that. Did you see the set list of the show he did for President Obama Staff? I did yeah I oh someone boot like that. I just looked like it was so much fun to see him. Just him and his and there's got to be. Oh we hope so. And now then we sound like Marian. Dave played my father's house which I thought was so interesting. Yes never plays it on interest in decision and it just goes to show like even though it's only people like us that take settling seriously. I feel like this so much meaning to them. And the fact is this guy gets to play for the president and the songs that he chooses carries. You know it's it makes decisions on purpose and it's fascinating thing I do. Daniel sewn wants to reach you. How can they ask my website? Www DOT Daniel Johnson film so credit UK. And I'm on twitter Johnson. Uk Just time when a minimum films in turn up somewhere facebook email without okay. Very good And I am at Jesse Jackson. Dfw Hang on a minute Daniel. We're going to close by one to do my pitch. If you want to be on the podcast and talk about Bruce and all that implies please send us an email. At set lessening Bruce We also have a facebook page. Check that out and if you could please go to itunes to rate and review the PODCAST. It really is the best way for new listeners to find us and share the episodes when they come out We want to reach as many people as possible. well this has been joy. This is I tell you what I actually may rewatch the apartment. Give you advance warning and we may just in in a couple of months set up another time and just do a special set less than Bruce. Breaking down the apartment. I wouldn't that be fun. I've got to tell you a quick story. You're so billy wilder I. The apartment were directed. I I'm a huge fan of his films and then about eight years ago. I wrote a blog post bryson Quebec on the Internet and about films about the apartment and I got an email from a woman about is really what about billy and has surname was Waldo and turns out the billy? Water is her great uncle And anyway few years we kept in touch kept the mouse pretty leading in a few years. Back she she image is like could. I have your address and she sent me a Costa that billy while he got a an award. I think it might be a lifetime. Achievement Award at the Berlin Film Festival in Nineteen Eighty. And there's a poster that billy took and took back to La and so basically after passed away way you know the founding tyrian stuff out. She's come across this poster billy's and she's sent it to me so I have in my in my flat. This poster of water from the Berlin Film Festival Wednesday. The belong to billy water the dreaded the apartment. Oh that is awesome. Boy What a. What a lovely gift. I the nicest gift and it's just and it feels like a thing that whenever I'm working on my films or getting down I'm like come on this. Like the pace of billy wilder like that's him right there. Do you know what I mean. It's kind of. It's a big motivator and in his films all were amazing. Just so well done. And that's that's that's a great story. Have you seen? Have you seen double indemnity? Yes it's just interest. Perfect just made some really perfect films is incredible. Yeah you know it's hard you know growing up. The way I did at I was at the tail end of my three sons. You know in the end with the Walt Disney movies of Fred macmurray right. Yeah and the Captain Marvel was Modeled after him. You know the comic book character and and to see him in such an evil role. Yeah and and I have a massive crush on Barbara Stanwick. Just she was such an interesting actress and and The Lady Eve you know. Just one of my favorite films. So what's interesting is funny. How like in Hollywood? There's so much talk about how you know. Women Get Great. Rose and women are just seen as these beautiful expert. Loudini go back into history cinema. The women were such characters in yet oldman basin. They'll black Mahmoud's yes. They were stunningly beautiful but they were also complex and flawed and fascinating. And I think that's why they still hold so much pill yeah and you know some like it hot and just this just complex of films that they made Yeah we'll we'll we'll do this on a couple of months they'll be so we're going to end with. Maybe you'll be out there on that road somewhere in some bus or train travelling or along in some motel room. They'll be a radio playing and you'll hear me sing this song. Well if you do you know I'm thinking of you and all the miles in between and I'm just calling you one last time not to change your mind just to say. I miss you baby. Good luck goodbye bobby. Gene thank you listeners. Thank you Daniel. We'll talk to you soon. You just heard the fun talk hard music album raking Ban Thinking. Joyce leered readings story sharing pipe gas. That is the one the settlers said. Listen Bruce is part of the southgate media podcast group. The theme for Settling Bruce was written by David. Roseanne used by permission. All right. Thank you sir. Appreciate it and thank you. I can't think of ANYTHING BETTER THAN SPEAK INTO BRUCE. Van for an hour about gross is to spread in. But you know what I love. The most is the idea. They're ignoring their daughter. And as you said not for greatest purpose right like yeah. I'm sure like prisoner and Michelle. Obama did their best and not exclude their daughters into be there. But you at least understand if there's things I'm messing soccer games or I'm missing recitals exam because I'm serving the country these would-be it's because I wanted to. I didn't want to miss a live broadcast on a radio program or something and it's just it's just a wonderful Jesse. The West poverty is we can totally relate to that like because there's a lot of you would the I could just imagine if I had tickets to a bruce show and then there's a wedding are meant to be. I'm like well you know you probably get divorced. But this GIG. He plays a song where he played trump up from his Daniel true story and I will probably add this in as credit sequence so my wife was training to do a full ironman and she needed to go down to galveston Texas to do a half Ironman as a test. She wanted to do this the see if she could do it. And then if you you could kind of gauge your fitness and you're ready to go show end so she had said from the beginning I don't need you to go You've been to my first official half ironman. This is truly just a training Trip her sister. Mary was going with her and my son Chris and she said You. There is no need for you to go. I said you sure you don't mind. No she goes. I don't mind okay. I said okay. Well then I'll just stay at home and kind of keep the homefires burning well. After that Bruce announced that he was doing the free show in Dallas Texas for the NCWA basketball tournament. Yeah which was the day of her half ironman and so- Linda said so. What would you have done if I had not told you in advance? You didn't have to go like I probably would have still gone to the show. She says well and then someone said well what if she gets injured and I said well you know there's flights start as early as five. Am I could get down to Galveston. So exactly right. I we're all a little bit of Marian Dave yeah absolutely absolutely and maybe that's why I'm picking up. Maybe that's why you relate to it because your mode I've been married than you realize. I think all of us if they are honest themselves there is that There is a you know a lot of we call it passion but it is very close to obsession and there. Is that little bit of well. What if he plays that song that I've been chasing? Here's a question I'm interested in his. Let's say if I see this as planet show across the world somewhere. Yeah I stay up till three o'clock in the morning to follow. He other people type in down the songs he plays in the settlers live. What what do I get from that from finding out? Let's say Kay he's played so he played the losing kind for the first time. Ever whatever like yeah. What do I get from finite in the moment that I don't get if I wake up in the morning and read is set lists like do you know what I mean like? Why are we? It's just really interesting. How we get obsessed in that manner. I do too and the other thing that I've talked about a lot. Is How luckier we You know my other. Big Obsession was Brian Wilson and the beach boys and You know when couple of years ago Brian was doing a tour and Bruce showed up at the encore and played with them onstage and So I got to see it. Thanks to you know Youtube numb and and of course all my family and friends said if you had been in that room you would've said I can die. Forget seeing my son get married. Forget seeing grandchildren. Bruce Springsteen Grind Wilson on the same stage me away Lord. I am happy you know. Yeah I a very similar thing so yeah. It's showers a high park in two thousand twelve Paul McCartney walks out onstage now to be on it now. I like anyone especially being English. Of course I love the baiters like everyone does better. I'm not obsessed you know like I don't really listen to him that much. I don't show Paul McCartney I've seen him on TV singing. Hey Jude in the last few His voice is not good. Any Jabber Tile Bu- when Paul McCartney walk down that stage that's a fatal a beat up on the stage and it was just incredible to have bruce springsteen and a beetle together with it was just in Imaging incredible moment and crime imprint. Do you know what I may not realize totally big. I'm also a big. I realized how much bigger Beatles Fan than I thought I was because Paul McCartney will can out there. It's completely changing topic about what happens when the Queen dies all my friends in England with all who says the Queen. She's owed our people don't believe in royal family but I'm telling you in the Queen Dies you'll realize how she shapes she's a big Pov allies. Do you know what I mean and I totally Daniel. My you know. I'm here in Dallas Texas but like Linda at the end of December of two thousand sixteen and word came out that you know Queen. Elizabeth wasn't going to be able to travel for the holidays. Said is two thousand. Sixteen of the year. We lose the Queen. Exactly you know yeah and and And then don't even get me you know. They're like she goes. I don't even WanNa talk about when Bruce goes and I said yes. I know what you're saying but yeah and I know what I think everyone suddenly started to realize. The Brood isn't a young man anymore. I think it does creep into people stolz and everyone whenever they go to a GIG. No we'll we'll sign. Will we get see him again? Well and I have said this on the record many times that When I was there at the river tour and I watch I was at Pittsburgh Louisville than I did Oklahoma City in Dallas. I said Oh my goodness day I feel like they sense that the road ahead of them is shorter than the road behind them. Absolutely we know that there are going to be a few more times. We're going to be able to do this. And at sixty seven doing a four. Hour show Bruce all of them right absolutely. Yeah he like how is Max's arms not falling off? Yeah I don't Austrailia. You've traveled to Australia. That's GonNa take you out of you in. They're not going to be doing it when they're not no no.

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