Top 10 Kickers and Top 10 Punters in the NFL entering the 2020 season (Football 7/4)


What's up? Everybody welcome to the picks podcast sports daily NFL PODCAST Brinson Bureau. Sometimes we do more than one show per day or sometimes we do more than five shares per week I. Guess is the proper way to put it. It's basically like these. Go to eleven for those of you. That like spinal tap jokes, and if you do spinal tap jokes, you're at the right podcast. Happy Birthday America it's July fourth and what can be more American? Subscribing to her youtube channel. Go, do it find. It was on twitter. It's it's it's. It's hard to explain. It's like CBS sports. Is Youtube Channel so you pretty much have to? Go to my twitter page at Winston or at six Pod, and you can find it there. You might be able to go to John Breaches twitter page and find it at John Breach. Of course you should be following him. Great tweets about cats and kickers, plenty of talk about kickers, which speaking of things American we were talking about all American kickers on this podcast like Ray finkle. Fireworks are going to be flow in Brinson. Because Bankas Einhorn Einhorn, finkle, what better way to spend your fourth of July, the talking about the top ten kickers and punters in the NFL I know you think of a better way. That's why you decide to host the show on the fourth of July. This was your idea, you said. Let's pull breach off his holiday. Where haven't talked about on the fourth of July and America wins on her two hundred and forty four th birthday I. think it is. Is Terrible. As a good bath I don't know. Is it and? How old is America? How old is earth? Who knows? Predict these things really science out the window twenty twenty. Now I'M GONNA. Do Quick Math WanNA preach. Point out that breaches right two hundred forty four. That's right I was doing. I was at a I can't really explain. The math I was doing, but it was bad. Anyway, breach station joining us on this on this American holiday. You Skip Apple, Pie. You skip top dogs. You just want to talk kickers. That's addicted kickers you are, and in fact we're also GONNA talk punters. How many people do you think? If you polled one hundred random people who are football fans. How many people could name ten kickers You know it's funny. You ask that question. I think that probably. A few hundred random people I think probably sixty or seventy could name ten kickers, but if we switch that to ten partners. I think I've yeah. I think the number goes way down I. Think it's under twenty because most people know their punter and there's a couple big name honors it. We'll talk about later on I. Think people probably know but other than that. I think the average football fan could probably four hunters. How many? How many professional NFL writers like? National NFL writers could name ten. Punish right now I. Have Serious we call them on the fourth of July they're drinking a little bit more like all right. We'll put you on. The spot named ten years I. The numbers not one hundred percent. There is definitely. People who wouldn't name? Should we call like like literally right now on the? Recording recording this law early, but you can pretend before the. Should we call? And see if he named punish. I I don't know Frisco. Could they I think he could i. go knows a lot about the week so I do think he would probably pull it off, but I think it would take him a second. To ask. Name ten punters right now. Princeton Texas man live. He's not gonNA for but. He. and. Former Hicks podcast. Member the costas thread. I think I could name ten hunters if you. I think during the season I can easily maintained punters, but in the middle of season. I just don't know like without. Looking at the list I would get to ten, but it would be I would have to do it in a way where I was like going through a list of cheap so. Anyway, let's get to the kickers. Kickers to. And you actually ranked ten. What was What was the criteria for the ranking breach? Well here here's. How I start off before I do anything I look at it is if If all the kickers were free age. There was a kicker draft tomorrow. What's kick? Her would be drafted I and. Because with kickers. It's really that simple. You want a kicker to be able to do basically three things. You want to be able to kick through the UPRIGHTS. Because if you can't do that, you're bad. You need to be able to make your field goals you need to be strong got to have a strong leg, but you don't want too much strength, and you don't want to have that at the expense of your accuracy, and a good example of that is my her of the cowboys who has probably one of the top three strongest legs in the NFL but is nowhere near the top ten list because he can't kick it straight. Hit multiple six yard field goals, but he can't hit a forty feel which is a problem I. also like wall. Jeff you've been taking the NFL for a long time. It is not easy to keep kicking job. We have in Carousel. All these players being floated every Tuesday after a kicker Mrs. Field Goals on Sunday. Kickers get replaced all the time. So if you've been able to keep your job that means, you're probably pretty good. And then obviously, this is the part that doesn't necessarily apply to other positions, and that is the mental aspect of kicking. We've seen so many meltdowns over the years in the past fifteen years, Mike Vander Jack had a huge playoff missed almost never heard from again. Just never recovered mentally. Blair Walsh had that huge one Viking seahawks back in that playoff game. That, one yeah, and then he was boom, just never recovered mentally wasn't able to kick in the NFL anymore. So there is a huge mental aspect of that, and so you want to see that kickers can handle pressure, and that also helps you. Get on this list, okay? And so it doesn't necessarily matter like stats. Don't matter to you as much here. I mean they do, but they. You know what I'm saying like. If you're not basing it on, so we talked to run. We talked running backs with Patrick. Walker and I felt like he was leaning heavily on. The actual production like Alvin Kamara one thousand nine rushing season, so we got left off I. Mean for me. I would put him on regardless of the stats. You're not leaning heavily on. Two Thousand Nine nineteen stats as a twenty twenty predictor I mean I am looking at the stats, but here's the thing with kickers. There's so many do. Is that like? If you kick in a dome and you have better stats than the guy who kicks in Denver or Chicago. And these cold weather cities that doesn't necessarily mean you're a better kicker, warm weather, kickers, or at an advantage which I'll talk about later, so you're facing different conditions. Some kickers do kick in domes. If you're in. The AFC south you might play twelve games in domes out of your sixteenth, so you never really have to deal with the weather, so you kind of have to factor those things in also so when you're picking these kickers. Are you taking them out of their element or you know what I'm saying. So like if if? Chris. Chris Boswell for instance. Right Yeah Chris for the Pittsburgh steelers as everybody knows. Double check. Boswell kicks in Pittsburgh. It's much harder place to kick. Would you then ding him for being a Pittsburgh, or are you doing these independent of weather? When you're selecting the kicker? Boswell so and actually Boswell was a name who came up a lot in tweets when our CBS sports HQ came out, 'cause people thought he was ranked too high. because. He had horrible eighteen season. Sixty. Five percent of his field goals I think he was dead last in the NFL, and why as as well no list, but then he rebound in twenty, nineteen had a huge year I think he was taught for an accuracy, and that does play a part. CAUSWELL is the seventh. He's seven. Most accurate kicker fell history. Let's say last year. He was eighth, most accurate kicker and you had another guy who's. WHO's a fifth most accurate kicker and they are only one missed field goal why I'm not going to hold that against Boswell because he is kicking. Heinz field is notoriously one of the most difficult places to kick, so if you're heading eighty eight percent of your field goals in Heinz field that to me, that's as good as hitting ninety percent in a dome because there's not guarantee that. Don't kick her Canadian. Yeah Yeah. Exactly okay all right so you're! You're giving credit for guys who have to kick in difficult conditions right so if your numbers are a little bit lower that I, it just depends why they're lower right now that we've gotten that out of the way depot was worried. This podcast is going to run long and he's right. Birthday rare. Let's get to the list checking in and the only reason he's on. This list is because you wanted to do a kick podcast. You knew if you include an eagles kicker he would. Then depot would seek you out to kick her podcast. And he did. You were right. Jake Elliott the. drafted. Yes, fifth round of the two thousand seventeen NFL draft with the eagles, the last three years eighty four percent of his kicks made He stepped in a twenty two year. Old Rookie has made ninety four percent of his. Points and nine of fifteen. Fifteen kicks five a year from fifty yards or more, but has a nice percentage from their breeds a. why did he check in at number ten for you? Fun Fact About Jake. He was actually drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals, and not only that, but the man who held his draft card and announced the pick. Was Jim Breach? So I forgot about that? That's right, Jake, why did he? Why did the Bengals not keeping? The Rain Ball. He he had horrible training camp so obviously storm now, but he he struggled badly, and at the time it was the correct decision, even though it looks like a dumb decision, apples kickers. If you guys making fifty percent and training camp, you know he's getting cut. Role, in the season with. Right you don't know what you're getting. But then in his rookie year like his third game at a sixty one yard field, well against the giants, and then everybody laughed at the Bengals. That's neither here, nor there obviously. Dima, what you'll remember this because I remember something to somebody, get hurt or they ego such a cut somebody. Caleb sturgis! Yes, roster that super bowl season, and then Jake. Elliott took over, but Elliott played the whole season right? Yeah, because it would breach, said that three he came in for that monster field goal against the giants stirred married. It Yeah Perry it. was. Dot Sturgis was around because Jake. Elliott didn't sign until after the bengals cut him so it was really really late. It was just before the start of the season so I think they surges played one game. He got hurt okay. Yeah. Yeah Kim searches suffered a quad strain is plant leg although less Bowen reports say hip flexor so bleeding, green nation, and was going to miss several weeks. As a result, they tested out kickers brought in Elliott Elliott. Mayday huge go against the giants, and is never looked back again. That's why kicker lists are fickle, right breach. That is what if you're coach and you bring in? In your kicker, your rookie kicker second game of his career second. He's ever played. The NFL and he hits a sixty one yard. That's going to give you a long leash. You're not going to get rid of this guy if he does have some rookie struggles, and he did have those a little bit during his rookie season, there was a game where he missed multiple extra. Extra points against the forty niners, but you're the coach. Saying what this guy hit a sixty one yard. He's making most of his field. Goals weren't keep them and the one thing I like about Jake. Elliott is that he has gotten better each season and that's what you want to see from kicker. His field goal percentage has just continues to go up his extra point percentage. Percentage has gone up every single season and Philadelphia, not an easy environment to kick in and the Super Bowl. He came up huge for the eagles. He hit multiple feels, and he is actually one of only three kickers in NFL history to multiple field goals of forty yards or more in the super bowl. Only three kickers ever done that Jake Elliott, Garrett, Hartley and Jim breach. He actually. Get as much usage I. Don't think a lot of kickers. Doug Peterson so aggressive about going for gopher to and the going forward on fourth down like you look at his numbers, you just data. He's just been. Tom Last year twenty two at twenty six, but a very nice eighty five percent. Conversion rate as kicker right number nine. The man, the myth, the legend speaking of tough places to kick Mason crosby. Crosby is absolutely one of those. We always talk about how. Frozen Tundra of Lambeau field is such an for the packers, but like it's not advantage for. The, kicker and this is why this is. This is not a job. Any kicker in the NFL would want but Mason. Crosby has had since two thousand seven, which is kind of crazy, and he's had a couple years in there where he has struggled two thousand seventeen, he only hits seventy eight point nine percent field goals. When you're kicking in Green Bay as a coach, you understand you can't read this guy out you bring in another guy. There's no guarantee he's going to be better. Especially kicking in that kind of weather, so the packers stuck by after those struggles in two thousand seventeen, he had a decent twenty eighteen, then came through last year with the best season of his career. This guy is peak kicker. It's like. Yeah! Five? Ninety percent by kicks. So, that came out of nowhere any last year. We saw him hit a game. Winning field goals, lions fans, I'm sure you remember he hit. The, packers play the lions twice did not leave at all. Either of those games with time on the clock. Mason crosby hit. Field Goals as time expired in two games against the lines winning both of those, so yeah, based on where he kicks came up last year. He's number nine. For the record basic crosby, eighty seven point eight percent of his field goals. From thirty to thirty nine yards over the course of his career, that's a that's a really good. He doesn't. He doesn't miss this chip shouters. If you look at even is bad season in two thousand twelve years, two of nine from fifty plus. He had that one weird year like you out. Two thousand seventeen I think people were talking about like maybe cutting him. In two thousand seventeen people are mad at it, and now he's he's really established himself as one of the better kickers in the league number eight Matt Freighter. Yeah Lions fans felt like Prater should have been a little bit higher, but I think. He came an good spot. I was talking about two things you want. Strength and accuracy trader is almost like a perfect combo that he's got. He's one of the strongest legged kickers in the NFL he's. Top, three strong legs. He has the NFL record for longest field goal at sixty four yards. He did that while he was playing for the Broncos, so we know he does have that super strong leg and his accuracy seems to get a little bit better every single year. But he was did have a slight down year in twenty, one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty four percent of his field goals, so that is why he is number, eight, Eighty, eight or eighty nine, he probably would have been up fodder to, but he does play in a dome where it should be a little bit easier to kick theoretically. But he did struggle a little bit. In Two Thousand Nineteen Fun Fact Matt Prater. In two thousand, thirteen lead the NFL with ninety six point, two percent of his field goals made and kick seventy five extra points made every single one of them. That was of course peyton manning at a big one hundred and fourteen kickoffs, and then you know it's weird breeds like he fell off a cliff the next year with Denver. Or did you get committee? Get Cut. Here, what exactly what happened two thousand thirteen, but the always wonder like. Did his leg get worn out? Yeah kicking, trying to keep up with that peyton manning offense. Yeah. One hundred fourteen kickoff is a ton and seventy points. There's a lot of weird Karen the light all right number seven Dan, the Man Bailey. Damn, the man bail. You know it's funny. Is that the cowboys? You remember. This was a total surprise when Dan barely got by the cowboys. The two thousand eighteen season he at the time. Four or five years in his career, he was the most accurate kicker in NFL history. He injured his groin in twenty. Seventeen didn't really come back. Bounce back very strong. So, the cowboys kept them in twenty seventeen. He only hit seventy five percent of his field goals. A rough training camp got cut in favor of Brett, Maher and then. Seventy five of his field goals in twenty eighteen with the Vikings and it looked like this was another guy who was going to be over because he wasn't able to bounce back from his injuries, but he did last year he was one of the best kickers in the NFL hit ninety three point, one percent of his heels, and so based on what he did is first. Four years were he was one of the top three kickers in the NFL combined with what he did last year. That is how Dan Billy got to number seven on this been asking this question, but where's Greg's airline? Its current cowboys kicker. Greg the legs airline. Did he fall off the list after a tremendous run? Yeah, it's Eight years with the rams made eighty percent field goals, but just seventy two point seven last year. Are you out on Greg that is? I'm glad you asked that Princeton because Greg is not on this list and a reason for that same reason that Stephen Gostkowski is not honest and I'm glad you asked us. After the Damn Bailey ranking because it has to do with injuries, I do not trust any kicker. who was coming off an injury? We saw a few times last year. Ryan. Suck up with titans got injured last off season titans that have having the worst kicking situation in the NFL suck up career. Horrible Year was never able to bounce back from his injury. Adam Viteri dealing with. With an injury in the off season came in had a horrible year last year, Dan Bailey dealing with the engine twenty seventeen had to horrible years, and so there's no guarantee that they're line. He was dealing with a groin injury in two thousand eighteen. I'm not sure what happened during that offseason, but in twenty nine hundred and just wasn't good, and obviously the rams let them walk in free agency, so that feels like they may not think he's a top ten pick anymore and Gostkowski is dealing with a hip injury, which is pretty serious for kickers and. If you hundred percent healthy. He's the top five kicker, but I don't know if he's healthy and he's still on the free agent market, so he is also on this list because I never six. We mentioned before Chris the Baas Bosmo I'm just making a dumb nicknames for these guys at this point plays Pittsburgh kicks in Pittsburgh as well. Not quite top five, but sort of Boswell has been. What's the word I'm looking for? He's only twenty eight. Is that one verbal, but he's been at one point in time I think it was two thousand eighteen steelers. Fans did not like Chris Boswell. Unlike wanted him sliced and diced and cut on other everybody wanted him out, healy hit fifty percent of his field goals from forty to forty nine yards and two thousand eighteen. You WanNa. Be Hitting probably ninety percent from forty to forty nine. He was hitting fifty. He only hit sixty five percent of his field goals in two thousand eighteen. It was just a horrible horrible season Mike Tomlin was basically being asked every week. Are you going to cut the or you're going to get rid of them? But Tomlin stuck by him, and it paid off Boswell's one of the best kickers in the NFL. Last year kicking at Heinz field hit ninety three point five percent field goals, which is an insanely high number. Anything over ninety percent is awesome and let me say. This was one of three kickers. There were only three kickers in the NFL. who were perfect on extra points because you're not making every extra point. Ever since it's been moved back, Boswell went twenty, eight or twenty eight, and he's been the NFL for five years and three to five years. He's ninety percent more or more of his field goal, so if he had not had that disastrous two thousand eighteen season if he had hit, say eighty five percent of his field goals that year he would probably be third or fourth on this list. That disastrous year was such a disaster that we couldn't put them in the top five. Number five. A man who disgust me. Will Lutts because he's one of those freaks. Really has one L. His name. Like what are we doing? That's worse than wills with an S.. What are we doing I one L. will get the hell Outta here pal I'm going to start calling you wheels. Man Wills Brinson. I do know what sounded bad as a child so I feel badly is his name William and they shorten it the wills. I don't know. Maybe it's Williams. Although my my middle name is Williams, so maybe by parents should have called be. Wills will Lutts for years new, Orleans made eighty seven and a half percent of his field goals. He was undrafted coming out of Georgia state. Has made a ninety seven percent of his extra points. Just not maybe it's not surprising because he's in the dumb, but he's been he's been. Is Rock solid for the saints ever since he landed New Orleans. Yeah what's has been fantastic during his with the saints and I think that he was another one. I got a lot of feedback on twitter will. Why isn't lots in the top three? You needs to be in the top three. People do that. People take their kickers ranking a lot more seriously than I thought. I was ready to argue back. So there is okay. What is the only top five kicker that kicks in Dome I think kicking a dome does give you sight advantage because you don't have to worry about the weather, so you know he. His percentages should be a little bit. But he he had a great twenty one thousand nine season. He doesn't really miss big kicks and I don't think that. He should be in the top three I think he could eventually be in the top three. I think V is a good spot for him right now and. When you're the saints? You need a clutch kicker because the offense moves the ball downfield all the time. Don't always score touch. You GotTa know. You can get points on the board and we'll let's does that for New Orleans. Sub Four Robbie. Well what are you saying? I should be doing Chris Berman Voice Robbie good as Gold Gold Robbie good as gold or whatever he would say, Robbie gold number four remember remember what he was really good for the Chicago bears, and they let him leave can't believe that, Sean. We need to have a podcast Sean about that. He's probably still sad about. Letting Sean leave. Nobody would do that. Don't Brinson, is he? If this Saturday show. nope. mailbag one leg. But also maybe check twitter if you're hearing this, yeah. All right now. The goal actually had a bad year in two thousand and nineteen now, and I got grilled on this, but again I am always ready to defend my rankings with stats Robbie Gold did have a bad year, so let me say this. The bears dumped him. After the two thousand fifteen season twenty sixteen was Chicago he hits one hundred percent of his field goals, twenty seventeen ninety five point, one percent of feel will second the NFL twenty eighteen ninety seven point, one percent of his feels that led the NFL is what? What the bears like Oh now last year he hit seventy four point two percent of his field goals. He ranked in the bottom five of the NFL, but I am cutting him. Some slack in here is why number one? The forty niners had a rookie owner, which means they had a rookie holder. Mitchell now Sqi is from Australia these Australian guys. They didn't grow up catching a football and put it down to holding. It takes them adjustment holders, actually a pretty difficult job. I don't think most people understand that and you'RE A. You have to trust that. Your long snappers to do his job and the. Job before you can even kick the ball, so two things have to happen before you can do your job and so I think there is not a full amount of trust there yet. And then the other part is that the forty niners four different long snappers in two thousand, nine, hundred nine Kyle Nelson, normal star, got suspended, and how long snapper get suspended so while he was out. They had three guys with those three long snappers, Robbie. Gold went twelve of nineteen through the first six weeks of the season. That is a horrible number, so that is seven. Miss Kicks they. When Kyle Nelson came back gold finish the season, seventeen of eighteen, and he also hit. Two big field wasn't a super bowl. Three field goals in the NFC title game including a fifty four yarder so once he had his normal snapper back. He was back to his normal self. Also. You know. Eighty five percent field goals that were he made eighty five percent of shows are inside fifty yards. So that's good. You might have said that I tuned out because the HBO announced that curb your enthusiasm coming back for another season. That's exciting. Very exciting. Number three. Josh? Lambo you know what I don't know I this is probably the thing that blew my mind the most about ranking, so we had CBS sports HQ. Twitter Account tweet out our rankings and you know who I got. The most blowback from Josh Lambo fans. I didn't know Josh Lambo Jacksonville had fans. Let alone like fans of their kicker. Maybe it's because he's the only good player on the roster, but the Jags fans were out in full force ripping me for not having Lambeau at number to at least they well, my thirty, and some of them were trying to make the argument that he was better than just in Tucker, which is just look. If you gave any NFL team of choice to pick one kicker to kick them next year. They would all take Justin Tucker. So that is just hands down. He can't be an spoiling Justin. Tucker is number one, but so Josh Lambo had a fantastic year last season, the NFL feel percentage, ninety seven point, one percent, which was better than Tucker, he only. Only missed one extra point, but here is why Josh Lambo is not number one number look. He plays in better weather. He plays in warm weather Jacksonville Tucker plays on the East Coast and Baltimore work. It's called it gets Wendy. It gets bad warm. Weather is easier to kick. Somebody tried to tweet at me and tell me well. It's all humid and. Lambo kicks in way worse weather. It is easier to kick in warm weather. I think the confusion comes because you see these long field goals in Denver when it's called the best because the air is thin and the ball travels further because they're a mile high elevation other than that you take Denver out. Cold weather is almost impossible to kick in warm. Weather's better because the air is less dense, the ball floats further and football is. Is more elastic so bathrooms off your foot more you WanNa kick in warm weather. The other reason Lambo is not ahead of Talker or at number one is because he has less pressure on them. Look the Ravens Fourteen, the to ask every single WanNa Tucker spills big when you're losing a game twenty one to three years to come out and kick it feel there's no pressure, so we should be making his kicks and then also. Lambeau in the past three years has three MRS under forty six yards, which is kind of that line of demarcation. We're kickers needs to be good from under forty six and teams will accept a little bit worse over forty six and Tucker only has won miss on his own. He had a couple of blocks of only one that he actually missed, so Josh Lambo. You're not number one, but you are number three. which I thought would appease Jaguars fans, but it did not. Renew Justin! Tucker's number one. Let's the kicker talk by pointing out that a number two. Harrison, Bucker and number one Justin Tulsa. Is the only. I've ever interviewed. I interviewed him at the at the combine. How? It's really wanted to Georgia. Tech has a really I think. Three. He's very smart an engineering. and. See Right through the fact that you didn't know you were talking about when it came to kicking. Absolutely okay drafted by. His twitter handle fantastic at but kicker seven drafted by the panthers in the seventh round, the panthers actually cut him scooped up by the chiefs. It might be because Cairo Santos got hurt. Is that is that right? Is it possible? Just got hurt well I. Want to say real quick. The panthers were getting ripped for letting her go, but Graham Gano was a really. He's been battling injuries now, so it looks dumb, but at the time. Zone A on a rookie deal. which was grand, can't. Tagged Him. Yeah, it's like I was like four million dollars in it. The difference is so small if you're talking about three and a half million where I have a proven kicker, this isn't like A. With the Panthers Decision Yeah I'm fine with it, but like at some point. If you think you've got a good kid who can kick like he can. You GotTa, Get mcadoo the panthers did that because they put on the practice squad. Yeah they. Screwed up. Who got hurt for the chiefs? Somebody got hurt from the chiefs. that. Is. Going out of my two thousand seventeen party blocked out. Two, thousand seventeen to move on to. Zero Santa's. Poor Cairo he's. Got Hurt. I think and injury. He did because he was three for three on the year and you wouldn't get rid of a kicker. Whose three for three suffered a groin injury, they had to get Bucker, and then they've rolled with Bucker, because bucker came in, and in two thousand seventeen made ninety point five percent of his field goals thirty eight to forty two thirteen games for the chiefs and made extra point, he was clutch for that to you, and it's been awesome ever since yeah and real quick Cairo. Santa's set groin injury. There's two things you don't WanNa. See Thicker. It is his groin because there's so much involved with your movement when you have a plan for it. You just don't have your groin injured. You don't want to have your hip injured. With those two injuries. There's no guarantee you're, GonNa make it back and be the kitchen. You were a four, but yeah Brinson for came up huge. We saw in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. He hit two huge games against the Vikings. He scored almost all their points on. That was when Patrick Mahomes was out if they don't win that game all the sudden. They're playing the wild card round. The Patriots have that by so you know Bucker came up a couple times for this team, and he also hit a seventy seven yard field goal. During the off season, not during a game. Anything, you want to add on your hands. Justin Tucker or we get? I would just say that he is hands down the greatest, kicker. Volta On Jail Jason Lockenfora Radio Show, and I think from a talent standpoint is the best kicker in NFL history. Now I'm not sure who gets the hall of fame. I think if he does three. Hear me out if he doesn't for three or four more years I, do think he get to the hall of fame, but you just never know you look. There's only two trim kicks in. The hall of fame wants centered more than Anderson more Anderson had to play almost forever. He was NFL's all wing score. Now Viteri Timeline score I think. Will Get in, but vegetarian has these iconic kicks. Everybody knows the Super Bowl game winners. The snow kick against the raiders is probably the greatest feelable in NFL history, because it's such a low percentage, kick and so Justin. Tucker doesn't have those iconic kicks hall of fame. Voters kind of associate with putting someone in. I don't know that they're going to put someone in on talent alone, but right now. He's the most accurate kicker NFL history. He's probably the greatest Talat we just need. The Ravens need to get. Get some some of those iconic kicks in there for him. You know what a sadly is going to hurt the ravens or just in Tucker's fame case, John Horrible now going for it all the time on fourth down just another attempt to just twenty nine field goals last season may twenty eight of course, but that is a career low for him, and just one field goal of fifty plus yards, because instead of trotting Tucker out with these on field goals. They're going for it on fourth and short. And Brenston. When he attempted twenty nine field goals last year, that was so far. That was the first time in five years that he had attempted under thirty. Yeah I. Your first time ever twenty, eighteen, attempted thirty nine, so Harbaugh Ho attitude is definitely going to hurt Tucker Tucker's at two years where he led the NFL and feeble attempts in two thousand thirteen in two thousand fifteen, but again is brench mentioned because harbaugh saying. Hey, we're going. He's not getting those attempts anymore. So and he had a career high and led the NFL career highs in both extra points, a tinted in extra points made and led the bet. Those categories because the ravens are prolific, scoring and finishing off drives, but we're field goal percentage by hall of fame case in Richly Let's take a quick break. When we come back, we'll talk a top ten punter in the NFL. The PGA tour is finally back the first cut on the CBS sports podcast network. has you covered week in and week out with previews picks interviews, news and analysis join Mark Immelman Kyle Porter, Greg Charm and myself Rick Gaiman as we come at us throughout the week with daily fantasy analysis, winning bets, and the hottest takes about Rory Phil and tiger. So what are you waiting for? Come join our group and let's talk golf download and subscribe on Apple podcasts. stitcher anywhere else. PODCAST are found. Paper ends. I met Alfred I'm Chris Hainer together were the Russell buddies a podcast going into the fun parts of professional wrestling? It's a celebration of pro wrestling for fans of all ages, even if you're just getting into it now, new episodes of Russell Buddies rap on Thursdays. So it wasn't enough to breach. Do top kickers. They said why not? Let's be crazy. Let's toss type two hundred Reagan all the positions. We need content here. We are on Saturday July fourth, ranking, top ten. We're not going to go through them individually bridge, because frankly we have to go cricket drunk honors people to it is July fourth. That is true. We're sorry partners. We as why you don't record podcasts on July fourth because you have a finite window to work with. The the bottom five Kevin Huber Michael Dixon's based lower than I thought. Cam Johnson Logan Cook, and Brian Anger, the man famously drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars, in the third round of the two thousand and twelve NFL draft a California kicker. He was taken just a couple of spots of this quarterback. You may have heard of Russel Wilson, and now he kicks for Houston pumps for the Houston Texans. Tell me about that bottom five there yeah, I would say the biggest backlash I got here. WAS THAT SAM? Cook from the Ravens did not make the list. I think you could probably. Probably switch them in there with Huber at number ten, but Ravens fans, the reasons Sam cooked it make because three of the past four years. His Net yardage has been under forty. That is not a great number for an NFL punter and look the Ravens. Also give me up a ton of punt return yards. They'd been one of the five worst teams in I think three the past four years, which is surprising because John Harbaugh, a special teams coach. He's got this loaded feelable unit I'm surprised that he is let the punt team just just surrender all these return yards. But other than that you mention Dixon Dixon had a phenomenal rookie. Year was a pro bore. He lost three yards office, pointing average, and just kind of fell back to Earth. He kinda had that adrenaline as rookie year, he was still a very good partner, just definitely not as good as he was during his rookie and twenty eighteen. Austrailia Buddy Cameron Johnson to Australians on this list, Brenston. Australian punters are huge in college now. Yeah, it was like an Australian pipeline Australian punters for. Big Schools have gone with Australian punters. okay should've gotten outback steakhouse to. Sponsor the the bottom five. Enough held back. Maybe, blooming onion man, you don't eat the blooming onion. Enough I think that's what I'm saying. A whole day's worth of calories in one blooming onion, so if you're like really hungry, you hit the blooming onion. Do so in less than ideal news by computers, completely I and up on me. And not just not moving. So why don't you tell me about your top five all right? Let's go with the top five here. Five Brett Kern of the Tennessee titans current had a huge year. He was a big reason why the titans were so good that often henry really. Not, right Tannehill, we'll throw in Ryan Tannehill, but like the offense isn't the chiefs offense. They don't score on every drive. And so when you're not sworn every drive, your partner becomes a weapon and Brett. Kern placed thirty seven punts inside his opponent's twenty yard line. Only to punters had more than thirty five. He was one of them, and if you're a partner, that is the gold standard. If you can pin someone inside their twenty because that's GonNa touch back. That's literally the best thing you can do because it makes your opponents field long to score points. So Kern probably titans fans were not happy. He was another one that probably could have been ranked higher. If I did this over I might have put them at three or two, but he's definitely easily a top five punter in the NFL number four Andy we the cardinals. Cardinals have been for the past few years any. We get so much action. Acquired from the panthers in a trade. Do they trade him? Am I wrong? He's been around forever. So I knew the Browns, and then the panthers gay Dave Gettleman gave the Browns a fourth round pick for ely well. He's been in the NFL since two thousand four, so it's like he's the one guy can't his career. She's about the forty niners, the Browns, the panthers and the cardinals, so he has been getting some serious action. Didn't. Pick this insane well. That's why you do it. He's never four four best partner. Would you give a fourth round? Pick the fourth partner. Would well Princeton I would give up a fourth round pick for the fourth best being the fourth best at your position in the entire NFL. He's thirty seven years old, and he's still banging out Fonsi average forty seven point eight yards per punt, which was the second highest number in the NFL, another guy who's on this list because he gets a ton of action and comes through as trust way of the Redskins, I think my favorite reaction was twitter. On twitter, somebody's like stress way real name, or are you just like four NAS to see if. We can actually name Punters Brinson game here, trust wiser real. Person Israel person is definitely a real person. He averaged forty nine point six yards per punt last year that was the ninth highest single season total in NFL history, and also talked about inside the twenty. Being important for the other thing you want is high net yardage yards per punt doesn't mean anything. If you don't have a good net yardage, because maybe you're team's going off. Return me route kicking your coverage. tress way forty four point one net yards per punt, which ranked third in the NFL number. Two on the list Brinson boy Johnny Hacker. Hacker is the only person on this list. Who I didn't just considering putting I consider that this guy's weapon yeah, the rams regularly use him four fake punts. The guys completed more passes than bell career than tastes them hill. So Johnny Hecker absolutely is not just a great partner. He's four his career. He's averaged forty yards per punt, which is the second highest career average in NFL history he was in the NFL in yards last year, so he's had a solid career, and obviously he is a weapon number. One on this list Thomas Morstead of the saints who now follows Brinson on twitter. That's right, and you Thomas Shout out the Thomas Morstead, so he, you ranked him first overall on the list. Then he followed you on twitter and I went out and follow immediately followed me back. I like that idea that you can follow somebody and they get a notification that says you followed. I would like to point out that. Moore said wasn't already following me and I gave him some sort of special treatment because he was. This is not the case. This was looking at the numbers and Morstead came out as the best he walked. He put nearly fifty percent of his punts inside opponents twenty yard line. We decided how we talked about how important that is. He forced twenty-one fair catches. So that's good because you're coverage team is taking out of the equation and now fair catches are good if you have a high net average, because if you have sixty fair catch, but you're not averaging only thirty five yards. That's not good. You're just give me short. Concerned can't return it. More set a bunch of fair catches, but he had an average of forty three point one, which ranked fifth overall in the NFL last year. He has had a top ten net punting average in. The past nine years and he's ranked in the top five. In seven of the past nine years, so his net punting average has been top five and seven of the past nine years including last year. Any is the third highest yards per punt. In NFL, history average in that is forty six point nights more said has been crushing it. He does kick in doors, but that's not the same as field goal. Kickers have a lot more to deal with punters. It's the weather is a factor, but unless it's major unless it was forty hour winds, there's not a huge difference, and that really speaks to two. The saints like I think we sleep on I mean obviously. Special Teams SORTA comes in third place when you're talking about often. Stevens especial shoots Bot. It's pretty clear. The saints have a very well rounded roster, Twi Twi the saints have gone thirteen and three the last two years I. It's not just offense. It's not just drew brees. Athlete. Walk for asked me without had the best kicker. Sir Tandem, because he thought talker and cook should be number one, but I told them I. thought that will. What's in Thomas morstead would be number one and the Tucker and cook probably number two, but again you're talking about two of the best teams they understand to coaches who understand how important special teams are, and if you have one of the best ponders in one of the best kickers that puts you ahead of the game because there's going to be one or two games. Games per season that come down to a field goal, there's going to be how to two games per season that come down to feel position, and if you have a kicker, who can make that feel or who can flip the field all the sudden. You're ahead of the game and the difference between the number one seed in the number. Two seed is one game. Maybe that game is something that your partner or Ticker Windsor you and now that there's only one home field advantage once he gets that each conference. You know kickers. Maybe a lot more important in two thousand, twenty, a lot of great stuff breach hope everybody has a happy and safe and non. Jason Pierre Paul July Fourth, and if you're over twenty one. I'm already. Drinker, Hammer right now. I mean I wasted soon as I. Get off with Brinson I have to drink just like cope with talking to Brinson for an hour. So this is going to be a crazy fourth of July for me. Involved a very bad during. His five am that people are listening to this right now so good for you, is it? It. Could be if if they're up that early. Getting up that early. People up onto I fourth I don't know some people. It's like you wake up early for Christmas. It's America's birthday open. America's presence Yup early. Are we releasing this on Youtube at the same time as the podcast or earlier? This will be also July fourth treat on Youtube for our viewers and listeners, so in other words, people are GonNa. See me wearing the shirt flair four straight news, exactly okay cool. A holiday. We don't have to change. But it's like it is conceivable that I've been wearing this shirt for four days. My wife actually made fun of me for wearing the same gray shirt for two straight days. That's exciting a happy birthday America. Great July fourth breach. Thank you for your diligence in the kicker and Punter special teams industry. There's no one better at it in in the national NFL media. Pay Friends I met FRING and I'm Chris Haney together. We're the Russell Buddies a podcast into the fun. Parts of professional wrestling. It's a celebration of pro wrestling for fans of all ages, even if you're just getting into it now, new episodes of Russell, buddies, rob on Thursdays.

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