Haley Out, Dems Unhinged & Anarchy in America - 10/9/18


The blaze radio network. On demand. At grade is here on the blaze radio network. And welcome to it. Great. Have with us triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Lot to get to today. The breaking news of Nikki Haley resigning. Her position is UN ambassador, completely out of the blue seems to have surprised even the Trump administration. Apparently nobody saw that coming. And so everybody's wondering will why. There was no indication that she was going to step down and then all of a sudden she headed, I guess, last week she handed her resignation to President Trump and now obviously we're, we're hearing about it. And that was the big announcement that President Trump alluded to when he tweeted out a few hours ago. So you know, now this speculation begins. Oh, okay. She she must be the the anonymous writer of that New York Times op Ed where she's fighting against the president behind the scenes. I don't know. It doesn't seem didn't seem like it could be her. Actually. She spent two loyal to the president and it seemed like she's been. She's been a pretty good Trump soldier. I, it seems like she's been a great UN ambassador, so I hope whoever he appoints. Is is a strong as she has been because it's been a really refreshing change of pace and Trump is now saying that six months ago, Nikki Haley told him who's six months that, yeah, that she told him that she needed to take a break maybe end of the year, but so she might just be tired. Yeah, but, but he also said that maybe she would serve through the end of twenty eighteen but twenty eight teens not done, and she's gone. So I don't know how much you want to read into that. But that's the latest from the president himself. All right. They're speculating that the next ambassador might be a vodka Trump. I. That would be interesting. He just appointed his daughter who's got no experience in that kind of role. Yeah, it's twenty eight teen though Nikki Haley left now. So if he does do that over just fit in with the rest of the year, what it represents. So let's do that. Yeah, or Jared, her her husband. Oh, I thought you were talking about the diamond company no interest now that would be, or you know, the guy from subway, imprisoned in probably can't serve as a Basseterre in the UN. I know he'd fit in our government perfectly. With his rap sheet. But anyway, yes, so that's, that's shocking actually. And I hate that because she has been absolutely incredible in that role spend so great such a great defender of the United States and Israel and a no nonsense person. She's taking absolutely zero nonsense from the rest of the UN and and they're assembled critics of the United States and Israel. In fact, we pulled out of the human rights commission because we're sick and tired of all of these terrorists nations accusing us, and Israel of being the problem in the world. So. And I don't buy that. She's the leaker or the behind the scenes person talking about. Yeah, because look, how does it surfer? Well, if she has presidential ambitions which I still think that she does in the back of ably how is she how? How does this benefit her being behind the scenes leaking stuff behind the scenes of the Trump administration? Because look if it serves to tear him down and he loses in twenty twenty. Then she's got wait till twenty twenty four anyway to go against the democrat president because she's not going to run in two thousand twenty things are going smoothly for Trump because he's going to run for reelection so she can't move until twenty twenty four anyway. But you know what? Who knows? I don't know, but I just don't think it's. Doesn't seem like it's her, but that's, of course the immediate speculation because nobody saw it coming and you know, she can't just be tired. She can't just want to do something else. That'd be that it can't be that maybe she's just had enough of the UN and she just wants to spend more time maybe with herself or her family. Yeah, in someone, I don't know where she lives fulltime soom still South Carolina, but she obviously has spent a lot of time in New York with the United Nations and all the crap that goes on there. But someone who moved from South Carolina to New York, I can totally see how in less than two years. You're ready to get the hell out. So that could be possibly as well. She mayton actually just be sick of it. Should she could? That is a possibility here? Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm pretty sick of everything that's going on, and I'm not even in the administration, but I as a person who watches it every day you can't help but get fed up with this stuff. DNC chair, Tom Perez was on MSNBC last night talking about the GOP and how terrible they are. And here's some of what was said when he was asked about the situation right now, people were mobilized, they're showing up events, candidates, recruitment, fundraising, all that stuff. How much does the new cycle matter that the things that are happening that are grabbing people's attention? I think there's a sense that there's this kind of, you know this, this needle moving back and forth. But from your perspective, doesn't matter that much. What's in the Newsday today. Of course, it matters. I mean, when when you see the mistreatment of Dr Ford wait a minute, when you see the mistreatment of Dr Ford from the GOP, they treated her with kid gloves, they soft bald her, they coddled her no one mistreated Dr Ford, not in the Republican party. Somebody betrayed her confidence in the democrat party, but how how she mistreated in any way by anybody that that is that's ludicrous. That's a mistreatment of every woman across America. Because if you mistreat one woman, you've mistreated all women. When was that a thing? When did that become the new standard kids ripped from their parents at the border? That's an affront to our values, the nation. When you see the first of all, they weren't ripped from their parents. They were taken in placed in a separate facility. Something every single illegal alien knew would happen when they were caught breaking into our country that is on them. They kept coming anyway. They kept doing it anyway and and by the way, where was Tom Perez when Barack Obama did the same thing unbelievable over the tact by Republicans day in and day out the union movement attacked by Republicans day in and day out who's even talking about unions don't. I haven't heard a Republican or democrat talking about unions. No one. Oh, yeah. All this union-bashing has really, that's worn us out over the last couple years since Trump was in. Whereas anybody even disgust a union, not recently when we say that there are no guard rails in Washington. I know that for sure, there are no shutter. Democrats base, you got that rightly left moderate Republicans. They accidentally tell the truth for a second there. He's exactly right. There are no moderate Democrats. He absolutely got that right the first time then he tries to claim. Then you try to claim that there's no moderate Republicans in a party that he leads that is loaded with socialists and communists and antiga radicals, black lives matter radicals, Tom Perez is the head of a party. The claims. There are dozens of genders that a party that accepts condones and promotes the continued slaughter of sixty million plus babies. Tens of millions of those by the way would become women and minorities. Don't don't try to don't try to say that the Republican party is loaded with extremists win. This guy himself said that socialists or the future of. Of their party. Socialist and socialism is the future of their party. He said that about a Okaz yo Cortes. So don't try to play that. Republicans left in the United States Senate, and you know, we need to elect more Democrats in the Senate and state house. And so I see that every day and what I see everywhere is that people understand that democracy can't be a spectator sport every anymore. And I see not only women are selenium are activated. I see rural voters activated because we're gonna ising everywhere. People understand that preexisting conditions aren't just for Democrats or Republicans or rural voters, urban voters, these issues, touch people everywhere. Wow, that is that's hard to listen to. From one of the most extreme leaders of mainstream party probably US history. And again, a guy who said socialism is a future of their party. How do you even with a straight face and nobody ever challenged? Certainly not Chris Hayes, hey, Chris, as isn't going to say, wait a minute, Tom, a your parties pretty extreme itself. Isn't that the pot call on the kettle black? Isn't that. That a little bit hypocritical of you, Tom, I don't know that you can be using such incendiary phrases. I know I know kettle black really horrified expression. Actually, there is more there's more trouble for a baseball commentator. Yeah, who's actually used some language that actually he actually used chink in the ARL. Gosh, you say it? Yeah, he said it. He said it. I repeated that he actually quoted him as saying that doesn't make it better. No, true. TBS baseball, color commentator, Ron darling used the phrase Jenkin the armor during the performance of the Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka during game two and an apology of course, followed. He said, darling, said a little chink in the army for a little chink in the armor for Tanaka here. That was near the end of the fourth inning. It's the first inning where he's lost a little of his control. Obviously he's not calling him. Anything. He's talking about the little divot in a piece of armor from a night, and it's unbelievable that we can't understand that now we can't. We can't as a society. How is it possible that we just can't figure it out. Here's a question of the plus. The guy's got Asian heritage. Oh, on Dhahran. Dhahran the announcer? Yes, he's, he is partially of Chinese descent. Well, his mother is Hawaiian Chinese, so you know, doesn't make a lot of sense for him to be an Asian racist. So it's the Hawaiian part of him that does the announcing apparently the up early, not the Chinese part, but here's a question today, do you do we lack commonsense or common decency more in America right now, Twenty-eight teen is more to call it a tie. Yeah, tweet out a poll Pat unleashed she's, I mean, so asinine pathetic people just wanna be offended. They don't care. The means to it. They just yeah, right. So I can have some reason to wine out loud and get attention. So he issued an apology. Almost immediately said earlier tonight. I used an expression while referencing Mazda hero Tanakh as recent pitching performance. While unintentionally apologized for my choice of words. Why? Obviously you didn't mean it that way. You meant it as if it was a some sort of a divot in his armor. Really something else that I just I just dropped my copy minute flew across the room. Then use that one, right? We could just do that. We just do all right, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three. Let me tell you about brickhouse nutrition was created by a team of top positions and they got together foreign brickhouse nutrition and then created field of greens because they wanted to create a real SuperFood something that people can you know, use powder form, put it into something like just even a glass of water, eight ounces of water and it flavors it. 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Just but struck by the amazing hypocrisy of the left today from Tom Perez the head of the DNC talking about how there's no more moderates in the Republican party. Wow. What a statement that is from a guy who leads a party like he leads filled again with socialists and they're, they're proud of it. They don't seem to be running from it at all. In fact, he said, it's the future of the party. Then you've got Hillary Clinton talking about the GOP as well, not be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and the Senate, that's when civility can start again. But until then the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength. And you heard how the Republican members led by Mitch McConnell, the president really, really demeaned confirmation process. Insulted attacked not only Dr Ford, but women who are speaking out, you know, look, I remember you've never been. Should never cutting down the voting in Florida in Johnson. I remember the swift boating swift John, Kerry I remember Sean things in the Republican party did to John McCain in two thousand. Concerned about that for five years falsehoods the lies, which unfortunately, what falsehood I like to know one falsehood that is well. Okay. Maybe she claims the death list is a falsehood, but you know, most people don't believe the and most people don't even talk about the death list. We do on a regular basis because it's fun. It's funny, but we're not seriously accused of Merle. No, no, of course not. No man, just because Vince Foster shot himself in the mouth and the neck, and and then in the head three or four times and then dragged himself across the street and dumped his body at the park throws glasses like way. I think. I think so low. I don't want on well and yeah, I don't wanna look studious after I've shot by self. Yeah, so we have fun. So we. Is is the right, but she makes it out as if everything she's been through is ally and a creation of the Republican party. It's just absolute garbage. And her husband by the way is one of the worst offenders on this planet. And she tried to destroy every single woman that came forward against her husband. Yeah, you talk about attacking women. That's all she did in the night. Was her job in that White House said she did it? Well, she did it well ask any of them who have been through the Hillary wringer. She went after each and every one of them people believe because the Republicans have put a lot of time money and effort in promoting. You've never been. You're dealing with an ideological party. That is good British by the lust for power lodges funded by corporate interests who want a government that does its bidding, it's, you can be civil, but you can't overcome what they intend to do unless you win elections. I see. Okay. Wow. Could you start that over though? Just need the first fifteen seconds when you get a second, not be civil with a political party that wants to destroy. Little bit more what you stand for, what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and the Senate, that's when civility can start again. Looking for? Yeah, yeah. Civility gonna start again, if you Democrats power when when she gets her way, why then we can be. And she goes on to say, yeah, and the White House to not the case. Never been the case. In fact, you guys get more rabid when you have power because then there's absolutely nothing holding you back. She terrible. Oh my gosh. So many ways. Good heavens to think that that could have been our president. What a nightmare, and I will tell you if nothing else puts twenty sixteen the election into perspective, it's the tweet from Sarah Huckabee Sanders over the weekend. We're currently celebrating, and this is Suming. This is swimming. Cavenaugh Gorsuch will be conservative in John Roberts on everything except for ObamaCare because he's being blackmailed, but I digress six to three. We have a conservative court right now which instead would be a five to four liberal court if Hillary were president, think about that. Yeah. Think about losing potentially losing the Senate and the house and the supreme court, and you would have the presidency in that case, if not for a Trump victory. It's amazing Tomase into consider triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and the democrat hypocrisy continued with Tom steer for some reason. I mean, there's a coordinated effort right now to for all of these people to paint the GOP as extremists and and they're going down the, they're going down the class line. Again, the rich white people are evil, and they're out to try to take your money and take what you have because all they care about is gaining more money. And usually they get it from the little people. They just take what they had right because there's only a pie and they just keep taking more of it and people like Tom Styler a really concerned about that. Yeah, really, really worried about a man of the people. I mean, we're trying to protect our democracy her. Here's what he says. Never campaigned against a colleague in my life that's about to change the Senator Graham right is impeachment political suicide for Democrats as it relates to Justice Cavanaugh. I don't think so. But I think what I think what Senator Graham is saying was on evidence in Washington last week, which was a group of very rich, very entitled to tell the rest of the country. We are going to have our way and if you don't really that is too darn bad. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing everybody else can do. The rest of America is go to the polls on November six rich entitled, white ranch. Title and democracy exists. Could you please give us a cliff notes version of who Tom's diaries? Yeah, he's one of the richest people in the world. He's a billionaire who supports incredibly progressive policies and is an entitled rich white guy. Super-rich a billionaire. White guy who is definitely trying to affect the election and so for him to call these rich entitled white men, and they're trying to subvert our democracy, which by the way, we don't have one. Pretty hypocritical. Hi, it's an interesting movement and an interesting coordination. They must have gotten together after the confirmation and said, all right, this is going to be attacked line. Now we're going to blame this on the rich white senators who have, you know, yes, they did everything we asked them to do, including a seventh f. b. i. investigation. But we're going to spin it that they just had to have their way. And so no matter what happened, no matter what was found out about this man. They were going to have their way which is as every single American knows. That's not how it went down. They insisted on delaying the vote. The vote was delayed. They insisted on another FBI investigation. They got one, they insisted that the be allowed to look beyond Christine. Ford. And into the other allegations, they were allowed to do that. And still nothing was found and it's still not good enough just to absolutely astounding. But we knew it was going to happen that way triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. Pat gray, the blaze radio network. Hat gray returns on the blaze radio network. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. So. We continue to hear from these radicals who just point the finger of radicalism at the other side. And I just I, I wonder if independence are buying into this, obviously Republicans, no better. Democrats are going to believe everything they're told. But are the independence being swayed by any of this or do they know what's going on too? Well, it seems that it seems like at least as far as the up hearing was concerned, they sided with Republicans in the on how that was handled by twenty eight percent independence thought the Democrats handled it badly. I have a theory where as a society make just middle America, voter that could go either way in every November. Yep, they realize something's wrong with this country and that we have lost our ever living minds in the streets in congress everywhere, which just as a society insane now. And I think the Democrats realized they overplayed their hand with cavenaugh and now they're like, okay, look, the average voter is panicking. They know something's crazy every all this divisiveness and stuff. Let's blame Republicans for it. Yeah. Yeah, we'll blame Republicans and maybe we'll get some votes that way enrolling salvage some of this and that's clearly going on. Meanwhile, they in their groups, they're a little spinoff splinter groups like antifa continue to get more and more radical. Do we show this at all yesterday the mtpa goons in Portland, direct, directing traffic around a gathering. I don't know what they were. Please just sat there and watched. I don't know why. I don't know how I guess it's because the mayor of Portland is so extreme so radical, he didn't. He didn't stop them when they were shutting down a government office building. He didn't stop them when they were pooping in the streets. Didn't stop them when they were threatening people. In fact, he voiced support for him. So here's antifa that is redirecting traffic in Portland. Because I told you to really, who are you. The white. Why aren't you. The road. Just turn right. He's. Jesus. Traffic. You can turn turn your chest. That's on believable. These people have no authority to do what they're doing and the guy yelling at him. Yeah, you sure. White boy Archer. Yes. Is that a problem? White boy. You are a white person as well as work at your. No, you don't have a house. You live under the bridge because that's what you've chosen to do. That's the deal. Never seen. His reflection doesn't know. No skin is lack or Hispanic. I don't know. Asian, who knows he? He may think he looks like grimace he we have, no, because he have a mirror or a shower, probably. What would you have done if you're being redirected like that by people with north already? I defiantly may have just gone the way it was going to go in first place. Don't know. However, I know when we watched the second video this, I know what I would have done then. Which, yes, here's somebody who decided. Yeah, I'm not gonna. Listen to you. Goons I'm gonna go the way I wanna go. Many did. Here's what happened. Beating on his. Again, after he stuck, his car was dumb. I don't know why he stopped any gets. Patties white doing. Get out on that street. Bashing, his car, kicking it, hitting it, seeding on it. I think the problem in his plan here Mr. Whitey, MC white driver there. Yeah. Is that when he chose to get out of his car, he wasn't brandishing a weapon. It should should've been. That's what I would have done differently. Yeah, it's that's unbelievable. And by the way, there were police in the area. There's a motorcycle cop half a block away and he just sat there on his. Do we have. What the cop was doing or was it just still shot? I can't recall. I don't think we know there's a motorcycle cop. Yeah, watching it just watching literally on that block watching this absolutely nothing here here. People that are vandalizing a car right in front of officers of the law, and they're not doing thing amounted blocking and blow pride of way in the middle of the street. Portland is ungovernable apparently it's completely out of control if you want any idea why the NBA's terrible. It's the fact that look right there. The only only professional league represented in the city of Portland says a lot. Don't you dare say in my ear, Christian Portland, timbers, MLS Major League Soccer is not. That's not a thing. Nothing communists about four sports. It's a thing for third world nations. It's not. It's not. It's not. Portland, it's becoming a third world nation. Yeah. Well, it is the third world of gist is of America. Well underway. I mean there there are things that everything I've seen today. Kissing me off. No, it's making me so angry. The injustice of it, all and the futility, the helplessness that you feel when you're watching this stuff thinking, please just let me talk to this person. Please let me be in this situation because although if somebody started beating on my car. I, I'm not sure what would I do I I wouldn't take it, but what are you going to do in that situation? You're surrounded by ten or fifteen people, and you could get a real beatdown or get killed. I don't know what you should be doing because if and when they dry, when they surround your vehicle and you're only escape is to drive through them, you got to be willing to drive through them or willing to reach beneath your seat. And if you use them to something, you have a weapon of some kind or a book. Maybe I want to give them reaching meet the seat here and to give him a gift, a pocket constitution. That's that's gonna be code on this show for now on. I'm going to brandish my pocket constitution. I'm sure they'll care, but I'm sure Tom Steyer come out and say, how look these registered Republicans blocking streets in Portland, something along those lines. We'll come out if this is their plan of attack between now and November's. Sixth, you're going to start hearing. They're going to try it and they're going to try to link. These groups to the right again and say, look the right wingers that are causing the chaos in the streets like Portland vote democrat, or they're going to try to make it out like if you oppose antifa as they've done in the past, your opposing a black group and you're just, you know that they're predominantly black and you're a racist. Well, no antique is not predominantly black that I know of all those people that we just saw. None of them were black. We're they the. No, that's right. There might have been one. One person were mostly white or Hispanic, and they were just eight holes. Doesn't matter what color they were. They were just being douchebag 's when I was growing up in the eighties, do you remember how it was? So it was so in style to to draw like an a. for anarchy on your clothing and stuff like that. There were several people in my school, and they would have like Jean jackets, and they would draw paint an eight. A on and you thought that wasn't a thing. When I was in school, I'm talking about the eighties and it was like, you know, it was thought that those people ridiculous really anarchy that what you want. That's what you in an arc est. Okay, holy crap. Look at this man. Every other day we have a new video actually shows those kind of people that mentality inaction in our city streets in America. It's it's insane. Time we're here earlier. It is frightening. It is frightening. Also some New York City. Protesters were bussed in to an upstate campaign. Other some audio of an activist telling a busload of protesters heading up to upstate rally, not to tell anyone. Don't tell anybody that you're actually from New York City. We wanna pretend what we said just where local people yet, because it's all routes. This is audio of you and I sang happening, boom. Here you go check this out. I want to say that it's important if you post on social media, please do not mention that you were from New York City. The reason is much though they love us the campaign on September fifteenth posted that the pay was bending, bussing in busloads of New York City, democratic socialist. Siders in try wane a campaign and the kids need is understandably concerned about this fact that they know that the reason we're doing this is precisely because we hear about New York. That is amazing. All right. It's really important for you guys not to say that you're a busload of democratic socialist from New York City, because the problem is the campaign is saying that you're a bus load of democratic socialist from New York City being passed in a religious for Begum. What we said yesterday on this program, it is exactly what the campaign accused them of is what they're doing. And they're probably being paid for it to a betcha the. Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. They're being paid. That is just absolutely crazy. So it's important for you. I wonder who recorded that because that is priceless. Audio. Yeah. And in the picture the way, if you're listening on the blaze radio, what you're missing, the element you're missing there is it's it's a shot from like you're at the front of the bus, taking the picture toward the back and everybody to a man or woman or gender x. is holding up their fist black power. I mean, resist or whatever the hell you want, what whatever it is and there's, there's a tweet breaking leak leak. Oh, liberal organizer. Till's New York City activists not to mention where they're from while being bussed in from New York City campaigning in upstate New York for Delgado four New York nineteen who's running against John Fazel. It's. It's amazing that we continue to prove everything we've been saying about this movement. Everything we've been saying about the left turns out to be true and yet somehow they, they continue to deny it. Hey, don't tell anybody that they're exactly right about what we're doing here because we don't want them to know they're exactly right. So we'll continue to call them liars if you guys will help us in this lie. So we're forty five minutes into the program, Pat. Let's just get a temperature check of here. As you know, your tweet it out at Pat unleashed. A poll in the title is what is lacking more and twenty eighteen America commonsense or common decency. What do you say at this point pet commonsense coming these which is lacking more. Commonsense commonsense than you're in the minority fifty forty nine common decency and I see that you had a spelling error on common decency. Apparently you spell it. Come on decency. You want to discuss your Typos. I didn't type it. So you're the one, the tweeted it out. I know a must have dictated that because I know didn't type anything. Are doing that because then that's what everybody will focus on that. Go to the poll now. Check it out at pedal unleashed triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three losing weight and keeping it off seems impossible. Sometimes it's just so frustrating, but there's help available. It's called red zone. It's our ID u. z. o. n. e. go there read us dot com because with decent nutrition and exercise radio's own, we'll help you lose weight. Us on is a safe and natural FDA acknowledged dietary supplement. They've taken the good stuff in all avoid. It's the only a that has been shown to boost metabolism and it helps to reduce your appetite. So you're not thinking about food all the time. You're not thinking about that Bulla vice cream that you, you just have to have ordering today dot com. Enter the promo code Pat and you'll get thirty percent off of three months apply reduce own dot com promo code Pat for thirty percent off of three months, apply Stein to get you. Over the hump and get you into weight loss so that you can take it off and keep it off red zone dot com promo code Pat. The blaze radio network. At great. Is here. Stipulate nine hundred thirty three ninety three to here in Texas. You're on the blaze high. Hey, Pat Hickey. So I just could not stand watching that video of the Mt of people and that white guy being able to sit there and call another white guy Whitey and racist Whitey. And then to hear stiers sit there and talk about rich white guys since win in this country. Do we have two different colors of white? Is it like that the leftists are off white and then the conservatives are white Whitey. I mean, it's ridiculous. It makes sense. And I know Keith, you're going to say it's two thousand eighteen, but I don't accept that. No, I was going to suggest Rachel dollas on yet. Maybe they don't identify as white people that must be the situation you're right though. It's so frustrating. It really is. Thanks to hear. It's aggravating. It's frustrating. It's mind numbing. It's all of these things that that have built up over the last fifty minutes of the show to the point where my head's about to explode. It just is a deduct tape, cut a day today. Billy Kansas. You're on the blaze, hey, guys. You showed Portland and sometimes you see it out of Seattle. It's usually they're using tacking older, white people in cars and things like that. What would happen if a group of your neighborhood friendly Harley writers came along, they just moved the see of bags and let him right on through or would they attack? I would love to see it. I don't know what would happen, but it would be fun to do a little experiment fan. We're going with fun and send some, you know, burly Harley writers their way and see what happens. It do? Are you gonna make them turn right? I'd love to see. It really would, especially today because I don't think it goes well for the idiots. I think the business owners built block need to get together. How about the cop or the cop might writing up and saying, hey, break this up and move along. Leave people alone, get. Outta here. Do you have a permit, bathe? It. I have a permit to be in the middle of the street, directing traffic. I know you don't have that permit. Did they have a permit to gather down the on the other side of the street where the where there were draft, directing traffic away from I doubt that too. I mean, I think they just showed up and started causing trouble. God bless our cops, God bless them yet, man, we are seeing in Baltimore and now Portland just standing by saying, you know what? Well, it's ARCHE. It's anarchy and it's dangerous the road we're going down. It's hard to believe. It's it's hard to believe as bad as things were, you know, nine ten years ago when we were talking about Obama, the fact he was going to he's directing the fundamental transformation of America to see what has happened since then is really staggering and frightening. And I don't think I could have predicted it. I don't think I would have ever thought, yeah, we're going to really virtually lose some basic fundamental rights from our society just by default. Just people are just gonna stop adhering to them. That's all. And you're just you're just gonna have to bend to the whim of the mob. And that's kind of that's kind of what's going on right now. We're just bending our will to the whim of the mob. Stephen zuri, you're on the blaze high. Just telling you screener here in zuri George Soros, and and Planned Parenthood or backing a ballot measure to re district state where each district has to have fifty percent Democrats. Because the Democrats here in the country are wasting their vote because we're voting in too many Republicans. So we're gonna have to have part of our district in Saint Louis or Kansas City to get some Democrats out here in the country. Man stay red when my neighbor said that conceivably are far district here in central Missouri are Representative could be from Saint Louis. That's amazing. So is that is it is possible that that effort will succeed. They've got a camouflaged as amendment. One, clean, Missouri, it's supposed to be the lobbyists. Can't give gifts and you can't become a lobbyist for so many years. Well, that's already been all dressed, but that's all there to cover up that one little thing about redistricting the state because they said they're wasting their votes out here. If you're democrat out here in central Missouri well, and it's frightening, it's kinda like what happened in California where they had the jungle primary now instead of having democrat Republican primary, you've got the top vote getters well, now. Well, now here because our Senate and house are super Republican here in Missouri. And they don't like that set. They want more Democrats in the house and Senate, and that's the only way they can figure on doing well, you talk about these weird gerrymander district. Can you imagine symptoms URI to south shift city having a little string going all the way to Saint Louis to get a bunch of Democrats in our district. It's crazy, it's it's madness. Thanks, appreciate it. Steve. Hopefully Missourians will band together in a stop to that. Maybe get a hold a hold of their state legislator and let them know how they feel about that. And that's, that's a state issue you guys get on that. Yeah. Oh, boy, mazing fun. Fun times triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. We also have a movement right now in Texas in an article that was just published on tribe, talk dot org, El Paso attorney, Steve. Fischer is jesting that El Paso divorce it self from Texas and become part of New Mexico. Our marriage to Texas has gotten old. Your rights. New Mexico is younger and more attractive. We would not be ignored, especially because we would be their largest city y'all. We need a divorce. He said, most Texas don't even know about El Paso except maybe those who've driven through El Paso on their way to Arizona or California. He laments about what people warned him, be careful. There's lots of crime in El Paso. There any says, he writes, excuse me, but he'll pass. It was not warez and we rank among the safest American cities, your thirteenth in Texas. You're not safest in America when the FBI compiled it's thirty. Most dangerous places in Texas. El Paso didn't even make the list. Yeah, the thirty most dangerous. That can't be true. I just saw I just saw El Paso thirteenth on the list or thirteenth safest kinda actually liked this plan. I too. I'm fine with it. Go ahead. I got a couple of Ed moved to become part of New Mexico because see, number one, it's peaking of district. It's ridiculous that you're in the mountain time zone. When ninety eight percent of the state is in the central time zone. So go to Mexico almost of Texas. Anyway, let's let's do this and the next couple of weeks and we'll that therefore make Beto in l. Jabbour to represent us in the Senate, right? Because he's New Mexico's problems. Now I like it. I support it at nine hundred thirty three nine three Pat gray unleashed on the blaze radio network. Hey, it's great if you like what you hear on this program, you should check out the Glenn Beck program. The podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcasts. Great. Is here on the please radio network. Jim late, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three as you may have heard this morning. Since doc has moved onto his own thing. They've asked me to actually slide into the morning sled, which you know we've got mixed emotions about. Wait. It's been a while since I've gotten up at three thirty in the morning. That's the fun part. Yeah, that's the fun fun. That is. You're right. That's what I would call it the fun part, the fun part. That's what I remember it being doing morning drive fun. Yeah, exactly. Okay. So we're really, there's no mixed emotion? No, that's why I knew suburb into the center of Houston when we worked together five minutes from the station, and that's why you lived in the hood. Five minutes from the station, a more sleep that way. Of course, you have to be able to fall asleep, but I digress. Sorry through the gunfire, gunfire. So fun stuff happening. The writing goat outside. Happening out there literally saw that a lot. So starting Monday, Monday morning at seven AM will be seven eastern six central. We're gonna move the show to mornings case join us on the blaze radio dot com. The blaze TV or you can download the podcast anytime during the day. But the advantage of this is you be able to get the podcast earlier. It should be posted much much earlier than it is now and you can you can you can do this live with us to done morning radio for most of my career until the last few years when you got an old and working with Glenn. And so if and then moved to even later doing the blades thing, which has been really, really nice. So we'll be back to doing the morning drive. Yeah. The only constant is change that. That's beautiful. Right? Maybe a bumper sticker goes on your car, right? The only constant is the only constant. All right, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and at Pat unleashed on Twitter, worse narcos ARD, tweets, Keith. What are you doing? The phrase that must never be uttered when a Hillary clippers playing is? Can you start that again from the beginning? Haven't we suffered enough by the time? It ends. Yes, that's my fault. Yes. Yes. You're right. Bad judgment on your part of one of many from Kool-Aid with a c. while I do not condone anarchy growing up in Georgia, I would understand it. You know, BULLDOGS Braves and falcons. Yeah, heartache. They're relate to that. The lash out Braves are eliminated by the way. Thanks for dodgers on that, but a stop to that. Thank you for rooting for them. There. Pat McCullough tweets out Portland, I'm sorry. I think you mispronounced the mean streets of Helena. Right? And from Laurie d don't stop anyone while their pooping in the streets. Wait till they're done. That's true. 'cause you you ask the mayor to stop them from pooping in this. Yeah. All right. Also just pissed myself off by listening to all the eightieths from last hour and I wanna be pissed off about something else. I found something else to be angry about. Yeah, you did the hall of fame nominees the rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees were once again, announced. And once again, there's no foreigner. I've also kind of got a side promotion Coen, four def Leppard, and they were actually nominated this year for the leopard. For the first time ever def Leppard was nominated def. Leppard Devaux Devaux is nominated with their one song whippet and foreigner is still not nominated for the rock hall of fame. How's that making you feel angry, angry, angry as you were last hour, angry. The different kind of angry to more fun kind of anger that's brewing right now. John Prien who's not a not not a rock artist. He's not a rock and roll artist. John prying is not folk music. Nominated for the folk music hall of fame. Brock's music there, you know, super hip. It's a Rolling Stone kind of act. I'm surprised they haven't been nominated before this time, Stevie nicks as a solo artist. She's already in there with Fleetwood MAC. Now they're nominating nominating to be in there as a solo Al que now and get this. That's not cool. Todd Rundgren. No, sir. Todd Rundgren and still no foreigner. But it gets worse doesn't really. Yeah, it gets worse. LL. Cool. J. not a rug artist, not that's not rock dot rock, and I love this this. This is the fourth nomination for craft work. You are, you kidding me the German, like since pop band craft work. The did Bon Bon Bon autobahn took up one whole side of an album. It was, I don't know, twelve fifteen minutes long or something, and then they cut it down to play on the radio to three minutes. But I mean craft work really four nominations, foreigners zero. Also aided again this year, Janet Jackson, not a rock artist. M c five Radiohead, which you'll probably get in because that's a hip. You know, that's a critics. Can they learning can? Can they only judge Radiohead on their first three albums, please. Just three albums? No, the first three were excellent. And then after that they got experimental goofy. And did they all over the map? I mean, there's not a big Radiohead aficionado, so I'm not. I'm not all that familiar rage against the machine. No Rufus featuring shock Akon. And they're big hit. Dow you name their big hit from Zulu? No, mid seventies shock. Tell me something good. Something good. Tell me that was that's that's something that I had already blocked out of my memory for bringing your welcome. You're welcome. Also nominated this year, the cure, which I'm fine with the cure getting into the rock hall of fame and design. These. From, she's not their fame. Can I name another zombie song? I don't think so. I, it's just it doesn't make sense to joke your after year after year after year. It doesn't make any sense. Still no foreigner nomination abandoned sold. Eighty million albums worldwide need. We go through this again. They've had what ten or fifteen top ten hits the probably had thirty top forty hits the. They've endured for decades now and they're still together today except for Lou gram TJ top and figured it out. He said, it's the American rock and Roll Hall of fame, no foreigners. Cute cute, right? Yeah, I thought you'd like that except for the fact that there's lots of foreigners in the American rock hall of fame count at things including the Beatles look at, you know. So. Well, anyhow gets do my outrage on this from me. You can't take it and we were trying to get thanks for pitching TA speaking of music. Do we have the John Mayer thing available yet? I don't know. Do have that video available. Ivan, Ivan, is that available? Ivan. I'm hearing nothing from the other room Zinni buddy in the other room. The John Mayer video. I went to the back channel on the air. I thought that would be more effective and did it work? Do we still know? Do we have any idea? It's kinda like when you're walking around the stadium, the quarterback, you got your helmet, certain parts of the stadium where you can't hear it up ordinary, right? I think that's what's happening right now. But no, I guess it's not quite ready. Okay. It's not ready, but that'd be a cool job though, by the way, just a little sidetrack before the Packers lions game. The other day, I saw the guy's all carrying around helmets listening. They were just walking around inside the lion stadium checking to make sure no dead spots on the field with the radio communications and the helmets really thought, man, that's cool job. You literally just walk around NFL field and listen to Aaron Rodgers helmet. That'd be a great job. Wouldn't that be? Yeah, now that's good. However, the greatest job in the world outside of being the producer for this guy, Pat gray. The second greatest job in the world would be to be the NFL. Schedule maker. I want that job more than anything in this world really hard job. It used to be before they relied on computers. It used to be just like a big chalkboard in a room, and they would literally have all of these different scenarios all the schedules up on this wall. I heard a guy interview doing this long time ago, but now it's just a computer. Now she's a computer program and they go through like hundreds and hundreds of variations of the NFL schedule, but it used to actually be just in a room with a chalkboard. Well, it would have had to have been before computers would have been. Yeah, I would love that, but there weren't thirty two teams, so it was a little bit easier job. Okay. You know back in the day when you had eight teams. It's a little easier to know at the time it was twenty eight when I heard this interviews. Okay. All right. Triple eight. Nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three gonna show you this ad because even though it hacks us off, it's actually pretty well done. And again, it's another outsider, although Richard Linklater was is from Texas, but my guess is probably lives in Hollywood now, but maybe not. Maybe he's still lives in Texas, but he stuck his face into the Ted Cruz Beddoe race. Now, while he doesn't mention Beddoe at all, he takes on Ted Cruz pretty in a pretty tough away here. Look at look at this ad that he just produced somebody left. No, my daughter the other day is that Ted Cruz toughest taxes. I mean, come on somebody call my wife dog and sit. My daddy was in on the Kennedy, says sedation, I wouldn't be kissing there. You stick a finger in their jazz and give them a few choice words, or you drag there by the woods yet in kicked their dead, come home. Ted. People on the in candidate. Is that affective or what's very good. I mean, that's had well done. Just an old guy sitting in a diner talk about Ted just simple plainspoken and he makes his his name a swearword and Ted already have an inside joke with Ted down the hall here I played that ad for whenever I walk by your desk, you'll know why say. That's what we said. Right. Well, he's really, and the thing is. The thing is it we've kind of agreed in the past with the sentiment. Yes, we have that, you know, calling his wife a dog and and you know, accusing his father of being on the SAS should of JFK those. That's all the Pat Conroy Conran gracious, but he let it all go. Yep, you let it all might be an election year ryen. Ted. Is it an election year for Ted Cruz. Oh, it is maybe just probably when he let it go. We've talked a little bit about that where he was caught in that catch twenty two of let Trump be the wrong you and help you, or do you not or do you, do you do it yourself? I don't know. I don't know. So he's got pants coming in. I think this weekend or this week Pence's coming to campaign form and then it's not a bad choice. I don't know that the have they actually set the date for for the President Trump to be here, though. I actual- that coming. We need a big of big venue. Yeah, the biggest venue ever. Now you has already officially turned down Obama's campaign for him, better wants nothing to do with the love. That's smart move. Because he even though he Obama are you know, walking hand in hand. Like we don't have anything to do with the second here. A new story dated October. Second that said that Trump dumped from junior, never mind. Never mind different Trump, right? Yeah, it's not. It's not the same. It's not the same guy. Okay, Don shooter. So as they're not the same person. Gene pool was father. How you guys keep up with the news like that? Well takes a lot of work to different people don't want none of that with, you know, junior, but okay, you guys. For some people. But again, you got to do the work that spell it out. It's just JR periods. What the hell they're during the break. Will you please go over this with me because this Don Trump her. I don't know what that needs. Yeah, that's what I was wondering. What is that. Okay. Yeah. There's a period after the JR then. Oh my gosh. Now you're confusing me period now whatever. Again, you got to do the work no matter what as funny as that ad is. Yeah. Ted can't lose stupid. No, you can't. And he's not going to just cannot happen Dari and we cannot. We cannot have beta Aurora as a Senator from the great state of almost competent enough to say that Ted wins by double digits tablets points. I think he wins by I told you the theory that I was told couple of weekends ago that you know, we were so concerned about Ted Cruz signs, which I'm saying more of all, and that was the plan. You know, that's what he claimed to be his plan, but was that you know the the houses that didn't have to crew signs. They were gonna vote for tinkers anyway. Yes, up on the side of right, like that. Their theory as well. I don't have a Ted Cruz. I'm not going to do that. Yeah, I don't. I'm just gonna knock over the beta creatures there. Another underwear, but coming up. Almost sounded like, no, he was nothing. Was not. No, there is one hundred. There's one house we were on our way to a restaurant babes actually, which is a famous chicken place, big fan of babes. Big fan of we were on our way to last night and drove by this house that has probably a four foot long and maybe three and a half, four feet tall. Maybe it's four by four sign of Ted Cruz. The true conservative. Then they've got ten yard signs stationed about five, five feet apart over and over and over. So I'd like is it possible they want Ted Cruz winters business downtown killer that I'm has on main street. And I know it's the lady that owns the small business and shoes got like six or seven at grew signs, good front of her business, feel a kinship with immediately and you see it? Yeah. And I, I get so irritated when I see the bed is. Idiot. Yes, you you're living in a three million dollar. Gentlemen, moron. Gentlemen, it just occurred to me during this discussion that I put this post beneath this desk. Exactly. Three months ago today. I didn't remember until I looked on July ninth twenty eighteen Pat made this prediction three months ago. July ninth. Twenty eighteen. Yeah. That Betto Rorick would get thirty eight percent in November. Do you still stick with that thirty eight percent? I really yes. You'd member that prediction at all the tape. Anyone wanna go download the July ninth twenty eighteen. Putt Cup of don't don't want to three percent thirty eight percent. That was your prediction. It'd be a what? Sixty? Two thirty eight at that point. Maybe that's a pretty big spread. Yeah, that's a really Brett. That's doable though. That's twenty. That's twenty four point that go shut up picking forty six percent, but let's split the difference now. Kind of thinking fifty five forty, five ish. That's kind of where I am. That's what I'd be okay. I mean obviously you're okay with fifty to fifty one to forty now. Yes, but take. I don't. I don't think it's going to be that close. I really don't. I don't either. I think the national the national crowd has made it appear closer than what Texans actually have it. Yeah, I think so too. We see so many. I mean I saw another beta ad that you know where he's busy happened is I'm beta or just shut up. I know he's not rocking out. He doesn't have an and with him rocket out. Saw a funny post of him being up where he, he did his the little, what's the stupid thing that the kid, you know, the stupid hand sign. Remember what it's called now, but he did one that was absolutely. Dabbling dabbing. Yeah, where he dabbed Deb horrible and the people are just single handedly ruined dabbing. And I was like, yes, I like that. Yeah, so clean them up. Usually that's how you win elections now is making people look like idiots. It doesn't matter what the substances on the substance he'd lose regardless joining us for hygiene purposes. The hi dude is very important, Josh? Yeah. I mean, listen, a lot of people underestimate the importance of hygiene they do, which is why it's important to keep your ears clean and you can get the real solution for stubborn earwax with the wax Rx, ear wash system go to use wax Rx dot com. Doctor developed works safely. When all of the products fail, it's a system, a method that physicians trust the most that is just like their system, which they're not. They're not going to tell you that it's cheaper than going to their office. Yeah. And you know how ugly it is when you here's aren't clean, they get uncomfortable. It's their painfully using cue. Tips in your stuffing, the wax farther down in your ear, you're not supposed to do that. Don't do that. Use wax Rx system go to use wax Rx dot com. When you order us the offer code radio, so it comes to your house for free. What about candle? What if I Jim candle in my note it what if I light it on fire and stick the candle, it's probably Connecticut out on a limb here is not a good have fired. Elax out next to year. Okay. All right. You shot them. In fact, you know, we should probably try with Keith wax. All right here on the air. Absolutely. Yes. Yes. Use Wexler x dot com. Offer code radio use wax Rx dot com. Crawl only on the blaze radio network. Wow, wow. Team player. Pat gray returns on the blaze radio network. We've got an issue with the Jeffey we're going to do in a second here, but first, let's go to Dan in Pennsylvania. Hey, Dan, you're on the blaze. Hi there. Yeah. I mean, first of all, I just wanted to say that I totally agree with, you know your. Comments about the the rock and Roll Hall of fame? I think it's a joke. Yep. You know. But same time I take issue with your obsession about foreigner. Do you in what way? What is your issue? Well, I was in college in this in the late seventies when they first came out and I thought they sucked. Wow. And. Well, I. Wasn't exactly the roommate, but guy who a friend of mine who kept playing that. I our like over and over and over. It was on this like it's rock and roll greatness. That's why played it over and over over. I mean that had no. That sounds like the first time that had cold as ice. A brilliant at. Dan and obviously millions of people disagree with you. Yeah. Yeah. Like eighty million. And by the way, maybe the differences I was in high school during that time. So I was a little bit younger and grew up with them, and you know, they appreciate the call. Dan. They remind me of some of those high school occasions where I was having a fun time, not memories of college girls through the electrical rise, right? So, yeah, willing to sacrifice their love right. Have you ever heard of the mean streets? Yes, exactly. Never heard anybody say foreigner sock? No, I I'm not a huge fan, but I mean, you can't. You can't the greatness of the bam. Thank you. Just can't. Thank. But do you do you do you agree that they belong in the rock? Absolutely. We've made the case on this. Joe. How many times? Many, yes. And the rock and Roll Hall of fame has any bearing to harassing that they're not in their nominating people at craft. It just adds insult to enter. Point on Janet. Jackson is not a rock artist. LL cool. J. is not John frying. John stinking prying is a folk artist. He's not rocket voice, but he he was he caused a lot of rock stars to Diddy. The z. big in moves influential influential. They get that a lot. A lot of those into a long way with. I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with craft work. Ridiculous. Early early, understand LL, Janet, although I don't hind it can see a little bit of reasoning behind it. But no, there's embarrassing that foreigners in there. Let's just about that. Seriously. No matter what else. It's embarrassing. They're not in there. Yeah. Whether dawn lights are den likes him or not. Yeah. You go down the list of who's inducted into the hall of fame, not everyone you love, right. That's impossible. There's a lot of artists. I don't like to me. Worthy of the hall of maybe Dana's the Lynch pin and all this. Maybe he's what it'd be about. Yeah. And maybe that that's a good explanation as any at this point, maybe Dan, what is your you look at the recent inductees like journey and def Leppard is nominated this year. I mean you gotta go with foreign to triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three two in the fat coming up. Pat gray only on the blaze radio network. Pat gray unleashed art. Let's talk to Ashley in Oregon. Hey, Ashley, you're on the blaze. Hey, how are you? Good. So I, I just wanna say, I'm really stoked that you're going to be going on earlier in the morning, sucks for you, but good for me. Listen to the podcast. We'll good anyway, but I just wanted to say that all organs do not reflect the view of Portland. Here that is a really, yeah. We are really hoping that the governor gets booted this November and it looks like there is a chance because Portland people are pretty ticked anyhow, the managing? Yes. I talked to a number of people from Portland and they're, you know, they're not right wing. They're not conservative, but they're not happy with how it's been handled. What's happened to that city. I mean, it's being San Francisco is with with all the homeless with all the the, the human feces out on the street. And just the way they left that place when they did that big, sit in at the federal building there. And the and the mayor supports it all does. And you know, just just within the last couple years driving through on some main roads, you can see how the homeless population has just taken over. I don't even want to go there anymore because it's just so bombarded at overtaken with ten and crap. Literally. Do you literally. It's I know, I know, I know, but it's so it's such a shame 'cause organ is so beautiful such, you know, we have so much to offer in their hunting and fishing and outdoor stuff, and it's like the liberals are just are just taking over the state and. Just do it. So where in where in Oregon, do you live? So I'm in southern argon. Okay. Yeah, it's more conservative in southern Oregon. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely. I actually live in a smaller timber town. We're here temporarily, but anyway. Yeah, it's like super conservative. It is. -servative and it's actually really nice being here because I mean you've got people that are open carrying and you just feel like it's for safe for safe. Yeah, yeah, it's really awesome, and it's beautiful. It's so or just and people are just so fed up. And to be honest, I feel like I seen more more people with your signs and just I feel like the vote, the voter turnout is going to be huge this November because people are just so pissed at how the states being grand and many way. We're hoping for a change us to thanks. Store that gives you a little Ray of hope. Does. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three with your thoughts. But right now time that you the fat Jeffey we'll just hang in with what Ashley talked about. You know, the new Bill aims to send all the masked antifa activist to jail for fifteen years. I know like that Bill h r six, zero five, four title. The Bill on masking antifa act of two thousand eighteen makes it clear that animal activists are intended target, but it's the bills text never explicitly mentions them. It was introduced by Republican, Dan Donovan of New York last month and has drawn of course, widespread gut emission critics claim it on fairly targets. Antifa activists, you know, goes on and he's saying, no, what it does is the Bill would simply add a section to the federal civil rights statutes to include a penalty for wearing a mask, expands upon longstanding civil rights, tattoos to make it a crime to deprive someone of constitutionally guaranteed protections of masked or disguised. And of course, the antifa people and even former Antef up people like Scott crow, regardless of whether the Bill becomes law that won't stop pro. From wearing masks, they take away the right to mascot. People will do it anyway. Oh, okay. Let's just not do. Let's just not do so anyway, it's it's maybe have had enough. I hope so too. It's national moldy cheese day, man. I wish somebody would have sent some moldy cheese, but down the luck they didn't. Did you did you don't want any more geez. Food, he won't eat well. No, I didn't. I didn't heed it. Yes. Right, right. If it was sitting there next to him. Oh, no, it's all right. Did you know there were two thousand varieties of cheese. The number one cheese recipe in America, macaroni and cheese. I was gonna say MAC and cheese. What appears to be the remains of cheese has been found any gyp shin tombs over four thousand years old. That's good. The terms big wheel, big cheese originally referred to those who are wealthy enough to purchase the whole wheel of cheese. I love some of the nineteen Ninety-six of this day. The world's largest grilled cheese sandwich was made three thousand pounds, a big. Big, a ton and a half real cheese. I see that I don't even think I could get through that. Notice he said he didn't think he could. He didn't say like I have confidence in him. I think you do. Yeah. Given the length of a show seething get three thousand pounds, three thousand thousand pounds. And yeah, that's doable. This show three hours new show on the new shows, two hours. This show you have to do it by the end of the week. You're going to be here next week, right? By the way for chewing the fat, it's going to be a little earlier. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. You can wake up. Well, yeah. I mean, since we're moving to a earlier time, we are showing the fat always happily, no, yes, we are. Wow, boy, I see what's going on here. So you get no commitment to this show. You could run it. Let's here's the deal. Also recorded version. Whatever you want to our parents. You could play just play that tape sort is on tape, fat on tape, what fat on the couch. Wow, like Kuwait related that we don't want that. Member related. Not Jeffey. It's member. No, we haven't really talked about it. We're talking about it now on the air, isn't that helpful? It's kind of like the way I found out, but go ahead. Yeah, like what's the problem. You got to come in any way do sometime during the day. We'll come in just a tad early early to Beverly to rise. The hell. They sold it to rather than doing it at twelve thirty central time in the middle of the day. What time you want them in here at six thirty three central time. It's six hours earlier spoken up. He might you might have been able to to take the bull by the horns and suggests seven thirty. But no, you lost out. Man here said six thirty. We'll see. That's the last f are the show right? You want you. Our with Jeffey. I mean, that's not the way I'll say. Six thirty talking congealed coagulant. Ideas out there about ideas out there, take it back. I'm throwing it back. That I see here live at six thirty AM wow, right. I mean make it. So what else do you have spoken? So let so let it be done. I did side that still walking over here. All right. What do you have deal yet? Facebook, good news for you that are worried about Amazon, Apple and Google crashing. You know your home with the portal devices. Facebook is jumping in the game. Now they've got a the new portal, a couple of hundred bucks in the larger portal, three hundred and fifty bucks, and it comes right to your home. You can make calls to Facebook friends, message connections. It's got a smart camera that a lot of medically move, keep you in view. You can access platforms set a timer through an election abled smart speaker, and because it's Facebook and this is directly from them. So you can feel feel comfortable and save because it's Facebook and privacy is on your mind. The company wants you to know that you can trust it not to record the contents of your weekly video calls with nanna all well. So they saying stalling trust Facebook in licitly. Thank you think that aid ever breach your privacy right. He's just beyond the same. I can't even send him over. Thank you because they've got they've got more than fifty or eighty million people using Facebook, right, right. So yeah, when fifty eighty million people security was breached, there was a lot that didn't small per se, right. Okay. So so dick Yetlis good luck though. I mean, they're going to they're in the battle there in the battle people will be using it. And Netflix got money to blow. They're planning to open its US production hub in Elba Kirke New Mexico. Why are they not coming to Texas? Good question. Why are they not coming to Texas plans to bring a billion dollars in production to the state over the next ten years to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I mean, there's got to be that New Mexico is giving them all kinds of credit. I would think. Yeah. I mean, Texas should have been doing that too, but would rather have Texas give them the credits in the news recently about net flicks there's aren't you the guy that checked himself into a hospital because of the I I net flicks addict that's been treated, oh my God. Right? No, I'm I'm, I. Addiction. You haven't gotten to the first step? Yeah, realize you have a say. I have a problem. Yeah, net flicks the average subscriber streams fifty minutes of Netflix day at least last year that that seems small to me. I, I would say that too, but the catch the show the show and now a Netflix super user in India who watched more than seven hours a day, big market man admitted he needs help. Yeah, everybody's going in India because usually they're making production plans and making movies and shows so much cheaper there. Yeah, the unidentified Twenty-six-year-old checked into the National Institute of mental health and neurosciences in Bangalore last week after using places in the world. Everybody knows that after using net flicks to escape the reality of unemployment for six months. So he got really hooked on Netflix. And now. Able to afford Netflix. So right of free. No. So. I, I don't know that I think that if I was, you know, didn't have a job, some of the things that you would get rid of some of the extra things right. Like, I don't know. Used to be cable. You got rid of cable, right? Well, a lot of people have done that just because they don't really need it for live stuff. Yeah, I can't wait it soon when I can with things like YouTube and Twitter and Facebook getting into live program Amazon almost a Roka. Roku stream some of the big live events now too. So you I mean, you can get away from it. There's just there's still a few things, you know a lot that you can't get life and it, it hurts me because I'd like to get rid of the cable you did once I know. And then they broke back into my house and put it back in. And I, I couldn't stop my wife called, I'm sure you tried. They were scared. I tried to talk down. I ended up just go ahead, put it in, just put it back. Completely still under pro. Okay. But seven. Seven hours a day? Yeah, that's what he was that. I mean, that does seem high. It's high, but it's not. I'll bet there's more outrageous. I say that I could say that I've spent more than seven hours watching Netflix today in one day, yes, streaming series. The series. Just going through various because that's, you know, the shows are, you know, maybe ten twelve shows and if they're anywhere from forty to over an hour long. Yeah. Do seven hours easy? Yeah. I not in a row though. Some of that that that might be the issue, maybe I can. I do walk away. I'm member gouging gorging on lost for a few weeks. I think I watched all what was seven seasons sounds about right. And I don't know. I did that three weeks game of thrones the last. The last show I actually sat through just big time where I hadn't seen any of the episodes in their seasons in game of thrones. And I mean, it was like two weeks, maybe three tops. While of this is all I'm watching and how many has he's is launch eight, eight, eight, all of them of them because let's season are they in their in their ninth or tenth? This is the last one. The last one. One comes out in February or March, or whenever they're supposed to release, it's like six or eight episodes then that's, and then they're next year they're done. But I mean, I and I and I've gone back now and watch some of, you know, my favorite episodes through the series, but I didn't stop. I mean, it was it was a heart again, weeks ago. It is possible. I found myself walking toward the check clinic decided. No, what am I gonna show. A go, get another drink at WalMart is jumping in. Of course, the biggest retailers partnered with MGM to create original programs that will air exclusively on WalMart. Incorporators vote, do video streaming service. And I mean, I have that. I love you buy anything from WalMart, DVD wise and soon as almost click over the scanner and it's rude to account. Did you ever theory on that. Then what you're talking to thank you. They're gonna have you're gonna be able to pay for it? MGM free to watch. There's gonna have free with advertising an ad free version, so you'll be able to, you know, they're, they want to jump in the game with with their voodoo streaming. And GM has got all these movies that they're going to put up. One hundred eighty thousand movies. TV show how with seven thousand available on movies on us. They're going to cut deals with other studios in license exclusive. Everybody wants in on the picture. They wanted all the wanna create their own their own stuff, which is good. Great. It means for some really good shows to watch. But it also means that the talent level will come down now because we're starting to spread out even more like we did on regular TV. So you end up having shows that, well, that was not that good. And so you know, you're gonna have to really plow through some tough shows to get to the good ones, but I'm willing to do that for them. I know you are willing to do that big of you. It's a former big Bersin, literally, very, very big person. Compliment what forty thousand. Yeah, no, it is. Yeah, I meant that like one of the biggest possible way. Congressman Anthony Weiner. We're just talking about him a couple of weeks time, but he's going to get out three months ahead of schedule wavier, which is may fourteenth thousand nine. He's still got a little time to who's in the regimental treatment program for sex offenders. The one of two federal prisons that offer that. But he's been such a good boy such a good guy. Go ahead. Let him get out early. Good for him. Good. He's the biggest Brown noser and the guys. Absolutely I can do. I'm looking. I'm a former congressman. Look at this look at these muscles are so home. Shirt off. I wish they were my Maasais lookout. Fabulous at the waiter so great. And that with that picture came out unit and he said. Knowing the full time, it was. Because look at that that is. Would he quote to is the way the way he said I wish was he was like, look at that thing. Right. Oh, just what does the word he used? Oh, my gosh. What's the word he used to describe? I dunno, boy, forget it. Continue. Please. And Bill Cosby. He's, he's not too happy in prison. By the way, speaking of prisoners Bill wants to get out. Again, he's already trying to get him out of prison and they're trying to get the judge in the case, tossed off to filing an appeal asking for a new trial. Pretty standard practices. Attorneys deemed, you know, they turn it would be in trouble if they didn't try to file appeal, but they're, they're asking for the judge judge Neil to get tossed saying he was demonstrably biased against Cosby and should have recused himself from the sentencing portion of the last trial. So good luck that fight is still going on Bill watts out, man. He wants out what a surprise. Yeah, I all people behind bars one out. Because he's got a shot, right? I mean, all people do one out a, however, all people, you know, pretty much sure that you know Bill a probably didn't think he was going. I, I didn't. And you know all the years that this has been going on probably still does feels that you know he's Bill Cosby with with. The hell. What am I doing here? And so you know you after a while you find out that, you know, we know that you Bill Cosby. We love you, but you know for you, you've been convicted of rape, so by right? This is what we do. Convicted criminal. Sorry, goodbye. Now, here's the thing. If Bill Cosby were an illegal alien, we couldn't separate him from his family. So you didn't have that advantage tarnish through darn it. Such otherwise you couldn't. You couldn't separate him from his fan. That's the reason he was drugging and raping women because he was concerned about not being a citizen of the country. Yeah, probably the horror of it. The separation? Yeah, exactly. A so true Florida gas station man than in the news because he's upset. The customers are coming in. Wait a minute we get. I just realized we blown right past the break. So we'll finish this up. Just get right back to. Pat gray unleashed. On the blaze radio network. Pat gray returns. Okay. Right. Nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three finishing up to the fat with Jeffey. All right. So as I was cut off earlier about the Florida gas station owner that was upset about people coming into his convenience store gas station warming, their urine, his microwave. He was warming. Yeah, he's. The people walk into BP gas station on the fly convenience, Jacksonville. Oh, be sorry. Dwell. The b. does look like a p. That's why they were coming in. Walking distance of two labs that offer drug testing services that collect urine samples. So I and I gotta tell you, this is something I wasn't aware of, and I wish I was that had microwave my urine, that I pass the drug test. I don't know if that's true. I did look into that I, but he, he said, a woman became aggressive. On did this because a woman became aggressive months ago with he said, hey, don't warm your urine in my microwave. She said, I'd like to see a side. There's no sign says, I can't food us, so he put, it's not warm urine, see. Food. I'm I'm not warming up anymore urine to the door of the mic to think that people have been doing that dissuades me from using it at all for anything? Yeah, right. The cheese. That's true. That's really gross. So if you have some sort of, I will find out tomorrow. Your system. I'm going to have to do some investigating to see if that actually works. I think they're probably warming it because they we- they took it freedom. What else that and now they're warming it to buy temperature, right? Yes, that would be that would make sense. Yes, that would make sense. I don't feel anything in it right, but they've got someone else's urine, so they want it to be warm, like came out of their body, right? Yes. You look into that. I've got to see if it kills the microwave x. he'll certainly it's warming to body temperature thing also also to that. Because if it would then have to buy some. I'm not gonna use the microwave. Have you been listening to my podcast to the fat every day? You know, we've been covering all religiously religiously. Wow. We'll let you already know that we've been covering fat bear week coming. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Preserve number seven, four, two, no, no, no, seven. Forty. Seven with seven. The seven, forty. Seven. Not good enough for a name is in the finals against a bead knows and if you look on following chart anyway, it's it's fat. Bear with the announced him. The winner will be announced today and we'll hear very tag it. Thank you like you're bear week might podcast later on the day shirt with somebody you love and Jeff as well. Blaze radio network. Hi, it's Pat. And I want to tell you about another podcast. You're gonna love. It's called the news and why it matters. It's a group of us talking about the news stories that we think are important every day and why those stories matter to you, the news in why it matters look for it wherever you download your favorite podcasts. That great. Is here on the please radio network for you with us triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and at Pat unleashed on Twitter. As we mentioned. Nikki Haley has resigned, but she's going to stay on through the through the end of the year, I guess. So we'll have a new UN ambassador probably in January and who that might be. We don't know yet. Although vodka Trump's name has been thrown around a little bit as has Jared. Her husband. So we'll see. Also breaking news the rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees. Yes. List is come out. First time, nominee def Leppard has been nominated. Finally, that's good. After all this time def Leppard finally nominated hundred twenty million albums sold worldwide, just crazy and pretty enduring rock band. Devaud has been nominated. I'm sorry. Again, Devaux wicked. Whip it good. Good. Do do do do do. Now murder doodoo and that's it. I mean, what else can you name. You left out the line crack that whip, right? Maybe that qualifies, perhaps John prime, the folk artist Roxy music, Stevie nicks, and Todd Rundgren all nominated for the first time also nominated for the four, four times before this. This is their fifth nomination. LL cool. J. and craft work. Oh, German synthetic since pop band didn't sing. They, you know, they were all instrumentals. I think some other nominees this year, Janet, Jackson again, MC five Radiohead. Rage against the machine Rufus featuring shock Akon the cure and is on these. Now you can vote at. I think it's rock hall dot com. You can go there and you can vote for your favorite. Took a vote is at pet unleashed on Twitter, just get them well, no on different poll find out. Okay. So again, no foreigner, that's thank no foreigner. That's pathetic. What what's going to happen is whoever's in charge there win. They move along or retire or whatever. Like the next day, the next go-round foreigner will be because somebody it higher echelon. They're at the rock and Roll Hall of fame has it in for four obviously thought useless. Yeah, we we had Lou gram on Glenn show a couple years ago babies too. I don't know two or three years ago and brought up the rock hall of fame to him. And he said, yeah, we'll probably never be. Be nominated because there's, I think they had some issue with somebody on the committee. Yes, somebody doesn't like them. Yeah. But you would think after all this time or with the other committee members, somebody would say, come on now this is ridiculous. It's time it's time speaking of music, John Mayer. At one of his concerts, the other night decided to get into politics. Basically, he's. Sort of referencing guess the cavenaugh situation. Any starts talking about males men and we need to be different here. Take a look at this boy. Any woman should be able to get. And what we. That's the troll. Excuse me. Until you. That's the contract. We have the contract and. And. Okay. So. John Mayer, sell sensitive. Actually, really. You're saying is the male. Contract, what is the milk contract is to two of whatever puberty and college instructed to have a class to have a voice. Okay. Too young. Supposed to be able to do this to everything that moves you are not a title to be able to do. This is not a match. Not unnaturally. Says that universal -bility any woman. See, they're scared. It's going on records. The trauma. Okay. Then feeling befall. Eligible contract. No live up to till we get rid of that in. Yeah. Yeah, that we all right. Say that I don't think it's controversial. I think that's true. Do as big. Your daughter's walk away without adding that. A night and day tweeted, it's not the place Florence holiday. If you. We've had enough from the guy who's talking about the alpha male contract that needs to be toward up this from the guy who has blinked every woman in Hollywood, every woman in music. Thinks he does has not had sex with just about everybody on the planet. This is the guy hat is the wonderland's. My hands. Listen to the lyrics of that song. We've got the afternoon, you got this room for two. One thing I've left to do discover me discovering you. Oh, that sounds like an alpha male contract right there doesn't it sure. Do one mile to every inch of your porcelain, like skin of your skin, like porcelain one pair of candy lips and your bubble gum tongue. If you want love will make it, hey, swim in deep sea of blankets. Take all your big plans and break them. Everybody's is. Is well used by hands. The whole thing is about it something about the way your hair falls in your face. I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase. You tell me where to go and though I might leave to find it a never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it. This is a guy who's had sex with. I mean, just a few to name a few Vanessa Carlton, Jennifer love Hewitt Ronin meter. Jessica Simpson Cameron Diaz Minka Kelly, Jennifer, Aniston Katy Perry Miley Cyrus, Natalie Morales Kim Kardashian, Renee, Zellweger, that's just a partial list of the supposed conquests of John Mayer. Now he's lecturing. Everybody on tearing up the mail contract. Okay. Yeah. Thanks for your wisdom there. We'll take that one to the Bank. Again, the hypocrisy and he doesn't think that's going to be controversial. We've been hearing about you for the last. It's got to be fifteen twenty years and your exploits with women and didn't Taylor swift write a song about him yet Taylor. He's been with Taylor swift. Yeah, I think so. And then she wrote this song, dear John, and I think it was about him. Oh, you're right. Look at this. I had no idea. I mean, come on. Should at least have a little bit of credibility if you're gonna go off on some alpha male contract CARA. Me sleep. Anything that moves. He's the only one that thinks he has the right to do that. It's just it's tiresome the hypocrisy. You just think at some point, don't you have any self awareness of what you're sounding like right now? Seriously? Pretty amazing, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. Something else we just found out about Taylor swift, sadly she's apparently big, democrat supporter. She now she kept to herself for a really long time. And then now all of a sudden for some reason she cracked because everybody's saying, why don't you tell us who you want to to win the election? What? Why? Why won't you tell us? Because it's your business and I don't wanna lose half my fan base. Well, she when she jumped in, she jumped in with both feet. She said, as much as I've in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office. I cannot support Marsha Blackburn Republican, Tennessee. I will be voting for Phil Bredesen's for Senate and Jim Cooper for the house of representatives both Liberal Democrats. And of course, I guess Marsha Blackburn is somehow anti women. She said, I have always, I have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights either leave, we all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights. And that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is wrong. I believe that this stem racism, we still see in this country towards people of color, terrifying sickening and prevalent. I cannot votes for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity of all Americans, no matter their skin color gender, or who they love. All that coming out of the brilliant Taylor swift because who better to be lectured by then Taylor swift. Well, John Mayer, maybe. Pretty close though between the tool. Joe mayor was under the influence during his little all, really, I just I just maybe not. It felt like that wouldn't surprise me aren't they always aren't Rockstars always under the influence of something pretty much. No word on whether Taylor swift will extend her support to the likes of Belle Aurora, but. I guess we'll see there's a new ad out that we played this earlier, but I think it's worth playing again because it's done by Richard link ladder who's a big Hollywood filmmaker and really simple ad, but check this out kind of. Active somebody lifts? No. My daughter today is Ted Cruz toughest taxes. Come on somebody call my wife dog and said, my daddy was in on the Kennedy, says the nation. I wouldn't be kissing there. Stick a finger in their chest and give them a few choice words, or you drag there by the woods yet and kicked their dead come. Oh. Ted political ad paid for by not candidate. Supporter of Ted Cruz, but that's funny. It was funny and there's some truth to it. It's hard to deny that the guy was officiant was viciously attacked during the campaign for president in twenty fifteen in two thousand sixteen. And now you know, they got this friendship, love affair which can happen and it's fine. But it's hard to deny what he's saying. There. Ted. Love the Bosnia come on. Ted. Very reminiscent of baiter Ginsburg freedom thing the war over does not appear even once constitution. The word freedom. Nailed it. Nailed it. By the way, what happened to my? What happened to my calendar? Oh, take my calendar away. Gee, we got the Rb g workout calendar, twenty nineteen. Somebody says I gotta find their name again and give them credit for the thank you. Whoever sent this, we'll find out and mentioned you gotta do the or or BG looks too strenuous. I don't know that I can handle it me see this thing. Let's have Jeff lot enact every every exercise in there. Maybe we moved to mornings and this is obviously how she stays strong and you can too all year strong. She did that interview with her head in her lap just played it last week and the whole time. She's like, this talk, talk to be patches. Asked me questions. Keith, what's the weather like. Rain. She was kind of like that raining. Yeah, but we're, I think we're gonna. We're gonna put this out and and show you some of the, it's going to be good. Some of the photos of the workout you can do. You don't wanna have Jeffy and axes. Ooh, I don't want to. Ooh, I don't want to. I don't wanna see him doing oh gosh. October of next year on him doing that? Yeah, probably not. But leave an impression, scars, children's memories forever is so great. I don't know who compiled that, but it's it's fantastic. It's fantastic, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three on his first day on the job. Brad Kavanagh hired as many black locker, lock lurks as Ruth Bader Ginsburg has in her entire tenure. She was she was placed on the court. I think ninety three nine thousand nine hundred twenty five years by ninety seven to three vote by the way. And so in those twenty five years, she still hasn't appointed more lock black law clerks than bread cabin. By the way, Kevin also appointed an all female luck clerk team. Okay. Off to a pretty good start. Know. We know I did that though, so we could molest them, give them. Give them a beer to fall on top of them up and have one of the other justices should just take what he wants because that's what men think they can just take whatever they want and baby. I want you. It probably don't allow reference. It's a bad companies, triple eight. Also not in the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Scab is been torn open again. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three more. Gray unleashed returns after this on the blaze radio network. At gray. Welcome triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three added Pat unleashed on Twitter. Let's go to Tanya Iowa. Hey, Tanya, you're on the blaze. Hi, pat. Such do Sherry coming from John Maher smells, I cannot I cannot handle it. There's no self-awareness there. He goes on to say, there should be a contract for kids that are going through puberty until college too. You know, they say they allowed to take what they want or do this. Do that. Like, you know, we've had that contract for over two thousand years viable. You don't have to believe Jesus crisis go from the debt to know that the bible has some pretty good information to keep you safe and lead a good life in it. But you know, you know, God forbid, we can't look there and know that maybe there there's a state of John Maher isn't saying anything revolutionary. This is something that has been in place for own wealth for welfare for years, and he's acting like, oh, you know what we need to do. We need to do some sort of a contractor where teaching these young men. You know, it's there John, but no one wants. It's really true. It's exactly right. Thanks, Tanya, appreciate it. He might just be discovering this for himself, and that's why he's gone through so many women in his lifetime, and virtually all of them have complained about him afterward. Haven't they. I obviously Taylor swift did, but it seems like others were like. A little critical of him in the aftermath of their relationship. And I don't even know use that term relationship loosely when it comes to John Mayer and his women stay. Again, the hypocrisy is just difficult to get your head around triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Then as Wayland consumer prices rose. I guess modestly you could say in the last twelve months four hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred sixty five percent. A lot, not the inflection in your voice leads me to believe that you're insinuating that's a lot. I don't know if I'd go that far out on as you said a lot. I call it trade, really? Yeah. Did it? I'm just picking up to what are we got. Yeah. Annual inflation rate of four hundred eight thousand eight hundred sixty five. I don't know. You tell me. Does that seem like a lot? Oh, that's a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Wow. Well. Daily inflation daily. Inflation is right now four percent. So that's not bad with monthly in inflation. Rising two hundred twenty three percent insect timber. Oh, it's two hundred and thirty three percent from two hundred twenty three percent in August in an effort to stabilize prices though President Nicolas Maduro in August, just sliced five zeros off the boulevard, currency fix it, right. Yeah, I'm sure it did because you know it's hack off five zeros. Yeah. And now all of a sudden your money's valuable again, basically sounds like a metric. So what we're good, it's taken care of. So he sliced five zeros off the boulevard, and then he boosted the minimum wage by three thousand percent. So we're done and then he paved snug. There's a little more. He paid salaries to a state backed cryptocurrency. The Venezuelan currency, right. One of the things they talked about in this might have helped a lot. In fact, I'm I'm sure it would have helped. I don't know if it's a long term cure, but they wanted to base their currency on the US dollar. Well, at least then you've got some stability, right? You know, more than they have, I would have to say, but you might remember back in the spring, I think it was the International Monetary Fund estimated that consumer prices would rise one million percent by the end of the year, and they're headed pretty close to that. Yeah, we're getting there. We're at almost five hundred thousand halfway home baby. So Madero was reelected in may you might remember anyway, so, and I don't know. You know, maybe they cheated that. I don't know. I mean, Jimmy Carter didn't go down there and ensure that another dictator yet. Another one was re elected by people. So we actually have no way of knowing. No way. This is he engine Madero though insists that the election was free and fair, and he said the situation is the result of an economic war led by opposition and business leaders who are arbitrarily raising prices. There's no reason for snow reason for that. So this is just another example of socialism at its finest. This is what you have, and then every time you bring up Venezuela, they're like, oh, that's so ridiculous that you would. You would bring Venezuela, why? Why are they not the best social example right now everybody was in love with them a few years ago. Yeah, and see, I think that the left gets torn on this because since Venezuela's such an oil rich country, they want to figure out a way to tie big oil to the collapse of his Walea. Okay. Do we go with the thing or do we go with socialism? Just hasn't been implemented, right? Yeah. What. Do we do? Yeah. And. The one thing they had going for them even during all economic turmoil was gas. Prices were incredibly low for residents of Venezuela. They paid like, I think it was nine cents a gallon or something. Nine cents a gallon. And that they've had even do away with that. And gas prices high wasn't. That was a good time for Venezuela in a, yeah, they should have been booming. Their economy should have been on fire during that time and other words, it doesn't matter what the price of oil is doing. Socialism sucks. Yes. And if you haven't gotten that by now, Hugh are pretty thick headed, but it's amazing how many haven't you know, Alexandria Cossio Cortes continues to sing the virtues of socialism. Bernie Sanders does the same thing. Beto aerobic is doing that in Texas. Now he doesn't call it socialism, but that's what it is. What is it when the rest of society pays for your college education? Title seems like socialism doesn't it. You transfer the wealth from from the upper class to the lower class redistributed that's a communist Marxist principle, and that's sinful effect with these with these politicians, it's been, it's been a fun ride, hasn't it with the with these radicals? The last few years. Bene- fun ride. Also, we've got some brilliant from morning Joe coming up. Oh yes. The early day Cup of postal Joe and his main squeeze. We watch NBC thinks. Yeah, me. Okay. Coming up. Pad gray unleashed on the blaze radio network. Now back to pet gray on the blaze radio network. That door with Glenn is going to be fun. Haven't he hasn't done a a comedy tour in a long time. Probably eight or nine years more two thousand ten I believe. Yeah. Oh, nine. Ten somewhere in there. Yeah, I think you're right. You're going to be a part of this right believe so. Yes, I believe so. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three also be getting up a little bit earlier in the time to come really beginning Monday morning. It'd be moving to the morning show. Thanks for the heads up. Obviously doc has moved onto his own thing. He's doing that thing on Mojo five. Oh, what they call it? Joe five. Oh, and so we will be bumped up into the morning slot because what are they gonna do put Jeff on it? No, no. I can't even get him in. Here to commit to a segment much less right show every day though. Yeah, so we'll be doing that triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. In the meantime, we're here in this familiar timeslot talking about the morning Cup of post them with Joe and his main squeeze squeeze who by the way I used to as we've mentioned before, hate being coupled together, right? Anyone anybody's saying that they were a couple. They were an item. They were in love. They were maybe doing some extra curricular activities in their off hours, and now they're just, I mean, Joe tries to be affectionate to her on the air. She doesn't like that what he does it, but it happens anyway morning, Joe today. Yesterday we're talking about the cavenaugh confirmation and how awful it was that anybody drank beer to celebrate it or whatever. Yeah, here he is chest ising Republic. Every go. Republicans celebrated the confirmation of bread Kavanagh as a victory for Republicans, activists tweeted photos of their alcohol with the hashtag beers for Brett sent majority whip. John Cornyn posted a photo of sparkling wine, writing young, quite beers for red, probably for bread instead just don't know why this is funny Senator Lindsey Graham wrote. It's actually not fun. Offing, they're talking about the United States Supreme court. Lindsey, Graham, Lindsey, Graham, hey, road. I'm not tired of winning victory. Press secretary. Sarah Sanders. Invoked the twenty sixteen election quote. Congratulations. Judge Capitola instead of six, three liberal supreme court under Hillary Clinton. We now have five, four conservative supreme court under president, Donald Trump's and mending a tremendous legacy for the president and a better future for America. And they're all pissed off that you would have a beer for a supreme court nominee. Is that what it is? And I, I don't understand the outrage there. She gets so upset. She easily offended and I love Joe yesteryear, whatever you say, it's it's totally nut cool. I'm with you. Hon shed. Of course, he's a conservative. Joe Scarborough is own my goodness. Are you seeing? He's not conservative. I'm saying a lot of things, but he's a conservative Republican used to be a Republican can identify with now because they're so mean spirited in extreme, but he's still conservative. Yeah, right, right. Pretty amazing that even tries to play that game. But he does. He continues to and they're all talking about how badly treated Dr Ford was. Are you kidding me? Do you not remember how you guys treated Monica Lewinsky in comparison boy, seriously. There is no comparison. Just a little reminder of how things were back in nineteen ninety eight. That's timber. CBS news poll showed that most Americans viewed Lewinsky unfavourably was more unpopular with women than with men. Meanwhile on TV and on the radio, Monica was a young tramp. Monica. Lewinsky's behavior was unacceptable. Monica. Never say no. Wenski was portrayed not as a victim, but it's desperate and conniving slut whose obsessive behavior was to blame for the whole mess. Comes off someone who basically blackmails the president of the United States that's Bill Maher eight after the star report came out and Kenny roof, what a great article the other day. And she said there should be a term connoting the opposite of sexual harassment. When a person of less, our uses her sexual attractiveness or personal relationship with the person greater power to get ahead. Can you imagine if we were trying to say that some young woman has taken advantage of the most powerful man on earth by seducing him with. So this man is so innocent and so naive, and you just do st- and somebody with lesser power, taking vantage of a person with more power. Their power structure is is everything to them now that's, that's all they ever talked about is I couldn't couldn't do anything. I couldn't say no. Because of the the power structure, the power dynamic, the power dynamic was such that I couldn't say no, I, and now they're wow unattended. Now. Marsov the situation. It was Lewinsky who had seduced Clinton. Monica Lewinsky is the one who should apologize to America. She's the home wrecker. Anybody really owes an apology. I think it's her. Applaud Howard Stern, radio personality commission to song about Lewinsky. Monica, Lewinsky, prince pictures of my face and my do. School, I still know the golden rule do unto others and then have them. Do you too. Joe Scarborough, then it's not funny. They think it's funny, it's it's not funny. That's not funny and nobody treated Christine Ford. That way. I, you know, the the president tweeted out. I don't even remember what his tweet was. Do you remember? He tweeted something out that was less than glowing. I know of Christine. Ford. I don't remember exactly what the wording was, but that that was the only time where you could even say she wasn't handled with complete respect that she wasn't completely coddled and she had not one shred of evidence to back up any of her claims. And yet. They treat her like a Saint. Well, back up what you're saying, then. Do you have the tweet? I'm looking for saying, yeah, let's see here. Hang on. Boy, I see Susan Collins was appalled by his tweet, Susan Collins. Yeah. But of course, why would the CNN story referencing said, quote. Yeah. Why would you? Why would you get into what the tweet actually was that she's outraged over seriously? All right. In the world, we'll look for that triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three also look forward. We we're looking forward to a two hundred forty dollars per gallon, gas tax. What did you what? One? Just a gas tax. Two hundred forty dollars a gallon. Is that a problem for you? There's a new report that suggests we must do this. There's got to be carbon pricing and a two hundred and forty dollars per gallon. Gas tax is the equivalent of what we need to fight global warming. A carbon tax would need to be as high as twenty seven thousand dollars per tonne in the year twenty one hundred. Now, if you think that's unlikely to ever happen probably is, but still for Americans. It would be two hundred and forty dollars per gallon. The tax just the federal tax up by the year twenty one hundred. So you think, well, I don't care. I don't care. I'm not going to be around one hundred federal tax. You mean the new international tax coming down the pike. She's so in twenty thirty. The report says a carbon tax would need to be as high as fifty five hundred dollars. So there that's reasonable by twenty thirty. They'll put a carbon tax fifty, five hundred dollars per tonne. Okay. And that only raises the tax on a gallon of gasoline to forty nine dollars per gallon. Don't worry about it. So that's a lot better bargained. That's a two hundred. Yeah. You took up Overton windowed is nothing. They do start the report with it have to be two hundred and forty dollars a gallon, but look in twenty but okay, but just by twenty thirty. Yeah, it'll just be forty. Nine. I can get you into this gallon of gas. My manager wants. The charge extra to forty for this gallon, but I was able to talk to him. Got you down to forty nine dollars in the internet. Now keep in mind tax. That's just the tax on the gallon of gas. That's not the price of the gallon of gas. Yep. The federal taxes we pay now are. Eighty cents a gallon or something like that, or they more than that. I'm not sure, but there's a federal tax. There's a state tax and you break down that way. And so it eats up maybe dollars worth of the price. So if you're paying three fifty, maybe a dollar that is taxes. You can think for that tax going up. But forty nine dollars per gallon. The price of gas would have to be what sixty sixty five seventy dollars a gallon. We pay eighteen point four cents per gallon, federal eight eighteen cents. Yeah. The US federal excise tax on gasoline is eighteen point four cents per gallon. Go, okay. It's only eighteen cents and they just want to raise it to forty nine dollars per gallon. That's it's not unreasonable. Is it? That's fair. Fair share. I mean we're the ones polluting the earth more than anyone else. Thank you. So, you know, of course we should pay more. Wow. So the highest. Gas tax by states is Pennsylvania and what's there's prevailant it doesn't say, okay, it's a it's a long red line next to short yellow line. So they're trying to keep the future warming below one and a half degrees celsius. And in order to do that, they say the carbon taxes would need to range from one hundred and thirty five dollars to fifty five hundred dollars per tonne in twenty thirty up to thirteen thousand dollars per tonne in twenty fifty four hundred twenty two seventeen thousand dollars per tonne in twenty seventy. And that, of course, they've gotta be high when they wrote this report right. This is a stupid thing I've ever heard my life well, this this whole global warming fiasco is just that to ask. Oh yeah. And by the way at Henry Keith on Twitter, I just tweeted out if you want to see how your state compares. Alaska has the lowest gas tax. Of course, South Carolina is right there with them as well. Say what that Texas in Alaska. It doesn't. It's if you like to look at fun little line. I love that. Yeah. Yeah, fun little lines. And so. You'll see. But here we go. We got, I don't know Texas near the bottom. So that's good. You know, as far as gas tacky, as far as state gas tax? Yeah. But your top five. As far as highest state guests, Texas, Pennsylvania, Washington state, Hawaii, New York in Michigan, your lowest, five gas tax, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Alaska. Citrus thing. It's interesting. Ivan, is there a phone number that people can call to comment on that or Montana? Right in the middle. By the way, I don't know what you need, you know, high gas tax there in Montana. Yeah, because you know, trying to figure out how how, how you guys going to get the the crime on the streets of Helena under control you guys still on the mean streets talks, maybe increase the police if you increase the gas tax to where the drive by shooters can't afford guess they're not gonna be able to drive by and shoot see that's win. We'll have to do it on foot so win. It's a good idea, but seriously salted that nations is the most pointless body on the planet. Yes, they are stupid. Yes, and they create more havoc than they solve in. They should go the hell away and please get off the continent right now. Yes. Thank you. I understand. Brussels is beautiful. This time. Locate their dribble eight nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. Pat gray on the blaze radio network. Pat gray, quick reminder. We will be vacating this time slot. What? Beginning Monday, what are we going? We're traveling all the way to the morning show. We're going back in time going back in time. Okay. Starting Monday. We'll be here at six plus we're not gonna start at five because frankly, that's too early and I thought six. That's too early too early as well, but I haven't done actual mornings since Houston, probably summer of owner. Rally? Yeah. Nine and then with with with Glenn, what I lived in Connecticut worked in midtown Manhattan still had to get up pretty early to get there and get everything done. But this'll be the first time we get back up at three thirty in a while. I was used to Dallas. I've been thought that'd be fun. I've been thinking sucks about eleven central. Don't have to wake up at three thirty if only I was yes do and now I are. So congratulations. Keith maybe can move five. There's subdivision right next to us. You could just walk to work if you moved in their triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and padded leashed on Twitter. We've been debating whether or not to play this video own. In fact, it's all crumpled up right now as you can see. I couldn't do that if it worked crumpled up and it weren't an actual document. Joan surrounded at new red guessing warning hide the kids. Okay. If you don't want your kids see something disturbing without getting to preview it first, you might want to do that. Right, but it's unbelievable video. Yeah. So some bicyclists were biking down a road and it looks like a pretty. It's woodsy on both sides and a car comes by headed. The other direction from as the bicyclists are. And what transpires is shocking. Don't six kids hide the kids right now, but if you wanna take a look, this is amazing. Surreal here. It is. That just just became one of Santa's flying reindeer right there here. So that affectively was a Russian dash Cam video of the animal kingdom. Can you say. I think the dears fine deers absolutely. The the news is the deer jumped and frolicked back into the forest steer frolics after video it frolicked and you can't that word if it was a tragedy. It frolicked watching this again to otherwise look away. Oh no. Oh. Frolicking sued thereafter, very frightening to because if those by sickle said actually been hit by the flaying reindeer there, but I would've Santa's flying reindeer that would not have gone well. Okay. So the gopro is on the bicyclists bike and you see the guy right in front of him kind of shift as buddy out of the way to avoid because he feels the threat coming from the Flannery deer and and the guy with the gopro, if you notice the camera shakes, but he feels it to those guys. One was taken out by Santa's reindeer, very close. Wow, that is that's amazing. Video. That is the most amazing video we've ever had pretty pretty incredible how and another sign that dear don't look both ways before the Red Cross dome dear. But I'm glad he frost a good safety tip to all the dears within the sound of my voice, all the deer look both ways before crossing a busy roadway. Yeah, Yep. So. Dear. Look at me look left little right then back to the left again, look left again. And then in this case, maybe back to the right and you would have seen the car coming and you would awaited for a second. But again, the good news is tears, fine. It looked tragic, but it's not the deer gut right up and frolicked back into the forest, met his family there for dinner. They had some scrumptious berries later on and a twig twig series. I don't believe this. Yeah, I'm going. You do not know all of those details what he did in the I did some research. No, no, it's it's. It's right. The arising berries in the forest with the family and twig. Twig, wow, you? Yeah, damn corrected. Sorry, it was fine. So don't even worry about it, but that is compelling video. It is good gully. All right, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three little message for a Ted Cruz come home. Ted. I think that might have to be thing like like this. Does not appear even once in the US coast Titian. What is the word freedom? Ted. Later. I mean, you got in there quick enough or does the word Ted, your honor. That statement is at least true there. The word Ted appears nowhere in the US constitution. You do a search do search right now. Get back to you. All right. Astronaut, Scott Kelly is on the wrong side of his liberal friends. I love it when liberals eat their own, you might remember Scott Kelly. He is the husband of the congress person who got shot tragically several years ago. Yeah, Gada giffords. And one of the unwritten rules of social media seems to be avoiding inspirational quotes. You don't wanna do that American astronaut, Scott, Kelly put that to the test on Sunday when he used Winston Churchill's quote, and people got sideways with him because how dare you quote Winston Churchill? Yeah. What what? What was the. Yeah, dare you don't be doing well. Listen to how disgusting this, let's oh, boy. Here we go. Scott, Kelly tweet from Sunday. One of the greatest leaders of modern times, Sir. Winston Churchill said, quote in victory magnanimity unquote. I guess those days are over. So he's obviously talking about people not being magnanimous in light of the victory of Brett Cavin upset about the tweeting of beers for bright and he's attacking Republicans by the way for not being the Agneta MOUs. But. Churchill is apparently a horrible person now in the eyes of the left, and it's interesting that Scott Kelly still considers him a great leader. One of the greatest leaders of modern times Winston Churchill pretty conservative guy. You might want to want to check yourself Scott. But anyway, the left came down like a ton of bricks because the Twitter followers also linked Churchill to a famine in Bengal India that killed at least three million people in nineteen forty. So Winston Churchill Khanna's to an Indian famine that killed people. He's also known for quotes like I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way has come in and taking their place. Well, so I mean, that's a, that's a tough quote. Yeah, that's a tough quote, but does that does that Nate? Everything Winston Churchill has ever done. It certainly doesn't in the eyes of a Hillary Clinton who praises Margaret Sanger all time. And when she was asked about it, she said, Well, I, I don't like some of the things she stood for, but that doesn't. That doesn't Nate the whole of what she tried to accomplish. Cute. I guess that only applies to Margaret Scott Kelly. He he held his ground, right? Yeah, he's he's stood tall, right? He said, no, I'm going to quote him. Yeah, here's here's how he put the hammer down. Okay. Here we go. All right. Not mean to fend anyone by quoting Winston Churchill by apologies. I'll go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views, which I don't support. My point was we need to come together as one nation. We're all Americans. Fail. As radio network.

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