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Addiction Recovery Secrets from the Tao


We can learn from the twenty ninth of the doughty chain. Is THAT GIVING UP CONTROL? Consciously is actually going to serve us in our healing spiritual growth recovery self actualization and hopefully guiding us towards what the book refers to as spiritual experience. A conscious pergram of surrendering is really where the twelve step start. It's where any program of recovery from suffering starts letting go of the need to control because absolutely essential in order to reprogram your mind Which is going to go through periods of overthinking and if we over think anything scientifically speaking it becomes negative overthinking also tends to be a habit you know it tends to get worse and worse. It's progressive just like addiction. Overthinking gets worse and worse over time as soon as we let that animal of our mind go. It runs off like a pack of wild horses around the hill so it just it never stops and I think practices like mindfulness meditation along what we learn recovery looking for empty space looking for stillness looking for war. They called tosses a powerful. Now we'll bring us all back to a point where we breathing where we are Thinking steadily and where we are not running off without thoughts. Remember those those runoff. Not to no way. They're looking for answers but again they will look for everything on the outside much like happens in addiction substance abuse eating disorders always looking for something on the outside to full. An internal emptiness is not going to happen. So when we're in the middle of a tough moment repeat the twenty ninth verse off the Dow Touching. It would be a good idea. It is up on our web to put it up and read it every day for at least thirty days and try and look at the wisdom that has definitely been almost timeless. You find some wisdom in every way so also think of the need to control as a signal to allow you to remember to flow freely and in these times it is important as we stretched for time. Stretch for money stretch for resources. It is important that we need to show up and remind ourselves to go with the flow.

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