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Why from the investors Bank studio Boris is Greg Jian Audie, boomer and geo on the fan simulcast across the country on CBS sports network to morning, more drama out of the Mets yesterday. They couldn't just meet the media and squash this thing and move on in had to get worse. Of course. It did I Mickey Callaway comes out and says a bunch of stuff seems contrite about it seems to apologize without really apologizing. And then after that Twitter gets a hold of everything. It says Galloway dozen apologize. Doesn't say, I'm sorry stopped short of saying, I'm sorry. So then, of course, everybody looks at Twitter in the Mets organization sees that reaction. So they send them back out there looking like a fool and saying, I just wanted to say that I'm. Sorry, I apologize for that just want. You think it's over. There's a report out there that Brody van wagon and his holing of members of the Mets. Stab down in the dugout during games to make decisions mainly. Jacob degrom. One point him out of a game because of that nip. Cram. So yesterday should have been a alright something bad happen. Now we've moved on, but instead because it's the Mets, it was something bad happened. But still some gasoline on. And then light it on fire bomber you back. Good morning. Good to see our you get morning GIO. And I'm glad you clarified it that Brody bandwagon as calling somebody on the staff. Now it's not the pitching coach, it's whoever it is. It's not the manager, it's probably somebody in either the training staff or somebody connected to the analytics department that may be traveling with the team. So that, that's who they're calling out. I've never heard of anything like this. I've never seen anything like this. But, you know, we actually made fun. A being a manager in today's major league baseball by because we believe that analytics guys are the ones that are sending down the lineups to the manager and saying this is who were playing today. This is who's off today. That's why didn't play on Sunday. You know, because he needs a rest and all this other crap and all this other analytics, now, I've lauded, Brodie van wagon for trying to ramp up the international scouting, led by Omar. And because that's where he probably is going to be most effective. I also said, hey, you know what he is trying to catch up to the Antes in the world of analytics, and sabermetrics and all that other stuff. And then applying that to the team on the field, but I have never heard of general manager basically calling out, you know a player and getting him off the field doing large part to an injury when he's sitting at home. So here's a couple of things that I just I sit here and I, I didn't. Unfortunately, wasn't what you guys just that I was doing something else, and I was thinking about finally Mickey Callaway showed some balls on Sunday night or Sunday and got after somebody. I know it was an a reporter and all that other stuff. He can say whatever you want about those relationships because they're on a daily basis. They see other. So I don't know what is driving the anx between the reporter and of course, the team, of course, the reporter all, you know, I didn't do anything. I was just trying to take a bio, see you tomorrow. You never know how those things are taking, especially after a tough loss Chicago that they needed to win on Sunday. They needed to win that game and take three out of four from the cubs that would have been really feel good story. And then maybe come back, and you win until Stephen Matt's goes, you know of Kuku for cocoa puffs on the mound last night. So I with all of this stuff, I'm just telling you, it's not surprising because it's a rookie general manager, you know that we've been talking about that a second year coach who basically want to hold onto his job. The manager wants to hold onto his job because the reason he got the job is because he was going to listen to the front office. And now there's somebody somebody one of these players is gone to Mike, Puma, and given could be one of the guys that got fired. Well could could be Dave island could be one of those guys as well. You're right. You're right. I didn't even think about that. So there's somebody that's disgruntled whether it be a player or somebody who's fired. And sounds to me men, you know, now that now that I think about it the way you said it may be Dave island is the guy that's giving or the bullpen. The bullpen coach to go somebody's somebody's giving intimate secrets to the media the show. How ridiculous the Mets are being run. And also to defend Mickey Callaway in a sense because Mickey right now is getting pulled in a million different directions. And he's also taking the brunt of the criticism. And maybe he shouldn't be. And if I'm Mickey Callaway, maybe it wasn't Tim Healy of Newsday that set me off. Maybe it's my general manager. Maybe it's my PR stabbed. Maybe it's all these people in. Maybe it's the owner these people that are pulling me in a million different directions. The same people that are trotting him back out there, again after face the music just to say, I'm sorry, I apologize. I mean that was that puppet written all over it, and the. That somebody looked at the Twitter reaction and said, oh, he didn't apologize. You have to apologize. Let's now call the reporters again. And you have to say, I'm sorry. I mean, this thing couldn't have looked worse. You know, the other thing is you made a really good point off the air. And I don't know if you've remember so bring it up if this were, let's say the jets Monique Mehta. Yeah. Would there be any of the reporters coming to manage made made his defense? Well, no. And this is why I think this is why believe that, you know, Tim Healy didn't really do anything wrong for a couple of reasons. One all these other beat reporters mobilized behind Tim Healy and had his back. And also Jeff ended up calling him personally to say we are sorry. And if Tim Healy was some sort of if thorn in the side of the Mets organization, I don't think any of that stuff would have happened, if people didn't have respect for him and on top of it, by the way, Tim Healy, did not. He declined. Our interview request he recalling all interview requests yesterday. Hey, didn't make it about himself. There's a couple of reasons. It makes me think this was more of a Mickey Callaway, Jason Vargas losing their mind in the moment, and maybe misplaced anger towards Tim Healy in that particular instance, more than anything I, maybe just maybe a watershed moment one way or the other one, meaning the team would have the back of their manager Mickey Callaway because that's what it looked like. Especially with the way, barcus reacted, or to this is going to be a free for all and become a circus. Thanks. Thank you all for sharing that, man. It was very nice. If you look at that see we work in concert here on like the Mets you've been doing curls again. How you look. And good. But so I so I think maybe watershed moment GIO that maybe they're fighting for their manager. Maybe they're not. And then last night, you know, you're only good as the next day starting pitcher who is by the way, tile lock. It today. Walker lock it. So the point being is that I we're now almost smack dab to where we were last year in June, where June basically is getting ready to come and go. And it's been a scuffling Mets. And it's been a disaster. At if you ask me now what now what, you know, to me, this is on Brody and this is like Robinson. Canot kion Brockton jed Lowrie Edwin d as Jerry's familiar Jerry's familiar bringing him back. Those five guys have been an absolute disaster. I mean disaster and the Mets about get blown seventeen or eighteen leads after having the lead in the seventh inning. I mean that reeks of a crappy bullpen rally. Together. Well back to the most significant parts brought into the most significant parts in familia. And let's not forget about Justin Wilson has been hurt too. Now. You can't control the injuries all the time, but it's another part of it. But then the other thing, the, the maybe the biggest embarrassment and the biggest disgrace on a baseball diamond has to be Robinson. He has to be, I'm sorry. You can't make that much money and perform at the level that he's performing at. And I know he's got an easy way about him the way fields the ball the way hits way, swing. I get all that because he's so good that he could act as, if he doesn't care doesn't look like he's putting a lot of effort into it, you know what when you are losing, and you're playing poorly as he is. And you and you get hurt because you actually do run, and then it's almost like you come back from that and drains like I'm not gonna run anymore because I don't want to get hurt. What are you doing? Why are we paying you twenty five million dollars? And why do you have four years left than that contrary? He's, he's numbers are embarrassing. We were going through it yesterday. He is. Is not gonna come close to anywhere where he's been in his career by we all thought, by the way, at least that first year this year, at least be okay? And now this is a pathetic year, and it's only gonna get worse from here at that same ridiculous number the marriage pulled a fast one on Brody bandwagon, and they completely took advantage. Well, there was there was money to be moved around, and then what gave it as wars act. They got rid of J BRUCE'S money. They brought in some money, the, the Mariners some extra money in there. So, you know, who knows there's, there's a reason why Brody van wagon went to Jeff wilpon and said we could do this deal. Save some money in the short term, and then maybe figure out something a couple years down the road because we have at least a reasonably good Robinson canot, but he just he is like dysfunction central what between him and Brodie van wagon. And, and then I know watching him on Sunday. An the guys on TV and I'm sure you guys went over this yesterday. So I'm sorry. I wasn't able to hear but. You know, everybody knew that Lugo had lost it. You could see it and because he had been pitching so much because his pitch count was webby that one I think is first at bat. There were ten pitches. He threw in a ball kept getting fouled off, Al Valda and it basically worked. He worked himself into a frenzy and gave up a home. The bison. Oh to pitch. Everybody wanted at that point. I'm like I wanna d- at that point. But do you have any competent windy, as this shouldn't now I still thought, because of how Lugo looked at that point, and Lugo, admitted that he didn't have anything? He couldn't really explain why just on. I'll maybe humidity. I don't know. But the fact that he didn't have anything a you least gotta give a shot because it was twelve pitches in eight days, whatever it was. But, you know, we went over that back and forth yesterday. I'm not saying that went has been great. It was just that moment, Lugo, who has been your best pitcher, if you put that under the microscope, in that one particular moment, he just he just didn't have it. So. You know, Mickey Callaway at this point, Jason Vargas. They get fined yesterday. They could not have looked worse. And maybe was Mike Vaccaro who tweeted out, but the Mets basically had twenty four hours to figure this whole PR thing out, twenty four hours to figure it out and essentially right around there and came up with that Mickey Callaway, having to come out twice because he didn't say, I'm sorry. And then Jason Vargas standing up there after this is a guy who said, I will knock you the bleep out. Bro threatening to knock out a reporter just because he looked at him in a different way or whatever the reason was the fact that he stood up there and said yes to bed, this is a distraction, so we got a game to play. I'll talk to you later, essentially what he had to say walked away without taking questions. How's that any accountability say, Mickey welcome to New York, and this is what managing New Yorkers like and welcome to New York Brody wagon the fluid to the top come get us. We're the best team in the league. I mean got on money. This is just sparring attic control, and it's only gonna worse. And I don't see it getting any better. I, I don't know what the answer is. You got a fire the general manager and the manager again and you're going to start over now. It's not going to have. I mean, he's not gonna have me Mickey's done at some point. I mean, I know that they said that he's actually feel bad from because because if it is, Dave island that is or, or the other pitching coach whatever the hell is name was given the info, Mike Puma and Puma putting it out there the way he has put it out there. It is a it is a major major stain on Brodie van wagon. I'm sorry. You can't I mean you come in, and you make all these boastful statements because you know what? Major league baseball. You don't make statements respect the game, respect the team, you're playing against you. Can't come in there and go like we're going to be the greatest thing ever. You got to kind of hold back. I would just say wanna be cautious and he was anything, but that this off season and now his biggest moves have all been absolute duds the guys that are actually playing well guys that were already here. Sure. Yeah. You know, you said you mentioned you feel bad for Mickey. I didn't until yesterday yesterday when he had to come back out, and he said, I got some feedback meaning that either Brody the piece, someone from the PR staff or Jeff told him to go back out there just to say the words, I apologize or I'm sorry at that very moment. I felt like he had just been his balls had been completely cut off. There was nothing left at that moment. That's exactly how I felt and I wish he would have said. No, I'm not going back out there. I just sat there for ten minutes answered all the questions adequately. And I told you I felt about it if I didn't want to apologize for it. I don't have to apologize for it now, you're going to send me out there disingenuously after clearly, we are just reacting to the other reaction to make me look like a full. No. If he would've stood up and told them. No, then maybe what a game. A little more respect. And maybe we'll receive another phone call from Brody van wagons beach. House telling him to take pitcher out. You know, when you hear the word communicator, these guys are good communicators chore. Aaron Boone, always. He gets good communicator. And then they also you hear he's good. He works with within a great collaboration of the front office. So I mean, all that means is that they do what they're told to do without any kickback whatsoever. That's what that means. That's why guys like you know Terry Francona Joe Madden. Girardi Joe Girardi are kind of all gone by the wayside because these front offices are taking over these games from building the lineups to tell you when somebody's should sit to this point, where general manager calls somebody on the staff. The medical staff Intel's that person go tell Mickey Callaway to get Jacob degrom out. And by the way, Jake, Jake up Graham has got hip problems foot problems. Where did all this stuff come from? Yeah. I mean it hasn't held them back all that much, though. We have to twice he's been taken out against because of these things. Yes. But it's and it's led to a leaky bullpen yet, but that that hip cramp thing to me. Well that was the one that we're talking about with Brody making. The ground was pissed off about taking out of that game. And I think what's happening is that he's not pissed off. Mickey's pissed off at somebody who's sitting in his beach house, making the call to get him out of the game. Right. And I have to give degrom credit because he actually stood up and said, I want to represent the team and talk about this to reporters, and he volunteered to do that. And he he sat there and answered questions, unlike Jason Vargas, who was a direct. Actor in this whatever you want word, you want to say he was responsible for a lot of this nonsense. And he didn't answer any questions and Jacob degrom stood up there. And he spoke to the press, Representative leader one's a leader one's player and who's actually having a reasonable good year. I don't think that Jason Vargas would be the other thing he wouldn't have done a last year because he was awful last year. And we talked about how awful, he was and even at the beginning of this year, we're saying, well vs your fifth star. You're gonna be you're gonna have a chance to win that fifth game or whatever. And he's turned out to be the Jason Vargas that they thought they signed two years ago, and he's actually been performing above average. Well above average well above expectations. On a pitching staff that has been nothing but short of expectations and has been frustrating, an inconsistent this supposed to be the strength of the team that I this, why I still always fall. My damn guys a good team. But they just keep blowing leads play. Right. They had saved half of their blown saves think about the situation, they'd be that's the point. So that's why I do point at the at the bullpen for that. But I also point at, you know, an inexperienced general manager and what that general manager was saying in the beginning. I think about six months ago when he took over all of us felt okay breath of fresh air, you know, different way of doing things convincing the owner to spend some money here and there, and maybe bringing India's and canot was camouflaged, like this is going to be our big splash. But you know what we're taking money from one other area and we're just replacing with what these guys in it's going to look good on paper, the perceptions going to be good. The problem is neither one of those guys have performed to the level that they were expected to. And I'm talking about canot India's. I mean, they have now is the signature move. They really have been bad, and I wait for them to turn it around you waiting for them to find because, you know it's the baseball season goes up and down. But what the problem with the Mets is right now is that there is a perception that they are falling back into this dysfunctional poorly run meddling organization. Exactly. And that's exactly what's been on display the last couple of days if you missed the audio from yesterday, or when you heard it the first time you were confused get another chance to hear. Jerry will be in just a little bit to detail. Those press conferences yesterday. Boomer and geo. Just getting started on the fan. CBS sports network.

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