200 BM Daily Vocabulary #186 | tactics


Liam english speaking radio channel present b. m. english word of the day. My name is blabbity and i'm your host for visit episode. You are listening to episode number one hundred eighty six of season three today's waters tactics. Would you like to know what it it means. It means a specific action on a planned method to achieve a particular results planning and use of of military forces in war with VM english speaking radio channel learn one new every day and impress the world in this english lessons you learn how to use the word tactics via that this lesson will help you to enhance into english were cavalry and speak english fluently and confidently tactics is spelled t. e. c. t. i. c. s. the word tactics denotes especially short term plan of a faction or the trick that is used to achieve the result quickly for example the badminton player and gorge together device tactics to surprise and defeat the opponent. Listen carefully how we can use the word tactics yes in eight different situations in eight different sentences example number one of it multiple complaints were logged with the police regarding a criminal who was targeting vulnerable teenagers with the fake profile on social media. The police took help off offer criminal psychologist and deployed clever tactics to capture him example number two of it. The tactics ticks used by a leading fashion brand will criticized by the opponents the accused the company of using unfair trade practices this to gain market share. Let us understand example number three of eight. The manager in a call center was worried about the lackluster lackluster performance auto sales team. There was a nogent need to revive the success rate of closing the deals therefore she she made certain tactical changes in the interaction with the clients to achieve the desired result example number before of it. The military unit was fighting a battle in freezing temperatures in a hilly area the head of the unit assist the the enemy strength and launched a series of tactical attacks to gain an immediate advantage loan to appear any interview from expert in house trainers offline and online who are ready to train you at our training centers. It does in mumbai and also threw video call to know more visit of f. site. WWW dot b. m. consultants india dot com. Tom example number five feet the political party july's that the conventional methods to reach out to the waters were getting getting obsolete. Therefore with the help of digital media issues smart tactics to capture the attention of the toss example number six of eight the cricket match headed towards a thrilling finish on the last day the batting think team needed to go to fifty runs in fifty overs however the bowling team used numerous tactics to waste time and denied them the opportunity to win. Wow what a relevant example isn't it moving coming onto example number seven eight. The retailers blamed the main distributer of delaying tactics in releasing the material in the market they they claimed that this was being done to manipulate the prizes and registered a strong protest moving onto the next example exemple number eight hundred eight. The riddick's perfume was launched in the market with a lot of extravaganza. The target audience was the youth and hence the advertisers used shock tactics to trust the product sales. Today we learned the word tactics tactics which means specific action or a plant methode to achieve a particular result planning and use of military forces in wall canoe frame three sentences with tactics and diamond a comments box waiting via this lesson has had to booster which will cab lori arri and speak fluent english. You can download the script of this episode and all other episodes from. WWW dot b. m. english speaking radio your daughter in stay tuned for new english vocabulary lessons via no mission to train one quarter indian english fluency. This was episode number one hundred hundred and eighty six of two hundred vocabulary episodes that we have planned kindly note that we will be releasing one vocabulary episode daily ed's. Let's exam indian standard time so meet you tomorrow at six o'clock with the new world till then take care.

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