086 - Rebecca Love is a Skinemax star who loves horror movies, video games, and podcasting


On structure, happy Halloween. I'm recording a little bit of an intro because today's guest is a bit of a departure. Now, you know that I don't like to enter the guests before the guest comes on. But I am making an exception. In this case I wanted to warn everybody that there's a little bit of a dull language in here. Not too much, but some F bombs do get dropped. And we are talking about adult subject. Today's guest is Rebecca love a Rebecca love is famous for doing water finally known as a skin Amax movies. Those are the movies that involve a little bit of nudity little bit of sex late night on television. She's also a huge horror fan and actually her life was shaped by late night television with the schlocky horrors in this crazy skin Amax. She's a perfect treat for a holiday such as Halloween your past. She's been a stripper, and she is currently comedian, a gamer a podcast or. Adult theme shows and a gamer themed podcast called horror makes me happy fits writing. With the holiday. We get to learn some things like where does she feel more vulnerable on stage as a stripper or on stage doing comedy? How does she feel better profession? How does she start as a podcast and who are heard fluence? It may surprise you next show. We'll be back to normal. But I hope you guys enjoy Rebecca love he everybody today. We have a real treat a little bit ago. A really sin episode with Jocelyn stone Jocelyn stone has a show on the adult film star network. And she works for another lady net is Rebecca love today. We have Rebecca love. Hi there. I don't know if she I wouldn't say she works for me. We kinda like work together. She completes me. Okay. So you're cohorts. Yes. That's what we are co hosts and cohorts you guys work on each other show, right cohorts. Whatever you wanna call it. That's what we are. Sounds like a Jocelyn term right there. Yeah. We're partners on a lot of different things. Okay. Now, you have a history that is. More in line. I had to learn things from Jocelyn that she is more in defense while she does porn her primary thing is fed. Whereas you are more I guess on the porn site or the adult films 'cause I'm lazy fetish. Well, it's so intense, and there's mine fucking, and you have to mentally get to know someone and explore those adventures when it's straight to the point when it comes to pornography now on the note, though, I think you're most well known for is finally called skin Amax shows, which as a teenager a mini scene agers through the eighties ninety so late night television, primarily Cinemax and Showtime, and those aren't really full porn. Now. They're not full porn. It's softcore humping. The guy wears a sock, and I wear this patch over my my vagina, and we're just bumping ugliest. Okay. So now, you really have you done more of that than actual porn or do you just do both? I I did both at one point I filled in for some it couldn't show up, and I happen to live close in for since I showed up for that job. It just kind of snowballed into so many more with the skin Amax stuff with directors. They really enjoyed my work ethics and might cheesy acting so I can memorize dialogue. So it helped I was doing both at one point. And then I settled down this is like twelve years ago. I settled down and it was a compromise in our relationship. He could not handle a penis vagina so compromised where I didn't have lose my identity, and I could still be in the industry. I just couldn't do hardcore poured. Okay. Okay. Well, you probably. Got a lot of satisfaction out of it. You seem to really enjoy comedy here. Even doing stand up comedy. Hey, do I like to make people laugh and the skin Amax movies tended to be silly? I know you don't you? Don't take yourself seriously. And that's the best part. It was just so much fun being on those sets. Nobody thought they were this amazing Oscar winning actor. It was a nice community to be in will while. I was thinking about this interview. I was considering there. I'm like could you consider skater tone does spree? Yes. A new tone. Just breaking it in. Let's consider innomax movies to be dinner theater with babies at dinner theater. I don't know if there's much of a plot. It is so bad the movies are so bad, but they're like Colt movies. You know, you watch them because they're so bad. And you watch them to relieve pressure down there. I get it. And I and I'm okay with that. Because I understand what I'm doing. But I had so much fun doing it. And it just. It kept me relevant to there was more exposure with the skin Amax movies than just the hardcore that was on vivid in wicked. Sure. Well, you have a full IMDB page and present some no the skin. Amac stuff is all sag oriented. Correct. God now. No, those movies are that the budget is so low it's almost like having no budget. No, it's not union at all or sag. I think if you're in union, you can't even work for the companies that I worked for because they they go rogue on a lot of them. We should him in three days. And I'm telling you, it's sixteen hour days intense. What's interesting? So to continue on the camp line. You're also a huge fan of horror movies. Hello. Did you see my shirt? It's Friday yet. Okay. Is that your new podcast? The what is it makes me? Happy makes me happy is just an extension of my twitch platform. I have a stream team that I do twitch Tuesdays, and that channels dedicated to horror. So I'll take the audio out of roundtable discussion when my stream team on either sambas or we just started it. So it's it's just my guilty. Pleasure. I I love podcasting. And it's just one of my side things 'cause horror is my hobby. And that's what makes twitched channel is. And then I just took the audio from our discussion there in spliced it into a podcast because not everybody has time to. To watch a video or make them aware of the twitch channel. So they can come and join our community. Olympic sense and also podcast zeal to multitasking things. So they drive into work listening to it or anything else and you love for horror. I think I'm guessing that you love the heyday of horror like a Halloween Friday the thirteenth street the the stuff that I grew up with. Yeah. Keep going. Wet now. I'm actually I love. Spent a all those interestingly, though, the skin IMAX movies could be playing back to back with one of the horror films because yes, some of those movies are scary. Yeah. Clean in the timeslot is it's an interesting juxtaposition. If the if you think about a lot of your life could be watched overnight after ten o'clock pm June. I never thought about that. But you're absolutely right. The only thing left is doing an infomercial. Well, you might have done some of those do reads on your podcast, and yet we have sponsors here. And there while I have shake a, you know, I bought a lot of shit. I bought a lot of shit at three o'clock in the morning like shake way in an Admiral are and a God thinking, yes, this will solve my problem. Oh, it's a dust collector. I yeah. You know, my dying wish though is to be in a hormone me. So I don't care if I'm the Bimbo killed in the first scene. It's just my bucket list challenge. It should be a believe in their I'm guessing you have connection somewhere. I'm guests. If I went out there and and put the word out shore. Oh, I'm doing it. There you go. Speaking of which I think you were doing a movie or are doing a movie Frank in Stein. It's untidy right now because O H B O started at not leasing anymore of the skin Amax and all that. So I have that sitting on the side burner 'cause I don't wanna make something that can't be sold or just, you know distributed. So we're going to put that on the side burner or maybe we'll make animation. I don't know. 'cause animations pretty strong right now like, Rick and Morty family guy. I mean, there's so many American dad speaking of animation. That's voiceover. I talked to Jocelyn on the side. And I wanted till you too. Just a thought ahead. Current hot trend in podcast audio is audio drama. Have you thought about doing audio Roddick as a podcast? I'll I I gotta read pretty right? I'm a horrible reader. I know, but you could gripped it in where to tell a play as true you're talking about like old school back in the day. Where people listen to the radio like watching TV that concept. Yeah. No. That sounds beautiful. But I have read I just read four Magawam gonna get his name wrong. Christopher I wanna say client Christopher Klein, and it was a short horror story. I had to do so many do-overs 'cause I recorded a my end. So he has no idea I was just getting frustrated with five pages of dialogue. And I'm just like oh my God. Can I not I just for some reason my head at once come out one way when I know I need to like say the sentence this way, maybe because you're used to memorizing lines versus reading lines. It was a struggle. A true struggle. Okay. Well, but I like this. I like talking to you right now, I'm the fly. Well, that's cool. And I mean, obviously, if it's not comfortable, it's not going to be a high priority. Now, your path was I think you said that your way Tra or you went from college to waiting to performing do you undiscovered out? Well, I was a waitress my mom owned a diner very longtime ago, and then oh, wages cocktail wages. Sorry. I'm like where the fuck was a waitress. All I could think was I was in. I was an elementary. Yeah. I was cocktail waitress, and then I saw a future one night on stage. Well, I was cocktail wages. I snowballed to the stripper because that makes a lot more money, and then I saw future. And I'm like, how do you do that? And then I, you know, I don't want you see. What do you mean a headliner at a strip club? It's a person that usually does movies or wins a lot of different contests. So they're well known around the around the United States, or now that we have the internet could just be internet based and basically can draw crowd in. So they're the headliner and they come in three or four days like from Thursday to Sunday performing special almost like showgirls style shows with elaborate, costumes, I saw that. And I was like, you know, what I wouldn't mind doing that. So to do that you had to get infamous. So I set up a there's a lull in the middle. There's like a two year low because I had a child, and then I went out to LA, and I booked an interview with playboy and hustler and then Larry Flint took me. And I before I was in Florida. I was in Florida than I. I went to Houston for a little bit. And then I moved out to LA thinking I had to live out there to prove, you know, work in that industry because that's where all the jobs were. And there was great opportunities because I would've never got the skin Amax if I didn't live down the road. And then it just kept steroid stereotypical. It just kept on going down that that progression. And then I eventually featured in that work. You know longer feature cry. No, I I don't it just kind of fizzled out. I don't know something happened to my age it, and it fizzled out, and I was making more money webcam camping and staying home, and it could be with my family. So I kind of shows that over going out on the road, you know, three weeks out of the month than just staying home and being domesticated. We'll make sense one thing that I find Roenick is a feature in stripping them as the reverse of a feature in comedy as in. Yeah, you're right because the features the middle act. Right and a feature. But if each are is a headliner in in strip world, right? So it's kinda reverse because the fee, you're right. I never thought about it never thought about it like that. But it's it's funny. I talked to comedians on my. Yeah, I've had line at a strip club. And that's one question. I actually had for you. And I'm going to jump back your history to but you've done both stand up and you've done stripping personally think they're very similar, and I'm curious as to which one has made you feel truly more vulnerable. And or exposed stand up Dont'a. I it is so much easier. Take your clothes off and feel the music than it is to recite words back to the audience in do the dance because that is a gift and a rhythm in such a structured world that who you have to it's science up there. It's science, and it's truly hard, and you're bearing your soul and your words have to mean, something and you have to cut off that fat just feeling the music and taking off your clothes. My God, you know, that came easy, but bearing your soul up there with words. That hurts. I thought them might be the case I wonder too, if it seems ironic, but you're in more of a place of power stripping. I think so I think so son about movies man, they make people happy. So either way I'm still like making people happy. I'm just trying to keep my clothes on injust made that will make a lot of people happy. At least at home. I'm getting older. Now, you don't wanna see this shit dropped that is a concern to like porn and stripping things. Like that for beautiful women. Do you consider it to be kind of a trap because in many ways it is easy money on? I don't think it's a trap. I think has a short shelf life, but you can take that opportunity in education and be behind the camera and do other things there's other facets off the entertainment industry. So you don't have to be in front of the camera. You just gotta find more skill. So on your road of being pretty or or all that maintenance to make you look a certain way, you need to advance your skills and pick. Everybody's brain get to know the crew get to know the director, see if you can pay for them. So you can learn that job. Just I love learning. I love figure. Things out because I know it's inevitable change. And it's going to happen is this why you enjoy or so tight. I just loved that bitch Mia. She is so amazing like I just wanna marry her. Well, they're just trying to marry she completes me. She's everything. I've never slept with the bitch. But I love her so much. She's we just work because she described doing really describe doing everything said being a PA holding the camera down underneath when women are out to get off. And and offering to work and do things for free on the set being the person to go pick up a performer at the airport because I can drive a car and things like that it. Yeah. I guess. Yeah. Yet. But I just yeah. Dammit, Jocelyn you stole it you still at you were there. I I actually stole it. My bad. But yeah. And I love technology, and technology changes so fast. So I've just learned to evolve I've heard I think you mentioned that you are doing Kim work in the late nineties or something when the buffer rate was twenty five frames per minute. So. Sorry. I forgot we're back casting at him. Like, we're on video at the same time. I was just showing them what it's like in twenty five frames per minute. Excruciating. It was like a foot almost like a flip book, but a fled after it rains money back then it rained money. Now, what what are some of these revenue streams because I find that fascinating. And you seem to be one who's really always looking for the next car to get on. That is so me, I always am. I'm trying to see what the next best thing is and try to get there right before it peaks. So I can enjoy the high when it rains because I was there in the late nineties and early two thousands. When the internet was exploding. I remember age verification. I was charging people a dollar just to make everybody charge dollar to see minute es, and and that just sitting back into an age verification. I was making five grand a month. So I know it was just mad. So we try to find the next best thing and ride that train. I do webcam phone. Yeah. Phone phone sex still around people. Some people are intimidated by the webcam, so and it's convenient because you don't have to be makeup ready do have to have a vivid imagination, but you can take it anywhere. I can't always be acceptable on Cam. What else is there? There's a have to look I have my store my site. I take pictures, I do Snapchat premium only fans, I mean, all these eggs add up to a nice piece of pie at the end of the month. I think fascinating than you are very happy to look for the next thing. And you seem to be genuinely delighted to find the next thing. Like, it's the discovery process. I do it because I get bored fast. And I I don't know if I have ADD, but I'm gonna claim it. All right. I'm just like, squirrel. I just want the next thing. I wish I could just and I have with podcasting where I just focus in on one thing and try to get really good at it. But the problem is something over here is moving, and then I turn my head and onto the next thing. But podcasting has I have stayed focused because they do absolutely love it now comedy on the other hand. I love writing. I love participating online with certain communities. I fucking hey, standing up there on that stage. Hate it I- Drennan or more of a writer than I didn't know as a writer. But yeah, I find it vary. A it's my then I mean, there are stand up performers in their comedic writers, and some of the most brilliant comic minds or in the writers. Why thank you. I wish I could be oh my gosh. I wish I could be in the writer's room and sit around the table. That's where the money is too. But I'm not there yet. I'm not there yet. I might never be there. But I enjoy it. But going up on that stage. It's just such a process. I can do the dance. I can do the whole rhythm and all that choreograph structured, but I dread it a dreaded to a point where I'm just I can't wait to get off sage and when I get off stage IV such an adrenaline rush. And I'm just so ready to go, socialize how about hosting? Do you feel the same way? They're hosting different base. State doesn't bother me because I feel like I'm with the people like I don't have to even though it's still structured, but it's a it's a different beast. It's I'm the ringmaster. Now, I can you know, play with the audience is there any anniversaries birthdays and just go off the fly. But I know it's easier to be a feature washingto- easier. I you'll only have to show up and you do your set, and then you're done and an MC I think is a lot harder because. They have to there's a science to the audience, and if somebody just bombed you gotta bring that audience back to zero or your next performer, or if somebody is really good within you gotta get the other person out on stage. There's a dance to that too. But the seams with your mindset that may be you'd be suited for that. Because there's there's mechanics ally that and you seem to be very very focused on on behind the scenes and the structure you said structure six times in the unstructured blood test. I think every time they say sure people you have to drink. It's a rule now. So I I find that fascinating. Because I think that you are a very mentally into behind the scenes and facilitating the creation of it like you might be a great event creator or coordinator. I believe you even run one with a triplex on karaoke right idea. That one's not as. It's a hot mess, but it has a little structure. See right there. Grabby drinks, grab your drinks. It's a little bit organized. It's super simple. I just have to put the ads out. We have a guest of honor at midnight. We do giveaways, but there's nothing it. It's not a show. It's an adult industry networking, but they're still point eight. I'm trying to avoid that word. I think it's great because we're we're finding things out in to me the best shows are if there's something that we can discover about ourselves or where you at their psychologist. A bartender. No, no. I sample the goods exactly what you're jinking toys. Unfortunately, right now, it's PA's and Leili. It's got that after taste. I can't runner. And I hated them always can stand them. And for some reason one day I had one after a really hard run when I was really peak training, I draw eight pounds in a run. Oh, and I hit the IP in tasted like lemonade on the hottest day you've ever had. And it just this mixed suddenly clicked in my brain. And that was the worst thing that ever could have because beer is very fattening. But I'm a beer drinker myself. So I get it. My favorite is two hundred fifty calories of bottle. Ooh. Yes. The betcha it tastes great. It does at dogs and you'll love the name. That's raging bitch raging beds. Damn that's probably like joslin essence in it. That's why you like it though. There you go. There you go. Oh my goodness. No. Since podcast almost seems to be your I'm going to say anchor. But maybe maybe that's your most stable platform and everything else is kind of launching off of it or somehow tied to it. What what brought you into it. How'd you discover it? I did radio back in two thousand two or three I filled in for somebody believe it or not Cindy Crawford. The porn star. Not be. Yeah. And the thing as she could use that name because it was really her name. So desist letter did not work on porn-star. Cindy crawford. So I started filling in for her at K, sex radio and wanka STS. He ran the show, and I was the co host, and I absolutely loved it. I didn't get paid a lot. But it was something. I really enjoyed. We had a lot. We have lots of fun. There was also video I was probably blurry back in that day 'cause it was the early two thousand and we had a live chat room, and it was very interactive. And it was to our show that I did for about four or five years, and then that business fell apart when they sold it. I I was lost for a couple years because it wasn't around. Didn't. I started using now live. It was a broadcasting software online, China, you're out that and then I think that went away to it that didn't work then Katie Morgan needed a co host, and she was podcasting and Lang podcasting. Okay. So I went in and we did a a weekly show. And when was this was two thousand eleven two thousand twelve. Yeah. And it was. Ving sex Kate, Katie Morgan. So I was like, oh, this podcasting things. Pretty neat. Will then she stopped doing her show. And I was like all right. You know, what I'm just gonna learn about podcasting and see if I could do it, and it was trying to bring it back to the case ex days. And then I realized we'll that's bad. That's prehistoric. That's not gonna work. Once I started learning about podcasting. And then it was all this technology based and I just got in there, and I just ate it up because I loved learning about it. And I loved why this were to NIST it in and how you should have your quit -ment and what to use at that time. It was up in the air about what servers to use like Lipson or pod bean, and and they told you to put it on feed burner just in case. So I was like back in that part. Ohio PR forty four hundred dollar, right? I know your sources. Are you talking about gosh, I started with what was his name? I don't listen to him anymore. But with raisins. Cliff raven cliff ravens craft and then I started listened to Dave on podcast as school podcasting or just interviewed Dave a couple of weeks ago out at tipped everyone. Check out the Dave Jackson interview said there you go. I started listening to him. And they kinda like I knew who day was talking about when he was picking on. Yeah. Cliff? So I was going back and forth, and it was taking nuggets from him and then taking nuggets from class, and and putting it all together. And then I would look online for other things to learn. But I enjoy you've took out at now for than six seven years new ice started at two thousand fourteen or maybe two thousand thirteen so Katie to. Oh, yeah. We Katie my bad. I wasn't thinking about Katie. I thought you meant learning it. I just had to show up, Katie. Yeah. Yes. Six years into podcasting. What would have you? What have you learned? Or what are your thoughts on the podcast industry because I'm starting to really try to drag the out of different podcasters, especially the Dave Jackson's James Cridland who've I've had on what they see as the industry how it is growing your thoughts. It's not going away because you can multitask with the podcast the thing with YouTube in all is you have to watch the video a lot of times when I'm learning programs. The video helps the visual does. But with a podcast, I can be commuting their free. Some people do make money with crowd sourcing like patriot and have sponsors and stuff and people listen to the commercials because it helps us podcasters with our equipment with giving you our time and putting these shows together because it's not just an hour or two. It's it takes a whole. Week to put a really good show together at sometimes I even have titles of future shows for later on that I'm just thinking of but you can listen to them anywhere for free. You don't have to pay. In fact, I haven't listened to my radio. I don't know. And it when my radio got stolen. I just never bought another one. I just listened to my podcast not mine. Personally. I listened to tons of other ones. And I'm not that air again. Anyway, I grasp Jesus sorry. My bad. I my radio got stolen. So I didn't listen to it. My daughter bought me a radio for Christmas. I still don't listen. But the good thing, it's bluetooth. So now, I can hear it throughout the car. And I just don't know how radio stations are going to survive or satellite. True phone that. I can't stand listening to radio in Moore's not only that. I don't it physically annoys me. Oh god. You got another commercial of God, you get another call back. Yes. I know that we've been listening that we're talking to such such guest. I'm in here for twenty minutes. Yeah. We're all with Bubba. Why? Because people are just tuning in all the time with podcast, you know, you don't have to call backs. You don't have to check. It's you don't have to say what time it is or it cetera. The interrupts because most people who listen start at point A and the end point be. He has good thing about podcasts. You can stop to income right back to where he left off the radio, you might miss it. Because you have to do something then you often do or something happens or you're the drive through and they get the order. Register whatever it's going real time. And there's no going back now in podcasts are magical for that if very magical, and I enjoy them say learn a lot from them so early on who are some of your podcast in rape grove, right? Those two of one let me just I still have the ones Rick Roberts school of hold on. Let me just open them up 'cause I'm horrible with titles. We went over this earlier right with names. Let me just open it where the hell is my body gas. Stop there. Rick Roberts school of laughs that trains you in the comedy world, the business and all I listen to hot breath once in awhile, I listen to a lot like stream key, which is learning about twitch because I twitch on Tuesdays. So I just wanna be up to date on that. I love the identity. I know he's going through a struggle right now. He was my roommate Adam on coast movement. Tell Becca listens to him. Sorry about his relationship. Daniels daniels. Really good guy. He inducted Dave Jackson into the hall of fame while we are there. So I watched them do that. Yeah. I I enjoy I actually I enjoyed him over cliff, and Dave, Dave. But I I really enjoyed the data one. It's funny. I would agree with you on that. But I didn't I actually me. It took me like three or four shows to realize I kinda like this guy better. Yeah. He's got a vocal tone. That's different. And it isn't something normally suited to. But then I sorta got used to it. And then I liked the show actually better than the other ones. Well, I like the nuggets that come from it I like the nuggets. So if you give me really good information, I'll keep listening. But you're right. It does have to do with the voice lot of times. And it's nothing against them. It's just it's what you're in tune to and one of my new favorites said Jocelyn stone turned me onto and I can't stop listening to it is gosh, why does structure, of course. No. Cast. Oh my God. You how did you know that you know, Eric? I hard on. Gosh. Not. No. That's why isn't it. Oh, sorry. I'm not trying to play. I'm trying to go to handle on the law, and basically he takes like three minute calls, and he's just you. I listen to some of your show, and I think she was going on about him. So I started saying the most. Abrasive lawyer out there. He's like judge Judy. And I listened to these. But you're learning a lot too. But he has a lot of sarcasm when I know how to read him now where you might think it's true. But it's not, but yeah, I enjoyed him on the plane flight. So that's cool. It's that's one of those that I think that having a distinct voice or method is a way to stand out. It was his method. Yeah. It was definitely as method. And so now you because you look, but your voice your voice is very hypnotic. Very calm. And I feel like I'm meditating right now. Okay. Good at phone sags. Just oh fall asleep to. Attic. It's just it's a trans. Speaking of actually, speaking of anything. It's a subject change quick diversion. In public, and when you're running events, I'm always wondering about certain things like you had mentioned any event that you are doing Jocelyn, and you guys were talking about you had to be really circumspect in how you were describing things, and I could hear your tone actually change while you're saying, I gotta be, you know, while you were thinking, I'm assuming be careful here because they're very real security concerns. Let creeps out there. Oh, like, stockers and stuff you or we're people potentially. Sure. But that could you could be weird people anywhere any job. I don't know. I mean, I've had people that are persistent and they get our. They mix it up between fan, and friend, and I've had that happen. But usually I nip it in the bud. I haven't had anything to scary. I I've heard horror stories from other people. I'm my mouth is pretty abrasive. Not as not like Jocelyn stones. But. I I don't give them that fantasy that we could be dating because I'm pretty blunt that I am in a relationship because I'm afraid if I even though a broke the fantasy for Rebecca love, I have to because if you might think you have a chance, and they don't want you to think that sure, but I like to indulge in the fantasies. I like to play once cool, and it's one of you say that none of brace of Johnson's, don't maybe I'm wired weird. But I find it amusing. I don't think of either of us abrasive at all. You might be pushing playing. I'm sorry. It's like it being abrasive. Take that away straddling. She's gonna take you a ride. She has no filter like I- pussyfoot around it and make sure everything's heart and rainbows and your glitter. And but her she comes in like earth salon in little mermaid and just boom. Now public of I'm curious about one thing. I'm sure that you get recognized in public. Okay. What I'm curious has there ever been a time that you're recognized in public by shall we say a male part of a couple, and you could tell that you recognized in public by the male part but east actively trying to not recognize you. I'm a belived. I'm oblivious to those situations like I I live in a bubble. But there was this one time I was at the bar with my parents. And I I think we just ordered around or whatever. And and this guy that grew up in my hometown comes over and he sits. Did he say, yeah, he sat on my mom's lab like he wasn't all the way on her. But Sarah, do you know, I have seen your daughter naked. And I am just thank God. I told my parents, right. So they already got filled. And and I'm just like, I am so sorry mom, and he was just wasted in drunk. And he he we grew up together. I didn't know him that. Well, but at the same time, I guess my parents knew better than I did, and my parents just blew it off. But yeah that happen or and then at the airport in somebody's came up to me, and they actually taught me on the shoulder. And was like are you Rebecca love like? Yes. Sh- don't tell anyone, you know. Because I know what everybody. Nobody dirtiness my shame. So at that. It's happened a few times the red hair. Oh, there's another one. Now that we're on there. I was gambling at red rock, and I have really bright red hair, especially when it's straight out of the box that day, and we were we were playing blackjack or no not blackjack. I'm sorry. Like matters. We are playing we're gambling three card poker? And this guy comes over any recognize me. I guess the hair kinda bam. And it was during the peak of my career say comes goes, excuse me. Are you back love? Now, the whole table we've been gambling for an hour altogether. Right. I've been a voiding. What do you do for a living? I try to avoid that like the plague it's one of my pet peas when people gum. So what do you do for a living? Oh fuck. Well, literally, yes, I try to avoid that in say everything, but the actress part. So I'm like, yes, why signed his napkin, and then well, I stepped away from the table, and I signed his napkin, then he went away, but I came back to the table, and they were just like are you somebody famous, and I just like maybe infamous famous now and who are young. I do those B movies that you see on lake late night. I didn't wanna tell them. I take Pena's than my vagina haven't done anal yet. But I'm looking into it. I I didn't wanna do that. I I can be uncomfortable comfortable for people. But I could see the husband's looking at me gone. She's talking about exotic stuff she Roddick. Rata? I know it I did notice those looks. Them extents. Yeah. This to me the skin amac. So probably was in a way great to have because you could direct that was the level. I don't think anybody should have to be embarrassed by doing whatever they do people work for living. They just went through that with the Cosby actor, Gregory forgot his name. They saw him at trader Joe's. He was on Cosby show at somebody so much. Trader Joe's the cashier, and there they took pictures of only look at this. He was on the Cosby show. No, he's, you know, bagging groceries at trader Joe's. And fortunately the backlash. So he has a job is that what you're saying? Good him. Exactly. And fortunately, the backlash went against the people who are trying to shame him trolls. Yeah. His work house one form of work better or more honorable than another former work out, there you very noble. To be a cashier after you've had one of those jobs where you can lose sight and think your your special and all that. So I I applaud him for that. I'm never barest about what I do. I'm more. I don't wanna put normies in an uncomfortable situation. Okay. Or let alone defend myself 'cause this mama bear bites. And I tell you like when my aunt found out that I did porn and all that. She's like did your boyfriend make you do it. I'm like, are you kidding me? No, I told him I was going to do it. And he had an option to stay or leave. It was my decision and it's hard. It was hard for my aunt to wrap her brain around that to pimped out was a camp easy with relationships. All the time, though, is it or was it it. It's a struggle. But there's a communication that you have to keep up. It's I'm gonna say on an individual basis every relationships different. So I can't tell somebody. It's gonna work because I don't know their dynamics I was wondering if you faced issues in the past with covert contracts, and by that I mean, you would meet somebody you think, oh, you know, we're talking having a good time or whatever. And in his mind, he's thinking, oh, I paid for drinks for you. For the pests release you're gonna sleep with me because while you do porn anyway, did you ever run into any of those type of situations where you didn't make any kind of contractors? And you're just all I'm doing this. I'm having a good time. But he has ideas and plans for you that you never knew you have well usually fuck on the first day anyway, so my bad, but I think it's harder to sleep with the porn star has a big fat. Check at the end of it to drinks are not gonna work now. Fire Gucci purrs. I'm gonna say you're getting. Laid. Yeah. Porn stars. Don't think that way. In fact, their job is to have sex. That's probably the last thing they're thinking about unless they're nymphomaniac. And then more power to help you survive and get the shirt from what I've read and seen and Mitch and Johnson to to me, the I would never want to be on a porn set. Yes. Boring excruciating thing in the world to see how the sausage don't wanna now. I mean definite appointed it. Well, we make the sausage. It's so boring to lose its glamour the sparkle because it is very clinical. When you're on that set, it's a business and its ran as such. I'm sure that your spend half your time cramp in a weird position. Because the cameras got to be one way or another and for the guy. I could I could never imagine them. He to route. But how in the hell would you keep it up through? I hell all the. Some girls didn't help in between cuts and stuff you are on your own. And you just jerk it off over in the corner. But I would stay there and be like all right? What do you like because we're going to keep this shit go? And because as soon as they get those cameras readjusted, and we're onto f p two which is fuck position to. I. Because think about it. You don't want to be there all day. So let's get that seen go. And and I don't wanna break bake break the chemistry because I'm enjoying myself. I want it to go work day. Plus the recommend you for other jobs. It's a great calling card. Oh, okay. To call back Jocelyn. I know that she works at that too. Because they're like each other spirit animal, right? We are. I told you I think by a certain age if we're both not married. I think we're just gonna go to the chapel it could be drive through. I don't care on the coach may have you both on says like shoot, and I spoil this or not. But just to be careful or get it out there. How did you guys meet their mutual friend kid dynamite? Kid dynamite. Kept on trying to introduce us. She was his porn mom. So he would go to her whenever you had problems and she'd help amounts situation. And now, we're just a tight unit family. She he kept on trying to get us together. We whenever we just never then I needed a guest. I didn't have a co host for this one place. There was there was another place that I was right after the podcast thing of Katie. There was this two month spurts at this other place that was looking for a radio host. So I need a code. They want me to run my own show. So I need a co host she actually filled in 'cause my guest didn't show up. And then you know, how it just hits you that? This is my missing piece because she would have so much information in different perspective said agreeing with me, she would go. Oh, no think of it this way. And it was it was it was not a no. But but it was still a yes. And built off of it. But she educated may push. She's a dominatrix here. We got don't film starring dominatrix, and I'm not thinking at that level. So we answer a lot of each other's questions that we. Think the listener would be asking it was beautiful dynamic. I I found her and not gonna let that one go. Well, that's cool. I think with a two of us, but you know, it's like a one plus one equals three. Yeah. All right. I'll take it. Put that one in my pocket. So that's what happened in them. When I started doing the podcast, I was going to put her on a separate show. So we could have more shows on adult film star network. And again, co host don't show up. We started working together. I'm like fuck it. I'll be your co host. And you'd be might mine Cassuto such a neat situation before start wrapping things up worse adult film, star network going. What's coming up? I well, that's where we put Egede Kate educational educational. Adult industry sexuality podcast like she teaches about fetish. I teach about the adult industry. We have another one porn coffee on that network that teaches. Interviews is more interview based about company owners and they pick their brains. So it's a very education educational place to go. If you're trying to learn about the industry or the community awesome. So that's the business end outbreak in then how to get things in. You're seeing how to live the lifestyle or how to deal situations as they come up. Yep. That's exactly at. That's what we do. And it's just fun. There's a lot of comedy involved. It just happens naturally naturally. But their structure, and you'll get a lot of nuggets out of it. Structure. Drank everybody drank and what's coming up next. Rebecca love. Only God agai Jocelyn. I are gonna put together a comedy show here in Las Vegas. But that's all I can tell you right now or have to kill you. 'cause we are just laying out the format noise. I'm very excited about that. Because I do like producing local them that gives everybody a reason to start following you, and where can they find? If they're not falling me by now. Shame on, you know, I'm just kidding. Who the fuck is that bitch? Rebekka love everywhere. Everywhere. We you could find me I'm on the first page, Google, just look up Rebecca love you. Can't miss me. Okay. What's your favorite platform on the Twitter Facebook? What did you say the Twitter? Did you say that? I'm not old I'm old view. But. I'm sure we're in the same age back it we're in there. The my favorite platform. Probably Twitter Twitter everybody at least vol her on Twitter, and you will be Rebecca left triple Exxon Twitter, and you'll be educated edge gate, this white trash horror will educate you. Yeah. Thanks so much for coming on. Thank you for let me listening to your voice. Eric. No, tonight's adventure into the unknown. Shut. And since. It's SARS and frenzy from the SARS proof podcast. If you're familiar the podcast has a guest every episode treat people like actors comedians, author viable exports authors, martial arts experts, basically, a whole gamut of bad as people. Yes. You could check out all episodes on all the podcast, but arms IT's spreaker, Fisher, Google play music. Iheart radio. Yeah. Chickasaw on all this media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all the things so at such a free. Yep. Check it out early. Hope you joy it by later fuckers.

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