Hour 1: Football on a....Wednesday?


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And are you ready for wednesday afternoon. Footfall we'll get into added a second wednesday afternoon. Football is twenty twenty so anytime anything comes off the lips. it can't be to unexpected at this point. Thankfully twenty twenty coming to an end soon. I reading football all times wednesday afternoon. Yes we'll see. Who's there they had to see after toggle. Back between that and ellen right ready to go. Keyshawn jalen zubin presented by progressive insurance. We'll get into wednesday afternoon football in just a second. But i want to get into keys. Wednesday morning commute right now. It is thirty seven degrees outside in new york city where we are so what. You're about to hear key going to be a good teammate. And say if it was five degrees lower it would technically be freezing but it is. It is thirty seven degrees and tell them what to kelly. Kid did s mortar. Temperature has gone up since i walked into the studio about five about four forty walking in from where we park it in coming across the street. And as i'm walking that bridge seem like he got longer and longer and longer to get to the front door man. It was called as hell outside. I don't that's not for me. i get it. i'm here. i got accepted but it was. It was so cold man. I just was like i wouldn't wish it no one just for people at home. It's a mild winter this year. And you chronicle this little journey here right across. I'm just saying and born and raised in jersey. This smile to you. It hasn't even gotten started to get cold a day or two ago and you could give it a month before we you know so. You just wanted your journey. I wanted to document just in case. I did not show up always wonder where i was at and i was stuck against poll. Something trying to get warm see. I'm walking into work this morning. Y'all think this is a damn joke. Our studio is right off this water walking in this morning at four thirty eight. You know my dad's face go follow. I know i'm a california boy. I know y'all can say whatever you wanna say about me but this is cold. I'm telling you. I wish this whole nobody infra make it to the studio might see me on the show today. Otherwise y'all might have just made talk now. Oh man this. Is this thing this this. I wish nobody i swear in cold honestly for the kid bre good kellie kellie kellie. How need this assertion. It's cold levy. Said if i make a seven steps away from the studio this cold the win on top of come on man i was coming in. Now it comes. It comes off that water different. You're right about not used to it. Even though i played here. I've worked on the east coast for longtime he connecticut. I'm not used to just not for me. You want the good news and the bad news. I always like to have the bad news. I in in with the good. The bad news is winter. Starts december twenty first. So you think it's okay. Winter starts for the good news is jay said. It's been a mild winter. That's the best. I could come up with. That's all right. It's all good. I'm figured out you where you get cold. Because we'd be we'd be here in the studio and i'd be wearing jackets stanford wearing a shirt studio. I'm not doing a show outside though. This is not thirty six degrees in the studio. It's not thirty six hot cup of joe and walk with it. The whole the hands it keeps it keeps the rest of the body here my hands in there. But it's still cold face. Mecca moment when a channel. My inner al. Roker here until you. It's thirty seven degrees but with the wind chill. It feels like twenty there. You go so you could be a weather. I i could see you doing that. That's all that's all weather is stand there but i'm gonna be alright though i'm good i'm gonna be just was was just a little coal to me. Indeed with all due respect to the weatherman only job in the world where you can be percent right and they think you're the greatest thing of all time anybody else's sixty percent right in their job. They're getting fired from their jobs. There's about a one hundred percent chance we think we think that we're going to get the steelers and the ravens today. From thanksgiving to sunday maybe being played yesterday to being played today at three forty eastern. You can see the game on. Nbc guys the last time. We had a wednesday game in the nfl. You have to go all the way back all the way back to two thousand and twelve believe it or not believe it or not in two thousand twelve. Yes when they give you this scenario before we get into ide things. This is another bad spot for pittsburgh through none of their own doing but they're just once again the victim of circumstance. But let me take you back to two thousand twelve and twenty twelve twenty eleven after the regular season giants won the super bowl jays giants when the super bowl. So as you know when you win the super bowl you traditionally get that thursday night opener at home for the most part you get to host it. Well that ear. The nfl said let's maximize the giants jays. Giants have won the super bowl. We're going to open the season thursday night. The giants are going to host the cowboys. A miracle be watching. Tony romo was dallas quarterback and then the nfl said. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. There's something else happening on that thursday. We want to play the game in two thousand twelve. Barack obama give a huge speech at the democratic national convention as he was running for president one more time the election and then the nfl said yeah. You know what we don't exactly want to do it on that particular date so they said we're going to move the game back to wednesday if you're wondering the last game before two twelve the wednesday now you have to go back into the way back machine. Nineteen forty eight. I'm sure we all remember that. Nineteen forty eight o'clock got a great day plan today. Got the eggnog ready. The spice eggnog. United with eggnog. I'll have some. Yeah because we have the game at three four five and the christmas tree lighting. After that. i mean it's set setup for good day just trying to figure out you know three thirty kickoff. What do i do 'cause. I'm stuck in between lunch and dinner. Like what do i did. Snack snacks turn into mess. Up your dinner snacking because at a mess dinner. You know what i'm saying. Yeah so. I got to kind of figure out what i'm gonna do. We'll find speaking messed up. Jays essentially said. Look everybody's talking about baltimore everybody's talking about all the tests again. They traveled to pittsburgh to more positive tests. The ravens are obviously going to be tested before jays game. Pretty obvious it. Can you just say that again to more positive. Tests found out yesterday on the road to pittsburgh in the tested again. Okay before kickoff. today. I don't say that lightly but i mean i know their checks. It's they wire. Why are we trying to force his game one. Why do you think about well. I don't think we need to force game if they're still an outbreak that's not contained. Just sort of sick of seeing a team get demolished and my thing is i just hate that. This is the position that the steelers running again again. Position with titans Then this game has been pushed back One day been pushed back another day. Push back another day. It just seems like we're really trying to squeeze in a square into a circle or it doesn't work why we're trying to force it especially it seems like it's a setup where two steelers right. I'm just playing devil's advocate here. So you do say you do play the game today and then you turn around and you have to play the redskins on sunday. I know this is typical monday monday. Okay typical thursday. Sunday kind of turnaround. I just. I don't know why we're going to this length to play the game winner two more tests. That just came up. Yesterday are positive for a team that we were just talking about. hey how we contain. This is important. I think that the one league everybody keeps talking about money. They get the money regardless. They're going to get the money because they're gonna find a way to play the game whether the game is played today or whether it's not they're going to figure out so the money aside right it's that they're not going to four fit to cash flow. They wanna play the game so they don't have to have a week eighteen. They don't wanna have to get into the week eighteen situation. That's why they're trying to play the game now. I believe it to you is are calling you to covert expert win two more players test positive in now you are on the road you land they test before the game again today. Is there a still in a period of time that it could be dormant with the rest of the team even know they've already even though they've tested him severely over the last several days. Jay i mean that's what i mean. I don't know where they on the plane and then they found out that they were tested for positive. Zubin i don't know the exact detail they are so evan told me my here. They found out on the plane. They tested positive. So let's assume people were travelling. You are traveling here. We're with our whole team. You and i found out on the plane while we're on the plane with their team. Mate were positive. How do you. How do you quarantine somebody when you're on the plane so you do that. The view of the fact that this to people that are on the plane and test positive. I'm assuming us kind of how they found out that i would say that is highly likely. There's going to be more bodies that test positive. That's on that plane in a small confined space on our plus travel. Indeed so what they're gonna do essentially no matter. What is they're going to test before the game they'll be point of care. Tests will wait to see what the results are. But as for the moment the game is scheduled to be played today at three forty eastern remember. This is essentially from thursday to sunday to tuesday today. So we'll see what they played a game. They play the game and then the test all of a sudden. Would we keep thinking sunday wednesday then on friday. They find out that some more bought were raven. Players have tested positive actually played in the game. Then that's gonna affect the pittsburgh steelers xactly contact tracing scenario. This is certainly not like the world series where justin turner found out during the middle of the game and then they had to have a complete backups. Nigger out what happened. it's a completely different scenario. We won't we'll see what happens but you can get ancient history bad news at any time. We should also mention the to positive tests were deemed no risk to others. Because according to our dan graziano the ravens quote operated the last few days acting as though everyone is positive so that's the way they essentially took it essentially say worst case scenario. Let's just assume we're all positive and let's just have that mindset. How does i don't understand how that mitigates the risk on the planet but it makes everybody be more careful than they normally would have been right. I think there's an aspect of that. I mean i don't i don't understand it. I don't get it but let's just be honest. Come hell or high water. The league is playing this game. That's the bottom line like today. We have day than the league. Okay playing this game today or another day to complete it. No doubt there's no doubt that's why they haven't said a standard because they're afraid one might have to meet it problem got. The steelers are asked for their money. Back from the ravens. Good anyway jay. Go all right. We'll see on the way the college football playoff rankings out from last night absolutely no change in the top seven but chaos is just around the corner. Even though fans can attend this year's masters the tournament is using the flexibility of the hybrid cloud to scale their capabilities now. Everyone can be a patron learn more at ibm dot com slash masters. The college football season is rolling along. And so is the latest season of your favorite. Dr pepper obsessed college football town. That's right we're talking about fans ville so brace yourself for all the on the field football drama and off the field dr pepper flavor. Your eyes and taste buds can handle. Because even though you can't be at the stadium you can still dress. Cheer and drink dr pepper like a true fan head to a store near you to treat your inner college football fan to an ice cold. Twenty ounce dr pepper today hall of famer. The great ed reed is joining us. Incidence data from duke right. Yeah i commend you. Big time on the word encouragement bar. A lot of people wanted to continue on with been dormant. That is great ed. Of course he played at miami and they actually do figure into what's going on with the title game picture. Half of the reservation has been made for charlotte. That's notre dame welcome back inside keyshawn jalen zuber presented by progressive insurance. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless let me run straight through the acc scenario and then we'll get to the more juicy scenario with jay and the ohio state university. So let's run through. What's going on here. Notre dame is clinton spot in the acc championship game. If you're unaware this year if you're just kind of a casual fan just sorta like wait. A minute notre dame this year because of the pandemic. They were invited to essentially say you can participate in the acc championship game. Normally they play five or six games a year but they're not eligible for the conference championship game. This year they are. They have two games left on their schedule. Or they did they had syracuse and wake forest in order to wake forest game. Essentially has been taken off the schedule. It's been canceled. They have syracuse left this weekend but it doesn't really matter because they've got the goose egg they're perfect. They can afford a loss there already. Not that they're gonna lose too dino bieber's and the orange so that's the deal they are in clemson is gonna get in if all they have to do is knock off their one remaining opponent on saturday. Virginia tech their game against florida state. You might remember that tag between mike norville and davos sweeney. You're scared. It's an excuse of corona virus. The league essentially said fellas cut the chat. We're not playing the game. So clemson is one game. Left against virginia tech. They win that game. And then it's going to be clemson and notre dame on december nineteenth in charlotte a rematch of the instant classic earlier. This season i bring up our boy. Ed reed some love for j. If it's impossible. I think but if clemson were to lose miami could actually still sneak into the acc title game so it's not just sealed yet for the tigers but it probably will be by the end of saturday where it gets really interesting of course is ohio state. We've been talking about it. You know about it the six games. Can they get their. What's going to happen if they don't get there. It was address last night on the college. Football playoff rankings. Show second edition. Gary barreda is the selection committee chairman. He's also the athletic director at iowa. Wanted to point that out since we're talking about a fellow big ten school and he discussed how difficult it is to really size up. Ohio state if the games just aren't there well as everybody knows. We did not have an additional game to evaluate this week. So the last game we watched was a good win over. Indiana a lot of discussion about the number of games that a team plays. And it's not anybody's fault but trying to evaluate a team that has four games in versus team. That has seventy eight or nine games in is is definitely a problem and jj salute guys. This is the problem. They're going to have to address figure out. Well i said this at the beginning of this whole conversation j. When at the beginning of the season how can you possibly put a team in with less. Wins than a team you know. Let's games play than somebody else. If i play nine games and you play four or five or even six. I still kind of have a bit of an issue with that. Because i'm only seeing a certain sample size at four. And oh you get five zero. And then all of a sudden alabama notre dame both the plan eight nine games. Clemson's planning eight nine and florida's and am's are playing eight nine games and you're only playing five and i'm supposed to just let you in. Well here's what i get really concerned for buckeye fans because i am a buckeye fan. Is that so. The game vs illinois was canceled ryan. Day has covet. They're working through that. The head coach for the ohio state. You play michigan state. Next michigan is going through. They shut down their facilities. That's your next game. That's two weeks from now but who knows if that can escalate where that will be if that game gets cancelled. You're looking at a house. Stayed at five games. Five and zero david to get their. Here's where it's concerning. Is that the committee. In the first week that they came out the rankings zubin had how stay behind clemson at one loss. So there's already a precedent set like all right. You know one loss team even know. Dj you threw for three hundred. Fifty plus yards in game came down to the wire. You know they lost an nuredaim comes ahead of house state so then you look at scenario. What happens if florida. Who still has their own destiny in their own hands by the way if they knock off alabama an sec championship game. The year looking at scenario where or how state could be on the outside looking in. Because you have notre dame clemson bama m florida in the college football playoffs the ohio state ranking when they first came out. I'm sure that the committee look at where they would end up. Not where they would be right today because they didn't anticipate that there would be gained being canceled or postponed. They didn't think about three or four weeks later. What would happen if michigan happens michigan. I'm sure they didn't look at that. And say okay. They're not going to get to the six game. They can just gotta have four or five games. So i'm not really. That is headed of them with one. Loss cooks is probably a better football team. Ohio state with trevor lawrence a quarterback. But that is still subjective. That's your opinion right. I mean that's what they're going. I know exactly my point though. Everybody on their opinions and being subjective at what they're looking at so then you're looking at games like okay. They beat pittsburgh by penn state by thirteen. They i you. They were dominated game. I came back even pinnock now is out which states a bad football team this year. I understood they look at it. Yes i'm just saying house take upon themselves an outside looking in even though they would be undefeated for the really undefeated though. Jd only play five four or five games against give me the schedule again and they beat nebraska penn state beat rutgers. Game against maryland was canceled. They beat a top ten team. Gaming illinois was canceled michigan state. They play next in michigan. But so you're gonna fault them for you. Always only two teams are punishable. But i'm not. I'm not the committee in the committee is looking at strength opponents. Although sorties you look at nebraska your your opponents are only in your conference so it's not there's not a conference game so to what extent that you have this kind of say all right into your opponents can't really value that the same because if you're can't do that the same right i mean i guess you can though because if you looking at they struggled they struggled initially against nebraska then. They blew him away. Then you look at indiana which is having a cinderella type season. They're playing great. They let them come back into the game. Penn state's a bit of a dog right now so everybody signed enough. Pm state to take laps around him. And then who else did you say. That was there that they play. They play michigan state in michigan state. I mean i don't know that they're strong. I know that they they beat michigan or whatever and they had a miracle victory and people were like. Yeah but then that was it. We'll get into that a lot more later this morning on the way. What do you think the front office is are thinking right now between baltimore and pittsburgh. They've had a lot to manage a guy that's been there for sure takes us inside what's going on. At the top of both organizations everyone like shopping online but searching for coupon codes is kind of a bummer. 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The xc ninety for everyone's safety visit volvo cars dot com slash. Us to learn more. That of course is ben roethlisberger. Who said as its year. Seventeen coming off a rough one clearly cathartic off season that i'm here to win multiple lombardi's he of course already has multiple lombardi's will get to the front office insider. Mike tannenbaum here in just a second. Because if you're eric decosta and running the ravens right now. As i wonder what you're thinking if you're kevin colbert and you're welcoming the ravens into your stadium. The general manager of the pittsburgh steelers with all their positive tests. It's going to be really interesting to see what happens. So it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Let's go straight to the shell pennzoil performance line and welcome in by tanenbaum the former front office. Gm mike. I was just saying if you're eric. Decosta the ravens. Gm you've been dealing with this stress for the better part of a week. If you're kevin colbert with the steelers and you're welcoming team with an outbreak into your city into your stadium you've been there done that at the highest levels of an organization just take me inside the mindset of these two men this morning as we set for kickoff this afternoon. The emotions are relief and excitement. Let's go play the game. This is a massively important game for both teams guys. If you're pittsburgh look you want that once. We got to remember that. Only one team gets a bye and they're suing their neck and neck with kansas city. As even though they're undefeated they know they have no margin. So this a really important game and from a competitor's standpoint you know that you've been seeing around seeing around so if you're the gm you're worried that they could get it up in terms of gain day being ready to go and if you're baltimore there's one player in particular i think there's a compelling storyline and that's rg three national game undefeated team against pittsburgh you're short handed. If he plays well he can make millions and millions of dollars in change really the trajectory of his career by saying hey i could be a starter again. So there's great storylines. And if i'm eric decosta. I wanna see what i have in. rg three. This is a great opportunity for him. Mike should the league move follow with this game knowing that those two individuals tested positive out of the ravens organization. Should they postpone this to another time. You know i would really defer to the scientists and the experts like. We have to give the nfl some credit here. We're two thirds of the way through the season we've had a great product determines of games on the field and look there have been some bumps in the road and there'll be some more. We're seeing right now mirror society. Their tests are positive across the board. So if it's safe if the scientists are saying that within reason it's okay play then we should keep playing and again. Dr sills the expert for the nfl still has data. That says that you can't transmit the virus on the field of play. Which i think is important so maybe we go into the bubble as we get closer but right now we should look back and say hey given the circumstances this has been a really good. Nfl season hasn't been a former general manager. Mike you certainly have faced some decisions that you've had make whether it's trading players moving on from players. The eagles are facing some similar with carson. Wentz versus jalen hurts. The noise is getting louder as the season is going on. Have they handled this situation right. You know it's getting close to saying no because at the end of the as you know p- the best player should play and been in a situation where one year we traded for rick mirer parcells bench him and play rail lucas and undrafted free out of rutgers. He gives us a better chance to win. And when you're the head coach the standard is the best players play that goes to the left tackle l. schools for the quarterback right now is clear carson. Wentz lacks confidence. He cannot pull the trigger consistently jalen hurts. We don't know the only great we could give. Jalen hurts is a great incomplete. But we know that he's young. He's athletic. he's competitive. So i think that window is closed. And if i'm doug peterson i got a look at this objectively and say who gives us the best chance to win mike. The best chance to win is the line. I think that is gentleman hurts. The one thing that key keeps pushing down on me is you have to follow the money. You have to follow the money and if you were to do that the money would deem that jalen hurts. Probably never sees the field. Because you're gonna stick you're going to stick it through with carson wentz. Yeah j. well at some point you have to move on and say the best players play and you'll look. I made a fair share. Might mistakes by career and out the money in the offseason. And what's hot about Carson wentz is. He's played well in the nfl and oftentimes. When you see a player that just workout a top five pick. They lack confidence. They haven't had success. He's had success. So it's really howie roseman. The gm the eagles. This is a tough one. Because you've seen him play well but again one thing that people don't understand as general manager as a head coach. Your audience is your locker room and they hold you accountable f. They know that there's a better player at practice not playing. That's just going to cause a lot of frustration and tension and that's why eventually put the contracts aside and say. Hey what gives us the best chance to win the nfc east philadelphia is still alive. No they they are still alive. Keyshawn jay zuber's presented by progressive insurance. Mike tannenbaum on the shell pennzoil performance. Line is joining us. Let me ask you again about carson wentz carson joerg golf could you see either or both at some point throughout the see the rest of the season having to take a seat. Absolutely sean mcvay. You know he's a half step behind. Doug peterson because they were swept again by san francisco. Which is if. I'm sean mcveigh. Do i have to ask myself the question. Do i have the quarterback that could get us to where we wanna go consistently and beat san francisco and right now the question. The answer is maybe not. And even though you pay jared goff he may not be your long term answer. And i watched jared goff when the pocket is clinging. He has a leap accuracy. Touch on the ball arm strength you could drive the ball when he gets messy in the pocket. People are this feat. I think he makes poor decisions. We saw against miami. We start this week against san francisco. And i would have real concerns because a lot of times. Nfl you have to make throws that are off platform or again when the pocket isn't clean and that's something that he has not gotten better at mike. Let's go from one quarterback in nfc west to another in the western arizona. Cardinals calamari have teams cracked. The code on him have have they figured out cliff kingsbury in the wake. How murray are going to do this. J will i have three concerns when you break down lowry first of all. He has eleven battle pass he short. There's nothing they can do about that. Except they keep the pocket firm to give them the best chance of the ball out. Secondly he's only twenty in the league in yards per pass attempt which is a key indicator that he's not getting the ball down the field and giving the weapons they have. That's something that him and cliff. Kingsbury ken correct and then third down. They have really struggled on on third down right now. Kyle murray's only complete fifty seven percent of his passes on third down so those are three areas that he needs to get better. He has all the ability in the world. I was wrong on him. I thought he was going to be too small. He's really dynamic. And if you go back to the game last week he didn't play great against them but if they hit the forty six yard field goal. That came at a minimum is in overtime. Likely they'd beat new england. My what's the best current job opening in the nfl. Lions of falcons or to text. And so you got three openings as sit there. What's the best one for one of these candidates out there. Yeah we saw the quarterback and you look at houston. And i think the shawn watson right now if you just look at how they're playing right now key to me. He's top five. Maybe top three in the league. So you have a young quarterback. He's under contract. It all goes from there. You have a young owner that inherited the team. He's someone that. Hopefully you can work with. And bill with slow because of the shawn watson i would start with the houston texans so that seems to be the reasonable choice in by the way i just wanted to mention on the tyler. Murray point The teams are blitzing him a lot more now a lot more. There's a great piece on. Espn plus this morning. Talking about if indeed. The code has been cracked as j has said mike. Thank you so much for joining us. This morning. mike great to be with. You made a mistake right or sitting in his chair. But we won't mention that what are you talking. 'cause my share gotcha involving yourself for all right. Thank you mike. Straight talk wireless no contracts. No you. I saw your face. Zubin was paying attention to something else that might say. I made my fair share of mistakes raises hands right here. So we're asking you this morning on the dr pepper twitter feed you heard. Mike's answer clearly. Seems to be the houston texans and i would tend to agree considering. They have the best situation at the most important position on the field. But simply asking you this morning. What's the best potential head coach opening in the league right. Now be part of the keyshawn. Jay williams zubin nation on the dr pepper twitter feed espn nation presented by dr pepper. It's official college. Football's back so your favor. Dr pepper loving college football town fans ville had to a store near you to treat your enter college football fan to an ice cold. Twenty ounce dr pepper. Today's hit us up. Eighty eight say. Espn or key ay z. Best potential opening right now. I think it's very fair to say. If you look at the standings at least a couple of more are on the way sooner rather than later let's go from a to z and z. Is to you by red box. Red boxes new movies at the box and streaming on demand. Don't miss unhinged starring russell crowe visit red box dot com for all the ways to watch. We've mentioned all of those teams that need a head coach. One of them at this point is the lions from the full time capacity. Daryl devil is now the interim coach of detroit after matt. Patricia was dismissed. He met with the media on tuesday to talk about the promotion and then instead of talking about his personal excuse me instead of talking about his professional life you talked about his personal life and he let the cat out of the bag. Listen to this on saturday family. Oh my wife three dollars and then my way to against future son-in-law's now both while talking to this past weekend but we are at the henry ford museum and rounding the time there and then your text in up call and talk and rod and she loved. This happens on the same weekend that two men asked you for your daughter sand marriages at our understanding correctly. The same thing though so the two. The two guys asked me for my permission to have an officially. Ask them yet. So that's that's that was insist. Permission muslim woman has coming but just to be clear. Imagine his daughter. wait wait what what. Why are you saying that well. Hopefully except when the time comes in league. That's all i can say. Hopefully they accept. I need him to be this this head coach all the time. Tell us everything that's going on. No more coaches talk key. June would help. Do you know what this reminds me of real quick. I assure you guys remember this. So we'll boise. State had a couple of unbelievable wins in college football over the years and after they had one of the most dramatic bowl wins of all and they beat oklahoma statue of liberty. And all that crazy stuff so after the game. They're running back. He was a stud at the time. His name was ian john so the game is on fox and our old colleague. Here the spn and chris myers he let the cat out of the bag. So apparently johnson had told myers. Look we win this game. And i ball out. I'm gonna ask my girlfriend. Who's a cheerleader on the team. I'm going to ask her to marry me right on the field. So what does the myers do all right. They've done it. Ian johnson and unbelievable game. He's ready for the proposal. And meyers goes i mean. Are you going to ask her here. What are we gotta go. Ask her here. What oh oh oh yeah right right and then it gets down on one knee. She said yes. But that's the first thing i thought. Of course of the game. He probably was thinking niangadou. Man we pause option obsolete. Down the pause button here. The chris myers three on the gong to delete what you may do. What we talking about talking about chris. Don't you remember before the game. You said you were gonna marry okay. That's a great moment for ian johnson. They won the game. She said yes. I'll good stuff okay. Not great stuff here for jay. But jay z realist here. Michigan state overdue duke. An empty cameron indoor last night is getting first regular season win against coach k. He's got three wins in his career against mike. The previous two came in the tournament so when it matters the most is those been good against coach k. Not an easy thing to do but he got one over on him last night. In durham in the other game. Kansas over kentucky tommaso saying i don't care if this is regular season postseason packed to the gills. This is a win and this is legit once the game starts get caught up in the game. And you kinda don't realize the crowd now at the end when they were coming bad banking in threes and stuff. I'm sure the crazies committed even crazier. But i think the is on can make a crazy at our place to so or losing out. Some you know I know one thing. I'm not going to put this as an actress. No fans are not fans you know. It was a good win for us against the good team. Great program in a very very well coached. I've watched duke lose before though jay at home fan. So why is it like question because michigan state beat duke at home. No i think it's easy to go to a place where well there. There are. No fans and duke has a major advantage when they play with the cameron crazies. But you can say the same about the breslin center. I i agree with tom. Izzo look they have a better team. They have a team with more experience. Rocky watts at twenty points. Aaron emory play. Well joshua lankford is one of the best stories in college basketball and duke right now. They've a team full of role players. they're veterans or role players. Their best players are freshman in jalen. Johnson is one of their best players and they played young last night. Michigan state kudos to them. In a way they won broke my heart though watching my team lose l. Totally understand last couple things on college basketball before we go back to the nfl. And some very eyebrow raising comments from greg mcelroy. couple things. How rare is it for duke to lose to a non conference appointed at home. That's what happened last night. A big ten team. Caitlyn cameron door. Jason rarely habits in the last twenty years key. I mean gino's in the last twenty years i'm not doubting members messy which you know be twenty. How many non conference teams. Outside of the acc have come into cameron indoor and won a game in the last twenty years three. Yes yeah that is correct. Kansas now kansas. Kansas can't saint. Johns saint. John's two thousand house twenty years ago to saint john's e. Last second shot stephen f. austin yes yeah at the buzzer and one of the greatest who was last i chose i figured it was last year. Yes i've watched. Because caches cassius family. I watched game winning the crazy thing about it through only three young. Johnny i talk. I can't camden crazies. The boozer crazy. Praise three yards cam. Whatever and the last thing. I would say it. I know gino's is two huge huge college basketball slate tonight on. Espn we've got illinois and baylor to final four dreaming teams and then gonzaga. Who's just look off the hook this year. They'll take on west virginia every year gonzaga always every season j. You cover college basketball. It's like their ball in their twenty. Something one getting ready to do with the tournament. Then they go home. I mean they say about villanova until villanova one. So but we've been saying this for ever about gonzaga villanova one. Yeah but villanova's also one in the past villanova's been on the scene since we were born. Yeah mean they're they're not a mid major. I mean they play the power five. I mean it feels like they belong there. I do think it's a matter of time. Before mark vaughn company get a championship also texas north carolina. Play very big maui. Which is being played in north carolina. How about that. The maui and more with hair. Either i saw you gotta sure to me break. Yeah he's got a little hair now. That game by the way. Is the maui invitational in asheville north carolina. Welcome to twenty twenty and we'll say gonzaga point twenty seven national championship. They played north carolina seconds to go a buck. Forty one hundred seconds to go. The game was tied. that's how close to the national. They need to get over there and small schools like that have done it before. Just being out on the west coast. If being a part of that it's just like every year 'cause arguing because then no gonzaga. It's just wondering they are small school but they are powerhouse in basketball. All the fan support. Everything keyshawn jay even brought to you by merrill when questions find you merrill edge self directed investing as personalized tools and insights to help you find answers get started at merrill edge dot com slash within reach merrill lynch pierce fenner and smith incorporated a registered broker dealer member. Sipc fellas. I want you to hear this from greg mcelroy. Espn football analysts. Essentially saying if you're going to keep trying to play these games when guys are dropping like flies in ending up on the covid nineteen reserve list. It doesn't do much. For the vaunted shield of the nfl if the ravens are gonna be at less than full capacity to the point in which they can't execute we are doing damage to the shield right like us as players and us that are associated with the nfl. We're proud of the shield. We're proud of that moniker. You gotta protect the shield. You're told that in every single. Nfl a meeting and what we saw from denver their inability to put together any semblance of offensive football literally impacts the integrity of the brand that affects us as viewers because you are damaging literally damaging the quality of the broadcast. I just a little bit key. Let it out no. I just don't wanna hear damaging of the shield. In three months ago. It was okay to play college football. Because of and don't worry i it you go. It's like stay on one lane man. Stop the wind from going back and forward. Either we go play in. We get it done and we go into season. Oh we not gonna play in. Let's just forget it. Look to two thousand twenty one. I'm tired of hearing all these different people. Change their mind about where we should be in terms of plant. That wasn't the case before. Thanks for listening to keyshawn. J. zubin make sure to subscribe rate and review. You can hear the show live weekdays at six eastern on. Espn radio espn news. Or wherever you stream your audio.

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