337: The NOs of Dating


Here's the big thing with the bones though the more thing about it it's less the front end. It's you gotTa poop those things out and that my friend is not going to be nice situation. That's not going to be good now. What if we're making? Can you suddenly got a boat. That's GonNa come out that the the worst. Hello Three thirty seven the podcast hosts knocks McCoy. I'm your host Jamie Golden. The podcast is a show dedicated to delightful ABC. And we're committed admits. Can you other things entertained. Do not matter to find out more about these romantic. I suits check us out and OXEN DOT COM. You can also find us on instagram and facebook at the podcast. 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Where floor cleaning products are sold on Amazon and Bona Dot com also available for other hard surface floors like stone tile laminate vinyl and LV T for cleaning tips and exclusive offers visit Bona dot com slash bona cleaned? That's Bona Dot com slash bonus. Now back to the show or Jamie. It's time to the nose of dating we're back stateside better under more educated erudite citizens of the world. Would you say I would say that if I knew what era I don't either but I've heard people say airtight title in diversion diver. That's what Dermot I answered. Maruni elgort aired I. Well we are also your dad. Because it's a it's a the the devonish is having or showing great knowledge or learning not not a lot of what was erudite and she was a villain her bhubaneswar erudite inside. I don't know if that's right. That's probably even right like the the heart there But we're here. We're back thank you guys for for all your messages notes and enthusiasms Bass Being Honduras But let's get the business. 'cause it's it's about the love business. This is a very important week. It's a Valentine's lanes. We Romantic Week. My parents This week are celebrating fifty years of marriage And my mom. I was asking her. How did she know when she was dating my dad that he was the one and she was like on the first date? He shut up to the House and he had no sought fine with his shears and she thought that was very sexy. Stylish severe silence because that was like the that was nineteen seventy nine because they David in the sixties. It's like you're done you're draper basically move don draper So what we wanted to do. We haven't done a nose in the whilst we want to do the no. We're dust off the nose franchise do the knows a dating. because there's a rich repository of stories you guys can access which we saw on social That you so generously sent us but before we do that maybe we should do like a little little bit of like our personal knows dating Jamie because And I think you're dating someone right now aren't you what's his name. You said it earlier. I think we've probably approach dating with a different sensibility When you were twelve when I was twelve I had a specific set expectations I needed? But why don't we go through a couple of our nose to set the standard for what we're expecting. Okay so I've gone on a lot of I our state's first and only dates. I don't think that's about me. I think that's about them. Yeah right you call him. You call As I've been on a lot of d-fs end so I my first name is just listen. Don't be stupid on a first day. Yeah so quick. A quick rundown beyond Tom like not being late. That's so stupid that you're late to a first day Not your phone being on the table. don't listen. I believe your telephone. Shut me on the table anytime no matter who you're with yeah don't talk about politics on a first date unless you're literally literally working in the White House and I specifically ask you about. What is it like to work in the White House? The counterpoint is a little bit of a Leroy Jenkins moved. Just feel like we're going to do politics six and if we're good that's quite a six nations and abortion here again if you're on the same page like you're in. It's you know like you need the days three or four five. You don't think you don't. I think you can keep dating somebody who's lake beliefs were different than yours If they're if they're big time different no I don't think what if they were like. You don't think you could marry remember number Mary. And what's his face that like one of those Republican and one of them's hold on James Call James Carville Cajun. What's her name Mary Madeline? That was a poll. That was good for us. Yeah I don't know if the name honestly You were the funny thing is when you're saying no phones. I was just thinking when I was dating Ashley Like we did not have owns they did. We did not exist. And we didn't talk politics. I'M GONNA say like for I states. Watch your hands on my hands onto me. Okay okay. If so there you go if not keep yourself like is that a is that an overt invitation or is that he's got to read the tea leaves. I listen. My Tea. Leaves a very autumn in Iraq. And so listen. I'm the Queen of Innuendo out of our state. I'm like they just got bleeped. And we're back and everything's fine. Nothing provocative with moving on. Don't put your hands places that I have not indicated that I would want them but one of mine is Dating in public no PDA. I don't WanNa see PDA. I don't want you guys love each other. I don't what about in movie Look don't look at me anyway for everything and if if you were being Thoughtful Yeah I'm okay with that if I'm looking for it that's my problem. I should be paying attention. Moved actually really. Is your profit is I. Don't look for that though no. PDA though but if you WANNA fight in public. I'm here for that. So let's do that. So that's the thing I wanted to for that watching couples fight in public might be like like the fifth American sports where my favorite fights happen. We're COSTCO OH flake. There is a there is always somebody in the relationship who is pro everything at at Costco fro the bulk cheese. Then there's the other person's like we're just coming here for deals on things. We actually need a we do not need this patio yeah. We don't need a sandbox. We don't even have children talking about. I will see your Costco. I will raise you KIA. Oh that's what it is is because guys bring their own sensibilities to the equation Asian. And we just don't need to. We don't need to. There's a part of it. It's like we're going to have to put this together and this heaviness is gonNA kill us. See that the putting together doesn't bother me but like for the first five years we were married I was like I need to be on these decor choices like I need to speak my truth into the situation because my truth is the truth right now right and then I was like no terrible taste. Nashville's okay great. So yeah I don't know what it is yeah Another one no big romantic gestures because the relationship at all ever know at all ever because bigger antic gestures are having giant car with wheels. You're compensating for something silly really tiny. Oh you're not doing ongoing romantic work. Yeah that's right. You're not doing doing the average. Just do repairs on the H.. Vacuum need put your hard hat. Ron Pack your lunch. Do that love work clock in boom nine to five you start you. Want to renew thousand. Who or something? But that means you haven't been doing the nine to five and if you renew your vows you're getting divorced like just now that that's like science. I eh fill a genuinely feel bad saying that. But it's the truth since we'd names and her husband on the bachelor are GonNa get divorced in the next five years because they need their vows in in the worst they renewed it on the bachelor not even on their wedding anniversary about a double curse. It's ridiculous right. Well MY NEXT ONE IS I. Listen there is a difference when you're dating there is there's a difference between being a good steward of your money and being cheap okay. Okay now I abide by like all the first date. I would like the gentleman to pay to offer to pay for the meal. Yes and let me decide after that. Let's figure it out. I don't think the guy should always pay on the first date that I like the chivalry of guy he's ass issue out. I feel like he should pay. That's right and I look and I can pay. Listen I got my money's I can pay for this chilies dinner. Yeah but I want you to pay for the first one and then let's work it out. I don't WanNa put that on him but like this idea that I went out at once with the guy who literally brought to coupons ask if they could stack on the Italian alien dinner that we were eating off. Can you name the place all garden. No that was a fancy place. There's like a local place spun back from a child. You know then they sold at the elementary. So we've met the only man to ever use in redeem those coupon books. Congratulations I know and I did not go out with him again because I was like. I'm sorry if you just hadn't double stack ones. That got away. They they would let him. They said only one coupon visit. And do you have no dignity asks for the freaking manager but however my my friends and she will she will embrace this my friends Katie and layups. Who are happily married? He used a coupon of the state and they got married and have a kid good for them. I'm not I'm I'm not against coupons. It's it's really a sensibility thing. I'm not I don't know like I'm not necessarily a feminist or super chivalrous. I just I don't want to Auburn east of Lake. Should you pay your. Should I pay or should I pay your should or should I hold the door opener. She you hold the door open. I was going to do those things now. I've been on a date. Where a guy like he was like? Do you can pay like I. Just do the natural like it's got an ulcer listening to uranium was like okay and that was that did did he do the no. No no no no no I I would. They're probably liked him to fight harder on Mobile Jamie. I'M GONNA be. This is tricky tricky. Tricky I would be curious what listeners saying like how do you have certain feelings about Lake and and obviously that is very like traditional like female God relationship curious about other relationships. Like how do you handle it. Is it like who's taller or who just seems to have a nicer wallet. Yeah whatever like. I don't know how you figure that out in all relations I don't like it I just I would. I would risk going bankrupt upped to not have to deal with. I should've asked twice. I would I would let you go bankrupt if I would let a god go bankrupt if they would just like. Because I don't want to add I I don't need to pay to just feel valuable. Yeah but I also don't want us to double up coupons her pay sometimes so that we can have like a hostess that there's a sweet spot there I agree I agree with you. If you're doubling up coupons it's not you're not in the sweet spot I can guarantee also dumped clingy. This is for ladies and for men might date now in the the future. Look I decided to proceed with the guy that I'm seeing now which is very casual. It's no big deal. You said his name earlier and he I have been like look. You cannot be all up my call log. I just can't handle it. was He open your DNA. Oh my God the most fun I've ever had in my life on the show I I was like because I did have a guy that was texting me like four or five times a day too much just like. Hey what's going on no question. This is a yes or no situation the text me to say hey. I'm going to pick up dinner. What would you like exactly like what would you buy me to get from this restaurant? Essay questions port for for no it would just be like and then if you didn't rip hot look I cannot to handle somebody who follows up and is everything okay with us. Are we cool. Oh Gosh are we cool because I did not respond to. What are you doing doing in the middle of a work day? This is why I'm so glad I got married when I was eleven because This is I'm like Tommy Lee Jones and no country for old men right looking at this like tinder and texting and Selfie. I just couldn't live here. I'm so glad I'm here. Yeah no it's true. It's tough and I would just say if you're dating now. I mean I know a lot of people are like at plus. I don't put so much pressure on dating. Like don't daydream about what snack. Don't sit with this guy at like chick-fil-a after going to the the movies and don't look at him in me like I wonder what our kids are going like. Just be present in the moment vacuum. You take the pressure off yourself because I know a lot of you're listening and you're single single and I know that you're like well if I don't get married my life is over it's not gonNA think marriage is not like the end all be all of your life you you love love marriage but just because you don't have someone you're attached to you understood anybody that doesn't it doesn't make or break S. right all right so so all you. True love waits survivors. Like me. Like I've also had a breakthrough this year of going because for a long time it was like you date to mate because that's a concept leftover from true love waits eight and now I don't have that anymore. Yeah what's a lot more fun dating. Oh I'm sure going out with somebody. And there's no expectation of like well if we eight of these dates or we go into these days we have to move toward serious then. Yeah I know we don't we really don't we can still have a good time this courtship just having a good time together I have kissed I have kissed kiss dating a bad Kabbah. That's the fun part about evanger. Culture was this whole like courtship is like frigging dope. You guys does not know anything you were doing before electricity. I'm not interested in. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm not like there's just me we've made path that we have moved very beyond that. Okay that's our personal knows. They were expensive exhaustive. In really good I think. Why don't we get to you? Guys gave us so many good personal stories of knows. Why don't we talk a little bit about okay? I that we have Taylor K.. Ruth said once dated a guy I thought was funny. Witty and quirky eighty around the same time I discovered thirty rock and quickly realized he was ripping off jokes. One liners and stories from Tina Fey. And that in a way where he quoted the show but in a way where he presented things she said. It's something he had come up with. I had fallen for Liz Lemon. You're not the first person WHO's developed a love affair with Tina fey. So don't feel bad. I mean who doesn't love. I mean yeah who hasn't fallen for. Oh I have always had like a comedy crush on Tina Fey all right I totally understand. I'm a bit confused though because thirty rock it's a little it's like nuanced it's humor. It's not like super one liner like accessible everywhere friendly. You know what I mean. It's kind of dated. It's so pop culture specific Ya ah because I think there's like there's a generation of dudes who have done the same thing but like with anchorman. old school wedding crashers if they've spread it out so it's not like a single character her but I think like I don't I don't hate us move because the one on the often. She never saw thirty rock. This guy's a genius. This guy's a comedy genius. You're safe but what happens. Happens when you're married ten years and all the things that made you fall in love with the sky are suddenly on net flicks on a Thursday night. or He's like trying to hide thirty rock pleasure or if you pull up thirty rock on the list no hate that show. Well then you're just like I am married. Someone who appreciated great comedy you know. That's how I did a guy who constantly quite a lord of the rings and he thought it was because we had seen Lord of the rings together. That's an issue move. May He'd like read all like he was like he was like Stephen Colbert on an inter lord of the ring. Yeah which to me. It's too much into Lord of the ring. I don't know like I feel like the movie. Sokoto comedies because they're funny like Lord of the Rings overwrought like serious. Oh it's always always like he was always having a big thought moment like life in the world yeah. I don't know I'm trying to obviously trying to think of a line to quote from northern again because I don't like those movies it's the only thing I quote from Lord of the Rings and I quote it all the time is it's time for second breakfast you shall not pass. Is that Lord of the rings or is that a different wizard movie. I don't want to say all all of wizards like this wizard forward. You know it's like I'm living my life. Also a wizard wizards of waverly really play. This is my favorite memory from the trip from Honduras was telling our compassion. People that the reason you'll like Harry Potter's because the kids are hot enough. You guys we were on a bus and and he's like tell them why you don't like Harry Potter because the kids aren't hot and literally one of the leaders were like maybe we don't say that on social media maybe we never speak of this. I'm like no we just say it to our whole national national audience on our podcast irony. Ju they're therefore D- Shows within the show of thirty rock I was shows Tina Fey made up within thirty rock. Yeah I want you to tell me what the best one is. First dealbreakers That's not super sexy but it is the first name of The the podcast union had together together. That was the first idea you guys hat. That's right the dealbreakers My Fault the Synopsis A short-lived Game Show on NBC. and which homeless people would win money for confessing confessing to crimes. They didn't commit. That was on thirty rock hunter with Will Ferrell a personal favourite and then milk violence which I forgot. The premise and I was reminded is twenty-five Super Hot. MOM's fifty eighth grade boys. The no rules mill island is my favorite. Like it's genuinely. I would watch that right now just so you know okay up next Yell Mayfield Says Imbaba College which Paul here that you already know. We're going to get already ready in Hell Imbaba College. I like the guy but I was very spiritual and very chaste we were in a car late one night and I told him I felt tempted to make out. He agreed he felt the same name. I grasped his hand in Mine and said I know. Let's have a prayer time so I prayed aloud for five minutes then. Excitedly told him the Lord had taken away all my desires it was. It's a miracle with a strangled noise. He agreed to take me back to my dorm room. I was thrilled and he broke up with me shortly thereafter and I had no idea why so welcome growing up evangelical elko guest hosts a deal made it look. It's tough I think as even juggles we all. We're always told to like nothing. Sexual prayed away. You know. Just pray everything away and it'll work down it'll be fine. I do think though playing within the Ballpark of Evangelical Culture which DL has laid out. That we are a good user would say that she was already in trouble because it's late and they're together. Yeah big no. Also she's violating the Billy Graham rule by being alone with opposite sex so like what did she expect was going to like. This should have now look. I was on a date with a Patterson and listen I was this was also the same pastor son that we went to see basic instinct together and had to walk out at the beginning to move. It was tough but he in the the middle of we were making out he was rounding second. He stopped all right. He started driving me home because we're in the car. I don't okay all right the car where he was around executive he stopped. He drove me home and then he prayed the Lord's prayer on my couch. Oh Man I'm on my porch George. He prayed the Lord's prayer on my porch. It's it's it's An and if you're listening and you don't know what evangelical culture you didn't grow up. I can't properly approximate it for you. Because it's like it's living with the typical teenage enthusiasms But also like being bludgeoned over the head of weights ambitious dating by. Why it's it's such A? There's like a bit of an emotional. PTSD leftover when. I see on instagram. Anyone going in each anybody posting. Oh sing about their husband taking their daughter on a daddy daughter date it just gives me. PTSD about going to a banquet where my parents gave me a ring that I would have A. It was a purity ring. Look yes that's no okay there is. There's an unfortunate Acceptance of the parlance of daddy daughter dates dates that don't affect I know but they're still weird and I know you go on them with your daughter has been on one ballet and you can't go and be like I'm here. This is my daughter. But we're not doing a daddy daughter date like we're not doing that. You can't use had to be like okay whatever but we're here like whatever it's fine Also by the way I don't know if people know this deal has a wonderful book. Call the simulator. Go home. I recommend in sexual healing. It's really good. It's one of my favorite people to follow on twitter. She's really great. She's got a book coming on May called the myth of the American dream that if she wants to send me advanced reading incomparably read. Listen to Alfred Copy I'd like to ask versus into me. I okay. I'm next milk and honey nutritionists. The Guy dated in college definitely live life to the beat of his own drum but he was nice decent. We dated a few months and I convince myself I liked him until he surprised me. With sesame street live tickets gets as sophomores in college. Somehow he took our inside joke about him looking like big bird he was six foot six to mean that. I wanted to see childhood character skate on ice live I should add that. He also asked me to my sororities formal by convincing my roommates to let him into our apartment and set up a five senses experiential invitation would what What a rich text here so many things so for me? There's only one appropriate scenario for going to a sesame street on ice denies on the situation And you either have to have kids or sadly like your pedophile. Those only two reasons. You go to that so other reason why you would. There's no like hot date eight. Let's go war I think he was a pedophile and Sheba's his beard. Now we're getting somewhere in China. I think if you're going to go to those the only way to go and like it'd be kind of fun is like you're on mushrooms. They can acid trip. Oh yeah now. That's interesting if you're on drugs for sure you've been to like a dizzy or says shooter. Nice Oh yes with my nieces. Okay see I've been with my kids. It's like there's a lot of colors here and like the heads of has things that light up and they're spinning so now you're like on a heavy dose of whatever. THC whatever you that's my favorite. My favorite scene in knocked up is win. Rogan Paul. Rudd go to delay and mushrooms right like like in another life. I'll be like I WANNA do that. That would be Can I ask you a question about so. The the the occasion of the says Westernized is built upon him being labeled big bird right How do you feel what if you're dating meeting someone and like he had a very condescending nickname for you? And he built a job you built up a data plagued called me and 'cause I ran like an e. Yeah so then you went to Disneyworld and went gawk section. You like isn't this great cause you call me a frigging walk. Would you be with that now. I can call myself in Iraq but a guy who wants to date me. Yeah can I call me anyway. I was like this guy a boomer esiason himself and be terrible days. That's just this brain not being fully developed. 'cause they were just sophomores in college. Do see like the heart is willing but the the mind is not able to intellectually pull off at. It doesn't know this is a man who who had like a like a progressive dinner sexual experiential. Invite to her formal. What we're where the FA- What do you think the touch was for the five senses because the smelling is the one that troubles me? Well it's we're what am I gonNA have to stick my hand in my roommate's mates to leave. Why why couldn't they have been here? I don't like that I think this is a guy probably watches the movie ghosts and like it brings them the climax. There's so much going on so I was just like there's so many sense I don't like it okay. Next live Kaminski's I dated a guy who ate the entire wing when we would get them. Meet Miro phone all of it. Major Red Flag. I should've taken it as Assad. Unfortunately we dated for three year live. What is your problem? What are you doing? Wanted to date a serial killer for three years this do you remember the KFC commercial like from a few years ago. Where one guys like I the bones like the chicken so good that he eight? The bone panicked about it physically could eat bone. You can eat anything Jamie frigging just so you know Asked every Dahmer. You can eat anything into you. You're on a date your vibe and it's so good yeah you're out of buffalo wild wings but don't worry about that like it's a really good date is it worse if someone's like my gosh. I ate the bones or if the guys like now to the bones my favorite part of this meal. What troubles you more? I think it's that but now like you're out you're not ready for the desert of the bones or sawing bones off to chat if you accidentally ate it and you're like God that's what who who says I wanNA make a good impression of all know who it is it's the sky because live dated him for three freaking years. Have you have wings like four times a a year minimum metal. You're watching me bones. I think it's funny. How How we all kind of agree so constantly on how food eating should go? Yeah but we all are on on the same page about self so when someone departs from that and violates that social contract were like what's going on it's like when Aaron Rodrigues frosted mini wheats. It's like it's not that big of a Gorlic. What are you doing differently about her? If you were whistling they ate an apple and ate it and then also at the core of the stem. Now you know what I would be like you. I got a headache. I have to go need to leave. Now I think if I was lived are would've ratcheted up the stakes to see how like vivid this was I would give them ribs. CV's ribons ribons Turkey leg cartilage and bone. I want to know what this is. Win is too much bone. Yeah when does he say when my Gosh Okay Ginny Aiken Berry said as I I was kissing my date goodbye at his house on his porch he stopped abruptly grabbed a shotgun and killed a squirrel that was in a tree nearby then he looked at my shocked face and said what the that's a good meat he's assay we didn't see each other again and I'm from Florida. Obviously I thought I'd read every Flannery O'Connor story but Essay we found a new one here who said ours squirrels actually good meat quote unquote. Good meat. I don't think squirrels are good me. I'm not They're adequate adequate. Meet if desperate. It's a tree rodent right. We understand. That's right That doesn't sound great. Also like I'm not gonNA owner owned the most guns here Erin does dealer it on do you ever. We know what to defend yourself your house. What do Accu live you live? You don't even defend your now down to Jesus. I guess I'm not here to fight the baseball bat. I use it high school captain America Red White and blue very detailed security system. Okay Yeah I've got literally literally the sheriff's Department is to block over okay. So that's good. That's what you so you still got a strategy. I feel like if you use a shotgun on a squirrel. I don't know enough about ballistics confidently talk about this. But I feel like there's a lot of pellets the meat to the wind and there's a lot of meat on that Squirrel to begin with I've seen the score before I don't know I think he was trying to be like my guns ends big This was a way for him to have an excuse to pull out a gun. My gun is huge. Watch me murder this rodent tree. Yeah Okay did you pick up on. It is Florida Boorda's anything goes but as you pick up on. She was dropping him off at his house or she was kissing him on the front porch of his house. Oh Yeah My. My supposition here here is that he's on house arrest because he can't dry for anywhere and they have to stay at his house also. He has shotguns on his porch where he murders squirrels. I think he's on Probation Rebecca sad and he did not marry this person Brady teeth as my aunt sent me up on a blind date. He lived with his mom and drove a minivan. His favourite show With teen MOM is this. You does she go. He told me you throw shade at me but this Jason Waterfall Waterfall. You don't even know he'll be three. Main hobbies. Were professional wrestling. Roller coasters and hot sauces slash different flavors. Different flavors is not a hobby and it is now clear that my aunt doesn't love me all right so when you were asked what your hobbies are and one of your answers as Saas different flavors. That's tough to overcome not gonNA along given you professional wrestling. I would've let that stand exactly. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with minivan. That is an economical choice. The doors slide. It's the minivan. If you don't have children room for activities there you never know either wanting to make out with people you're dating or people you you pick up because you tempt them with candy. There's no way a single person should be driving a van rollercoasters those are great. They're amazing T- mom that's a great show. That's a great show rate show. It's a great show but is it your favorite favorite show but it's a good show. I'm biased did Ashley and I live close to macy book out from season. What yeah we did? I might a brag about that but we did also was gary from teen mom on teen mom. Yeah he was he was really good on it. He's perseverance scary from T- mom on teen mom because you can't just say Gerry knows who's Gary we talked about guarantee. Mom Oh I know exactly who. You're talking about that Brandon pay. Her Guy would have said yes. I know who Gerry is. Do you want to guess. How many instagram infowars? macy from team mom sees one has I would say hundred thousand. Oh Jamie you sweet naive baby. What are you even talking about? Four point two million Eliane milliion. Do you want to guess how many gary from teen mom or gears you like to call him a million he has one hundred twenty thousand not as many. But that's okay. Can I read you as bio okay. Three words tender chicken. Come on come on. He definitely shoot squirrels with a shotgun. Maybe this guy like does does how one's episodes in minivan it's like cash itself but hot ones as well. Oh so somebody who gets in the van is going to eat some wings bone and all I hear some hot look. Aw just here. We got an entrepreneur. Here that's like my aunt. One time at Christmas family reunion. She showed me a picture of a person and are found that she wanted to set me up with and when I was like how do you know this person. She's like Oh that's my cousin. 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I ran outside his apartment. And I've ommited everywhere. I came back inside and had to quote use the back claim and continued to vomit everywhere. At which point. I assumed I'd ruin everything so I came out and I told him he just looked at me and said guess I won our love when to any Graham. Threes get married. It's fun now married. He's now her husband So first of all shouts to Casey's husband for having of cookie remix to make seventeen Cookies I think most people only have enough to make like six so the fact that he had tripled the amount. You're these cookies I'll well. That's the question. Do you think you would vomit. After even have cookies I would not says cookies. Oh see this made me feel sad is. I'm like a eight. I'm GONNA eat cookies tonight. Eighteen new problems. But yeah like I'm there. I'm GONNA be honest. Casey and her frail husband are. They're both rail because they can't the fact that they're almost bombing. That's a tiny person. Who's he's Frail Casey? Are you always cold. Gosh come on guys you need some meat on those bones How do you feel like what what if you're dating his? Obviously this worked out. Well I eight they vomit in front or she in front of him Is there like a traditional window of light. I know vomit within the first you know three days or something like right now. We're not gonNA hit it off. I'm not gonNA vomit at all. Have you vomited. I Don ever a really NOCCO vomited. Maybe as an adult. Yeah maybe once once in your life yes maybe one you are a frigging lying right now. You know what I do it because when you wake up and you feel nauseous. Yeah oh I like. Don't move also in your in what you're presenting to me. Which I love is the predatory that's right here like if you just lay still try the the volume will be like well? Don't want here to a rock. Plus I don't eat anything that's GONNA. What are you doing to vomit making people rom? That's true you have not working l. too hard. I can tell you that that makes people vomit in respect. You have a very childlike pallet. So these are not ambitious foods when we were hundreds and they deep fried a full it all gets you delete it mate. What a great moment is to cc that fish to see you stare that fish fish there? You Know I. I turned that plane around so that the odds were facing our little boy that sponsored by the way Christopher eight the head didn't he blame my man ripped into that thing no shade no like no comet summit took it into his hands and ripped it apart and he just went right to. We'll say the problem is not the vomiting. I my problem in dating is I am the competitive very competitive. Yeah and so I went to like a Texas holdem. As as we all did we all went through Texas holdem for the effort. You talking about like poker was on TV all the time. Don't poker hopelessly know what you're talking about. I'm saying I didn't imagine this for you guys sunglasses. Nobody told me God you were glasses. But I did have like the thing you lay got on your table so that everybody can have their own cup holder. Things and there was a guy who literally stopped flirting with me because he said you're vicious called called me this. He didn't like that. Yeah he thought that was an insult. has an secure dude. That's right Mikey you come with me. We play Texas. Hold 'em you can lose to me. I've always said this if actually ever wants to make much more money than me. Great with it gray with it. What's wrong with that? I don't understand God's who get so tinder about like not being the best of the video game. Why is tiny beaten US trying to be decent? Okay any Schnackenberg said I once dated a guy who wouldn't let me talk to him while he it was driving because he was always thinking about how to position the car to best. Protect me if we got hit he was also super into crab McGaw for no real reason. Any we didn't need that last sentence we we knew going on. Have you ever done no but I did have a guy. Take me to cross fit on our first date. ooh read the room. Read the room there if nothing about me that says you know what she wants to let the truck tire I think he just wanted you to watch him and look he looks good doing well. I I will give it up for that I think it's amazing. Guys will do to avoid emotional feelings conversations. And if that's the case a point here I think what a what a emotional flexibile like like babe. I can't right now because like we might get T. bones and I need to know how to protect you. The difference of drawings that precious to me I want to thank you. Want one honor you. Okay next. L. Catherine Smith I met a Guy Online and dated him for five months without knowing his last name. We did the awkward first date that followed by awkward second through Seventh Eighth. I only ask him his last name via text before eight but my mom and asked me if I wanted to go see frozen with her a second time and when I realized I'd rather do that than go out with him I I broke up with him via text right under the tax where I finally learned his last name. Okay so I look I think frozen was a really good movie and it deserves to be seem to time so we can't underplay that Shar that's worth seeing again. Of course I do feel like there's some holding story though because there are a lot of problems with the store. Okay like this so I went back and looked this tweet. Thirteen thirteen This wasn't the industrial revolution. So he was online. That's how the mets right. And guess what people you should stop the person you're going out with online this idea that you're like no we should do. We should handle it like we would handle it in the nineteen hundred. Nope we couldn't handle anything like we did in the nineteen hundred literally. Nothing literally nothing like we need to handle this like. You're going to stalk somebody I'm not saying that you have to like like lurk for hours days and like try to gather all the information but yes you need to look at someone's profile are just you don't even have to just know their name. You can know and you should know my theory. Honestly is that she's been catfish by somebody's he's not really good at catfish or care. Much Cat Fisher well. Let's just see the math on this. She said they had been dating for five months and they don't them seven dates. That's a math. That should've told you you didn't like him. Yeah that's that's going out every three weeks. There's a lack of enthusiasm there. Nobody is here for this. Even him he wasn't he doesn't even tell you his last name. That's interesting you either. L. Catherine Smith was worse your day with a guy and he's like You asking his last name. He's like revealed that or he's like molest seems whatever and I like this Wingham meeting on the bones as well what are you what are you more concerned about. I'm concerned about the last name. Won't you tell me Your last thing you know why because we're related and that's why you're not that's the other reason you talk to people online guys. You need check that ancestry dot com truly sir that you are not twisted up some branches from the family tree. Here's the big thing with the bones of the more thing about it. It's less that's the front end. It's you gotTa poop those things out and that my friend is not going to be a nice situation. That's not going to be good now. What if we're making out and you suddenly got a boat that's gotta come out? I like that the the wires got going great. Okay up next Ashley. Stout says one time ago asked me if I wanted to come over to his house for dinner. I told him since. I didn't know him well yet. We needed to go for coffee somewhere in public. I jokingly added so it can make sure you're not a serial killer. Never heard from him again. He also asked me earlier. If I would be willing to take my socks off off in front of him so he could see my feet. I'm still single. Yeah you're single but your ally dead dead and no one has like enjoyed. Enjoyed your toes more than they should have. If you a serial killer like is that do take that is like I'm probably not supposed to be with anybody like I should probably I should probably know. I like data serial killer. But I don't end up like I find out I'm on Sweden scale because like I was dating someone who actually was a murderer. Can I ask you a question. Does episode eighty seven and a eight by the way like if you data serial killer and he never tries to kill you and you break up on her when you be a little like. It'd be little because you never tried to be murdered. Yeah but there'd be a part of me that was like like I'm sorry I not get high enough and thinking about killing me. I'm not GonNa Fetish for you to murder like Sarong with me. It would be a little. It'd be like you're glad you survived but you're also a little sad bums okay. Up Next Chelsea reads book says a Guy Dated in college when timely family never to meet in a romantic way and he whispered the fray sweet muffins into my ear. He seemed impressed with himself. And I was supercomputers and asked what he was talking about. He seemed surprised that I didn't know what he was talking about. Finally we determined that he thought this was a romantic thing to do because he had heard about whispering. Sweet nothings into to your lover's ears and I thought the phrase was sweet muffins. This is not the Guy Mary to now. Look there's not a lot to add here. I just the thing I want to appreciate here. Here is we actually have a lot of like compassion for this guy Just trying to figure. He has gone on. He's googled. He's trying to figure it out. Nobody read it to quit because he was swiping on his phone and he was in review and he didn't have a good sense of and then he's just like Sweden look. I've no respect for this guy because if you're gonNA say some you know I know why are you saying it was it was about to happen. Listen do we are we okay with Chelsea using the term lover in this in this comment. Oh I didn't notice that your lover's ear ear. Well that's true. You think Chelsea calls her husband now her lover. Maybe I mean if he's Taylor swift like look. I think so. Many of our stories that we got were like like Some something terrible happens now remarried right. It's like On my first date actually gave the sky polio. And now we've been married for eight years. Twelve thousand it gives you whatever like this is funny is great. I love it but like the Chelsea subverted that template by like I am not married to the benevolent idiot featured in married to sweet wheat Mafia did not procreate. He did not someone different. I don't like the normalization of lover by Taylor's live I. It's not like it but I don't hate it. Do you know what I mean. I don't no no you need. I like watching people. We only want lovers after pepperoni pizza. Lovers just made me think of gross hot tubs in hair. You know what I mean everywhere. Okay all right next. Hanif era. Next and last buckle up buckle up y'all you're not ready this one's long Biz worth every every every word. I had just started dating the sky. We weren't even dating just getting to know each other. He was falling hard and I was trying to figure out if I even liked him. He invited me to go paddle boarding. I just started my period the morning we plan to go but that was fine because tampons or the bomb just Chekhov's period. Just remember that we were hanging his house. I ran to the bathroom put in a Tampon. And we around the water right after not ten minutes into it. I feel something on my leg Yup period coming down my leg. Is this the normal way people talk about. I'm asking I don't no like this. Not Part of my period coming down your leg but it's like Given like a pronoun like that like it's like a like a character in the story it is. Yeah your period is approach trying to learn just trying to large thankfully he didn't see and I paddled while sitting on my board praying to go back to the house soon. We ended up staying on the water for three hours three hours of hiding my period while in a swimsuit three hours of asking God not to let me get attacked by a shark. We finally get back to the shore and there are shelves everywhere in the sand and he said hop on my back. I'll carry you to the grass. I said no knowing what would happen if I did. He insisted I panicked and finally said I'm on my period. If I on your back I'm GonNa believe on you and we've only been going out for like two weeks. He said Hannah. I don't care I can wash it off. I don't want you to hurt at your feet on these shells just hop on. I refused ended up. Not Hurting my feet. Nearly dying from embarrassment and we're getting married next week. Welcome come to the notebook to what what a story magical. Why isn't this on lifetime? This is listen periods. Do ruin a lot of relationships but also periods bring a lot of people together the silent villain you gotta you gotTa contempt good for them good for them getting you Hannah. I told you when we were recording. I tried to find their wedding registry. So the PODCASTS could buy Mcginn but I couldn't finish your wedding registry. We want to buy you a period. Guys Aren't slogan we're going to buy you just like a red towel or shells and and stuff like that. Okay that's the nose of dating guys. Thank you so much for so many of your comments. I think we pretty much nailed it on what you shouldn't do while you're eating. If your thoughts depends on our thoughts and opinions opinions please let us know knocked Unicom Slash three thirty seven guys a quick break top. 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We we talked about it at length for the in the more you know for best friends of the show on Monday. I don't we have a lot of feelings. I wanted to focus on my red light being red carpet trends. I am concerned that some of these red carpet trends that we saw on Sunday are going to make their way into my target. Okay I don't want to read like them now. The first one pink. I'm not here therefore it. There was so much pink on the red carpet. There was Pale. Pink Blush Picot. Peak peak peak at target second capes part of me likes them a a little bit like a lot of people were wearing. A WIG wasn't aggressive Cape. Listen what was kristen where she was like a lasagna. It was crazy I was here for. I like two. So did Laura Charmaine's she was like it was like one of her best rats. That's a confidence. I don't have these dress well but I just I like the circumstance But I don't think I can pull off Cape mainly because my shoulders slope in a way. That's not sexy but I don't have good shoulders so capes are gonNA fall Off Booker and finally. I'm going to say a hard red light to hair part accents so Lucy Boynton who has managed to hold onto fame because she's managed to hold onto Rami. Malik who you're talking about right now. Lucy Boynton who was in the movie. This is this is tamales is quite a statement for her. I know what was the name of the Queen movie the Queen wrapped so okay. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He was the girl that he dates in the Bohemian rhapsody But in her part she has like A. Bob Didn't her part. She put pearls in her. Part okay no look like lice eggs. We're that's exactly. It looks like doing that. Okay what's your I did look you know. They do a lot of like I couldn't believe this happened at the Oscars or Blah Blah the Click Bait Dolman Don. Winn Gami was like. This is Adam driver's wife and I was like crap. I gotTa See who she is so beautiful. She's really didn't know what she's really. Great yes how hot atom driver is there so private in like a really interesting way Mary Light Is Oscar's Ajay says. Well okay As you know as the world knows trial buff was at at the Oscars because of him and his Kosar Zach they went to present. I don't remember what award it was a they were presenting and Charlotte Zach do the heavy lifting and Zach documentary short or something like that. Yeah I think you're right. I think you're right Zach A probably because of the immensity of the moments because because he was reading because there are so many people there he took a beat took a pause and shy. It kinda helped him but didn't like condescend him and then when Zack like really really soaked the moment kind of laughed at him a little bit not in a bad nature way but in like a is my friend crazy people twitter. They're trying to cancel shy now. They're saying thing he's Anti-people Down Syndrome and it's like you guys come on charges being a good friend. He's been exactly like his character in peanut house. I would want him to be exactly he let him have the moment. Let him be there. Let him figure it out on his own. Let Him Stumble for second and then figured out. I thought it was a great moment. I love shy even more after watching shy. Chhaya was a delight. You do right now. I just figured this out. I'm cancel the people who are trying to cancel Shah. They just got cancer that just got cancelled to keep. We have to keep canceling. People have died handle ahead of the cancellation. That's exactly right. Yeah what's your green light this week. Oh my goodness so guess. Who listened to the Audio Book of Open Jessica Simpson? Then you guys. I had pre ordered this book so it is. I like the physical book to you but wait what capons is a friend of the show. She recommended listening the audiobook. Free audio a never. Listen audiobook. Yeah because I'm add survivor and larvae Because I can't remember what happened and so but I was like. Oh It's Red Jessica ask something. Oh and Y'all it is. This book is juicy. Yeah no one is spared. Nobody If you watched newlyweds back in the day this is your job. If you've ever listened Jessica Simpson Music. This is your vodka you've ever owned a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes or a handbag. This survived discarded everybody in the world. Listen I and this book is so good and weirdly enough. It is like juicy. Yeah she's spills. A Lotta T. but it's also like genuinely wake but you feel really inspired during certain parts of it. My favorite part was where she's talking out that she did not have a pre-nup would make sure that's an interesting whole thing on the phone. Yeah terms terms. She doesn't really. I don't think anybody does. She speak like horribly about their couple people but they deserve it but not nick. She's just like look we were married. It was great. He honored like speaking of true. Love waits she didn't have sex before she got married to him. He respected that she respected that he did and but she was like. We should never have gotten married shrike. Whatever but when they had they didn't have a pre-nup cast question do you think they'd never pre-nup because just seems like I don't know who's GonNa take off here and I think exactly right Oak? That's exactly right because at the time at the moment they got married he was bigger than Sheila. Yeah but man that turned around fast did look because of newlywed right. Listen you fall in love with Jessica's because you're like this girl is correct. I remember what she had surgery. That's my favorite episode. Ever because I was like oh I'm never getting because secretly our seeing this either. Thank you for taking the book. She says they thought about the how much money she was going to give him and they wanted to give him a million dollars and nick wanted twelve the million dollar negotiating bright and she. Her Dad was adamant that they were not going to give him more than appeal over a million and she was like dad just given what I wanted over. Yeah I want this over. Give him whatever he wants. I promise I will make the money back in the line in the book is and then I did give or take a billion ooh wow a her best year of Simpson her lawn it. It did a billion dollars in sales. That's amazing what percentage of the book is Horse S. word versus like like try would say there's some solid parts where you're like. There's no way this is true. This only makes you look. Good is the one I saw was like. She was offered the notebook and then she refused and then found out. Ryan Gosling got it. There's no way here's the thing. Well she wasn't GonNa play Ryan goslings part like she was sad opposite now where she's going to be like the mom Rachel McAdams now now now now I do think like thinking about we think about the no big now differently than we think about the new book. Then don't do not do. This aren't hindsight twenty twenty spammy because there's no universe the personality Simpson Rachel McAdams is at this point. No one knows He Ryan Gossiping is at this point. They have not had big movies. Come out before you not tell me I did not know Ryan Gosling. You did not know Ryan Gosling for the became health club. He was left defensive back on. Remember the tight. Go back with the N.. T. turned around. He was like I'm not the best player someone else should get that. But it's not like you went like oh I'm going to see this because of these two people people nobody knows who these stand that. But you're making his name was Ryan Gosling. I know that you're making a leap to be like. Because no one knew these people just Simpson Simpson is a similarly competent actress. That is a falsehood. I cannot abide you. I will not buy. This book is not this is like what's his face. Okay so this is not like literature. This is not great expectation and wants to be exposed to be true. I want to be a shred of truth. Even half drew that she she was actually offered the role as eighteenth of truth. I will okay. What's your remind Marguerite? This week is movie on Amazon Prime. It's called troop zero grow It is about. It's it's like A. It's like a light comedy drama It's about a troupe of misfits Who Want To? It's Kinda complicated. It can it sounds crazy to explain but the main character wants her voice to be in space for a variety of reasons involves her dead mom. Don't worry it makes sense in the story. But it's a variety of misfits misfit girls and it's one of those underdog stories where it's not just one hundred archaic traits entire under Dr Character. And if that doesn't like Sell for you all you need to know is a Villa Davis The one hundred fifty miles an hour. Jim Gaffe again. I don't normally liked him gaffe again. He's Kinda like the Schlumpy Dad stereotype. I just don't like like that's not what he is in this. He's like this Cajun lawyer Entreprenuer that I love this. And then you got Allison Janney being that. Send send big O B word. I love she can be. She's like What's the what was the movie with Emma stone the help the help. She's like the Black Swan back here. I love the worst in this in a really good way. But it's just the sweetest kindest best little movie was such a big heart. Did you watch it with your kids. yea yes I think there. Yeah little bit. If you're okay with I think there's some language and there's some other stuff in there that you want to have conversations about but I think you can don't quote we on that though watching yourself I would just for you and your heart and your soul. This is a wonderful wonderful movie. Okay Argus can do for this up. So the PODCASTS. And before you remember anytime you do shopping on Amazon make sure to go to Amazon dot com slash shop slash. Though I guess I saw your purchase these are fairly link. Our favorite item purchase using this week was Jamie someone went out and they just bought the movie knives out which we love. Because obviously we've talked a lot about and the more you do that the knives out has been in the top ten for weeks and weeks and weeks on end okay. it's already been a sequel. It's right there are some people are someone. There are some one-star reviews one serve. You says the movie says illegal aliens are Saint Right and American's are terrible. Hollywood sex again literally does not say that literally be does and then my favorite winstar of you said absolute garbage from pompous self indulgent diligent. Little Man Child. That's actually true. That's literally talking about Ryan. That's that's a person who did not like the last Jedi Boehner's. The last show was a great movie game. Face all right you guys first of all again. Thank you so much for supporting ask. While we were on our trip in Honduras we had one hundred sixteen children in sponsored by podcast listeners. But it's nice goal for us was eleven. Their goal for us was eleven. You guys you guys crushed crushed it all right you guys. I'm Jamie Golden. You can find me on instagram twitter and facebook at Jamie nickeled. I'm not score. You can find me on socialism next McCoy. You can buy a book the wandering years you can pre-order my book. All things considered right now for books are sold. Thanks for listening symbols you next time.

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