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What's that guys on this week? Commands due to unforeseen circumstances that will be known you after this week. Sorry please forgive our absence but in the meantime my master went together some in highlights prior episodes. We hope you accept our apology stage. When we come back next Wednesday now on with the music gigs for each of these I will tell how you the episode of context to help ranting and raving make sense enjoy if you're like me and around my age you're a sucker furnace daljit especially eighties and nineties? I'm talking music music movies television game just hop culture as a whole so if you're from mid Michigan or going to be traveling to the area I suggest you check our rewind and Bertrand rewind vintage inspired blast from the past not as cool trinkets and novelty L. D. items but dope geared Iraq as well. I'm talking shirts jackets caps and even sneakers retro styles to make your inner child smile absolutely positively definitely check out rewind. You might even see him. Boy Been Walk up mold schooler schooler shooting the breeze with the owner Tyler rewind his read off is seventy five aches at one thirty six in the Bertrand Premium outlets section e next to cracks. This is all the way back from episode three MAZDAS. An entire episode about style was the last Jedi Guy Yeah. You have Right the whole episode Oh did you. Did you care about this shit dude. You think that smoke was going to be an important character did. Did you think that Luke was going to have an epic lightsaber battle. Did you think and show the space wizard that he should be at this level by now. Did you think that you would get answers to WHO's raise parents were did did you think that they would stop them haven finch shucking and jiving all throughout these movies and figure out a purpose for him and give him something to do did you think did you see cool ass Kodama Wall faulk you because that's not what's coming episode thirteen. This discussion is about the changing tides videogames specifically physical disks versus digital downloads. It went too busy off the rails then disposable entertainment anyway leaders are not like keepsakes and things that you know you're gonNA give your great grandchildren your copy of G._T._e.. Five or something like the best game I remember I sat there and play that game forever right. I gotcha grandma pregnant playing. That's how we met each other shooting each other in the game. He was doing a fist fight in a ridding. It was love at first punt. I remember she was hacking. Oh it was great. She made a meteorite affairs episode seventeen the fact that some pockets found him complain about the Marvel Navy's formulate approach to filmmaking. I've never been one of those people and I'm sure Oh you know nobody's dying. There's things supposed to die. That's my thing because people I feel I give our undo shit because there are so big and it seems like they can ever fail if he would just have to find something wrong with it because nobody watches the Batman movie like well. Batman Shoulda died at the Internet. Why didn't super main diet ended? This won't these not going to it's his movie movie. When I don't go into John Wickham on he should have died at the end like no is the main character and he's more than most likely going to live? It's usually a shock when they do die right episode nineteen the fest. Traeger the second season cancelled luke cage was released Mazda took shall we say unabridged with the portrayal of the character and everybody knows who luke cage's harlow may know he has powers and stuff reality T._v.. Show about fighting grime Andrey so it seems like that's what they're trying to do so he could be playing up this attitude specifically for this his show that he's doing but when you first see luke this truck blows up and he comes out he's on fire and he's patting himself off and shit. He's a Yo. I'm Luke Cage motherfucker fucker like okay he doesn't say but he's all like a yell Luke Cage even know where to find me and I'm like Union act like that. In the first season he's sweet Christmas Shit and it's like episode twenty two. They're reminiscing about the power. Tolerate context is necessary. When I grew up on was mighty more empowering yes and then there was like turbo cars and then there was like Ninja Force and audit for Sunday yes in space they back when Harry Potter was popular at ahead a magic one legit they had lawns and shit and like it's so dumb they had to power interest costumes Hailu mini case ONA back which which I guess that Mitchell were wizard? If you're a wizard Harry episode twenty-three Mazda makes an open letter to an you gave us a one star rating we have fifty ratings on itunes tunes with about twenty seven reviews forty nine of those ratings are five stars. One is not dear anonymous itunes user you gave our show a one star rating and we just want to know why you didn't leave a review so we don't have a way to know what your criticisms are. Is it the format of our show that you dislike. Maybe it's the topics we discuss. Perhaps the songs we use the transitions. Is it our voices. Could it be you feel that we've sold out two sponsors. Is it the language. Did one of our opinions upset you. Batman begins episode wasn't no matter why we are sorry. Our goal here at one giant leap for seats is only to make the most enjoyable content constantly. We just want to talk about movies. Games comets nanny in a funny way that makes your face smile. We're just a couple of weeks like pop culture and we want to share with you so we want to apologize for whatever ever we may have done to incur wrath in. We'll try to live up to your expectations if our pats sincerely might see swear D._J.. Oh Fuck. I episode thirty one a second trailer for the Venom Movies released most. He doesn't care this voice dialogue and he's like. I don't know Twain with him before he kills them and he says he's kidding do it again. I am so many snacks time and I'm just like why does he do the Chris. What was that like that that part of the and then it's just maybe it's such an obscure organ too by the way Eh is lungs pancreas? I guess I'm like can you x Ray Vision can e c into him and he just spotted out. He's got God net she paying it's going on. They're pretty much episode thirty. Seven a discussion on women being shamed about enjoying food plan very sexy for some reason thanks to Ben. Wa ladies never be shamed eat. You want them Nachos girl. Important cheese all over it ice cream shit nuts syrup whipped cream whatever you want. I love how sexy go ahead. If you want some fries go if you want that Burger with a side of fries is you eat them them fries sexiest hail when you eat fries. Don't eat mind because that's fucking annoying. Oh you're on. Don't even watch fries. Don't know I'll buy guy episode. forty-five if Strip club patronage is nothing to be ashamed of unless it's excessive or give me that I think that strip clubs like you could go to a strip club occasionally by once you start going daily then you become that weird dude who eats at the Strip club does like work at a strip club that rides his moped to the right. They know you by name. You got like a seat there. Excuse me you're in my spot right. Read the club what you're talking about my spot my bucket list. If I ever found a strip joint that had a buffet I probably would eat it shoots before I can do it again. Episode Eddie Five deejay Many Mel tells master about trends of teens during that peanuts shut to avoid pregnancy. Yeah didn't make that up. That's probably the weirdest thing that I've ever heard but you know all these kids are out snorting condoms so oh I forgot about that. See instead of putting them on your debt. You got me damn nose and Shit see they got everything all mixed around. That's generation. You Sniff Glue economy goes on. That's the order that goes in okay. You don't put glue take that the wrong way. One giant leap forgives does not condone any glue or any other substances if it's data putting it on your Dick then sniff sniff. The fucking shot off that shit into your eyes blue but please don't put it on your day. Oh my God episode Twenty Nine Monster Interviews Chris Sanchez about K. studios about economic battle cats before we even <hes> wrote a script <unk> issue. We wanted this world to be as <hes> living as possible okay so we do have a whole time line builds a whole structure of how this world works of the different regions of in this world and issue for was our way of saying this is just a stop fantasy world is something coli original and we put a lot of time and effort into and we feel that that that issue give insight into how this race of people works and finally episode seventy eight lost or a train reviews spiderman far from home master explains his man crush on Tom Holland. I will always hold hold a special place in my heart for Toby Spiderman but yet Tom Hallway is definitely my favorite right now because for one I I'm always impressed at his range as an actor because he can be like the goofy popping one-liners kids he can play the shy awkward shit good and then when he needs to turn on the waterworks boy cry his ass off. I'm like God damn like this isn't a spoiler day showed in the trailer but he's like talking to happy on the plane and he's just let trinite. I is gone and everybody won't be too Goddamn like crying ESA that is it for the show. Remember always find us at our home. When Jolly for Kista Lipson Dot Com we are on apple podcast spotify Google play or anywhere else you get your podcast make sure to show us some love so go ahead and hit that light button subscribe rate follow reviews and all that Shit and if you have any comments questions concerns criticisms or you know you just want to say hi you can always email us at official Odeal g g mail dot com you can also find us as a show on twitter at giant meet the number four weeks?

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